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Do you mix personal & business on FB?

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

Should I be sharing my business posts on my personal profile or on my business profile?

Hey everyone, it's Kick Ass Kylie, the elect op lifestyle Queen! Happy New Year and welcome to 2020. Today, in your daily dose of capacity to help you kick ass fast, I've been getting asked this question quite a lot lately from people both within Mikey Cassidy mastermind and also people just reaching out who are wanting to build their business online.

Fisherman Analogy:

Growing up, my dad was a fisherman and ended up becoming a professional fisherman. When we were going out fishing, where did we go looking for fish? We went to the fishing spots where we knew the fish were. So, if you want to catch a fish, you need to go to the right place where the fish are.

Answer to the Question:

When it comes to fishing for your ideal client on Facebook, where are your clients? Where do you have the most engagement and where do you have your following? For most people when they're starting out, they don't have a huge following on their business fan page and they certainly don't get a lot of engagement on their business fan page. So, if you're just starting out, then my suggestion would be to start by posting on your personal page because that's probably where you're going to have more fish in your fishing pond.

The Challenge:

If you keep fishing in that same pond, eventually there's probably going to be no more fish there. So, my actual answer to this question is you should do both.


1. Post on your personal profile to start with.

2. Download and upload to your business page using the premiere tool.

3. Go live on your business page but then you can share it to your personal profile as a watch party.

Adding Value:

You want to add value through your personal page but you absolutely don't want to be salesy. It is super important that you're consistent, show up, and add value because that's going to make people know, love, and trust you.

Repurposing Content:

Repurposing your content is really powerful. From one piece of content, you have been able to repurpose it all over the place.

When you are sharing your content, make sure you're showing up in a way that's actually going to attract and add value to your target audience. If you have any other questions about Facebook, social media, how to grow your business, and leverage your time online, then please comment below or reach out and send me a message. Remember, you only have one life, and time's ticking so create a life you absolutely love and live life now.

Meta Business Suite Setup - The Complete Guide For 2022 (Formerly Facebook Business Manager)

In this video, you will learn how to set up and use the Facebook Business Suite, also known as the Meta Business Suite.

Setting up the account:

1. Head over to business.facebook.com

2. Click Create Account

3. Log in with your Facebook information

4. Enter the name of your business and email address

5. Verify your email address

6. Once verified, you will see a screen with limited functionality

7. Add assets like Facebook pages, Instagram pages, WhatsApp accounts, and ad accounts

8. Assign access to yourself or team members

9. Set up business info and payment methods

Using the Business Suite:

1. Use the to-do list to manage messages from different platforms

2. View recent posts across all platforms

3. Use the planner to schedule posts on Facebook and Instagram

4. Use insights to track the performance of your organic content

Setting up and using the Facebook Business Suite is easy and can help you manage all your business assets in one place. With features like scheduling posts and tracking organic content performance, it can make managing your business on social media more efficient. Don't forget to verify your domains and business with Facebook for added security.

How to Setup a Facebook Shop Through Commerce Manager (Complete Tutorial for Beginners)

In this tutorial, we will be discussing how to set up a Facebook shop and connect it to the Facebook marketplace. It's important to note that the process may have changed since the tutorial was created, but the general steps should still be applicable.

- This tutorial will walk you through the steps of setting up a Facebook shop and connecting it to the marketplace.

- The tutorial assumes that you have a Facebook business manager account set up already.


- Set up a Facebook page. You can create a page from your personal Facebook profile or create a new one from within business manager.

- Connect the page to your business manager account. Go to business settings and select the page you want to connect to your shop.

- Apply for a Facebook shop. Go to the commerce manager tab and follow the steps to apply for a shop. Make sure to use accurate information and verify your documents to avoid payment issues.

- Set up shipping and returns. Choose standard shipping and consider offering expedited or rush shipping for extra profit.

- Set up payouts. Connect your payment method to your Facebook shop to receive payments.

- Setting up a Facebook shop and connecting it to the marketplace can help you reach a wider audience and increase sales.

- Make sure to follow the steps carefully and use accurate information to avoid payment issues.

- Consider offering expedited or rush shipping for extra profit.

These 7 Sites Pay the Most to Dropshippers in 2023

In this video, the speaker breaks down the best websites to dropship on in 2022 and beyond. These recommendations are based on the speaker's actual experience and sales results.

