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does shein do dropshipping

Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

I Tried Shopify Dropshipping With NO MONEY For 1 Week

so in this video i'm gonna start a brand,new shopify drop shipping business and,attempt to take it from zero dollars to,over one thousand dollars in just one,week and i'm not going to be using any,money for this challenge and i know a,lot of people think you can't start a,drop shipping business without any money,but we're gonna prove them wrong in this,video and i'll be starting the drop,shipping business completely from,scratch and walk you through the entire,step-by-step process and at the end of,the video i'll show you exactly how much,money the business makes honestly i'm,hoping it's gonna make over a thousand,dollars but we're just gonna have to,wait and see,so i have a lot of stuff that i have to,get done today and the very first thing,i want to do is just find a good product,to sell and then after that i'm just,going to find a good supplier then i'm,just going to create my online store,with shopify and then after that i'm,going to start creating advertisements,and for this challenge i'm basically,going to be using pinterest instagram,and tiktok and just basically post,viral videos on there for free and yes,this method does work well since i do,use it on my current drop shipping,businesses that make over six figures,okay so the first thing i want to start,by doing is trying to find a good,product to sell and honestly as long as,i can create viral videos with the,product and it has high demand it's,something i can work with and honestly i,find about 99 of my viral products on,tiktok so i'm going to kind of show,you my strategy and how you can do this,yourself so kind of what i do on tik,tok is just search up tiktok made me,buy it then i'll just click on that,little hamburger icon in the top right,corner then i'll just change the date,posted to this month and now it's going,to show you a bunch of relevant winning,products that are selling right now and,some other hashtags you can do this with,is amazon fines drop shippers exposed,and tiktok viral products but anyways,i'm going to take the next 20 minutes to,try to find some good products to sell,and once i do find something i'll come,back and update you okay so honestly i,found a ton of really good products but,there is one that stood out to me the,most which is the cordless hair curler,and for anyone who doesn't know the,cordless hair curler is really,convenient for females since you can,kind of touch up your hair anywhere you,go and there's so many stores on tiktok,selling this product so if they're doing,well i'm sure i can also do the same all,right so the next thing i want to do is,find a supplier that i can get the,product from and so for this video i,think i'm going to use spocket so i,found the cordless hair curler on spock,it for 28 dollars and 30 cents which is,really good and the shipping times are,only seven to 14 business days which is,also ideal and i think i'm gonna sell,the product on my store for 59.99 now,i've actually seen a lot of stores sign,this product for over a hundred dollars,but because i do want to sell a lot of,product in a short period of time and i,don't want it to be too expensive i,think 59.99 is a good number to stik,with and if my customers do see that,other stores are selling it for over a,hundred dollars and i'm only selling it,for a fraction of that cost i'm sure,they'd rather buy it from my store now i,do want to add one other product to my,store and i'm thinking just to make it,an upsell so anyways i found this heat,protectant spray and i think it goes,really well with the cordless hair,curler and i'm thinking to sell it on my,store for 19.99 and it's only going to,cost me eight dollars and 27 cents which,is pretty good and if you do need a,supplier for your drop shipping store,i'll leave a link for spock it in the,description of this video but anyways,now i got the product which i'm happy,about and so the next step now is to,actually start building my shopify store,and i do want my store to look like an,actual brand and so it is going to take,me a little bit of time to build it so,anyways i'm going to start working on,the store right now and then i'll update,you tomorrow once i'm done all right so,it's the second day now and i finally,finished the store and i made it look,very simple and clean and i'm going to,show you the page that the customers get,redirected to so anyways i have,different color options here and i also,did add a sales timer to create sense of,urgency i also included a ton of high,quality photos which is really important,and i also added this to build more,trust with the customers and if you,scroll down here you can see i put,what's included in the package then i,tok about the benefits of buying the,cordless hair curler then i added some,frequently asked questions and then i,also do have a 30 day money back,guarantee a lot of customers won't buy,your product if you don't have this so,make sure you do and if you scroll down,here you can see that i did include how,the cordless hair curler works so this,just makes it look really easy and,straightforward and all the way at the,bottom of the page i did include some,customer reviews now i obviously did,import these reviews to my store but,usually i do have real customer reviews,but that's pretty much it for the store,and i think it looks pretty good but,anyways now that i'm done with my store,the next important thing i have to do is,add a shopify app called after sell to,my store and the reason i'm going to use,after sell is because it can increase my,revenue anywhere from 10 to 15 which is,exactly what i want and afterstok is,for post purchase upsells and if you,don't know what that is it's basically,when you offer a customer a product to,purchase after they've already purchased,something from your store for example,after someone purchases the cordless,hair curler from my store i can then,offer them another product to purchase,so