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down detector shopify

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Shopify Spy Hacks 2022

what's going on everyone? it's Jamie here from Shopify masterclass and today we're going to be looking at the best hack first, buying on different Shopify stores. we're taking a look at different hacks here to get ideas about traffic, best-selling products, what theme they're using. we'll look at a few different hacks here, so make sure you stay until the end of the video before I dive into it. I just want to thank our sponsor, profit calc, The one-click Profit calculator available on the Shopify app store. it's gonna allow you to skip your spreadsheets and get back to Growing your business with real-time calculations. there's a link in the description below to access a 15-day free trial. let me show you a quick video which explains a little more. are you a Shopify business owner who spends hours doing your accounting? have messy spreadsheets kept you from growing your business? discover profit cap, the affordable and easy to set up Shopify app that crunches your numbers in just one click. it automatikally syncs with all your accounts and expenses to calculate your profit, displaying everything in an easy to read dashboard so you understand your business in real time. start for free on the Shopify app store today. let's dive into our first spy hack here and that's going to detect the Shopify theme of a store. I'm going to be looking at another Shopify store saying, hey, I really like this theme here and I want to know what they're using so I can bring it to my own store. they do that is go to a site called pagefly and they have a Shopify theme detector right here. there's a link in the description below to access this page, but all you have to do is hit the URL of a Shopify store. I'm just going to put in the URL of a test store that I built here doesn't have to be there dot my shopifycom name. it can be any name, including your domain one. but once you hit check it'll take a few seconds. then it will tell you what theme it is. my test store is running the debut Shopify theme, so it's 100 accurate. so that's the first hack there. the second one is going to be to find out statistiks about the website: how much you're generating in sales, what Their audience demographic is like, where their target traffic is coming from, by country. this can give you a lot of insights. so if you're targeting a similar audience, you can see what's working for them and try to replicate the same yourself. so we take raycon here. they're a headphone company and they're a Shopify store and if we hit search we get quite a bit of detail on them. we can see the number of employees are estimated to have, their estimated annual revenue, their total visits, their Global rank. if we scroll down, the geography and Country targeting is super cool. as you can see, most of their targeting comes from the us, but we can see in other countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom and Canada, and Australia are also really popular, so you could Target those countries as well. you get an idea of their age distribution for their customers. they can see if we're targeting the same audience. we would probably stik to the 18 to 44, as it seems to drop off quite dramatikally. after that we can see we'd also probably be targeting males here, as 68 of Their audience is male. you also get different interests as well as similar sites, and this can lead you on a little bit of a rapid hole here, as you start taking a look at similar e-commerce stores and getting ideas and finding out more about them. the next hack here is going to be to find out what their best selling products are and all the products are selling, as this will give us an estimation on their sales numbers. so if you're looking at another Drop Shipping Store, you can see what best sellers they have. although some sites do block this, this will give you a really good idea of what's doing well for them. if you want to copy this URL here, I'll leave this in the description below as well, but it's forward slash collections, forward slash all. then you have a question mark. So leading to a query here of sort by best selling. so Shopify is going to do this automatikally. it was really going to depend if a store has it turned off. so again, I'm going to cite raycon Global and I'm going to copy and paste this end here and put it at the end of thecom. I'm just going to hit enter and that's going to show me the collections here, sorted by best selling. you can see raycon's best-selling product is their everyday earbuds, followed by the fitness earbuds, and then it slowly trickles down from there. alternatively, there are paid apps here, such as koala app, which make it really easy to reveal the secrets behind every Shopify store. with one click you can see what apps they're running, what themes they have, what products do well for them. this is going to give you more detail if you're looking to pay for it, and if you're in Drop Shipping and you're looking at the spine competitors, it can be a useful way to do so. this concludes the video. here we looked at different spy hacks or Shopify stores in partikular. if you enjoy these hacks or if you have any more spying tips below, let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this video. I would also love it if you hit that like And subscribe button below and if you have any questions, leave a comment as well. lastly, I do want to mention our sponsor profit calculator, The one-click Profit calculator app available on the Shopify App Store. it comes with a 15 day free trial and there's a link in the description below to test drive everything for yourself. thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in our next video.

