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Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

How I Get DROPSHIPPING AD VIDEOS For FREE! (Winning Products + ADS)

hey what's up Empire Builders welcome,back to another video today what we're,going to be toking about is how to find,very fast video creatives for literally,for any single product you're looking to,drop ship,[Applause],now those of you tuning into the,e-commerce Empire builders for the first,time I want to give you a huge huge huge,warm welcome my name is Peter Prue and,every single Monday Wednesday Friday we,release new content just like this so if,you want to stay up to date make sure to,hit that like button that subscribe,button and that notification Bell of,course we release new content on Monday,Wednesdays and Fridays at 1pm Eastern,time also one lucky commenter down below,is gonna get a copy of our eCommerce,Empire starter pack so if you want to be,entered in to win that free giveaway,that free course all you got to do is,drop a comment Down Below in today's,video and tune in to the following video,to see if you're that lucky winner but,guys today we're toking about a big,topic how to get quick video ad creative,for your actual products this is perfect,for those of you apps honestly really,perfect for those of you that don't even,have a product selected yet because it's,going to make your life really really,easy we live in a time now where video,content is really King we see it on,Instagram image posts really don't,perform as well as Instagram reels did,in the uh as Instagram reels do right,pose don't get as much engagement right,statik images don't get as much,engagement look at this even on Facebook,as well those videos those reels are,getting shared on Facebook as well right,this is where we're going so video of,your products your services or even,users that create this this user,generated content for you it's becoming,more so important than ever before and I,understand it as somebody that's just,getting into Drop Shipping e-commerce,online business you don't have like,videos of your products you might not,even have a camera or you don't know how,to actually shoot anything right in,today's video I'm going to share with,you guys a quick hack this is very quick,to find video ads for pretty much any,single product so heading over to,cjdropshipping.com and again if you guys,do use any of the affiliate links here,on the channel as a way of saying thank,you for the support email me Peter,ecommerceempirebuilders.com we have a,ton of bonuses email templates swipe,files funnel templates store templates,to make your life easier so if you do,you end up using CJ dropshipping.com,which is what I recommend we'll leave,our affiliate link Down Below in the,description of today's video just shoot,me an email if you do end up signing up,we got you a bunch of bonuses,um but when you go to CJ drop to,bring.com usually people come here and,they're just searching for their product,from here or doing categories which is,fine if you already know what you're,looking for or you know if you want,video ads you can always hit up your,supplier to ask them for videos but if,you just want to kind of go right to a,supplier that has videos this is how you,do it now there are so many good,categories here that people don't take,advantage of at all number one trending,products here on CJ great place to find,Winners that's where we're usually,looking at new products of course but,this is the category that we want to,look at this one that's called video,products okay now when we click into,this category now guys we're going to,quickly flash our last video giveaway,winner right there if that is you email,Peter,ecommerceempirebuilders.com and if you,want to win a copy of our eCommerce set,by our starter pack all you got to do is,drop a comment Down Below in today's,video and while you're down there do me,a big favor hit that like button that,subscribe button that notification Bell,helps us read to more people feeds the,fuels the algorithm here on YouTube gets,us more engagement gets us more eyeballs,and we really really appreciate it it's,completely 100 for free,again this is why I said this is really,good for those of you that are just,getting started because here is where,you can find a potential Niche find,potential products that you want to sell,that already have video creatives,already around it so for example like,this little uh uh wire storage,um organizer or something like that,right it already has a very nice video,created let me just mute that for the,actual product,you know what I'm saying and this is,exactly I don't know why this isn't,meeting for me guys let me just pause it,but you get the idea right you're seeing,that there's already a video creative,here that we're going to be able to work,off of now there might be some things,that we want to Overlay like text and,things like that that stuff you can,easily easily do yourself or get,somebody on Fiverr and paying like five,bucks and they'll do like 10 of these,overlays for you but this is how you can,start finding really fast products that,are already kind of set there better yet,you could always reach out to these,suppliers directly right here where it,says contact supplier and ask them for,additional videos a lot of you don't,take advantage of the resources that are,already available to you A lot of these,suppliers don't forget they're in the,business of manufacturing these products,they're not they're B2B that is business,to business sales that's what they're,focusing on it's getting you as a,business owner to sell their product on,our rehab they're not selling business,b2c they're not selling to Consumers,they want to sell to you who's going to,then drop ship the product so of course,they want you to to actually be,successful with it how do they do that,by giving you resources to be successful,with it right they'll give you video ads,to give you images they'll do whatever,it takes to whatever you can whatever,they can do to actually help make your,life