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dollar general ads for this week

Published on: January 4 2023 by pipiads

2022#931🔥Dollar General Couponing🤑SALE AD PREVIEW 12/25-12/31‼️Must Watch👀👀

foreign,fam this is Jima welcome back or welcome,if you're new what I'm bringing you guys,today is Dollar General's early sale ad,preview this sellout that we're going to,be going over is uh for this Sunday,December the 25th through next Saturday,December the 31st but let's not forget,that we do have early activation this,Saturday December the 24th after seven,o'clock P.M and yes Dollar General will,be open for that early activation on,Christmas Eve okay so let's go on ahead,and get started with this ad you know,before I get started I do want to,mention that we've already uploaded the,winners of our 200 cash giveaway so,please go back and view that video if,you're one of the lucky winners uh,please contact us via email as soon as,possible so we can get that money over,to you okay let's go ahead and get,started with this sale ad and it looks,like a pretty good ad,we're gonna have the Doritos and Cheetos,two for six dollars there you go Dr,Pepper Canada Dry a w but it also,includes seven up and RC Cola those are,gonna be three for twelve dollars not,bad the Kellogg's cereal two for eight,and those are the family size bags we've,got some coffee we also have some uh is,that,yes bath tissue I couldn't tell if it,was bad tissue or,um paper towels the Red Baron pizzas two,for ten,so does three for nine and the two liter,bottles of soda three four five,not bad and here we go we've got our,gain products tied and bathroom tissue,and the Gillette razor as well,so we've got some pretty good items,and again let's not forget to take,advantage of the early activation if we,need some of these items for our,Christmas Eve parties or even Christmas,Day,okay on this page we have the Progresso,soups two for four dollars,we've got crackers on there we've got,some tuna,lots of great food products,and Ranch fam I am going to be bringing,you some more five off of 25 scenarios,today that we can do this week for those,of us that have the five off of 25 to,use throughout this week and also I'll,bring some for Saturday for those of us,that only have the Saturday uh five off,of 25 uh for this upcoming Saturday of,December the 24th so please be sure to,have your notification Bell on so you,don't miss a thing,but we have lots of food products on,here which I like and that's what you,guys have been requesting more of so,I'll try to bring you more of those,scenarios,and don't forget ranch fam if you guys,have any couponing questions or any,questions in regards to any of my videos,please leave them down in the comments,below and I'll be sure to get back to,you,we've got the Tostitos the lays there it,is again 1.95 when you purchase four,that's not a bad deal when it comes to,chips,um the buy two get one free for the,bugles,we've got jerky we've got Planters,peanuts,an Abyssal Brand Products little Debbies,and we still have lots of candies down,here four for five dollars by four get,one free,lots of good stuff,I was reading some of your comments and,it seems like some of you guys did,really well on Penny day and it seems,like some of you guys didn't,I know I that's those are the chances of,when you're out Penny shopping and I,know I mentioned this in a few,in office but we are 90 Shoppers here at,the Williams Ranch 90 is an excellent,deal and at least you can go in there,you find a little more stuff and you,know hopefully that staff have not,pulled the products so you might want to,think about doing 90 shopping and then,going in for Penny day and picking up,whatever's left,we have lots of laundry detergents Ajax,dish soap the Finish dish soap,paper products,lots of good stuff on this page as well,and over here we have more laundry,products,the Mr is that Mr Cleaner nope that's a,DG brooms,mops,Cascade there's the Mr Clean products,Fabuloso,and let's not forget ranch fam that,Dollar General has over 2 000 items at a,dollar or less and right now that's even,better than Dollar Tree,and I'll tell you that extra quarter,that Dollar Tree is adding to their,prices does add up GPA and I were there,a while back just getting a few little,things,and I want to say it was like six,dollars extra because of the extra,quarter that they've added so it makes a,difference still beats a lot of other,stores but you know Dollar General has,kind of been my new dollar store when it,comes to Dollar items,we've got some let's see I'm going to,pull it up close and then I'll pull back,if you guys want to take pictures but we,got buy one get one fifty percent off on,baskets,we got bedroom home decor starting at,one dollar there's some towels buy one,get one twenty five percent off,and here's all of the tubs that we're,gonna need now for after Christmas when,it's time to put all of our decorations,away,now we've got some buy one get one,freeze instantly save one dollar on,light bulbs and don't forget ranch from,when it comes to instant savings if you,guys are trying to do a five off a 25,deal never count the instant savings,towards your 25 threshold so for example,if you put these light bulbs on there,and you're thinking you met your 25,threshold because you know the light,bulbs were five dollars or whatever it,may be they're instantly going to take,that one dollar off so you're going to,be at twenty four dollars threshold so,make sure you add something to your,transaction to meet your twenty five,dollars,now when it comes to getting a digital,coupon and it says save two dollars when,you spend ten that's not an instant,savings because you have to enter your,number into the digital keypad to,receive those two dollars in savings so,with that you're going to meet your 25,threshold once you enter your number,that's going to come off just like all,your other coupons would in a normal you,know couponing transaction,we've got some medicines here,makeup we've got some lotions,we've got