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dropshipping analysis

Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

How To Analyze Your Facebook Ads Metrics (Shopify Dropshipping Tutorial)

hey guys, welcome to the channel. today we're going to tok about how you should analyze your facebook data and how you can make accurate decisions- correct decisions, based on the metrics that facebook is showing you from your ads performance. so, without further ado, let's get into it and i'll show you, step by step, how you should be analyzing your facebook [Music] ads. okay, so we got this powerpoint presentation here to help you guys take notes and just, uh, streamline everything that i'm going to say, so it's going to be a lot easier for you to understand. so, before we start, it's very important that we set up our columns correctly. so if our columns aren't showing us the data that we need to see, you know we're we're not going to go anywhere. just so, to start with, it's very important that you set your columns correctly, so i have here my exact column setup, so you can just pause the video right here and go to your facebook ads manager. go to columns, then click customize columns and copy this exact setup, save it and you'll be able to have all the important metrics displayed to you every time when you look at your ads. so once that's done, just move along. so we're going to start with pre-click metrics, right? so, um, the way you look at your data, you need to understand that there are two essential phases in the data that facebook is going to show you, right. so, first, pre-click metrics and second, post click metrics. so pre-click metrics is everything that is related to before someone clicks your ad and goes to your website, and, of course, post click metrics are the metrics that relate to after someone has clicked your ad and is already on your website. and this is the first thing that is very important to understand, because the essential part about analyzing your facebook ads data is to um be able to troubleshoot whatever is going wrong and to be able to solve whatever the problem may be, right. so the idea it's kind of like playing doctors with facebook ads, right? so you look at what the data tells you and then you make your diagnosis and then you come up with a strategy that is going to be the cure for whatever the problem is, and this way, you can just um increase your, your performance, your cost per acquisition, and, yeah, so that's pretty much how you improve um your, your facebook ads performance. so we're going to start with pre-click metrics, right, and these are the three pre-click metrics that are the most important. now, we're not going to go over every single one of the pre-click metrics, because that would be a very, very long video, so i'm going to stik to whatever is the most important and the most impactful for you guys in addressing the issues with your ads, right? so the first one is cpm. right, everyone toks about cpm. cpm is the cost per 1000 impressions and the cpm essentially reflects how competitive your market is, how good your creatives are and how good your customer feedback is. now, this it's a to understand. cpm is very important to to also understand that facebook is a bidding platform, right. and because facebook is a bidding platform, um, facebook is going to give you a cost that is going to charge you for 1 000 impressions, and and this cost is calculated depending on how competitive a partikular market is, right. so if you're bidding in a very competitive market, you're going to have a higher cost. if you're bidding in a market for an audience that no one is bidding, you know your cpm is going to be very low. now, you can still bid in a competitive market and be able to have a very good cpm, because facebook cares about the quality that you put on their platform. facebook cares about their user experience, right? so facebook really wants to optimize their user experience to make sure that they're not serving ads that people don't want to see. that people, just, you know, give them a bad experience overall. so if your ad gets a lot of engagement, if your ad gets a lot of comments- you know a lot of likes- facebook is going to know that your ad is something that people want to see, something that people like to see, so your cost is going to decrease when compared to your competitors, right? so having good engagement on your ad, getting good feedback on your ad, is very important for facebook to be able to know, um, that your ad is something that your audience really wants to see, so they give you a lower cost. now, of course, this ties into your creative quality, but also your customer feedback. so, when you start scaling and you have a lot of customers, um, facebook is gonna send your customers a form asking them about their experience with your business, and people are gonna rate your business on a scale of zero to five and this gives you your customer feedback score. now, if you have a good feedback score, your cpm is also gonna go down because facebook is gonna think, okay. so the customers are having a positive experience with this business, so might as well show more of their ads, because this increases the overall experience on our platform, right? so better customer feedback, lower cpm, then ctr: right. ctr is the click-through rate, so the percentage at which people click through your ad, you know, to your website. so this also, um, is a reflection of how effective your creatives are, how well your offer matches your audience, you know. so is your audience interested in what you have to offer them, or is it something that they don't care about? you know if your offer is a very bad match for your audience. and, of course, it is an indicator of the product demand, right, because if people don't care about the product, no one's going to click it. no one's going to click your ad. that is, if people care about the product, they're much more likely to care about what you're showing them and then click through to your website. now, the last one is cost per click. so, and this is the important one, cost per click is the direct result of the ratio between your cpm and your ctr, right, and it's the prime profitability