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does facebook marketplace allow dropshipping

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Can You Still Make a Full Time Income Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace?

can you still make a full-time income drop shipping on facebook marketplace? we're going to answer that question here today. now, just about every week- and this happens every single month, just about every week- i see somebody in a facebook group or someone comments on a video and says something along the lines of: you know, sales are down, and usually there's some attribution to this mysterious boogeyman. whatever that boogeyman is, right, that doesn't really exist. sometimes it's the economy, sometimes it's, you know, competition, and now these products and and drop shipping on this marketplace are super saturated. right, and this is not specific to facebook marketplace. this has been going on since, you know, the days that e-commerce started, and really every single business, not just e-commerce, but the thing you have to understand about that is a. i'm not saying these things don't exist, right, i'm not saying that. you know, obviously, inflation isn't having a specific effect on the way people are spending their money. maybe they're conserving a little bit more. i'm not saying any of those things specifically. what i am arguing is that having that mentality, subscribing to that belief, is only doing you a disservice, because it's handcuffing you and what happens is whether you're the person saying that or you're the person that's seeing that and thinking, yeah, you're right, like my sales are down. maybe it is because there's inflation, maybe it is because there's over saturation, maybe it is because x, y or z fill in whatever you want there. all that does is handicap you, because it gives you a reason, it gives you a built-in excuse so that you think like, yeah, sales are down and that's just the way. it is right. i should expect that, rather than doubling down, learning more, working harder and making sure you get results, okay. so today we're going to answer the question of: you know, can you still make a full-time income on facebook marketplace? and the answer is, without a doubt, yes. i'm going to cover a- uh, you know, a- revenue report, profit report, whatever you want to call it- for the month of june. here, you guys said that you wanted to see more of these. you appreciate the transparency in them, and so i'm gonna give you all the nuggets here, all the transparency on two different marketplaces, two different personal marketplaces. i have three. the other one doesn't really count, it's only like a few hundred dollars in profit and i only really keep it as like a backup in case one of my other ones goes down. uh, and then two shops, uh, two primary shops here. um, so i have my main one that actually got suspended a while back. uh, if you watched the last video, which i'll link at the bottom of the description, it was like forty thousand dollars profit in 40 days. um, that was the one that i toked about getting suspended in that video because i was traveling and i guess i- i don't know if it was the ip or whatever it was- that got suspended for that shop. that shop is back up and running now, so i'm very excited about that, but it only has been back up for about a week and a half now. so very excited about seeing the numbers for july going forward with that shop, with my new shop obviously, uh, and then the other two marketplaces, and then the other shop specifically was one that uh kind of you know the the numbers don't get me wrong. numbers are, i'll take them, but they're nowhere great to like where i would expect them to be. they're a little bit down on that shop this month specifically. one of the reasons specifically that they're down is because i did take a a week vacation. i went to the shore with my family and my wife, so i wasn't here for a week. so this is really only three months profit for the entire month, right, or three months, it's only three weeks profit of the entire month, it's not the full four weeks. so take whatever i say here, extrapolate that you know, obviously for a fourth week and that's realistikally what the numbers you would expect them to be. for the first main marketplace account, total earned in the uh in the month of june, and keep in mind, like i said, this is only three weeks because i was away, i was on vacation mode for about a week. of this, total earn was forty one thousand and eighty eight dollars and thirty four cents. total spent was thirty thousand one hundred fifty nine dollars and ninety seven cents. the total profit on that was 10 199 and 31 cents for an average margin of 34. okay, and that was across 559 transactions. so if you want to average out, you know what the margin is average on each sale. if you want to average out like the average profit, you can obviously do that math yourself. so that's the main marketplace account. so anybody that says, first and foremost, that you can't make a full-time income drop shipping on facebook marketplace is wrong. you still can. uh, granted, these numbers are not my best numbers ever. but if you look at, like, the trend of, you know, both my marketplaces and my shops over the past four to five months, i'm doing better now than i was doing even in q4 of last year. granted, the numbers are very close. and q4, you know, you see that exponential spike because everybody's ordering more, you're getting more sales and, and you know, obviously, e-commerce does extremely well in q4. but i'm still doing like, like, arguably equally and better across multiple shops and multiple marketplaces. so it's still very possible. the the you know, the excuse of inflation or the excuse of you know it's over saturation or whatever, it doesn't exist. okay, whether or not those are actually real or not, you can still make great money doing this. okay. also, the argument that marketplace like personal marketplace is dead false, completely false. right, my personal marketplaces do arguably well. this one specifically does the best. obviously, my one shot before it got shut down was doing the best, like, that was my best earner. but