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driving ads

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

My Top 20 Road Safety PSAs from New Zealand

[Music]. [Music]. between 60 and 65. we get quite a few cars during that speed and there were speeds of up to 75 kilometers recorded. we have a road around the back of the school where some of the motorist 3 are there. they almost go airborne as they go over the hill. he stepped out on the crossing and the car just. you can imagine what it must be like if something weighing a ton, made of metal- it's a small body over the bonnet and then to the windscreen and over the roof- and I heard a screech and the elephant people yelling and screaming- is when I realized that the marks that were on the road were actually the boys. bloodstains had really hit home. what can you say to mum and dad when they've just lost their lovely little child? there are no words that are adequate. [Music]. hey, thanks, it drove me to, not you, i me enough. hey was giving me the eye as well. what she was, don't worry about it. you well under. yeah, but it's a lot now. good evening. any alcohol tonight, just a couple, she's fine. so that's over 250 micrograms. I now require you to accompany me to the booze bus. remain silent. anything you say. you can ring a taxi in picki Cara, let's call your mom and dad. they're like ten minutes away. we're not calling my parents. [Music]. [Music]. [Music] happy, don't worry. [Music]. were they happy? [Music]? [Music]. [Music]. [Music]. [Music] lift all right with your hand. [Applause]. [Applause] [Music]. [Music]. okay, sweetheart, let's go and see daddy, that case is fine. everybody, I'm so sorry. [Music]. she's fine. really, don't look, please help me. [Music]. you, why you're gonna die. you, Hey, oh, my man, nice one, give it a go. [Applause]. you, you [Applause] by. [Applause]. right, and then Dave. hey, George is driving is too wasted. I should say something, but I could look dumb in front of Monique. very, Monique says you're dumb, but if he crashes, almost to live with his family, and if he dies, you've stood over me forever. you know I can't grab your fish chips. speed, speed. what are you doing, babe? [Music]. I've been into analyzing a really complicated situation and my heat. what are you all about? I don't think you should drive. nah, I'm too drunk. free, just crazy. okay, stopping me from driving drunk. the agent in a crash, whatever your speed, the car stops, but everything inside keeps moving. [Music]. it's the same inside your body. [Music]. even with the best protection, you're still vulnerable. you, they're fish and chips. don't miss the school bus anytime. there you go- you did sorry 30 minutes into town. it's great. from the door to the office it's 30 minutes, but I can run driving the whole way. you love it. [Applause]. Andrew, you just look around because I think we had a couple of kids, okay? [Music]. [Applause]. [Applause]. [Applause]. [Music]. mate, I'm so sorry. I thought there was time. he just pulled out. I don't have time to stop. what come on, mate. him was a simple mistake. I know. if I was going about slower, please, I've got my boy in the back. I can't see fast. I'm sorry. [Music]. [Music]. [Music] you. [Music]. all right, thirty-four-year-old, my elephant. you see, I think about the car crash a lot. I know he caused it and I reacted the best way possible, but it's hard to let it go. when I asked what had happened to him, the doctors said he really wore the impact anymore and things would have been much worse. they said he was lucky. like he, I wasn't going any faster. thank you. [Music]. it's okay. it's okay. slightly a little bit over that. it's always just a little bit until you're on the receiving end. 1 times gold colored necklace and pendant. she was alive when I got there. maybe they'll find a few less cares would have saved her. imagine having that on your shoulders. everyone thinks they drive well. I've never seen anyone crash. well, it's anyone. we can call for you, mrs Crawford, this beats fine, honky, I know these roads. I know these roads pretty well too, and I'm doing everything in my power to stop you from seeing the things I've seen on them. can I see your driver's license? thank you, River chip-chop. you know I can't give your face chips, do?