indicator in terms of pre-click metrics, because ultimately, this is what you pay, right? and now this ties into how we should be evaluating the success of our ads in terms of pre-click metrics, right? so cpc is really all you need for us for a simple um analysis, a simple audit of your ads performance, right, in terms of how good your creatives are in terms of pre-click metrics. so, before people click, the one metric that you should look very careful at is cpc, right, and the reason for this is that cpc kind of overrules cpm and ctr in a way, because cpc is the direct outcome of the match between cpm and ctr. now we have two examples in here, right? so the first example is a very high cpm of fifty dollars for one thousand impressions and a ctr of twenty percent. so a very good ctr. your audience is very interested in your creatives, your creatives are extremely high quality and this results into a cpc of only 25 cents. so a very cheap cpc, right? if you think about it, let's, let me bring up the calculator here real quick so i can show you guys what i'm toking about. let's see here, right? so cpm of fifty dollars and you get a 20 click-through rate. so, on 1000 impressions, 20 of people click through to your website. so that's 20, that's 200 clicks for 1000 impressions and you paid 50 dollars for 1000 impressions. so you divide your 50 dollars by 200 clicks and that's a cpc of 25 cents, like we have right here. so, following on this logic, example number two: a very, very low cpm, so a very, very good cpm of five dollars in a pretty bad ctr of one is going to give you actually a higher cpm, a higher cpc. so it's still better, but it's still. it's still good. i mean, right, 50 cent cpc is still good, but it's not even as good as the other one. it's not even as good as example one. and example one has a very competitive audience, a cpm of fifty dollars, but because our creative is so good and our audience matches our offer so well, we still get 20 ctr and that gives us very cheap clicks, right, and ultimately that's what you pay for. so that's what matters in terms of your profitability if you get che.

Top 10 Dropshipping Products To Sell In January 2023 (FULL Analysis!) 💰

here are my top 10 favorite Drop Shipping products for the month of January 2023.. we're finally starting a new year and I'm going to help you start this year with a bang and make much more sales in profit than you did in any previous year. now, not only am I going to show you what products you need to sell, but I'm also going to share with you these sellers top secrets, including what Facebook ads they're running on this product, how much sales and engagement they are making, where they're sourcing these products from, how much profit they are making and what you can do as a seller to do a much better job than what they're doing, so that you'll be able to rake in much more sales and profit than the successful drop shippers that I will share with you in this video. the top 10 products for January coming right up. quick intro and let's start this year with a bang. foreign [Music] from rods and, as you know, in this video you're about to learn about the top 10 most popular products that you should be selling for the month of January 2023.. now, obviously, we're starting a new year here and we're gonna jump start it the right way and maximize ourselves in profit by learning what are the right products to sell and what are the best practikes to use when sourcing these products. alright, so let's waste no more time and get right straight to it. and to help you out even more, if you want to cheat sheet with links to everything that I'm toking about in this video, including all of the sellers websites, all of the ads that they're running, all of the source links where they're getting their products from, and more- just leave a comment right below this video asking for the cheat sheet and I'll be more than happy to send it to you and help you start this year the right way. but do stay tuned in this video, because I always like to throw in extra bonus value and content. alright, so let's go ahead and get right to it. product number one for the top 10 Drop Shipping products for January 2023 is a fast charging USB cable. now you may be thinking: what is so special about this USB cables, since most of them charge fast anyway, while this one not only charges quick, but it's also made up of high quality material and you also have regular USB connection, USBC or whatever it is that you want to sell. let's dive in and take even a deeper look at this product. alright, so this one is selling for around 25, including shipping. it's being sourced for just a few dollars. The Source price here is 63 cents, but it's only for new users on AliExpress. let me show you exactly what I mean in just about a minute, but your potential profit here will be around 20. okay, so let's take a look at the stats. here is the seller's Facebook ad. I'm also going to open the seller's website and I'm going to open the suppliers website. now, once again, just comment right below asking for the cheat sheet and I'll send it to you, which includes all of these links with everything that I'm toking about. okay, so here's the seller's Facebook ad and, as you can see, he has a video ad for this product. it looks pretty good. he's got almost a thousand engagements right here, so you can see that this one is actually pretty popular. 