since it just came back, we'll see how it goes this month going forward, but right now this marketplace account is my best earner at a little bit over 10k profit, and keep in mind that's profit. right, that's not revenue, that's profit so you can make a full-time income on marketplace- just one personal marketplace. you don't need to shop, okay? so that's the first marketplace account. now the backup marketplace account that i use, that's like my secondary marketplace account. uh, this is 157 transactions on this one total earned over the month was, uh, and again, these are all three weeks in the month, not four weeks- uh, eleven thousand two hundred and twenty dollars and twenty nine cents total spent. there was eight thousand one hundred sixty two dollars and forty nine cents for a total profit of three thousand fifty seven dollars and eighty cents, again, like i said, across 157 transactions. okay, so pretty solid numbers there. again, that's my secondary marketplace account. um, we just started scaling that, probably three, four months ago, maybe, uh, and so i'm very excited about that. see, you know where i can actually take that going forward? um, and you know all these, all these tips here, they're all on this channel. like there's no secrets here. if you want some strategies or you want to figure out, like, exactly what i'm doing to actually hit these numbers, like i'm not keeping anything like close to the like under the vest, like i'm not hiding anything, all the strategies, all the tips that i do myself are on this channel for free. if you're interested, check it out. it's all there. so that's the second personal marketplace account. uh, for the month of june- again three weeks now. let's go back to the main shop that i actually just got back, so i'm very excited. the numbers here aren't that great for this main shop, but this was the shop that was completely crushing. it like not last month, not the month before, when it actually got shut down, but like for the original, i guess it was like four or five months in um 2012. this shop was absolutely crushing. it was my best earner. so the fact that it got shut down, i was completely bummed, but it's back up and running now. uh, i.

Make Money With Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping In 2023 (Step By Step)

this video is all about. dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace doesn't work. is it even worth trying? we're gonna find out, so let's get started now, guys. in case you're not familiar with the Facebook Marketplace, this is a feature that Facebook provides which allows anyone to sell products online, and we're toking about selling items locally- and that gives people a lot of freedom because they don't necessarily need to sell new products. and that is precisely why the Facebook Marketplace has become the subject of a lot of different memes, and people are saying that most of the products you will buy on the Facebook Marketplace are simply not worth it, because, more often than not, people will try to make some money off of you. but here's the thing: it is a Marketplace regardless. so in today's video, I'm gonna determine whether or not we can make use of it for traffic for our dropshipping business. so let's dive a little bit deeper and try to understand what's going on here. now. remember, anyone is allowed to list a product for sale on the Facebook Marketplace and, for the reason, most of these products are second hand. these are not new items. that's why you are not seeing any, any professional photos. these are just regular pictures taken by regular people like you and me who are trying to make some money online by selling their old stuff. most of the times, that's what's going on here, and so what we need to do is we need to blend in and adapt to the circumstances, but let's just take it one step at a time. the first thing we have to do is find the products we want to sell and, from my experience, a real shortcut is connecting to CG dropshippingcom. this website has put together a lot of the best selling items in the Drop Shipping space, so you don't have to waste your time doing product research on Alibaba and AliExpress looking for suppliers. you can save a lot of time by just connecting to CG Drop Shipping and picking one of these now. if you wanna sell the products on Amazon, this is not a good idea, because the competition for this best sellers is, as you can tell, really, really high. but on the Facebook Marketplace, keeping in mind that you're selling items locally, the competition is close to zero, and that's exactly why I personally think selling products on the Facebook Marketplace is a pretty cool opportunity actually, but that is only if it's done right. you see, traditionally what most people do when they start their dropshipping business is they build an e-commerce store using Shopify or a similar tool and then they list products for sale. they're basically just downloading pictures of a valley Express and reposting them on their own e-commerce store and that's all it is. I mean, it doesn't take a lot more than that to sell products online if your marketing is on point. however, when it comes to the Facebook Marketplace in partikular, uploading professional photos is going to look a little bit fishy. it doesn't fit again. we need to adapt to these circumstances. people are not taking professional pictures here. they are just taking photos with your mobile phones and selling the products. so if you want to blend in, that is precisely what you want to do. once you have found the winner product that you are confident people will buy from you, the next thing you have to do is order one of them yourself. that is a great way of ensuring that the quality of the product is on point, just as promised by the seller, and also it allows you to take some pink pictures, some regular pictures with your mobile phone of that item and upload them on Facebook Marketplace. it sounds counter-intuitive, but professional pictures are not gonna help at all. you need to make sure everything looks organic and there's more to it than that too. I mean, the Facebook Marketplace is a very sort of manual way of selling products. nothing about the Facebook