in my case i could upsell the heat,protectant spray since it works well,with the cordless hair curler and post,purchase upsells work so well because if,a customer just purchased something from,your store they're more likely to,purchase another item since you already,built that initial trust and you can,even give them a really good discount on,the upsell offer which will then make,them want to buy it even more now one,thing you never want to do with upsells,is actually offer them to the customer,before they've made a purchase this will,just end up confusing them and they,might not end up buying the product at,all but the good thing about after sell,is that the upsell offer only comes,after a customer makes a purchase which,is exactly what we want but anyways i'm,actually going to create an upsell offer,using after sale for my store right now,and kind of walk you through the process,step by step okay so the very first,thing you want to do is go to the,shopify app store and just search for,after cell and it should come up so it's,going to look like this after sell post,purchase upsell so let's add the app,okay so once you're in after sale the,first thing you want to do is click here,on enable settings then it's going to,bring you to the shopify page so just,make sure you click on after cell then,just click on save okay back here let's,just refresh the page okay now the first,thing we want to do is actually just set,up our first funnel click here on create,and i'm just going to name this funnel,heat protectant so here i want to click,show this funnel to all customers since,i only do have one upsell product okay,now i'm going to choose the upsell,product and basically what i'm going to,be upselling is this heat protectant,spray now the cool thing here is if the,customer actually does end up purchasing,this product you can offer them another,upsell and if they decline this product,then you can offer them a downsell now,since i don't have any other products,i'm just going to keep it like this but,you can add products in here now next,thing i want to do is click here on edi


[Music],hello everyone welcome back to my,youtube channel for those of you who are,returning subscribers welcome back thank,you so much for the support you guys,thank you thank you thank you and for,those of you who are new welcome join,the family and let's walk the walk so,this channel is about everything money,we're going to be toking about how to,make money online savings passive income,investments everything around financial,freedom if that interests you stay join,the family and how you can do that is by,smashing that subscribe button turning,your post notification bell on so you're,notified every single time that i post,and you do not get left behind,i'm reminding you guys that i'm still,having the giveaway nothing has changed,i am still having that hundred dollar,giveaway to one of my most active,subscriber and how you can,enter for the whole competition,is by subscribing liking sharing and,commenting i will be going through my,videos to see the most active subscriber,and that's going to be the winner,oh and in today's video,i have a surprise for you guys in,today's video,i will be giving away five dollars yes,that's correct i'll be giving away five,dollars those of you who have been,through my community tab have notiked,that i've started using the community,making use of it communicating with you,guys and everything,so i did say that in the next video i'll,be giving away five dollars to one lucky,subscriber and that video is today yes,so how i'll be selecting the winner is,um i am,i've created an instagram,instagram page right a separate,instagram page to my personal when i,decided i want to have one that is,i want to have one that is separate from,my personal one that's gonna be,basically about the whole financial,freedom,page so what you need to do is go follow,me on that page the link to that,instagram or the name of the instagram,will be in the description box down,below and go follow me on that page and,also be subscribed to,this channel,and,engage in this video i will go through,the comment section and i will look at,my followers on instagram and um the,engagement of this video and then i will,select the,today's video we're going to be toking,about how to start your own business,online i did a video on how to start,your own business online,um i think in the previous it was in the,previous videos the video before that i,did a video on how you can search your,online store selling um skincare,products makeup jewelry haircare,products i really really urge you guys,to please go watch that video please,please please please please you need to,watch that video guys our country is at,a crisis the world at large is at a,crisis we are going through the most as,a people you know and south africa alone,has one of the most highest unemployment,rates if not the highest it's really,getting bad like you need need a lot of,streams of income because your job is,not secure there is no security in your,job there is no security in anything,that you are doing today you can wake up,tomorrow and everything could have,changed so you don't want to find,yourself in a situation where you're,panicking it's better for you to start,these businesses now when you don't need,them invest in them when you have extra,cash you have a nine to five start a,side business sit back and just feel,comfortable don't get comfortable you,need to just make sure you you have plan,b or plan c or plan d that's why i,encourage you guys to please please,please start your own businesses watch,that video that i spoke about it would,really help you out a lot you do not,need any capital to start that business,i mean facial beauty products all those,things they one of the booming,industries in the world is booming,everyone is doing it there's instagram,influences there's so many people who,can market your things there's so many,things you could do to grow that,business capitalize on those things,fashion beauty is one business where you,can never