120 watt fast charge, silicon data cables increases speed by 90. Ultra thick skin, compatible with iPhone, Android and other USB type-c phone, tablets and laptops- not the best creative that I could think of, but he is toking about the most important things here, which is how fast it charges and which phones it supports and, of course, what connection types it has okay. so let's take a look at his website now. as you can see, here everything looks pretty nice and clean. we have the different variations right here, so we've got different colors. we've got cable type for iPhone, which is the lightning connector, type c and micro USB, and specification, which, in other words, he means what is the cable length that you are looking for. so these, of course, are things that you can change and make better on your website. and then he's got these plugins. that's trying to win the customer's trust and give them more confidence. to continue to the checkout process, like, for example, 5000 visitors are currently looking at this product. don't really believe what you're seeing, but that does help with some customers. and then he's also got bulk discount pricing. so if you buy two, save five percent, buy three save ten percent, and so forth. and as we scroll down we can see the product's description. he's got some nice animations right here and images showing the product connection, toking about it and pretty much going over everything that this product does, along with the specifications and everything else. now, one thing that I do like here that does stand out is that he has this plugin showing the card at the bottom of the screen the whole time. so no matter where I am on the product page, I can always add it to my cart and move straight to checkout instead of- well, let's say, I scrolled all the way down here and now I'm convinced to buy the product. I can't do it. I have to scroll all the way back up and look for that add to cart button. so it is nice to have a stiky add to cart, and I definitely recommend adding something similar. you can add it to the footer, you can also add it to the header and you can also add it to the left or to the right side. I think that any one of those will work well, as long as it's stikied. and there's another plugin right here showing what products other customers are purchasing right now on the website. of course, it's not true, but it does help gain the confidence of some customers that we want them to check out on our stores. okay, so we know that he's selling it for 22.99. now this seller adds another couple dollars in shipping, so it'll come out to 24.99, but let's see how much we can actually buy this product for. so here we have have the supplier's website with the same exact product and, as you can see, here we've got the color variations we got for iPhone, the type C and the micro USB connectors, and that's pretty much it. we are paying 4.25 and we also want to add in tracking information to our shipments, so for that we're going to spend another 57 cents. so 57 cents plus 425 comes out to about four dollars and eighty cents for this product to ship it out with tracking information. so that's actually very cheap, considering that he's selling it for 24.99, leaving us with a potential profit of about twenty dollars for every time we sell this fast charger which, as we can see right here, is popular. it's in demand and this seller is doing an okay job selling this product. you can do a much better job, alright, so that's product number one. before we move on to product number two, do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, because this is a small example of the type of content that we deliver. if you like it, if you appreciate it, give this video a like, a share and subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you can always learn about your next step in your eCommerce business. alright, this is going going to bring us to product number two: neck supporting round pillow- not just your everyday pillow. this one comes with memory foam and not just your regular memory foam pillow, but this one is really out there to support your neck, so no more neck pain. really, really comfortable pillow, nice design. let's take a look at the statistiks. let's open the seller's Facebook ad, the seller's website and the source website. now let's start with the Facebook ad. now, as you can see in this example, let's play the video, Turn Down the volume. so once again, the product in action and this seller. just by looking at the Facebook page, it looks like a Chinese seller, right, who's just created a Facebook page. I can also tell by the punctuation here. so, but in any case, the lowest price, but the best quality. get your now. it didn't even spell, he didn't even write get yours now correctly, and there's a spacing issue here. so, yeah, English is not his language and that already gives you a small opening of how you can do a better j.

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How To Analyse The Data Of Your First Winning Dropshipping Product

a few days ago, another student of mine actually found his first winning product and I wanted to share the call which I had with him with you guys so you can actually see how to analyze your numbers after you see success. the results are we're going to see here, are a clear indicator of an extremely strong winner and obviously the numbers are not going to look crazy because he has spent like 200, made 800 or something like that, but it's not a high number. if you're here to just see high numbers, you can check out the Student Success story playlist. I'm gonna link it somewhere here and there you're going to see a bunch of people who didn't find their, their, their winning product a couple of days ago, but already over a couple of months. but here we're going to tok about exactly how to scale a product after you see the first results and which pitfalls you can actually fall into if you do this wrong. but without further Ado, let's actually get started with a call, okay, so, um, I wanted to tok in this video about how super winners look like in the beginning. obviously, you can also not save for like for complete certain if this is one, but this indicates that this is going to be extremely easy to to scale um. and also I want to tok about how to like generally analyze the data here and how to go about everything, because you can hear c? um. let's go through the numbers first. basically the amounts spent here: um, it's 240 dollars on, but you don't see this. yeah, basically the, the in like around seven days, and from that around 840 dollars were made um. now a couple of things which are important here. number one: the cost per purchases are super low. so we have, yeah, very low, like we have one dollar per purchase on six purchases, eleven, five, eleven, four, five, two, eight, seven, like basically really good cost of purchases, especially um on the ones which have the most sales, for example, 13 on 13 sales on two dollars per purchase. this is extremely good. now, um, here it's very easy to mess