Marketplace is automated. for instance, if I connect you to the website and I wanted to purchase something, it doesn't really matter what. what I would have to do is click on that product and then tok to the seller. there is no way you can place an order as you would do on Amazon. this is not how it works. Facebook basically facilitates selling products, but that's it. they give you the opportunity to list your products for a sale, but the rest of the process, of the sales process, is on you, so you have to fulfill that order yourself. what ends up happening is that if somebody stumbles upon your product and they want to purchase it, they have to send you a message and you have to reply to it. you have to convince that person that you're not just trying to scam them- remember that the physical Marketplace doesn't have the best reputation- and then you have to send that product to their door, and so we need to make some small amends to the standard Drop Shipping model. you see, traditionally the way it works is really streamlined. you set up your online store, list your products on that e-commerce store, and then people find your listings and they purchase the items. they place an order and then everything else is automated. your order gets sent straight over to the supplier, who's got your customers data- I'm toking about their name and their email address and their physical address- so they can actually ship the item straight over to your customers door without you ever handling the physical product yourself, which is a major advantage. you don't have to worry about any storage spaces. everything is fully automated. and that is one of the best parts about the Drop Shipping model: the fact that you don't need to be actively involved too much. all you have to do is make sure the product selection is on point and you are selling high quality products, and also you need to take care of marketing your products the right way so that people can discover them, but that's it other than. and that the Fulfillment is fully delegated. but that feature is lost if you're selling items on the Facebook Marketplace. so there are some significant drawbacks that we need to consider, but also there are some significant upsides as well. remember, you are selling products locally, which means that the competition here is close to none. I mean, very few people are using the Facebook Marketplace for Drop Shipping. it is really, really uncommon, especially in your city. the chances of somebody else doing that locally and selling the exact same item are close to zero. so that's the main advantage: you're literally focusing on an untapped source of traffic that you can leverage as much as you want with very little to no investment. and so here's how the process goes in this case: your customers sends you a message, you reply to it, you answer their questions and if they are determined to buy the product, you will have to order it for them from your supplier. now the delivery might actually take a while. if you're Outsourcing your products from CG dropshippingcom and both you and your client are in the United States, then the might have their product in less than six days. that's the best case scenario. if your supplier is in China and your customer is in the United States. let me actually find that. there you have it. it might take up to seven days for them to receive the product, which is not a lot of time, but it might raise some suspicions. remember, your customer doesn't really know you are Drop Shipping. they think you already have the product. it's ready to be sold, it's packed and the one in now. so that is something you would have to really struggle with. the quick fix for that would be purchasing multiple items in advance. if you've been getting some sales and you get some positive feedback from your product listing- meaning that you get a lot of messages- there's a lot of interest in your product. people are buying it. that basically means your product is proven to work to a certain degree, so people are interested. what you may want to do- but this is a little bit of a risk- is purchasing multiple items in advance, and that will allow you to ship the items to your customers. i

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CJ Dropshipping On Facebook Marketplace: Earn Money Online

as you can see, you can start making money by selling items through the facebook marketplace, by taking advantage of cgdropshippingcom. so let's get started now. i'm 100 sure that you guys have heard about the facebook marketplace, right? this is a website that people connect to, and i'm toking about regular people like you and me in order to sell their used items. we're toking about phones, even cars, or xbox controllers, and the list goes on and on. the bottom line is this: if you have a certain item laying around that you don't necessarily use anymore, but you would like to recover a part of your investment, what you can do is just list it on the facebook marketplace, find a new owner, and that's it. if they're interested in your product, they're just gonna contact you, provide you with your details and you can send the items straight over to their door. that is pretty much how the facebook marketplace works in a nutshell, but here's the thing. we can actually take it to the next level. if you think about it in perspective, this is a great source to get some exposure for any product listing. it doesn't necessarily have to be a product that you've already used. you can actually sell brand new products here, and they've got nothing against that, and so here's what i was thinking about. if you guys connect to cgdropshippingcom, you will understand exactly what we are after. as you can spot, this is another marketplace, but this time they are selling new products. not only that, but these are specifically engineered for drop shipping. in other words, if you connect to this platform, if you set up a new account and you start searching, you start browsing through their homepage, you will come across hundreds of different items specifically tailored for drop shipping. these are all undervalued items you can purchase for very cheap, but they are all quite unique. they've got a great concept