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dr suess ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

In 1950, Dr Seuss created a commercial for Ford Service, emphasizing the importance of genuine Ford parts and regular maintenance to keep your Ford running smoothly. The commercial uses playful language and catchy rhymes to promote Ford Service to car owners.

Main Points:

- Genuine Ford Parts: Inside every Ford are many parts designed by Ford engineers to fit perfectly and do their job well. When replacing parts, it's important to use genuine Ford parts from your dealer to ensure proper fit and longevity.

- Brake Maintenance: Regular brake checks and adjustments are necessary to ensure safe driving. Ford dealers offer quick brake service to keep your brakes in good working order.

- Tune-Ups: Like a musical instrument, your car needs regular tuning to perform at its best. Ford dealers have special equipment and trained mechanics to perform tune-ups that keep your Ford running smoothly.

- Lubrication: Neglecting lubrication can lead to problems with your car, including the invasion of birdies (Dr Seuss's playful term for mechanical issues). Regular Ford service, including a lube job every 1000 miles, can keep your car running smoothly and prevent problems.

Ford Service is essential to maintaining your Ford's performance and safety. By using genuine Ford parts, getting regular brake checks and tune-ups, and keeping up with lubrication, you can avoid mechanical issues and keep your car running smoothly. Don't neglect your Ford – visit your local Ford dealer for expert service and support.

Dr. Seuss' Ford Automobile ads.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of using genuine Ford parts and getting regular Ford service to keep your car in top condition.


- Every bird has many parts, just like every Ford car has many parts designed by Ford engineers.

- Each part is designed to fit perfectly and do its job.

- When any of these parts need replacing, it's important to get genuine Ford parts from your dealer.

- Genuine Ford parts are made to fit right and last longer.


- Regular brake checks are important for safe driving.

- Ford dealers have special equipment and trained mechanics to check and adjust your brakes.

- Don't neglect your brakes - get them checked regularly and get any necessary repairs done at your Ford dealer.


- A well-tuned car runs better and gets better gas mileage.

- Ford dealers have the expertise and equipment to perform tune-ups on your car.

- Regular tune-ups will keep your Ford running smoothly and efficiently.


- Neglecting your car's lubrication can cause damage and even lead to breakdowns.

- Ford dealers have lubrication specialists who can perform a thorough lube job on your car.

- Regular Ford lubrication drives the birdies away and keeps your car running smoothly.

Regular Ford service is essential for keeping your car in top condition. By using genuine Ford parts and getting regular checks and maintenance from your dealer, you can ensure that your car runs safely and efficiently for years to come. Don't neglect your car - take it to your Ford dealer for the best service and care.

Trump's Dr. Seuss Book, Dunkin's New Millennial Ad

- The big story today is that Congress had one day left to prevent a government shutdown

- Trump tweeted about his Fake News Awards and named The New York Times, ABC News, and CNN as the top three reporters of fake news

- Trump has two cellphones nicknamed Trump 1 and Trump 2

- Dunkin Donuts is opening new stores around the country that are just called Dunkin and trying to appeal to millennials

- Boston is getting a new bar where people can try axe throwing

- The AFC Championship game between the Patriots and the Jaguars is on Sunday

Bullet points/Numbered list:

- Congress had 24 hours to pass a short term spending bill to avoid a government shutdown

- The shutdown will only affect nonessential government employees

- Trump named Fox News, his Magic 8 Ball, and Snapple caps as the top three reporters of real news

- Trump wrote his own Dr Seuss book about himself

- Dunkin Donuts is opening next generation stores for younger customers

- Two new axe throwing bars will open in Boston this year

- The news today includes politics, sports, and quirky stories

- It's interesting to see how companies like Dunkin Donuts are trying to appeal to younger generations

- The AFC Championship game is on Sunday, but Tom Brady's hand injury may affect the outcome

- Overall, it's important to stay informed about current events and take everything with a grain of salt, especially in the age of fake news.

The Grinch Commercials Compilation All Ads

It's the holiday season and while some people may be annoyed by Christmas, there are plenty of ways to get in the spirit. One way is through the latest offerings from Xfinity, including the Xfinity x5 for the best Wi-Fi experience at home and Xfinity Mobile for the best wireless coverage for your phone. Plus, you can even use your Xfinity x1 voice remote to get tickets to see The Grinch in theaters.

Main Points:

- Xfinity x5 for the best Wi-Fi experience at home

- Xfinity Mobile for the best wireless coverage for your phone

- Use your Xfinity x1 voice remote to get tickets to see The Grinch in theaters

- Enjoy good cheer and great nuts with birdwatchers snacks

- Use Ebates for cash back on purchases this holiday season

- Give the gift of a DNA kit from 23andme for a unique and interesting present

- Happy Honda Days is back on, with great deals on new Honda cars

- Celebrate the holiday season with new Grinch pancakes and mint hot chocolate from IHOP, with kids eating free from 4:00 PM.