up a lot and it's very, very simple to to kind of go through this and then have the product dying down. so maybe, Eric, you can explain what we did so far and how this they call this whole structure looks um. so with this product, I think, I think I think the first couple of the days, yes, definitely was not profitable. I mean we tried a lot of things, but my main concern was, uh, that I never have the uh PayPal account never been set up, so people were not buying my stuff through the PayPal. it was kind of- yeah, it was kind of a trick that that we fixed. um, then, um, so, yeah, just to explain this, just to explain that basically, the first couple of days we notiked that, um, because, because you're from the Ukraine and they, there were some kind of PayPal issues, um, because, no, no, like the money didn't go through at all, and um, then we had like a bunch of unprofitable days and it looked like the numbers looked super awkward because everything looked super great until people went to the checkout that nobody bought and um, yeah, then, after we fixed it, maybe you can say what happened after that- yeah, after we fixed it, I started getting like my first like 10 sales, maybe like 15 sales a day. um, that was actually super. that was amazing, because that was my first actual results on the Shopify, yeah, amazing. so, yeah, you can see here, the first day, um, 28 dollars were spent on a third of August, of October, um, and then actually I think it's the fourth, yeah, fourth, yeah, and only 29 were made. so nothing special. um, and then basically it started to to do well a few days later, right, yeah, the 25th, 20 like, yeah, actually not 25, sorry. on the fifth, um, again, thirty dollars were spent and 200 were made like 220, which is completely crazy. um, here again you can see: average order value: not high, so low tikets. we're doing Facebook, not tiktok. it still definitely works and you can see, just with the constant purchases of of this, it doesn't matter if the product is low tiket. if you're selling for, like for the average Runner value, 17, three dollars per purchase and like five dollars for the product, it's more than enough to get profits every single day. um, and yeah, here I wanted to say a couple of things. number one is we cannot increase budgets. so what most people would do here in the beginning is they see this and they click on on edits and basically change this number to like ten dollars or twenty dollars because they instantly want to scale, and this would mess up the entire thing. okay, the other thing which most people will do is click here on the product name or like basically on the on the asset name and to duplicate the asset, which is also wrong, so you're not allowed to touch anything which is doing really well. if you have, like, you don't know what's going on, the first day, your first couple of days, um, you're, you're just like starting out. you are not allowed to touch anything which does really well. okay, so we see here that we didn't change the budgets. we didn't change anything. it still keep like it stayed five dollars per asset from the get-go. and the only thing we did is we added a few new assets. okay, we didn't even duplicate the ones which worked well, but we recreated the same exact ones and also added in a few new ones and basically you can see here that a few of them kind of failed, um, so two and um two did pretty well. so you see here, if you have like, if you tested five assets and one out of them has like two dollars per purchase, that's a massive one, because you always need to understand: a unprofitable asset can be just turned off and then you are only left with the profitable as well. so that means that if you test 10 assets and two of them work and eight of them don't, the two which are going to work for for a month, for example, um, are worth way more than eight which don't work. um, so, yeah, that's, that's that, um, and the next steps are also here, very, very important, because most people would just kind of panic and freak out and do a bunch of changes: want to optimize the store, want to optimize the ads or to make everything perfect. we don't touch anything, okay, um, and maybe you, you explain what you think is a strategy forward and then we can see if that's correct or if Hollywood. okay. so, um, first I have my five uh. so, actually, if we're gonna jump from the beginning, beginning, so we had like uh, five countries, we had, uh, the ads has 10 assets for all the countries and, um, we started scaling- I mean not star scaling, we're just starting Gathering like data from uh, from countries, and then assets. we found that, uh, the most profitable country is going to be the United States because we spend less and getting the most um, so we um. our next step was um to create, like only us, with the only five uh five videos, like uh five ad sets, right, so that's what I did and uh, yeah, some of them were profitable, most of them were profitable, but some more of them were not. that's why I have only one kill, because it was still good, but I think today, as of today, am I gonna, uh, kill Taco over the Mars? we'll see, it depends on you. what do you think? so, yes, so, first of all, um, it's very correct. like you said, we need to always optimize on a segment which works. so, for example, if we see that, um, like whatever, you have three assets which are okay, profitable, whatever, not comfortable, it doesn't matter. um, but you, you go into the breakdowns and you can literally do that here, um, you go to your, your breakdowns, um, by delivery. so, um, basically, if you break down by countries, and if you're building a breakdown by countries and go here- I cannot show this because it's also going to show the ad set names and I don't want to mess with the blurring- but basically, this is like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United States, UK, whatever, um, and you're going to see how much each country spent and how much each country made. you're going to see on your Shopify store if you go through all the orders, and then at some point you're going to see: all right, I spent, let's say, a hundred dollars on on UK, but that was not so profitable and I only made 150, and on United States.

