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Drop Servicing Q&A: Why Don't Clients Just Use Fiverr | Ask Dylan Sigley

Published on: December 2 2022 by Dylan Sigley

Drop Servicing Q&A: Why Don't Clients Just Use Fiverr | Ask Dylan Sigley

The above is a brief introduction to Drop Servicing Q&A: Why Don't Clients Just Use Fiverr | Ask Dylan Sigley.

Let's move on to the first section of Drop Servicing Q&A: Why Don't Clients Just Use Fiverr | Ask Dylan Sigley!

Drop Servicing Q&A: Why Don't Clients Just Use Fiverr | Ask Dylan Sigley

what is up drop services Dillon sigelei
here back with another video from a
private quarantine Supra location where
I'm going to be breaking down some
questions that I've received throughout
the week to give you guys the answers
you need to build a drop servicing
business let's go
so before we get into the video I just
want to say massive congratulations to
one of the students from the drop
servicing blueprint raider SWA from
poland he goes first and second sale
awesome mate and are you guys are really
crushing it so keep it up but let's jump
into the first questions I don't want to
keep you guys too long the first
question I hear is from Instagram so
they have a few questions the first one
is how would I ensure that the
freelancer delivers the service to
clients and that there is no lapse in
communication so obviously when you're
first starting your business you're not
going to be an expert in delivering the
service right not going to know exactly
how to do it and if you are trying to do
things from scratch two things alone
obviously you're not going to really
understand the process as it would be
but well I can explain to you is you
need to discuss with your freelancers
how they usually go about the delivery
process and you can backwards engineer
how to deliver the process in the best
and most efficient way possible that way
you'll be communicating with your client
exactly what the freelancer wants and
then you're going to be able to relay
that communication between the client
and the freelancer so there's no lapses
of communication you'll be doing all of
the communication yourself and then once
you master the process of delivering the
service to the client from the
freelancer you're going to be able to
automate it with a project manager who
can handle the process of communication
with the files delivery and feedback
going back and forth between the
freelance and the client and that's how
you automate things in the long term but
in the beginning I recommend you do
things yourself so you can actually
build that understanding between the
freelancer and the client the next
question they ask is how when and how
can I get the client to pay via PayPal
so obviously you need to get paid before
you begin production because at the end
of the day you're going to be paying the
freelancer to deliver the service so
what I usually do with my teams is I
have the client pay me 100 percent
upfront and then I pay the team a
hundred percent on delivery once they've
delivered the finished product but
another way you can do it if it makes
you feel more comfortable is you can
have the client pay fifty percent of the
total price up front and fifty percent
on delivery and you can pay your team
fifty percent up front and fifty percent
on delivery that way if
everyone's happy and you're good to go
and the final part of the question here
they say can I hire a freelancer you
definitely can't hire a freelancer
WordPress designer to design a website
for me yeah of course why not I mean you
can hire anyone you want to do anything
you want these days so go ahead man the
next question here is have you faced a
and do you provide the system of proof
of purchase other day I saw YouTube
toking about and got a bit curious yes
so with that drop servicing chargebacks
not really an issue refunds not really a
major issue they happen less than 1% of
the time so it's not something you need
to focus a lot and unalike with drop
shipping for example but they do happen
now and again I have had one charge back
and all of my tears doing this so it's
really not a major issue for you to
think about and all we did with that was
just resolved the charge back it was an
on the clients part and they just
resolved it I got the money back and
there was no issue with my payment
processor so it's not a major issue with
drop servicing I haven't really heard of
anyone going through problems with it
it's usually more of a drop shipping
thing when people aren't receiving the
products or they're getting low quality
products here the client knows what
they're getting and you're delivering
that service to the client and the
client is happy at the end of the day so
chargebacks not a major issue and
obviously you do have proof of purchase
they've made the purchase you've got all
of your details you know that they
agreed to the proposal they agree to a
contract if you had them sign that
contract so you have all the proof you
need there for it neither to be an issue
for you even if chargebacks do occur
it's still going to be on your side
they're still going to win their charge
back because you have all of the proof
at the end of the day so not a major
thing for you to worry about next to
subscribe the channel garena can you
make a video and how to start engaging
with clients for example if I want to
connect via LinkedIn how should i
initiate the conversation with the claim
what all things should I include an
email and how to put it forward yeah so
when you're connecting on LinkedIn you
