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does dropshipping work in 2022

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

The UGLY Truth About Dropshipping That No Guru Will Tell You

in this video i'm going to answer the,most commonly asked questions about drop,shipping including the questions that,most people won't give you a straight,answer on so here's the ugly truth about,drop shipping,now drop shipping has a reputation for,being a get rich quick scheme because it,sounds way too easy you don't need to,store inventory you don't need to ship,or fulfill orders you don't need much,money to get started and you can run a,dropship store from anywhere in the,world now while all these statements are,tiknically true a common misconception,is that running a successful dropship,store is easy but in reality success,with drop shipping has many pros and,cons and isn't as straightforward as you,are led to believe so in this video i,answer all the in-depth questions,related to drop shipping to provide you,with a complete view of what it takes to,run a profitable dropship store now what,is drop shipping drop shipping is an,ecommerce business model where an online,store does not carry inventory for the,products it sells when an order is made,the online store purchases the products,from a wholesale supplier who then ships,the order directly to the end customer,so as a result the online store owner,does not have to deal with physical,inventory or perform any shipping and,handling there are no upfront inventory,cost because all products are purchased,on demand now is drop shipping legal and,legit it is 100 legal as long as you use,legitimate dropship suppliers so for,example if you sell disney merchandise,on your online store and your supplier,dropship's fake disney merchandise on,your behalf you could be liable for,fraud as long as you're careful about,who you work with and only use,officially licensed distributors for the,brands you carry drop shipping is legit,and safe,now does it require a seller's permit,and a business license well in the us,you absolutely need a seller's permit in,order to legally sell online now most,states require you to charge sales tax,to customers where you have economic,nexus and drop shipping is no exception,if your locality requires a business,license then you must get a business,license as well remember drop shipping,is simply a method of order fulfillment,your drop shipping business is a real,business and must be registered as such,now how profitable is drop shipping well,because your supplier is doing most of,the heavy lifting when it comes to,fulfillment and inventory the margins,for drop shipping are much less than,other e-commerce business models so,typical margins for drop shipping are,between 10 and 30 percent compared to 50,to 66 percent for private label and,traditional wholesale which makes drop,shipping far less profitable now the,best products of drop ship are higher,tiket items that yield more revenue per,sale,now is drop shipping worth it well,despite the low margins drop shipping,can be a great way to get started,selling online for less than three bucks,you can start a fully featured ecommerce,business that carries hundreds of,products and drop shipping is worth it,for product research as well without any,upfront risk you can list many products,online just to see what sells and then,based on your own sales data you can,private label or carry inventory for,your best selling products and keep more,of the profit now the best part is that,drop shipping can be automated except,for the customer service now most,established drop shipping suppliers,support edi which stands for electronic,data interchange edi is an electronic,system that allows your website and your,suppliers website inventory to,automatikally stay in sync so for,example if your supplier runs out of,stok on a partikular product your,website's inventory will automatikally,be adjusted in addition all orders,placed on your website are automatikally,transmitted to your drop shipper for,fulfillment however even though order,fulfillment is automated you are still,responsible for answering questions and,performing customer service now here's,how drop shipping from your own website,works now if you use a well-supported,e-commerce platform like shopify,bigcommerce or woocommerce setting up,drive shipping is a straightforward,process here's exactly how you drop ship,from your own website and how it works a,customer places an order on your site,and you accept payment the customer's,order is electronically transmitted to,your drop chip supplier where you are,charged the agreed upon wholesale price,for your goods your drop ship supply,then ships the order to the end customer,and you pocket the difference in cost as,profit now you don't have to drop ship,on your website you can also drop ship,on amazon and here's how amazon drop,shipping works you list your products or,sell on amazon as a merchant fulfilled,seller and then when an order is placed,on amazon you electronically send the,order to your drop ship supplier who,then ships the products to the end,customer now overall amazon drop,shipping is a much riskier business,model than drop shipping from your own,site because you have to follow amazon's,terms of service to the letter first off,you must source your products from a,legit wholesaler you are not allowed to,drop ship your products from another,marketplace like aliexpress ebay or,walmart otherwise you're going to get,banned as a result aliexpress drop,shipping on amazon is expressly,prohibited amazon also imposes very,strict requirements for shipping and,fulfillment that must be met if you have,a series of late shipments or inventory,mishaps your account's going to get,banned but outside of following amazon's,terms of service drop shipping on amazon,works much the same as drop shipping on,your own website you can also drop ship,on ebay you simply list your products,for sale as an auction or store listing,and then when an order is placed you,electronically