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Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Google Display Ads Sizes and Responsive Display Ads Tutorial 2022

what's up everyone, welcome to the surfside ppc youtube channel. today i'm going to be going over google display ad sizes and i'm going to be going over responsive display ads as well. so if you're running a google display advertising campaign, obviously one of the main things you need are advertisements that are going to run across the google display network. so as we go through and create this display campaign, the last thing i went over was targeting. if you're interested in google display network targeting, i created a video about all the targeting options explained for 2022. so if you want to find that video, you can find it as a previous video on my channel- also link to it in the video description. but as we come in here to create display ads, the first thing i want to go over is when you click here, you can copy existing ads from a previous campaign that you've already ran before. so if you choose copy existing ads, it's going to choose one of these campaigns you've already been running, so you click on it and then you click on the ad group within that campaign and that's going to pull in all of these ads that you are already running here. so that's one option you do have if you do want to just import advertisements that you've already created. now let's click on cancel here and let's come over to create a new ad. now what i want to go over are display ads. so previously you didn't have the option for responsive display ads, but what you can do is upload banner display ads, which are the ones that you see all over the internet, unless you're using an ad blocker. so if we scroll down here, one of the things i want to show you is supported sizes and formats. so if we click here on supported sizes and formats, the formats you can upload are gif, jpeg and png. now there are html5 formats and amp html formats. now, truthfully, i've never used the amp html formats, ever html5 format. so you can create html5 ads by using google web designer. this is not a tool i work with and generally, when i'm creating a display campaign, i just upload standard display ads and i create responsive display ads. so responsive display ads will allow you to reach basically the entire google display network, because your ad is automatikally going to be resized for whatever inventory google ads has. so the other thing you can do is upload display ads. now there's 20 different sizes that you can see here, so there's square and rectangle sizes. there's leaderboard sizes, which i would generally refer to as large horizontal style ads, and then you have skyscraper ads, which are large vertikal style ads. so basically, for skyscraper, the length is longer than the width and for leaderboard, the width is longer than the length. now, last but not least, there are three mobile ad sizes down here, so there's a total of 20 different sizes to choose from. now, when i'm creating ads, the ones i generally prioritize are here. so 300 by 250 is going to be one of the more popular options. 336 by 280 is another popular option. you have 728 by 90, 970 by 250, 160 by 600, 300 by 600 and then all three of the mobile ad formats. now what i've done for this example, for this video, is, as i'm creating advertisements, i created 40 total ads, so basically every single size that's available. i created a two different versions of them, so using some different images. now the ad copy is the same in every single one. my logo looks the same in every single one. i don't really have a call to action here. i generally wouldn't run ads specifically just to drive traffic to my 52 farmhouse decorations you will love page, because i just don't think it's going to be an optimal campaign just based on what i'm selling, but this is one thing that you can do now. in order to create these display ads, i used canvacom. i would highly recommend trying canvacom if you haven't already. it's very easy to use and if we just come into the back end of my account, you can see we have all of these different advertisements here. you can upload images that you can put in your advertisements. you can upload your logo. you can use any text combination you can possibly think of. so what i generally try to do when i'm creating google display ads is i focus on the main sizes i showed you earlier and i try to create at least a couple variations, because google ads is going to deliver the top performing advertisements. if you forget what the size and formats you should create are, go into your display campaign and just click on supported sizes and formats. now, keep in mind your image files cannot be too large. so if you're creating these large image files, especially these png images, can be very, very large in size. so i generally use jpeg images and what i found is with gifs, they're not generally worth kind of the effort that you put into them, because a lot of times you create them and they don't even get ad impressions whatsoever. so what i generally try to do is focus on these jpeg advertisements, and then i also use responsive display hats. so if i were creating ads for this ad group, what you want to start with is your final url, so i obviously want to drive traffic to this page here, so we're going to come over here, enter that as my final url and then we're going to upload all the files that i have, so i'm going to upload them now. okay, so now i have 40 different uploaded ads and you can see them all here, so 120 by 600, and if you click on them, you can actually see what the advertisements look like. so maybe not the greatest ads in the world, but just something that's going to run across the google display network and advertise what i'm trying to promote now. with the google display network, you definitely want to run