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dropshipping afficher délai livraison

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

How to Manage 30-Day AliExpress Deliveries in Dropshipping

Managing AliExpress deliveries can be a daunting task for dropshippers, especially when dealing with 30-day delivery times. It can lead to customer dissatisfaction, disputes, and even account closures. However, there are ways to overcome this challenge and improve delivery times for a better customer experience. Here are some tips to manage 30-day AliExpress deliveries in dropshipping.

Key Points:

1. Choose the Right Delivery Method:

- There are different delivery methods available such as ePacket, AliExpress Standard Shipping, DHL, and EMS.

- Select the appropriate method based on the destination country to ensure faster delivery times.

- Avoid using cheap delivery methods that may cause more problems in the long run.

2. Choose the Right Supplier:

- Most AliExpress suppliers are also dropshippers, which can cause delays in delivery times.

- Opt for agents who have small warehouses and can ship products faster.

- They may have higher prices, but it is worth the investment for faster and more reliable delivery.

3. Be Honest with Customers:

- Display delivery times on all pages, including product pages, cart, and checkout.

- Inform customers of potential delays and manage their expectations.

- It is better to be upfront with delivery times than to disappoint customers with delayed deliveries.

4. Delegate or Outsource Customer Support:

- Customer support is crucial in dropshipping, and managing it alone can be overwhelming.

- Consider outsourcing customer support to agencies or hiring virtual assistants to handle it.

- Train and guide assistants to ensure they provide quality support to customers.

Managing 30-day AliExpress deliveries in dropshipping requires careful consideration of delivery methods and suppliers, honesty with customers, and effective customer support. By implementing these tips, dropshippers can improve delivery times, reduce customer dissatisfaction, and increase customer loyalty.

Comment gérer les délais de livraison en dropshipping ? | Saad Ben mentor e-commerce

- Importance of being honest with customers about shipping times in dropshipping

- Tips for managing shipping delays and keeping customers satisfied

How to manage shipping delays in dropshipping:

1. Choose reliable suppliers with good shipping times and communication

- Look for suppliers with at least one year of experience on Aliexpress or other marketplaces

- Check for suppliers with over 90% positive feedback and Aliexpress Standard Shipping

- Choose products with at least 100 orders and over 4.5 stars

2. Use alternate shipping methods and agents

- Consider using private agents to buy stock ahead of time and speed up shipping

- Use alternate shipping companies for faster delivery to certain countries

3. Keep customers informed and satisfied

- Be proactive with communication and updates about shipping status

- Use email updates to let customers know when their order has been processed and shipped

- Use positive language and interjections to maintain a friendly tone and build trust

- Being honest and transparent with customers about shipping times is essential in dropshipping

- By choosing reliable suppliers and communication methods, using alternate shipping methods, and keeping customers informed, shipping delays can be managed effectively and customer satisfaction can be maintained.

Comment Gérer les Délais de Livraison Aliexpress - SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING

Dropshipping is one of the best businesses to start today in 2018, and even in the years to come such as 2019 and 2020. However, one of the major problems with dropshipping is the long delivery times that can range from 20 to even 35 days, causing stress and complaints from clients. In this article, we will discuss some solutions to avoid disturbing clients with long delivery times and how to reassure them.

Ways to Address Long Delivery Times in Dropshipping:

1. Be Transparent with Your Clients:

- Clearly indicate the delivery times on your product pages and FAQ.

- Mention the delivery times in the confirmation emails of the orders.

- Create a FAQ on your website to address common questions from clients about the delivery times.

2. Justify the Long Delivery Times:

- Explain to clients the reasons behind the long delivery times, such as high demand for the product.

- Use websites like blucrate.com to get ideas on how to justify long delivery times.

3. Use Reliable Shipping Methods:

- Use reliable shipping methods like YPacket or AliExpress Standard Shipping instead of free shipping.

- Provide clients with the tracking number and encourage them to track their orders using websites like track24.net or 17track.net.

- Use tracking simulation apps like TrackGenie to reassure clients about the progress of their orders.

Long delivery times can be a major obstacle for dropshipping businesses, but by being transparent with clients, justifying the reasons behind the delays, and using reliable shipping methods, businesses can reassure clients and minimize complaints. It is also important to consider hiring a virtual assistant to help manage customer service and address any issues that may arise.

Comment réduire les délais de livraison en dropshipping ?

Reducing Delivery Time in E-commerce: Tips and Strategies

In this video, Tony presents some effective ways to reduce delivery time in e-commerce and particularly in dropshipping. He emphasizes the importance of avoiding Chinese warehouses and suggests alternative strategies to enhance the customer experience.


1. Use a buffer stock: Instead of relying on AliExpress and other similar platforms, Tony recommends ordering a buffer stock directly from the supplier. This allows for faster delivery times and a smoother customer experience.