a little bit easier now what do I,recommend when you're actually here,obviously there'll be a lot of Halloween,stuff you can always search for things I,always recommend finding a specific,Niche that you can sell additional,products and services to I've made this,mistake many times guys in the past,trust me it's a very easy mistake to get,where you kind of get too Niche specific,or you just sell like General products,that don't really have a specific Niche,around it but I'm telling you focus on,the specific Niche group of people like,for example like this a giant you know,cooler for pool so that would be people,that maybe have pools at their house,right that's like a specific Niche or uh,this like,um beard bib thing right where it's like,they're shaving and all the hair kind of,goes in there right that's like Men's,Grooming that's the specific Niche right,like these Halloween products me,personally uh we actually had a one of,our 50k Club students was actually in,this Halloween Niche and then they were,just doing seasonal products and that's,fine that's just not my style it's a,good Niche though like I'll be honest,with you I feel like you focus okay like,I sell Halloween stuff during Halloween,I sell Christmas stuff during Christmas,like and you just kind of follow the the,calendar months and all the different,holidays that are happening throughout,the year 100 that's a that's a business,model,um but and and that's also a very very,profitable Niche right,um you have like makeup stuff right so,me what I like I said what I recommend,you do is pick a specific niche in here,that you can actually get behind where,you got like paint nail nail art like,room decor you've got like you know hat,stuff like people are like into fashion,and things like that like kids toys so,my recommendation don't just pick a,random product here and sell it because,you want to be able to upsell them,different things right once you get,somebody into your funnel right that's,only the first yes we want to be able to,have upsell products we want order bump,products we want down sell products and,

How I Create $100,000/mo Dropshipping Video Ads (Shopify Dropshipping)

I dare you to use what I'm going to,share with you in this video and not,make fifty to a hundred thousand dollars,in revenue and I'm saying this because I,believe in this so much bro to the point,that I've used what I'm about to show,you in three of my video ads and I've,generated around 130 000 in Revenue with,only thirty thousand dollars ad spend,I've also used what I'm about to show,you for another video on my landing page,and I've generated five hundred thousand,dollars in Google ads and I've only,spent around 140 000 in cost so here's,the thing most of you sadly don't know,how to make a good video ad you think,you have to put some clips together with,some text and you think that's literally,it but that's not true Habibi I have,bought a ton of courses online in the,Drop Shipping Niche and none of them,actually show video ads the same way I'm,about to show you right now so I'm going,to show you exactly what I do to make,video ads that have generated me over,six figures online so I don't want to,waste any more time and just get,straight into the value so the first,thing to do is to do what I always say,you should do and is to do your market,research specifically in this case I,want you to find out exactly which level,of awareness your target market is in,now there's five level levels of,awareness that you need to be aware of,and if you don't know anything about,those that's actually a good thing,because that means you're not going to,have any false assumptions on it first,level of awareness is the clueless,Target those people they have no idea,what their problems are and have no idea,what kind of solutions they need to be,looking for for example these are the,people that don't know that there is in,their water so if there's a company out,there that comes and starts educating,the messes about in the water and then,giving those people a solution then that,company is going to make a lot of money,and then you'd be basically printing,money from this card the second level of,awareness is problem aware these are the,people that know they have a problem but,they're still not sure of what the,solution could be and the way to hook,these people is to set up their problem,for example if someone knows that they,have yellow teeth yellow teeth becomes,the problem however their solution they,still don't know what what that is for,example if you come in saying something,like 40 of job interviews are rejected,because of your teeth color something,like this is going to stab the target,market that's aware that they have,yellow teeth so you could see if you,stab these people to where it hurts in,their problem and then provide them your,own solution they're most likely going,to listen the third level of awareness,though is solution aware now those,people they're already aware of,solutions to their problem but they're,just not convinced that your solution is,the best solution so with these people,you have to hook them with your big idea,first and then provide the solution a,very super duper simple example of this,is the headline that says a holly would,smile in three days or your money back,it gives you the solution immediately,and it toks about the big idea which is,Hollywood smile so this type of headline,is going to attract these people and,it's going to hook them in and by the,way if all of this is confusing just,just stik with me because I'm going to,show you exactly how I've used this in,my own Marketing in Drop Shipping the,fourth level of awareness is product,aware now these are the people that most,of you guys are marketing too so this is,why in this dropshipping industry we,have this idea that you have to keep,testing more and more products and,eventually you're going to have a winner,product but the thing is it's not about,the product man the product is just just,there mostly it's about the idea and how,you're marketing the product and the