behind them. they look great or they offer a lot of functionality, such as this massage gun, or they are just a cool little addition to your office, such as this 3d led moonlight. i'm pretty sure you got the point, but there is more to it than that. if you're watching this video right now, i'm also pretty sure that you know how drop shipping works, right. what people typically do- and i'm toking about online sellers here- is they connect to aliexpress, alibabacom or a few other similar websites and they start browsing. they start looking for again unique items that can be bought for really, really cheap, such as this one right here. this is a so-called magic light bulb, right, and according to this product listing, it can be both for one cent. i don't know whether or not that is true, but even if you only purchase it for a few dollars, that is still a bergen. the shipping is gonna cost you about four dollars. but again, essentially, you can purchase these items for very, very cheap. you can increase the price and sell them for a profit, and they are really unique. if somebody starts browsing through their facebook feed or their instagram feed and they come across a picture of this product, they will most likely be interested, and if it's a video, that is even better. that will most certainly grab their attention, and that's pretty sensitive what we're gonna leverage moving forward- because i'm about to walk you through the process- and we're gonna set up a strategy that actually works. we're not just gonna list items on the facebook marketplace and then hope for the best. we are gonna do our best to make this work. and so, guys, here's what i had in mind. when it comes to aliexpress, the major downside is that most of these items will be delivered from china, as you can see now. unfortunately, that is going to take an insanely long amount of time. if you ship items to the united states from china, that may take all the way up to two weeks or so, and nobody has that kind of patience. but when it comes to city dropshipping, which is the alternative we're gonna use today, things are slightly different. now you can send items from china to the united states and, as you can see, the delivery can take all the way up to 15 days. but they've also got some delivery centers in the united states as well, and so if you choose to send items from the us to the us, that's only going to take three days or so, which is a major improvement. in other words, somebody places the order or contacts you regarding the product and sends you the money, and they will receive the product in less than five days, perhaps even only three days. that really sounds great, or at least is better than two weeks. but how are we exactly gonna make use of both of these websites? things might start sounding a little bit confusing, so let me break it down and let me simplify things. i'll give you a clear example. let's say we want to start selling this item right here, this pet water bottle. just as mentioned before, this product actually offers some functionality. there is a real use case for that and i'm pretty sure that a pet owner would absolutely love it again, it makes your job easier. but the thing about it is that you can literally purchase one of these items for as little as 3.37. now, if we were to search for a similar product on amazon, here's the thing. just to illustrate that i'm not just toking nonsense here, i will do a live demonstration. so i've just connected to amazoncom and i'm going to search for that partikular item, which is a pet water bottle feeder bowl. now, that is a mouthful, and if i search for it and i keep digging through the results, i will eventually find a very similar one. but, as you can spot, this time they are selling for 13, 17, here's another one for 15, and the list goes on and on. in other words, all of these salaries are probably implementing either the drop shipping model or amazon fba, which i don't really want to get sidetracked with. but the bottom line is this: they are purchasing the items from cg drop shipping or some other cheap supplier, from china most likely, and they are selling them on amazon for a huge profit. we're gonna do something very similar, but we're going to simplify things. instead of creating an amazon fba account or even building our own e-commerce store through shopify, which is going to take an investment because you have to purchase the subscription and it's gonna take an insanely long amount of time. if you don't know what you're doing, we're gonna use the facebook marketplace. this is a lot more user friendly, a lot more intuitive and it virtually allows everybody to listen. product for sale. all you gotta do is just upload some pictures, set your own price, upload the description as well, and that's it. you are good to go moving on. when people connect to the facebook marketplace, they can come across your product, they can contact you and, if they're interested, they can purchase it. but here's the thing we need to understand: here you're not just selling one product. you literally got an unlimited stok, unlike all of these other sellers, because what you are doing here is outsourcing the work. let's just picture this scenario for a second. so somebody is browsing through the facebook marketplace. they see your product listing, they absolutely love it and they are 100 sure they want to buy it. well, they will send you a message. you can negotiate the price and things of that sort, because this is more of a person-to-person process. right, it is not automated and eventually you will make an agreement. well, once that is out of the way, you will ask for the payment, you will ask for the details in order to ship the item to your customer's door in this case, and that's precisely where you will connect to cgdropshippingcom. you see, you don't need to purchase these items in advance, but instead you can just purchase the item whenever there is a demand for it. when you get an order on the facebook marketplace, when you make a deal with somebody, you can purchase the item from cg drop shipping, provide your customers details, their address and things of that sort to cg drop shipping and have this supplier ship the item to y.

