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Discover Dropshipping Suppliers on YouTube

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

How to Find the Best Drop Shipping Suppliers for Your Ecommerce Business

In this video/article, you will learn how to find the best dropshipping suppliers for your ecommerce business, with the best shipping times and products for your target audience. We will discuss the importance of having high-quality dropshipping suppliers and the features to look for in a good supplier.

Features to Look for in a Good Dropshipping Supplier:

- Fast shipping times

- High-quality products

- Competitive prices

- Product reviews

- Trackable tracking information

- Efficient customer service

- Reliable returns and refund policies

- Practical payment options

- Worldwide shipping

Difference Between Retail Suppliers and Wholesale Suppliers:

- Retail suppliers: sell products to end customers (e.g. Amazon, Walmart)

- Wholesale suppliers: sell products to ecommerce businesses (e.g. Alibaba, DHgate)

Methods to Find Dropshipping Suppliers:

- Conduct product research first

- Use dropshipping supplier directories (e.g. AutoDS)

- Google search for suppliers in your niche

- Contact suppliers and negotiate deals

Finding the best dropshipping suppliers for your ecommerce business is crucial for success. Look for suppliers with fast shipping times, high-quality products, competitive prices, practical payment options, and worldwide shipping. Use dropshipping supplier directories, conduct product research, and negotiate deals to find the best suppliers for your business.

The BEST 10 Dropship Suppliers For Shopify Dropshipping

In this video, you'll learn about the three main ways to find the best dropshipping suppliers for your online store. You can use a dropshipping supplier directory, a dropshipping marketplace, or attend a dropshipping and wholesale trade show. Each method has its own pros and cons, so it's important to evaluate which one works best for your budget, time constraints, and the types of products you want to sell.

When evaluating your supplier, there are several criteria to look for, including checking supplier and customer reviews, asking about the return policy and dropshipping fees, and checking product quality and inventory automation.

There are several dropshipping directories available, including Worldwide Brands, Salehoo, Doba, Wholesale2B, and Spocket. Each directory has its own unique features and fees.

You can also dropship from an ecommerce marketplace such as Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress. However, shipping times and product quality can be a problem when dropshipping from China.

Attending a dropshipping and wholesale trade show is a great way to form direct relationships with wholesale suppliers and find unique products. To approach a supplier, you need to be prepared by having a website up and running, obtaining a seller's permit and business license, and picking up the phone to initiate a conversation.

The best dropshipping suppliers are often the hardest to find, but establishing a strong relationship with them can differentiate you from the competition. It's important to put in the work to find reliable suppliers and approach them professionally to get started with dropshipping.

How to Find Dropshipping Suppliers (GET FASTER & CHEAPER SHIPPING!!)

Hey there! In this video, Matt Riley shows how to find reliable suppliers for dropshipping. He emphasizes the importance of finding suppliers who ship products out in a timely manner and getting the best pricing from them. He also discusses the efficient and inefficient ways of finding suppliers and how to use supplier agents in the best way possible.

- Finding reliable suppliers for dropshipping is crucial for success

- It saves time and helps in getting products to customers quickly

- Supplier agents can be a great help in finding the best suppliers

Options for finding suppliers:

1. Aliexpress:

- Wide selection of products

- Easy to integrate with Shopify store

- More expensive when ordering in bulk

- Slow shipping

- Can be time-consuming for more than 20 orders per day

2. Overload suppliers:

- More expensive than Aliexpress

- Faster shipping

- Reliable and verified by UberLo

- Limited product selection

3. Eprolo:

- Cheaper than Aliexpress

- Reliable shipping

- Limited product selection

4. CJ Dropshipping:

- Faster shipping

- Wide selection of products

- Cheaper pricing

- Complicated order processing

5. Weo and Hyper SKU:

- Not super popular yet

- Fast shipping

- More expensive

6. eBay:

- Fastest shipping to the United States

- Reliable if seller feedback score is good

- No automatic ordering

- Finding a product that makes 20 orders per day is the goal

- Use efficient ways of finding suppliers like supplier agents

- Choose a supplier with good user feedback score

- Leave comments about experiences with suppliers to help others make a decision.