way,to Market to products are where people,is the same way you've been doing except,if you add more proof to your marketing,those people are more likely to buy so,all you have to do is basically make a,very simple video that showcases the,product and just add a bunch of proof to,show that your product is the one that,people are buying the most and then,you'll see you'll get more conversions,for your video ad and the last level of,awareness is the most aware Target now,those are the easiest to convert because,all you have to do is just put a,retargeting campaign and those people,are going to be buying but anyway let me,show you a real life example of how I,did this in my own marketing I once made,two different videos for the same,product but the point was that I wanted,to start two different people that are,buying the same product and thing is,like they both generate a different,results but they were good results my,product was basically false eyelashes,and the first video I was targeting,makeup artists in there so my whole,marketing was basically towards makeup,artist now thing is makeup artists,they're very aware of this thing called,lashes they buy lashes weekly they wear,lashes themselves so for me to come with,a headline that educates them what,lashes are and that they need lashes is,pretty stupid like if I said something,like makeup artists they get more tips,when they have good lashes they're like,tell me something I don't know boy and,the reason why it's like that is because,they're product aware so they're already,aware of the product called lashes and,all I had to do was basically show them,proof as to why my product was basically,the best product and the headline was,basically something like this these,lashes are better than Kylie Jenner's,those were the words my client Brianna,said to me after our last session and,then I got into the offer we're doing a,celebration sale today please limit,orders to three Macs as we're,experiencing an abnormally high volume,of orders right now so you see this is,all just proof I'm using proof to say,that we're getting lots of orders I had,clients and clients was like oh these,lashes are like Kylie Jenner's and stuff,like that so it's nothing really fancy,but like you see I'm not being a dum-dum,in this case I'm not giving the benefits,just like how the dropshipping grew is,safe they say something like it's like,give them this benefit and this benefit,make sure you tok about benefits and,stuff like that but listen this Market,is already aware of the benefits of,lashes so if I come and tok about the,benefits of the lashes like that's so,stupid so there was no point to waste,time in all of this stuff and all I had,to do was just give them proof as to why,my product was the best the second video,it was towards girls who were trying to,start their eyelash business they know,that their problem is to make more money,and they know the solution is an eyelash,business so all I had to do was come and,hit them with my big ideas so my big,idea was that we have made money with,these lashes so we're giving you the,same lashes we've made money with so the,copy was very simple it was like this,boss ladies listen up these are the,first lashes I bought in wholesale,they're super cute and fluffy and I,literally sold out the second week I got,them plus they which is my story I,already give you the best Styles so,you're not guessing and that was it it,was enough to the point that I spent 920,on Facebook ads and it got me back,6625 before I got banned like that was,insane so I'm gonna use these same,methods right now and show you how I,would make a video ad live,okay everybody so I have locked myself,in a new room just so I can literally,have the best ideas coming up to me and,now I've written the script I found,Clips so I'm gonna start editing now I,usually only use Adobe Premiere to edit,videos but it took me three years to,learn how to do it and I'm not even,great at it so what I recommend is you,use the software called in video the,reason why I like it is because even if,you're a dumb dumb you can

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I Tried Dropshipping With $100 (Realistic Results)

the past few years i've managed to make,over seven figures drop shipping but,then i thought to myself what if i lost,it all all the money all the knowledge,all the connections and i would have to,start all over again with only 100,to my name well lucky for you guys in,this video i'm gonna go over exactly,what i would do if i were to just start,with 100,and potentially just maybe cut myself a,lambo at the end of this video so i am,starting with 100 to my name but wait,there's more there are a few guidelines,set in place some terms and conditions,perhaps that will make this challenge a,little bit harder rule number one is i,can't use my past connections old,influencers past suppliers that have,given me winning products and just,overall anything that i know of that can,help influence this challenge to make it,easier for me rule number two is i have,to start a brand new shopify store,meaning i also have to start with a,brand new product that i've never tested,before just so that it's fair and it's,as if i started from complete scratch,rule number three is i can't use my,personal brand to gain anything out of,this challenge meaning shout it out on,my instagram or just do anything to,influence it in that sort of way and,last but not least as you guys already,know is i only have a set budget of 100,so now that you guys understand the,rules let's let the games begin so the,first step in the process is to actually,find a winning product now since we only,do have a budget of 100,i'm gonna be going the tiktok organic,route meaning posting content on tik,tok and hope one of them blow up so,that we can get a lot of visitors to our,site for virtually free now personally,if you're on a budget i think this is,the best method because you don't have,to spend any money on advertising and in,the case that a tiktok does blow up,you can get a lot of sales so the