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Drop Shipping on Facebook Marketplace with a new account #1

hey guys, it's cameron here. um, this is a little different from my drop shipping update for facebook marketplace, but it is involved for facebook marketplace, for people who are possibly wanting to create another facebook page aside from their real personal facebook page, in order to sell off of, because we don't always want everybody to be able to go to our personal facebook if they want to and, you know, interact with us that way, whether it be positively or negatively. so i'm going to start the process of creating a new facebook page and taking you along with me on how long it takes, um the actual steps to do it. if you don't know how to create a facebook page, that's not a dumb question some people might be like. well, of course, i have a facebook page. some people don't like facebook, but they want to take advantage of the platform so that they can get an introductory drop shipping method that you know it's easy to do because we all know facebook marketplace drop shipping is a pretty easy way to start. i mean, that's how i'm starting and i'm figuring it out as i go, but again, i want to start a second one, and the reasons i want to start a second one are, like i said already to be a little bit more private for my personal page, but also so that i can experiment a little bit more. you know, if i make a mistake on one that's not my personal page, then i can always go back and sell on my personal page if i want to. but you know, if i try suppliers that, like, have really long shipping times or is dust, or you know, if i want to try a new method of listing things, um, i would just hate to do something new and experimental that maybe gets me kicked off of facebook marketplace, if that's a thing- so i've heard of that being a thing- where you get banned for certain um practikes. i mean, i don't know what those are, but i would hate to try something new and then ruin my ability to sell anything further. so we're gonna try an experimental one. things i've heard so far that you might have heard in the past two are: if you do this, you're not going to have the right to sell on facebook right away. from what i understand, you have to season what is what they call. you have to season your facebook account in order for facebook to recognize that it's a real account, so that it gives you permission to sell on facebook marketplace. so i'm gonna be doing that myself and you can follow along with me if you'd like, just to see. you know how long this really takes. i don't know if it's gonna be today, immediately, i don't know if it's gonna take two weeks, but i'm going to start a facebook account, interact with it as if it's a real facebook account. you know, i'm going to probably join groups, post photos, you know, comment on stuff, maybe watch some videos and interact with the different things that facebook has to offer, because you know facebook will hopefully see those things and be like: oh, this is a person that's actually interacting, not just some robot account or bot account that wants to, you know, win one over on us or whatever. so i'm gonna create an authentik account that's just separate from my personal one, um. by authentik i just mean i'm gonna really be using it. i i may or may not name it my own name, um, or some version of my name, because it's also against the the policy for facebook for you to have two facebook accounts, um. so we'll see how that goes. but yes, let me cut to the chase. basically, this is going to be for you to see how long it takes for me to be able to sell actively with shipping on facebook marketplace, because i also probably won't have shipping right away- and, um, if you just need to know how to create a facebook page for this, this is going to show you how to. so let's dive into my computer really quick now. i went ahead and created a gmail account that's separate from mine. i'm using my youtube gmail account. the only thing i use it for is youtube. it's my cameron business account. you can see it right there, and that's just. you know. i guess if you want to spam me, email me, go for it, but this is going to be the account i'm using. all right, let's dive in facebookcom. um, here's the login page. it's the very first page that should pop up. since we don't have a login, we're going to create a new account right there. so i'm going to let's go ahead and put my first name, and i'm just gonna put l as my last name instead of lawrence. i don't know if that's a different enough thing. i still want it to be my name, so that if i do message people, um, it feels right, and i'm not forgetting to use a fake name or anything like that. you do whatever you want. i just feel like that's going to be easier for me. i'm going to use that new email address that i already created, [Music], because i can't use my other. i can't use the same email address as the one i've already used for my personal, so this one is only for drop shipping, stuff like this. um, so don't go thinking i really care about this email because i'm not gonna even really use it. okay, put a password in there. i hate that it doesn't have you double under the password because, like, who knows if i spelled it right the first time? but let's just choose. this is not my birthday, but let's just choose. i don't know. july. we'll leave it on the 12th and we will do uh night, oh no, 19, 93. cool, i am a male. all right, first, the last names can't be too short. there you go. doesn't really work that way, so let's just go ahead and do my actual name, even though i already have an account. i'll use a different photo. i'll interact differently. maybe we'll see what i run into. problem. i wise to change it a little bit because it was freezing up on me. but all right, enter the code from your email address. perfect, let's go there. boom, right here, thank you, um, five, six, eight, five, four, five, six, eight, five four. you have successfully confirmed your email. perfect, let's go. it's kind of weird creating a fresh facebook account if you've never done it. all right, remember password next time you log in, okay, uh, no, stay connected with messenger rooms. no, i don't care about any of that, okay. so first thing i'm gonna do: look, i have a new facebook page and there's already based on my location. i live in kansas. a an, uh, a news thing, probably because it knows my location, even though i didn't tell it where i lived. so, let's go there. this would be the first page we like. perfect, now i've liked an actual page. tap here to find people you know and add them as friends. nobody, okay, all right. so, uh, give me one second. i'm gonna go ahead and add some photos on here. i'll probably just cut ahead. that way, you're not, you can't see inside my personal folders, because it's going to take me a second to find one. it's going to be boring for me to be like, oh crap, where to have that photo. so, um, you'll probably see a cut right now, okay, so instead of just jumping ahead and actually uploading them. i just put them on my desktop so that i could actually show you. in case you don't honestly know how to upload photos, i need to forget. just because i know how to do these things doesn't mean you do um, and if you already know how to do these things, either just keep this on in the background and do something else or just skip ahead a little bit. it's only going to take like a few seconds. so, how to upload a facebook profile photo, which is the photo that everybody sees when they interact with you? um, you're gonna hit that little camera icon right there and it's gonna ask you if you wanna add a frame or upload photo. i don't really know what this is. i think it's like a new thing that nobody really does. um, i, i don't know, don't, don't do that upload photo. this is my desktop. i went ahead and got two photos for a cover and uh, or for my profile and my cover photo. we're gonna go ahead and hit this one. it's uploading, sweet. so, um, this is just a nice headshot of me. i'm gonna go ahead and position it to where it takes up a good portion of the circle. um, i like this shot, just not because it makes me look good, but just because it's, you know, blurry background, clear front. it's professionally taken, uh, by my busin.


