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Dr. Phil OJ Simpson Rant!!!

Published on: December 9 2022 by KingHuman

Dr. Phil OJ Simpson Rant!!!

Dr. Phil OJ Simpson Rant!!!

people ting human here I'm king human
and I got [ __ ] to say cuz I get pissed
off just like you I'm a human being just
like you like you like you like you yeah
I'm king human and this is an
old-fashioned rant blonde hey I'm no
mother terasa I get pissed off and I
need to rant about it I mean isn't that
what YouTube was about a place where we
can upload our uncensored things that
pisses off or just whatever we want to
say well I got [ __ ] to say so listen up
okay so what's going on well I sit down
on the couch and I cut my big [ __ ]
salad and I'm stuff in my face I am turn
on the TV zoink and who's on dr. Phil my
favorite and the show is about another
one of my favorite people oj Susan but
dr. phil has a bunch of people on as
guests who were directly involved with
the whole oj las vegas fiasco where it
went in with a gun and tried to steal a
bunch of [ __ ] from the guy blah blah
blah he just got convicted of it woohoo
anyway dr. phil has this one guy on the
panel who was actually in the room when
this stuff happened and the guy audio
taped the whole thing as it transpired
what does the guy do with the tapes he
sells them to a tabloid for like 200
grand way to go dude hey it's America
isn't it the guy can do whatever he
wants do with this crap but no dr. Phil
starts crap
his ass and saying you know what you
sold that [ __ ] for 200 grand you sold
those audio tape and you know what I
think that's exploitation you're
exploiting the oj thing and making money
off of it and I don't think that's right
somehow hey dr. Phil what the [ __ ] are
you doing that's the epitome of a
[ __ ] hypocrite hey [ __ ] you're
making a TV show about oj simpson you
think you're not getting paid for you're
making beaucoup bucks off that [ __ ] but
yet you're busting this guy's nut
because he sold his audio tapes he's got
more right to the [ __ ] than you do he
was a principal directly involved you're
just exploiting the whole situation to
make a buck and you're cracking his ass
about it that's a [ __ ] hypocrite if
I've ever seen one I guarantee you this
that guy didn't go to Britney Spears
bedside ambulance-chasing to exploit
that situation ooh or are we supposed to
forget about that [ __ ] dr. Phil
you're making huge money off the same
subject matter the oj simpson thing but
somehow it's okay for you to do it and
not him why because your doctor because
you're a professional on TV it really
pisses me off when these [ __ ] in the
media say you know what you can exploit
that [ __ ] only I can because I am a
professional I'm on TV I'm a [ __ ]
doctor or whatever the [ __ ] so only I
can exploit it not you as a private
citizen so just keep your [ __ ] mouth
shut even if you were directly involved
keep your [ __ ] mouth shut and let us
do the money-making here yeah and every
time he cracks on this guy about
exploiting the oj thing the audience
goes oh yeah these are bad guy
these are horrible people they're making
money off the oj thing and not one
single person in the audience says you
know what hmm isn't dr. Phil doing the
same [ __ ] thing doesn't his TV show
make him money hmm again nobody thinks
nobody sees the [ __ ] hypocrisy
they're not even [ __ ] dr. Phil okay
that's my gripe love it or shove it am i
right am I wrong you tell me there's a
comment box down there music

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