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The Only Dropshipping Product Research Guide You'll Ever Need.

tiktok drop shipping is a different game. winning product life cycles are shorter. creatives that are performing very well might only be profitable for a matter of days, and with the amount of people who have shifted their efforts over to drop shipping on tiktok, competition is fierce. if you want to be successful, you must do what others are not willing to do. you must sell products that are yet to be sold by the masses. you must cleverly craft your marketing angle, offer and product in a way that is unique, branded and unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. but on the flip side of things, the amount of users and shoppers on tiktok is growing every day by the second. tiktok drop shipping has taken the world by storm. it's unlike anything i've ever seen before and in a matter of just days. you can build a soar up to multiple thousands of dollars per day, just like this one here. and it all starts with finding the right product. [Music]: what's popping youtube? welcome back to the channel. if you're new here, if you're old here, my name is nathan nazareth. i'm a 21 year old e-commerce entrepreneur based out of vancouver, british columbia, canada, and just before we get started here, i do want to remind you that every single week i do a giveaway for a custom built dropshipping store, built by me and my team. all you have to do to enter this giveaway real quick is go ahead and smash a like on this video, comment something insightful down below and subscribe to the channel. those three things you're automatikally entered for the chance to win your very own custom mail drop shipping store, in which i'll announce in next week's video. now let's get straight into showing you guys exactly how i go and find my seven figure winning products to sell with tiktok drop shipping. all right, so before i show you exactly how to find seven figure winning products to sell on tiktok, first things first, you need to know what a seven figure winning product looks like, and it's pretty straight, straightforward. so we're gonna use this four-step framework that i personally use to validate every single product before i even test it on an initial launch. so, first things first, we're looking for a wow factor. okay, so this product needs to be able to catch somebody's attention in less than three seconds. people have the most ridiculous attention spans now due to tiktok and obviously, because we're advertising on tiktok, we need to really hit home with this product in one, two, possibly three seconds. another point here is: it needs to be easy to market. you need to have different marketing angles and creativity with the product. you need to be able to make really cool and unique video ads. if it's like i don't know, maybe some just basic pen, how are you gonna make a bunch of really cool video ads around a basic pen? i mean, i'm sure it's doable sell me this pen, but the cooler and the more unique the product, that'll also contribute to its wow factor and how easy it is to make creatives around that product. now the next point here is price. typically, we're looking for a product that can sell between 15 and 45 with at least a 3x markup. that's going to give us a solid profit margin across the board when selling on tiktok, and what i typically find is anything over 45 dollars. yes, you still can sell on tiktok, but it's very, very difficult, and that's because the large majority of the user demographic on tiktok is younger people, so they don't have the same purchasing power that customers on facebook ads do in general. now, of course, times are changing and older people are hopping on tiktok as well, but it's still the general consensus but lower tiket products tend to serve you better. step three: how exclusive is the product? okay, and by exclusive i don't just mean how many of your competitors are selling the exact same product. i mean, can you go over to your local walmart or target and pick the product up cheaply and easily? and also, do they have it on amazon prime? you know, nine times out of ten your products gonna be on amazon. that's totally fine, but if it's in every single warehouse and everybody everywhere can get that product in less than a day shipped to their house and for cheaper than you're selling, it might not be the most unique and exclusive product. so i'd probably look somewhere else. and then, lastly, how broad is the product? broad audiences have been crushing on tik tok, so that's why i like to keep the product as broad as possible and also have it be an evergreen product, meaning that you can sell it year round and not just in a specific season or a specific point in time. and also no age restrictions. okay, as i said, older and older people are coming on tiktok, so it's not just 15 to 18 year olds on there anymore. so you want to keep the product open to as broad an age range as possible. that being said, you can kind of focus in on the younger demographic a little bit more with your creatives, the way that you're marketing it, but you want to keep it as open as possible in that regard. and then gender: you can sell a male or female product and still find success. uh, but again, the broader the better. now for the methods on how to actually uncover these winning products to sell. you've probably seen some of these before. if you're watching this video, you probably watch other product research videos. so i'm gonna do something different and i want this video to be as valuable as possible for you. so what i've done is i've taken the top three methods that i personally use and i put them through a ranking system so you can see exactly which one will be best for you to use, and i'll show you what i mean. okay, so there's four categories to this ranking system. we have cost, product ease of use and speed. now i'm going to put more weight on product. i'm going to give product 20 points and each of the other categories 10 points. so each of these three methods i'm about to go over will score a total score out of 50, and that way you can easily see which method will be the best, and