notify your supplier who,fills the order and similar to amazon,you must source your products from legit,dropship suppliers and not marketplaces,like amazon or walmart otherwise you're,going to get banned so as a result get,rich quick schemes like buying products,from amazon and drop shipping them on,ebay at higher prices is prohibited now,you're probably wondering how drop ship,payments work well when you sign up with,a drop shipping supplier you'll be asked,for a form of payment and typically you,can pay by credit card your supplier,keeps your credit card on file and,simply charges your card when an order,is placed you can also use ach or direct,transfer this is where your supplier,keeps your bank information and,automatikally places a transaction at,the end of the day week or month for all,products purchased,the best way to pay a drop ship supplier,is through payment terms some suppliers,will offer you payment terms which means,that you don't have to pay for your,products until 30 or 60 days later now,whenever an order is placed on your,website two payment transactions occur,in the background the first transaction,takes place when you accept payment from,your customer and deposit the money into,your own bank account the second,transaction takes place when you pay,your supplier for the raw cost of goods,and any related drop ship fees,now where do you find drop shipping,suppliers there are four main ways to,find suppliers depending on your budget,and the types of products that you want,to sell,and by paying a fee you can perform a,search and instantly have access to,hundreds of pre-vetted suppliers you can,also use a drop shipping company a drop,ship company acts as a middleman who,automatikally connects you to a dropship,supplier you simply list the products,that the dropship company offers and,they handle the entire fulfillment,process as a result you do not have to,find or interact with any suppliers you,can also go to a drop shipping trade,show by attending local wholesale and,drop shipping trade shows you can form,drop shipping arrangements face to face,you can also use a print-on-demand,com

I Tried Dropshipping With $0 For 30 days

have you ever wondered if it's possible,to become a millionaire with Drop,Shipping for a million dollars millions,of dollars from Drop Shipping well I,know for a fact it's possible because I,went from a high school dropout to,making over 1.5 million dollars in a,year by the time I was age 21. and to,show you that it's still possible today,I created a brand new Drop Shipping,Store using zero dollars and I'm sharing,the entire process transparently now we,just officially ended our first full,month in business and we had a lot of,ups and we had a lot of downs and,honestly this reminded me of how hard it,is to get your first business off the,ground so while a lot of people are,going to be watching this video and,impressed with the sales that I've,gotten just realize that this isn't an,overnight success this has been the last,five years of me dedicating myself to,this craft and I don't want this video,to come across showing off I know,there's a lot of gurus out there who try,to highlight how easy Drop Shipping is,and we both know these guys are not Drop,Shipping so just know that I'm gonna,always keep 100 with you guys,now any good Drop Shipping Store starts,with a good product I don't care how,good your website is or how good your,ads are so I couldn't just find any,product to be successful in this,challenge I needed to find a product,that matched the criteria of a winning,product usually when I am picking a,product to sell there's a few things,that I look at obviously profit margin,if we don't have a good profit margin,then there's no way we're gonna ever be,successful and another piece of criteria,that I think is important is that the,product actually makes people's lives,easier so to locate this problem-solving,product I ended up going on tiktok,and looked up hashtag tiktok made me buy,it and honestly I had to browse sometime,to find something decent but I knew we,had found a winner when I found a tik,tok post with literally hundreds of,people asking where they could find the,product and the video only had about a,thousand likes at this point now,honestly this was kind of suspicious a,post with only about a thousand likes to,have this many comments of people,wanting to know where to buy the product,and I thought this was a great,opportunity hundreds of people were,looking to buy this product and they,didn't have someone to fulfill that,demand so I built a website on Shopify,and I started my journey trying to get,this brand sales using zero dollars,Capital now I only really had one,opportunity to become successful with,this store since our budget was zero,dollars in order for us to create a,profitable business it meant attracting,customers to our website without,spending any money now this meant that,the standard avenues for advertising,like Facebook ads were completely out of,the question but what was possible was,for us to create tiktok and Instagram,real content completely organically and,try to get the post viral so customers,can see our product so for the last 30,days I spent a ton of time creating,content and it actually went pretty well,so I want to go over the results and how,much money we're able to make,so this challenge started on August 16th,this was our first day in business and I,ended up posting up only one single tik,tok on this day and yes I did not get,any sales this was definitely a,stressful day for me I was creating a,brand new business from scratch again,and honestly day two felt pretty similar,we made zero dollars in sales and I,spent hours of our time and we weren't,able to even manage to get one single,sale so I was feeling pretty,disappointed around this time but day,three things started to pick up day,three on August 18th I managed to get,our very first sale and this was when I,realized that we were on to something so,I got super stoked and excited about,creating this brand so I ended up,doubling