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Done for You Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents - Social Media Lead Generation

Published on: December 6 2022 by Jaime Resendiz

Done for You Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents - Social Media Lead Generation

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Done for You Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents - Social Media Lead Generation

time and time again we as real estate
agents are told get on social media
start posting be out there really grow
your personal brand and while i do agree
with that message there's often the
follow-up question that those people
telling us to do that don't necessarily
have an answer for and that question is
how am i supposed to do that what am i
supposed to post how am i going to
create that post how can i be more
active on social media i need a bit more
direction well today i'll share with you
how you can complete your next 30 days
of social media posting in under 5
minutes and that's through the power of
agently now there's many different
features that you can leverage agently
but today we're going to focus on our
social media so we're going to go to
social media and if you're interested in
the rest of the features that agently
has and a lot of the marketing that
agently can do for you such as launching
facebook ads you're going to want to
check out another video that i'll link
down below but for all intents and
purposes what we're doing today is we're
gonna schedule all of our social media
content okay so here's how to navigate
on the left hand side you see how to
promote yourself as the brand that
personal brand that we all are seeking
and then below that we can promote a
listing so once we get a listing or we
have permission to market a listing
we're able to promote that listing in
all of the phases but for our purposes
today we're really going to lean on
promoting ourselves as a personal brand
because there's over 500 templates for
you to choose from that get personalized
to you so let's get started we're going
to go to schedule post and you have your
calendar available to you right here
right now so we're going to post for
today we need to make a post out there
because we need to build our personal
brand now i'll share with you as we get
going how quickly we can systematize
this and how actually i encourage all
agents to do it so we're going to start
off with the general post now i have the
benefit of having curated these posts
already and know which ones i personally
like so for me i'm just going to scroll
down and give you all of the different
options that you have available but i'm
just going to go and fast track the ones
that i personally would use so we have
this right here you can see my image my
information the rest of my details are
automatikally updated but we want to
schedule this out for let's just say we
want to curate a 3 p.m and there's a
reason well i'll show you on the second
screen so boom that one's ready to go
right now the 12. we want to use now
we're going to try to find buyers and
you see all the different tools
obviously all the different templates
that you can choose from and this time
we're going to go with this one so we
already have the date now instead of 3
p.m like i highlighted previously i'm
gonna go with 4 p.m i don't want to post
at the same time every single time every
single day because facebook's algorithm
or meta's algorithm is going to catch
wind of that now it does know that an
outside party or an outside app is
posting however i would much rather post
on different times of the day it now if
you know when most of your posts get the
highest engagement then you can if you
want scheduled on that same time but i
would rather not so you see all the
different templates here so i'll try to
select various ones so you get a good
sense of what we have so now i'm posting
at five so notike this was a three this
is at four this is at five so the
following day we're gonna go with asking
for referrals now i love referrals i'm
going to click on that you see that it's
already it already has a caption it
already has additional information about
you that you've already input so all
you're doing now is you're selecting the
templates that you personally like and
as we build out this grid if well if you
have a blog post you would select blog
but for our purposes today since we
don't have the blog we're gonna get a
client testimonial we're gonna put that
now what i like doing here is actually
putting the client testimonial right
here so they can read it the people that
are watching the post are able to view
what people are actually saying that's a
little pro tip right there we have so
many different options you're seeing the
grid build out right in front of you so
here we're going to stop at seven and
then we're going to start over at 7 a.m
so you see as we're building out now on
the 17th i know we're going quick but
once you get the hang of this and once
you have your preferred templates you're
going to be able to go as quickly as i
am right so it's all the different type
of content that you have available that
makes agently work so effectively for
you because as a well let's go over here
real quick as i'll just x out of this so
you see it a bit more in depth we have
general posts we have fine buyers we
have fine seller types of posts so the
messages within these templates are
actually created to find buyers or find
sellers speak to those end users that
will be more likely to engage with you
asking for a referral a new blog post
which we saw there as we were scrolling
through when you're getting testimonials
work with me so a little bit more
directive a little bit more direct just
some tips some frequently asked
questions some useful infographics the
holiday post you have all the various
options right here so if you wanted to
only make it a month about tips let's
just say you wanted to provide as much
information to your clients as possible
and we'll go with seller staging we can
make that our next post so i think we
left off at 8 00 a.m and you continue to
go through all of the different posts
that you want to make and you see it's
this simple where you don't have to come
up with what to say you don't have to
come up with how to design anything here
you don't have to go to canva you don't
even have to for intensive purposes post
it yourself you're just pushing it over
and this will automatikally go into your
facebook business page just one quick
thing this will go over to your facebook
business page if you want this to go
into your personal page then just simply
download the image and then post it
manually onto your personal pages there
directly so you can do it organically or
once it posts on your facebook business
page you can share it into your personal
profile whichever option you opt to go
with that's the right answer me
personally i actually like um posting on
my on my business page but i also like
going organically into my personal page
so that's also very simple to do all you
would need to do is save this image and
then copy whatever whatever verbage we
give you for the caption and then you go
and post it manually onto your facebook
page now all of this again is being
pushed over your facebook business page
and you can see how you can get this
done in less than five minutes but if
you wanted to go with a manual upload to
your personal page then it might take a
little bit longer in fact it will take a
little bit longer but that's a total
preference that you get to have right
and then we would build out the rest of
it agently truly is a revolutionary
platform that you must check out you
don't have to create anything on canva
you don't have to really think about
what am i going to say what am i going
to post all of the answers are already
in agently all you have to do is press
one to two buttons and you're on your
way and speaking of pressing buttons
there's a subscribe button down there if
you wouldn't mind pressing that that
would be amazing

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