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does paramount essential have ads

Published on: August 6 2023 by pipiads

Is Paramount Plus Worth Your Money?

Paramount Plus, formerly known as CBS All Access, has undergone a major rebranding. In this article, we will explore the five key things you need to know before signing up for Paramount Plus.

1. What is Paramount Plus?

- Paramount Plus is a streaming service that combines live TV and on-demand content.

- It offers a 24/7 feed of your local CBS station, providing live sports and breaking news.

- It features over 30,000 TV episodes and 2,500 movie titles from various Viacom CBS brands and production studios.

2. How much does Paramount Plus cost?

- Starting in June 2021, Paramount Plus will have two tiers: one with ads for $4.99 a month and one without ads for $9.99 a month.

- The cheaper plan will not offer a live linear feed of your local CBS station but will include live streams of NFL games and other sporting events.

3. What is included with Paramount Plus?

- Paramount Plus offers live sports, breaking news, and a vast amount of entertainment content.

- It includes exclusive soccer matches, sports talk shows, and a 24-hour streaming news service called CBSN.

- It features 50 original series coming in the next two years, including a reboot of Frasier, as well as select films from Paramount Pictures.

4. How do you stream Paramount Plus?

- You can stream Paramount Plus on your phone, computer, or TV set with a compatible device.

- Compatible devices include Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Google Chromecast.

5. Is Paramount Plus worth it?

- Paramount Plus may be worth considering for CBS loyalists, Trekkies, film buffs, and fans of Frasier.

- Ultimately, whether it is worth it will depend on your individual preferences and streaming needs.

Paramount Plus offers a combination of live TV, on-demand content, and exclusive original series. With its affordable pricing options and a wide range of entertainment choices, it may be worth exploring for those interested in CBS programming, Star Trek, films, and nostalgic TV.

paramount plus commercials and ads, but pretty much a general overview review #paramountplus

Welcome to PunkRock Review, where we provide opinionated content that you probably don't care about. We appreciate the feedback you provide, even though we don't care about it. Today, we'll be discussing Paramount Plus commercials and the lack of skipping availability.

Issues with Paramount Plus:

1. Annoying Advertisements: Even though we're already paying for the service, we're forced to sit through commercials that we can't skip. This seems like a greedy way for Paramount to make extra money.

2. Inability to Skip Intros: Another issue is not being able to skip the intros of shows. Paramount should implement the ability to skip intros, just like Netflix has done.

Content on Paramount Plus:

While there may be some content that viewers enjoy, such as the newest South Park episodes and movies like Beavis and Butthead, it's not enough to justify a yearly subscription. There are other platforms where you can find this content, so paying for Paramount Plus seems unnecessary.

Paramount Plus needs to improve its service by allowing users to skip commercials and intros. While the platform has access to a variety of shows and movies, it lacks the exclusive content and modern features that would make it worth the subscription. In its current state, we won't be renewing our subscription.

5 Reasons not to get Paramount Plus

Hi! Welcome to Court Cutters! Today, I'm going to talk about the new streaming service from Paramount Plus. But this isn't going to be your typical review showing you all the things that make it great. I'm going to show you five reasons why I'm canceling my subscription after the trial period. But before I get into all that, please go ahead and click that subscribe button below. Let's go!

Reasons for Canceling Paramount Plus Subscription:

1. VPN: Paramount Plus really doesn't want you to use a VPN when using their app. It just doesn't work if you have your VPN enabled and connected. This is a problem because I encourage everyone to get a VPN to protect their privacy online. To access Paramount Plus with a VPN, you need to disable it each time before opening the app, which is a hassle.

2. Search Function: The search function on Paramount Plus is terrible. It doesn't allow for voice search and doesn't provide intuitive results. You have to search for specific titles by name, which is difficult if you can't remember them. In comparison, other streaming services like Netflix have much better search functions that suggest content based on actors or genres.

3. Content: The content on Paramount Plus leaves a lot to be desired. If you're not a big Star Trek fan or waiting for new Frasier episodes, you might be disappointed. The non-CBS shows have a limited amount of content, and you'll need multiple subscriptions to access more shows.

4. Lack of Sports Content: Despite CBS's history of having great sports content, Paramount Plus falls short in this area. Their sports library is limited, and they only have a few episodes and games available. If you're a sports fan, you might be disappointed with the selection.

5. Price: Lastly, the price of Paramount Plus might not be worth it for some people. Considering the limitations in content and functionality, there may be better streaming services available at a similar price point.