Close to Home - It Can Wait - AT&T

three, 137, third, third, what the reflux ratios are, so dirty it demands way we won free to pray for. well, this is one shoe. hey, y'all. dog, today, you grace, let's do this baby girl. say goodbye to the gang. Elizabeth, us downtown. okay, Elizabeth can come, but that's all. come on. sorry guys, I'm 7, I'll be $36 or its card. now you want give me a word of those lottery twice - the big one, hey, Chuck, hey, so I think I'm gonna skip out early. try, catch a few innings of Danny's game. I'm sure you love that. and what do you want to eat tonight? would you eat Amazonas? oh, don't make me. alright, that's okay, I'm good with whatever. mommy us with want some ice cream? well, she's a good girl. Nevin gets them on the way home. Oh, Eric called. she left a message with the other broker, okay, so now what? no, wait, oh, yeah. well, don't worry, cuz we are about to become filthy rich anyway. finally, yeah, lotteries, over 200 million dollars. I got a tiket, so I think we're good. oh, why didn't I think of that? that's what you have. refor quieres veto program. ahora no comienza a las dos. okay, see me. necesitas entonces voy a estar fuera? stupid, hey, you want me to pick anything up. you know what Alima zone is. I don't care. hey, all right, love you, love you. mommy, I forgot my crystal bracelet. oh, that's okay, sweetheart, it'll still be there when we get back. hmm, everyone loves the picture I posted of you. 18t reminds you. you can wait.

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Top 20 Scariest Anti-Drinking And Driving PIFs And PSAs (Part 1/2)

you. you don't bring me flowers, you don't sing, never, ever drink and drive. as a result of attending the scene of a road accident, I spoke with the driver and suspected that this man had been drinking, because we all sort of said: you understand, empty your pockets, turn it inside out. yeah, great, a specimen of blood for the partikle analysis. I regret to inform you that the girl is dead. drops everything unless you wish to do so, but what you say may be given in evidence. cup of tea, sir, why's Mark Brandon? read or become a chopper. here's the guy's beard man. I'm a most here, yet there may hate my guts. I'm not a very popular person, but do you drink and you drive? you got me on the road. you kill little kid, no lady, no person, some young mother pushing a pram across a road, and you guys, people, you wipe them all up. you still hate me. yeah, you still hate me, but you're no different than I am. you're the same as me. you're a murderer. make it just the same as I am. one, two, one, two, three, she's gonna be all right. don't make a bit all right. no, the driver, the vehicle, sir, pulse. no response. yeah, didn't you. shall I do. I've blown across every time. yes, I've gathered. never, ever drink and drive. could you live with the shame from daily supported by AXA insurance? every drink increases your risk of crashing. every drink increases your risk of crashing. every dragon raises your risk of crossing. every drink increases your risk of crashing at home. yet, never, ever drink and drive. what are you drinking? same again. no, not for me. well, I'm driving, but I'll get pulled on a Sunday. give me a half. half is what girls drink. it's important, man. oh, go get them your mom's for dinner. mundane, just one more. all right, I'll get me a pie. come on, Dave, just my heart. Nick- that's my boyfriend- still feels bad about it. it's as much my fault to guess. I got in the car with him. nothing was strong current of Ben, but it only had a couple. anyway, we still together, though sometimes I think he's only with me because he feels guilty. then again, I wonder if ammonia with him, because I'm scared. I won't guess anyone else. it's just a huge voyage and there's nothing to fill it, nothing at all. the driver be drinking. I just smashed his car in the back of Michelle's car and she died of his injuries. oh, she was full of energy for enthusiasm, even if I could just hold her hand five minutes or tear again how much I love them, or just touch a hair. but I would give the world.

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Google Ads Tutorials: Driving performance with Google Display