sure you usually just want to be very
casual about it just say for example the
interested and following the industry
interested in following their niche and
you want to keep up to date with what
they're up to and what their company is
up to but of course when you're putting
an offer forward you need to be very
straightforward and there is an offer
right so you do want to be very specific
to the client the more specific it is to
their current situation than
like Leo you are to get a conversion so
to begin with you want to grab their
attention with something that's relevant
to them so you could say for example I
notiked something interesting on your
website and then from there you want to
define the problem so you could say for
example your competitor X is doing
Facebook advertising and they're getting
a 17 dollar cost per lead so they're
probably getting $1000 cost per sale for
a $10,000 sale if it's a really high
tiket thing with the Commission's a
huge like real estate right and then you
can say hey your competitor is doing
this but I can give you the exact same
results and then you're going into the
attainable solution showing them that
it's very attainable for them to get
that solution so you just need to break
down all the steps break down all the
costs and break down the process for
them to work with you once you've broken
down the problem and then given the
solution you want to have a bit of proof
and credibility so any testimonials case
studies statistiks you have they really
build up your argument that they need
your service they need to work with you
personally and then finally a call to
action at the end of the email or the
message or the ad whatever it may be
simply telling them what to do next
whether that be set up a call or reply
to your email or fill out the form on
your website or make a purchase then we
had leaders here can you do an in-depth
video about up work or getting your
first client please yeah so we've got a
video about getting your first client
and also a video about up work so check
both these videos outlet gurus and
you'll have the answer to your question
so my man Tim here had a question can
you make a video about the prices of
competitors and different niches and
then tell us for what price we should
sell the service by the way great video
learned a lot awesome so yeah I mean
when it comes down to figuring out the
prices at the end of the day you want to
look at first of all what the
freelancers casa right for a specific
package that you're thinking of selling
yourself once you have those freelancer
costs you want to go and check out will
your computer the websites reach out to
your competitors to try and figure out
what your computer's prices are now
you're not always going to be able to
figure out what all your computer's
prices are unless you do a lot of
in-depth knowledge and actually put in
the work if you're not willing to put in
the work you can simply just say hey
what I'm gonna do is take this
freelancers package here they're
charging $500 and I'm going to add 50%
to their
deep sea improv imagine so I'm gonna
charge $1,000 then you're getting $500
profit from that at service right so
that's what you want to do and that's a
really simple way of pricing your
packages just based on freelancer costs
because at the end of the day if all
you're doing is putting the 50% profit
margin on your freelancers prices you're
going to be undercutting any competitor
and any service niche and that's the
best place to start then as you start
getting sales you can start increasing
your prices over time as you build up
those case studies and testimonials next
I have a question here from being Hanny
hi Dylan how do you go about the
logistiks of connecting the client to
the specialist freelancer if a client
wants to go forward with the offer what
are the next steps so yeah at the end of
the day when a client wants to move
forward with an offer you usually are
going to have them fill out some sort of
questionnaire or onboarding document to
gather all of the information that you
need all of the assets you need to
deliver the service and you can figure
out what the information you need is by
simply toking to your freelancer and
asking them questions in relation to
what information they need to deliver
the service but when it comes to the
communication between the freelancer and
the client you're simply going to be the
person relaying that information right
so you're usually going to be doing this
over email or something like Trello or
Basecamp but usually email email so
you're simply going to be relaying the
communication the feedback the file was
back and forth via email between the
client and the freelancing team then
over time what you can do is hire a
project manager to handle that process
for you and completely automate that
step which is the awesome part right
next we have Erik Hernandez here what do
you use to seen proposals or contracts
online a PayPal invoice stating or the
details could work or you prefer
pandadoc so both of those options are
great at the end of the day it really
just comes down to your personal
preference it's not going to have a
major issue in terms of the conversion
rate and the likelihood that you're
going to close the deal but usually I
just seen proposals and contracts with a
word document and if you need it to be
you can seem to buy a DocuSign which is
really great but when it comes to paying
of course you can see the PayPal invoice
transferwise is another great option and
