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dropshipping activewear

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

How this 27 Year Old Made $909,834 In One Week From Shopify Dropshipping

long story short: first month I made 46,000 dollars profit. it was one hundred and eighteen thousand dollars in revenue, but then that second and third month it did like 1.3 million dollars in revenue and in two months. so this is Damien. he sells women's leggings strictly and only through his online store. he sold two hundred thousand dollars in one day and operates a seven-figure business. he attributes success to his skill and know-how with advertising and marketing. there's a lot of facets, obviously, but it's I kind of think of it as a funnel. it's like a customer journey through that funnel. so you have to capture them at the top with your advertising first, and then you have to take them obviously to the website after they click on that ad. and then the website has to look believable. your product price has to be good, your product has to be good and its perceived value has to be really good. you know, if you're selling something that you can buy at the store and you're selling it at the same price, nobody's gonna buy it. if you're selling something you can buy the store at like a tenth of the price, then you might get some sales. but if you're selling something that you can't buy at any store and it's a good price, then that's like a good product to sell. I guess, starting from the beginning of this, I was an e-commerce manager for a hotel management company for two and a half years, so I'd be like building websites and funneling traffic into them and just getting rooms booked for these hotels. it was all Google Ads, Expedia ads, basically where people are looking to book travel. that's where we would advertise and that's where I would go to take people away from the other, you know, make our own profile look better. so it was a good job. honestly, it was a good job and I I know, like my work, I was making these hotels a lot of months, hundreds of thousands and like millions, like it's not even kidding, like I was. I could see the numbers, how much money I was making them. and Here I am, like getting just paid a salary like dude, this is a big impact on a business like, let me do that for myself. and then that's when this whole like dropshipping thing happened. dropshipping has been around since selling online was in. you know, since, like probably the early 90s, overstokcom does drop shipping like- just give you an idea- like a ton of Auto Parts Warehouse. you go in there and you look for a freaking muffler or something. you buy from them and then they purchase it from like Netherlands or something and ship it straight to you, right, like, or they'll ship it to themselves and then ship it to you, but they don't like, just carry an entire warehouse full of all this stuff. they just list it. it's an arbitrage depending on the product that you choose and you know the potential of that product. a video that you can use in it as an advertisement has a crazy amount of ROI potentially if your product is good and you're a good marketer. you know how to do Facebook ads really well. you can pay $5,000 for a video and have that make you a hundred thousand dollars within a few months easily. if you know what you're doing, you know and I know because I've done that and it's it's definitely possible. so, um, yeah, I mean video is probably the best converting asset on Facebook. you can target through so many different ways and one of the most common ways to start out is interests. so, like, you can target people who like Victoria's Secret. target people who like Lululemon, fabletiks, which are other leggings brands. so, whatever your product is, target people who like a similar brand or anything having to do with that. you know what I mean. and then, um, Facebook's awesome because as you start getting sales from those like interests, Facebook learns with its AI and it starts learning what kind of customer profiles are gonna buy from you. and Facebook has so much information on everybody that it's like you wouldn't believe it. I don't know if you know this, but Trump won because of Facebook Ads. have you seen that documentary? the great hack? it's long enough. Cambridge analytik on the UK was his managing Trump's digital campaign and they made these Facebook ads. they they stirred up a lot of controversy and they were just painting people against each other, toking about black lives matter, toking about, you know, all these different issues and and then, at the end, offering that the solution to the issues is Trump will do this for you, even if it's not true, and that's why Facebook got in so much trouble. that's why I don't know if you remember Zuckerberg wasn't in court because of that. and so, yeah, Trump won the election because of that. and the document is really good. you should check it out. but it shows the power of Facebook ads, like even though, even if you think all Facebook's kind of dying, like my mom uses that you know, like dude, no, it's like still so powerful. plus, they own Instagram and you can also advertise on Instagram. now to your point before. I think it is getting harder to do because of this for one, the coronavirus. so any anybody with a drop shipping business- they're all gonna get screwed because their orders are going to be shipped out for another few weeks and even still, it takes like three weeks for it to come to the us from China. so that's where you have the big hurdle with this type of business model. that's why, yeah, it's all dependent on them and it just takes way too long. you have to compete with Amazon these days with one-day shipping and all that. so that's why, once this whole 1.3 million in two months happened, I was like dude, I need to make this long-term and I need to. I need to make this like a legit brand because it's the right product and I just need to figure out how to turn it into something that's gonna last. personally, I like creating my own store, because Amazon takes about a third of your