go wrong you understand and,i'm bringing you guys a video today on,fashion yes my other video was on beauty,this is on fashion how to start your own,fashion,business online type of situation right,so,we're going to be toking about how you,can start a business selling sheen,clothes yes sheen i know she is booming,shin is one of the most,i don't know man it's it's it's,everything people are toking about,instagram influencers they're toking,about it youtubers are toking about it,they're doing clothing hauls i mean it's,affordable it has quality clothes it has,trending clothes it is nice closet it,just has everything and the prices are,just ridiculous you just like really,wow,yes so you can start your own business,today,selling the sheen clothes,now i'm not saying sell them um using,the website like ordering them from,sheen and bringing them here no there is,a sheen wholesaler in south africa is,this chinese um,lady this chinese lady is selling she in,clothes in bulk so you can't really go,buy one outfit but you can go buy bulk,they sell bails bales of 10 like in a,bale there's 10 clothing items that's,how the clothes the clothes come so,disclaimer you can't really go and pick,what items you want you're just gonna,have to pick a bail that's it so that's,how she works,now,how the whole situation works is they,sell,20 items of clothing for 900 rand,yes you,heard me correctly,20,items of clothing for 900 grand so since,a bail comes with 10 pieces of clothing,you will get two bales for 900 rent with,20 clothing items if you divide,um,900 by 20 you get 45.,each and every clothing that you're,going to be buying from her will be 45,rand and then you can now sell it at the,same price as she in how much they sell,it for that dress or whatever you get in,the veil you understand so,how it works is you reach out to them,you tok to the lady you pay she sends,you your clothes if you are based in,halting in johannesburg you can meet up,with her go pick your bails and then go,go back home and how you can do this is,you can now start an instagram page,go buy those clothings,they'll be those pieces of clothing,and then take pictures of them nice,pictures like take nice you can even be,the the model if if the other pieces of,clothing are bigger in size or anything,then you can get someone else or you can,just put them in a hanger and take nice,pieces of clothing you can even look for,that item on shein the website itself,and screen grab those pictures and put,them on your website and start selling,now you're asking me but i mean she's,also already um selling these clothes,how am i going to make money from it let,me tell you there's a couple of things,i'm going to just let you know right now,firstly people don't feel comfortable,buying online there's that scare from,online businesses like oh no what if my,things don't come or no what if it's the,wrong size oh no blah blah blah blah,blah blah that's this that there's the,fact that people don't trust chinese,companies like yo i can't i'm i'm not,gonna do this i don't want i don't want,to just deal with anything like this i,want the clothes but i just i'm scared,i'm just scared of the whole thing and,my clothes gonna come other people's,clothes can come but are my clothes,gonna come because that's a reality,sometimes the things don't get you right,another thing is that people have to pay,customs and delivery from sheen you know,and people have to pay and people have,to buy clothes clothing with or with,like 750 750 in order for them to get,free delivery but now let's say a person,wants just a dress now they have to pay,for the dress and they have to pay for,delivery and they have to pay for,customs which ends up making that whole,piece of clothing not as cheap as they,thought it would be now if you offering,the clothes and you are based in south,africa and you're selling the clothes in,south africa all they have to incur is,delivery charges which is simply hundred,trend aramex is hundred 100 pixie is,cheaper than 100 trend and ko

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e o que é e como fazer dropship em pela,sem dizer que você tá aí nesse momento,inicial de mineração de produtos talvez,já tenha olhado achei também o Alex,parece achou e hoje eu vou te trazer,dados e como você vai dar o primeiro,passo caso você queira ser um pioneiro,em fazer dropship pela Xem como eu sou,muito comprometido com vocês eu gosto,sempre de fazer o negócio ver como,funciona até estar e claro sempre levar,um conteúdo exclusivo,até porque ninguém no mercado fala de,dropshipping pela Shopping que eu já,falar muito tempo tem pelo menos dois,anos e também pela achei que tá chegando,agora com os dois pés assim na rua adora,que nem lê o quero levar um presente,para você que não me conhece ainda me,chamo Rafael Lima Prazer sou detentor do,Instagram mais ativo igual o chip no,país entendo um pouquinho de funil de,vendas tem 17 anos de experiência do,Marquinhos e,aproveita e se inscreve aqui no canal,porque tem porrada de conteúdo aqui para,frente um Claro a gente tá Muita chuva,também aqui no Instagram e tem gravado,muito vídeo para vocês fechado então se,você quiser iniciar a fazer dropshipping,pela chopp e,conseguir ter lucro filho Principalmente,nesse momento Inicial as operação fica,nesse vídeo até o final que eu vou te,dar grande diferença de como você pode,fazer dropship pelo Aliexpress e pela,shoping e também claro pela achei Ok,todos e mais nada eu preciso explicar,para você que índia como é cheio que,esta criatura que chegou agora fazendo,zuada que as mulheres tão loucas da vida,comprando uma porrada de produto dessa,tal de Xem tá para você que ainda não,conhece achei é um Marketplace Google,também um dos e como esses mais bem mais,crescido nesses últimos tempos hoje eu,achei está presente no mundo todo em,mais de 150 países Então os produtos,dela são originados de todos os cantos,do mundo era tão fodão fodão fodão que,ela não se prendeu até só o depósito na,China Como é o Aliexpress só depósito,talvez e alguns fornecedores aqui com a,shoping ela botou