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Dropship Store Setup - Part 1 of 2

Published on: December 7 2022 by Nick Peroni

Dropship Store Setup - Part 1 of 2

Dropship Store Setup - Part 1 of 2

hey everyone welcome to lesson three of
module three setting up your store this
is going to be a big module there's a
lot included and I'm sorry a big lesson
there's a lot included in this because
this is where we really start to put it
all together everything we've been
toking about up to this point your your
branding your strategy your store model
and your vision of everything how what
kind of brand you want to create what
kind of market you want to sell into
what kind of niches you want to include
in your store and then what's it all
gonna look like so what I want to do in
this this video right here is not only
walk you through actually setting up a
store showing you an example store that
I built last month and ran some sales
through and how that was all set up but
then also looking at some example stores
that are out there as well
alright I'm not going to reveal any like
personal stores of my own and this for
obvious reasons of how much this is
gonna be distributed right the exposure
of this course but I will show you a
case study store that was set up last
month and we just ran a couple thousand
dollars in sales through it just so I
could use it as an example for setting
up your store here and then also again
look at some live examples as well we've
already toked about branding we've
already looked at a couple examples
stores but I really want to pull it all
together in this and show you exactly
how this all looks when it's built right
so this will be one of the longer
lessons up until this point because
there's a lot to cover and mostly here's
what we're gonna do right we're gonna
look at starting your free trial with
with that link and then entering your
store name is the first thing right
that's why the previous lesson to this
was all about choosing your store name
because you want to have a name by now
in mind it doesn't have to be a hundred
percent but you at least want a
direction right and then entering your
personal info of course that's just the
basic set up and then the rest will walk
through together I'm gonna show you how
to set this up from your settings to
your theme and your branding the
different pages you have to have
your navigation your domain all these
things alright an humble quick walk over
the dashboard and live view and test all
these different things that that we want
to look at in setting up your store so
this is gonna mostly be a lie over the
shoulder type training where I have a
bunch of examples and things that I want
to look at already set up alright so
first thing is you go to this link right
sokka v comm backslash e calm empire's
this is going to give you your link
where you can start your 14-day free
trial and basically one you want to get
started it's just like you see here
you're gonna enter your email address
and then you'll come in here to get
started this is where you have to choose
a store name right and so you'll you'll
choose a store name here and it'll tell
you whether it's available or not again
it doesn't necessarily matter what you
choose here because I'm gonna show you
how you can connect any domain to your
store so later if you choose a name here
that you don't like you can put in any
name okay and when you do this all right
when when you click create your store
the very next page it's going to take
you to has a quick bridge page before
you actually get into your store where
it's going to ask you some basic
information about yourself alright now
the important thing to remember on the
next page is that all that information
again can be changed but if you are
looking to set up a store that sells in
let's just go in on them let me just put
something in here really random like
testing store one two three right see
there's so many home editing created for
like examples right my test store one
two three four five so annoying alright
my how about my testing store
okay see like this literally does not
matter because I'm just doing this to
show you guys what what happens okay for
those of you who are brand new I'm not
planning on actually doing anything with
this trial that I create all right so
you'll see it'll tell you a little about
it doesn't matter what you answer to
these questions you can say I'm just
playing around
you can select these if you want help
but you don't need to select any of any
of these you can say zero I'm just
getting started and then you go to next
and this is where it's gonna ask you to
put your information here okay now
here's here's what I wanted to mention
it's important to note that this is your
personal info okay so what you put in
here you can put in if you already have
an LLC and you want to use that then you
can use that information here but this
is really meant for your personal info
but it will be used as your default
business address which we can change
later okay so whatever you put in here
can be changed later you don't need to
add to see this is optional but here's
the main thing of what I wanted to
mention about this is if you want your
store to look like it's set up in the
United States and to be able to accept
payments in USD all right that's the
main reason people usually want their
store to look like it's us because the
u.s. is by far the biggest market you
can sell into in the world and if you
want to be able to accept in US currency
which most people do because it would be
a big conversion rate killer for you to
try to sell into the US under a
different currency then you need to have
a u.s. address here if you live in
Croatia and you put and you select that
country here right and you put in a
Croatian address for example okay it's
it's going to set your store up in
whatever the currency is of the country
that you select and that's really
difficult to change later plus it's
gonna make it difficult for you to set
up Shopify payments later as well unless
starting out you choose one of the
accepted countries like the United
States Canada or the United Kingdom so
that may be a little work that you need
to set up ahead of time before going
into this is having a virtual US address
that you can use
or a business address that you can use
here to actually set your store if you
don't have one then just use what you
have and you can try to change it later
with Shopify right that I'm just letting
you know right now that's not part of
the course is changing it later to your
country because that's all based on
Shopify on a case-by-case basis so if
you are in one of the main countries
just use this if you plan on sewing
locally into your country then it