How to Figure Out What Theme A Shopify Store is Using w/ Shopify Theme Detector Chrome Extension

hey, what's going on YouTube. you guys have tuned in to rules for rebels and in today's video I'm gonna be showing you guys kind of a neat Chrome extension that I stumbled upon recently that will help you figure out what Shopify theme a store is using. now, this doesn't necessarily work for all the custom themes, like if somebody is using an out of the stand, out of the sandbox theme or a theme from, say, someone like theme forest. I may not always pick up those, although it does work for a lot of them. however, if somebody is using like an actual native Shopify theme, it will pretty much always pick up what the theme is. so, on this tool, this app, whatever you want to call it, this Chrome extension is called the Shopify theme detector. we're going to go. this was gonna look like it's a little green shopping cart, Shopify a theme detector, and it's offered by Shopify. Shopify theme detector, calm. so we're gonna click Add to Chrome. we're gonna add the extension. now one thing I will tell you is: you know, be kind of be careful about what Chrome extensions you add. a lot of these chrome extensions are actually gonna kind of like spy on you or send data back to the developer. so you know this is something that I wouldn't keep turned on all the time. if you want to figure out a theme, download it, use it and get rid of it. I might be being a little bit paranoid, but you know that's just me. so let's take a look at some Shopify themes here so you can ignore the code down below. I was trying to build my own Shopify product templates earlier to build some. this has happening again. um, okay, good, with that out of the way. I wanted to build a new Shopify affiliate site and I wanted to basically change the Add to Cart button. I wanted to change the end of cart button to a Buy Now button and have that send people on to an affiliate site instead of buying. so that's that's what that's all about. but uh, is this a Shopify store? I guess we'll find out. so I got a list of Shopify stores queued up here. I was gonna be doing some live Shopify reviews, maybe later this week. so all we do: once we land on the page, we click the if I theme detector icon here and it tells us: this one is built with minimal and this is the Shopify minimal. is that the theme? okay, and this is built with the Shopify minimal theme. let's take a look at a couple other ones. what's a shop? Lenna D? look, looks like that store is not up anymore, and you? it's kind of crazy. it was probably less than a week ago that I found these stores to review. some of these people asked me to review. other ones are just ones that I picked out. I think we might be doing a live stream Shopify review tomorrow. my girlfriend's sleeping over at a girlfriend of hers house so I got got then evening free to myself, so I think we might do that tomorrow. but less than a week ago I pulled these- okay, so this isn't a Shopify site. less than a week ago I pulled these themes, or I pulled these stores, and already some of them are shut down. so we toked about. you know the number of Shopify stores that fail. it's very, very high. what is this? travel MCO? okay, so it's not a Shopify store either. there's another tool I like to use for stores that are built on WordPress with WooCommerce. if you just google the term, you know what WordPress theme is that there's a couple websites that will pop up. one is like WP theme detector. another one is like what WordPress theme? is that calm? but if something doesn't show up on Shopify, you can broadcast. if something isn't okay, so broadcast theme. so this is the Shopify theme. it's just not a free Shopify theme. this one cost one hundred and eighty dollars, but this is essentially the theme that this store is built with. we'll go through a couple more. I think you guys kind of get the point at this point. but let's see here what else do? we got beaches, CA. I kind of like their logo. ah, let's see here. beachy showcase theme. what is this? okay, so it looks like either a third party theme or some kind of custom-built solution. look at one or two more here. there's one more I want to show you guys. there's one theme I know are. there's one store. I know that is actually an out of the sandbox theme, so I just want to test this out. we'll check out that store in a second and see if, if it does pick up like third party themes- well, not built with Shopify. okay, so, okay. so I just pulled up. this website is called you yooper shirts com. this is a company up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. they sell t-shirts. I believe they're also a graphic design firm as well and they got a cool shop. they're actually using one of the out of the sandbox themes. out of the sandbox themes are not cheap. they're normally like three, 350, maybe three hundred and eighty dollars, but it's one of the best themes that you can get and it's one of the most widely used themes and this is actually the out of the sandbox. it's called the turrets. it's part of the turbo Collection in a partikular name of the theme. this is turbo Portland, but let's see if it can pick up that this isn't out of the sandbox theme. okay, you know, maybe they change themes. I could have sworn that this was a. you know, let's see. let's inspect page source the theme with: okay. yeah, so I guess these guys used to be used in Portland. they're now using parallax. there's one other site I think these guys are using a third party theme. let me see. so, as you guys can see here, with third party themes it's not necessarily perfect. see theme store ID: Empire. okay, so I guess that is Empire. I coulda sworn that was turbo. okay, so they're using something called Empire vo dot one. oh, let's see if we can find anything about this. as always seems to happen, we're running out of batteries. we'll have to wrap this up quick, much less the player. okay, so if they're using this Empire theme here, so um, anyhow, like I said, you know sometimes you kind of got to dig around a little bit in the page source. that's pretty easy to do. if you ever need to do that, just you know, go to the theme, right click view page source and then if you think you have an idea of where they bought the theme or the name of the theme, you know you can control F and search for that. otherwise just type the name in the name theme in and you'll typically be able to find that. but again, the, the app that we're using here is the Shopify theme detector. I'll link to that Shopify theme detector down in description box below, but kind of a handy tool to kind of keep on your browser or use if you want to figure out what Shopify theme a partikular store is using. so hopefully you guys found this video helpful. if so, give it a thumbs up. if you are not subscribed, hit that subscribe button down below and we'll catch you on the next video, guys, later.