profits and you have to for Amazon. you usually can't do drop shipping. you can't like ship straight from China. you have to buy all the product in bulk, store it out there warehouse and then get it shipped out. that's how they get their fast shipping times. you know, it's better for customers, but it's harder for sellers to just get your foot in the door, but it's definitely possible. and the guy who inspired me, actually that's what he does on Amazon. he was a multi-millionaire, you know, but just for me, I, I like my own thing because, you know, I get to keep most of my profit. well, on YouTube, if you type in a, you know, drop shipping, Shopify, drop shipping, you're gonna find a ton of stuff. a person in specific who I thought was pretty good as a Gabriel saint-germain. he's pretty knowledgeable, and the thing about all these guys is they're like in their early 20s, they're like 22, 21, 23, like close to being millionaires, and they're just like- or so they make it seem, I don't know, yeah, you know, yeah, they could be lying about that, but, um, you know, though, those are the guys who are like dropping all this knowledge on on YouTube. watch them all, and I don't know. I'm just take bits and pieces. but the most important part is implement it. yeah, you have to practike it. if you're, if you're thinking about doing this: you're sick, your job and you want to like go and try to start your own business, take active steps to doing so, research it, understand it and everything. but don't just like at the end of all that research, don't just like wait for something to happen, like make it happen, yeah, just do it. you know, that's that's probably I don't know the best advice. I kind of dug out all of the good date, like the juice and everything. so I appreciate you kind of sharing that story and being transparent. yeah, sure, cuz I mean obviously that's amazing and that's inspiring for probably a lot of people watching. so

How to Start an Online Boutique (Dropshipping Clothing)

if you want to start an online boutique where you have no upfront costs for inventory, don't have to ship the product yourself and only purchase the inventory that you've actually sold, this video is for you. i'm going to show you, step by step, how to start an online boutique, so that you can stop putting it off and get started today, before we get into the video. if you like videos about winning products, drop shipping, shopify themes, apps and tutorials, do us a favor and hit that subscribe button and turn notifications on. now let's get into the video. alright, first things first, let me explain how there are no upfront costs for inventory, typical with clothing stores. you would order several different clothing items- pants, shirts, skirts and etc. and order a few different sizes for each product. so, say, you want to stok this t-shirt, you need to order sizes extra small to extra large and you want about five sizes of each. well, if the shirt costs you five dollars from the manufacturer, you've spent 125 dollars and have no guaranteed sales. that price does not include any color variants of the shirts or shipping, which is another thing to consider. if the product doesn't sell, well, you're just out the money. what i'm suggesting you do is something called drop shipping, or you could do print on demand. with either of these, you don't order any inventory and instead you post photos of your products on your website and if you make a sale, then, and only then, do you tell the manufacturer: hey, i made a sale, can you ship this to my customer? so what do you need to start an online boutique? the first thing you need to do is decide what type of clothing you want to sell. do you want to sell clothing for kids? for adults, is there a certain aesthetik? you want to sell cottage core, dark academia, fairy core, or do you want to create your own brand and sell your own designs? deciding this is important for two reasons: one, it's going to determine which supplier you go with, and number two, it's going to help you create a customer avatar. this is information about your target customers, such as their age, where they live, what their interests are and etc. knowing this is super important for your marketing. the next thing you want to choose is a supplier. i have a few different options for you: one's for if you're selling your own designs and ones for if you want to drop ship. you are creating your own brand designs. you will want to go with a print on demand company. the two i'd recommend looking at are printify and printful. when comparing these two, you want to take a few things into account. number one: which one offers the types of products you want to sell. for example, if you sell plus size clothing, you're going to want to make sure that the supplier offers the size range you need if you want embroidery or certain colors. again, those are all things to check for. number two: which one offers the best price? your profit is going to be whatever you sell the product for on your website, minus what you pay the manufacturer for the product, minus shipping. you want to make sure you have enough leftover after all those subtractions to make a profit. number three: which one offers the best shipping time? in the previous step you should have figured out where your target audience lives, so make sure to compare which company is going to offer you the best shipping time to wherever it is you plan to ship. by the way, don't forget to add processing times to your calculations. processing time is the time it takes them to make the clothing item. so processing time plus shipping time is the total time it will take to get to your customer if you are drop shipping. there is cj drop shipping, aliexpress, von mart and more. i'll leave a list of drop shipping suppliers in our description box, but with any of these, just like the print on demand ones, keep price and shipping time in mind. shipping time especially because most drop ship suppliers are notorious for month long waits or more, which is going to make your customers unhappy. all right, you've got your supplier. now