doesn't matter just use whatever your
country is but if you do want to sell
into the US and you want your shop to
accept payments and currency in USD that
can be changed later okay it can be
changed later but it's going to be more
difficult than just using a u.s. address
here from the very beginning okay
and so when you do this right the next
thing will be enter your store and your
14-day trial will be started and then
basically you go to select a plan
because your store will be on pause
until you choose a plan so let's walk
into this store example right here
alright so this is a store that you can
see that I set up it's paused right now
which you'll see right here because
we're not actually running anything with
it so I set this up and basically I'll
just show you here we can we can view
the dashboard basically just in the
month of July so last month you can see
it's set to the month of July 2018 as I
record this not anything like really
crazy here just 2300 dollars in sales
just to prove the store just to prove
what was going on one percent conversion
rate $35 average order value we can look
at some of the products that were sold
as well we were selling around the world
we had mostly United States UK you know
the top countries so anyway we'll look
at some of this stuff more I just want
you to see that we were running this
store in July and I want to say we're I
mean myself and I had my VJs on it my
team all right and so you see we we
peaked here at a $400 day on July 16th
and then kind of taper it off and I
started focusing on getting ready the
education that I wanted to put together
in this course I just wanted to show
this to to basically show you guys that
at the store and have you know multiple
hundred dollar days coming in pretty
quickly right and so I again this is
just meant as like a small level case
study because a lot of the courses that
are out there they don't even ever
actually go through showing you any my
demos right and so of course I'm not
going to reveal any of my own stores or
anything like that but I wanted to just
give you guys something that we couldn't
look at with like some data and an
example to show you that the setup I'm
using does actually work and would have
continued to work if we would have left
this store running and continue to put
money and traffic into it alright so
anyway here we go so let's get into this
because when you first get in it's not
going to look like this now you're gonna
have something here that says select a
plan okay and I'll go over the plans
first because when you select the plan
you can get started all right and select
the plan and it won't actually charge
you anything until your trial is over
but the deal is that you can't actually
start running a live store until you
accept the plan okay so this is the
basic Shopify plan here it's $29 a month
this is where I suggest you start the
only reason really moving up to the $79
plan is not really for the features
honestly no I mean yes the one feature
that is good here is you get
professional reports which are more
in-depth than what you get here you get
a lower transaction fee and you get up
to five staff accounts so this is better
when you are growing and you need more
staff accounts and you really are
selling multiple products and you want
to get those professional reports and of
course the 1% transaction fee definitely
matters when you start doing more volume
right you know if you start to get to
let's just say you do a $30,000 a month
1% versus 2% is a couple hundred dollars
so it's more than worth it for paying an
extra 50 to save a couple hundred
dollars right so anyway so that's what
it looks like on your plan alright and
you will there's really no need to bump
up to here until you're really scaling
and you basically you want to save an
additional percent on it
action fear you want to start adding
more step accounts so anyway so let's so
let's look at this right first thing
that you will want to do that I'll walk
you through is I would do this is to go
into your settings okay so in your
settings this is where you'll see that
you can come into your general settings
here this is where your actual address
will be and then this is where you can
set up your store name your account
email and your customer email so you
want them to be different right you want
your store name your account email to be
personal how you want to be contacted by
Shopify and then your customer email so
this is one of the reasons I say no
matter what your route domain is up here
you can see originally we started with a
name I started with the name trendy
wishlist and so I changed at the imports
Empire because I liked that name better
and so when I go to my store it will
actually be called imports Empire right
I put that domain over the top of it I
changed the name of the store and so
even though the root domain is trendy
wish list that's what I mean by you can
change it by changing your store name
here and adding a different domain name
in right here right you can change that
and connect any domain you want and
that's what's going to show up right
here because when you go into domains
you'll see that you can you have the
option to change your primary domain and
then send all traffic right enable
redirection so you you wanna you can
change it and enable all primary
redirection to that main domain that
you're using ok so back to settings
that's basically all you need in the
general settings right you had and this
is where your store currency is set to
change the format and you're gonna have
to change the address and this will all
be set based on whatever you want to use
right I just usually use the prefix here
of whatever the initials of the store
name are alright next thing that you'll
go through taxes I don't charge taxes on
my store taxes is kind of a gray area
you can consult with a legal
if you want to I'm not giving you tax
advice I want to make that disclaimer
clear but I will tell you personally
that I don't charge taxes on my store I
just I just make that up on my own when
I file taxes for my business account you
don't really need to worry about here
this is managing accountant permissions
when you want to add staff accounts this
is where you go to add a staff account
that's self-explanatory I'm not going to
cover that so then moving on the payment
providers all right this is where you
connect how you get payments it's one of
the first things that you'll want to set
up so you can set up a stripe account of
course you're using from the US
Australia UK or alarms are not even
Australian yet Shopify is constantly
rolling out to new countries for stripe
payments right now I believe that there
strike payments are set up and