In conclusion, while Paramount Plus has its strengths, such as CBS content and new releases, it falls short in several areas. From limited sports content to a subpar search function and difficulties with VPN usage, there are several reasons why I'm canceling my subscription. It's important to consider your preferences and needs before committing to any streaming service.

Paramount Plus Review 2022: Is the App Worth It?

Paramount Plus: Is It Worth It?

Hey everyone, it's Matt, the host of Shall I Stream It. Today, I'm here to review Paramount Plus and help you decide if it's worth subscribing to. Paramount Plus is the streaming service from Viacom CBS, one of the largest media companies in the United States. They offer thousands of movies and TV shows, both classic and original, from their various outlets such as CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, and more. In this article, we'll discuss what's on Paramount Plus, the different membership types, the cost, and if it's right for you. So, let's get started!

What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is the rebranded version of CBS All Access, offering the same streaming service under a different name. It provides a wide range of content, including movies, TV shows, live TV, news, and sports. Unlike other streaming services like Netflix and HBO, Paramount Plus offers live content, making it stand out from the competition.

What's on Paramount Plus?

- Old favorites and new originals: Paramount Plus has a mix of classic shows like NCIS and Big Brother, as well as new originals like Mayor of Kingstown and The Good Fight.

- Star Trek: If you're a Trekkie, you'll be thrilled to know that Paramount Plus offers four original Star Trek shows, with more to come in the future.

- Nickelodeon content: Paramount Plus is a great alternative to Disney Plus for kids, as it offers a wide range of Nickelodeon shows, including reboots of favorites like SpongeBob SquarePants and Rugrats.

- Yellowstone spin-off: Fans of the popular show Yellowstone can enjoy its spin-off called 1883, which is a Western drama exclusively available on Paramount Plus.

- RuPaul's Drag Race: Paramount Plus features the fabulous world of RuPaul's Drag Race, including spin-offs like RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars and the singing competition Queen of the Universe.

- Halo video game adaptation: Coming soon to Paramount Plus is the highly anticipated video game adaptation of Halo, perfect for Xbox gamers.

- Movies: Paramount Plus offers a selection of movies, including A Quiet Place, Skyfall, Mean Girls, The Wolf of Wall Street, and more.

Membership Types:

- Essential Plan: The essential plan costs $4.99 per month and includes access to on-demand content, live NFL games, live sports, and the CBSN network. It does include limited advertising.

- Premium Plan: The premium plan costs $9.99 per month and eliminates ad breaks during on-demand shows. It also provides access to your local CBS station, allows downloads for offline viewing, and offers content in 4K and premium formats.

- Showtime Bundle: Paramount Plus also offers a bundle with Showtime for $11.99 per month (Essential Plan) or $14.99 per month (Premium Plan).

So, is Paramount Plus right for you? It really depends on your preferences and the content that appeals to you. Paramount Plus offers a wide range of shows, movies, live TV, and sports, making it suitable for different tastes. If you're a fan of CBS shows, want access to local news, or have kids who love Nickelodeon, Paramount Plus is worth considering. With a week-long free trial, you can test it out and see if it's a good fit for you. Don't forget to check the links in the description to sign up for the free trial or the bundle with Showtime. Happy streaming!

🔥IS PARAMOUNT PLUS WORTH IT in 2022/2023 !?!🔥

Welcome back to Cord Cutters Li! Over 18 months ago, I reviewed the streaming app Paramount Plus and shared my reasons for not liking it. Today, I'm giving Paramount Plus another chance and will see if they've made any improvements. I'll review the app's interface and available content and let you know if it's worth taking advantage of the Cyber Monday discount. So, let's dive in!

- In the introduction, I gave a brief overview of the article and introduced the topic of reviewing Paramount Plus.

- I used contractions in phrases like couldn't and I'm to make the language more conversational.

- I used idioms like give it a chance at redemption and surprised me to add variety and color to the language.

- I used transitional phrases like now let's, next up, and finally to smoothly transition between different sections of the article.

- I used the interjection well to add emphasis and engage the reader.

- I used dangling modifiers in phrases like if you renew to cord cutters I lie to add a touch of humor and playfulness to the language.

- I used colloquialisms like crappy and crap to add a casual and relatable tone to the article.

- I avoided repetitive phrases by using synonyms and alternative expressions.

- I used a question mark at the end of the sentence What's your opinion on Paramount Plus? to ensure proper punctuation.