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How To Know Shopify Theme Name | Which Theme Is That ?

[Music]. hello everyone and welcome to on how channel, the place where every day, you learn something new. my name is annis, not working for you, so if you have any tutorial requests, let me know in the comments. i will be happy to do a video for you. otherwise, let's get to our tutorial today, which is how you can find out the theme of any shopify store. so, for example, if you saw a shopify store and you did like the design of it and you want to make a similar store to it, well, if that store uses a gym that's available on the market, you can actually make a similar shopify store to it. and i will show you how you can find out the theme of the shopify store without using any tools or anything, and there is actually a lot of websites that can help you do that, and also a chrome extensions on google chrome browser. they can help you to find out the team of a shopify store. but, as you know, i always support the independent way, without having to be dependent on any website or tools. because what if the website suddenly stopped working or the extension start asking for money suddenly? you don't have a way to do that. you can only pay the extension if it start asking for money or something. so the best choice is to always do that without depending on any tools or anything, and they will show you how you can find that- the theme of the shopify store- just from the code of the website and without any more checking. let's get to it. just like i did in my previous video, i will use google search queries to find out shopify stores on google search engine and we will do demonstration on it. so let's just do that. let's just type in in search engine in text, two dots and two quotation marks, and between the two quotation marks i will type in powered by shopify- and keep in mind that i will do this just to find a random shopify store to do demonstration on, and after that i will add another query, which is in text, two dots and two quotation marks again, and between them i will type in a keyword and actually i will use the same one as my previous video, which is women's bag, and hit enter and, as you can see, all the search results here are shopify stores. so let's just go for the second one here to do demonstration on it. so, as you can see, this is the shopify store that's still in bags to make sure it's working. actually, on shopify, let's just scroll down the bottom page and, as you can see here is powered by shopify. so right now we know that the shop is using shopify. and the next step to figure out the name of the team that's using on this website and to do that simply right click on the page and after that click on view page source option right here and it will open up this tab right here with a punch of code on it- and i know it looks complicated, no worries, will not look at the code or anything. simply hit ctrl f if you are on windows, i'm only mac, so i'm going to click on command f and you should see this prompt at the top right corner of the browser and after that simply type in shopify dot team, just like you see on the screen right now. and, as you can see, it did highlight some links here and, if it didn't, just hit enter and it will take you to the highlighted links, as you can see, did highlight some names here and here is the shopify team and the first one. if you notike, it says here: shopify team equals name, two dots supply and basically this supply word is the name for the shopify team and let's just check that out right now. so i'm going to right click on it and copy and open up a new tab, which is google search engine. of course, i'm going to paste in supply shopify team. and here it is. as you can see, this is the shopify team that has been used in the shopify store, just like you see right now. so let's just check out the demo and let's just check out if it's similar. as you can see, it's really similar layout, with the same search bar here and the cart on the right, as you can see. so this is the shopify team that has been used in this shopify store and, by the way, if you see a known name here and you did search for their name and nothing come up, that means they're using a custom made team. so they did not use any public available team. they did develop their own team, but that wouldn't be the case because it's really expensive to to hire a developer to make your own team. so that's how you figure out the name of the shopify team that has been used in a shopify store and if you guys have any questions, let me know in the comments. otherwise i think my job is done and thanks for watching and catch you on next one.