definitely the u.s. the UK and Canada
they also I believe have started to push
it out into some other areas as well I'm
trying to think off the top of my head I
am Australia I think is is getting it
and I think also I think also Japan
Singapore there's a few places that
Shopify they're constantly trying to
expand where their payments are accepted
so you can and basically the way this
works is striketh is automatikally
integrated or Shopify payments is stripe
and it's automatikally integrated now if
Shopify payments doesn't work for you
you can always try to set up your own
stripe account like I did here you can
see it doesn't say Shopify payments so I
set up my own stripe account with stripe
again I'm not gonna walk you through
that because it's just a matter of going
as stripe and going through the process
PayPal you should set up your own PayPal
account I will give you warnings and say
PayPal has been known to cause issues
but I like to use them as a checkout
option because people trust PayPal it's
something that's accepted around the
world and people know it around the
world even though it can have some
issues again you know but I still
recommend using it and I recommend
setting up a business account with
PayPal because it's free so
a business count not a personal one get
all your information correct in PayPal
for your business profile and these are
the two main payments and I'm accepting
stripe and PayPal they do have other
options here where you can select
alternative payment methods to use these
are different things by golly pay bit
pay and so you can do that you can use
Amazon pay and you can also activate
your own custom payment method so if you
go through here this is where you can
select cash on delivery if you want and
this is where you can set up your own
custom payment method there's a lot of
different options in here ok so that's
all for payment providers because
Shopify can help you with that or your
whatever solution that you're using but
stripe is the main one that's out there
that people use stripe Atlas is a
worldwide accepted program that a lot of
people use if you're not from one of the
top tier countries notifications you
don't even really have to worry about
notifications except that you might want
to come in here and change the order
confirmation because the order
confirmation automatikally goes out and
at the very bottom of this you don't
want to change any of that HTML text but
at the very bottom there's something
that has to do with where is it maybe
it's not at the bottom well maybe I
already changed it will notify identity
change it will notify you when it has
been sent now if you're gonna set up
something like after ship and send out
notifications with tracking then you can
use this but if you don't want if you
don't want if you just want to ship out
orders without people wondering if
they're going to get a confirmation you
can delete this line now you may wonder
why would I do that well basically it
all has to do with drop shipping if
you're not you know if you send an order
out with drop shipping it's two to three
week delivery right so if you're sending
out something that says they'll get an
email when it's been shipped then you
might create a headache with yourself
where people get that email and what
people never get an email
I mean if you're not using something and
like after ship so if people get that
email their order confirmation and
they're expecting an email then you're
gonna start getting more and more like
people looking for order updates but
we're going to tok about after ship so
don't worry
billing obviously that's where you go to
get your bills you don't need to worry
about that checkout is somewhere that
you will want to look I'll just go
through this briefly I like to you I
mean this is fine they can check out
with phone number or email whatever
first and last name most of this is
pretty standard definitely have both of
these check that shipping address by
default enable auto completion for the
address don't automatikally fulfill
orders this is for additional scripts
you don't need to worry about that right
now show a sign on sign up option that
whatever yeah that's that's what they
I want to pre-select it just because it
used to be I would say pre-selected but
now with recent data privacy nonsense
happening all over the world I would
leave it unselected and then here's
where you can generate a sample refund
policy privacy policy and Terms of
Service and remember that because we're
going to use this when we come back
later so here's what I usually do I'll
keep the checkout page open because
we're going to use these automatik
policy generators to create pages on our
store later so that we have a page for
each one of these okay so I'll usually
leave this open and then I'll just open
a new tab with my stuff okay files you
don't need to worry about shipping okay
this is the other big one and where
you're going to need to think about
right now is if you want to charge
shipping on your store or if you want to
offer free shipping there's no yes or no
answer or I'm sorry right or wrong
answer and you guys been able to see my
address there but anyway there's no
right or wrong answer to this okay you
can so here's what we did on this
door all right domestik shipping started
at 495 and then if they order something
that's $30 and up it's free all right so
there's two ways that you can set up
shipping you can set it up by weight you
could well there's actually multiple
ways but the two main ways I use or you
can set it up by weight you can set it
up by multiple I'm sorry by price all
right so for this store free shipping is
only if they spend twenty nine ninety
five and up and it'll show them free
shipping all right International
shipping was eight ninety five standard
on everything by price and then domestik
shipping starts at four ninety five and
goes to ten dollars based on based on
how many items they ordered so now let
me go through this and break this down
for you okay
so the way that we're doing shipping
here as you can see it's by weight but I
want to make something really clear I'm
not actually doing this as a way where
I'm really weighing the items that I'm
selling all right this is a system
that's used simply because I wanted to
charge shipping on my store for basic
orders all right it's a strategy you can
either give free shipping and raise your
prices a little bit because no matter
what would it what matters at the end of
the day is that we know how much an item
cost us okay so for example I'm not
gonna get too much in the item pricing
on this but it does go into the strategy
a little bit about pricing items all
right so if we know an item cost us say
