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dior magazine ads

Published on: August 5 2023 by pipiads

Greece, a sacred and heritage-rich country, offers a glorious landscape that transports you to a different time. Efi Gousi, a multi-talented photographer, director, and actor, is currently on the captivating island of Milos with nine other female photographers. Together, they are working on a project for Dior Magazine, showcasing the fluidity and inspiration of classical Greece in the fashion collection.

Fluidity and Inspiration:

The Dior collection, inspired by classical Greece, exudes a sense of femininity that is both mythical and divine. Maria Grazia, the designer, drew inspiration from Greek goddesses and divinities, resulting in a bold and liberating collection. The clothes possess a freedom and movement that is mesmerizing, symbolizing the timelessness of women's creativity.

Redefining Women's Identity:

Throughout history, women have constantly redefined their identity, showcasing their power and resilience. Efi Gousi believes that every woman possesses strength, even if it is not always evident. She strives to empower women through her photographs, capturing their true face and highlighting their innate sexiness and freedom. The Dior collection becomes a part of this movement, shedding light on the often overlooked creativity of women.

Female Collaboration:

The project on Milos Island brought together female models and artists, fostering a dialogue and creating an extraordinary experience. The exchange of ideas and perspectives contributed to the success of the project, showcasing the power and potential of female collaboration.

The Dior collection inspired by classical Greece not only celebrates the heritage and beauty of the country but also serves as a testament to the strength and creativity of women. Through their work, Efi Gousi and the other female photographers aim to empower women, shedding light on their true face and embracing their freedom and sexiness. The project on Milos Island exemplifies the power of collaboration and the ability to redefine women's identity throughout civilization.

Dior Magazine No. 38 What's New From Dior- Dioriviera 2022, Pop Up Shop, 30 Montaigne, Rose Des Vent

In today's article, we will explore the world of social media and fashion, specifically focusing on the influence of Instagram and the emergence of Patreon. We will delve into the significance of these platforms in the industry and how they have revolutionized the way creators and influencers connect with their audience.

Key Points:

- Instagram: An online platform that has taken the fashion industry by storm, allowing individuals to showcase their personal style, collaborate with brands, and gain a loyal following.

- Patreon: A subscription-based platform that enables creators to monetize their content and engage with their fans on a deeper level.

- The rise of influencers: Instagram and Patreon have played a significant role in the rise of fashion influencers, who have become powerful voices in the industry.

- Collaborations and sponsorships: Brands have recognized the potential of influencers and often collaborate with them to promote their products, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

- The influence of social media: Instagram and Patreon have democratized the fashion industry, allowing anyone with a passion for fashion to gain recognition and build their own brand.

- The impact on traditional media: With the increasing popularity of social media platforms, traditional media outlets have had to adapt and find new ways to stay relevant in a rapidly changing industry.

In conclusion, Instagram and Patreon have revolutionized the fashion industry, giving individuals the opportunity to showcase their style, build a loyal following, and monetize their content. These platforms have democratized the industry, allowing for more diverse voices and perspectives. As social media continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how it further shapes the fashion world and influences the way we consume and engage with fashion content.

Dior Love Chain: The Global Campaign

What would you do for love? This question has puzzled and inspired people throughout history. Love has the power to drive us to great lengths and make us question our values and priorities. In this article, we will explore the various ways individuals might answer this question and delve into the depths of what love can push us to do.

1. Making personal improvements:

- Trying to become a better person for the sake of love.

- Embracing forgiveness and cherishing the relationship.

- Striving to grow and evolve as a person.

2. Going the extra mile:

- Traveling to distant places, even to the ends of the earth, to be with the one we love.

- Making sacrifices and fulfilling any requests asked by our loved ones.

- Being willing to marry and spend a lifetime with the person we love.

3. Overcoming fear and taking risks:

- Not being afraid to appear ridiculous or silly for the sake of love.

- Taking risks and stepping out of our comfort zones.

- Going against societal norms or expectations.

4. Expressing love through actions:

- Engaging in romantic gestures, such as buying flowers or writing love letters.