galpões no mundo,inteiro inteiro mesmo isso barateia o,custo do produto e o frete então a,inveja entrou pegar esse produto e,comprar ele exemplo da China ele pagar,um frete China Brasil você pode comprar,esse produto ela verifica bom esse cara,que tá comprando no Brasil mas Armazém,mais próximo que eu tenho é no próprio,Brasil Claro pode dependendo da região,que você mora pode baratear o encarecer,o frete mas sim ela age estrategicamente,na logístika dela para te entregar,produtos mais rápido possível que hoje,inclusive um prazo de entrega dela o rap,não quer a própria chopp e o Aliexpress,também você pode achar que tudo que eu,estou falando aqui é bobagem é besteira,mas eu aprendi uma coisa que eu fazia,marketing multinível na na Hinode e,muita gente falava pessoas mentem,números não dados não tá então vou te,dar aqui uma ferramenta para tu entender,o crescimento dela nos últimos tempos,Fechado então vamos aqui pra tela tá,gente eu tô aqui na tela do Google,Trends o Google fez uma ferramenta de,pesquisa e tendências internacionais,internacionais não posso serva de,pesquisa e tendência tá então coloquei,aqui Xerém o L'Express etíope e tá vendo,a cozinha aqui isso aqui a curvatura de,venda curvatura de perdão curvatura de,pesquisa dessas ferramentas então o,Aliexpress nos últimos cinco anos estava,com pesquisa gigantesca ele tem caído,tatatatatatata tatatatatatata,a fungo porque tem a concorrência que,chegou tá chegando com 2 E você tá vendo,o azulzinho aqui ó o azulzinho é a,própria cheio que tem tecido aqui,embaixo também basicamente aqui desde,2020 o início da pandemia não ninguém,nem ouviu Se sem falar de chopp e deixei,Quem era cheinho meu amigo aqui ela tá,inclusive crescendo para caramba nesse,ano velho olha isso aqui ó já passou em,market share inclusive do próprio,Aliexpress tá hoje já é um dos,aplicativos mais baixados do Brasil e já,passou o nível de compras nacionais do,próprio Aliexpress tão Rafael que tu tá,me dizendo tu tá me dizendo que o,L'Express que é um dos principais,fornecedores dropship não tá perdendo,espaço está ele está a mas o leque,planta para fazer dropshipping achei não,calma Como eu disse para você fica até o,final desse vídeo que inclusive é o,primeiro episódio dessa saga dessa série,que a gente está testando inclusive é,produzido utilizando o próprio tzachi em,como precificação os resultados nas,nossas lojas Então esse é apenas o,primeiro vídeo que eu vou clarear muito,suas ideias tá e você escolher onde você,vai começar pagando aula caro para do,demorando para chegar do Aliexpress foi,integração pega no da chopp que tem,fornecedor Nacional certo ou da achei,que ninguém,ouve falar no dropship Então calma fica,calma tá mas não prometo Ainda quantas,vezes vai ter mais eu tenho certeza que,no final do último episódio se você,claro acompanhar você vai clarear muitos,ideias e com certeza você vai trocar aí,a sua operação faltando aqui pra tela eu,coloquei nos últimos cinco anos a vocês,podem ver inclusive aqui nos últimos,dois tem estourado mas vou colocar nos,últimos 12 meses para mim ter uma ideia,maior de crescimento certo nos últimos,12 meses que está passando aqui,disparado é a própria chopper assim que,entrou sim de verdade entrou com o,protector suruga um Hadouken uma genki,dama e um aquela voadora lá do livro,quente aqui e principalmente não volume,dela tá absurdo de compra de procura,tanto de cliente final como de,fornecedor certo o próprio L'Express que,Inclusive a de vermelho Aqui tá caindo e,muito porque tá perdendo espaço também,para chopik assim não preciso nem falar,mas e,achei que tem,alavancado demais e como tá em tendência,de crescimento pode ser pode ser que,daqui nos próximos meses ela já está,ultrapassando a própria Shopping demanda,de compras de cliente final que seja dos,nossos clientes e claro da gente que,quer tentar fazer dropship pela,ferramenta Vamos navegar aqui inclusive,na plataforma tá diferente da chopp,achei ainda é um pouco segmentado porque,ela iniciou a estratégia comercial dela,em vender moda vender roupa vender,acessório principalmente o público,feminino e pense uma desgraça e público,para comprar da peste na minha conta a,imagem imagem imagem imagem mais demais,tá achei inclusive está fechando o cerco,com os maiores artistas uma porrada de,influência já tá falando essa plataforma,e fechou vocês podem ver aqui as as,fotinhas passando que fechou uma coleção,com a nada mais nada menos do que a,Anitta Tá então vamos aqui passar um,pouco pela plataforma ela também como,outras plataformas tem parcelamento sem,juros né o frete grátis acima de tal de,tanto um chiclete de 49 9049 reais para,fazer com que você cumpre mais e mais,coisas né claro você comprando 12 vezes,você como você pensa assim bom se eu,compro um item que é r$ 29 e o frete a,15 reais para 45 Se eu compro dois itens,que tá pratikamente 50 as você comprou,12 pelos pelos próprios r$ 50 e não paga,o frete Mas você tá levando dois e tem,sal e verdinho então isso eu estratégia,para alavancar o tíquete médio dela,certo tem também e Como armazenar os,armazéns dela na verdade é no mundo,inteiro Ela Não dificulta esse processo,de de reembolso e devolução muito,diferente do próprio Aliexpress e da,chopp inclusive já pensou se eu comprar,esse Mouse tá do do Aliexpress que é,lado outro mundo você compra a não,gostei veio com defeito aí irmão é uma,dor de cabeça grande para te devolver,esse tem qualquer lá na PQP como eu,falei a estrada já comercial dela a,momento que é uma ferramenta que existe,desde 2012 tá foi moda foi acessórios um,público mais voltado para feminino mas,nos últimos tempos para cá de a,principalmente no último ano ela abriu,muito leque de oferta de produto dela,abriu pra acessórios certo tendências,que já entra um pouco também de,eletrônicos a cara de verdade eu fiquei,impressionado com os preços muito mais e,mais muito mais barato do Aliexpress tá,bem também na shopin sai passa o que,chega a ser mais barato do que eu ali e,achei chega a ser mais barato do qu

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The Dark Truth about SHEIN...