down on the 19th I created two,pieces of content but unfortunately we,were only able to get one sale for 56,dollars and then the day after that on,the 20th we were only able to get one,sale again even though I was posting,more content now up into this point we,had gotten zero sales from tiktok our,tiktoks were doing terrible but our,Instagram reels were actually getting to,push out so this was a good sign we're,getting a few thousand views on our,Instagram reels but for some reason we,weren't able to crack into tiktok yet,now day six was a super exciting day we,managed to get three sails for a total,of 270 dollars and this made me feel,like we could really take this brand to,whatever height we wanted to grow it to,and this brought me down a path of,switching our content up I started to,focus on More Story based content and,this started to work really well we were,able to wrap the first week up at a,total of,785.93 which personally I thought was a,really good start to this challenge I,was feeling super excited and optimistik,that this store could grow to a store,that does six figures a month so I,really wanted to double down to get the,best results we could in this Challenge,and that's also when I set a goal of,trying to to make one thousand dollars,in a single day throughout this,Challenge and this brought us into week,two on day one of week two we ended up,doing 159 dollars and day two ended up,being another Super solid day we did 299,dollars in sales this day which got me,feeling really good we were able to hit,some consistent results at this point,and at this point we had generated over,one thousand dollars in sales and the,best part about this is since we weren't,spending money on ads almost 75 percent,of the revenue was profit day three of,week two we had a pretty similar day and,then day four of week two I started,ramping up the content I realized that,our posts were doing well but maybe we,needed more volume so on day four of,week two we managed to hit our best day,yet at 364 dollars which was a really,good sign we're almost 40 percent to our,1K a day goal and then day five we,managed to smash that record at 399,overall during week two we managed to,get over two thousand dollars in sales,which meant for this two-week period we,had done over two thousand and seven,hundred dollars and I already created a,video covering up to this point if all,this sounds familiar but what I'm about,to get into is week three and week four,which ended up being a total twist and I,think it's gonna be something really,exciting for everyone going into week,three I was definitely nervous because,we hadn't hit the goal that we set out,for this challenge yet and while we were,getting results I wanted to show people,that this business is really possible,and that we can hit some big numbers so,I was seriously stressed to continue to,create the best content that I could and,it ended up being a pretty stressful,week but here's how it ended up going as,far as sales on day three of week one,such a disappointing day we managed to,get zero sales but honestly it felt like,it was about time we stopped getting,great holds it seemed like everything,was going pretty easy in the beginning,of this challenge so the fact that we,weren't facing turbulence just meant,that we weren't pushing hard enough so,the fact that I didn't get any sales,today I kind of just dismissed it and,decided I'm just gonna keep pushing on,now on day two of week three we actually,did end up getting a sale but,unfortunately we also did have a refund,so that's why we only made 14.99 on this,day which is just pretty natural,sometimes customers will end up ordering,something and they'll want their money,back so we just gave them their money,back we're not going to worry about that,and we're just gonna hold day three is,more successful unfortunately it wasn't,and we managed to do zero dollars in,sales yet again so for this three day,period we had literally only made about,14.99 and I was feeling really bummed,out at this point I thought that maybe,the store was over maybe the product,wasn't workin

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How To Actually Start A Dropshipping Business (FREE Guide)

many of you guys watching have probably,heard of Shopify dropshipping but are,just wondering how the heck do you,actually do it and I completely,understand you drop shipping is one of,those business models we have tons of,people online toking about how,profitable it is and how you can make,thousands of dollars every single month,while living at home just on a laptop,and it's true but to be honest there's,an overwhelming amount of new people,coming into the space having a little,bit of success who really have no,business sharing information on Drop,Shipping and Shopify as a whole and in,turn it leaves a lot of you guys,clueless and unsure as to exactly where,to start with the business model and I,completely understand the frustration so,since I'm such a nice and generous guy,I'm going to show you exactly how to,actually start your very own Shopify,business right here right now and the,best part is it's completely free I've,been Drop Shipping since 2017 I've,generated millions of dollars with the,business model and so I know a thing or,two about it it's not like I just had my,first hundred dollar day and I'm coming,on here to make videos it's not like,that by any means now there's also going,to be a huge announcement at the end of,the video so make sure you stik around,it's going to be in an insane,opportunity where you could potentially,win thousands and thousands and even,tens of thousands of dollars for simply,just starting Drop Shipping and having a,successful store but I'll wait to,explain that till the end of the video,so just stik around take notes and then,by the end of the video you're gonna,have an insane opportunity on your hands,that I think is like one of its kind so,just sit tight and hang on get a notepad,ready because we honestly have a ton of,work to do so let's get into it first,things first we