- Performing acts of service or going out of our way to make our loved ones happy.

- Expressing love physically and intimately.

5. Enduring hardships and challenges:

- Facing and overcoming obstacles together as a couple.

- Staying committed and loyal during difficult times.

- Taking care of our loved ones, even when it becomes challenging.

In conclusion, love has the power to push us to do extraordinary things. From making personal improvements to taking risks and enduring hardships, love can bring out the best in us. It is important to remember that love is not always easy, but it is worth fighting for. So, what would you do for love?

Exploring Dior with JISOO

Dior, a renowned fashion brand, has evolved over the years with different creative directors at its helm. From Marc Bohan to Maria Grazia, each designer has left their unique mark on the fashion house. In this article, we will delve into the different eras of Dior, exploring the iconic collections and the lasting impact they have had on the brand's legacy.

1. The Bohan Era (20s-60s):

- Marc Bohan's tenure as the creative director of Dior spanned from the 20s to the 60s.

- Bohan's designs showcased a timeless elegance, with tailored silhouettes and refined details.

- The New Look collection by Bohan revolutionized the fashion industry, introducing a fresh perspective on femininity.

- Bohan's creations celebrated the hourglass figure, emphasizing small waists and full skirts.

2. The Maria Grazia Era:

- Maria Grazia took over as the creative director of Dior, bringing a modern and feminist touch to the brand.

- Grazia's collections reflected a more casual and relaxed style, incorporating streetwear elements.

- She introduced the iconic J'adior logo, which quickly became a symbol of Dior's contemporary aesthetic.

- Grazia's designs embraced diversity and inclusivity, celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

3. Iconic Collections:

- Bobby Dior: This collection by Marc Bohan in the 20s captured the essence of the modern woman with its sharp tailoring and bold colors.

- Lady Dior: Introduced in 1995, this iconic bag designed by Maria Grazia quickly became a symbol of luxury and sophistication.

- Dalgom Dalgom: A playful and whimsical collection by Maria Grazia, featuring colorful prints and unconventional silhouettes.

Dior's journey has been marked by the creative vision of various designers. From Marc Bohan's timeless elegance to Maria Grazia's contemporary and inclusive approach, each era has contributed to the brand's rich heritage. The iconic collections like Bobby Dior, Lady Dior, and Dalgom Dalgom have become emblematic of Dior's style and craftsmanship. As Dior continues to evolve, one thing remains constant - its ability to captivate and inspire fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

A.B.C.Dior invites you to explore the letter 'M' for Miss Dior

A B C Dior invites you to explore the letter M, which stands for Miss Dior, an iconic House perfume that has given its name to magnificent haute couture dresses. From its inception, this fragrance, an emblem of eternal beauty, has been reinvigorating the House's codes and celebrating Dior's love and dreams.

- A B C Dior invites you to explore the letter M, which stands for Miss Dior, an iconic House perfume that has given its name to magnificent haute couture dresses.

- From its inception, this fragrance, an emblem of eternal beauty, has been reinvigorating the House's codes and celebrating Dior's love and dreams.

Miss Dior's Origins:

- Make me a perfume that smells of love. This is how Christian Dior defined the essence and spirit of Miss Dior, a sensual floral chypre that paints the olfactory portrait of a dream garden.

- As the New Look triumphed, Miss Dior appeared as the bold manifesto of a new femininity, inseparable from the impact of Dior's debut collection in 1947.

- Miss Dior emerged as a reflection of modernity and rediscovered femininity, with its freshness, sensuality, sophistication, longevity, and lingering scent ensuring its success.

Catherine Dior: The Muse of Muses:

- Catherine Dior, nicknamed Miss Dior by Mizza Bricard, Christian Dior's muse of muses, entered into legend with her passion for nature and her powerful and liberated sense of femininity.

- Justine Picardie's book, Miss Dior: A Story of Courage and Couture, pays tribute to Catherine Dior, an exceptional woman whose drive and determination inspire the house of Dior today.