it's time to create your website. i recommend signing up with shopify and make sure to get your own custom domain name. shopify will give you a free domain name when you sign up. it will look something like this, but i recommend purchasing a custom domain name to make it look more professional and trustworthy. having a short, easy to remember domain name is going to be very useful for marketing, because with tik tok, for example, you won't be able to add a clickable link until you hit a thousand followers. so having something short and easy to remember in your bio is going to make it much easier for your viewers to visit your store. once you've signed up for shopify, the first thing we're going to do is add our products. you actually don't need to manually add them in yourself. you install your suppliers app, connect it to your shopify store and then it will walk you through how to import your products with a few clicks. all you have to do is click on apps and then type the name of the company you used. so, for example, if you've done print on demand, you would type printify or printful. if you've chosen drop shipping, you would use cj drop shipping or a different drop shipping app. it really just depends on whoever you went with. also, pro tip, if you're doing print on demand, i highly recommend using placeit. with this website, you can place your own designs on any of these photos to show what it would look like. they have a huge library of photos to choose from. you can find photos for hats, leggings, sweatshirts and more. printify and printful do provide you with free photos to use, but if you want to level up, i highly recommend using placeit. all right, now that your products have been added, we are going to work on the design of your store, so you're going to need to select a theme. when making a theme choice, people often go based on looks alone. but put your personal preference aside for a moment. remember your target audience, because ultimately, it is them who's going to be using this website. you want to choose based on what is going to appeal to them. choose something that is easy to navigate, where they can find what they're looking for quickly and what showcases your products the best, especially on mobile. moab is a theme that does all those things, so i highly recommend choosing this theme. there are great free themes out there, but the benefit to going with a paid theme like moab is that it's a turnkey design. it's ready to go and has a lot of amazing features that you don't get with free themes. you don't have to spend hours changing colors, fonts, adding apps. it already comes pre-designed and equipped with all the features you need. it also comes with two different theme presets. moab is the first one, but they also have inner, if you prefer this look instead. typically with free themes, if you want to add something like these color swatches here, you would need to install an app and, depending on what you want to add, some apps you do need to pay for, but with moab it's already built into the theme. it's going to save you a ton of time and this way you know it's done right. as much as we like to think we can design our stores ourselves, the truth is. the end product often doesn't look professional and it can be an extremely long and frustrating process. so save yourself a headache: get molab. all right, i'm going to get everything set up on moab now you can follow along with me. starting from the top, i'm going to select my logo. next we have our hero banner. you can choose a full width banner, a 50: 50 style or a 70: 30 split. moab gives you the choice of adding a photo or a video hero banner. i personally love the look of video banners. i feel it just gives your store a more professional feel, so i'm gonna go with the video option. all i did was upload a video to my shopify files. i copied the link and i pasted it here. i found the video from pexelscom. it's a free stok photo and video website. you're even allowed to use them for commercial purposes, so i high

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See How This Gym Fashion Shopify Store Makes $200K PER MONTH

6.8 million dollars in the last few years with this fitness fashion shopify store, and they've been able to achieve these results because they've been able to find this unique proposition in the market and they've been able to leverage that when they mark it on tiktok, facebook, youtube, to achieve these results. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille sutton as the ecom king, and in today's video, i'm going to be breaking down and showing you guys exactly how this fitness fashion shopify store has been able to achieve 6.8 million dollars in the last few years by using this psychology tactik and this unique proposition within the fitness fashion niche. i'm also gonna be showing you guys exactly how you can recreate this in your own shopify store so you can crush it in 2022.. this video is also going to show you guys that the fitness niche and the fashion niche are not over saturated and not dead and they're absolutely booming right now. this video is also going to be really motivational for you guys, because there's two young entrepreneurs that started the store and i've been able to achieve over 6.8 million dollars in revenue. so i'm gonna be doing two giveaways in this video. i'm gonna give it away two 30-minute consultation calls and all you need to do to enter that giveaway is we need to hit 2000 likes to activate the giveaway and then you need to leave a comment and i'll be picking the two best comments as soon as we hit 2 000 likes. so let's get into it. the shopify store name is called feed me fight. i mean, i'm not going to be telling you and showing you the website just yet. i want to go through the numbers with you and you can see here the dashboard. from 2016 to 2021, they've been able to achieve just under 8 million dollars in revenue and you can see all the breakdown here of the cost and expenses. and you can see the returning customer rate is at 26, and that is absolutely insane considering how long they've been