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dropshipping apps for ebay

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

How to Dropship from Aliexpress to eBay with AutoDS (Lazy Method)

Bill Gates once said that I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because a lazy person will always find an easy way to do it. so in this video we're going to look at the laziest way to start drop shipping on ebay. now, dropshipping is a model where we find items on other retail websites like Aliexpress, calm, and we list them up for sale on eBay. then, once they sell, we buy them directly on Aliexpress and ship them directly to our customers, which means we never have to handle the inventory ourselves. now this process can be done fully manually if you want. so that means you are going to go on Aliexpress and go on eBay, see what items are already selling well on eBay that you can buy from Aliexpress, list them up for sale on eBay by copying everything from Aliexpress, pasting it into eBay, doing all that manually. but of course there are now ways to automate that process, make it go much, much faster. so I made a video recently. you might want to check that out. that video shows the current way that I do this drop shipping. its a mix between manual and automatik drop shipping and it really feel like it's the best approach to dropship. you see, if you go fully manual. there are definitely benefits to that method. what you're going to see is that you're going to have more control over the whole process. you're going to see exactly what is going into your store and you exactly check that every item that's going in there is the item that you want in there. but the drawback of doing everything manually is that it takes a lot of time. with an automated approach, the benefits there is that it takes you zero or no time to actually list products and to get the whole process going. now the drawback there is that you don't have as much direct oversight or control. a lot of times, because you know when something's automated, we tend to get a little bit lazy and not pay as much attention to it. now, with the method I show it in that last video, it's kind of a mix between the two and I still think that's the best method for you to use. but I know some of you guys are lazy out there. so in this video I want to show you the lazy way to start drop shipping onto eBay, and the lazy method requires you to just press one button, which is the thumbs up button underneath this video. alright, just kidding guys, but seriously hit that like button. now let's go into my computer so I can show you the lazy way to start drop shipping onto eBay. okay, so this is the software that I used to run my ebay drop shipping business. it's called Auto D s. now this software does a lot of different things to help me run my business. it will help me find products, it will then list them up for sale and it will help me with order fulfillment as well. again, we're trying to do as lazy as possible here. so once you sign up for an auto D s account, get all your settings correctly. then, if you're being lazy, then come over on the Left where it says Auto D s finder. now full disclosure here. this part is not free. you do have to pay a little bit extra to be able to use the auto d s finder. but let me show you how it works. am i? and why? if you're lazy, you might want to take advantage of this. so if I'm gonna choose on the source site here- Aliexpress China -, eBay US. and what this Auto D s finder does is it's going to find items that are already selling well on eBay that you can source from Aliexpress. and you can break it down like: let's say: okay, I won an item that sold at least three times in the past month, or at least five times in the past month, or at least eight times in the past month. now, obviously this one is the most valuable- eight times in the past month- because if it's done that, then you know that that's a really popular item and chances are, if you list it up for sale, you're going to make some awesome sales on it as well. but of course, this one cost a little bit more money. for that reason. now I'm gonna choose- let's choose a couple from the three and let's do maybe three products and we'll choose two that's sold at least five times and the eight times. I'll choose one, and that will cost me a total of eleven credits. now I'll click upload it. wellwhen. now it's going to take me to another screen where I can choose exactly what I want these items to be priced at, so you can put your break-even here, and then you could put in an additional profit percentage. so the break-even percentage: how much you have to mark it up in price just to break even. so if you sold it at just the break-even, you wouldn't make any money but you wouldn't lose any money. but of course you want to make a profit here, so we'll put in an additional profit here. we'll choose our return, our template for the listings, the quantity, so how much of the item you want listed on eBay, I'll do one each and I'll have our handling time. because this is from Aliexpress, which is coming from China, I'll choose a longer shipping time, a little bit longer handling time and a 30-day return policy. if you want to add any tags, you can. so on this tag, I'm going to do finder that way. I know I uploaded these using the Autodesk finder and we'll choose here that is coming from China, because you want to be fully accurate here. you want them to actually know the buyers. that is coming from China, that's it, and I'll click Save products- scheduled products. and once it's done, loading has a few items to go through. so it's gonna do that and now what it's doing is actually just going to list those items into my store for me. so I don't even have to look at them, I don't have to review anything. it will automatikally find those items and upload them to ebay for me and let's kind of take a look at what those items are. so I can actually see these products right here and it's still working right now. but it's pulled in three of them. so first one here. let's take a look at that one, and the way you can kind of look at it is on the left. click on this edit button and you see that it found this wallet that's doing really well on eBay and I think a reason this one is probably doing so well is because there's so many variations, so there's a lot for people to choose from. so what Otto das is doing is pulling in each of the variations for listing. you know this is a listing on Aliexpress for one wallet, but there's different choices. you can get a gray one, a brown one, a black one, this metal box one. it also pulls in the item specifics, which is really important for eBay, and the photos and the description. I'm going a little bit beyond what you need to do. you do not need to click through and look at this like I am. I'm just doing that for this video so you guys can kind of get an idea of what it is that Auto D s is actually doing in the background. what I'm going to do is copy down this title and actually search for it so we can see where they got this from. so this looks like it on Aliexpress, yeah. so this is it right here and you can see right here on Aliexpress. its sold nine hundred and eighty seven times, so this is definitely a popular product on Aliexpress and it's gonna price it. so, for instance, this one is pricing it at $17.60 and you can buy it for twelve dollars and 46 cents, so there's a markup there. enough for you to make a profit. now, if you come back to Auto ds2- the items that is uploading, I'll show you one other thing, because, remember, I mentioned before that there are drawbacks to doing things that are fully automated, and this is one the drawbacks right here. this item right here, as we see, is Christmas bracelet, Saul's Christmas stuff, and right now it's January 15th. so this item definitely sold a lot within the past thirty days because this was selling right before Christmas, but now it's after Christmas, so it's very unlikely that this is going to continue to sell, well, now that it's January 15th when I'm recording this video. so this is not one that I would want listed in my store, but that's one of the drawbacks of doing something like automation. like I said before, you're not gonna have as much oversight into what items are actually being l.