way,i'm actually gonna find a winning,product is scroll through my tiktok,feed for a while here i'm gonna sit here,chill scroll and since my tiktok feed,is optimized to finding winning products,since i just like a bunch of drop,shipping ads and drop shipping pages we,might come across something that may be,interesting so i'm gonna go ahead and do,that now and get back to you guys once i,think i found something pretty,interesting or worthy of selling,demon this is the reality sitting there,there's some on the radio back and,forth just had a heart attack and i,heard the little one,who's climate change,so you have 300 so a lot of people think,so a lot of people think that i'm faking,these videos but i'm going to show you,guys once,i don't know,i think i may have just found a product,that may be worthwhile testing okay so,pretty much what this is is a speaker,and you guys can pretty much see you,connect your phone to this bluetooth,metal thing and once you place that,object on any surface like something,metal or glass it pretty much amplifies,the sound so i'm gonna go ahead and,follow this page and you guys can pretty,much see that they're posting videos,consistently honestly and it looks like,they're getting consistent likes and,comments on every single video that they,post so let's go ahead and check out,their store and it looks like it's a,general store that they turned into a,one product store from the name of it,they're selling it for forty dollars and,they have some pretty nice images here,some gifs and description the size,overall really nice and they have some,reviews so this might be a potential,product and i'm actually really excited,to test this product out the views are,outrageous and they post really,consistently and it looks like it's not,too old so you guys can see their first,video was on the 19th which is insane so,this is a product that could potentially,get us our lambo okay so right away i,went ahead and searched the product on,amazon hoping i could find it it was the,fourth option and went ahead and,purchased it for 38 and then i also went,on aliexpress to see how much i could,source this product for which came to be,around 21 and i could always get this,lower once i start getting more orders,but since we're selling it for 40,dollars and we're getting it for 21 we,have a profit margin of 19. so out of,our 100 budget we spent 38 of that to,order the product which leaves us with a,total of 62 left to spend but anyway now,that we have to wait for the product to,arrive i'm going to go ahead and use,this time to actually create the store,for this product porta speaker a speaker,that is portable and you could pretty,much stik anywhere and amplify the,noise well hey i think we got ourselves,a brand name porta speaker sounds pretty,nice and pretty easy to remember now,since we are on a budget of 100 i'm,gonna be going ahead and making the logo,myself i'm gonna be using a 30 day,shopify free trial which if you guys,want to do the same you can use the link,below so we're pretty much not gonna,have to pay for shopify for the first 30,days so i'm gonna get to work create the,store and then hopefully we get the,amazon product so that we can start,filming some content posting the tik,toks and just start driving traffic to,the store to see if anyone would,actually buy from this store but anyway,let's go ahead and start the store build,okay so our dropify shoplifting store is,finally complete and now it's time to,review it ladies and gentlemen i present,to you,porta speaker.us,what,okay so here is the product page where,pretty much all of our customers are,going to be redirected to you guys can,see we have a few images right here so,you can just scroll through we have the,name of the product with a few reviews,under it and you can see we have free,shipping and 50 off right under the,price and then going into the,description we have a headline with a,description under it along with a few,gifs i'm going to be changing these gifs,once i actually get the product and i'm,going to pretty much record custom gifs,so that they're a little more,personalized and people who come to our,site get a more personalized experience,but for now i just have these temporary,gifs that i have just as a placeholder,we have another headline and description,another gif another headline description,and a gif and then we have a faq section,for customers who have any questions or,doubts about the product and you can see,how this works it's pretty much a drop,down menu scrolling down into the,reviews we have all these reviews,reviews are very important and you could,pretty much just take these from the,supplier that you're sourcing the,product from because it's pretty much,the same exact product and that,concludes our presentation for the porta,speaker website so we found the winning,product we have our site built out now,the last step is actually to get the,product and create a tiktok page for,it and then just start posting loads of,custom content for the products that we,can potentially get on the for you page,of different potential customers that,will potentially be the holder of the,one and only porta speaker,[Music],okay so the product has finally arrived,from bezos's hands into my possession,and now we're gonna go ahead and unbox,this right in front of you guys so let's,go ahead and see what we got,i present to you the porta speaker,wow it honestly looks pretty solid,okay so i'm gonna go ahead and set this,up and see what we can actually do with,this thing and if it actually even works,as expected all right so i just set it,up so i'm gonna go ahead and play some,non-copyrighted music so that susan,doesn't cut my paycheck for the month,but i'm gonna go ahead and show you guys,how this works it's honestly pretty cool,all right so i have my music ready to go,i'm gonna move my mic actually so you,guys can pretty much hear everything,that's happening and i'm gonna go ahead,and click play without this on the table,and watch what happens once i actually,put it on the table,[Music],that actually works believe it or not,we're actually almost pr