برامج تعليمية حول "إعلانات Google". تحسين الأداء باستخدام "شبكة Google الإعلانية" يشكّل "بحث Google" طريقة فعّالة ليصل نشاطك التجاري إلى عملاء جدد وحاليين يبحثون عن نشاطات تجارية تشبه نشاطك التجاري, ولكن في أيامنا هذه أصبحت رحلة التسوّق على الإنترنت معقدة. فالعملاء لا يعرفون ما هي السلعة التي يبحثون عنها على الإنترنت. بالتحديد, وتستند عادةً قرارات الشراء إلى ما هو معروض لهم. من خلال إدراج "شبكة Google الإعلانية" في استراتيجيتك الرقمية الشاملة, يمكنك الوصول إلى العملاء في كلّ المراحل أثناء تسوّقهم على الإنترنت, بدءًا من العملاء الذين لديهم اهتمامات واضحة إلى العملاء الذين لديهم نيّة في الشراء. إذا استخدمت "شبكة Google الإعلانية" لتطوير استراتيجيتك الرقمية لتتجاوز شبكة البحث, يمكن أن تظهر إعلاناتك على 3 ملايين موقع إلكتروني وتطبيق ذات صلة. فتصل إلى 90% من مستخدمي الإنترنت من خلال نصوص, وصور وفيديوهات. تعكس نشاطك التجاري, وسواء سبق لك عرض إعلانات على شبكة البحث أم لا? تتيح الإعلانات الصورية الوصول إلى العملاء أثناء رحلتهم المعقّدة والمتعدّدة الخطوات? يمكن الوصول إلى العملاء من خلال "شبكة Google الإعلانية" بطرق عدة. في هذا الفيديو، سنُطلعك على كيفية إنشاء استراتيجية إعلانية من أجل تحسين الأداء بالاستناد إلى أهداف نشاطك التجاري. إذا كنت تبيع منتجات فعلية على موقعك الإلكتروني، ابدأ بحملات التسوّق الذكية. تستخدم حملات التسوّق الذكية, عروض, الأسعار المبرمجة والاستهداف لعرض المنتجات المناسبة من مستودعك أمام العملاء المناسبين. تصل هذه الحملة إلى عدد كبير من العملاء الجدد والحاليين في نشاطك التجاري. إذا كان لديك ملفات منفصلة لأصل التصميم, تستخدمها للوصول إلى العملاء الجدد. ننصحك أيضًا بعرض الحملات الذكية على الشبكة الإعلانية مع حملات التسوّق الذكية للوصول إلى هؤلاء العملاء الجدد. وإذا كنت تبيع منتجات فعلية في المتجر، ننصحك بزيادة عدد زيارات المتجر بفضل الحملات المحلية. وإذا كنت تبيع منتجات أو خدمات غير ملموسة أو تجذب عملاء محتملين إلى موقعك الإلكتروني, ابدأ بحملة ذكية على الشبكة الإعلانية. هذه الحملة هي أسهل طريقة للوصول إلى عملاء أكثر. على "شبكة Google الإعلانية" وتضبط هذه الحملة تلقائيًا عروض, الأسعار, وتصاميم الإعلانات والجماهير المستهدفة. وتتعرّف على عملائك المحتملين بالوقت الفعلي. على سبيل المثال, يمكن أن تصل الحملات الذكية على الشبكة الإعلانية إلى عملاء سبق واشتروا منك, فضلاً عن العملاء الذين لا يعرفون نشاطك التجاري بعد. لتكون مؤهلاً لاستخدام الحملات الذكية على الشبكة الإعلانية, يجب استخدام تتبُّع الإحالات واستيفاء متطلبات الأهلية المستندة إلى الإحالات. إذا كانت هذه الحملة متاحة في حسابك، ابدأ منها. وإذا لم تكن مؤهلاً بعد لاستخدام الحملات الذكية على الشبكة الإعلانية, يمكنك الوصول إلى عملاء جدد وحاليين باستخدام رسائل مخصّصة من خلال إنشاء حملات عادية على الشبكة الإعلانية. هذه استراتيجية فعّالة للحسابات الجديدة أو الصغيرة التي ليس لديها سجلّ إحالات أو التي لديها عدد إحالات ناجحة قليل. يمكنك أيضًا عرض حملات التسوّق الذكي أو الحملات المحلية أو الحملات الذكية على الشبكة الإعلانية مع الحملات الصورية العادية. يتيح ذلك تقديم العروض الترويجية المستهدفة بينما تبحث الحملات الذكية عن عملاء جدد. ولتحسين أداء حملاتك, يجب أن تكون هذه الحملات الصورية العادية مبرمجة. ويشمل ذلك عروض الأسعار الذكية, التي تتيح لك إعداد عروض الأسعار تلقائيًا من أجل زيادة عدد الإحالات الناجحة إلى أقصى حدّ في كل مزاد. الإعلانات الصورية المتجاوبة, التي تنشأ تلقائيًا من محتويات إعلانك التي تقدمها, مثل العناوين والأوصاف والشعارات, والصور والفيديوهات, يمكن عرضها في كل الإعلانات على الشبكة الإعلانية لزيادة مدى الوصول إلى العملاء. لذلك لا يمكن مطابقة مستوى أدائها بأداء إعلانات البانر العادية. زيادة الجمهور, ثمّة عدد كبير من الجماهير المستندة إلى نيّة الشراء, فتتيح لك إعادة التواصل مع عملائك الحاليين وتوسيع مدى الوصول للعملاء الجدد المؤهلين, مهما كانت الطريقة التي بدأت فيها مسيرتك. تساعدك الحملات الذكية وعروض الأسعار وتصاميم الإعلان على الوصول إلى العملاء, مهما كانت وجهتهم في رحلة التسوّق لفيديوهات إضافية تتضمّن إرشادات مفصّلة حول "إعلانات Google", وكيفية استخدامها وتحسينها. يمكنك مشاهدة البرامج التعليمية حول "إعلانات Google". لطرح أيّ سؤال أو الحصول على المزيد من المعلومات, يُرجى زيارة مركز مساعدة "إعلانات Google".