that hair dye I'm telling you,Ranch fam this is one of the deals I,shared with you time to stok up on hair,dye,we can get it as low as two dollars a,box right now,and we have this right here we've got,the snuggle snuggle's gonna be on sale,again for 50. we're gonna we're gonna,have that one dollar digital leaving us,paying 350.,we've got the Scott toilet paper,Hefty bags,motor oil,gift cards last minute gifts there you,go 10 off and 15 off on some,fur baby uh products,okay Ranch fam there you go that is the,Dollar General sale ad that starts this,Sunday December the 25th and it goes on,through Saturday December the 31st but,let's not forget that there is early,activation this upcoming Saturday which,is Christmas Eve December the 24th after,seven o'clock P.M,and yes once again Dollar General will,be open on Christmas Eve I don't think,they are open on Christmas day I'll look,into that and I'll relay that,information in a later video but,hopefully this ad does help you guys and,like I mentioned for us and not me,included for us last minute Shoppers you,know let's go in and take advantage of,some of these deals after seven o'clock,P.M on Christmas Eve if you guys have,any comments or any questions in regards,to any of the videos or this early sale,ad preview please leave them down in the,comments below or you can send me an,email our email address is in the,description box of every video that we,upload and if you guys are aware of any,great deals or glitches that you would,like to share with me all you need to do,is send me an email along with the,confirmation and you can bet I will in,turn share it with the rest of the ranch,fam if you don't have time for that,comment or that question please leave me,an emoji of some type and I know you're,out there following my videos if you,could also follow us on all of our,social media platforms which is Facebook,tiktok and Instagram if you could,also please view all of our ad content,because it really helps us out here at,the Williams Ranch,please be sure to have that notification,Bell on so you don't miss a thing like I,mentioned I do want to bring you lots of,last minute deals Before Christmas as,well


foreign,welcome back to simple deals hauls and,coupons today we have the Dollar General,weekly ad early,it runs from October 30th through,November 5th,okay we have a lot to go over in this,partikular weekly ad early,um,they're having a pre-holiday event,November 4th,and then we also have I mean they're,already starting to have sales on their,Christmas items so it's going to be a,really good week you know for this these,partikular items,um the regular sale items include,Kellogg's uh cereals three for six,Doritos two for seven,two liters of Dr Pepper Canada Dry AMW 2,for 250.,um Sunkist uh Dr Pepper Canada Dry those,are six packs three for nine,we have two dollar digital coupon for,gain two dollar digital coupon for tide,or bounce,um buy two get one free on the Ajax,um Palmolive or suavitel,um let's see here two dollar digital,coupon for all or Purex,two dollars and fifty cents save an,additional 2.50 cents on Angel Soft when,you purchase two,say instantly save three dollars when,you spend ten dollars on any of the,products listed which would include Mr,Bubbles Scrubbing Bubbles Drano Windex,shout or pledge,okay and then it says time time to Deck,the Halls with holiday,so let's see here we have Air Wick we,have a dollar fifty off of Airwick we,have buy two get one free for the,holiday candies,um let's see here we have five dollar,um t-shirts,and stokings,and then they have ornaments,um they're assorted ornaments for a,dollar lights two dollars starting at,two dollars and then there's a four foot,pre-lit tree for twenty dollars,okay I think there are multiple sales,going on in this in this next week so,um it's it's a little bit confusing I'm,going to do a couple different videos on,these because I'm a little confused,myself okay so we have the three day,Limited Time Savings okay and it's gonna,be Thursday November 3rd Friday November,4th and Saturday November 5th,and it's items that appear on this page,while supplies last,okay and we've got bugles buy two get,one free,uh the honey made graham crackers and,the Noah cookies two for 6.50,Snickers ice cream bars,uh four dollars a box,we have a sale on light bulbs five,dollars uh we have true living uh the,buy one get one fifty percent off of the,storage containers and I think those,might be the glass ones,okay let's see what else do we have here,um,good and fun,three for ten,we have the Fresh Step kitty litter,10.95,[Music],and we have the Rachael Ray Nutrish dog,food 17.95,okay let's see here instantly save one,dollar on cough syrup um that's the,Dollar General brand,you're going to save an additional five,dollars off,and I believe those are,um blow dryers and curling irons,fifty percent off of Pretty Woman those,are nails,and save three dollars instantly when,you spend ten dollars on any Maybelline,cosmetiks and I know we had some,cosmetik coupons but I'm not sure I,think those might have been covered girl,there might have been a Maybelline in,there,okay this is the other part of the three,day Limited Time Savings ad,that will run Thursday octo not October,November 3rd Friday November 4th and,Saturday November 5th,Pepsi 12 packs Mountain Dew also three,for eleven Mellow Yellow barks and Fanta,2 liters 95 cents,Clover Valley,the corn and the green beans and the,cans those are two for a dollar,chicken broth and beef broth those are,two for two,the eel fudge sandies the fudge,um,cookies those are three for seven fifty,the Sanitas tortilla chips those are two,for three dollars,[Music],Arm and Hammer there's a three dollar,digital coupon on that there's a one,dollar digital coupon on Charmin,Glade is buy three get one free,and here's a biggie I'm gonna do I'm,gonna do a video on this one also to try,to totally show you what's gonna be for,sale it's a buy one get one 75 off toys,okay,um so you're going to look for the,yellow or the