Miss Dior: The Signature Scent of Couture:

- Miss Dior is not only a perfume but also a work of haute couture in itself. Its bottle is engraved with the houndstooth motif, and a dagger bow delicately adorns its neck.

- Monsieur Dior's beloved dog, Bobby, even had a bottle of Miss Dior created in his likeness.

- Over the seasons, successive Creative Directors have revisited Miss Dior, including Raf Simons and Marc Bohan, making it emblematic of women's liberation and a constant source of inspiration.

The New Miss Dior Eau de Parfum:

- The new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum evokes tender and powerful reminiscences, capturing the happiness of the original perfume and the enchantment of haute couture in a luxuriant field of flowers.

- The new campaign combines nature and couture, highlighting Natalie Portman wearing an exceptional haute couture dress by Maria Grazia Chiuri, a subtle allusion to the one created by Monsieur Dior in 1949.

- Miss Dior symbolizes the return of spring and is an endless poetic ode, both as an iconic fragrance and a couture creation.

- Miss Dior, an iconic House perfume, has reinvigorated Dior's codes and celebrated love and dreams.

- Catherine Dior, the muse of muses, inspired the fragrance with her passion for nature and liberated femininity.

- Miss Dior, both a perfume and a work of haute couture, symbolizes the return of spring and is a constant source of inspiration for the house of Dior.

Recreating Dior Ads! - Kelsey Simone

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you're new here. My name is Kelsey. Today, I have a really exciting video I have done on my channel before, some recreating Vogue covers, which are pretty popular. I love doing them, you guys love them. I've done a couple episodes. Today, I decided to switch it up. Today, I'm going to be recreating some Dior ads. We're going to do the hair, the makeup, the outfit, this shot, and try to get it as pretty close as possible. So, we're actually going to start off with the perfume ad. I've got a really exciting dress that I'm getting to shoot. So, let's get started.

- I'm here getting ready for the first look. I thought I'd show you guys a little behind the scenes. Wait till I show you the outfit.

- We're doing the Miss Dior one first and she had this tulle light pink dress. Is this not perfect? It laces up in the back. This is from a brand called Millinova. They just sent it to me. I haven't even tried it on yet. I'm so excited. I've been looking for an excuse to wear this and when I was looking for the ads for this video, I saw the Miss Dior ad and this dress immediately popped in my head. I was like, This would be so perfect. So, I'm gonna put this on.

- All three of the photos, actually, their hair was straightened. So, I've done just kind of like a blowout straightened look. But I'm in the middle of doing my makeup, so I've got it all pinned back. So far, all I've done is like concealer, brows, blush, and chapstick. So, I'm gonna put the rest of my makeup on. But, I thought I'd just be true to brand because we're doing Dior ads. I'm doing all of your beauty products, not sponsored by Dior, I wish. Let me show you a little bit of what I've got on.

- I started with the Dior Glow Primer just because we're taking photos. I want my skin to look really nice. I normally don't wear a lot on my skin, but for photos, you know. Then, I've got the Fix It Concealer, which is really, really great. It has like a primer. It's kind of like a lipstick. Okay, and then for my brows, I use this literally every single day. This is the Diorshow All Day Brow Ink. I really like this. I usually use, if you've seen any makeup tutorial of mine, I'm always using their brow pencil. And I recently transitioned to this just because I had it and I was like, You know what? Let's try something new. Let's switch it up. And I'm gonna do highlighter, of course. I've got my Diorshow. I kind of forgot this existed. This is like the best highlighter ever. I'm gonna do this just because all the girls are really glowy in all of the photos. So, I really want to have that like Dior glow of like Dior skin for the ads. So, I didn't want to turn this into a makeup tutorial, but we're finishing off with the Dior Lip Maximizer, just kind of like a sheer pink gloss.