Websites to Dropship on:

1. Facebook Marketplace (Personal Accounts): This is an easy-to-set-up platform that already has traffic and customers. It allows you to leverage the marketplace and website to focus on listing quality products and processing orders.

2. Facebook Marketplace with Shops: Shops offer many benefits, such as more features and less hoops to jump through. However, there are still some bugs and issues to work through.

3. Amazon: Amazon is an e-commerce giant with plenty of traffic, customers, and revenue potential. Although it takes more upfront time to find and set up products, once they are added to your store, they can be automated and managed easily.

4. Etsy: The speaker is very excited about the potential of dropshipping on Etsy, as it can be 100% automated once products are added to your store. The speaker recommends focusing on outsourcing tasks to allow for more time to build out products and systems.

5. Mercari: This platform allows for dropshipping using your own shipping labels, but there have been issues with cease and desist letters in the past.

6. eBay: eBay offers scalability and automation options but requires a lot of initial time to find good products. The margins can also be slim.

7. Poshmark: This platform has less competition and allows for automated software to bring attention to your closet, but you must use Poshmark's shipping labels.

The speaker recommends focusing on these platforms for the highest amount of sales and profit in dropshipping. They also offer step-by-step blueprints for Facebook and Amazon dropshipping businesses and recommend outsourcing tasks to focus on building out products and systems.

How To Create A Facebook Business Page In 2022

In 2022, every business, regardless of its size or type, should have a Facebook business page. This will help establish an online presence, build authority, and connect with your audience. Creating a Facebook business page is free and can be set up in under 10 minutes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Facebook Business Page:

1. Log in to your Facebook account or create a new one.

2. Click on the menu in the top right-hand corner and select Page.

3. Add your page name and select up to three categories that best represent your business.

4. Add a brief description about your business.

5. Add a profile picture and cover photo that represent your business.

6. Add a call-to-action button for visitors to take action.

7. Create a username that is similar to your business name.

8. Complete all 13 steps in the Set Your Page Up for Success section.

9. Publish your page to go live.

Features of Your Facebook Business Page:

1. Create posts to share with your audience.

2. View and respond to messages under the inbox tab.

3. Use the navigation menu to showcase your services, reviews, or shop.

4. Analyze your page's performance under the insights tab.

Creating a Facebook business page in 2022 is essential for any business looking to establish an online presence and connect with their audience. Follow these simple steps to create your page and take advantage of the many features Facebook has to offer for businesses.

How To Get More Facebook Profiles

Hey guys, it's John the Wolfbecome and I wanted to share a little golden nugget with you about where to get Facebook profiles. In 2021, the number one issue that people are facing is getting their profiles restricted, business managers disabled, or ad accounts shut down for no reason. So, I put together a course to give exclusive access to my inner circle of Facebook bandits to help alleviate this anxiety. Here are some methods I recommend for getting Facebook profiles:

- The importance of having solid Facebook profiles

- Common issues people face with Facebook restrictions

Methods for getting Facebook profiles:

- Using real profiles from people you know

- Buying profiles from private sellers (recommended)

- Using websites like fbsmash.com or fbstore.com

- Creating your own profile using an unlocked burner phone (not recommended)

- Having a solid army of Facebook profiles is crucial for success in e-commerce and dropshipping

- Use reputable sources to buy profiles and verify business managers

- Take necessary precautions to prevent getting flagged or scammed

- Join my course for exclusive access to my inner circle of Facebook bandits.

Step By Step Creating A Facebook Shop For Dropshipping Part 1

In this video, Cameron explains how to create a Facebook page for a business. He wants to make it simple for beginners who are struggling with the process. He explains that he's going to create a page for a home and garden warehouse. Here's a quick summary of the steps he took:

1. Click on the Pages button on the side of the Facebook page and select Create New Page.

2. Choose the name and category of the business and add a description.

3. Add a profile picture and cover photo.

4. Click on Get Started to set up your shop.

5. Select checkout with Facebook and unclick shop pay if you don't want to use it.

6. Create a new business account and upload a catalog of items you'd like to sell.

7. Submit your shop for review.

8. Start the verification process by submitting your organization's details and uploading necessary documents.

9. Wait for Facebook to review and approve your submission.

10. Set up shipping and returns policies.

Cameron acknowledges that the verification process can be confusing, but he recommends creating an EIN for your business and uploading a utility bill to confirm your address. He also reminds viewers that he has a course with more in-depth information on creating a Facebook shop.

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