need to make a Shopify,store so I will have a link below but,this is essentially the backbone of your,business and this is exactly where,you'll be housing your website so once,you put an email in I created a simple,one that sounds very clever subscribe to,seb's channel if you're watching this,subscribe might as well I'm showing you,guys how to start a Shopify business so,then once you do that just click Start,your free trial and then this will,essentially take you through a ton of,stuff that you don't honestly even need,to do so just click Skip Skip,and Skip you don't even need to put a,store name in you can change it at any,time so it does not really matter you,will need to select your country so,select that I'm currently in us and then,for create a shopping ID I just continue,with Google and then select my email and,then that's kind of it your Shopify,store is now being built and it's not,like it's going to be completed but,you'll have the account now so now you,can actually lay the framework and start,building out the store I'll quickly go,over though how to actually set all this,stuff up and how to use your Shopify,store so this is the home page this is,where you're going to start seeing all,your orders and stuff essentially like,it's not going to show up right now,because we haven't picked a plan and,done anything so it's going to try and,like force us to do tons of stuff like,add some apps make products do a name,customize the theme domain all that,stuff and tons of other good stuff so,that is the home page but once you have,this all set up it will show you the,orders you have today the visits and,stuff like that and then orders this is,essentially once people place an order,this is where the info will go and then,for the products tab this is if you guys,want to guess this is where all the,products show up so I'll show you guys,exactly how to add products to your,store and how to fulfill them even like,when you get orders in and your,customers actually place an order and,they show up here how to Auto fulfill,them so you guys don't need to use,AliExpress ditch that old stuff it,doesn't work anymore there's other,better ways to fulfill your orders with,Shopify and so I'll show you how to do,all that stuff how to add products and,then customers finances analytiks is,actually very important this is going to,show you sales sessions returning,customer rate your conversion rate so if,100 people land on your site and only,one person buys it will be a one percent,conversion rate it even breaks it down,further and just tons of good stuff so,this is the backbone of your business,but more importantly what we need to do,is go to apps so what we're going to do,is just type in what's called Zen drop,so type that in and this is going to be,where you actually fulfill your orders,and once customers Place orders they are,going to be the company that is helping,you out with getting the product from,their warehouse into the customer's,hands automated so there's a way to do,it completely automated where you,literally don't even have to click place,order or fulfill order they handle,everything we've done thousands of,orders per day with zendrop they are an,amazing supplier and Company I want have,an affiliate link I don't want to scare,you guys off and think like Zen drops a,scam and I'm just doing this video to,help them out I'm not at all but for,password we will just put in uh,something random and then let's do this,let's hope I remembered it I think,that's it for phone number I'm gonna do,a basic one hopefully that works we'll,see a text message and then let's see if,that works yeah cool that works so we're,good to go the accounts made I didn't,put my real phone number in so don't try,calling me but once you get into the,account this is where the fun begins so,now you can just kind of surf around,four cool products and see essentially,what you want to sell you can do this,there are tons of other ways to find,products now I kind of already know,products that sell well but if you guys,want more in-depth details on product,research and stuff I will have a link,below for a free Drop Shipping course,it's completely free it took me a few,weeks to film and I released it for free,with one of my business partners,Sebastian Georgia so again the course is,free we're like giving you everything I,do on a daily basis for the Drop,Shipping business for free so again all,the link below for that like I did,mention I already know some products,that are working well so we can just do,like there are a few I'm seeing right,now that do well we can just kind of,pick one of them I always like to sell,problem solving products so we can just,say like this hot and cold gel therapy,mask it's a good product I've seen it on,tiktok a little bit so we'll just,click it and then essentially all you,have to do to get the product from,zendrop onto your website you don't need,to go on here and then go to products,and create a product it's nothing like,that and this is completely ditching,AliExpress all you do is again add that,app click add to import list go to,import list and then right here all,you'll need to do is edit your,description if you want to edit the,variants so one of the things you'll,need to do is edit the sale price for,myself I would want to have at least,like a 3X markup so we'll just say nine,dollars plus six dollars is going to be,15. so we can sell this for 39.99 that's,a decent enough margin and then just,plug that in for every single color and,I'm just copy and pasting it just to,make my life easy and then from there,we're profiting to twenty five dollars,per sale so if we get 10 sales we will,be profiting 250 dollars next you need,to select the photos so make sure you,are not selecting photos that look like,they came from AliExpress or came from,somewhere bad because if you guys do,that it's gonna look scammy I saw other,videos where people were trying to show,you guys how to make a website and the,photos all look like this and like this,and like this and like this and like,this that's not what actually works and,take this from someone who actually,knows what they're