some people even use stripe just having
the client make a purchase directly on
their website but at the end of the day
this is so many options when it comes to
proposals in
and payment processors it's really just
up to you at the end of the day your
personal preference so I recommend
testing out a bunch and figuring out
what works for you next I have a
question here from Parekh sheath guard
yarn hey Dylan wanted to know how do we
ensure complete customer satisfaction
and drop servicing what if the customer
wants a refund and how do we deal with
quality related issues so when it comes
to quality control the first thing is
making sure that you set expectations
from the beginning with the client right
so the client needs to know what they
can expect from your service so efforts
for example something that is visual
like a graphic or a video that you're
going to deliver you need to make sure
that the client is happy with your past
work because if they're happy with your
past work they're more likely to be
happy with your future work right and
then if it's something that comes down
to the numbers such as advertising
YouTube Facebook Linkedin etc you can
show them your average numbers with
clients like them but at the end of the
day you need to have a disclaimer in the
contract saying hey we are not promising
you any sort of results with this etc
etc and you're gonna find that in just
every single Facebook contract known to
man so those types of contracts those
service advertising contracts you're
going to pretty much be stating and
setting those expectations it's up to
the client to read through and
understand everything in there but you
can ensure that client satisfaction by
making sure at every single step of the
process you're keeping quality right
you're assuring quality you're looking
at how things are being done and making
sure they're being done in the same way
every time the same level of quality
every time and you can train your
project manager with this through the
use of working procedures documenting
step-by-step why they need to do to
deliver a quality product or service to
your client then if the client wants a
refund at the end of the day it just
comes down to what your refund policies
are some drop services have 30-day
money-back guarantees some drop services
have no refund policies and some will
refund the amount that hasn't been paid
to the freelancer so usually they'll
just cut off the costs so they always
need to pay their freelance for a
certain amount they'll take that cost
away and refund the rest to the client
so at the end of the day it's up to you
what you do you just need to make sure
you're upfront
in the contract with the client what
your refund policy is next I have a
question here for my buddy Carlos Parker
hello Dylan great hunting just a
question how do you deal with the after
purchase for creative services having
worked in an advertising agency myself I
know some clients are very hard to
please especially with creative stuff
how do you conduct the usual
back-and-forth with the client usually
they reject the first drafts to the
client communicate directly with the
freelancer or should you be the
middleman between the communication
thanks yeah Carlos of course with
creative things like graphics or videos
is going to be back and forth feedback
and revisions each piece right so you
need to be very upfront with a client
from the beginning first of all if
there's any costs and revisions how many
revisions are included in each package
etc etc they need to really understand
what the revision process is going to be
so they completely up front with it for
example one of my business is powerful
sales Viacom we offer two sets of free
revisions each stage and we charge for
clients $60 for each additional set of
revisions so that kind of stops them
from doing a billion revisions
it keeps our costs under control in
terms of production and make sure we get
a bit of profit at the end of the day as
well by having to go for and all these
revisions for the client especially
because at end of the day as you as a
drop servicer your costs are going to be
lower than most of these big agencies so
the clients already paying a small
amount for the project so they should be
happy to pay for their additional now of
course I mean today you are going to get
some very hard to deal with clients and
those I usually just drop I just fire
those clients sometimes they even refund
them back when I had a refund policy
but yeah end of the day it's up to you
you just need to make sure everything
when it comes to these types of projects
that everything is written down in the
contract before moving forward with you
everything is set in terms of the
expectations the client knows what to
expect in terms of the cost in terms of
the number of revisions that are
included in terms of what the
communication process will be throughout
the production but at the end of the day
as well you mentioned how do you conduct
the usual back and forth of the client
pretty simple I use Trello and also we
have email so you just go back and forth
between the freelancer and the client
over their email
project manager manages that process of
communication with the files and the
feedback back and forth really simple
process sometimes it's my project
managers we even jump on a call with the
client if the client wants to but that's
quite rare you can also use Basecamp is
another good one to manage the
production process but it really is a
simple process in the end of the day and