i'll also have the ranking under each category so you can see which one will be best for you. all right, so, starting with method number one, we have what i like to call the organic method. so this one is very simple. you may have seen it before. it consists of going to tiktok and searching up amazon fines- tiktok made me buy it- and unboxing. those are three terms, or three hashtags that i like to use the most and that i typically find the best products with. now you want to go to the filters and you want to click on most liked and less than one month. so you're going to get all of the videos that have the most amount of likes, that are going super, super viral and that have just been created less than one month ago. so that way, you're going to get untapped fresh winners that you can start selling. i'm gonna quickly run through and quickly run through exactly how to do this. uh, first of all, quick shout out to your boy on tiktok, the nathan nazareth. go toss them a follow. uh, next thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna go over to our home page. i'm gonna go to the search bar here and we're gonna type in: tik-tok made me buy it. okay, so from there we're gonna get this top kind of feed here, but what we wanna do is go over to the top right hand corner, to these filters or these slider looking things, and then go to date posted and click this month and then go to sort by and click most liked. then just go ahead and click apply and you're going to see all these product videos that are going absolutely viral right now. so click on this. so one on this one. as you can see, it's some sort of mini home projector with the right creative. obviously this product is going to sell well on tik tok it's going to fly. the next one here is looks like some really cool toy that people can put in their office or somewhere and play with it at home- almost like a fidget type toy, um, but that is pretty cool. like that's going to catch someone's attention. it's catching mine right now. so what you can do is you can just scroll through all these videos.

WINNING Product Analysis And How To Sell Them (Shopify Dropshipping)

[Music]. one thing i do want to go ahead and bring up, to go ahead and shed some light on products like this. so this item, in more cases than one, is a one-time use items. right, they're gonna use it once and probably never really use it again. or maybe use it once or then another time in like six months, unless you're going camping like every single day where you probably already have a water purifier, okay. so items that are one-time use items are not going to be good for long, long term and scale and long-term branding. it's usually one and done and people will never kind of return to the site. they won't buy on their remarketing ads. okay, it's very, very one-time use and that also breeds low average order value and high cost per acquisition. so an item like this- definitely a need, definitely a great, a great item to use. okay. but this item has been around for quite some time and there's so many different items just like this, okay, that do the same exact thing. you could type in water purifier and you'll see a bunch of different items come up. they look like this, like aliens, they look like little pens that look like a bunch of different things under the sun, but the benefit and the result is all the same. and remember, when we see pages and pages and pages of products that are that look different but all have the same benefit: instant red flag, okay. also, products that are normally one-time use items would be instant red flag, okay. so this item, i would say let's go ahead and pass on this. this item definitely has some really good creativity on it, but overall this is not going to be great for impulse ads and making us profitable with our ad spend. it's a great item to have if you're camping and whatnot, or if you own a dick sporting goods or you're at bass pro shops, right, where the where the intent is there. right, amazon, the intent is there, but shopping on impulse is not going to be something that's going to be doing quite well with aov for those points that i've mentioned. so we're definitely going to go ahead and skip this uh chase for those specific reasons. does that make sense, brother? this is a phenomenal item, just like nuno said, okay, montessori is freaking trending right now. these items are trending. okay. smart is cool now. okay, and everyone wants their kids to be super, super smart. okay, this is a phenomenal, phenomenal choice. and, quite frankly, if you go ahead and do some research on other similar items, say, oh, motor skills will improve by 10 after six months of using similar toys. holy crap, is that worth 40 bucks to you? is that worth 50 bucks to you as a parent? yes, it is okay. this is an experienced good. this is making the child smarter. it's improving the quality of the child's life. it's actually women dominated. okay, it's going to actually investing into emotional and logical pieces because, remember, ladies and gents, our marketing angle is based on two damn things: emotion and logic. logically makes sense, let's have my kid get smarter with from my 50 purchase. and emotionally, i want my kid to be the most prepped and confident, as intelligent as they can be for their own self. that that's my emotional, uh, being saying that this is a phenomenal item. okay, and yes, this is very, very hot and this is also what i would say an actual experience product as well. okay, hint, hint, this is a phenomenal market. okay, call it great, great job. this 100 needs and i commend you for your amazing artikulation. okay, of actually understanding the points so quickly. by the way, okay, you're new, which is awesome that you're able to go ahead and kind of speak like that already okay and you're also. this is a. this is a flawless choice. okay, if i have this on my list of 20, i'm very confident. for example, i want to fill my list of 20 up with all the items in a market you know, like this and the other items we've said yes to. i want to have great confidence in my products. this is an item that i have mass, mass confidence in okay as well, especially if you