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$10,000 In 24 Hours Shopify Dropshipping With (NO PAID ADS)

so this is how we were able to achieve,ten thousand dollars in 24 hours with a,brand new Shopify Drop Shipping Store,using no paid ads only using tiktok,organic traffic meaning the profit,margins were around about 70 percent hey,guys welcome to the YouTube channel my,name is Camille Simon is the econ King,and in today's video I've got a very,special video for you guys because I'm,gonna be showing you exactly how he took,a brand new Shopify dropshipping store,me and my business partner's side in,Oscar and achieved ten thousand dollars,in 24 hours using no paid ads like,Facebook ads Google ads tiktok ads,and the profit margin was around about,70 our tiktok organic is a complete,game changer for beginners especially if,you're on a low budget because you can,literally start a Shopify Drop Shipping,Store with around about 100 to 400 and,go viral on tiktok and generate tens,of thousands of dollars with really high,profit margins which can make you a lot,of money and in this video we're going,to be showing you guys exactly how we,did this process in terms of how we,found the product how we knew the,product was going to do while on tik,tok how we create the content how we,actually scale the product the do's and,don'ts of what you should be doing and,this is going to be a general update on,tiktok organic because I haven't made,a tiktok organic video for a few,months and a lot of things have changed,and I'm going to be updating everything,in this video I'm also going to be,bringing inside an Oscar back onto the,channel and interviewing them and asking,them the most important questions about,tiktok organic right now so you guys,can Master it and replicate the same,results now I also want to announce that,we're going to be doing a massive,giveaway in today's video this is going,to be one of the biggest giveaways I've,ever done this YouTube channel in the,last three and a half years so you want,to get prepared for this we're going to,be giving away 10 available spots to our,tiktok mentor and organic blueprint,so 10 of you guys are watching this can,literally win mentoring with us for,completely free if you like the video,and you leave a comment on the reason,why you want to win this and as soon as,this video hits 3 000 likes I'll be,picking 10 people to get that exclusive,organic mentoring what we're also going,to be doing is we're going to be giving,you guys a free cheat sheet for those,that don't win the giveaway in today's,video you're going to be getting,exclusive cheat sheet with the,step-by-step tutorial and how we,generated the success and you're also,going to see the cheat sheet throughout,this tutorial so make sure we hit 2 000,likes so everyone can redeem that for,completely free so guys if you want to,learn this tiktok organic strategy,make sure you strap yourself in get a,notebook and Pen get your laptop get,your phone follow along with this video,because we're going to be showing you,the exact strategy we use to generate,ten thousand dollars in 24 hours with no,paid us just using tiktok organic,traffic,[Music],so guys let's get straight into the,strategy and as you guys can see on the,computer screen I've got the free cheat,sheet open and you guys will get access,to this once we hit 2 000 likes on this,video so you can see here the first,thing that we need to do is what did we,do to find Our Winning tiktok organic,product so this is what we did step by,step step one search for tiktok made,me buy it and filter the videos to the,most popular most engaged of the week,you want to do this to the weed out all,the saturated old products now I'd,recommend that when you do this strategy,guys you do it on the mobile device on,tiktok as you're going to get all of,these cool filters like filtering it,down but the most engaged videos by the,week now as this is a demonstrational,video I'm gonna be doing it off my,desktop so it'll be slightly different,to the mobile version but it's pretty,much the same thing so as you guys can,see I've opened up tiktok and I've,typed in tiktok made me buy it in the,search bar now if you're doing this on,desktop or laptop makes you change it by,top not accounts or videos always go by,top and if you're doing got on the,mobile version filter it down by the,most popular by the week now step two is,click on all the top video products that,you've notiked and see how many views,they are getting monitor their,engagement levels and see if they are,having functioning stores and see if,they're still uploading consistently,frequently you want to do this because,if they are still posting still have,good engagement the odds are they're,still generating sales so if we go back,to tiktok and scroll through some of,these videos that are popping up as the,most popular videos for this search term,tiktok maybe buy it what we're going,to want to do is we're going to want to,look for videos I've got over a million,views so between 1 million and 10,million views so you can see this one's,got 13 million views so I'm not,interested this one here has got 7.1 so,this could be a good opportunity but I,found one here that's got 1.5 million,views so what I'm going to want to do is,I'm going to want to open up the video,see the dates you can see here's the,date the 21st of November so that was,around about two weeks ago so are still,valid now anything that's too old would,be anything older than three to six,months so this fits in with a recent,video so you can see here now what I'm,going to want to do is I'm going to want,to check the engagement which is the,likes to comments so we're going to want,to read the comments to make sure these,are real comments and to make sure that,they seem like they're coming from,genuine people and to see what people,are toking about the product now once,everything checks out and everything,looks legit you're gonna want to go to,their page you can see here if you go to,the page