Best Aliexpress Alternatives For Dropshipping (3-5 Day Shipping)

In this video, the speaker reveals how they are drop shipping with less than 10-day shipping times from China without using Aliexpress. They have achieved impressive results, with sales of around $275,000 in the last six months, a 9% customer returning rate, and a conversion rate of around 2.7. The speaker emphasizes the importance of fast shipping times to keep customers satisfied and competitive in the e-commerce market. They recommend two suppliers, CJ Dropshipping and Source and Box, that offer faster shipping times than Aliexpress. The speaker also mentions the benefits of working with a private supplier, who can help with product quality, communication, and branding. They offer a free 30-day trial of the post-purchase upsell app Reconvert, which they recommend for increasing average order value. Overall, the speaker stresses the importance of efficiency and consistency in drop shipping and encourages viewers to reach out to them for further assistance.

6 - 10 Days Shipping Shopify Dropshipping (FAST SHIPPING)

- Getting products delivered to customers quickly is crucial for a successful Drop Shipping business.

- In this video, we'll discuss how to source products and get them to customers in the shortest amount of time possible.

My Experience:

- Devoted time and money to testing Drop Shipping business model.

- First seven months were a disaster, but found a winning product eight weeks ago.

- Recouped losses and now making pure profits.

- Drop Shipping is not dead.

Sourcing Products:

- Use winning product software to find products, such as Ecom Hunt, Ad Spy, and TikTok advertising.

- Look at numbers and reviews to determine if a product is worth testing.

- Use AliExpress to find the product, but don't source from there.

- Use CJ Drop Shipping instead for quicker shipping times and better customer service.

- Use private agent, such as E7 Drop Shipping, for even cheaper prices and better service.


- Generated over $63,000 in sales in less than two months with a 20-30% profit margin.

- Generated 1,824 orders.

- People are willing to wait for a product if it's worth it.

- Sourcing products and getting them to customers quickly is essential for a successful Drop Shipping business.

- Use winning product software, AliExpress, CJ Drop Shipping, and private agents to source and fulfill orders.

- Remember to prioritize customer service and quality products.

8 Best Dropshipping Suppliers for 2023

If you're a drop shipper looking for better suppliers, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore the best sites to drop ship products from and the best suppliers to use.

Why Using Several Suppliers is Important:

Diversifying your suppliers is crucial to prevent yourself from being sniped and to increase your margins. You don't want to solely rely on one or two suppliers because that's what everyone else is doing.

The Best Sites to Drop Ship From:

1. Amazon - a no brainer with a vast catalog, reliable shipping, and refunds. However, prime accounts have been getting suspended recently.

2. eBay - a great alternative with tax exemption and reliable shipping. It also has similar products to Amazon.

3. Walmart - has a large catalog and a great supplier, but Walmart Plus accounts are getting suspended.

4. Cost Way - has high-quality images, great descriptions, and titles, but it doesn't pull pictures on some computers.

5. Chewy - a phenomenal supplier with great customer service, but you need to cycle through accounts.

6. Etsy - a great supplier with unique handmade and vintage products.

7. Obscure Suppliers - suppliers that don't integrate with software add friction but give you a unique niche.

8. Wholesale Suppliers - finding ones with no minimum order quantity and allow drop shipping can be done through inventory source.

By using multiple suppliers, you can increase your chances of success and prevent yourself from being sniped. The best sites to drop ship from are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Cost Way, Chewy, Etsy, and any obscure and wholesale suppliers. Don't limit yourself to just one or

Do NOT Use Aliexpress to Dropship (NEW 2022 Method)

Drop Shipping is not dead, despite common misconceptions. However, working directly through AliExpress can cause major problems, such as scammy websites, long shipping times, and poor product quality. Establishing a relationship with a private supplier is crucial to avoid these issues. Private suppliers offer benefits such as faster shipping times, white labeling, and negotiating lower prices. Finding a private supplier can be tricky, but reaching out to suppliers in your niche, contacting smaller suppliers, and using agents or third-party platforms can increase your chances. Auto DS is a platform that can connect you with top suppliers and get you the best quotes. Building a relationship with your suppliers and being cautious is important to avoid scams and rip-offs. Drop Shipping is not dead, but establishing a relationship with a private supplier is crucial for success.

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