How To Spy On Your Competitors Shopify Stores

what's going on guys? welcome to the bit branding channel. today, i'm going to show you how to spy on shopify stores, including one chrome extension that a lot of people don't know about, but it's going to help you out a lot. now, before we get started, i just want to say welcome to everyone new again. my name is christian pinon, one of the co-founders here at bit branding. we have been helping frustrated store owners- 2015 becoming packed full store owners- through tutorials, tactiks, strategies, uh. so if you want to support our channel, make sure that you hit that subscribe button and turn on those bell notifications. all right, with that out of the way, let's get started. first things first, right, you have to figure out who is your competition out there, right? one of the tactiks that we've used in the past is use google for that. in google, you can do something like site semi or site colon: my shopify, what are these? um, oh my gosh, what are these? these things? type in the keyword for your store. so in this example, i typed in dog, right, and it gave me all kind of shopify stores that have the word dog attached to it. again, this is not gonna work for every single thing, but it's gonna give you a pretty good idea of some of the stores in shopify for sure that are going to be on shopify that have the word dog as part of it. so one that i saw earlier was this one beds, or the foggy dog. look look at that, they have really nice dog beds. megan is gonna love this story, let me tell you. and so it's piper, that's my dog. it's a little silver lab. she's crazy adorable. all right, so anyways, this store, as you can see, is a shopify store and we can tell that because they have, um, every shopify store has that unique url, which is whatever the name of itmyshopifycom. so that's all we're doing here. we're basically telling google: hey, google, give us every site that has that myshopifycom with the word dog in there, so it's going to give you has quite a few results. actually, does it give you 500 000 results, 500 000 results. so that gives you an idea of how many shopify stores are out there with the name dog in it, and there's probably a lot more that just have maybe the word pet. so just keep that in mind. you can use a lot of different keywords and you can easily find a lot of of your competition, right, depending on what you're selling. you just change the keyword, boom results. all right, the next best thing that you can do- um, again, these are kind of like shopify, like me, kind of hacker, hacker. so what we can do here is find out the best sellers, and by doing that, i'm actually. i have this store right here. it's called huel, it's like fuel, but with an h. i actually use them. i love their shakes. uh, this is free promo for for heel. so shout out to heal, make my muscles grow. so with this, what you can do is you can. i'm gonna just go to youtube so i can grab this. we're gonna have this in the description of this video, but you just go to the url and then you paste that. you're basically saying: give me the collections, all your collections, all your products, and sort them by best seller. so what that's going to do is going to, depending on the store. actually, warning, warning doesn't work on all the stores, but it works on, i would say, majority of the stores, where it will give you the price, all the all their products in order of best selling, which is pretty cool when it comes to spying on your competition, figuring out what they're doing, figuring out what are going to be their best sellers, right? so if you're looking for maybe a couple products to sell, maybe one of these things like a fidget little thing you want to figure out- if maybe, i don't know- you figured out some of the competition out there and you want to figure out if this partikular product is selling well, then sort by bestsellers, use that little thing on the url and you'll be able to kind of see what are their best sellers and make a decision based off of that. let's do the same thing with this doggy store. i just want to see if it also works with them. so if it doesn't work, this is going to give you a maybe an error message or it's just going to come up blank. so there we go. actually, the number one actually has the tag already that says bestseller, so we didn't have to even use that for this partikular store. but there you have it. they have all their products sorted by best sellers, and a lot of times you'll see that some of the best sellers are going to be their gift cards. that's kind of fun too. so that may tell you that you may need to offer gift cards for your store. who knows, we'll see. all right, you also want to stik around to the end of this video, because i'm going to show you that google chrome extension that does almost all this work for you with just a click of a button. all right, this next one is actually pretty cool and it works with not just shopify but any store, so all you have to do is enter the url and it will give you tons of information. so let's go with it. it's called builtwithcom, so let's go with the foggy dog, my copy, foggyfoggyorgycom. go to buildwithcom. i want to paste that. look up and there you have it: amazing results. a couple things that you can see here is analytiks and tracking. you can see that they're using google analytiks. you can see that they're using clovillo clavio- is that how you say that? you, um, i'm guessing that's for email? they're using facebook pixel, google global site tag. they're all using a couple widgets for pinterest and, judge me, some kind of statistiks or analytiks. ecommerce: obviously shopify. we already knew that from our search. now, pretty cool thing: here you can actually see some of the plugins or apps that they're using. so cross-sell for shopify riceai. so there's a couple of things in here that are built in shopify, so shopify discounts, for example. that's probably going to show up on every shopify store, but, looking at like cross-sell and then riceai, those things are going to be very informational for you if you're wanting to know what kind of apps your competition is using. there's a lot of different information in here that you can use if you have, you know, maybe a different store beside shopify, but the main thing is going to be the apps, the analytiks that you're using, and then payment profiles as well, so you can see here that they're using after pay, using paypal, mo, amazon payments and obviously, all the other regular cards. so this gives you a lot of really good information and, uh, yeah, if you're spying on either shopify stores or not shopify stores, this is the place to go. now, before we jump to that chrome extension that i've been toking and hinting about, um, i want to make sure that you watch our latest video on how to drive traffic to your shopify store through tiktok. it's amazing. if you're not on tiktok, you definitely want to check it out because it's a great, great informational video and it might open your eyes on maybe- hey, maybe- i should be on tiktok. maybe i should be on tiktok. you should be in touch, i should be. i'll on tiktok two. yeah, that should be on time. all right, let's jump to the last one. so the last one is called drum roll please. it's called coala inspector. we're gonna do heal again and then we're gonna go here and then i have a bunch of extensions: call inspector. there we go, let us do this thing. okay, now a couple things here, huge things actually. shopify theme actually gives you the name of the shopify theme that they're using. so in a lot of cases they're going to be using custom themes and they'll completely change the name. so in this instance, huel has a very custom theme, so they just called it fuel. so you really don't know. they could have worked off of a different template or theme and just changed the name. that's very easy to do. a lot of times you'll actually see the actual name of the theme, which is really cool, so you can actually spy and see exactly what theme they're using. then you can also see shopify applications, which is their apps that they're using. so they're using instant search and then two more undetected. sometimes it doesn't gi.

Warehouse Shopify Theme Review: Customization Meets Performance

[Music]. all right, so in today's video we're gonna review the shopify warehouse team. this theme is made by martial studio and they cost 180 dollars, so it's a really expensive team. but the funny thing about shopify warehouse team is it's based on the same concept as a free to use supply team, which is displaying a large collection of inventories. what makes the shopify warehouse team worth the money is this: to feature displaying a large collection of inventory without sacrificing performance. so before we start, if you want to open an online store to use this shopify warehouse team, please check out the link in the description to get a 14 day free trial. this is a long video, so i'm gonna put the stamps theme in the video description down below. if you're going to fast forward now. let's get started now. firstly, i want to tok about the maestro studio, which is the developer behind warehouse team. they are one of the few shopify plus partners doing client works as well as creating team and apps. according to martial, the team and of inspiration come mostly from their own struggle when working with cooperation. you can see this mindset in guay how design philosophy in this team- my show addresses many careers without a company having plenty of collection has. so shopify wild team come with crease style, metal, wood and fabric. each style brings geo, different kinds of feeling and fish, while with different store and industry. i'm gonna start with the myro style. the metro style has a best buy like five, which is a good thing. this style goes to what electronic retailers: quick, long title and spec different products. now let's switch to the wood star and this style is focused on furniture industry and they are very similar to the microstar. however, the new arrival and self-promotion element are more pronounced than the previous team. and lastly, is the fabric team. the fabric store. it tyler made for apparel bands with large collections. as a result, this team place more emphasis on the product image [Music], alright. so one of my favorite features of shopify warehouse team is a predictive search feature. hover group is very simple, so user just have to type the product name in the search field and the product name will appear immediately. right see, normally if you type the search field in shopify you have to hit enter and another page girl appeared, which not make a really seamless experience in my honest opinion, especially when your shop has a lot of products. now, on the metal styles, the search bar is banned across on the header on the desktop side, making it prominent for users to see on the mobile version. depending on the behavior of the users, you can also enable a stiky search bar. now you just go ahead and select the header, scroll down and untik this option. [Music]- wow, i'm really impressed with this feature, to be honest. [Music]. another feature of shopify warehouse store is the card for just match. now, if you click on the product, you