five dollars an item cost us five
dollars to fulfill on Aliexpress that's
cost of item and cost of a package
shipping whatever it is it comes out to
$5 just as an example and we know the
perceived value of that item that people
are going to buy it at is say 1995 all
anything over 1995 just doesn't make
sense for this item people are gonna pay
that much okay there's two strategies of
what we could do here right you could
charge 1995 with free shipping for the
product or you could make the product
seem like it's cheaper say say charge
1695 for the product but also
for 95 shipping the shipping is pure
profit because we already are factoring
in our overall cost so somebody might be
more likely to more likely to go through
the checkout process on a lower priced
item at 1695 because it seems cheaper
and pay the 495 shipping on the item
which in the long run actually makes us
more money in profit than charging
nineteen ninety five plus free shipping
there is no right or wrong answer I've
had stores that do both and they can
both be successful now the thing you
have to remember is if you're doing
print on demand you are actually gonna
have a shipping cost and there's not too
much room of how much you can fluctuate
the price right like a shirt for print
on demand might cost you ten dollars to
fulfill plus four dollars and shipping
so that's $14 you can't really charge
more than twenty to twenty three dollars
for a t-shirt so you might only want to
charge 2195 per the shirt plus four
ninety five shipping because then you're
able to get twenty six dollars out of
the sale as opposed to only twenty two
dollars out of the sale which is going
to leave your profit margins much much
slimmer okay so this is really a game of
profit margin in what we're doing
alright because you have to consider is
there really a shipping cost and if
there is then of course you need that
covered if there is not then what you
know what is your overall strategy on
pricing your item do you want to make
the item so cheaper and put and price
the shipping in as extra profit or do
you want to just give free shipping and
hope for higher conversions alright so
looking at this then how else is really
set up all right so if we look at our
okay and if I come in here and I just
take an example product coming down here
you can see when I come here those are
the variants you can see what I mean
right taxes should be unchecked so
anyway so you can see how you are able
to set the pricing on your product okay
so this product is 1495 here's where you
can put a compare at price that you want
to which is like the retail value right
this is the sale crisis is the retail
price and then down here is where you
can set the wait for shipping alright so
here's basically what happens is you are
just gonna make every item weigh a pound
or if you want to follow this shipping
method every item weighs a pound right
regardless of what it really weighs it
doesn't matter this is just for your own
internal tracking to create a shipping
system on your store so you make every
item weigh a pound and what that means
is here right that item will fall in the
0.1 the 1.9 pound category so it'll
automatikally add 495 shipping to the
item when they go to checkout if they
buy two items then it'll fall into this
category it'll automatikally add 595
shipping three items four items five
items six items okay and by the time
they get to six items they're probably
spending more than 29.95 anyway which
means this this will trump this buy
price and they'll get free shipping
alright so that's the idea of this
shipping policy for this store right
here it's an example of what you could
where there every item just weighs a
pound okay and so you're able to set up
a shipping policy on your store and this
would work no matter what if I print on
demand items I'd automatikally set the
weight to a pound and then it'll
automatikally charge to four ninety five
shipping on that item okay
this is an item with variance alright so
variance means it has more than one
option so there's a red and green option
for this so you make sure that it's like
that on both of them both there and so a
pound and then you're good
all right if we go back to all products
look at one more example for an item
that doesn't have variants let's say
this 360 rotating electric mop okay so
this does have multiple ones let's go
back anti-wrinkle serum all right one
option charge taxes will automatikally
be checked by default so sometimes you
have to the teams that was missed on a
lot of items in here nothing that
matters it's not running this store
anyway but back to the weight so you can
see when we set up this product with a
single item no variance that it just
right on that main page you come down
here you set the weight to one if you
have multiple variants and that just
becomes a process like the one I showed
you where each variant you have to
actually set the weight to one for each
one of those so anyway so that's how we
do this so every item is automatikally
by manual manual submission is made to
weigh a pound
I made this way two pounds then it would
automatikally be in this bracket right
in if somebody bought two of them that
it would automatikally be in this
bracket okay so that that's you see how
it's a manual control of how you can set
the shipping for your items all right so
now let's okay so let's actually open
this up so not add shipping zone edit
let's edit this shipping zone okay this
is for domestik alright so you create a
zone name based on usually it's based on
domestik like whatever your country is
and international the rest of the world
that's usually the best way to do it so
domestik is the United States and
regardless of where you live if you are
setting up a store to look like the US
then us would be domestik for you okay
and then you can see how we did it here
it price based rate free secured
shipping 29.95 and up so and the rate is
free and then weight based rates alright
and so it's easy to add a rate you can
name it whatever you want
I usually name it like some standards
secured shipping use that word secured
so they know
tracking it's secured it's protected all
right and you can set whatever weight
you want but when we're doing it like
what I did before I'm breaking it out
every pound okay so I only go to 1.9 so
that any one item falls into this
and then you can set the rate amount
down here okay and then for the next one
to two two point nine three three point
nine and so on and so forth and so the
rates go by pound but really it's by
item so if they order one item here two
here 3 here 4 here 5 here 6 here and
then for the the price based rate is to
save so free secured shipping minimum
price no maximum price free shipping