- Now, in all the photos, they have really natural makeup. So, I've decided to do like a very natural makeup. But, I might have to change my makeup for the bronzer ad because Bella, it's Bella Hadid in the photo, she doesn't even look like she has mascara on because it's really about the skin for the bronzer. So, I might have to take my mascara off for that photo. And of course, to finish off the look, we've got our Miss Dior perfume. Okay, so I'm gonna go put on the dress. I'm gonna get my mom. We're gonna sit on the steps and we're gonna take a photo for Dior. I'm gonna back you guys up to show you this dress. This is easily the best dress I've ever worn in my life. Look at this. This is so pretty. Perfect. I can't wait. Okay, we're gonna go downstairs. I'm so excited. I love this dress.

- We're editing photo number one, the dress photo. Here's our side by side. First things first, we need to invert the photo so I'm on the same side as her. Color-wise, mine is a little bit brighter, right? Like, see how she's before? Before I do that, I'm gonna do some color grading because she's a lot warmer. She's golden toned. She's warmer and her pinks are pinker. So, we're going to drop this color in here. Now, I'm gonna go to the blending modes and I'm going to choose soft light. I'm gonna bring down the opacity a little bit. Now, let's just make this bigger. Okay, so this is what we have now. We couldn't find a transparent one, so we had to erase around it. And we're going to try to make it the same size. Now, hers is actually kind of stubbier too. We can transform it and just squish it up a little bit. Alright, we can do that. Okay, so after we added the perfume, these are the two finished photos. Obviously, mine is on the right and I have to say, this one is probably my favorite ad we recreated. The dress really pulled it off and I love the way it looked. We didn't end up editing the steps the same, but I still like it just like this. Now, onto photo number two.

- So, the main thing is the colors. As you can see, these are really warm and these are like really cool-toned, just brown. Mine looks like orange. So, we need to make my photo less warm. Her skin is still warm, but mine is super pink. Hers is like yellow undertone. And then that's before. That's happening. Big difference. And then also, the cropping. Yeah, so we'll crop into her. The other thing is her brush is like bright white and clean and mine is like super dirty and orange. So, can we just white in the... So before we do that, let me just take this hair out of your forehead. So, that was before. Laughter. 3D brush. Clean brush. So, here's the finished photos side by side.

In conclusion, in this video, I recreated some Dior ads, focusing on the hair, makeup, outfit, and overall look. I started with the Miss Dior perfume ad, wearing a stunning tulle light pink dress. I did a natural makeup look using Dior beauty products and finished it off with the Miss Dior perfume. Next, I recreated a bronzer ad, adjusting the colors and using a clean brush for a more accurate representation. I had a lot of fun recreating these ads and I'm really happy with the final results. Thank you for watching!

A.B.C.Dior invites you to explore the letter 'E' for Étoile

Explore the captivating story of Christian Dior and the significance of the star symbol in his life and fashion house. From its origins as a lucky emblem to its presence in Dior's designs, the star holds a special place in the brand's history and identity.

- Christian Dior and his fascination with signs and omens

- The star as Dior's most precious talisman

- The discovery of a metal star that guided his path

- The establishment of the couture house and the star's presence in the design studio

Dior's Star Symbol in Fashion:

Discover how the star symbol became an integral part of Dior's fashion creations, representing protection, allure, and a touch of magic.

- The star as the name of an evening ensemble in 1948

- Designs inspired by the star, such as the Stellaire collection

- Maria Grazia Chiuri's tribute to the star in her debut haute couture collection

- The star motif as a new emblem in the Dior identity

The Star Beyond Fashion:

Explore the star's presence beyond fashion, from Dior Joaillerie to Dior boutiques, gift packaging, and the timeless aura it brings to every aspect of the brand.

- The star's reinterpretation in Dior Joaillerie, adorned with diamonds

- The star symbol atop the Dior boutique in Ginza Tokyo

- The star as an expression of the art of giving and pleasing, seen in gift packaging

- The enduring nature of the star symbol and its embodiment of the aura of Dior

The star symbol has become an iconic and timeless element of the Dior brand, representing luck, protection, and the enchanting allure of Christian Dior's extraordinary story. From fashion designs to jewelry and boutique accents, the star continues to infuse every aspect of the house with its magical presence.

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