showcase it properly with great uh, you know, parental kind of uh film filming, like parents toking about how their child has changed after using it, or similar products. okay, it's gonna be very, very important that you have great content here, because just by looking at it, you know you kind of got to go ahead and read the title and think a little bit. it's not the most curb appealing item in the world- okay. but when it's broken down and you're seeing the child use it- okay, then it becomes a very curb appealing product. so your content will be key here and your statistiks will be key here as well, just like we toked about with bijan. okay, you need to go ahead and do some newborn uh infant research, okay, and come up with- or not come up with find some really, really great, credible sources that showcase real change being made by using products like this to improve motor skills, etc. okay, this is phenomenal. very, very big fan of this and, uh, this part i love. this is one of my personal favorites because, just like the non-slip mat that we showcased in the beginning of this actual session, we already know that product's a winner. okay, yes, the product in a very saturated market, just like this item, but this item is definitely a winner. okay, and, quite frankly, gimbals and stabilizers like this that are auto tracking are huge. okay, people are paying thousands and thousands of dollars for them for their camera. okay, this at the low price point for your iphone is phenomenal. for people doing content online, this is definitely a proven winner and i love it. i love that hyper c value, massive utility, massive benefit. okay, the way that we actually differentiate this, just like i said to paul for the mat, is gonna be through our content, in our copy. okay, you have to stand out here. you have to have proper ugc. you have to go ahead and have people, an influencer showcasing how much this is worth it for spending 20 bucks in the product. okay, to go ahead and have this ability for it to follow you around as you're cooking. you're cooking pancakes, moving around over here showing the white board here. this is phenomenal. okay, very, very big fan of this, and this is something you can build a phenomenal brand out of as well that has very good, high-perceived value. you could sell other tik items and tik gear as well on the side. okay, this, personally, it's one of my favorite products of the day, just because i know it's proven and just because i know it works when you have proper content, okay, and proper branding around it as well. okay, this is definitely a phenomenal item for all those points that we mentioned. it meets all the product index criteria. it's hands-free, it's the experience and the actual benefit, the utility of cases. you don't have to record yourself. you don't have to pay someone to record you. you save money here. it's an investment. it's convenient and improves confidence. okay, it's primarily woman dominated in a lot of the influencer marketing. okay, this is going to do very well if it actually catches traction. okay, that's one of the main things here is making sure you catch traction with the higher end content. now, i would definitely approve of this. okay, one thing i want you to do as well in the audit is to go ahead and find some other people selling the same item. see how they're pushing their content, see their angles that they're pushing okay, see what they're charging, and i want you to really create much differentiation with the way that you push it compared to how everyone else are pushing similar items. okay, this isn't an old item, it's actually fairly new. okay, it's actually fairly new. we've actually had this on a video audit not too long ago, yeah, i think. but overall, this is a really good product. it's actually fairly new and it's extremely high perceived value and the price point. you just can't beat here. okay, you want to make sure that it actually works properly, though. okay, that's one of the things, because if it doesn't work properly, you want to get our agent to go ahead and actually source one for you that works better, because if one of the pro

The Top 10 High Profit Margin Products To Dropship | FULL Analysis! 🚀

let's face it, finding products that will sell is a challenge. finding products that will sell with a high profit margin is even harder, but does that mean that we should stik with cheap items with low profits? at the end of this video, you will have the answer to that. you'll also be equipped with the top 10 high profit margin products to sell in your stores. I've included a full analysis, including what selling, who's selling them, what ads they're running on this product, how much sales they're making, who their suppliers are, how much they're profiting and more. and if you want access to a cheat sheet with all of the information that I have in this video, including the products, the links, the suppliers, the ads and everything else, just leave a comment right below this video with the hashtag profiting, along with your profiting goals for 2023, and don't forget to like this video. now let's go over the top 10 high profit margin products to sell in your stores. quick intro- and let's go foreign. [Music]. the content manager here at Auto DS. and as you know, in this video you're going to learn about the top 10 high profit margin products to sell in your stores. now, what are high profit margin products? obviously, you understand that. it means that these products will sell with a high profit margin. and in order to be able to sell products at a high profit margin, we need to learn how to sell the more expensive products rather than the cheap ones, and that's simply because the more expensive the product is, the more we're going to be able to profit, since here we're profiting in percentages, so we'd rather sell a product that costs a hundred dollars with a twenty percent profit margin than a product that costs twenty dollars with the same profit percentage. so in this video, you're going to learn about how to sell these products at a high profit margin, and not only super expensive products, of course, you're also going to learn about those, but