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foreign, so application s is good.


The Best Software to Increase SALES for eBay Dropshipping in 2022

hey guys. so there are three main things that you need for ebay dropshipping: an ebay account, an amazon account, and you need an amazing software that will make your life a lot easier. so when i began ebay dropshipping six months ago, i started with liststar, and this has been perfect for me so far. so if you're just starting ebay dropshipping or you're looking to use a new software, then today i'm going to be sharing with you exactly why you should be using lister. you'll also find out how much different features can help you to increase your sales, to make the whole process easier, and if you are someone who's already using listed, then i'm going to go through all the different features that lister has to make sure that you're using them correctly, to know exactly what every single one does, and at the end i'll reveal how you can make additional passive income using lister. so here's lister, and at the top we can see all the different menus. we have the inventory, we have the import, we have listing, health, affiliates, product hunter, template copy, our help join the community. so this is the general dashboard that you will see. you can also see the plan that i have at the moment, which is 2 000 listings per month. i'm currently holding 1794 per month and here we can see, you know, unpaired items, active items ended on ebay, items with critikal issues and that risk. so of course the inventory is simply your listings. this is simply your holdings, everything you can currently see at the moment. here we can see review. we can see pear products to review products. so these are simply products that you might add and you might choose to go through them later on to approve them to be added onto listo- parent products. so the purpose of parent products is to ensure that your items on ebay is actually linked onto lister to make sure that list is monitoring the stoks and everything along that line. i'll show you guys exactly how to pair products later on in this video. and now we can see the block list. the block list is simply keywords that list those actually blocked. this is to make sure that you are not listing up items that you're not allowed to list because you can get in trouble. so lister is pretty much covering your backside on quite a lot of these, because you can see that there's several keywords, there's so many keywords that you're being covered on, so in this case you don't have much to worry about. so import- this is simply how you import your products- is very, very, very straightforward. i will show you exactly how to import products later on this video listing health. so the purpose of health check: this is the part a lot of people miss. so health check helps you to find out there's any problems anywhere. so if there's a problem with your products, if there's a problem on ebay to while your products isn't listen up, then you need to do a health check. i will show you exactly how to do a health check as well. product hunter is a function that lister has that helps you to find good products, so you can go ahead yourself and find your own products. i do that often, but you can actually just pay a list off and each product is going to cost you five pence, which is pretty cheap, and they're going to get you products that actually sell. you know decently, these are going to be products with four and a half star rating upwards on amazon, so this is pretty much going to make your life a lot easier. now we have templates, which you're not going to use often. this is just to customize your store on ebay. and, lastly, we have copier. so, again, this is to make your life easier. at some point you're going to be getting 10 sales, 20 sales a day, and if you're getting that much, you want to make sure that the process of ordering these products is very straightforward, because copying the address, typing it up on amazon, can take some time. when you go into lister, you can find out more about it, and i do use copy it myself simply because it saves me a lot of time. now, one thing to also know about list store is that it's extremely safe. so listo isn't an automated software. it's not one that you can do absolutely nothing and they're gonna help you purchase the product, ship it to the customer, everything's going to happen. so it's not automated. it's more like semi-automatik in a way, but this means it's very, very safe. this means that ebay cannot recognize that there's some sort of software doing something for you. lister just makes it easier and you're going to be using the csv files that ebay actually allows to help you to list your