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I Tried Dropshipping for 2 Weeks in 2022

so i keep hearing that drop shipping is,back in its prime like the 2016 days and,i just can't help but try to chase that,bag i'm sick and tired of seeing these,dudes show up in my youtube ads on,twitter cringely flexing about how they,made six figures this month by just,finding a good product and running some,ads i've given shopify and facebook,enough money in the past couple years to,know that it's not that easy but from,what i've been hearing and seeing with,tiktok ads and tiktok organic growth,it looks really promising it looks like,there's a lot of potential there so i,want to give myself two weeks to do some,research find a good product build the,store and see if i can get some people,to buy a product okay i like it picasso,there's gonna be a no bs video i'm gonna,be completely honest throughout the,entire process because this is exactly,the type of video that i was looking for,back in the day when i was thinking,about starting one of these businesses,the only thing that i could find was,these guys that would post these crazy,screenshots of revenue numbers and they,were showing off this crazy lifestyle,and it just didn't seem relatable or it,didn't seem realistik so i never took it,seriously but i'm just a kid in his,mom's basement who just wants to make,some money and put to the test what some,of these e-commerce guys are saying and,see if it's actually true all right so,first step tweet something cringe about,always grinding and hustling we're gonna,put entrepreneur in our bio,and now we're ready to get started,so to find a product i've been scrolling,through hashtags on tiktok like amazon,finds and tiktok made me buy it by,going through these hashtags you can,find a lot of unique products and you,can get a good idea of the demand for,them just by checking the likes and the,comments i also got a trial to the,service peepee ads which is like a ad,spy website that can help you find,products as they're blowing up,usually to get a product to blow up on,tiktok you generally want to follow,this criteria you need something with a,wow factor tik-tok is such a,fast-moving platform that to make,someone actually stop scrolling you need,something that's unique or interesting,you need something cheap in the 20 to 50,dollar range tiktok has so many,younger people who probably aren't going,to be buying any of the high tiket,items on it so that 20 50 range seems,pretty good and you want something small,and simple so you don't have to deal,with a bunch of refunds and shipping,problems later on so by following that,criteria i found this mini vacuum,cleaner it has a bunch of videos on tik,tok already that have over a million,likes a lot of the comments seem to be,really interested in it it has really,good reviews on aliexpress so this,seemed like a really good product so i,ordered one on amazon had it shipped to,my house to test out and try to film,some content for it and after trying to,film a few videos i really quickly,realized that this thing sucks like it,just would not clean the way that it,showed in a lot of the videos and most,of the time would just leave a bigger,mess than was there before and i just,didn't feel good about selling a product,like this i don't have to deal with a,bunch of refunds and it's also a product,i just don't believe is worth the money,that i could sell it for so i completely,scrapped this so that sent me back to,the drawing board which i'm actually,happy about because it led me to a,product that i think is way better and,has way more potential and that's this,it's heart glasses that when you put on,turn all the lights around you into,little hearts i think it's a very,interesting product it definitely is,gonna make people stop scrolling and it,already has a bunch of videos that are,super viral on tiktok there's,definitely a huge demand for it and when,i checked out the websites of some of,these guys who are doing these crazy,numbers their websites completely suck,they're full of stok images they're,super plain and boring and i know that i,can definitely do a way better job in,building a website so i'm excited i,think that these have a lot of potential,and i think that i can definitely get,some people to buy these and i already,have a name for them the name is love,shades,ah i would buy it just for the name,the next thing to do is just build a,website and get these shipped over to my,house,[Music],all right so this is the site that i,made for this product it's just your,basic typical one product store i made a,logo for it love shades up here five,stars i really just tried to make it,simple and as clean as possible and try,to find the best pictures that i could,from like aliexpress and like you know,amazon and some other websites so yeah,so this is the home page most people,aren't going to be looking at this,because i'm sending everyone to the,product page but this is kind of what it,looks like and if you go to the product,page you got love shades right here i,have four different options red black,white and pink and then i'm putting it,for a really sharp discount 50 off,pretty much this is canadian so in the,us this would be like uh this is like,17.99 and then you scroll down a little,bit i have this timer that is counting,down to when the sale is supposed to end,30-day money-back guarantee,just some you know some more stuff to,just show exactly what this product is,and and just try to prove that this is a,trustworthy story scroll down a little,bit you got you know tiknical details,shipping information,and at the very bottom we have a bunch,of reviews i have like 57 reviews so,yeah so i think this is a pretty decent,website to get started with i think for,now this is more than i need i really,don't want to spend a bunch of time,creating a website without knowing if,people are actually going to buy the,product or not or if people are actually,going to want