If Jobs Were Honest | Honest Ads

hi, I'm Roger and welcome to my latest creation, life. the only way to experience my beautiful experiment is while huddled in a fragile meat suit that requires constant food and protection. you can either scavenge and hunt in the wilderness, or you can scavenge and hunt in society, which is a nicer way of saying. you can Rob and murder. but don't worry, I've created a third option: pages with faces drawn on them. if you have enough of these, you can exchange them for anything. don't have any of these Pages already, because your parents were too lazy to inherit and pass along generational wealth. don't worry, you can still get them just by doing stuff. I call it a job, and you'll need to have one pretty much every single day of your life until your fragile meat suit finally gives up. first there's table jobs- jobs where you sit at a table, you'll look in front of you and you'll push down at squares for anywhere from one to two-thirds of your entire day. it may sound repetitive, but the exact order in which you push these squares can make somebody- not you- an embarrassment of pages with faces. when I finish pushing squares, I drive home and relax by sitting at a different table and pushing the same squares, but in a different order, a well-earned rest. you might think it'd make more sense for you to press those work squares from your house and save a few hours driving from one table to another and save your crotch from tightening uncomfortable cloth around it every morning. but the people who distribute pages with faces already committed their face pages to paying for a building full of tables, so they're damn well going to make sure you're sitting in it. it's all right. the office is where I socialize and maybe even find love. it's true, you'll sit so close to other meat suits it'll feel like a butcher's fridge or a prison. you'll love toking with other table workers, simply because, though we plop you in the table room for eight hours a day, we can never think of enough stuff to fill those hours. but it's somehow worse than working, it sure is, friend. [Applause]. so maybe you'll instead become a blue collar worker, member of the working class. what do people like you like to be called? I don't want you to be offended. why would I be offended? because we all look down on anthropomorphic labor donkeys for some reason? hey, what I'm saying is you can specialize in what I call hand job. hey, jobs where you work with your hands. these jobs involve selling your body, but not in the fun, lucrative way, just in the low, paying, physically demanding way. at least my job keeps me fit. muscles grow when you strain them. all other parts of my body will deteriorate though: my neck, my back, my elbows, damn it if I don't look good doing it, and that's if you don't take a type of hand job that damages you extra well. can you offer me any kind of protection from all that? that's with us protecting you. everyone thought robots would do all the exhausting, dangerous stuff by now, but aren't you relieved that didn't turn out to be the case and you still have your hand job. if there's any job we'll replace with robots. it's actually oh [Music] people jobs, the kind where you deal with people. maybe you take things from one side of the room and deliver them to the other side, like in a food place. maybe you touch things with a machine so another machine can add up prices. it's a job so pointless we increasingly just let customers do it themselves. hey, I am not that replaceable. even if the machines and apps we build to replace you aren't as good at the jobs as you are, people will still prefer them to you because they're cheaper- no, it's hard to get much cheaper than seven dollars an hour. it's because they don't like you. they forget anything good you do. I'm not the bad guy here. it's the customers who are all, of course. they're stressed out, trying to ring the most out of what little time they have not working, all the while knowing, within just a few you Sleepless hours, they'll be back at their table or swinging a sledgehammer or dealing with horrific customers of their own in an aura borosian cycle of entitled sadness. there's got to be more to life than that there is. maybe you'll find something creative, something that gets your blood pumping, something that truly leaves your mark on this world. like me, I love what I do for now, but the only way you can keep doing what you love is by commodifying it and turning it back into a job like everyone else's. you'll no longer choose to do it. you must do it. you no longer decide how to do it. you'll do it the way we tell you. we could hire you to sing songs to kittens while eating peanut butter cups, but give us two months and we'll have you loathing every delightful minute. we'll get Fusion. I will do my ACT my way on this side until it finds. you know that's a great idea. all you'll need is some simple job, just temporarily, to pay the bills for a little while, until your passion becomes a career. that's what I did 20 years ago. hey, speaking of paying the bills, just how many face Pages do you get for facilitating what we do? Wow, way more than we give you. it's fair, though, because you're making as much as we let you think you're worth. otherwise, you never agree to work and, like I said before, there are other ways of getting food. I've been Roger, by the way, and while you're out here job hunting, I'm hunting too for the most dangerous game.