blue dot or the yellow or,blue star on the tag,okay we're back to the regular savings,ad now,so let's see here we have the Betty,Crocker cake mix is 1.25 the frosting is,two for three,the,um seasonal fall paper plates napkins,those are starting at one dollar,the true living bakeware is still buy,one get one fifty percent off,Hawaiian punches two for four,the trolley candies are by three get one,free,[Music],the donuts are two dollars and fifty,cents the sparkling uh grape juice white,or red those are three dollars and fifty,cents,uh the Tostitos or Ruffles are two for,eight,[Music],okay here's another one of those sales,that I was toking about this is the,pre-holiday event November 4th and this,is one day only while supplies last Red,Baron pizza two for nine,you can buy one of the Libby's canned,pumpkin and you'll get the Carnation,evaporated milk free,um the Nestle chips are,baking chips are two for five dollars,hamburger helpers buy one get one free,Ziploc bags are 375 garbage bags are 475,you can buy one of the Maybelline,products and you're going to get a free,nail polish,there's a three dollar off two of the,Colgate Optik toothpaste brownie paper,towels on sale for 25.,um let's see here two dollar two dollar,digital coupon off of extra,okay the second page of our pre-holiday,event happening November 4th we have uh,Comfort Bay blankets,um those are 50 off,the LED Holiday Lights 50 off,the Christmas Floral,um and that would include like the,little bushes and and things like that I,those are going to be 50 off and I would,scan even the Christmas decor because,that could be included okay the small,little fridge refrigerators that you can,put like little pop cans in,um those are 25 You're Gonna Save ten,the crack pots are,um going for 15 save 11.,the headphones are going to be 30 off,Boombox is twenty dollars You're Gonna,Save five dollars,okay this is the third page of our,pre-holiday event November 4th sale,um and remember if you see anything that,you might want uh Mark November 4th down,on your calendar I'm going to do a,special video on the on just the sale,and the other sale that we toked about,okay so we have,um 25 off any six foot tree,let's see here we have 50 off of LED,Holiday Lights 20 off of Xbox and Sony,gift cards buy one get one free coloring,books,[Music],okay this this page is confusing so,where it has the black border,that is the rest of the pre-holiday,event items one day only November 4th,okay and it's gonna be a buy one get one,free for Holiday socks,and you're gonna be in the all the the,one piece sleepwear will be ten dollars,okay this is why I'm going to make that,special video so that people absolutely,know what's the pre-holiday event,November 4th and then the rest of this,page is toking about the three-day sale,which is going to be,um,octo or not October November 3rd,November 4th and November November 5th,three days that's a three-day sale and,it's gonna have major toy deals here's,so what's gonna happen is it's a buy one,get one 75 off okay and these are toys,and you're gonna I believe the only ones,that are going to qualify are going to,be the yellow or blue dot,or the yellow or blue star on the tag,okay and of course it says You must,purchase two to get the discounted price,of equal or lesser value,all right so that takes care of that,page,okay back to the regular sales,um they just want to remind you that,they do have Halloween candy in the,Dollar Deals,box candy is 225 like the chocolate,covered cherries the Andes Candies buy,four get one free I believe these are,just the regular bars,um it's going to be Mr Goodbar Reese's,Peanut Butter Cups KitKat caramello,Almond Joy York and Hershey's,um let's see here three dollars for just,general holiday candies like they have,the sour,um Patch Kids they have the Elf on the,Shelf candies Hershey's,okay and then General Mills is having a,sale two for eight on cereal,let's see silk almonds milk is 325,Campbell's soup is a dollar those are in,the dollar deal aisle,um the Progresso is two for four,the Chunky Soup is 2 2 15. Ritz and,chicken chicken biscuit crackers two for,six,the Swiss Miss hot chocolate is 225.,t

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[Music],la la la,hey guys it's Alicia savings and I'm,back with another video in today's video,I'm going to be giving you guys an early,still act preview for next week so ad at,our Dollar General stores so this cell,adhere starts on Sunday November the,20th and ends on Saturday November the,26th all right so this is going to be,the sale ad for the week of Thanksgiving,Thanksgiving is on Thursday November the,24th so all of the deals and sales that,we have going on throughout the week are,going to be more than likely,Thanksgiving related as you guys see on,the first page here we do have some,holiday cooking and baking food ideas or,items that are going to be on sale at,our Dollar General stores so let's get,right into this ad,foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],preview for the week like I said we have,tons of food and holiday related items,that are going to be on sale throughout,the week we also have some digital,coupons for maybe like some laundry or,cleaning Essentials some paper items,that are going to be on sale so that you,guys will have your homes cleaned,stoked and ready for all of the guests,that you are going to be having so now,let's tok over some of the really good,deals that we have going on for the week,um first up here we've got the craft,marshmallows or the marshmallow cream,these are going to be on sale two for,two dollars and fifty cents each we've,got some Digital Coupons advertised down,here at the bottom we've got some Arm,and Hammer laundry products where you,can get those items as low as 2.75 cents,using that dollar and fifty cent off,digital coupon that we're going to have,in them of course we have the two dollar,gain digital coupon advertised here and,these are on the medium sized gain items,and you can get those for just five,dollars and