ads that are going to be promoting either some type of seasonal promotion or something like that, or you want to have something where you're trying to get awareness out there about a product that's going to drive you really long-term revenue. the google display network is best set up for companies with high average order values and a large average customer lifetime value. for me i'm this is an affiliate website, so i'm trying to get people to come to this website, click on one of these images and go to one of my affiliates and purchase something. not really the best way to run google ads, but this is really just for some examples here for my youtube channel. so we have our final url set, we have all these uploaded ads, so all we need to do is come down here now and click on create ad. so we have 40 total ads here and if we scroll over, you can see every single one. now, generally, what i would want to do is create ads like this so you create two versions, and then eventually, i would go back into canva and maybe update the ad copy a little bit, maybe use some larger images, so you can obviously adjust the types of ads that you're creating and uploading. but from there, what we can do is click on new ad again and we're going to create a responsive display ad. so responsive display ad: you combine some ad copy, your final url, images and logos, and what google ads is going to do is automatikally put together the top performing ads. so the more data you give google for a google display advertising campaign, the better your campaign will run. so there's no downside to uploading hundreds of ads, because what google ads is going to do is continue to serve the ones that drive the most conversions. now, if your budget is five dollars a day, you might have trouble getting enough impressions and clicks on all of your advertisements, but if you plan on running a long term campaign- which is what you should be doing, if you're running google ads whatsoever- then what you want to do is create a lot of different advertisements and allow google ads to optimize them for you. so let's go through the process here and start from the top. so our final url. we want to enter our landing page url here, so we're going to paste that right here. our business name, so farmhouse goals. next is going to be images and logos. so you click on the plus sign here to add images and logos. s

What is display advertising?

Hi there, We're going to tok about display advertising. You know those adverts you see all over the Internet. Some are banners, whilst others are text-based or use videos. This is called display advertising, and we're going to explore what it is, how it works and how it can help you attract more customers. Think of display advertising as the digital version of a billboard, print ad or TV advert. you see, offline Businesses pay whoever owns the ad space, hoping to get their ads seen by the right kinds of people and then turn those people into customers. In the online world of display advertising, ad space isn't on billboard or TV channels, but on the websites we visit. Display advertising gives businesses the chance to pay for their ads to appear when the right kind of person is on the right kind of page, And there are lots of ways to do this. You can make deals directly with the owners of a website, or you can use networks to match businesses with lots of different websites that have ad space to sell. You can decide to show your ads on specific web pages or to specific groups of people, or even both. Let's imagine you're passionate about films, so you've created a podcast where you do film reviews. Now you want to market it. Think about the people who might be interested in a film review podcast and what else they might be looking at online, like cinema websites, official movie sites or film forums. The pages where your customers are are also where you should be. Of course, your customers won't always be looking at websites about film. With display advertising, you can get your ads in front of them when they're browsing other things, So you can target people with specific interests, like film. they're checking the weather or reading the news. perhaps they're visiting blogs and browsing around all other sorts of websites they might want to visit, even if those websites have nothing to do with film. So display advertising offers businesses the ability to reach relevant audiences all across the Internet. It's actually quite amazing, and it's one reason why display advertising is a great way to build awareness of you and your business. For example, if you've just created your film review podcast, you'll need to make people aware that your new product exists. With display advert, you can get notiked by just the people you want to reach. But display advertising isn't only about getting your name out there. Display is also a great way to drive traffic to your website, build engagement with your visitors and win new customers. How Well you might choose to show adverts to people who have visited your website but who haven't yet subscribed to the podcast. So, as they browse the news, check the weather or watch videos, your display advertising can remind them to subscribe, with a special incentive or promotion customized for them. This is called retargeting, and we'll cover this in more detail later. Let's recap: We now know that display advertising lets you be right where your customers are and supports many different marketing goals. Next, we'll explore how display differs from search advertising and how the different elements of a display campaign work. Then we'll move on to tok, about ways to find your ideal audience using different targeting options. Finally, we'll learn a bit about how to use retargeting to reach people after they've already interacted with you. So I hope you're ready. It's time to explore the exciting world of display advertising.