drop shipping on facebook marketplace. now, i've seen a lot of people start drop shipping on facebook marketplace recently, so i thought i would try it out. but before we start the video, please make sure to join my discord if you want some free information on how to start drop shipping or trading. we also have a great community. so i watched some videos on how to drop ship on facebook marketplace and i'm gonna start by picking a product and putting it up for a listing. now, a lot of people actually just suggested using amazon instead of aliexpress and everything, because they're way faster and, even though sometimes they are more expensive, um, they don't take 30 days to ship and everything. so i we could, we could up market on facebook marketplace, because people definitely don't want to wait that long. so a product that i was looking into a lot, um, was actually coolers and i know it sounds kind of stupid, but you know, facebook marketplace is kind of an online garage sale. so i wanted to get something that people buy and, um, that's useful to people and i'd obviously say it's brand new, because it's literally brand new. they're just getting it shipped to their house. so, uh, yeah, so we're gonna look through the products here and um, just find one that's not very expensive and it's pretty cheap, like a hundred, geez bro, 150 bucks, 160 bucks, 250 bucks, um, yeah, we're just gonna try to find something cool. i think we could put it in the. uh, oh, up to 25. this is great, all right. so there's a. there's a cooler right here. i'm not sure how much money people would really pay for a cooler, um, i don't know why they would go on facebook marketplace if they could just pick it up at a garage sale or, um, even cabela's- you know just the freaking walgreens at walmart. so, yeah, i don't know, but i'm really just trying to find a quality one that is definitely prime, um, because if ships to them in like two days, then they'll definitely be happy with it. so, uh, i think we're, i think we're gonna have to go with one of these up here, even though they look kind of dollar tree, all right. so what's so cool about this one? let's see, uh, coleman's sword. yeah, you can definitely just pick this up at walmart or something. um, i'm not sure if it's prime or anything like that, but let's just, let's just check it out, all right. so i've been doing a little bit of research and i think i found a better product, and it's actually another type of cooler. so i looked in a three-in-one portable cooler unit, which is just, you know, a cooler you plug in the wall or something like that, whatever- and um, i found this one for 36 dollars that could definitely sell for at least 50 dollars. i mean, look at it, bro, it's like it's really nice. i'm sure they probably got it from aliexpress or something, or they build it themselves, i don't know, but, um, it looks like a really, really good product and i think we could sell it. i'm pretty sure it is primed too. um, there's free returns and everything. so that is, it's just great. it's for outdoor camping and everything and stuff. and then i don't even know if it plugs in. i think you just add water and it does something. it either plugs in, it takes something, i don't know. but anyway, we're gonna go and list it on facebook and let's go create our account, all right. so i created my account and here's my profile picture. i know it looks great, it's for one of my thumbnails, i just put it there because i don't know what to put. and um, yeah, i said i'm from new orleans, louisiana, louisiana. and um, yep, so we're gonna go ahead and try to set something up, and i know you can't, you know, put a lot of listings on the new account and i didn't really have an older account, so we're gonna have to stik with this, which sucks, with only one to two listings, but we'll try it. i also have no idea how to like do everything. i think there's an app called z drop or something which i'm gonna try to get and um try to use with facebook marketplace. so i'm gonna go ahead and try to do that, all right, so this is z drop and i'm not sure how to like set it up and everything start. now let's see what this