fifty cents using that,digital coupon we've got a dollar,digital coupon advertised on the Charmin,Ultra bath tissue soft or strong six,Mega plus rolls those are on sale for,9.25 minus that dollar digital coupon,you can get those for just eight dollars,and 25 cents and then of course on the,next page again with all of the food,sales and Deals we got some paper items,trash bags advertised on sale and tons,of food items that are going to be on,sale that are cooking and baking,Essentials we've got the Philadelphia,Cream Cheese those are going to be on,sale two for five dollars the Clover,Valley crackers are on sale buy one get,one fifty percent off,um we've got some crafter Velveeta,macaroni and cheese,um Big Bowl here I haven't seen these in,any of the stores near me those are,going to be on sale too for four dollars,we've got some soup that is going to be,on so we've got the Campbell's Chunky,those are going to be on sale three for,five dollars or the Progresso soups are,gonna be on sale too for four dollars it,is of course soup season then we've got,the Libby's canned pumpkin here these,are gonna be on sale too for five,dollars the Clover Valley canned pumpkin,is going to be on sale three for three,dollars so you can get three cans of,those for three dollars making this just,a dollar each or you could get the,Libby's here and they are both 15 ounce,cans you can get the Libby's two for,five dollars there we've got some honey,made graham crackers over here or the,vanilla wafers on sale two for eight,dollars we've got some baking Essentials,here you can get the Nestle Toll House,morsels on sale too for five dollars or,we have the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls,crescent rolls or the cookie dough,advertised on sale two for six dollars,and then we have some digital coupons on,some baking essential items here,um at our Dollar General stores these,are all Clover Valley brand items first,up we have the four pound granulated,sugar that is regularly priced at 265,we're gonna have a 50 Cent digital,coupon making that just two dollars and,fifteen cents and then we have the,powdered or light brown sugar you could,get either one of those items those are,two pound bags those are regularly,priced at 235 and we're gonna have a 15,cent digital coupon available making,that just two dollars and 20 cents after,the coupon comes off and then lastly we,have the Clover Valley five pound,all-purpose flour that is regularly,priced at two dollars and fifty cents,and we're gonna have a 25 digital coupon,available making that just two dollars,and 25 cents after the coupon comes off,and usually they run this sale where you,can get those items for a dollar I guess,due to the price increase they have,cut down on running the digital coupons,where you can get the items that low but,we are still going to have some Digital,Coupons available on those items there,we've got some Betty Cropper Crocker,cake mixes advertised on sale for a,dollar and 25 cents as well as the Betty,Crocker frostings on sale two for three,dollars so if anybody's making any cakes,there is a sale on those items there,then we've got some fan favorites I,guess these are supposed to be some,football themed items that are going to,be on sale we got some chips the,Cheez-It puff here on sale two for six,dollars the Ruffles or Fritos on sale,two for seven the Ruffles lays or,Doritos are going to be on sale too for,six dollars and then we have the,DiGiorno pizzas advertised here,um at eight dollars and 25 cents and,then on the centerfold they are of,course advertising some Christmas themed,items we went directly from Thanksgiving,over into the next holiday on the next,page there so we do have some Christmas,items after times that we've got some,Digital Coupons advertised here on some,smell good items this is for the Glade,Febreze or Air Wick items we're going to,have Digital Coupons available for all,three different brands here I'm sure you,can of course use the digital coupon on,any of the scents it doesn't have to be,the holiday scented ones but of course,they're advertising the holiday scented,items for the purpose of the holiday so,we do have Digital Coupons here on all,three of those items there anytime from,now until Christmas make sure you clip,any Glade Febreze or Air Wick coupons,that we have available they usually have,a pretty lengthy expiration date and if,you're going to have those coupons,clipped once all of these items go on,clearance you will be able to purchase,them using those digital coupons and,then we've got some Home Comfort items,that are advertised on sale buy one get,one fifty percent off first up we have,these sheet sets quilts or comforter,sets the Comfort bait bed pillows at a,regular eight to nine fifty and then we,also have the Comfort Bay Grand looks,bath towels these are regular six,dollars and fifty cents each those are,all going to be on sale buy one get one,fifty percent off of course you can't,mix and match with the three different,cells there all right and then again,with the digital coupons on the laundry,items there I'm not going to tok over,all of those Digital Coupons there I did,however want to point out on this page,here the sale on the paper towels and,toilet paper that we have going on right,here this is on the Scott bath tissue,Comfort plus 12 big raw or these six big,Roll paper towels these are going to be,on sale two for nine dollars those are,regular five to six dollars each and you,guys know I love when they run the sale,on the Scott items and you can mix and,match that you can get two paper towels,or two toilet papers or you can get one,of each however you want to work that,deal,and then over on the next page we've got,some gift ideas advertised here I did,want to point out this sale right here,the blue dot accessories are going to be,on sale at 50 off iron and then on the,back page of the ad here we've got some,candy items advertised on sale a bunch,of different um varieties that you can,get on sale buy two get one free we also,have a digital coupon advertised up here,where you can save two dollars when you,spend ten dollars on any partikipating,Mars Wrigley pro