are we being gaslit by sheen cause,happy good morning and welcome back to,hope scope my beef with sheehan,continues,i think it was almost a year ago i made,this video about why i hate sheen,sheen cheyenne and to this day i'm still,getting comments on that video and not,just like,comments like paragraphs so we obviously,have more to discuss,this video is in no way me shaming,anybody that shops as she in if you like,to buy stuff from here that's,totally fine but i'm just here to gossip,about them as a company today,and you're coming online shopping with,me i didn't realize the extent of how,popular this online store is until,recently like i just found out sheen is,bigger than,amazon what here's my prediction,sheehan's gonna take over the world,whether we like it or not,she and anne fashionova i discovered,they've been doing these,pop-up shops but fashion nova has,already been opening up legit stores,i'm looking at these abandoned macy's,and jc penney and i'm wondering how long,until these fast fashion stores,start taking those spaces over,apparently sheehan has like a luxury,premium line that they're doing now so,we're gonna try to find that,where is this premium section,look at all these pop-up stores see,they're coming for us,oh i think this is it motif premium,modif offers elevated essentials made,from high-end and sustainable,fabrics with a focus on quality and,craftsmanship sustainable huh i feel,like they listen,to the complaints of the general public,and they're coming out with new,collections to try to combat that,the definition of sustainable has gotten,extremely watered down i actually like a,lot of brands using is like a marketing,tiknique more than anything these days,okay materials silk,i'm all about the companies making,positive changes regardless of how small,they are,but i'm not actually seeing any proof on,here of,how they're doing that 99.99,sheen honey what are you doing why is,this so expensive,definitely some cute stuff in my last,video some people were upset about that,that i said that i hated sheen,and then turned around and complimented,some of the stuff i'm just saying me,liking the designs,doesn't mean that i like them as a brand,this premium stuff interests me because,regular she and stuff the quality it's,just,pretty bad is this motive stuff actually,gonna be better,no idea okay but sheen's graphic,t-section will never not be funny to me,like even their premium notif brand this,one,nothing nothing feelings,of force,okay now you're just getting lazy,throwing the entire alphabet up there,chicken whisperer be pretty,she don't tell me what to do uh when,you're in a bad mood and you,want to try to fool everyone back to,school shopping like,like who okays this stuff listen,autokorrect is free so at this point,me when it's my day off and i'm,wondering what top i should wear,okay i'm done here's the other new,section that i am,very interested in it's very well known,that shan has been under fire for the,last few years,for stealing designs but more frequently,from,smaller up-and-coming like indie,designers,problematik i even got an email from,this guy named bruno,about his friend laura her work is,somewhat known but still restricted to,smaller circles which is why i assume,sheen thought they could get away with,stealing one of her designs and selling,it as,their own that's really cute,oh and there it is oh,is this an update it looks like they did,get in contact with the copyright,department of sheehan,and compensation's being discussed okay,that was a couple weeks ago,so frustrating though frustrating that i,can't like,do anything but in the midst of all the,she in halls i feel like the least i can,do,is like bring this up i came across,another one on tiktok the other day,this person made this stunning sweater,[Music],and i think the worst part about it all,was the comments on that tiktok,the amount of people that were like drop,the sheet in link,so that was recent aka it's still going,on,so i notiked they added this new section,sheen x design forward dreams delivered,we created she next to allow designers,to do what they do best,create while we handle the manufacturing,marketing and selling the best of both,worlds we get to showcase new talent,while emerging,designers can keep their profit and,ownership of their creations,we see what you're doing and this is,them trying to make up,for the designs that have been stolen in,the past but the fact that it's still,going on,is very confusing to me like are there,just multiple design departments and,they just,they don't have enough control to be,able to see,when it's happening i i love the concept,of this,but it's just weird that it came about,from very serious accusations rather,than like,to do a nice thing you know what i mean,honestly i had zero intentions of,purchasing from sheen ever again,but like also supports these original,up-and-coming designers,and it's giving people a really cool,opportunity to buy like really,unique