American Reacts to TOP 10: SCARIEST DRINK DRIVING PSAs | impactful PSA's | Impact Reaction

they call me squirrel. what's going on? squirrel squad, it is your boy the squirrel. and tonight i am taking a look at the top 10 scariest drinking and driving or drunk driving psas. i did the top controversial adverts and i put that out today and i had a lot of people emailing me, sending messages, commenting on the video, saying: you know, check this out, check that out. someone said: you know, check out some psas. someone else sent me an email and said: you know, the drunk driving psas are really, really unbelievable. so i uh decided this would be the first psa one i would check out. um, so here it is, it's the top 10 scariest drink driving psas. first time here, make sure you hit the subscription button. we do reactions, all different kinds of things that really all the kinds of things that relate to the uk and uh, and we're doing this drunk driving thing today. oh, here we go. be warned, it's got some graphic scenes. if you guys aren't into that, if you get scared, if it makes you sick, if you don't want to see it, i understand, be one. now, i don't know what it is, but i'm sure it's drunk driving. it's gonna be [ __ ] horrible. pardon my french, i'm sorry, it's to be horrible. [Music]. there we go. a scary intro: mike, enjoy, it's just a huge void and there's nothing to fill it, nothing at all. the driver had been drinking and just smashed his car in the back of michelle's car and she died of head injuries. oh, she was lovely. she was full of energy, full of enthusiasm. even if i could just hold her hand for five minutes or tell her again how much i love her, or just touch her hair, i'd i would give the world for that. [Music]. i was strong. i was real strong. i have to believe that those are her actual parents. that's what it sure felt that way. that's strong. i think that's effective. my name is mark brandon reed. a lot of people call me chopper. he's a guy. he speared me. i know most of you out there may hate my guts. i'm not a very popular person. but you drink and you drive. you're going down the road, you kill a little kid, an old lady, an old person, some young mother pushing a pram across the road and you go skittle. you wipe them all up. you still hate me. yeah, you still hate me, but you're no different than i am. you're the same as me. you're a murderer and a maggot, just the same as i am. wow, um, yeah, a killer is a killer, that's true. uh, that guy's a murderer, that's weird. huh, that's just kind of weird. don't drink and drive. that's, that's the message. don't drink and drive. dave, coy 1890. what are you drinking? same again. no enough for me. what i'm driving- not on a sunday. uh, give me a half half- is what girl's dream. what's the problem there? i've got to get dummy mum's for dinner, oh, his mum's for dinner, mommy's boy. come on, dave, just one more. all right, and get me a pine. come on, dave, just one more. i worked, uh, for quite a few years with, uh, mentally disabled adults. i've had to feed people. i've had to feed an adult, uh, when i was much younger doing it. i was my early mid 20s. i had to feed grown adults, people that are- you know my age now, in their mid 40s or 50s or 60s or 70s. um, some were because of physical disabilities, but some were because, uh, they were mentally disabled, um, and not all by birth. i worked with a gentleman who led a normal life until he got hit while he was driving his bike by a cement truck back in the 50s. um, i don't want to be feeding my kids. i have somebody feeding me blended up food. that's horrible, horrible killer. a lot of you people might be very upset that i'm not doing this commercial, but i'm advertising something. now. i know a great deal about that's killing. i've shot people. i've baseball batted them to death. i lie and barred him to death. i've stabbed him to death. i've set fire to them. if you get into a car- you've been drinking too much, you kill somebody, then you're no different than me. that's all it is. you're a murderer. maggot. different version of the earlier commercial, same guy. um, i want to know how is this guy sitting in what looks