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Discover Who Unfollowed You on Instagram (No Apps)!

Published on: November 20 2023 by Ben Leavitt

Discover Who Unfollowed You on Instagram (No Apps)!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to find imposters on Instagram
    • Step 1: Download your Instagram data
    • Step 2: Extract the followers and following lists
    • Step 3: Compare the two lists
    • Step 4: Identify the imposters
    • Step 5: Unfollow the imposters safely
  3. Tips for avoiding snakes on Instagram
    • Tip 1: Unfollow slowly to avoid action blocks
    • Tip 2: Subscribe to this channel for more Instagram tips
  4. Conclusion

How to Find Imposters on Instagram

Have you ever wondered who unfollowed you or never followed you back on Instagram? In this article, I will show you a step-by-step process to find those imposters without using any sketchy third-party apps. Rest assured, this method is 100% safe and utilizes Instagram's own data.

Step 1: Download Your Instagram Data

To begin the process, open Instagram and go to your profile. Click on the three lines to access the options menu, then select "Settings." From there, choose "Security" and click on "Download Data" or "Download Data" (depending on your preference). Enter the email address where you want the data to be sent and click "Request Download."

Note: It may take up to 48 hours for Instagram to send you the email with your data.

Step 2: Extract the Followers and Following Lists

Once you receive the email from Instagram, open it and click on the "Download Information" option. Unzip the downloaded file to reveal your username and various data. For the purpose of finding imposters, we are primarily interested in the "Followers" and "Following" sections.

Double click on "Followers" and "Following" to open two separate tabs on your computer. The "Followers" tab contains a list of accounts that follow you, while the "Following" tab includes accounts that you follow.

Step 3: Compare the Two Lists

Now, it's time to compare the followers and following lists. To do this, select and copy all the usernames from each tab. Paste the followers list into a website called "List Diff" (listdiff.com), and then paste the following list into another box. Click on "Compare Lists" to let the website do its magic.

Step 4: Identify the Imposters

After the comparison is complete, scroll down to see the results. The website will categorize your followers and following into three groups: those who only follow you (A), those who follow you and you follow back (B), and those who you follow but don't follow you back (B).

To identify imposters, focus on group C, which contains accounts that haven't followed you back or never followed you in the first place. This is where you can find the people who may have surprised you by their absence.

Step 5: Unfollow the Imposters Safely

Once you have identified the imposters, you can choose to unfollow them. However, it's important to unfollow gradually to avoid any action blocks on your account. Unfollowing hundreds of accounts at once can trigger Instagram's security measures, leading to temporary restrictions.

To avoid action blocks, unfollow the imposters in smaller groups over time. This will ensure a safe and steady process without any negative consequences for your account.

Tips for Avoiding Snakes on Instagram

In addition to finding imposters, here are some bonus tips on how to avoid snakes and grow your Instagram presence.

Tip 1: Unfollow Slowly to Avoid Action Blocks

As mentioned earlier, unfollowing too many accounts at once can result in action blocks that restrict your account's functionalities. To prevent this, unfollow accounts gradually and in smaller groups. This way, you can maintain an active and secure Instagram experience.

Tip 2: Subscribe to This Channel for More Instagram Tips

If you found this article helpful, consider subscribing to this channel. I regularly post videos with valuable insights and strategies for enhancing your social media presence. By subscribing, you'll stay updated and gain access to more Instagram tips and tricks.


In conclusion, finding imposters on Instagram can be a straightforward process by utilizing Instagram's own data. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily identify accounts that have unfollowed you or never followed you back. Remember to unfollow gradually to avoid any potential action blocks. Additionally, don't forget to subscribe to this channel for more valuable Instagram tips and strategies. Start uncovering the snakes in your grass and take control of your Instagram experience today!


  • Learn how to find imposters on Instagram without using sketchy third-party apps.
  • Utilize Instagram's own data to identify accounts that have unfollowed you.
  • Safely unfollow imposters by following a gradual approach to avoid action blocks.
  • Bonus tips for avoiding snakes on Instagram and growing your presence.
  • Subscribe to this channel for regular updates and more Instagram tips and tricks.


Q: Can I use this method to find imposters on Instagram for a business account? A: Yes, the same steps apply to both personal and business accounts on Instagram. Simply follow the process outlined in the article.

Q: Can I find out who I unfollowed or who blocked me using this method? A: No, this method specifically helps you identify accounts that have unfollowed you or never followed you back. It does not provide information about the accounts you have unfollowed or who have blocked you.

Q: Is it safe to download my Instagram data and use it for this purpose? A: Yes, downloading your Instagram data is completely safe. Instagram provides this feature to allow users to access their account information. Just make sure to follow the steps correctly and use reputable tools like "List Diff" for comparison.

Q: How often should I check for imposters on Instagram? A: The frequency of checking for imposters depends on your preference. Some users prefer to do it monthly, while others do it quarterly. Choose a timeframe that suits your needs and goals on Instagram.

Q: Can I re-follow the accounts I unfollowed after identifying imposters? A: Yes, you can choose to re-follow the accounts you unfollowed. However, ensure that you are selective and follow accounts that align with your interests and goals on Instagram.

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