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Who's Clicking Banner Ads?

who here does click the banner ad can? can somebody razor and some guys? if your company is buying a banner ad on a website that is mainly seen on a desktop, not on a phone below the fold, you can't waste money faster. there's not a please. if you do any, as a matter of fact, leave now. leave the conference, leave my tok, go back to the office and stop any cent spent on banner ads on websites. it is a literal joke. as much as I hate television commercials, cuz, watch this. watch this not 16 year old crowd. you ready. watch this by show of hands. how many people here now mainly watch when they watch television- Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or HBO- or when it's on video on demand- and you fast-forward commercials. raise your hands, Netflix. raise them high. please keep them up. I want everybody in the front and these fancy couches to look back. look at this. keep them up for a second. can we all agree that the majority of people in this audience aren't fourteen teenage, 14 year old teenage girls? this audience, almost 95% of you, don't even have a chance of seeing a commercial. forget about if you consumed it and got inspired to do business. 95% of this older crowd is not even got a prayer of seeing an actual television commercial- 60 billion dollars spent to make you buy things in America on television commercials. then you've got digital banner ads. nobody who here does click the banner ad can somebody razor consume. the only banner ads you click are: once I went to your website, you got me in the funnel. you retargeting to me and then you annoyed the living out of me to buy those socks or take that mortgage and I clicked it. it is not a consideration funnel, it is a retention and retargeting funnel. we are broken in marketing in 2019. the reason the toys-r-us is in the sears of the world and you'll see it every single day in every market. it's coming, guys, it's coming and, honestly, it's actually here. and you know what I'm most worried about: how much damn margin and how profitable the companies in this room actually are. the biggest thing that I struggled to push a new agenda in marketing is the current results of businesses. when I spoke the toys-r-us eight years ago, they were thrilled with their business. they didn't want to hear it. this is what happens every time. the only audience I'm worried about when I go pitch a new client or speak here is one that is currently successful. that's what happens. things are always good before they're bad, and so I just don't understand the following, if you believe 50% of what I'm saying. the reason I started a marketing company, not a build a tiknology company, is because it's the easiest thing to change. it just is you can go home and change it. you can, and I think the days of like I mean I literally have clients that are spending more money on outdoor billboards than they are in Facebook and Instagram. I don't know if you got when you leave this conference, can you please just look at everybody who's driving on the highway? let me promise you this: every single person- that's a passenger- is looking at their phone. so I think we can all agree. in 2019 versus 1999, billboards should not have gone up in price. at least half the audience has been eliminated from seeing it. the scarier part, when you look at people driving- if you happen to do this, which is what I do, is half the people driving or looking at their phone. you guys are scary out here. we- we are not deploying common-sense behavior against what's actually happening with our consumers, and that is why we were becoming long-term vulnerable.

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How to make $311/day with banner ads (steal this)

so i make over 113 000 a year just from ad networks on my blog. so how did it start? well, i joined mediavine, the ad network, in july of 2020 and i've made over 225 000 from ads since then. so that's about 9 000 to 14 000 a month and these ads are optimized in different ways. so i have ads turned on on very high volume posts, i have ads turned off on specific affiliate posts and then some posts have ads on them and affiliate links and different types of revenue streams. so in this video, i'm going to cover exactly how to make money with ads on your blog, the strategies that i'm using, a game plan for you, and exactly how to grow this revenue channel on your blogging business. but before we get started, i want to invite you to watch my free masterclass: how to start a profitable blogging business, how i make over 300 000 a month blogging my content, link building and affiliate marketing strategies. make sure to click the link in the description below, sign up and register for that free training and let's get into the topic for today. so these are my results so far and you know i've done ad networks, i'm in affiliate programs. i've done a lot of different things revenue-wise for my blog. but those are my results so far. but here's the problem with ad revenue: everybody wants to make ad revenue right away. everyone wants to monetize their blog instantly. so people set up a blog, they have five artikles and they say: how do i join google adsense? well, making real money with your blog doesn't really work that way and that's what i consider: scraping pennies off the ground. so this is what i did. in the summer of 2019, my blog was about six months old and i joined adsense and i said: you know, i want to make some ad revenue, so i joined adsense, i optimized it, i added the wordpress plugin, i did all of these things and i made like two dollars, maybe one dollar and fifty cents a day and i realized that i'm like: okay, ad revenue is not right at the beginning. but where can ad revenue fit into my blog monetization strategy? well, first i had to learn that you need a lot of traffic to make a substantial income with ads, and with ads, revenue is directly