you're also going to learn about medium tiket prices and still be able to make high profits, of course, with proof, statistiks and everything else that you need. so one second before we get started: if you haven't done so yet, do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, where you are going to learn about the next step in your Ecommerce business, whether we're toking about product finding, tikniques and strategies, what products to sell, case studies, interviews, tutorials and so much more. so, if you want to take your Ecommerce knowledge and business to the next level. hit that subscribe button and let's go. so let's start with product number one, which is case stand and wallet snap set. as you can see, this is the product right here. so it's actually this wallet that stiks to your iPhone. now let's take a look at the statistiks. this baby is selling for 69.99. it's being sourced for only 29.70, leaving us with a potential profit of at least forty dollars per transaction if we're selling at this price, of course, not including our selling Channel fees. but even making 37 or 36 or 35 dollars profit for selling this product is still a lot, and this is exactly how it's done. this is the ad that the seller is running for this product. let's take even a deeper look inside this ad. okay, so, as you see it right here, find a phone accessory for everyday, carry on your list whoever you are, wherever you're going, whatever you're doing. mathus, probably a Chinese company- get yours now, with the call to action link. okay, so let's take a look at his website. okay, the engagements weren't super crazy here, but you can be sure that this seller is making sales. and let's just take a look at his website. so, as you see, has a very clean look and we've got the variations right here, depending on what phone you want. I can see that he pretty much customized everything. he customized the fun on this page, of course, the way that the page looks. it actually looks pretty good for a Shopify website. usually they go with the same themes, where you see the product on the left side, the images on the left side, the text on the right and as you scroll down, you only see the text on the right side. right, that's. Shopify is popular free theme and that's what most people are using. now, one thing that I've notiked a lot of sellers doing recently is using the stiky add to cart, as you can see on the bottom of the page. okay, so, no matter where I am on the page, I always have this add to cart button, so of course, I won't forget to add to cart and check out. it's just this reminder. no matter where you're at and you know, even as someone who's skimming to the website and you know kind of like trying to act like an online Shopper, it does catch my eye and if I would be interested in this product, I probably would use that. okay, so, as we can see, very clean look, this seller did a professional job with his website. that is why he's also going to allow himself to make such a good profit margin, for every time he sells his product, it really looks like it's his business and it's his product, even though we all know that he is a drop shipper. okay, so we size add, we size website. now let's see exactly where he's getting this product from. okay, so I'm going to click on the source link right here and, once again, if you guys want access to the cheat sheet, you're going to get the links to everything that I'm toking about in this video in a much more organized fashion. so, once again, just leave a comment right below this video with the hashtag profit. let me know what your profit goals are for 2023, like this video, and, of course, I will send you the cheat sheet. okay, so here's where he's actually getting that wallet from. as you can see, we're seeing the same exact product and the seller- and AliExpress- doesn't call himself moth because he's a drop shipper himself. okay, so you can just see the whole chain of drop shippers until the product finally reaches its End customer. so the seller from AliExpress, the drop shipper who calls himself Jay h3c Messiah store, is Drop Shipping from a Chinese manufacturer or a manufacturer who's selling to the distributor, who calls himself muff. so AliExpress is Drop Shipping to us and this drop shipper is dropshipping it down to the last customer, down to the end customer. so he's also going to call himself muffed in this case and, as you can see right here, you really are going to get that product for that cheap, okay. so let's take a look, let's choose the same exact variation and see that all the info is correct. so we saw that he's selling it for 69.99, which is exactly what we're seeing here at the selling price, which will all be available to you with the cheat sheet. so leave that hashtag comment. like I told you, below this video, The Source price is 29.70. so if I take this product right here, the same exact variation, and we always want to check shipping with tracking information, so I'm only going to choose shipping methods with tracking available- and in this case, we do have free shipping with tracking available here, and so this one is actually going to cost us 26.61, which is even a few dollars cheaper than what we have here, because, of course, sellers are changing their prices all the time. but in any case, instead of making forty dollars profit. you're gonna make forty three dollars with the current situation. so this is product number one, where you can purchase it for thirty dollars, sell it for seventy dollars and make forty dollars per transaction. that is a high profit margin product and you don't have to break the bank and you don't have to sell products at a few hundred dollars just to be able to see this type of profit margin. and this seller is proof that it can actually work. that is product number one. now let's move on to product number two: golden cutlery set. let's take a look at the stats. this premium luxury cutlery set is being sold for a hundred and sixty dollars and get this. it's being sourced for just fifty dollars, leaving the seller or leaving you with the profit potential of a hundred and nine dollars for every time you just sell one unit of th.