does. um, oh, what? first, seven days free than 17 a month. well, i'm not sure what this really does. um, i think it just like copies everything that's on amazon or whatever supplier onto facebook marketplace, which is pretty easy. but i think i could just do that for myself, since we're only doing one product right now, so i'll just do it by myself. so i'll just do it all right. so i think we go up here to marketplace listing. oh, wow, okay, okay. so i think we have to copy all the photos and the description, everything of the other one and, um, okay, i'm hoping we get a lot of listing views, because i'm really not sure how to like get a lot of listing views. um, my friend actually does this a lot and he's made over like five figures or something like that, which is crazy on facebook marketplace drop shipping. but, um, he's got over like 10 000 views on one listing and that's just crazy. like, how do you even do that? i don't know. i don't know, but anyway, um, without boosting it too, so whatever, but i'm gonna go ahead and fill this all in and i'll be right back, all right, so i literally just copied every picture and just put him in. i'm not sure if he's supposed to do that or whatever, just i don't know. but anyway, let's put the title in, which is: i'm not gonna put this huge title in because you know, nobody's really gonna do that- um, i'm not sure how everything works on facebook marketplace with keywords and seo and everything like that. so i'm just gonna try to do what i do with everything else and make people want to buy it, all right? so i put it as three in one portable air cooler unit, which i think is pretty good. you know i i would click on it if i was looking for a cooler or something cool like that. um, the price i think we're just gonna put. you know, i'm not sure. i'm really not sure because, okay, it costs 36 dollars, um, and everything like that. uh, okay, i'm gonna try to sell it for about uh, six, uh, sixty dollars. we're gonna try to do sixty dollars, definitely six dollars. um, category: air conditioners. i guess. condition is a new description. i'm just gonna fill out a quick description, real fast, all right. so i just filled in the description. i only just copied the amazon one and, um, i know someone's gonna watch this video from my server or something like that, my discord server, and say i'm doing everything completely wrong, which i'm probably doing some things wrong. you know, it's my first time ever drop shipping on facebook marketplace, but you know, i hope i'm doing some stuff right, all right. so location: uh, let's, let's put new orleans, new orleans, louisiana. um, and, yeah, boost listing after publish. i think that's what a lot of people do, um, they boost it so more people can see it. but i'm not gonna do that right now, um, if we don't get a lot of, you know, views or impressions on our listing that i definitely will probably try that out. but, uh, yeah, let's click next [Music]. all right, so we just listed the uh the cooler, and here it is. i'm not sure how much more listings we can do. um, i'm gonna try to do some more, but you know, it looks cool. like who would not click on this, bro, it looks so cool. it's freaking portable cooler, everything like this. um, no comments or anything yet, zero clicks, holistik. well, um, yeah, whatever. anyway, i'm gonna update you guys in a little bit and tell you if anybody's clicked on the list. all right, so it's been about a day and um, i've come back with some news. we're gonna check everything right now. um, how many clicks we got, all the analytiks and everything like that. and i was toking to my friend who does this a lot. he's made multiple five figures, as i said before, and she told me i need to do over 150 listings daily. when i heard this, i was surprised, honestly, because, um drop shipping- normally you don't really have 150 products a day. you normally just drop one product and advertise it and everything but um facebook marketplace. you're supposed to use that z drop thing just to find products and it puts them on facebook marketp.

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping Full Case Study (From 0 To 35 Sales In 1 Week!)