to go to the website so,yeah so now that i have the site up and,running we're basically we're ready to,start getting people to start going to,the website and see if we can get some,conversions get some sales so before i,start running any ads i want to see if i,can get some free traffic over to the,website by just posting videos on tik,tok so i've just been going out and i'm,copying the videos that i've seen that,have already worked for the other guys,selling this product on tiktok and my,hope is i can get a couple of videos,that bring some people over to the,website and maybe give me a sale,[Music],so i've been posting a bunch of videos,on tiktok for the past couple of days,and really nothing has happened we,haven't been getting any crazy views or,likes or anything,like this is our most viewed one right,here um it only has 106 likes and 2 000,views but what actually has been going,kind of crazy is instagram reels i've,just been posting all the videos that,i've been doing for tiktok on,instagram reels 2,and all of these have been averaging,like three to 5 000 views per video like,look at this i don't know what it is,about instagram reels but like if you,just put a few hashtags in there you get,so many views right away so just by,posting on instagram reels and putting,the link in the instagram bio i think,we've brought over 150 people to the,website already and we have less than 60,followers on instagram so that's pretty,sick no sales yet but,to be able to bring that many people to,the website without that many likes,reviews or anything is pretty crazy but,we have a little bit less than a week,left in this challenge and i don't want,to waste any more time with this i kind,of just want to get started with the tik,tac ads right away that's what we're,going to do we're going to take some of,these videos and some of this content,that i've made over the past week and,we're going to turn these into ads and,start running these for the next couple,of days for the ad strategy i've mainly,been following what i've learned from,these two youtube channels i only have a,budget of about fifty doll

The "Death" Of Dropshipping

the death of Drop Shipping is,approaching I'm sorry to say this but if,you try Drop Shipping with the,traditional methods you are almost,guaranteed to fail but thankfully,there's still hope because over the last,five years I've made millions of dollars,in sales and recently I sold one of my,stores for a life-changing amount but I,can tell you firsthand that things have,changed significantly in this video I'm,going to break down exactly how I did it,and what you need to avoid if you want,to succeed in this business and at the,end I'm going to tok with someone that,scaled from zero to over four hundred,thousand dollars in 30 days without,using the traditional method let's begin,by explaining this method and why you,should avoid it at all costs back when I,started Drop Shipping there was only one,strategy that everyone was praising and,it was called The General Store this was,a store with a variety of products in,every industry you could think of the,logic behind this strategy was that you,can experiment with all of them until,you find one that works get as many,sales as possible and then move on to,the next one and somehow in my first,year of doing this I was able to sell,over 700 000 worth of random products,but it came at a cost uh huge cost that,almost made me lose everything the,following year after doing that my store,Came Crashing Down and the reason is I,never built a real business my entire,business was focused on always finding,the next winning product I would sell,one push it as far as it could go and,then throw it away and this experience,was painful but it showed me that this,method is simply not sustainable I can,promise you this traditional drop,through method is dead and you will fail,if you do this but after building my,first business and making all these,mistakes I reworked my entire strategy,in 2020 I started a new Shopify store,and in the two years that followed I,built my most successful store to date,selling nearly two million dollars worth,of products and very recently I was able,to sell this business this changed my,life and allowed me to reach a new level,of Financial Freedom and I was even able,to take care of my family in ways that I,haven't before selling a company before,25 was always a goal of mine and I did,it without the traditional method in,fact I would say the method I used is,the only logical way for anyone to start,a Shopify store going into 2023 so if,that's your goal I want you to listen,very closely the strategy I use to,generate these results is called the,hybrid method and there are three stages,to executing the hybrid method,successfully these are the exact stages,I use to build my own business which by,the way I've documented the entire thing,on this channel so make sure to,subscribe if you want to follow along in,phase one you have just one goal find a,profitable product this process takes,time but it's actually simpler than you,think and I know this because I've,helped thousands of people launch their,first store with this exact strategy so,listen closely the first step is to,create a hybrid store this is a branded,store focused on one Industry Home Goods,Fitness travel Beauty something that,you're passionate about and can truly,understand what the customers are,thinking of the goal of this store is to,give you a platform for testing products,with ads or organic marketing once,you've chosen an industry you need to,find a product my advice is to focus,entirely on products that have recently,gone viral on social media the reason,for this is that they have already been,proven to work and you can reverse,engineer the entire process and this is,the key to seeing results as a beginner,so you want to go and create a list of,at least 10 products that have recently,gone viral within your industry and once,you have this you can start the testing,phase this phase is all about launching,simple ads for these products