rate okay you could do that if you
wanted to add a rate and just do free
shipping for your entire store free for
the us free secured shipping minimum
order price zero free shipping rated so
that's what it would be so no matter
what they get on your store as long as
they add some type of item to your cart
they're getting free secured shipping
this is how you would set up free
shipping for your entire store ok so
then I'm not going to cover calculated
rates but if you actually wanted to set
up with a real shipping carrier and let
them choose different rates based on the
real rates of like USPS or UPS or
whatever then you would do that here
okay so that's domestik now what I do
for international shipping international
shipping here as a zone is number one I
specifically select what countries I
want to include okay so when you show
all countries it'll show you all the
countries of the world alright and you
can select basically which countries you
want included in what you don't wear
it'll have this big drop-down menu right
you can just include the rest of the
world if you want to if you check this
it'll include all of Asia as you can see
I specifically go through and only
selected the countries I believe that
I'm going to be marketing to and the
reason I do that
is because a lot of these other
countries that I'm not going to be
marketing to I don't want the headache
of somebody you know if you're running a
big campaign and it goes viral just
because you're not actually marketing to
say Yemen or Vietnam somebody might see
it anyway just because of organic reach
people sharing it friends commenting on
it they might see that post and so
somebody randomly from Vietnam could
come to my store and make a purchase but
since I don't have Vietnam selected as a
country in my international shipping
zone they won't actually be able to
check out because they won't be able to
use a Vietnamese address to go through
the checkout process because that's not
a shipping option for my store so it's
just a way that I like to go through and
select only the countries that I
actually want to sell into that way
countries that aren't involved we
already went through the whole worldwide
shipping thing and my pluses and minuses
for selling the different parts of the
world and so that that's my theory
behind all of that and then I just do a
basic Christ based rate for
international shipping okay secured
International shipping price range zero
and up so no matter what they buy it
doesn't matter it's always going to be a
flat rate of 895 some some countries
will be less some countries will be more
but 895 so it should about cover it and
the reason I don't do the weight base
trade and start at 495 is just because I
know it would get too expensive because
I can't start at 495 because shipping
miss some countries may cost 495 so I
need to start higher so I just do a flat
rate for all the international countries
now you need to be careful as well with
print-on-demand with some of those
because print-on-demand companies if
they're shipping international will
charge different shipping rates that
could go up to $10 or more based on
whatever the item is that you're selling
so anyway that that's everything really
for shipping alright and getting your
shipping set up on your store all you
need to decide is if you want to do free
shipping or actually charge shipping
which I would make that decision based
on number one if you have printer
the man on your store then I would
charge shipping charging shipping works
anyway so if you want to be able to show
like lower prices by a couple of dollars
and then make it up on the shipping for
sure you can do that if you want to know
what is generally considered to get the
highest conversion rates storewide then
free shipping is generally what's
considered a higher conversion rate is
free shipping but you might make a
little bit less but hopefully you'll
convert a little bit more okay so that
that's the whole shipping deal and then
that's everything really sales channels
I'll go over quickly you don't we're not
going to focus on this right now
different sales channels is is more an
econ ascension program but they do have
multiple sales channels in here that you
can automatikally link in like Amazon
like messenger Facebook Pinterest
Instagram okay and what these allow you
to do basically like BuzzFeed Whannell
oh this allows your products to be on
their marketplace and you give them a
commission percentage messenger allows
you to sell your products right through
messenger Amazon obviously lets you sync
your listings to Amazon but it's a big
there's a lot of red tape to go through
that kick is a messenger platform just
like this that allows you Facebook
allows you to set up a products your
products on your Facebook page
Pinterest viable pins so eBay Instagram
there's different things that you can
use but I just want to make you aware of
that we're not going to cover them in
this training because they're their own
whole different thing and that the focus
of this training is to show you how to
get set up and start using Facebook Ads
to to make sales
alright so that's everything in the
settings okay we walked through all the
basic settings and this is where I start
with my store first okay this is we're
getting your store set up now the next
part is going to be setting up your
online store right this is all
everything else your theme your pages
your navigation don't
main preferences all that stuff alright
preferences is where you're going to
take your store out of uh basically out
of development mode when you are ready
the load speed okay really long alright
so when you automatikally get started
your store will be enabled with a
password so you just unchecked this
right here when you are ready to make
your store live basically what that
means is when you go to the home page of
your store it'll just be a big password
protected page until you until you
select the plan and once you select a
plan then you can take off the password
Google Analytiks and Facebook pixel
we'll cover in a separate section this
is your preferences is also where you
set your homepage title okay whatever
you want your store to be called and
then where you can put in a quick
description about what you're selling
basically so like for this one just said
shop our best items from skincare
outdoor fitness kitchen and dining
beauty and cosmetiks gadgets tools and
Home Improvement car accessories and
more you'll love the deals we have on
amazing items basically this is a
general type of store where you can see
the different categories we had for
everything that we were selling alright
so I wanted to show you an example of
like a general store that kind of sells