correlated with traffic. so the more traffic dips and goes up and down, the number of page views you get every single month is a direct, directly correlated with your revenue, which can be tricky and ultimately affiliate marketing should be the thing dictating your content strategy, not ads. so first i want to show you i'm a mediavine member and they actually did an income report and they show some of their bloggers income reports. and if you go down to 2020, this was mine here and it shows you know, my blog income from port for november 2020.. i was making 80 000 a month back then, making over three to four hundred thousand dollars a month now. but you can see that through this i showed some of my mediavine ad revenue. so i earned 14 000 that month for 505 000 sessions with an average rpm of 28.79. so rpm is revenue per 1000 impressions. so a thousand people visit your blog. how much money do you make from ads? so mediavine is zoick, ad thrive, these ad networks. they can get you anywhere from ten dollars up to thirty or forty dollars, depending on your niche- revenue per thousand impressions, whereas adsense is typically like two to three dollars. so you're getting five to ten times better return from ad networks. you can make substantially more income. you just need a lot more traffic. so ultimately, affiliate marketing needs to dictate your content strategy more because the roi on it is so much higher than ads, but you can do both. so here's the good part about ad revenue. though keywords are usually easier to rank for because they're not super competitive and making a ton of affiliate revenue, they're a little bit broader in their intent. the keywords you can find are easier to rank for and ads are a very passive form of revenue. so basically, they just sit there on your site and make money and they're very easy to implement. so, whether you're joining an ad network or adsense, it's pretty simple to just drop some html on your blog and add ads to it. so, really, ultimately, ads help monetize specific posts that can't make money in other ways. so what i say is they're the last resort of blog monetization, so you can't necessarily make affiliate revenue from it. you can't sell your own product from it. you're getting traffic, but you don't know what to do with it. that's where ads come in. so, for example, if you're searching for something like dinner ideas- and this is searched a ton- over 800 000 times a month- are you gonna go to a blog and buy something for dinner? are you gonna go buy their book? no, you're just looking for ideas. so this is a high volume, perfect post for ads and when i go to the number one result, you bet that there are ads sprinkled throughout this post. so when you think of different ways to use ads, ads are the last resort of monetization. they're when you get a lot of traffic but you don't know necessarily how to monetize it, because the search intent is broader. so when we look at revenue per visitor based and traffic, you can see that, like affiliate revenue, you can make a ton more per visitor because you're ranking for something that's very valuable, a transactional search around a product where you can push people to a specific thing. ads don't push people to specific things, they're just like: hey, i'm an ad, i'm sitting here, i'm going to make passive revenue this way, but you need a lot more traffic. so let's look at how to monetize keywords: affiliate revenue versus ad revenue. so let's look at this specific keyword here: business ideas. so with business ideas, there's pretty broad search intent. so i could be looking for any type of business idea. i could maybe want to start a lawn care service, i could want to be a babysitter, i could want to start a blog, an e-commerce store, a drop shipping website, a restaurant- i don't know, based on that person's search, what i'm going to put in my artikle. based on business ideas. however, it has very high search volume. alternatively, let's look at a different keyword, like best webinar software. somebody searches for best webinar software, you bet and understand what they're actually searching for. so this one has transactional search intent. they're looking for something specific when they're googling something and they know what they want and it's product focused. so there's a lower search volume for this. so we look at it. the top one is perfect for ad revenue and the bottom one is perfect for affiliate revenue because affiliate you push them with an revie link to a specific product with business ideas. high search volume. ad revenue is the best option for that. now you can add affiliate links to post with ads, but i wouldn't add ads into the best webinar software post to distract people from making affiliate purchases. let's look at another example. so again back to dinner ideas. very broad search intent: 828 000 searches a month. perfect for ads versus best kitchen knives sets. so that has transactional search intent, people actually looking for that specific product. decent search volume. again, dinner ideas: ads, product focus, affiliate. so when you sum up blog monetization, it looks like this affiliate revenue has higher return on investment, higher cpms. you simply make more for each visitor with affiliate marketing than you do with ads. however, it is more competitive and ads are easier to rank for a lot of these keywords that can make ad revenue because it's not so lucrative. you need less traffic with affiliate revenue. you need more traffic with ads. affiliate revenue can also be recurring, so you can get paid a recurring commission on certain things, which builds stability into a business, which ads are a little bit more unstable, because traffic fluctuations directly correlate with your revenue. and then it's based on different types of search intent- transactional versus broad search intent- so these two can work hand in hand and you ultimately need both types of artikles on your blog, affil.