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[Music],la la,la la la,hey guys it's Alicia savings and I'm,back with another video in today's video,I'm going to be giving you guys an early,sale ad preview for next week's sell ad,at our Dollar General stores so this,cell right here does start on Sunday,November the 6th and ends on Saturday,November the 12th and as you guys see we,do have a three-day sale that is going,to be going on during this sale ad week,as well so we will tok over the,three-day sale at the end of the video,foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],so there was the sale ad preview for the,items that are going to be on sale,throughout the entire week starting on,Sunday November the 6th ending on,Saturday November the 12th all of the,sale prices that we just looked at are,going to be valid all week long you,can't go into your Dollar General stores,and purchase any of these items at their,sale price during the ad week here you,can also go in Saturday night after 7 pm,on November the 5th after 7 PM you can,go in and purchase any of these items at,their new sale price so now let's tok,over some of the items that we have that,are on sale for the entire week,uh before we get into the three-day sale,so first up we've got the Pepsi Mountain,Dew products seeing lots of good drink,sales that are going to be going on,during the sale ad week here so first up,we've got the Pepsi Mountain Dew 12-pack,cans on sale three for 12 the Pepsi,amount do two liters are also going to,be on sale three for five dollars and,then we have um some drink sales going,on right here this is for the mug Crush,sweeps or brisk 12 pack canned drinks,and those are going to be on sale three,for 13 there was also a drink sale on,the back page we'll tok over that when,we get there and of course we've got,some really good digital coupons that,are going to be going on during the sale,ad week here on the gain and Tide items,and we're gonna have these smaller gain,items regularly priced at 4.50 we're,going to have a dollar digital coupon,available making those just three,dollars and fifty cents after that,coupon comes off and then we have a,dollar coupon here and this is for the,gain 46 ounce liquid laundry detergent,that is regularly priced at 550 or you,can get the tide Podge 12 to 16 count or,the 37 ounce liquid laundry detergent on,that or the bounce dryer sheets here and,this here is advertising a new item here,these are the lasting fresh dryer sheets,50 count those are regular priced at 550,minus that dollar digital coupon you,could get any one of those items and pay,just four dollars and fifty cents and,then we have a two dollar digital coupon,here on the 69 ounce Tide liquid laundry,detergent the 23 to 31 count pods or the,240 count bounce dryer sheets and you,can get any one of those items for it,7.95 using that digital coupon all right,and then on the back page of the ad we,have some more drink items that are,going to be on sale this is again for,the Pepsi or Mountain Dew but this is,for the six pack bottles so apparently,this is going to be the sale week for,Pepsi and Mountain Dew products so if,you are a Pepsi or Mountain Dew Drinker,this is going to be your time to stok,up on some of those items and there are,several different variations of how you,could purchase them they we have the six,pack bottles that are going to be on,sale the two liters as well as the 12,pack cans so whichever variation you,prefer those are going to be on sale all,week long but you can get the six pack,bottles on sale four for twelve dollars,we've got advertised here the Red Bull,eight to eight point four ounce cans on,sale three for six dollars,um then we've got some more Digital,Coupons down here on some more laundry,items I'm not going to tok over all of,the coupons because I do want to tok,over the three day sale that we have,um we do have however have some toilet,paper items that are advertised here,we've got the Cottonelle,four Mega roll or nine Mega roll or the,ultra Comfort nine Mega rolls at a,regular 550 to 10 this says that this is,a new item here we're gonna have a,digital coupon available where you can,save an additional dollar and then we,also have a dollar digital coupon,advertised here on the Scott rapid,dissolve 12 family roll back tissue,those are regularly priced at five,dollars and you can get that for just,four dollars using that digital coupon,and we also have,instant savings on the Scott items where,you can save three dollars when you,spend sixteen dollars on those items I'm,not exactly sure if there is an,expiration or when the expiration date,is on that offer but we do currently,have the instant savings available on,these Scott products where you can save,three dollars when you spend 16 on those,items we've got a digital coupon,advertised here wherein you can save,three dollars when you buy two of the,Air Wick scented oil starter kits those,are regular two for seven dollars and,you can get those two for four dollars,using that digital coupon or anything,we've got a digital coupon advertised,here on the Febreze air one to two pack,assorted since then a regular 325 to 550,you can save an additional 3.25 cents,when you buy two of those so it looks,like it's gonna be the best deal to buy,these singles versus buying the two pack,because if you buy the two pack you're,going to be spending five dollars and,fifty cents for each two pack and you're,only going to save the three dollars and,25 cents so it would be best to buy,these single cans there um and then,we've got the Palmolive Ultra dish,liquid 18 ounce bottles advertised on,sale two for five dollars the kleenex,facial tissue Cube Ultra Soft or,soothing lotion 60 counts are going to,be on sale three for four dollars we've,got some instant savings here on some,gift cards here you can save five,dollars instantly