designer items but not for a,designer price,look at all these whoa this is just this,month i love it it's like a mix of,really really cool unique designs,and then also just art like are you,kidding me with this dress right now,the fit the artwork that cut out corset,back and literally the most expensive,thing in the she and x,section is 49 for something designed,that's cool i need this dress,i want to get this dress and make it my,whole personality you don't understand,for,36 dollars no my size is gone,see what is happening do we like sheen,do we hate sheen,okay well they can't all be winners so,what is this,i'm sorry prmy i'm sure you have some,real cute designs this one's just not,doing it for me this is very real,someone i know,actually did this whole she next thing,her name is jessica and i met her,because she was designing for better,bodies the activewear brand,jessica rose collab let's see if we can,find it,yeah here it is a lot of it's just like,loungewear,she put these little hashtags on,everything inspirational,or this little bodysuit says powerful on,the back,i had only 15 it worked,because i want to buy this like i want,to support jessica,but it's still sheen oh my gosh and not,to mention the whole necklace,situation that happened a year ago if,you don't know what i'm toking about,literally just google she and necklace,it's like there's,so much bad and then they're trying to,cover it up with so much,good in conclusion i still don't like,shein,but i still think some of their designs,partikularly the ones,that they didn't come up with are very,cute i've got a cart full of items,comment below let me know if i should,hit check out or not,make sure to hit that subscribe button,if you haven't already lia and i picked,out some other videos down below that we,thought you might enjoy,and we'll see you guys over in the next,video say bye youtube


[Música],achei Rafa o pessoal tem usado como,fornecedor assim que tu tem visto hoje,achei ela é mais amigável para dropship,tá primeiro tem fornecedor também,Nacional já tem muito fornecedor,confecção marcas vendendo pelagem e,utilizando a Chen como principal,Marketplace por conta da logístika,internacional tá chegando muito rápido e,meu amigo eu não sei como que eles fazem,uns produtos tão bonito com as modelos,tão bonito com as fotos tão perfeita,hoje minha esposa passou 80% no tempo,dela rede social para ela é resolve não,sei se você tem essa mania,conta porque no Alex faz na Chopp é,muito produto aleatório então fornecer,duas vezes chega um produto novo bate a,foto aqui sem trabalho profissional,nenhum cadastro e a gente tem que se,virar comprar o produto fazer criativo,é algo pronto tá aqui meu filho,é uma cópia,eu tava falando com a minha namorada,esse final de semana até engraçado né,porque a gente ela a gente fala muito na,na Shine e muita gente comprando E aí o,pessoal acaba postando no Instagram,influenciador posta e eu entrei lá e é,muito bom assim porque tem a foto do,produto mais profissional só que embaixo,sempre tem as fotos das pessoas que,receberam e usaram aquilo ali é matador,gente fica sempre quando tu olha aquela,primeira foto fica Não isso aí tá muito,bom mas é muito grande o centro de,convencer esse preço tá bom o produto,parece muito bom E aí tu vai embaixo e,né então,é especial pronta ali sabe é muito muito,bom mesmo para você fazer um produto do,zero na China é mais fácil ainda porque,na própria pelo talvez não de criativos,tá porque criativos realmente esses,produtos padrões genéricos e muita gente,vende é mais fácil você pegar esse,material mas para você fazer a página do,produto na China é melhor por conta de,inúmeras provas sociais com muito,criativo ou com muito produto bom mesmo,de prova social umas foto muito as fotos,das provas sociais às vezes mais bonitas,do que a própria foto aí sim e aí é uma,estratégia inclusive que eu vejo que a,galera não aborda muito a galera vê que,ah para transformar um produto vencedor,tem que ter um vídeo curto os três,segundos virais né não às vezes o,criativo com uma foto simples mostrando,a foto da da pessoa no caso o rosto como,uma roupa fica com acessório fica qual,Carrossel imagem única converte muito,muito muito bem Cara pega essa dica,porque assim ó independentemente da,pessoa vender coisas da chá e vender,coisas do Aliexpress vender da Chapinha,a prova social com a foto real das,pessoas ali é o que cara a pessoa tá com,alguma dúvida tem a prova social ali já,era a pessoa já converteu ali na hora,tirou qualquer dúvida que ela tinha,assim tá né uma foto bonita bem feita,ali da mas natural né da pessoa com a,roupa no corpo assim como né é um,feedback mesmo assim então acho que,tinha até incentivo né então assim até,pode dar incentivo para os clientes,fazerem a prova social que tu precisa,Então cara vou te dar um cupom para a,próxima compra eu vou te dar um,cashback eu vou te dar né algo se tu,tirar uma foto e me dar um feedback do,produto,de incentivo de ganhar créditos