in the top right you're going,to open up their page and what you're,going to want to do is you're going to,want to see how long have they been,uploading videos of this product so you,can see this was their first video and,it's got 1.5 million views and I believe,that's the video that I've just watched,now we're going to want to see when the,second video is uploaded literally the,same day now we're going to want to,check when the most recent videos,updated now the most recent video was,uploaded 11 hours ago so when you go,onto these Pages you're going to want to,make sure that they're uploading recent,videos because let's say they uploaded,this first video here but they have,stopped let's say four weeks ago there's,a very high chance that the product has,died out and they're not seeing sales,with it so they're no longer trying to,promote it organically on tiktok now,if you download a Chrome extension,called vid IQ it's completely free it's,going to help you show the engagement,level of the overall page which is,really important because you guys can,see here the average engagement rate for,this page is around about five percent,and as you guys can see on my computer,screen it says with the average,engagement rate by views of around about,6.7 so that's what we call the industry,standard for tiktok that's what you,want to look for anything between 5 and,10 is a very good sign but if you scroll,down you're going to see the engagement,rate here so you can see a lot of these,videos are between eight percent and,five percent so that's actually really,positive now the next step is you want,to go to the profile description and see,if there's a website for it so you can,see here there's a link to the website,as soon as you open up you want to make,sure the website is valid and you can,still get to it and you're not getting a,404 redirect saying it's not valid now,as long as the website is still valid,that means that they're still selling,the product and there's a high chance,that they're still receiving orders,because the last thing that you guys,want to do is find

How To Make Winning Digital Dropshipping Video Ads (FULL Reveal)

by the end of this video you're going to,learn how you can create winning million,dollar digital drop shipping creatives,and no we are just going to be stealing,other people's content like some of the,chinese drop shippers might tell you to,do so get in a quiet place maybe throw,in some headphones and stik with me,here for the next few minutes as i take,you step by step in this process and i,have some really really cool stuff i'm,going to reveal to you,welcome back to another video my name is,tanner and i've been building and,scaling e-commerce brands for quite some,time now recently with a big focus on,digital drop shipping and one of the,most common questions i get is how do,you actually make creatives for this,type of business model and i agree it,can be a little bit challenging at first,to grasp because we aren't just taking a,physical product like this remote where,we can just logically film this and its,functions because we are selling digital,products but we do have an advantage and,that's because we are selling problem,solving products that people need more,than they actually want so when it comes,down to creating winning creatives for,digital drop shipping we focus on,emotion spikes and specifically the,words we're using inside of our,creatives things that make people happy,excited shocked sad anything along those,lines that's gonna spike emotion and,drive them to realize that we have the,digital solution to their real life,problem so now what i want to do is,start off this process by hopping over,on the whiteboard and mapping out an,example of a winning niche and then a,product idea and then we're going to,break down a video four step winning,creative method that i like to use and,then into some real life examples and,creating some videos all right now the,very first step we need to do here is,actually create an example digital drop,shipping brand and remember we're,focusing on paying point niches so in,last week's video i actually showed you,how to find a winning digital drop,shipping niche step by step so if you,haven't watched that yet go back to that,video check it out follow the steps and,then meet me here and for this example,we're going to be focusing on the health,category so let's say we're in the,health category so people have many,problems inside of health whether that's,losing body fat gaining muscle bulking,there's all kinds of different things,inside of there so let's just break it,down into one of those specific sub,niches just quickly on my mind here,inside of health could be something,along the lines of losing fat for people,40 and up and this could be broken down,into a little bit of a cleaner more,specific fashion but if we take this as,our niche we know roughly our ideal,customer is people 40 years old that,want to lose fat let's break that down,into a product idea so a product idea,from here could be you know a digital,solution uh something like a four week,challenge so let's break it down here so,this is just gonna be the basis the,framework the full macro outside,perspective of what we're about to do,which is break down my four-step video,formula for creating winning creatives,for digital drop shipping products and,brands so whenever you create your niche,obviously if you haven't watched last,week's video i recommend that because,you're going to be able to see exactly,why we choose what we choose and then,figure out exactly what you need to know,before you move into making the,creatives like we're doing inside of,this video and we focus on video content,right now and that's what we're going to,work on in this video specifically,because that's where we get the most,organic reach right now for free so on,things like instagram reels and tik,tok we get to post video content and,essentially test ads for free instead of,going to a platform let's say like,facebook ads and we make a bunch of,images a bunch of videos and