when you buy two of,the gift cards shown here and that is,for Wendy's Domino's Lowe's IHOP Google,play Subway PlayStation or,whatever this card is right here can't,really tell what that is,spa wellness okay so a spa wellness card,you can save five dollars instantly when,you buy any two of those gift cards all,right so now let's tok over the three,day sale that we're gonna have going on,during the sale ad week the three day,sale starts on Thursday November the,10th and ends on Saturday November the,12th all of the three day sale prices,will also early activate in our Dollar,General stores on Wednesday after 7 P.M,so for these three day sale here that,would be Wednesday,November the 9th after 7 PM you could go,into your Dollar General stores and,purchase any of these items at their new,sale price all right so first up we've,got 50 off of the outdoor decor that is,regular one to thirty dollars it says,assortment and sizes vary by store,excludes the lights As Seen On TV floral,Garland and yard Stakes so any other,outdoor decor items you can purchase at,50 off during the three day sale period,and that's a pretty good,um price on those getting them for,completely half price,um then we've got the Clover Valley,canned pumpkin 15 ounce cans on sale two,for two dollars as a regular a dollar,and fifty cents each we've got the,Clover Valley granulated sugar,advertised at two dollars and 65 cents,and we also have a digital coupon,advertised here where you can buy one,get one free now the digital coupons,will more than likely not be available,until Thursday morning so you would not,be able to get that on early activation,unless the coupon is already available,but since it's part of the three-day,sale it more than likely will not be,added to the accounts until Thursday,for you all to clip then we've got the,Clover Valley broths 32 ounce boxes,these are regular 185 each those are,going to be on sale two for three,dollars,and then again with the drinks this is,the week to purchase drink items,um so we're gonna have the two liters,here on sale two for 250 and that is for,the Dr Pepper Canada Dry a w and seven,up two liters you ca


[Music],la la,la la la,hey guys it's Alicia savings and I'm,back with another video in today's video,I'm going to be giving you guys the,early sale ad preview for next week's,sale ad at our Dollar General store so,this cell adhere starts on Sunday,November the 13th and ends on Saturday,November the 19th and as you guys see we,do have a three-day sale that is going,to be going on during this sale ad week,so let's get right into it,foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,so there was a sale ad preview with all,of the items that are going to be on,sale all week long at our Dollar General,stores starting on Sunday November the,13th ending on Saturday November the,19th I'm not going to tok over any of,the sale items that we have going on for,the entire week because we do have the,three day sale and I do want to tok,over all of those items without making,the video too long so let's get into the,three-day sale,all right so now we're going to tok,over the three day sale that we're gonna,have going on in our Dollar General,Store starting on Thursday November the,17th ending on Saturday November the,19th,um all of the three day sale prices will,also early activate in our Dollar,General store so you can go in Wednesday,night after 7 p.m and purchase any of,these items at their new sale price,Wednesday night after 7 pm and then of,course you guys know for the weekly ad,you can go in and purchase any of those,items Saturday after 7 p.m and all of,the new sale prices will be bringing up,in our Dollar General's register system,so now let's tok about all of the items,that are going to be on sale for the,three day sale first up here we've got,the holiday ribbon items those are going,to be on sale buy one get one 25 off,those are regular one to five dollars,each,we've got the holiday folding boxes,that are regular two to four dollars,those will be on sale buy one get one,fifty percent off we've got the holiday,gift bags or single roll wrapping paper,that are regular one to three dollars,those are gonna be on sale for just one,dollar so any of the holiday gift bags,or single roll wrapping paper are going,to be on sale for just one dollar and I,always love to go in and purchase the,gift bags and wrapping paper at that,dollar sale price whenever Dollar,General has that um sale going on so,that will be going on for the three day,sale period here and it says get a head,start on holiday wrapping so those items,will be on sale for just one dollar of,course the dollar items are gonna,automatikally be a dollar but I do like,to grab up some of the three dollar roll,of wrapping paper for just one dollar,and then the gift bags I don't believe,there is a specific price range on those,unless it's just the ones that are,regular one to three dollars you can,purchase those at just one dollar for,the three day sale there foreign,and then we've got some,toy items here we've got the dinos or,action figure items that are regular one,to twenty dollars those are gonna be on,sale buy one get one fifty percent off,the Play-Doh items that are regular 150,to 15 are gonna be on sale buy one get,one fifty percent off,the Disney toys that are regular one to,twenty dollars each are gonna be on sale,buy one get one fifty percent off it,says look for the yellow or blue dot or,yellow or blue star,um and it also says that on the Play-Doh,and the Dinos and action figure items so,these are gonna be these seasonal toys,only it will not apply to any of the,regular toys in the regular toy section,and then we have assorted plush items,that are regular one to thirty five,dollars that are also going to be on,sale buy one get one fifty percent off,also with the yellow or blue dot or the,yellow or blue star,and then we have the Comfort Bay,blankets or throws that are regular five,to thirty five dollars those are going,to be on sale buy one get one