welcome to my live facebook marketplace case study, where you guys are going to see everything that i did on my facebook marketplace drop shipping account from day one, step by step, every step that i took, which products i imported to my stores, which products sold, how much profit i made, where i got them from, and so much more strategies to help you guys promote your products, get more sales and really get this ball rolling on the facebook marketplace. when it comes to drop shipping on it, which is totally new, not many people are doing it, so there is no time like the present to start dropshipping on the facebook marketplace. guys, enjoy these golden nuggets. and one second before you start, do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel to always stay updated on all of the latest and all of the hottest topics that are coming out in the world of dropshipping. enjoy and happy dropshipping. [Music]. the first thing that i already did on my facebook marketplace dropshipping store is that i added 20 products. i don't have any sales yet. this is still the first day. i just added them to the system now and i want to show you guys exactly how i did that, with the help of virtual assistants. so i have a virtual assistant on this facebook marketplace drop shipping store, and the reason that i have my va is because i simply do not have the time to add these products every day to my store, even though the process is really really simple and really really quick. let me show you how my virtual assistant added the first product to the facebook marketplace store. i asked her to record the process and i will show you guys everything else that you need to know. so for now, i only have 20 products on my facebook marketplace store. this is day one. i'm waiting for the first sale. maybe in the next case study i will already tell you guys the good news. so here's everything that i did so far. before i begin showing you how to import products, i advise you guys to download and install the facebook marketplace dropshipping helper chrome extension. it will help you guys import your products really easily from your suppliers to auto ds and then from auto ds to your facebook marketplace drop shipping account. so get that extension. and here is the first product that i added to my facebook marketplace store. so it's this product from amazon- these cooling towels. and here is exactly how my virtual assistant added this product to my store, the first thing that you need to do is take the products url. i can use the import to auto ds button that you see here. this is available from the auto ds chrome drop shipping extension, not to be mistaken by the facebook marketplace drop shipping helper. it's two different extensions. so just write auto ds helper on google and it will take you to this extension, which helps you import your products quickly to auto ds. then you'll have the facebook marketplace dropshipping extension, which will help you import your products quickly from autods to your facebook marketplace account, and that's the whole structure. that's how you can import products really quickly and save a lot of time while you're doing it. so, as i mentioned, this is the first product that i added to my facebook marketplace store, and how am i finding the products to add to my facebook marketplace drop shipping store? here's exactly how i'm doing it, because the facebook marketplace is an untapped marketplace, you don't have any competition. the only thing that you need to do in order to get sales is to add products to your store, but products that are selling well, that are proven good best sellers from your suppliers, products that have good reviews, and try to find products that are trending right now, not products that trended half a year ago, a year ago and so forth. so one good place to do it is to head to amazoncom and, by the way, you can work with any one of autods's supported suppliers. so we got over 25 suppliers that you can work with. today, amazon is only one on the list. so here is how i do it on amazon. i tell my virtual assistant to simply go to amazon's movers and shakers and get products from there, also from best sellers. okay, so if i click on bestsellers over here, you'll see that we'll have a movers and shakers link. movers and shakers is the top training products from the last 24 to 48 hours. so we're going to click on that and from here you can get products, as long as you're staying in the right dropshipping categories. i have an artikle on that: what are the best categories to drop ship from? on the facebook marketplace? so i'll leave a link to that right below this video. so i'm just going to my suppliers, going to their best seller section, going to new releases from categories that i know that are selling well, and i'm simply adding those products to my store, optimizing the title a little bit, optimizing the product description a little bit, and that's all there is to it. so that's how i got to this item. how did i add it to my store? so you can click the import to auto ds button here. as i mentioned before, this is the auto ds chrome helper extension and this is the auto ds facebook drop shipping extension. so if i just click on this import to ods button, it'll import quickly to the draft section of my store. before i do that, i'll just click on this just to make sure that i got the right store selected on the autodesk helper extension. so i'm going to deselect best shop usa and nightlight stars, because those are ebay and shopify stores, and i'll only leave my facebook store open right here. so once the store is selected, as soon as i click that import to autods button, it will import to my autods facebook store and from autods facebook i will import the product to the facebook marketplace. i can also do it another way, by copying the url up here, then heading to the autods platform. then on the left side i'll click on add products. here i'll make sure to only select my facebook store and here i will add that product url. so that's another way of doing it. there's also a third way of doing it? by adding multiple products to your store, by each simply taking the autods extension and grabbing all of the item details that you have on a certain page, extract them, export as a csv and then import that csv file by clicking on upload csv right here. so for now this is what i did, just to add it as a draft section to my store. now, once the draft ended up here on the draft section of my auto ds store, you're going to head to the draft section, get that product, click on that arrow to open up the item editor and then you're going to hover over the copy button in the variance column. so click on variants, see that copy button and click on it and, as you see here, in just a couple of seconds it will say copy to clipboard. now what you're going to do is head over to facebook, click on the marketplace and, on the left side, click on create new listing and then click on item for sale. now on the left side you'll notike a paste info from autods button. this is going to paste all of the information that you copied from the variance column on the draft section of autods. so, as you see here, we click on that button and now all of the products information is slowly being transferred from auto ds to your facebook marketplace store. now, back to auto ds, you can start to optimize the product's title, delete all kinds of keywords that are irrelevant, make sure that you have up to 100 letters, as you can see here. so you want to delete all the keywords that are not relevant, keep the keywords that are good for this product and then, once you got that title, simply copy it and paste it back on the facebook marketplace and, of course, save your variant settings. so now we're back to the facebook marketplace and, as you can see, all of the images got loaded. now we are optimizing the title, so we pasted the title that we copied from autods. you've got the products price, which was done with auto ds's break even settings. so go to your settings, look at the pricing settings for your facebook store and set the right b.