we start,running them spending money and seeing,okay which one's getting the best link,click whatever instead of just spending,money right off the bat like that we get,to post on these organic platforms take,advantage of them and there's some,different strategies we use to,manipulate those platforms to get,organic reach engagement followers and,sales for free which is incredible which,is why we focus on those platforms now,image creatives are very important and,there's certain ways to do it for our,digital drop shipping brands but this,video is specifically about videos and,how you can do this for free with tik,tok and instagram reel so what i'm,gonna do is erase this right now and,we're gonna start the four,step method to creating a winning,creatives then we're gonna hop back on,my computer and get into some live,examples and creations so let's say we,have here the product i'm just checking,my phone here i just realized it wasn't,even in frame let's bring it back down,here to four week challenge boom excuse,my handwriting the first piece of the,framework that you need to follow before,actually making your creatives is going,to be,your thesis so one out of four here is,your thesis so,this is going to be the very beginning,piece of your creative this is what,catches attention this is what gets,someone interested enough to keep,watching through the other points we're,about to go through that are going to,lead to getting engagement and sales and,the reason we start with the thesis is,because we need to catch attention if,you use platforms like instagram or tik,tok even on youtube you know the first,few seconds are what's most important to,getting someone to want to continue,watching your content so what we're,going to do and focus on for the thesis,we have our four week challenge here we,know it's for people 40 and up that want,to lose fat so we need to say something,along the lines of basically touching on,their problems so you got jiggle in your,middle i got your back now something,like that so let's say our thesis here,we're basically just stating their,problem in a way so let's say,got jiggle and again this is also to,qualify it's another way to think about,it so that we are catching the right,attention because something that i see,happen far too often is people will make,creatives for their digital drop,shipping products and they're like i'm,getting traffic and engagement but i'm,not getting many followers or sales and,typically it's because they're,attracting the wrong audience they're,not qualifying to who actually their,ideal customer is so if we know our,ideal customer or someone 40 and up with,you know fat and we have solutions,catered towards that then that's what,we're going to focus on so say you've,got jiggle in your middle question mark,and give them a little little punch line,to keep going we,got your back i wouldn't say this is,perfect end result but it's something i,would test you want to write down a,couple different thesis to get started,here so got jiggle in your middle we got,your back so automatikally someone is,going to see this they could be 20 they,could be 50 they could be 80. you know,at this point it's just a generic,qualification specifically to the,problem we are solving so this is a good,first start here now we can get into the,second piece of our four-step framework,to creating winning creatives so number,two is going to be pain points here is,where we basically make someone feel,like we're reading their mind and kind,of affirming that their pain points,shouldn't be pain points so this would,be something along the lines of you know,i think who's ideal customer what are,they dealing with are you,feeling,bloated,tired and slow,should not be,an everyday occurrence got jiggle in,your middle we got your back feeling,bloated tired and slow should not be an,everyday occurrence so those are the,pain points so we've qualified a little,bit here got attention pain points here,is where we're touching on what their,pain points are that we know of and you,really want to dive deep and know wha

I PAID People On FIVERR To MAKE My Shopify Dropshipping Video Ads

in this video i'll hire people off,fiverr to edit one of my shopify,dropship and product video ads and the,whole point of the challenge is to hire,loads of different people from different,price ranges so i can compare the,service,so i'll go from five dollars all up to,fifty dollars and what i wanna compare,is the service of quality,the video ads that they actually make,for me and any benefits they include,with the service so i started off the,challenge by going to aliexpress and,searching for a suitable shopify drop,shipping product,and i found the portable blender and,it's directly from the aliexpress,supplier and it came with some really,good video footage,then what i did is i went to fiverr and,i sent a generic message to loads of,different people on fiverr with gigs pro,with different price ranges,and the message said hey if i share the,pro that i want to drop ship will you,find the content,and make the video ads for me then i put,the link to the product,and then i also say to them i need to,make sure that these are the minimum,requirements it has to be between 30 and,60 seconds long,and it needs to be copyright free music,then i left everything else,up to the people on fiverr to do because,i want to see what their professionalism,is,when it comes to drop shipping video ad,hey guys welcome back to the youtube,channel my name is camille cernan is the,ecom king and in today's video it's just,for a bit of entertainment and like i,said i'm just gonna be hiring loads of,different people off fiverr to edit one,of my shopify drop shipping product,video ads,and like i said the price ranges will,differ from five dollars all up to fifty,dollars,and let's see who is gonna be the best,and i'll be ranking it from number one,to number five and like i said i'm gonna,be comparing on service equality,what extra benefits do they give me an,overall video and production,now i just want to say a massive