in business. and if you haven't got a high returning customer rate, then you won't have a long-term business. so that's where you've got to really make sure you've got a high returning customer rate now. if we also take a look at the average order value, you can see it's at 76 now. the average product price is currently roughly around about 30 to 50 dollars, so they've got some great average order value in place. and if we take a look at the online store conversion rate. they've got it just at industry standards and slightly above now industry standards between two and three percent. so over those years they've been able to maintain the industry standard and that's why this store is so successful. so if we take a look at the exchange marketplace listing to take a look at the juicy numbers and all the information about the store, and if you don't know what exchange marketplace is, it's where people come to list their shopify stores, their woocommerce stores, for sale once they're personally done with them. it doesn't mean that they're dead or they're no good anymore. but if you think about it, if you've been running the store for four, five, six years, you might get bored of it and you might want to move on to something else. so why not liquidate the store and give it to somebody else? so if you take a look at how much they're selling the store for, they're selling it for a million dollars and if you consider they sell the store for a million dollars and the profit they've made running the store could easily walk away with around about 1.5 million to 2 million dollars, which is insane. if you take a look at the current store owner for this store, they're called brian e, a massive shout out to you and your business partner. you guys are very inspirational and you've achieved some massive things. so you can see, here it says, two young entrepreneurs started a t-shirt company in a dining room- literally bacon shirts in the oven- seven years ago in the time, with no prior business knowledge or even screen printing experience. we know we've grown this company to over eight million dollars in sales. both of us want to spend time focusing on family and enriching our lives with all the skills and experiences we have gained along the way. this feels like watching your child go after college and both truly excited to see how far the next owners can take this amazing company. so, guys, if that doesn't give you motivation, then i don't know what will. and if this has given you motivation, let me know in the comment section below. so if you take a look at what's involved in running this business, this business can be approached in two ways. if you're looking to run the business hands-on, you will need a few extra sets of hands. merchandising and ordering from suppliers, order fulfillment, social media management- are the three of the largest tiers of business and which will require most direct amount of energy. working with a fulfillment company is another fantastik option that will eliminate a huge chunk of your time and energy and will allow you to focus solely on building the brand to align with your vision. and you can see here: the business was founded five years ago and they are spending approximately 40 hours per week and if you take a look at the traffic and performance, you can see that average revenue is around about a hundred thousand dollars and it's verified by shopify and you can see the average profit margins around about 13 to 14 000 and you can see they're currently sitting on a lot of inventory worth around about 650 000, which could be a slight issue for them, because if it's inventory that's not selling, then that could be a big issue. so let's get the drum rolls going. so i'm gonna be showing you the website right now and, as you guys can see the website, this website is signing jim's fashion ware for women and for men, and you can see it right here and you can see the designs here of a snow print legging. if you scroll down, they've got the men's collection and the women's collection. i'm going to give you guys a heads up. the men's collection, from the research i've done, is performed better than the women's collection, which is absolutely crazy. now, if we scroll down again, you can see they've got these really cool looking gym leggings right now with these crazy designs on them. now, before i give you the full breakdown on the website, i need to show you the about page, because that's what really paints the picture on why this store was so successful. and don't worry, if you're thinking about how you can recreate this in your own shopify store, i'm gonna be showing you how you can do that a little bit later on. now, if we take a look at the about section, you can see here it says: feed me for me is a veteran owned company. upon returning to our civilian lives, we have seen many of our friends about mental health issues and simply wanted to do something about it. now, if you don't know what angry means, it's basically when you get hungry, but it makes you really angry, and that's what i really suffer from. when we decided to coin the term feed me or fight me, we threw it on a t-shirt and it caught on for something that requires a lot of motivation. activewear can be pretty much uninspiring. our hope is to create activewear that inspires without compromising performance. not only does fitness improve the mind, but a portion of it each purchase- goes straight to the northwest battle buddies as a non-profit who provides free, professional, trained service dogs to combat veterans with ptsd. so they've got a beautiful reason why some of their profit is going towards a charity which is very, very powerful. now, for those that don't quite understand what that about section meant and how it's made them so successful, i'm going to simplify it for you. basically, this fitness activeweb brand is making merchandise clothing to represent people that are suffering from mental health issues and they're donating a small amount of profit, i believe, to charity because, if you think about it, people tend to go to the gym to lose weight and a lot o.