like a normal kitchen? if he really killed all these people, shouldn't he be in like a tight prison behind bars? you know he's a young guy, he's out already. or is he in some lazy ass, weirdo prison? i don't know. that's just kind of weird. it's- oh, it's australia. that was. i think these are wanted. [Music] australians. [Music] me. [Music]. [Music] drink and drive. could you live with the shame from does? wow, i got little. i got little guys like that. i thought he grew up and was playing soccer with his friends and he's going to get in the car accident. i wasn't expecting to see that. [Music]. one, two, three, sir, still no response. people's not reacting, it's doing nothing. the patient is now a systolic. i didn't mean it. [Music]. i've seen drinking and driving commercial for on tv, but these are, i think, worse than anything i've ever seen. um, i know in driving class, like when you're going to driver's education to learn how to drive and stuff, that a lot of those are pretty, pretty brutal and they bring in people that have actually killed and hurt people in accidents to tok to you to really kind of drive home the whole point. but on tv i don't like on regular television i don't remember seeing anything this bad. it's very, very, very impactful, very impactful. prison: when i was in prison i got slashed in the face, my ears cut off. i had a core hammer put from my brain just here. cutthroat raises here here eight and a half inch butcher's knife there. i stik up the back there. if you drink and you drive and you're unfortunate enough to hit somebody, you want to pray to god. you don't ever go to prison. another commercial with our friend chopper: um, i, uh, am i the only one who didn't notike that he didn't have ears until then. i mean i'm sure there'll be another one with him and, uh, just gonna stik out like a sore thumb. now, that's all. [Music]. loneliness, emptiness, painful, it doesn't seem any way out. the younger two children don't understand why i'm in it. they keep saying apologize and they'll let you come home. they don't quite realize what i've done. [Music]. the old lady that i crashed into, she, um. [Music]. she died and her face comes back. every time i sort of close my words, i find myself going back in the dream. it's trying to say the things i wanted to say, but it never happens. i sort of wish i could have said something in the hospital. it's just nothing i could've said, not to make it any better, because nothing would've made it. you live out the nightmare the rest of your life. wow, that nightmare of. i wish i could go back and change it. but think of the nightmare that the family lives through. you know, aunt greta was going to get some. you know some bread at the store and nothing out of the ordinary. yeah, that's crazy. so you just take away someone's family member like that. it's crazy. kathy is number two. how can she forget about it? she can't even sleep. she heard a kid at school saying you were a murderer. i don't know what to tell her. how am i supposed to explain that you killed a little boy? i won't ever understand why you had to try. not. everything's screwed up, isn't it? well, isn't it? look at me. you know anyone watching these things, you know i. i just i don't judge anyone who's just made mistakes in their lives. i've certainly made plenty of my own, but, man, i hope that someone is getting impacted by these as much as i am. i mean, this is crazy. i understand one or you know, having it on tv, whatever, but just watching this many in a row, it's so, you know. it just really makes you kind of think and it hits home as like what these families go through. i just toked about that a minute ago, you know. oh gosh, crushing number one, terry. there was no intent, it was never meant to happen, but yes, i killed somebody. i was driving home in the morning when i thought i was okay, but obviously i wasn't. i've left a husband and children without a mother and a wife and i've got to live with that for the rest of my life. very vivid nightmares, more realistik than anything i can actually remember. i'm just very sorry for my victims, the husband and the children and her family- another, i mean.