This holiday season, there are plenty of ways to get in the spirit of Christmas, from the latest technology offerings from Xfinity to unique gifts like DNA kits. Plus, enjoy great deals on new Honda cars and festive treats like Grinch pancakes and mint hot chocolate from IHOP. Don't forget to catch The Grinch in theaters for some holiday fun!

TBS Special - Dr Seuss Saturday Commercials (Dec 10,1994)

The holiday season is here and TBS has a lineup of exciting shows and specials for the whole family to enjoy. From Bugs Bunny to Dr. Seuss, there's something for everyone.

Bullet points:

- Bugs Bunny Christmas special

- Flintstone Christmas

- Saved by the Bell holiday special

- Dr. Seuss on TBS

- The Jungle Book movie

- Wario Blast game

- Tonka's chainsaw steel monster challenge

- Super Hair Tattoos

- Monopoly Jr. game

- Kellogg's Froot Loops

- Super Gameboy for Super NES

- The Game of Life

- Ralphie can't wait for Christmas

- The Cat in the Hat

- Tell-A-Tale crystals

- Marvel Spider-Man trading card

- Whiplash bikes by Murray

- Jenga game

- Rot 10 WD radio control car

- Mickey's motion timer

- Born out of steel construction system

- Disney's The Lion King toys

- Power Charger toy

TBS has a variety of holiday specials, movies, and toys to keep the whole family entertained during the holiday season. From classic cartoons to modern games and toys, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Don't miss out on the fun this holiday season on TBS.

The Grinch 2018 Commercial Compilation

The Grinch is back and he's up to his old tricks, stealing Christmas from the Whos down in Whoville. But this time, he's not alone. With the help of his loyal dog Max, the Grinch is determined to make sure nobody in Whoville has a happy holiday season.

Points to be made:

- The Grinch is everywhere, from the big screen to your local pancake house.

- Companies are using the Grinch to promote their products and services.

- Despite his best efforts, the Grinch can't steal the joy of Christmas from those who truly appreciate it.

1. Companies cash in on the Grinch craze

- Wonderful Pistachios, Xfinity, 23andMe, Honda, and IHOP have all used the Grinch in their advertising campaigns.

- From cashback rewards to wireless coverage, companies are using the Grinch to sell their products.

- The Grinch may be a mean one, but he's a profitable one too.

2. The Grinch can't steal Christmas spirit

- While the Grinch is busy stealing presents and decorations, the Whos down in Whoville know that Christmas is about more than just material possessions.

- Despite the Grinch's efforts, the Whos are able to come together and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

- The Grinch may be a nuisance, but he can't take away the love and joy that people feel during the holiday season.

The Grinch may be a popular character, but he's no match for the power of Christmas spirit. While companies may use him to promote their products, the true message of Christmas is one of love, generosity, and togetherness. So let the Grinch steal all he wants, because in the end, he can never take away the true meaning of the holiday season.

Dr. Seuss' the Lorax (2012) - How Bad Can I Be Scene (7/10) | Movieclips

In this article, we will be discussing the popular song How Bad Can I Be from the musical The Lorax. This song has become a fan favorite and is known for its catchy tune and memorable lyrics. We will be analyzing the lyrics and discussing the message behind the song.

Lyrics Analysis:

The lyrics of How Bad Can I Be are filled with idioms, contractions, transitional phrases, and colloquialisms. The song starts with the line Music yeah bad right, which immediately catches the listener's attention. The use of contractions in this line gives the song a more casual and conversational tone.

The chorus of the song, I'm just doing what comes naturally, how bad can I be, is repeated multiple times throughout the song. This repetitive phrase emphasizes the character's belief that he is doing nothing wrong and that his actions are justified.

The line There's a principle in nature that almost every creature knows, is this is how it goes is an example of a transitional phrase that connects the previous verse to the next. This line also introduces a new idea that the character uses to justify his actions.

The verse There's a principle in business that everybody knows, it says the people with the money care of yours, I'll take plane oh you want it's never ever ever ever is a commentary on the corrupt nature of business and the power dynamic between those with money and those without. The use of the phrase I'll take plane oh you want it's never ever ever ever is an example of a dangling modifier, which is used to emphasize the character's disregard for others.

The line Just look at me petting this pup, cannot be how bad could I possibly be, let's see and the money's multiplying, people are lying and the lawyers are denied is a perfect example of a colloquialism. The use of the phrase let's see adds a sense of playfulness to the song and shows the character's confidence in his actions.

Message of the Song:

The message of the song is a commentary on the corrupt nature of business and the destructive impact of greed. The character in the song justifies his actions by claiming he is doing what comes naturally to him. However, his actions have a negative impact on the environment and those around him. The song is a reminder to be mindful of our actions and the impact they have on the world.

In conclusion, How Bad Can I Be is a powerful and thought-provoking song that encourages us to be mindful of our actions and their impact on the world. The use of idioms, contractions, transitional phrases, interjections, dangling modifiers, and colloquialisms adds to the song's appeal and makes it more relatable to listeners.

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