Photoshop Tutorial : Google Display Ads Banner Design in Photoshop - PSD

hi guys, this is parts and welcome back to first oc, and in this tutorial i'll show you how to create the google ads web banner. we are very familiar to this, uh, because every time we visit any website, we will see the ads, and you will see this kind of banners in youtube also. so for the graphic designer, this tutorial is very important. i'll show you how to create this type of design and also i'll show you how to convert a single design into different shapes and sizes, because the google ads web banner has a lots of shapes and size. so i'll show you how to convert a single design into different type of size. at first, i'm gonna picking a bigger size so that you can understand the design easily, and then later in the video, i will convert this into a small banner and you will get all the designs, template and psd file on my patreon account so you can go there, be a member and download all my psds and presets. [Music]. okay, first create a new canvas, go to new, and from here i am choosing white, 1000 pixels and height, one, six, six, seven, so you'll find this type of canvas, and now i'm choosing a background color. i'm choosing it. this type of background color color code is 6880- and delete the background layer and rename it background. it can change the background color from here also. and now go to the shape tool and select rectangle tool and go to the fill, and i am choosing a color like this and the color code is 3, 2, 4 a, 9 a, [Music] and no stroke. and now create a rectangle like this and remember the white. now create another layer and select the ellipse tool and now create a circle. and now we need to put the exact same white of the rectangle, which is four, seven one. so here, type four seven one pixels in white and also four seven one pixels in height. that's perfect. now press ctrl and t [Music] and place it like this. and now select the two layer and right click on the mouse and select mod shape. and now press ctrl n, t and resize it and place where you like [Music], take your time and find the best position for your design. that's fine. now copy the layer by pressing ctrl and z and make it smaller by pressing ctrl and t [Music] and place it like this. that's good. i think this is fine. i think it looks fine. now we're gonna sense the color of the ellipse. one copy and i am choosing a color like this and the color code is e33572. that's perfect. and now select the two layers and press ctrl and z to put them into a group and rename it to shape one. and create another group and rename it to image [Music]. that's good. and click on the ellipse, one layer and copy it by pressing ctrl and j and move it to the image group. and now press ctrl and t and angle 180, change the color to white or something else, what you like, and now take your time and place on your canvas and now open your project photo from the place embedded option and now right click on the mouse and create clipping mask [Music] and you can change the background color. i will suggest you to use picture without background. this time i didn't remove the background, but you should do. press ctrl and t and resize the image [Music] and now write another group and rename it to shape 2 and then again go back to the shape 1 and copy this ellipse 1. copy and move it to shape to group, and now press ctrl on t, resize and reposition. it looks fine. now make a copy, another one by pressing ctrl and j and move it here, make it smaller and change the color like this: [Music]. i think i should make it little bit smaller. so select this two layer, or select the group image and press ctrl and t and make it smaller: [Music]. and now create another group and rename it to join now and you will create a button of join now or apply now. so select the rounded rectangle tool and make a shape like this- and i am choosing 10 pixels here, little less curved, and picking this color: [Music]- and again press ctrl and t and resize it and reposition it. that's perfect, [Music]. and now pick your text tool and type join now and you will find all the font link in the description and place it on the middle of the button. select this two layer and click on this icon and this icon to put it on the middle: [Music]. that's good, [Music]. and now make another group and rename it to text. then select the text tool and activate the underline option and type your company slogan. it looks a little bit messy, we will fix this. select your router, and this is fine. now press ctrl and t and reposition it. that's fine, [Music]. and add another text of company slogan: [Music]. that's good. and select the two layer and click on this icon to rearrange this. i think this looks better. i think it looks better now. the alignment looks good: [Music] and create another group and rename it company name and type here your company name: [Music], [Music] and i'm just creating a simple logo for the company. it's too easy: [Music] do and now reposition it. so the main design is done and now we will convert it to a different