to find,the one that has the most potential in,the past I've had massive success with,Facebook ads but they're making it,harder than ever for dropshippers to,succeed with this platform so to do this,successfully I would recommend that you,use tiktok ads this is where all the,opportunity is at right now but to,succeed with ads on any platform you,need to implement phase number two,otherwise you're going to end up burning,thousands of dollars on ads without,generating any results,my secret to seeing success with Drop,Shipping has always been the upgrade you,can find products that are already,selling extremely well and improve upon,them the best areas of improvement are,typically the website the ad and,sometimes even the product itself that's,exactly what I did with all of the,successful products that I've ever sold,I was not the first to sell them in fact,by the time I had found my product it,already had racked up millions of views,on social media so once you find a,product like this that's going viral you,have to analyze it for opportunities,that you can improve upon because this,is where you're gonna make all of your,money so let me show you an example of a,product and exactly how I'd upgraded so,this right here is a product that has,been going extremely viral as you can,see it got 6.4 million views in just a,couple of weeks people in the comments,are going crazy for this product they're,tagging their friends they're super,excited and they're ready to buy this,thing you might see this as a saturated,product but I see this as a massive,opportunity here's why as you can see,they have a really clean ad it's going,viral people are loving it but if we,take a look at their website it is,absolutely horrendous the website just,looks like a scam the name the logo the,title of the product the images this,whole thing does not give me a single,inch of trust but people are still,flooding to this product and buying it,by the thousands you also notike that,they're selling this product for only,forty dollars if I was going to sell,this product today I would make a store,within the golf industry and improve,upon this because I know that people,want this product and if I made that,store I would be able to sell this,product for literally double the price,they're selling it because it's a better,shopping experience and it's way more,trustworthy if all this sounds too,complicated and you want me to help you,do it I'm here for you since I sold my,business I've had more people than ever,asking for my help so I spent the last,couple of months designing the best,program for anyone looking to get,started with e-commerce and today I can,confidently say I've got it with the,viral Vault viral all provides you with,everything you need to succeed on,Shopify our brand new custom built,platform is the ultimate resource for,new store owners we've been building,this out all year and today it's,officially ready to launch every day,you'll receive two hand-picked products,that are personally reviewed by me and,each product includes everything you,need to launch video ads descriptions,competitor data and suppliers ready to,go we've also developed the ultimate,beginner friendly crash course taught by,me and some of my industry expert,friends with over 10 million dollars in,Combined sales together we're going to,provide you the full blueprint to,surpassing ten thousand dollars a month,in profit on Shopify from a group of,people who have done it time and time,again you're going to learn everything,you need to know from building your,store identifying great products running,Facebook and tiktok ads and even an,exclusive strategy on how to profit off,of tiktok without spending a dollar,on ads you'll also get access to my,private Community with my eCommerce,experts who are on standby 24 7 to,answer any of your questions and give,you feedback along the whole journey and,every Sunday you get to speak directly,with me in our live group sessions where,I'm going to review your stores products,ads and answer any questions you might,have look I'm on a missio

How To Start Dropshipping in 2023 (FOR BEGINNERS)

you made a goal to finally start your,Java shipping store but you're probably,running into a problem called,information overload you don't know,exactly where to start what strategies,that you should be using and you're,probably feeling very overwhelmed with,how popular Drop Shipping is becoming it,is now a high level skill that can be,making you some serious money online so,you want to know exactly how to start,with no confusion left on the table,that's why today I'm going to be,breaking down a beginner friendly,step-by-step tutorial on how you can get,started with Drop Shipping in 2023 so by,the end of this video you feel fully,confident in the ability to know exactly,how to get started and I'm not going to,just leave it at that once this video,reaches 1500 likes I'm going to give you,a product list of the top 10 winning and,training products that you need to be,selling right now so if you want full,access to this product list smash that,like button down below subscribe to this,channel so I can release all the links,to these products and help you get,started in the right direction so,without further Ado let's go ahead and,jump right into it,what's going on my name is AC Hampton,I'm an a-figure marketer who has,generated sales just like this all from,starting and branding drop shipping,stores while doing this I also get to,teach students from all over the world,how to generate results with their own,job streaming stores and make money,online if you want to experience what,being a student in my one-on-one,mentorship feels like each week I get to,hand out a free Consulting call to one,lucky winner so if you want the,opportunity of getting on this call and,go over anything you may be struggling,with and answering all of your questions,along the way all you have to do is,smash that like button down below and in,the comment section comment the word,Dropship with your biggest takeaway from,this video now