these difficult clients are very rare
and my experience so another question
here from parrot seed Guardian and when
someone searches for web designing on
Google Fiber pops on top of searches
with both ads and search ranking as more
and more people are becoming aware of
drop servicing can we be sure that
clients will give ourselves our website
a look before going on further up work
blah blah blah
yes so at the end of the day my man
dropped servicing isn't something that's
like new or popping up it's been around
for years if since the internet begun
all of these digital agencies are drop
servicing for the most part and ones
that aren't slowly beginning to do it so
yeah it's common practike
agencies have higher prices than these
freelance in their works but at the end
of the day most clients you're going to
find want to work with the professional
high quality agencies versus going on
Fiverr and up work and having to search
through all the different freelancers
figure out how to work with and I'll
sure the level of quality that they're
going to get as well so it's just
different segments of the market
essentially some clients I've got I want
to go for the big fancy agencies some
are going to want to go for the small
agencies some are going to want to go
for the freelancers on up work or fire
or whatever it may be but you had you
did have a concern like oh what if they
what if my client finds Fiverr what if
they find up work you don't need to
worry about that it never happens even
some of my clients they've already used
Fiverr before they've used up work
before they've worked with other
freelancers and they didn't enjoy it
they prefer working with a company and
that's why they work with us because
everything today when you drop servicing
you're not hiring people on Fiverr and
just giving the project from your client
to Fiverr
that's really amateur and I'm not sure
why people are teaching that what we
teach and what drop servicing really is
is building a real online business a
real agency with a team there works
in-house in your company but it's built
virtually built over the internet you're
building it using freelancers who then
become your team in the long term who
become your long-term team and
eventually they stop looking at our
they stopped working on Fiverr and they
just work for you that's how it's done
because what these freelancers want is
for you to provide them with ongoing
work they just want the ongoing work and
if you're able to be that golden goose
so to speak and providing with those
golden eggs over a long period of time
that are only going to want to work with
you because you have a lot more say a
lot more influence in the decisions
because you're bringing them so many
clients but in saying that with Fiverr
with up work with freelance comm as a
drop servicer you can get sales on those
networks you can be on Fiverr and give
sales for your drop servicing business
okay so I know a lot of people doing
this and a funny story even when I
started my first drop servicing business
ever I hide a script writer eight and up
work and I was working with him for like
six months this is my first ever drop
servicing business a long time ago and I
hide the script right and he was doing a
great job and it turned out that he was
drop servicing the script writing to
other script writers so I was running a
drop servicing business selling my
services to clients and my team was made
up of a drop servicer who had as team of
script writers writing the scripts for
him that I was purchasing from him he
never told me he was doing that and it
didn't really bother me at the end of
the day because I was still making a
massive profit by selling that write
selling on those services and he was
making a profit everyone was making a
profit and the client was getting a good
price for the service still so at the
end of the day everyone's happy it's a
win-win situation and don't think of
Fiverr and upward as your competition
think of it as a marketing channel we
don't market your drop servicing
business and that's really the way to go
as well all right so as Fiverr becomes
bigger as upward becomes bigger and they
already are massive the huge companies
everyone knows about them you can still
use them as marketing channels for your
drop servicing business and make a
massive profit from them but in terms of
being worried if your clients find those
freelance networks most clients already
know they can work with freelancers they
just don't want to because it's a lot of
work for them to find a bright freelance
to work with and same with other
companies it's a lot of work for them to
find the right company to work with so
it's much easier for them it's a lot
less time and energy for them just to
work with you by you putting your offer
in front of him so it's popping in the
right place at the right time
it's part of finding the right person in
the right mark
meaning work with the company rather
than 5 or a freelancer and we also think
of these freelance in their works as a
marketing channel for your drop
servicing business and then you're going
to win at the end of the day whether
they get big or small whatever happens
so that's the video guys hopefully today
you learn a few things that you can
actually implement in your drop
servicing business don't get too light
subscriber notification bell and comment
below equus terms you want me to answer
in the upcoming Q&A video and I look
forward to seeing you in the next one

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