de,cupons e tal então hoje na chopp ou,perdão na Chen ela consegue frete grátis,acima de 49 qualquer produto acima de 49,ela consegue frete grátis aí Vai somando,o tiket médio Ah se os produto é se seu,carrinho deu r$ 200 vai ganhar 20% de,desconto 15% de desconto aí você precisa,entender como é as a plataforma de fato,mas tem gente hoje utilizando a chopp,que tem uma economia além da economia do,produto tá se comparar entre plataformas,chega até 70%. o Aliexpress tá o produto,uma garrafa de 100 na Chopp da garrafa,de 80 na China a mesma garrafa tá de 60,então a economia é muito mais enfim é,muito melhor na Chen Tá mas não eu falei,garrafa mas não é um pouquinho diferente,porque é uma pegada mais acessório,feminino moda tendência e etc tá então,produto assim eletrônica que nem a gente,encontra muito Aliexpress não tem ainda,tá além da economia de fato ela tem um,incentivo nas compras tem gente que além,da economia do produto consegue também,ganhar no próprio processamento Por,conta desses desses cupons acumulativos,e pontos acumulativos então às vezes a,pessoa tem um carrinho lá de 200 reais,aí comprou sei lá na semana 3.000 ganha,r$ 500 de bônus Ou seja é um,processamento aí de vários produtos,Além disso aí não tem isso mas é,importante você entender essa polítika,de cada plataforma como esses cupons com,que você pode ganhar que até ajuda você,influenciar da maneira que você vai,aparecer para o cliente né Acho,interessante esse um site bem legal,assim para cada plataforma pode ter sua,polítika ali de frete grátis de cupons,você precisa entender a fundo para,extrair o melhor ali em qualquer negócio,né tu nunca vai orçar com o fornecedor,só tu vai usar com vários fornecedores,né então a mesma coisa no drop tu pode,orçar com Aliexpress para joaçado achei,esse produto tiver no shopping também,pode conversar na chapinha Então cara,não fica limitado é um fornecedor só né,não tem porque isso,não tem nada dizendo dropship só dá para,fazer isso isso assim assado dropship é,um modelo logístika tá gente dropship é,você vender o produto e sem precisar de,estoque fornecedor mesmo entrega Então,se na sua esquina de casa tem uma pessoa,que vende a mesma roupa às vezes até dar,100 mas é mais barato mais vantajoso,entrega mais rápida vai lá e compra lá e,manda entregar na casa do cliente deu,não achei não tem como customizar o,pacote ou vai com um pacote da chem,mesmo bom achei algo muito novo tá então,principalmente a resiliência da galera,ir para essas plataformas Chen chopie é,ter essa objeção a personalização da,embalagem Ah vai com etiqueta não vai,com etiqueta vai com nota fiscal não vai,com nota fiscal tá acha o pi hoje,Nacional ela vai com nota fiscal certo e,vai a logozinha pequenininha Ah Rafael,mas o meu fornecedor vai o meu cliente,vai contestar porque o produto chegou,com a nota fiscal me diga aqui de,verdade aqui ó vocês quem é que compra,um produto E olha a nota fiscal é muito,difícil muito difícil a gente quer pegar,o produto rasgar e tchau nem abre aquilo,ali guarda nota fiscal quando vai,comprar uma geladeira uma TV alguma,coisa do tipo se não não tem problema,esse de reclamação é muito baixo na Chen,a gente está ainda tentando encontrar um,padrão de envio de embalagem,acessório anel Blue cordão essas coisas,não tá indo com a sacola da Chen porque,a sola da China elas elas meio com,padrão x ou é o sacolão do tamanho de um,trem que é uma roupa um casaco uma bota,alguma coisa do tipo ou é um negocinho,mais pequenininho que é uma blusinha um,shortinho um conjuntinho alguma coisa do,tipo os materiais mais pequenos não vai,com a personalização Ou seja você pode,vender a roupa mas depende também de,fornecedor por isso que eu disse eu,disse que a gente ainda não encontrou um,padrão o padrão que a gente encontrou,Inicial é produtos menores e mais,pequenos com poder aquisitivo menor eles,enviam com qualquer embalagem sem a,marca da Chen produtos realmente de,fábrica que sai do depósito né que é,como se fosse uma coleção porque achei,ela sempre faz as coleções,principalmente com influenciadoras agora,tá na Gabi Martins aí BBB é dois meses,estava da Anitta então esses produtos,elas fazem questão de,do tamanho de um trem aí é o que eu não,indico realmente a pessoa né vender,porque fica uma experiência meio que,negativa no final boa então galera já,descobrimos aqui nós fornecedores tem,certeza que muita gente aqui não tava de,olho nisso não tava nem sabendo né de,olhar em outros fornecedores o curso do,produto então muito mais que quando você,for escolher o produto Você tem que ver,aonde que ele tá mais barato né é,aproveita aí dá o like Depois dessa dica,que foi uma dica de ouro porque eu vejo,pouco pessoal falando sobre isso né Rafa,acaba que a gente segue aquele padrão no,mercado que é cara vai lá no AliExpress,a não ser do Facebook aí enfim,poucas as pessoas que falam de drop na,chopp mais fazendo drop dentro da chopp,ah

How to Blind Dropship from Aliexpress (hide the supplier + hide the price!)