there's a ton of,information out there in regards to,starting your own dropshipping business,but let's take it all the way from the,top and the top is creating your online,store you cannot run an online business,without a storefront so let's hop into,how you're going to get it and how,you're going to build it so we're,heading over here to Shopify and as you,can see you can start a seven day free,trial no credit card required in your,next three months on only costing you,one dollar by clicking on the link down,in my description now this is great for,you especially while just starting off,because you're immediately cutting down,on the expenses that start in your,online store can come with so make sure,to go ahead and check that out now,Shopify is a platform that your website,will be built on and where you'll have,the actual store from for the product or,products that you're selling now there,are other e-commerce platforms out there,that you may have heard of but Shopify,is by far the most reliable and beginner,friendly so I highly suggest that you,start there so once you're on this page,you're going to come down over here to,enter your email address and just go,ahead and enter that and then after,entering your email you're sending go to,start free trial then this screen will,come up you'll just do I'm just starting,click on an online store and click next,you can go ahead and skip this part,right here and then this is going to be,the next screen that you see and then,here you can go ahead and just name your,store and like I said I would not spend,a lot of time on this you don't want to,overthink this just keep this very,simple and very general wherever your,business is located you'll go ahead and,click on next continue with email create,your password word and then create,Shopify ID now we just open up a new,store with the free trial and you're,already 10 steps ahead of where you,previously were at the beginning of this,video because your store is officially,open now let's go ahead and get into the,build and everything that you'll need to,make sure that when customers are coming,to your store they always leave with,purchasing something and putting more,money back into your pocket now the,first thing that you want to do is head,over to your Shopify App Store and,search for an app called autods and it's,as simple as this you come over here to,apps you type in Auto DS and click on,enter and this is what the Shopify App,Store looks like and it's going to be,this one right here that says Auto DS,all-in-one Drop Shipping and autods is,literally an all-in-one Drop Shipping,tool that you need on your online store,this app will allow you to connect your,store to different suppliers that you,may be wanting to use to help sell your,product they'll let you browse through,potential products that you can be,selling and it even has the capability,to fulfill the orders you're getting on,your store automatikally and send out,tracking information directly to your,customer I mean Auto DS is going to make,running your job streaming business as a,beginner as seamless as possible I wish,I mean I wish they had apps like that,when I first started my Drop Shipping,Journey because automation is everything,and that's exactly what this app will,give to you I'm gonna go ahead and add,this app into my store and it's just as,simple as clicking add app and then,install app now that we have Auto DS,downloaded the next thing we need to do,is connect this with our Shopify store,so this is gonna be the first screen,you'll see you'll go to add store come,to this plus sign where it says ad store,at the bottom click on Shopify store and,click continue you come back over here,to your Shopify highlight the actual,HTML and then go ahead and add that to,your store and it's as simple as that,and if you want to make sure it's,connected you should see your actual,Shopify store right here at the top left,corner now before we head into the,overall build of your store and making,sure that you have all the necessary,instructions then get your store off the,ground and running my team and I do,provide Hands-On one-on-one guidance to,help you directly with learning,strategies of running your online store,that can help you make money not just,for short term but for a lifetime so if,you're ready to take action and start,learning with my team and I by your side,make sure you head over to my Instagram,at AC underscore Hampton DM me the word,mentorship or apply with the link down,in my description so I can reach out and,help you get started now that we have,Auto DS connected you're going to want,to start off with importing your first,product to your store but in order to,import a product you have to know what,you're looking for in a product that you,should be selling it is not smart to,come into Drop Shipping thinking you can,just sell any and everything because,that's going to cause you to spend a lot,of time and money into the wrong,direction when you're scrolling through,your products on autods and looking for,one that you could be selling you want,to make sure that the product is hitting,some very important key factors when,number one being that it solves some,sort of problem now this is because a,product that solves a problem is likely,to sell for a longer period of time,secondly that it can be sold for 25 or,more by doing a quick search for the,product on Google you can see on average,what your competition is selling the,product for and if it's being sold for,less than 25 dollars you'll find that,you're spending more money in ads than,what you're actually making from selling,it so let's take this product right here,as an example so this is the anti-theft,travel backpack and you can see when I'm,on Google and I'm actually searching for,this you can see that most of these,products are over 25 if not all of them,so this is telling me right away that,this is being sold for 25 or more across,the entire market and lastly you want to,make sure that there is demand in the,market for the product that you're,selling an