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How To: Starting Your Own Clothing Line [suppliers, samples, inventory, marketing & more]!

outlines the shape of your peach. so many clothes to try on. i'm pretty sure everyone that follows me is sick to death of it, but i don't care what is up. you guys. welcome back to my channel, the place that you can come to learn everything you need to know about building a business within the health and fitness industry. my name is beverly and i am launching a clothing line this thursday, which is in a couple days, so i thought it was a perfect time to make a video to kind of explain the process of launching this clothing line, or some advice for you if you are looking to launch your own, and what to look out for. to be completely transparent with you, the way i launch my clothing line is very different from how many other people launch theirs. i actually had sarah reach out to me. she runs this company called so, so you. it's like an intermediary between the factories and an influencer or the client. so what she does is because so, so you has contacts with all these suppliers. they run as the go-between between the influencer or the client and the warehouses. so i launched my first collection with sarah last year and it was a really, really fun experience. there's a lot of work. every month i had a new set of samples coming out to me and we learned a lot in that time. so i know that a lot of people don't really have that same opportunity to work with an agency because there are other costs involved- and i'll tok about that- versus doing it directly yourself. it doesn't even have to be clothing. i got a lot of experience launching products for the sweat nation website, so like resistance band, booty bands, sliders, things like that- all a very similar process. so i mentioned working with someone like sarah was so so you. i only actually take 20 percent of all the money that comes in. so if i make ten thousand dollars in sales on this launch, i'll only get two thousand dollars of that. but i find that there's pros and cons with that, because the pros are sarah and the so-so you team take care of everything. they take care of, like i said, all the sample creations going back and forth with the warehouse. they actually handle all the deliveries, all the fees associated with that. they handle packaging everything up. any customer service issues that might come up- hopefully there are none, but they would handle that. all that i do is i come up with the product ideas, um, the designs, and i go back and forth on the samples and the fabrics that i want to use and then i market it. i promote it through instagram or through my newsletter, however i want to market it. the other the cons to that is obviously i only get 20, but i don't really see it as a con because i am so busy with so many other projects and other things that i'm working on that launching a clothing line or having a clothing line is just something that's like a nice thing for me to add on to my services. if i were to run a clothing line and launch an actual product line that was like my full business, that would take so much extra time because just going back and forth with factories and suppliers and the warehouses it would take so much time. so for me to just take this like smaller cut and not have to worry about any of the other stuff is is really great. to be honest, by the way, i'm drinking wine because it's 5- 30.. if you're looking to do this all on your own, you want to bootstrap it, you want to start from ground zero. i definitely have some tips and takeaways that you can do for your own clothing line. so the first thing would be to find a supplier or find a factory that can make your clothing and you can use, like alibaba. you can literally just google, like manufacturers in china or manufacturers in canada, hong kong, wherever- and start looking for those suppliers. it's very similar how we did it with the sweat nation product line. we reached out to several, several different suppliers and each one really wants your business like. they will send you emails, they will follow up, they, they want to work with you and so sometimes they send out a catalog. sometimes you'll send them images and be like: do you have something like this? and they'll send you back photos. when you are ordering your products, there is always going to be an moq and the moq is your minimum order quantity. some items might be a hundred, some might be a thousand. it really depends, like what it is. for example, when i was selling, when we were selling booty bands- certain booty bands in a certain color, the minimum order quantity was a thousand, but for something a little bit bigger, like a sweater, it might only be 100 or 150.. so really find out when you're going back and forth with those suppliers, what their minimum order quantity is, and you'll also find that the higher number you order, the cheaper it is. so maybe a sweater: if you order 100, it's like 20 bucks per, or if you order a thousand, it's gonna be like 15.. so depending on what your budget is, you can kind of decide how many you want to order. something else to think about is your samples. so anytime a factory will ship out a sample, they will charge you for that sample and they would charge you for shipping. so make sure, before you ask for any samples, to get a quote for everything. you can get quotes from all these different suppliers to re, because they might look like they all sell the same thing, but they're all going to be slightly different because they're all different factories. so make sure that, like when you're asking for these samples, you're getting a quote from them to make sure how much it's going to cost, how much the shipping will be. and really, being on top of that, what we did when we launched my clothing line in the first year, there were so many things going back and forth. i wanted to use a different fabric for my leggings. um, the leggings were too long. i wanted a different strap for the sports bra and what ended up happening was sarah sent me like five sets of clothing. it was so expensive to continue to send these