across multiple different categories all
so let's now before we get into themes
because that's really one of the biggest
sections okay let's tok about your
domain I already toked about your
domain but your domain here is where
you'll connect your domain which is
usually you know you can buy your domain
wherever you want to alright I use I
page comm to buy my domains you can use
GoDaddy you can use whatever you want
you can even buy the domain right
through Shopify but when you go to
connect an existing domain Shopify will
actually give you instructions okay so
you can learn about connecting your
domains if I were to put a domain in
here and click Next
it'll give you instructions for
all right so since there's already good
instructions that exist on that and it's
easy I'm not going to cover that but
this is where you would connect any
domain you want that you already bought
through a third-party provider like
GoDaddy or iPage or you can buy a domain
right through Shopify if you want to as
well but I always get my domain through
my own my own hosting provider all right
all right pages let's cover this briefly
before we go into the theme when you
have your pages all right this is kind
of some basic ideas of what you want to
cover in your pages when you're building
a brand when you're building a store you
want your store to be as legit as
possible right so when they look at now
there's two different things that you
can use basically to kind of create your
store navigation you could put your main
pages up here in the main menu or you
could do what we did on this store put
your categories of things you sell in
the main menu and have your pages all
down at the bottom Quick Links get
InTouch newsletter sign up right and so
at the bottom we have all the pages and
so you want to have multiple pages on
your store because this gives confidence
to people not only does having a
legitimate support email set up on your
actual domain which is why I do it the
way I do it like I page you get free
email with every domain that you buy
right so I set up a support email
address with every domain and then I
just redirect the support email address
to whatever my host
I'm sorry whatever my help desk provider
is which I use help scale all right so
that's really easy again not something
I'm going to cover here because you can
it's really easy all you have to do is
go into your hosting provider and ask
them how you forward your email address
to a third party
customer email desk like help Scout or
Zoho or whatever and so I have mine set
up to go to help scale and then a phone
number just a basic phone number like I
already toked about both of these
things you can get a phone number to
call tour dot net
toward calm and they have a $5 plan you
have to do a little searching for the $5
plan but basically they have a $5 plan
to set up a phone number and then you
see all these links that give people
confidence right we have an FAQ and
about a contact page refund policy
delivery policy secure checkout why buy
from us Terms of Service privacy policy
and gdpr compliance right so like
there's a lot of stuff here to help
people have confidence that our store is
legit it's been set up and they're
covered and they can be confident and
shopping from here all right and this is
where you create your pages basically
it's a really simple format to create a
page right you just click add page here
and then you'll get this basic layout
page which is where you can come in name
the page and then create like your basic
about us
and preview the page as well when it's
done okay so it doesn't need to be
anything complicated this is just you
know our about else so the idea for
imports Empire right is a play on the
drop shipping because this is a drop
shipping store so as a play on that of
being able to you know like just like
imports Empire you get it it doesn't
require any any real thought so we're
not hiding the fact that we import
products for people we offer customers a
variety of the latest trending products
from all around the world we offer all
this while providing high excellent
customer service and friendly support
run by family and friends we always keep
an eye on the latest internet trends and
put our customers wishes first that's
why we have satisfy customers all over
the world the interest top priority so
basically we just make it all about the
customer and toked a little bit about
the type of things that we try to sell
on our store your about us is an
important page because people are going
to go there and look at it but it
doesn't need to be overly complicated
right it just needs to fit a story to
the business ok which is what we did
here a basic story about imports Empire
we're a store that finds a trending
products from all around the world we're
a family-run business focused on
customer service and friendly support
and making sure we find you the best
things okay makes you make this an
enjoyable shopping experience for you
all right and that's our about Us page
contact us is really simple okay the
contact us page there's a contact
template see there's a page contact
template that you can use put in a
simple picture and just have some simple
text about how they can contact you
right and it'll have the contact form
right here and then this email address
is linked to your help desk so any
contact form that goes in will
automatikally go to your help desk all
delivery policy this is based on a drop
shipping delivery policy where basically
we toked about toked about we ship
worldwide and just give them a basic
rundown of the drop shipping model we
have distribution channels with
manufacturers all over the world so you
order gets processed at the manufacturer
and shipped within a few days this
direct supply chain allows for us to cut
60% of the cost and bring amazing prices
so you see we're actually explaining the
process making it out to be a benefit to
them and then giving normal delivery
times on most items all right so we're
definitely keeping it 100% with the
customer and making an actual page where
they can see the delivery policy and
more importantly where we can protect
ourselves as a store if there's a
complaint later on or if there's a
charge back later on or if there's some
type of problem all right it's all
explained in the delivery policy and
again this is what the page looks like
when somebody goes to it right
okay so FAQ page alright pretty
self-explanatory when you go to an FAQ
page you're gonna see most stores you
know you're gonna see most stores have
some type of FAQ page right
okay so most places will have one and
you can get an idea of what kind of
customers you want or I'm sorry what
kind of questions you want to include on
here like they have just a few questions