Hey, guys.,In this video, I'm gonna teach you how to blindly dropship from AliExpress and you may,have notiked that I'm in a bit of a different location.,I'm actually filming this from New York.,For those of you that don't know, blind dropshipping is the phrase used to describe when a dropshipper,ships an item without adding any form of identification or marketing in the package so that the customer,doesn't know where it came from.,You see, a common concern that a lot of people discuss on our YouTube videos is that they,are concerned that the AliExpress supplier will leave a form of marketing in the package,identifying that it was them that was selling the item and not you.,People will then see this and get upset with you reselling an item cheaper to them.,Here is a comment someone left on one of our recent videos basically voicing this concern.,So, of course, the solution to this is that you need to get the supplier to not include,any marketing materials in the package identifying that it was them, i.e., you need to get them,to blindly dropship.,So in this video, I'm gonna do two things.,Firstly, I'm gonna teach you how to get a supplier to blindly dropship an item for you,and secondly, I'm gonna show you what it looks like for the customer when they receive an,item that has been blindly dropshipped.,To do that, I'm gonna order a bunch of items from AliExpress using the quick method that,I'm gonna be teaching you at the start of this video.,To do this, I'm gonna be doing an AliExpress unboxing or unpackaging video so that you,can exactly see what the customer receives when they order an item from you.,So, let's jump straight into it.,All right, let me switch over to my computer screen and show you just how easy it is to,get your items blindly dropshipped from AliExpress.,Getting your items blindly dropshipped is super simple.,All you have to do is go to the checkout page in AliExpress.,There, you can leave a message for your supplier.,Simply ask them to not include an invoice or marketing material with the package and,ask them to please blindly dropship the item.,Super duper simple.,You see, the sellers on AliExpress are used to working with dropshippers so they understand,our needs and know how to ship packages out for us.,You see, AliExpress suppliers love working with dropshippers because they know that we,can do a huge amount of volume for them so don't be afraid that they won't understand,your request.,And this is another good reason why it's important to pick a supplier that has a good feedback,score and this is something that I discuss in depth in my video, "The Six Tips to Dropshipping,on AliExpress" and I will have a link to that video in the description below.,Basically, you want to be looking for suppliers that have a feedback score between 2,000 to,2 million.,If you pick a supplier that has a feedback score above 2,000, then you know that they,are experienced, established, and are almost certainly working or have worked with dropshippers.,And if you pick a supplier that has a feedback score of less than two million, then you know,that they're not doing insane amounts of volume and so they're gonna be more attentive to,the messages that people leave on their orders.,And if you wanna be doubly safe, then you can message the supplier in advance and ask,them directly if they do blind dropshipping.,And suppliers in this feedback range are the sweet spot because you know that they are,reliable enough to reply but not too busy to reply.,All right.,So now that we have gone through how to blindly dropship, I'm gonna switch over and do an,AliExpress unboxing so that you can see what the customer receives when they order a package.,Okay, I have here a package that I have ordered from AliExpress and I ordered it using ePacket,shipping.,Well, as you can see on the front, there is absolutely no advertising indicating what,supplier I purchased it from or that I purchased it from AliExpress at all.,It just looks like a general address label.,And if you look on the back, you'll see that there is absolutely no advertising on it at,all.,So now, I am going to open this so that you can see that inside, there is absolutely no,advertising material.,Inside, this is what we see.,Now, I'm gonna open this up as well.,Tada.,We have a self-stir mug, and as you can see, there was absolutely no advertising material,in it at all, so you have no idea where it came from.,And if you are a long-time subscriber of Wholesale Ted, you will probably recognize this mug.,All right, I have another package from AliExpress and as you can see, there is no advertising,material on the package at all.,If we go around the back, you will see, there is only an address label.,And again, it does not give the buyer any information about where they could go to purchase,this.,Okay, so let's open this up and see what's inside.,So when I open up the package, this what we see.,Once again, no advertising material on it at all.,Now let's open it up.,Tada.,And this is what we have inside.,If you are a long-time subscriber of Wholesale Ted, you will probably also recognize this.,This here is a travel mug that looks like a camera lens and again, there is no packaging,inside which would indicate where it was from.,So this here is another package from AliExpress.,As you can see, there is no information on the front of it or advertising that would,indicate where it is from so the customer would not be able to go there directly themselves.,If we switch it over, you will also see that there is absolutely no advertising on the,back either.,So let's open it up inside and see what we find.,So I've opened it up and this is what I have inside.,As you can see, there is no advertising on the item at all and if we flip it over, there,is no advertising there either so the customer would have no idea where it came from.,And just to double check, inside the package, there is absolutely nothing as well.,Here is another package from AliExpress.,As you can see, there is no advertising on the front at all and if we switch it over,to the back, you will see that there is absolutely no advertising on it at all.,So the customer would have no idea where to go and buy it from.,Let's open it up inside and see if there is any advertising inside.,So I have opened it up and it is a key keyring and on the package, there is no advertising,and if we switch it over, there is, once again, no advertising.,And if we want to double check inside the package, there is no advertising either.,So again, the customer would have no idea where you got this from.,It has been dropshipped blindly.,All right, so I hope that you appreciated that AliEpress unboxing video and that you,can see that a seemingly complicated problem has a very simple fix.,And the thing is I've notiked that there a lot of people that get held back by stuff,like this.,There are a lot of people who have left messages that they haven't started with this business,because they've been afraid that their customers were going to receive marketing or invoices,and then discover where they truly got the item from.,But a little bit of research reveals that this is actually a really easy problem to,overcome and that's the funny thing.,If you encounter a roadblock like this, don't stop.,Instead, try to find a solution and it's almost certainly going to be simpler than you thought.,Thanks for watching this video.,If you liked it, I'd appreciate it if you gave it a thumbs up and subscribed to us here,at Wholesale Ted for more great videos about making money selling online.,And if you would like to get started in dropshipping but you don't know how, then you should be,sure to download our free eBook, "How to Make $10,000 a Month Online From Dropshipping.",You'll find a link on how to download this incredible, life-changing eBook in the video,description below.