items. there was import fees, all this stuff. so what we did for the second round, for the items that i'm wearing now- is we did. she sent me a big package of different fabrics. i chose which fabrics i wanted for different items. we toked about different patterns. so, like, the camo pattern was actually screen printed onto a white fabric. once we decided all the fabrics we were going to use, what they did was they took all the designs that i had come up with and they put them into a little 3d modeling system. so it had all of my measurements. they put the designs onto the 3d modeling thing and then they had those fabrics as well. so it was really cool and actually gave me a really good idea of how everything would fit and how everything would look. so, instead of going back and forth getting new samples and spending all that money and having all this extra clothing that i was never gonna wear because they were samples that didn't fit, we did it all on the 3d model and then, once everything was completely perfected, she sent out those samples. i made my last minute changes so, for example, i had this sports bra. the sports bra kind of like came, the straps went like this and i wanted them to go like that. so we just made all those final changes, redid them on the 3d model, sent them back and everything was literally perfect. if you're planning to work with a factory, you should find out if they do offer 3d modeling or if they have anything of that tiknology, because it's really going to save you some money and time. after we we received all the samples, or after i received all like the final products, i set up a photo shoot. so last year what i did was i set up two separate photo shoots. i had an in studio photo shoot for like all the ecom photos and then i had a gym photo shoot. it was good and i'm glad i did it. it was just super, super time consuming. each shoot took about like four hours, and that doesn't even include the edits, the pics. this year, what we did instead was i had a very specific look and feel for what i wanted for the shoot. i wanted it to be kind of like minim.

Step By Step Fitness Niche Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial for Beginners Q1 2021

what you are about to learn. can 100 change your life? are you ready? [Music] what is going on? everybody, thank you so much for checking out this video. i have a really good one in store for you guys, because i'm going to be taking you through step by step and showing you how to build a fitness niche shopify drop shipping store. now, as we move through the holiday season and into q1, people will begin to have their new year's resolutions right and they're all going to want to get in shape, making fitness one of the hottest niches to target in q1 through the months of january, february and march. so, without further ado, let's jump right into the video. so, once you've signed up for your free shopify account, you'll land inside of your dashboard and the first thing that we're going to begin to do is build out the foundation of our store. so we're going to start by adding a payment method to our account. so all you need to do is come down and click settings- payments, and shopify makes it really easy to connect your bank account so that you can get paid. all you need to do is click activate shopify payments, and i also like to add an express checkout payment method like paypal, and then make it really simple for you to do as well. just click the activate paypal express checkout button and follow the very simple instructions. so now the next steps that we're going to go ahead and take is update our shipping settings. so, again, go to go to settings and now we're going to come to shipping and delivery. now we're going to click manage rates and we're going to go ahead and just do free shipping on this store, for both domestik and worldwide. so we're going to come over here and delete all of the current rates. now, having free worldwide shipping on your on your store really helps to increase the conversion rate. you can stagger it and do different paid uh shipping options. if your supplier can ship out quicker, um, then that's a great idea to go ahead and have different rates. but for this storm, for pretty much all my stores, i just do free worldwide shipping. so free standard shipping- click done, and we'll do the same thing for the rest of the world. delete- they delete these. click add rate and free standard shipping- click save. now that's done. you won't have to worry about any issues with shipping costs. now we're going to go ahead and update our legal pages. so go over to settings come over to legal, and you don't have to be a lawyer to do this. shopify makes it really simple to generate these templates. all you need to do is click create from template, create from template, create from template, and i'll go ahead and give you access to the google doc that has the shipping policy and all the other pages that we're going to go ahead and create here in a second, so we'll leave that one blank. now you're going to want to come in here and edit all this information out to be sure that it's accurate. so, for example, i would: you don't need this, so you can go ahead and delete that right out. click save and just go ahead and do that for all three, three templates. now we're gonna go ahead and start creating some pages, like the about frequently asked questions, contact and the shipping policy. so come over here, click online store and pages. now we're going to add page, so the first one is just going to be an about page, and i'm giving you access to this policies page. i'm gonna have to update it with and about um, an about section for you guys, so you can easily plug and play, but you would copy and paste it right in here. so go ahead and click save. now we're going to create and a frequently asked questions page, and that one i do have available right now. so let's go ahead and copy this and paste it in. click save. now we'll create the contact page- contact us. and all you need to do is come over here to template and select pagecontact and save. so what this will do is it will automatikally create the template for