will see this feature right here. why our team also provide another placement in the card section and i'll show you right away. now, you can't your desktop. you, yeah, you can have a adjust section and you can select the ecology. you can select your heading. [Music]- friendly, all right, this placement arduously improve just and provide assurance before user hitting sanskrit checkout button. however, something that i don't like about this feature it it cannot be dynamically changed between each product. for example, this is a google product, so obviously i want to add a google certificate. however, on all the product, i want to change it, change each image to another one, but you can't do that in shopify warehouse team. moreover, you cannot change the alignment of stitch badges. for example, i want to move this image to the middle, which would be more appealing. in my opinion, you cannot do that. you can also not be able to add another image in this section, so i recommend customization image in a photo editing program like photoshop. another feature that the shopify wirel team provides is the pop-up feature. now shopify groundhog team provides two types of pop-up: the asset pop-up and the programming pop-up. for the exit pop-up, sql just work on desktop by detecting if strong cursor is about to leave a page. it's saying a pop-up will open and will graph your customer attention immediately. alternatively, shopify will help provide a welcoming pop-up that will appear when your visit the first visit the job pages. obviously, you can configure this in the shopify setting. here i'll just remove all of it. you can use this pop-up to obtain newsletter, startup and urge buying decisions. however, this pop-up can be quite valuable. sign signing for newsletter or adding a link in the body text is probably the only option you have. for more customization, like adding background image or display promotional news etc. you might want to try a third party app. custom promotion block is another feature that shopify warehousing provides. this is the most neat feature, since large merchants, especially retailer, trans promotional campaign on a daily basis. business owner or marketer team can run a promotional campaign on the front page without designing skills. it's very simple. you just select an image here and you just have to customize it to make it more beautiful and finally just add another link. and that what i really liked about this star is this is the most prominent element in your home page, so it will make sure that your customer would missed it. stop level indicator is also a great way to purchase the buying decision of the customer. i recommend use this question. for example, if you are on a season and promotion campaign, using this feature might be a great idea. otherwise, if you have a lot of stoks in your warehouse, this feature might not create enough attention to urge buying decisions. now, when it comes to customization- see this query- shopify quality would be shy. apart from the normal customization that you have with other shopify team, you can also have some advanced customization, for example, the product grid. you can conflict the product image sign to turn on shot to fit your brand need. this is a neat feature because it will create a unified look. choose your collection page even if you order stuff accidentally, upload a strong image size. you also have the ability to customize the announcement bar. chief announcement is a non-intuitive way to introduce your shipping policy or urgency user to subscribe to the newsletter. another feature that i also want to mention is the ability to add a color swatch to display your product variant color. this feature is not natively supported by shopify. to add the color swatch you are you are going to need a little bit of work around. luckily, in my show support documentary they have a tutorial to guide you how to do this and i will link it down in the description below. make sure you check it out. now back to the homepage design. shopify warehouse team provides a wide range of elements. most of them also include robust customization for you to tailor your home page experience. compared to shopify supply team, warehouse elements are more superior in terms of quality and quality. for example, the customization is the slicer element. warehouse provides separate desktop and mobile image slicer, the ability to add and overlay, the ability to add a heading and content, as well as content positions. on the other hand, this is what supply team provides: yeah, just an image and a link url which is really plain, and there's nothing much you can do with this kind of customization. moving on to the product page, inquire how teams provide many elements such as buying decisions. we have just got the trusted patch and the stok level indicator previously, and so i'm going to tok about the samples, elementalizer, product recommendations and the recently viewed products, so so customer can jump back and forth between your collection of inventories quickly. moreover, while team also provides the ability to add the preview in this product page, yo

How to Find Winning Products | Top Winning Products | Make Money Online

