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Discover Local Ads on Pandora in Ohio

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this video, Wordplay T Jay discusses the benefits of using Pandora Amp to create campaigns and engage with fans. He emphasizes that it is a free platform and shows viewers how to create a campaign using the app.

Benefits of Pandora Amp:

- Allows musicians to create campaigns for free

- Helps engage with fans and promote upcoming events, new albums, and YouTube channels

- Can target specific listeners who regularly listen to the artist's music on Pandora

Steps to Create a Campaign on Pandora Amp:

1. Open the Pandora app and go to the artist's profile

2. Click on Create a Message and record the desired message

3. Choose an image to accompany the message

4. Include a direct link to the desired website, such as the artist's YouTube channel

5. Select a track to play before or after the message

6. Choose a location to target listeners in a specific area

7. Upload the message and wait for confirmation from Pandora

8. Repost the campaign after it ends if desired

Using Pandora Amp to create campaigns is an effective way for musicians to engage with their fans for free. Wordplay T Jay encourages viewers to try this platform and provides step-by-step instructions on how to create a campaign using the app.

In The Cab Running a Salford in Pandora Ohio

In this video, Adam Fenig from Fennig Equipment is in Pandora, Ohio with Andrew Basinger. They are testing out a new Salford Tillage Tool on a 31-foot saw to prepare the ground for planting corn after it was covered with crops last year.

Switching to Salford Tillage Tool:

Basinger explains that they have been using a Kraus Accelerator for over ten years but wanted to try something different. They tried the Salford Tillage Tool on some bean ground and corn stalks last fall and were impressed with how it worked to break up the ground and level it.

Using Vertical Tillage:

The Salford Tillage Tool uses vertical tillage with each blade on its own spring, which allows it to chatter and jackhammer through the field. They were able to adjust the depth to make it run just a little bit deeper and found it easy to set and get going.

Adding Cover Crops:

Basinger plans to fill the cover crop with an annual rye, turnips, and radish mix from Beck Sand after their tomato crop is off. They will chisel the ground and sow the mix, then let it grow all winter and terminate it next spring.

Fenig is excited to be running a new tool with a new Salford owner and seeing the whole circle come together. They appreciate Basinger's business and hope to get some corn in the ground this weekend. The video will be uploaded to YouTube, and they wish everyone a great week.


Aspiring composers in the trailer music industry, I would recommend joining Facebook groups related to library music and trailer music. These groups can provide valuable information and networking opportunities. It's also important to do research on the industry and study the trends and techniques used in trailer music production. Finally, practice and persistence are key in this industry, so keep honing your skills and submitting your best work.

Murdered While Filming Tiktok | The Kalecia Williams Story

This is the tragic story of Khaleesi Williams, a 16-year-old girl who was murdered while recording what would be her last TikTok video. The video is meant to bring awareness to her story and is not intended to cause harm. Please pray for the friends and family of the victim.


Atlanta, Georgia gained national news in 2020 after the horrifying death of Khaleesi Williams, a 16-year-old high school student. She received an invitation to a party that was going to be held at an Airbnb, chaperoned by her stepfather. Her mother agreed to let her go, hoping she could get some time out of the house and enjoy herself.

The Tragedy:

At 12:02 AM, Khaleesi was seen performing a dance routine in her TikTok video when someone suddenly entered her room without knocking. The teen looked shocked and afraid, then suddenly stopped filming her video. The sound of gunshots could be heard from her room, and a few minutes later, partygoers were unaware of what had happened to Khaleesi.

Authorities had been notified about an earlier disturbance at the Hyatt Regency. Following their arrival, the cops went to check on Khaleesi. She wasn't breathing and had no pulse. She was then transferred to the hospital where she remained for some time. The medical staff tried to save Khaleesi's life but were unsuccessful. The 16-year-old was pronounced dead in the hospital.

The Aftermath:

Khaleesi's parents were enraged because the chaperone had failed to tell them sooner of the occurrence. They also hold the hotel staff responsible for their child's death and protested outside of the Hyatt Regency hotel along with supporters to express their outrage at the hotel's negligence that resulted in their daughter's death.

The Perpetrator:

Atlanta Police Department reports that Khaleesi knew her attacker, Anthony Grant. The 16-year-old boy was taken into custody by Atlanta Police and taken to Atlanta Police Headquarters for additional questioning. At this time, the boy admitted to shooting Khaleesi after they got into a heated argument. Police then arrested the boy and charged him with felony murder, aggravated assault, and possession of a gun by someone younger than 18 years of age.

Khaleesi's parents promise to get justice for their daughter. We must all be kind to others and learn from this tragedy to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future.

Tems - Crazy Tings (Official Video)

The song Crazy Things by Tems expresses the frustrations of dealing with someone who constantly lies and tries to manipulate the narrator. The song highlights the need for space and freedom in a relationship, as well as the importance of knowing one's worth.

Verse 1:

- All the person does is lie and try to control the narrator

- Despite not knowing everything, the person still tries to tell the narrator what to do

- The narrator needs peace and space at times to do their own thing


- Crazy things are happening, indicating the chaos caused by the relationship

- The person is willing to deceive and manipulate to get what they want

- The narrator knows they deserve better and that the person is not right for them

Verse 2:

- The narrator is trying to move on and turn their back on the toxic relationship

- The person knows the narrator well but still tries to make them go crazy

- The narrator believes they can do better and wants to be free from the manipulation

Crazy Things by Tems is a powerful song about the frustrations of being in a toxic relationship. It emphasizes the importance of knowing one's worth and the need for space and freedom in a healthy relationship. The song's catchy beat and relatable lyrics make it a must-listen for anyone dealing with a similar situation.

Finding your next story in social media political ads | #Infotheque2020 workshop

First Draft's New York Deputy Director, Amy Reinhart, welcomes attendees to the breakout session on finding new stories in social media political ads. The session features experts Anna Massoglia and Jeremy Merrill, who provide three story templates for using online ad data to create new and exciting stories. The first template focuses on identifying unknown spenders, while the second template involves analyzing the issues that candidates are talking about in their ads. The third template is about using online ad data to track outside groups' spending in support of political candidates. Attendees can follow along using the Ad Observatory website and Facebook's Ad Library. Open Secrets also provides

Peppa's Teacher Mr Bull | Family Kids Cartoon

Peppa and her friends are at playgroup and Madame Gazelle is teaching them about different things. Mr. Bull is helping out while Madame Gazelle goes to the dentist. They learn about fixing a squeaky floorboard, playing bat and ball, and recording sounds on a synthesizer.

Learning about Numbers:

Madame Gazelle asks the children about numbers and they already know some. They also know the letters of the alphabet. Madame Gazelle has taught them many nursery rhymes and other things.

Fixing a Squeaky Floorboard:

Mr. Bull teaches the children how to fix a squeaky floorboard by tapping it with a hammer. But the squeaking continues and they dig up the floor to find the problem. Madame Gazelle returns from the dentist and is surprised to see the school in a mess.

Playing Bat and Ball:

Peppa and her friends play bat and ball, and they learn about catching, throwing, and fetching the ball. They also learn how to score points and run around the cones.

Recording Sounds on a Synthesizer:

Peppa and George record different sounds using a synthesizer and play them like a piano. Daddy Pig joins in and they have fun making different sounds.

Peppa and her friends learn many things at playgroup and have fun playing games and exploring new things. They learn about numbers, fixing things, playing bat and ball, and recording sounds on a synthesizer. It's always a fun day at playgroup with Madame Gazelle and Mr. Bull.

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