2. Focus on best-selling products: To further reduce delivery times, concentrate on stocking up on your top-performing products and only dropship the rest.

3. Use local suppliers: Whenever possible, work with suppliers located in the country you are selling in. This cuts down on shipping time and cost.

4. Use a private agent: Private agents can help source products and manage delivery, often at a better price and faster pace than traditional dropshipping.

5. Use Amazon or other local e-commerce platforms: By utilizing platforms that already have products in-country, you can dramatically reduce delivery time.

6. Work with local logistics companies: Companies like Cubin and Big Blue can help manage delivery and storage for e-commerce sites, cutting down on shipping times.

By employing these strategies, you can significantly reduce delivery times in e-commerce and provide a better experience for your customers. Whether it's using a buffer stock or working with local suppliers and logistics companies, there are many ways to improve your delivery process.

Comment gérer les délais de livraison en dropshipping ?

How to Manage Long Shipping Delays in Dropshipping

In this video, Tony presents some methods to manage long shipping delays in dropshipping.

1. Have a Solid Customer Support:

- Provide an exceptional user experience to your customers.

- Offer support through email, phone, and live chat.

- Have a virtual assistant to answer customer queries and provide assistance.

2. Be Transparent with Shipping Times:

- Be truthful about shipping times and provide accurate information.

- Include shipping times in the product description and shipping policy.

- Offer an option for express shipping for an additional cost.

3. Use Automated Flows:

- Create automated email flows to keep customers updated on their order status.

- Use an application like Klaviyo or AfterShip to provide tracking information to customers.

- Send automated messages to customers to keep them engaged and informed.

4. Offer Incentives:

- Offer discounts or promo codes to customers who experience delays in shipping.

- Provide a gift or refund for customers who have a negative experience.

- Always prioritize customer satisfaction to maintain a positive reputation.

Long shipping delays can be a challenge in dropshipping, but with these methods, you can manage them effectively and provide a positive customer experience. Remember to be transparent, provide excellent support, and offer incentives to keep your customers happy.

Comment Gérer Les Délais De Livraison En Dropshipping

- In this video, the topic of discussion is delayed deliveries and unsatisfied customers in drop shipping.

- The main problem faced in drop shipping is delayed deliveries, but there is a solution to this problem.

- This video will explain how to handle delayed deliveries professionally and effectively, and how to satisfy your customers.


- Some companies use drop shipping as a business model, including popular companies like Vente-Privee and QVC.

- Waiting for deliveries is not just a problem in drop shipping, as companies who keep stock also experience delays due to suppliers and manufacturing.

- Transparency is key when dealing with delayed deliveries. Make sure to inform your customers about the delay on the product page or during the checkout process.

- Responding to customer inquiries and complaints is important. Make sure to respond professionally and promptly, even if the response is repetitive.

- Handling delayed deliveries can be an opportunity to improve your customer service skills and build trust with your customers.

- Improving delivery times can be done by purchasing the necessary quantities, storing them in a logistics center, and shipping directly to customers.

- Avoiding stock is crucial when starting a drop shipping business, as it eliminates the need for a physical inventory and the related costs.

- By handling delayed deliveries professionally and being transparent with customers, it is possible to maintain a high conversion rate and keep customers satisfied.

- Delayed deliveries are not a problem that can't be solved in drop shipping.

- Transparency and professionalism are key to dealing with delayed deliveries and maintaining customer satisfaction.

- By avoiding stock and investing in logistics, it is possible to improve delivery times and build a successful drop shipping business.

Fais Oublier Le Délai De Livraison En Dropshipping : Hack Psychologique

In this video, we will learn a new psychological hack that can help limit abandonment in the shopping cart on your website. We will be addressing the problem of unappealing shipping titles that most people don't spend enough time modifying. We will show you how to optimize your shipping titles for better conversion rates.


1. Access the shipping settings on your dashboard.

2. Click on Gerry les tarifs to access the different shipping modes and titles.

3. Click on the three dots next to the shipping title livraison offerte.

4. Replace the phrase parcelle ci with something more appealing and urgent, like livraison en 12-15 jours.

5. Use emojis and descriptive phrases to make the title more attractive and credible.

6. Add a price tag between 5 and 10 euros to your shipping cost.

7. Modify the price tag to look more appealing, like livraison suivi pour 8.76 euros.

8. Add a delivery date range to the shipping title to create urgency.

9. Add a modifier like offertes to the shipping title to make it more attractive.

10. Save and refresh the page to see the optimized shipping title.

By modifying and optimizing your shipping titles, you can create a sense of urgency, credibility, and value for your customers. This can lead to better conversion rates and more successful sales. Don't hesitate to try out this hack and let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you for watching and see you soon on the blog of Union Rue du Commerce.

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