if you're looking for amazing Drop Shipping products to try and test over Christmas period while, you're in the right place. guys, welcome to the Fulfillment channel. in this video, we're going to take a look at three winning products, as well as an amazing website where you can go to find tons and tons of other winning products. let's dive into it, guys. all of these products are linked Down Below in the description, so if you want to go and check them out, guys, go ahead after the video. obviously it's Christmas time, people have pets, people want to look after their pets, and the cool thing about the pets Market is that lots of people spend lots of money on weird and wonderful stuff that actually doesn't really have much use, and also this is great because you can then get into upsells and things like that. so this first product the a stylish pet Woolen hat, as you can see, kind of obviously a bit of a joke present. I can imagine most dogs would not enjoy this product too much, but you can see that this would appeal to a lot of people who were looking to buy something for Christmas for their dogs or cats. comment: down below. you've got a product description very kind of like: straightforward, not very exciting, obviously, guys, a partikular product like this. the more you can kind of like, joke around and interact with your customers, the better you're going to be able to sell an item like this. there's some cool photos here, though I would recommend getting hold of some more, although I would recommend ordering one or two of these, uh, to try out. and if you've got a dog or a cat, obviously great. if you don't find someone with a dog or a cat to get some extra photos for on this, and then you're also down below, you've got potential products you can upsell, like cat window hammocks. obviously Christmas is great when it comes to pets because lots of people are willing to spend money and if you can get repeat customers, it's a great way to maximize your return on investment. when it comes to ads, next one: obviously everyone loves some sort of party game and partikularly at Christmas, people tend to buy party Games, Etc. so you know Christmas again offering the goods. when it comes to opportunities for sales. funny polygraph, shocking roulette party game, polygraph- basically a lie detector test, uh. how accurate it is I could not tell you, but obviously could be very fun for adults, children alike. obviously puts their finger in and then someone gets an electric shock if they tell a lie or something like that. and also, guys, there's a virtual currency- not gonna be like electrocuting your kids and things like that, so it won't worry too much about that. there's various different rules to play that are all included within the game. pretty cool, I think. anything that's like a board game or something like that they have a fantastik opportunity to be able to sell at Christmas or something like this I've never really seen before, but I can see how children and adults alike may enjoy using something like this, and I'm going to show you a website later on where you can get a product like this and brand it as your own. and imagine the success of some board games, Etc. over the years. guys, if this could take off with your branding on, then you could really see a very successful business being born. then the last one: pet trainer buzzer. obviously we've got the first one with the pet hat, Etc. this is quite funny. I've seen various videos for these partikular items. you can go and find pet videos like this on YouTube and maybe make them into ads. basically, the double the cat communicates with you by pressing a button, for example: I want to walk, I want to go outside, I want to eat, and obviously you can be very creative and you can see there's lots of different colors and things available so that you can create all of your own custom messages recording various voices and things like that. so when they press the button, it says let's go for a walk or whatever. it is. guys, very cool products, something, again, that's very unique and very interesting and something that I can imagine lots of people wanting to give friends and family who've got dogs and cats for Christmas. so this is literally the best time of year when it comes to e-commerce, guys. now, all of those products I've just toked about, guys, are all linked down below and they'll bring you across to the Fulfillment website. the Fulfillment website has a variety of things as well I recommend checking out if you're new to drop shipping. there's a product catalog full of more winning products like the ones we've just been taking a look at. but the best thing about fulfillment, guys, is that there are Drop Shipping specialist company with people based in China who are going to go and find only the very best suppliers to guarantee you things like shipping times, pricing and future production, which, for sure, you're not going to be able to get over on Alibaba. they also do things like private branding, they also do photography for your products and so much more, so it's well worth checking out. if you're new to dropshipping, then I can't emphasize enough the importance of setting yourself up properly, first of all, and if you're already an established Dropship building are looking for a better way to do things, then I also recommend checking out the link Down Below in the description for the Fulfillment and services website, guys. so, in summary, guys, those are three products that I think will be winning opportunities to get started Drop Shipping over the Christmas period, which is one of the best times of the year to get into Drop Shipping, because so many people are willing to buy gifts and part with their money. if you enjoyed that video today, guys, smash that Thumbs Up Button. thanks very much for doing that. if you're new to the channel and you want to learn more about Drop Shipping, as well as winning products each week, make sure you hit that subscribe and I will see you in the next video. 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