shout,out to these two youtube creators on the,screen because they influenced this,video,because they did a video somewhere on,their own channel which was really cool,and i thought it'd be cool to do this,for dropshipping,i'm also going to be giving away the,five videos that you see in this video,to one of you lucky subscribers now all,you need to do to enter the giveaway is,smash the like button,and comment something that you like,about the channel or something that you,want to see in the future on this,channel and i'll be picking a winner,once we hit 5,000 likes on this video so the first,person on the list is going to be arts,inside and she's got a gig on fiverr,saying i will create facebook video ads,for dropshipping products,she's got a 4.9 star review based on 15,and she's got four orders in the queue,and if you look at her gig the basic,package,it says start your business package for,five dollars,one eye-catching viral product video ad,and it's gonna be a three-day delivery,time with three revisions,and she's gonna include video editing,script writing 30 second running time,one size orientation show product,imagery and background music so it,definitely fits the requirements that i,was looking for,for this gig and if we go down and read,what the gig is all about it says,shopify video ads are you looking to,create facebook video ads to drive,traffic into clicks and conversions,well i'm glad you found me your,customers are more likely to buy from,your online store when they see visually,attractive facebook ads,rather than image ads professional,background music e-commerce online,advertising,i'm able to make outstanding facebook,ads for any product that will catch,viewers attention engage their emotions,so for five dollars she sounds like,she's got a lot on the table so if we,take a look at her fiverr profile it,says she's from the philippines she,joined fiverr back in january 2020 so,she's very new to the platform,her average response time is an hour and,her last delivery was six,hours ago and her bio says i'm a,professional graphic designer video,editor from the last four years or more,i'm one who delivers work efficiently,with 100 quality,and you can check all my listed services,on my fover profile,and it says here i'm a high self,motivated driven person who's organized,and is quick at learning and i can,guarantee that the work i'm doing is at,the top,expectations so for five dollars she's,worth testing and seeing how good she,really is,so you guys can see our message to the,script that i was mentioning at the,start of the video saying hey if i send,you the product are you,able to make a video for me and she,responded by saying hello yes i can,definitely create a video ad for you,is this for facebook ads i put yes then,she put what type of video do you want,sir,and then i put one with 30 to 60 seconds,long facebook ads for,portable blender okay so my startup,package offers 30 seconds run time,i said 30 seconds is fine and i said,please send me an offer,she put okay sir but are you in a rush,because my gig offers three day delivery,time,is that okay i put yes that's fine,thanks and then she sent me the custom,offer,and then i've accepted it so her,delivery time she said was gonna be,three days so guys two days later she,actually sent me the video,that she created me and she actually did,it a day faster than she originally said,so i give her a lot of respect for that,now before i actually show the video,that she made for me let me just quickly,explain what makes a good video ad so,you want to start the video off by doing,a hook,or an attention grabber then you want to,show the results that the product can do,then you want to demonstrate how it's,done and then you want to show the usage,and what i mean by usage is like the,daily activity of that product or the,daily usage of it or how it's used,normally and then you want to finish off,the video with a clear call to action,so those are my five steps to a really,good videos so guys now let me showcase,the five dollar video that was made for,me,but if you see me looking down it's,because i'm taking notes on the ipad,about what i thought of the video,now i just want to make something clear,when i watch the video the first time,i'm not going to be really toking too,much i'm just going to be analyzing it,and taking notes but once it's finished,then i'm going to go over with you guys,and explain what i thought about it what,could be better,then i'm going to be giving you my,rating for the video,there's a bit too much text on the,screen like and with the text that she's,got there it was black and you couldn't,really read it so that's the only bad,thing i can see so far,[Music],and they've got the colors are a bit,feminine as well,[Music],that text at the bottom is just really,hard to read in black because there's no,highlights,and i just feel like it's made for a,girl but you know what that call to,action was actually,really really cool i really do like that,call to action really colorful,shows the product shows the fruit behind,it and it says get yours now so i really,do like that call to action actually so,i'm going to put that down,so in this first opening scene i always,said to you guys remember the first,thing you want to do is you want to do,what we call a hook or intention grab it,and if you look at the first part you,can see here it shows somebody pouring,the smoothie into the glass,and it says prepare a healthy smoothies,and i feel like the english grammar on,that is not very good prepare,a healthy smoothies it should be,prepared a healthy smoothie not prepare,healthy smoothies,so the english gram on that is not too,good and obviously,although it is five dollars if somebody,sees that especially in the first clip,that's the first thing somebody's gonna,read and look at,they're going to see that area and,they're going to think that's not too,professional so,if she was going to make a mistake like,that i wish he did it at the end not the,start,but to be fair again especially with the,opening clip it wasn't really a