fifty,percent off all right and then some more,items that are gonna be on sale for the,three day sale period that is for,Thursday November the 17th through,Saturday November the 19th we've got the,vibe essential LED strip or gaming,earbuds or the brilliant ideas LED color,changing shower head that are regular at,five dollars those items are going to be,on sale for just three dollars we've got,a Vibe Auto Mount so these are going to,be the little Car mounts for your cell,phone that are regular five to ten,dollars are going to be on sale 20 off,the vibe kids headphones that are,regular eight dollars are also going to,be on sale at 25 off we've got the high,five Boombox Bluetooth LED light up,speaker that is regular 25 and that is,going to be on sale at 20 off,and we've got a digital coupon,advertised here on the Ajax dish liquid,those are going to be on sale for Just,Two Dollars they're regular priced at,225 and we're gonna have a 25 cent,digital coupon available making those,just a dollar seventy five after the,coupon comes off the Rubbermaid,takealongs that are regular 250 to 395,are going to be on sale for Just Two,Dollars,buy one get one fifty percent off of the,GE halogen light bulbs 40 watt 60 watt,75 watt or 100 watt four pack that is,regular 675 I don't know why they felt,the need to put all of the different,wattages but those are going to be on,sale,if buy one get one fifty percent off,we've got the Ziploc storage bags here,that are regular five dollars each those,are going to be on sale two for eight,dollars and then we've got the Angel,Soft Mega roll,eight Mega roll bath tissue that is,regular 5.95 that is going to be on sale,for just four dollars and fifty cents,and then we have the true living kitchen,gadgets that are regular one to seven,dollars those are going to be on sale,buy two get one free right and then on,the back page of the ad there are more,items that are going to be available for,purchase during the three day sale that,is again for Thursday Friday and,Saturday only first up we've got the,Reese's tree or Holiday Lights four pack,those are regular 385 each those are,going to be on sale buy two get one free,the Pepsi or Mountain Dew six pack,bottles are going to be on sale four for,twelve dollars the Clover Valley 35.3,ounce coffee creamer that is regular six,dollars is going to be on sale for 4.50,the Clover Valley 24 count single serve,coffee pods that are regular 8.95 are,going to be on sale for seven dollars,and fifty cents uh we've got a dollar,digital coupon advertised here on the,Cascade automatik dishwasher packs here,this is for the fresh fresh 50 count,complete 38 count or the Platinum 30,count you can get those for just ten,dollars using that digital coupon we've,got the Clover Valley 24 pack bottled,waters advertised on sale too for eight,dollars those are regular 450 each and,then we have some drinks that are going,to be on sale,three for three dollars and that is,going to include the Canada Dry a w 7 Up,Sunkist or RC Cola two liters those are,going to be on sale three for three,dollars and for whatever reason they're,not including the Dr Pepper in with that,sale typically the Dr Pepper would be,included in,but for whatever reason they are not,included in with this sale here so any,of the other mentioned items you could,purchase three for three dollars on,those two liters all right so that is,all that I have for you guys today,remember that this is the sale ad that,starts on Sunday November the 13th at,our Dollar General stores and ends on,Saturday November the 19th I also have,uploaded the Thanksgiving Day Black,Friday sale ad for you all as well I did,upload that super early but I did want,to go in and get that information out,there for you I do like to get all of,these cell information uploaded to you,all as early as possible especially,around the holidays it is especially,important for us to save the most money,possible for the holiday times so I hope,you guys have enjoyed today's video,please like comment and subscribe and I,will see you guys in my n


[Music],oh,[Music],hey guys it's alicia savings and i'm,back with another video in today's video,i'm going to be giving you guys an early,cell ad preview for next week's sale at,our dollar general stores so this sale,ad here starts on sunday,august the 28th and ends on saturday,september the 3rd and as you guys see,from the front flap here we are also,going to have a three-day sale that is,going to be included in during the sale,ad week,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],all right so there was the sale at,preview for the week we will tok over,the three-day sale at the end of the,video now let's tok over some of the,really good deals that we're going to,have going on at our dollar journal,stores for the entire week starting on,sunday august the 28th and ending on,saturday september the 3rd all right so,first up down here on the front page we,do have some really good digital coupons,advertised here this here digital coupon,usually we have the airwic scented oil,warmers where they come out to be,completely free using the digital coupon,i don't know if the price has increased,on them and that is why we're not,getting these items for free anymore but,we do have the airway scented oil warmer,priced at two dollars regularly we're,gonna have a dollar and fifty cent,digital coupon available making those,just 50 cents those are always great,filler items to throw into any scenario,to get your subtotal to 25 if you just,need a few more dollars to get to the 25,threshold we're gonna have a dollar,digital coupon available on the angel,soft eight mega rolls or the ultra six,mega rolls you can get those for just,four dollars and ninety five cents using,that digital coupon and we've got some,digital coupon advertised here on the,laundry products,of course we always have lots of really,good sales and deals going on on the,food items the sweet baby raised,barbecue sauce are gonna be on sale too,for three dollars we've got tons