size. lots of designer redesigned their design for different size and also they copy in a wrong way. it doesn't work actually, and in this video, in this part, i will show you the exact way to convert a design into different size canvas. so let's see. okay, now again go to the new, and i'm using 970 to widen, 90 to height this time, and you'll find a canvas like this. okay, i want to copy the shape one group first. okay, first chance: the background: just as same as the previous. now i want to copy the shape one group, just only the shape one group. so select the group and with the move tool, just place it on the new document and now press ctrl and t and resize it. i can press ctrl and t and resize it as you want: [Music], [Music]. i think it looks good now and copy the layer. one: copy by pressing ctrl and z and move it here, and again resize it angle 180 and place it over the ellipse. one. now again press ctrl and t and resize it and reshape it. [Music] and now i want to copy the image group. so select the image group and with the move tool, just move it to the new document and place it like this. so i think this is fine. [Music]. and now i want to copy the join now group. so again, select the join now layer and with the move tool, move it to the new canvas, press ctrl and t and make it smaller. [Music]. you can also copy this shape and place it here, and this time sends the color to blue and place it over the image. [Music]. so you will get the same look as the before. it looks nice. and now copy the text group [Music]. [Music]. i now resize it according to the canvas. [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. so it's all about resizing and reshaping. it's too easy. and now copy the company name group by pressing ctrl on t, resize it and reshape it. it's too simple and you can convert any design to any size. you don't need to do the design again and again. so it's pretty simple. [Music]. so this is the way you can create the google ads for a banner and also save your time, and i hope this video will help you. and if you love this video, hit the like button, leave your comments and don't forget to subscribe. [Music].

GIF Animated Display Advertisement (Easy Google Ad Made With Canva)

are you stuck creating a display ad but aren't really sure how to go about designing something that will grab your customers attention? then you're in the right place, because in this tutorial, i'll show you how to design, animate and export your gif ad. in no time, with canva open, we're going to create a new design. come over here to create a design from there, click on custom size and you're going to choose the size of your display ad. in this video example, i'm going to be creating a skyscraper banner and that is 160 pixels by 600 pixels. you'll then be presented with all these different uh templates to choose from. i don't think any of them are going to work super well for a display ad, but you can kind of just pick one as a starting off point. now what i want to do is create a new color in the background here. so what? i'm just going to click on this background and then come over here to this little background color, and then i am going to either, in this example, i'm just going to choose a color that i have in mind- but you can easily pick a color here- or just going to color picker, and then we're going to- um, just implement our own hex code, perfect, and then that's going to be added. now i want to start adding some elements into the display ad. so what you're going to want to do- if you have existing elements- is: come over here to uploads and then you would just click on upload media, find where the files exist, click on them, upload them and then they'll show up here. now i'm going to be creating a fake ad for um frozen banana company because i love frozen bananas. so we're gonna click on the logo and i'm going to just drop that in there and we're going to just bring it up to the top, and i know i want it to be a little bigger. so i'm just going to click on the handlebars and i'm just going to extend it out until it reaches the margins, which is that little pink line, a little pink box that you see showing up. probably, just drop this down a little bit more perfect. now what i want to do is add some text here, right, and i'm going to come over here to text, and then we're going to add a headline and that's going to show up in our canvas and then from there i'm just going to type in the name of the product. so it's going to be salted ml, awesome. and then we're going to do ctrl a to select it all, and i want to choose a different font. right now it's using open sans. what we can do is just click on this little drop down menu and then you have a whole bunch of different fonts to choose from. you have some paid versions in there, but, um, you have a lot of free options to choose from. you'll definitely find something you're looking for. i know that the font i want to use is a font called cardo, so i'm just going to cover this little box here, search for it, and then i'm just going to click on it and it's been