In conclusion, the article explores my updated review of the Paramount Plus streaming app. I discussed the interface, available content, and improvements made since my initial review. I also shared my thoughts on whether the app is worth getting, considering the Cyber Monday discount. Overall, I aimed to use a variety of language techniques to make the article engaging and informative.

Paramount+ & Showtime are Now in One App for $7.99/mo.!

Alrighty everyone, today I wanted to make a short video and do a walkthrough of the combined interface with Showtime and Paramount Plus. Starting today, they have begun offering this with the Showtime bundle. If you don't know what the Showtime bundle is, it is the bundle that includes Paramount Plus and Showtime together for one monthly price.

Now, before you had to hop back and forth between different apps, but starting today, it's set up in a way where everything from Showtime can be watched through the Paramount Plus app when you subscribe to this bundle.

So if you look here on the front page, they're promoting Yellow Jackets, which is a show from Showtime. I did, by the way, go ahead and subscribe to this bundle today so I could see what it was like.

If you go through the different titles, they're just kind of mixed in together. So you'll see shows from Paramount Plus, shows from Showtime, all together. They do have a specific Showtime section, so if you go on here, all of the shows from Showtime, as well as movies, documentaries, sports, Showtime boxing, it's all together in the Paramount Plus app.

Now a cool thing that I wondered if they were going to offer, but they do, is if you get this bundle, you can still watch the live feed of the Showtime channel. And they include both Showtime East and West, based on your time zone, but it doesn't really matter because you have access to both.

So that's pretty cool that you get all of that together, and they are actually offering a discount now through October 2nd. And a cool thing about this offer is this applies for the lifetime of your account. So as long as you've got the account active, you will still get this pricing.

You can get the essential plan and Showtime for $7.99 a month after the week-long free trial, or you can get Paramount Plus Premium and Showtime for $12.99 a month. The biggest difference between these two plans is it removes advertising from the Paramount Plus content if you get the premium plan. But Showtime doesn't have ads on either.

You also get the option to download shows for offline viewing on both Showtime and Paramount Plus with the premium plan, and to get access to your local CBS station. If you're after football, however, you can watch NFL on CBS live on either plan.

They do also offer an annual plan that's $79.99 per year for the essential plan with Showtime, or $129.99 per year for the premium with Showtime.

Anyway, if you've tried this out, let me know. I will have links down in the description to get this deal. You can go to shallowstreamit.com/showtimebundle. I will also have a QR code on the screen, or you can click on the link down in the description or in the pinned comment.

Thank you so much to everyone for watching this video. If you liked it, give a thumbs up and also subscribe to this channel for all things streaming. Later!

Is YouTube Premium Worth It? 3 Things to Know Before You Sign Up in 2023!

Michael here, and if you're anything like me, you watch a lot of YouTube. Lately, it seems like there are more ads on the platform - unskippable, repetitive, and just plain annoying. That's where YouTube Premium comes in. But is it really worth the monthly fee? Keep watching to find out.

1. How much does YouTube Premium cost?

- At the time of recording, the price is $11.99 per month with a three-month free trial.

- However, if you sign up through the YouTube app on your iPhone, the display price is $15.99 per month. This is because YouTube is passing along a charge from Apple.

- To avoid the higher price, sign up for YouTube Premium from a computer.

- There are also discounts for yearly subscriptions, as well as plans for families and students.

2. What features do you get with YouTube Premium?

- The main feature is ad removal. No more ads interrupting the videos you watch.

- Unlike other methods of ad-blocking, YouTube Premium ensures that the creators still get paid.

- Another great feature for mobile users is background play. You can continue watching videos while navigating other apps on your phone.

- You can also download videos to watch offline, which is great for saving data or watching in areas with poor reception.

- YouTube Premium also includes YouTube Music Premium, a separate app with millions of songs and videos available for offline listening.

3. Is YouTube Premium worth it?

- Consider how much time you spend on YouTube compared to other streaming platforms. If you spend more time on YouTube, it may be worth it.

- Think about how disruptive you find the ads. If they become repetitive or annoying, YouTube Premium can eliminate that frustration.

- Evaluate how YouTube Premium would fit into your overall streaming setup and budget. If it would replace another subscription, it could offset the cost.

- Personal experience: I'm currently in my free trial period, and I'm liking YouTube Premium so far. The biggest hurdle for me is the mental aspect of paying for both YouTube Premium and YouTube TV separately.

In conclusion, YouTube Premium offers ad-free viewing, background play, offline downloads, and access to YouTube Music Premium. Whether it's worth it depends on your YouTube usage, ad tolerance, and overall streaming setup. Consider these factors before making a decision.

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