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Drop shipping on Craigslist???

Published on: December 3 2022 by Marc Augustine

Drop shipping on Craigslist???

what's up guys mark from DNA here it's
so weird
I'm so used to doing the videos in the
office I just be more comfortable to do
videos here I need to get used to doing
videos other places because I haven't
been able to do a lot of videos while
I'm a crank and shot the figure anyway
so someone posted it to you and Henry
posted something interesting in the
group this morning
so it's possible tired when has anyone
ever tried listening to Craigslist for
dropship fulfillment I've considered it
I would love okay so now that I read
what you post maybe he's not asking what
what I'm about to do the video on but
I'll do the video so basically what I
want to tok about a drop shipping on
Craigslist because I don't live in the
u.s. so I can't do this but this is
something interesting that's my buddy
Jeff who I also work with on getting you
guys discount gift cards my buddy Jeff
and I toked about and he used it with a
few years ago right um so basically what
he would do or what he used to do at any
products that he finds that either sell
lot on ebay or he thinks that I had a
really good price he would list that for
that brand new for sale on Craigslist
it's obviously at a price where you'll
make a profit once someone who's someone
commented on how possible yeah so once
he gets interest for that item
let's sum once they say yeah I won the
ident for this price he would now order
the item ship at himself
and that when the quiz ensures of
Selatan right for the completed price I
remember clearly that I think it's
interesting I wish it Jeff is a busy
[ __ ] but I wish we could have
this conversation but I remember clearly
that night one item that used to sell a
lot through this method was a [ __ ]
massage table I don't know wait got it
from this happily years ago this has to
be at least two years ago it might have
been more but yeah so that's actually
interested but so do you guys can try it
because I think that is sick you have
nothing to lose Craig this is free to
list on and it won't charge you any fees
when you sell it and you get cash the
challenge would be you have to risk
money to oddity I can watch your bushel
interest but if you get two or three
calls as the price affords that are
chances I would sell so I think that's
really [ __ ] interesting and that way
they they could come to you could order
to your [ __ ] house and they could
come to your house and hand me the money
and he actually did a given tell me you
is doing that a few times
now it makes up what Laura Morrison
doesn't have to do that anymore but I
think that's really interesting
anyway lovely guy traveler will
subscribe to the channel chatting at the
five thousand and if you think this
video interesting comment because I
think I personally think is hella
interesting and yet if you have any
questions and the email I'll answer it
and anything else looking at scripting
for the cool [ __ ] there like free
training in free mass mind you later