you. so a customer just needs to go to the go to this menu and fill out the information and you'll receive the emails to your store's email account so you can stay in contact with your customers, answer any questions that they have. and now we're going to go ahead and add a shipping policy page. again, i give this one to you, so all i need to do is come up here and copy it and paste it in. the only thing that you'll need to update is the email inside of the copy and click save. so now we're going to go ahead and update our navigation menus. we'll go ahead and start with our main menu. so the way that i like to structure this will go home: catalog. eventually we'll, we'll, we'll- go ahead and do this now: shop, and we'll have it linked to all the products, then we'll go ahead and link this one to the frequently asked questions page. the next one will be the contact us page and then we'll do an about the about section in the main menu. i'll go ahead and click save, and now we can see when we visit the store. we have all the different menu items on top. now we're going to go ahead and create the footer menu, so we'll again come up here. i like adding the contact us page first. then i'll do the shipping policy and now i'll start to add some of those legal uh pages that we created. so we'll come down here, click policies- uh, we'll start with refund. we'll put that one right after the shipping policy and now we'll go ahead and add privacy policy and, last but not least, the terms of service and click save. so now we have our main menu set up and once we scroll down to the bottom of the page, our footer menu is here with all the links to the different policies. so now the next step is going to be to begin adding a couple apps, and the first one that we're going to need to include is oberlo, and alberlo is used to quickly transfer products from aliexpress onto your store. so just go to the shopify app store, click on berlo and alberlo is 100, free, super easy to use. so just click add app and we're going to go ahead and add some of the products that i suggest for building up a fitness niche store, and i'm also going to throw in the product that helped me generate almost 20 000 in sales in the month of september. so oberlo makes it really simple to import products from aliexpress. all you need to do is copy the links and paste them in, and now i'm going to go through the process of cleaning up the details of each product one by one. so i'm going to start by editing the titles and then i'm going to go and delete the current description because i like to add my own inside of the shopify app. i just think that it's a much smoother process. then i'm going to edit the pricing, as well as the compared pricing for each item, and then, last but not least, i'm going to choose which images from the supplier that i want imported into my shopify store. so i'm also going to go ahead and give you the product descriptions for each one of these items. i created a google doc for you that will be in the description beneath this video. so all you need to do is copy the descriptions and paste them in. so right here we have the phoenix massage gun. just come over here, click on the product and you'll just copy and paste it in right here. and so if we go ahead and take a look at what this page looks like right now, before we've edited our theme, as you can see, we have the product right here, the title and add to cart button by it now and our product page is built out. so i hope i made that as easy as possible for you guys. now we're going to go ahead and edit the store, but before we begin customizing the theme of the store, let's go ahead and create a product collection. so just come down to the drop down from products and choose collections and then create collection. now i'm just going to go ahead and name this best selling now, scroll down and you're going to want to choose manual, then click save. and now we're going to come back over to all products, select them all, choose more actions, scroll down, choose, add to collections and then choose best selling. now you have all of your products in your best selling collection. that

How To Start A Fitness Clothing Line With $0 | Building An Apparel Brand

all right. in this video, i'm going to show you how you can create your own fitness apparel brand or clothing line. whether you've got a very small budget to start with or you've got a pretty big, hefty budget, i'm going to show you the steps to take to create your own successful fitness apparel brand or clothing line. if you've got gym shark, live fit, alphalete, any of those big popular fitness lines out there as your brand's inspiration, i'm going to show you the steps to take to emulate the success that they've had. how to actually get started to where you're heading in the right direction, to where you can have a very successful fitness brand of your own. a couple weeks ago, i started this series on how to create your own apparel brand or clothing line from scratch. so for many of you out there- i know many of you don't have a big budget to start with. many of you don't even have any money to put towards your business. i showed you in the last video how to actually get started with this process with two tools that actually help you do it with very little money. check out that video if you haven't seen it. i'm going to be toking about in many other videos a more advanced tikniques, whether it comes down to marketing and then some other stuff we'll tok about later in this video. but right now we're going to go ahead and jump in the computer. i'm going to show you the steps to get started creating your own fitness line. we're going to tok about more advanced strategies that'll be directly related shipping and all of that and other future videos. this is really to get you started, um, with your fitness line. so let's go ahead and jump in the computer, get into it all right. so in today's video we're specifically toking about sourcing and where to get started with your fitness clothing line. so if you have no money to start, i'm going to show you where it actually gets started having product with no money. if you have