for the one that we built I go through
and have a global merchants and artisans
we cover the shipping time right away
100% satisfaction guarantee
it's that got cut off so now it's on the
basic refund policy for different types
of items retail shirts free plus
shipping items our business address that
they can send it back to even though I
don't accept returns it's still good to
have a virtual address then what if I
receive the wrong sure how much is
shipping international so you can check
this all out on your own time but
basically a basic FAQ page right is
important to have where we are here
privacy policy GDP our compliance refund
policy and Terms of Service all three of
these pages if you remember all three of
these pages are from here so when I did
this generate sample refund policy
change your address and email to what it
should be in here alright because it
might pull your email from like your
personal and so you want to see like you
want to make sure your email addresses
are updated okay but anyway what you're
gonna do is just basically copy once
you've once you've made sure it's
updated you're basically just going to
copy the whole thing and then you're
gonna go to add a page here right and
then you're gonna paste it and just call
it your privacy policy all right so
that's good because what Shopify will
automatikally do with these pages you
might be thinking why do I have to
create them twice these pages will show
up at the very bottom of your checkout
okay so when somebody actually goes
through to your checkout process
so let's come here okay let's click the
get it now button and let's go to
checkout Oh checkouts disabled that's
alright because the stores paused anyway
when they were too
go to the checkout page they would see
at the very bottom privacy policy Terms
of Service refund policy
all right so Shopify includes these
pages on your on your checkout page but
they don't actually include it on your
store so one thing you want to do to
have these here refund Terms of Service
privacy policy is actually create the
pages in here and that's what you can
see I did is here's here's the refund
and return policy all right and you'll
put in the actual amount of days you
want your policy to last the privacy and
GDP our compliance okay so it just said
just says forgot to update all of these
for when we change the name all right so
it just says privacy policy went in here
but what I did just to make sure it's
good is called a privacy policy and you
when I when I took this and actually put
it on the store called a privacy policy
in GDP our compliance because remember I
gave you those links so those links that
will help make sure you are you can just
type it in it's real it's real simple
like if you type in Shopify GDP are
so they have a document and they have a
way that you can actually you know set
this all up right on right on your store
for you okay so they cover all this
stuff and give you the things that you
need to include and then all you need to
do is make sure you include it somewhere
in here all right and or just you know
just just look it up because like I said
they have they have this isn't
necessarily even the right one there is
privacy policy generator so you can come
in here and get your policies created to
include requirements of GD GD P R okay
and and then just copy that stuff either
over you know right in here basically
when it creates that policy for you copy
the whole thing in here and then you can
add this at the end and say GD P or
compliance I spelt wrong so and you just
you can also see little mistakes don't
matter because a lot of people don't
even check this you're just protecting
yourself with all these pages and you're
putting these pages on there for the
people who do want to see them alright
so you'll put that on there and that's
how you get your privacy policy return
policy in terms of service you get them
right from this page and just by
updating them with the information
that's needed all right so the last
pages that we didn't cover are pages you
don't necessarily need to include but
again they're just extras why buy from
us secure checkout these are just really
simple pages that anybody could do where
we have a on this page buy buy from us a
buy with confidence program all right
that we include so again it's just
something extra to include for people
that are like on the fence they can see
that page if they want to and then
secure checkout we actually just created
a page that toks about the secure
checkout encryption that Shopify uses
that it never stores credit card
information on file
SSL certs basically just giving them an
education on what this means because if
your stores on Shopify then it is secure
and it does use SSL encryption and so
256-bit this is all true to every
Shopify store it just gives you a way
that you can add a little bit more
confidence overall to your store by
including these pages and then putting
them at making the navigation so now the
next thing when you get into the
navigation itself right now you've
created all the pages the reason we
didn't get into the theme yet is because
the theme is just the look of everything
you still need to create you just you
need to make the settings first get
everything set up and then create the
guts of your store like what are your
page is gonna be and what is your
navigation going to be in your domain
right get all this stuff set up first
and then all you have to worry about is
making your store look good
with the theme and then you start
focusing on adding products and that
kind of stuff all right so navigation is
where you're going to create your menus
all right you'll basically have a main
menu and a footer menu now like what I
said for what we did with this store is
we had a main menu that included the
categories of the store depending on the
type of store that you make you can have
two up three options here really you
could have a main menu that has all the
categories if you just have like a store
that has a lot of categories like maybe
that's what you want to do with your
main menu is just include all those
categories in in the main menu for
people like I want to show here I think
that's what they did as well but it's
taken forever for these websites to load
right now oh that's why I don't I don't
think that's a good idea
I see why they're doing that like
they're using a map is like a way that
anyway I took forever a load so you can
see they included a lot in their stay of
a mega menu right so they have a shop
link and then that goes to all their
categories it and even those categories
can break down into more categories I
can make a menu type thing and then they
have everything else in here as well