of,candy deals here of course halloween is,coming up so we've got tons of sales on,the halloween candies buy two get one,free on tons of different items there,we've got advertised here also a digital,coupon we could save two dollars when,you spend ten dollars on partikipating,mars or wrigley products that are,regular one to 425 we've got some drinks,advertised up here the sprite or coke,two liters are gonna be on sale three,for five dollars we're gonna have a,dollar digital coupon available making,those just three for four dollars after,that coupon comes off,all right and then again we still have,some school supply items advertised here,as well as a digital coupon advertiser,you can save two dollars when you spend,five dollars on any big stationery,product all right and then we have a two,dollar digital coupon advertised on the,huggies jumbo snug and dry diapers size,three to six counts 19 to 31 so these,are going to be the packs that are going,to be on sale for 9.95 we're gonna have,that two dollar digital coupon available,making those just 7.95 after the coupon,comes off all right now trying to slow,down on this page here just a little bit,especially on this top portion here so,that you guys would notike that we're,gonna be having the proctor and gamble,five dollar coupon coming back,for a two-week period at the beginning,of this sale ad here so this offer will,start on,sunday august the 28th and end on,saturday august the 10th so for a,two-week period you can go into your,dollar general stores and spend fifteen,dollars on proctor and gamble brand,products and you will receive a five,dollar coupon at the bottom of your,receipt that is good on any five dollar,and one cent purchase so this coupon is,different from the five off of 25 coupon,that we receive and is only valid for,saturdays this coupon here you will,receive for pr purchasing 15 worth of,the proctor and gamble brand products,and you can use that coupon any day of,the week the coupon does however expire,on september the 17th,so you do have a limited amount of time,that you can use this five dollar coupon,we've got tons of different items that,are advertised with digital coupons that,we're going to have available for the,items that are proctor and gamble brand,products but for all of the different,brands that you can purchase to receive,this coupon you can get aussie pantene,head and shoulders herbalists olay,secret old spice gillette crest oral b,prolific vicks always pampers and love,items so any of those brand products you,can purchase 15 worth of these items you,can use coupons on the items when you,are purchasing them but you have to make,sure that your subtotal is still 15,after all of the coupons come off to be,able to receive the coupon it will print,at the bottom of your receipt,this right here is actually a perfect,example of using coupons on the proctor,and gamble brand products and still,being able to receive the five dollar,coupon as you guys see here we have,advertise the pamper swaddlers or baby,dry jumbo size diapers these are going,to be on sale 2 for 19 we're gonna have,a three dollar digital coupon available,when you purchase two of those making,them two for 16. so you can use this,three dollar digital coupon go into your,dollar general stores and purchase two,packs of these pamper diapers and it's,going to bring you down to 16 plus tax,and you will receive that five dollar,coupon so basically it's going to be,like you spent 11,for the two packs of diapers or we also,have the loves one advertised here now,this is a little bit more pricey but,this is for the big box of diapers that,are going to be on sale for 21.95 on the,loves brand diapers we're gonna have a,three dollar digital coupon available,for those diapers as well but that will,bring your subtotal down to 18.95,and you will be eligible to receive the,five dollar coupon,all right and then on the last page here,let's tok over some of the deals we,have going on back here before we tok,over the three day sale we're gonna have,a digital coupon available for the,febreze car one count assorted cents buy,one get one free we've got advertised,here any of the armor all products are,gonna be on sale buy one get one fifty,percent off we've got some digital,coupons advertised over here on the back,page we've got some laundry items,advertised here,all right so now let's tok over the,three-day sale that we're gonna have,going on during this sale ad week the,three-day sale is valid for thursday,friday and saturday only so the,three-day sale will start on thursday,september the 1st and end on saturday,september the 3rd at our dollar journal,stores so first up we've got the coke or,sprite six pack bottles on sale three,for nine dollars then we also have,advertised here the coke or sprite 12,packs buy two get one free dollar,journal has ran this sale a few times,throughout the past few weeks but this,is gonna be included in with the three,day sale that is starting on thursday,september the first and ending on,saturday september the third,next up we've got the bugles original or,nacho these are regular a dollar each,those are going to be on sale buy one,get one free,the 7up a w dr pepper canada dry sling,kisser rc cola six pack bottles are,going to be on sale three for eight,dollars that is a pretty good price on,those items we've got a hot shot utility,lighter one pack that is regular 365,that is going to be on sale for three,dollars and 40 cents we've got the,kingsford original charcoal this is a 16,pound bag it's regular 13.50 that is,going to be on sale for just 10 during,the three-day sale then we have,advertised a three dollar digital coupon,available for the amerigas cylinder,exchange 15 pound that is regularly,priced at 22 but you can get that,exchange for just 19 using that digital,coupon,we've got some aluminum pans here the,jiffy full assorted pans that are,regular three dollars and fifty cents,are gonna be on sale buy one get one,fifty percent off then we have the,reynolds wrap aluminum