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Dr. Phil Baggy Pants RACIST Debate!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Dr. Phil Baggy Pants RACIST Debate!!!

Dr. Phil Baggy Pants RACIST Debate!!!

Oh T human here King human I'm King
human it's can you bad I'm King human
you know who I am yet I'm King human
damn it don't forget it okay so I'm in
the kitchen fixing myself something to
eat and dr. Phil comes on the TV and I
don't have the remote so I can't
freaking change and this guy's show
today is about the lowrider pants issue
and how all of these municipalities
across the country are passing laws
against low-riding pants if you don't
know what it is it's it's been you know
pigeon-holed as a hip hop thing or urban
thing where these kids are wearing their
pants below their waist now they're so
incensed about this that they're passing
laws saying that you have to hike your
pants up and wear a belt because it's so
freakin offensive to everybody right
holy crap get a grip oh my god first of
all I look and you know all they're
showing is their underwear they're not
showing their ass cracks to anybody
they're not out there mooning people
with bare asses so get the [ __ ] over it
you giddy otik idiots and you guys are
wearing your pants low don't think
you're getting off scot-free either
because you look like clowns and I don't
care if you're white black purple
whatever it's big you look like a
freakin idiot I mean you know listen in
ten years you're gonna look back and say
what was I thinking
I know I wore bell-bottoms and wide
lapels you've gotta be sorry you idiots
but it's a no harm no foul kind of thing
who cares it's your life it's your
expression do whatever the hell you want
as long as you don't break the existing
laws and that's the key we have existing
laws about obscenity and being naked in
public so we don't need more idiotik
laws that don't even apply what are we
gonna do now go around and start
arresting all the plumbers Jesus Christ
people what happened to common sense oh
my god it just pisses me off so much
that all these things had both sides of
the issue are just idiots get a frickin
brain people pissing me off who cares
Adams what pisses me off is you suck me
into this big debate about pants who
gives a rat's ass I'm out of here get
the hell out of my life

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