this is a good page to include if you do
have happy customers and reviews that
could be a great idea
so you can see they have a lot of
similar pages and so that gives them
that's what their main menu looks like
okay their main menu over here is their
is their items as well okay so they do
all their main categories of items right
in the main menu and then in their
footer menu is where they're gonna have
all their other stuff as well all right
so you can you can pick what type now
this is a custom theme by the way that
they're including all this and our
custom theme but anyway you can pick
whatever kind of choice that you want
but it's it's really based on it's based
on you right it's based on the type of
what kind of categories you want to
include but I do like this set up so you
could either do just all shopping
categories in the main menu you could do
all of your just regular links in the
main menu or you could do a mix of both
shopping categories plus you know that's
just all preference on you there's no
one way that works better okay and so
main menu you'll when you edit your main
menu all right it's just a matter of
like if you want to add an item you name
it here and then here
Shopify gives you a choice of how you
want to do this you can choose a
collection you can choose a product you
can choose a page policies whatever you
want to put and then name it and it will
link it right to it okay so pretty
simple that's how you do the main menu
and footer menu is the same exact thing
again it's just the footer menu there's
not really an option now some themes
will let you create more than one footer
menu which can be good because you can
have like a footer menu like for example
that not then let me see yeah they have
two right they have Quick Links here
that have to do with like customers
orders and this kind of thing track your
order is a link you should have I think
that's not actually on here her track
your order because we have shipping
policy well anyway yeah we have delivery
policy so we did it a little different
but where am i where am I
they have a second footer menu as well
that says search FAQ shipping returns
contact us which is like customer
service stuff so you can have more than
one it's just all kind of based on what
you want to do all right in your footer
but no matter what your footer should
include all your links so if you want to
split it up into two categories that's
cool this is gonna kind of be based on
what theme you use because your theme is
gonna choose your footer layout for you
but you so you can do it
either way if you want to have
everything in one menu or two menus but
all your links should be in your footer
for sure every link that you have on
your store for the pages that you have
should all be in the footer it's just a
matter of one or two all right and so
that's that's everything for your pages
okay and then next after I'm sorry your
pages and your navigation alright and so
that's everything for your navigation
now oh one thing else I'll show you when
when you're doing this you can create
sub items okay so if I wanted to create
a sub item of beauty and cosmetiks for
example let's say I wanted to have one
section it's just a shil care okay now I
don't have a collection for this but you
would have to have a collection for just
facial care and then I could select it
once you're saying this example skincare
is a subcategory of beauty and cosmetiks
okay so what I could do then is come
here and that's how you add it as a
subcategory all right and so if I do
that what that will change on my store
as you can see now there's a drop down
arrow so if I hover over this then the
skincare drop down comes up alright so
that's how you do that in your menu to
create multiple sub options underneath
any any given category okay
and so that's everything for the basics
really of setting up the guts of your
store alright the next thing that's
going to come in this is we're not
adding any products yet because you you
want to get your theme set first and
then start adding products and it's kind
of a two-part process because you'll
want to create like a test product
probably so you can test your theme
product page but anyway I think what
we're gonna do is cut this video here
all right because this has already been
an hour long on just getting the guts of
your store set up the basics of your
settings and your pages your navigation
your domain your preferences everything
really other than the appearance of your
store and that's a big topic in and of
itself so I'm gonna go back actually and
edit the the slide title for this being
part one and then we'll have a part two
as well that'll just be toking about
your theme your theme options and just
kind of walking you through how to
design a store and basically you know
what what it looks like going through
and getting everything designed and some
key points that you want to focus on and
different things like that so I'm gonna
cut this video here and I will see you
in the next one where we're gonna pick
right up basically what the same exact
tabs open and I'm gonna keep going
through it alright see you in the next
video real quickly though I guess if you
are going through this with me then you
should get everything done up until this
point that makes the most sense to me
get your pages created get your
navigation set you may not know yet what
categories you want to go into but at
this point like you can see why you have
to have that stuff figured out you have
to have a direction at this point you
have to know really what niche you want
to sell into or what market and then
what niches are gonna be in there you
can see with this store it was like a
big market general type store general
niche type store really because it's
still mostly the same demographic we're
selling like home improvement like goods
but we split it up into a few different
large niche categories that we turned
into like
our main categories on our store which
are then also going to be collections
which I'll show you when we get to the
product section toking about
collections and how you sort that stuff
in the categories so you can see why you
want to have that started now before we
really go any further because you need
to know what categories you need to know
what your overall store is going to be
and what the you know what you're going
to sell and what market you want to be
in all right so again
figure that all out get caught up to
this point and then I will see you in
the next video the next lesson
where we look at breaking down the theme
and how you start to make your store
look like something alive that's gonna
sell to people all right see in the next

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