a budget, i'm going to show you the best place to get started and actually how you can get started putting out quality products like something like gym shark, if you do have a budget. but as far as marketing and all of that goes, that's going to be in future videos in the series. i'm going to specifically tok to you about how to market your own clothing line. so, whether you want to do street, where you want to do fitness, we're going to tok about several different things that go into that print on demand, versus actually getting started with an actual supplier. many different videos coming up in the series. today we're specifically toking about where you should actually get started now. i'm assuming you already have gone through, created your logo, all of that. this is now actually where you want to go ahead and start sourcing your product. so i'm sure many of you have, you know, seen jim shark. many of you actually have jim shark as maybe one of your brand's inspirations. many of you like alphalete. i'm going to show you how to actually create quality clothes like alphalete in gymshark from the start. now, if you don't have any money to start, you are going to need to build up to this quality. but you can actually start selling your own product and then build up into this, and i'm going to show you how to do that. you don't need to have the absolute tip top best material and everything to start. you want to go ahead and have the good designs, all of that, but you can go ahead and build into the exact cut, the exact material that you want later on. so i'm going to go ahead and show you a couple examples. so this right here. this is a like a yoga sports bra, a women's fitness store out here. now the thing to keep in mind is this: out here they've got forty dollars, forty two dollars, thirty three dollars. i don't know how well these products are selling. it's on the first page of google, so, um, just looking at that, the numbers is probably pretty good for this store. this store in itself is an all print on demand store, meaning that they most likely don't hold any inventory. they're printing um on demand at any time these orders come in. they've got their own designs that they put on this and when a customer orders something from this store, it automatikally prints to the customer, send straight to them, just like with drop shipping. and this is a great place to start. if you don't have any money to start, you can go ahead and start with print on demand and then build into um, actually replacing all of that with inventory if you want. i know many people out there that have very, very successful brands that are just print-on-demand brands. it will limit you on some of the more customization you can do with your clothing and in many different things having to do with the material and all that, but i've shown you in other videos how you can actually use print-on-demand now and get pretty customized with it. you know my favorite print-on-demand supplier out there. you can have your own custom tags, your own custom boxing. you can do special things with liners and hoodies, all kinds of stuff. now, when it comes to fitness, you will be a little bit a little bit limited. but if you don't have much money to start, don't be discouraged. you can get started right now, um, with essentially no money and just really really be passionate about it and grind at it and you can make this work. and there's people that have done this. so many people have gone from print on demand to then actually replacing their successful lines uh or their successful skus with um. you know actual uh inventory held um skus so you can go ahead and use pro on demand and then source your product. or many people just end up creating a pro under man store and keeping it as print on demand. i've toked about this a little bit in other videos. we're going to tok about the pros and cons um- another video of this series. but just keep in mind that starting from print on demand is not bad if you do have money. i mean you want to get the ball rolling a little bit faster. you want to start with, you know, the tip top quality right off the bat. later in this video i'm going to show you exactly how to do that. so right off the bat, you can go ahead and look up different print on demand suppliers out there. a lot of them are the same. a lot of them are using the same exact um. you know blank tees and all that. so it could be gideon, could be all the different ones out there, american apparel. you know a lot of them are using the same exact ones and you can go ahead and shop around and see. you know printful is a very, very popular one. the problem with you know a lot of these really, really popular ones and pretty much all of them out there- is they're all using the same thing. so you know, when it comes to fitness, you're going to be very, very limited on what you can actually do, and that's where i said the customization in the very beginning with pro on demand can be pretty limited, not to say you can't start, and there are people that start. so you've got tanks right here and this is where i would start. if you have very little money, little to no money and you want to get started. that's where marketing is going to be absolutely key and the great thing about creating a fitness clothing line is one of the cheapest, most organic methods is influencer marketing. we're going to tok about exactly how to do that with the fitness clothing line, but you don't necessarily need a lot of money to really really start with a fitness clothing line. there's many different methods to go along with it. that's pretty unique to the fitness niche, but keep that in mind. but you do need to get started with this. um, you know, here's another one: printfy. i've toked many times before about my favorite pro on demand service, which is a pleak. very few people know about it. i mean you can create very, very customized things. now this is more for creating an actual streetwear store. so many of the videos in the series are going to be very specific to i'm creating an actual streetwear clothing line. but i don't want to leave any of you people out there wanting to do