added. what i can then do is just bump up the font by hitting this plus or hitting that minus. so i'm just going to bump it up, bump it up, bump it up. something like that's fine, and i want it bold. so we're just clicking on the bold perfect, and then we'll just change the color to white, perfection, awesome. now i don't like the space here. i feel like there's too much empty space going on between the celtik and the caramel, so we're going to tighten that up again. so we're just going to click on command c to- i'm sorry- command a to select it all, and then come over here to spacing and then from here you can adjust the spacing of the font. um, but what i want to do is just kind of tighten it up. so i'm going to go back here to spacing and i'm going to mess with the line height. you can just kind of drag it as to where you want it. that's cool, i'm happy with that. i'm going to bring this up a little bit more, and underneath that i wanted to say banana babies. so what i can do is just add a sub head and then we're going to add banana babies- perfect, and i'm just going to double click that to select it all. and i want this to be a different color. i don't want to be white, i want it to be a darker purple. so i'm going to come over here to the this little color picker over here and i'm going to add the custom hex code- perfect, and i want that to be the same font as last time, and canva picked it up, which is awesome, so it's ready to save there, and then we're going to bump that up, also something around. that should be fine. we'll build it up too, maybe a little bit less, maybe something like that's fine, and then we'll just bring it up underneath until we're happy with it. i think that's fine. right, let's drop the font on a little bit more, maybe like one more point should be fine, and then just kind of adjust it. you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard- left to right, up and down, to just nudge things a little bit. and that's kind of what i'm doing right now, just kind of doing it optikally, just lining things up. that's good, awesome. now what i want to do is add some little icons that were part of the overall branding for this specific um product. so i already uploaded it just to save some time. and it's just right here. 200 calories, always fresh, frozen, and i'm going to just click on that. it's going to be added to the canvas, and then we're going to click and drag just to bump it up a little bit, not too much. i don't want to steal the thunder, but i want it to be legible- and then we're just going to nudge it a little bit so it's centered. i think it's about. it's about good, right, something that's fine, awesome. now what i want to do is add the elements that were on the packaging initially, which was a banana and some little caramel pieces, and i already uploaded those also. so i'm going to come over here to uploads again and i'm going to click on the banana. awesome, now i'm just going to click and drag this out and then we're going to rotate it by clicking this little icon here. click and drag and it'll rotate it out for you. something like that should be fine. we'll just adjust it little by little until we have something we like. i think it's fine, something inside, okay, cool. and now we're going to add a little caramel pieces. i'm just going to add them in, bump them up and then just kind of have it off, centered, off up the canvas, and i'm going to add this other piece right here- i really have this one down towards the bottom- and then we'll rotate it just a little bit, make it seem a little bit more organic, like it was kind of just thrown on the table, and then i'm going to add one more piece over here and then i'll rotate this one completely and then we'll click and drag that also push it off to the side, like that. that's okay, yeah, that's good. and now we want to do is add a button. so canva doesn't have any ui buttons already as like a preset, so we're going to create one from scratch. come over here to elements and then click on the rounded uh box. if you don't see it on yours it should. it should live within shapes. yeah, if you scroll down over here, where is it? at there, you go, this one right here, we'll click on that. we're just going to drag it down and then we'll just put it flush to the safe area. right there, perfect, right there, awesome. and then just drag this down and then we're gonna bring this up a little bit more. let's say like, yeah, that should be fine. and then i want this to be that darker purple which canva has already saved to my document colors, which is awesome, saved some time there, and then that's been added. and i am going to adjust this little camel piece because i don't really like how it's showing up there. i think something like that should be fine. yeah, that's okay. and then i'm going to add a cta, add a heading, and then we'll have that. say bye, now we're gonna make sure it's the same fonts as last time. make sure that it is bold, actually. no, you know, we can do, we can undo that we can just keep it as the open sans, which is fine.