products, to manage your products, and it's very, very simple. it's extremely simple to use. so this is why i personally prefer listof, because it's a lot more hands-on. in a way, you're more involved, rather than everything happening passively without you lifting a single finger. so now, how do you add products onto liftstore? so i've already made a detailed video on this process, but i'm going to go for it briefly, on exactly how you can actually find products. so all you simply need to do is go on to amazon. when you're on amazon, you can click on any item you see. so, for example, we're going to go with this one. you simply want to find the asin of this item. you can either choose to scroll down and find it manually- and you can find it right here, or to make a quick call. then you can simply just tap command f, type an asyn, and you will see the exact asin that you want right here, and you simply have to copy this. go back onto list star import products, paste the asin right here and you simply have to add this item to file. but that's really straightforward. that's the easy way to add items on to lister. now, once you've added an item onto list store, now you want to list this product up onto ebay. and a simple way to do so. you will find those items under unpaired items and you just want to take that item that you have found. then you want to click on products creation csv. after doing this, you want to go into ebay. you want to click on upload, choose file, and you will find the exact item you want under your download. and once you have done that, you will find the products that you just added on your listings. and that is all you have to do when it comes to listing our products. now, once you've actually listed this item up on ebay, now you actually want to link and pair this product onto lister. to do this, you want to go into reports, you want to go into download, download the report listings, all active listings, and you download this. now, after this, this is when you want to use that pair product function that i mentioned earlier. you go into pair products, then you find the csv file that you just downloaded, you open it and afterwards will begin to see that your product has this ebay item id. when your ebay item id is next to your product, then that is when you know that it has been linked. so whenever you perform a price and stok update, which can be seen right here, those items that you now have links- the prices will change, the stok will change, you know, corresponding to what it is on amazon. so that is a general thing that you're going to do day after day, but what happens when you perform a price and stok update and you see that it failed? here we can see that three items failed on my previous price and stok update. so how do you find out why it's failing? because a lot of people have this question. the best thing you need to do now is download results. so this is when you need to perform a health check that i mentioned earlier. now you want to go into listing health. once this has been uploaded, you can view the health check and once you view it, you will find that exact error. as you can see, one of these items that failed says you are not allowed to revise unended listings- and to find this item that has been ended- i can find it in my inventory and under ended on ebay. here are the three items that got ended. so this is the reason why it failed. so that is simply how you find out exactly what is going wrong with your price of stok update or whenever you list up anything, and the

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Manual eBay Dropshipping With No Software Explained!

[Music]. hey, what's up guys? Paul here from dropshipping Titans comm. I wanted to jump onto a quick video because I keep hearing people using this term, manual dropshipping. but what does that mean? what does the term manual mean? so if you guys don't know who I am, my name is Paul. I run this YouTube channel all about ebay and amazon drop shipping and I have some courses about eBay dropshipping as well, and I keep hearing a lot in the community people using this new buzzword, manual dropshipping- actually pulled up the definition here on my phone and we're going to read it off to you. if you just google it, this comes up. it says: worked by hand, not automatikally or electronically. so a manual dropshipping store would be one that uses no software or automation of any kind. everything would be done by you or another human being by hand. so that means every time you list an item, you would list it out by hand. traditionally, dropshippers would use software that would list an item from a website like Walmart onto eBay in a second. you can list a hundred items in a minute and that's much faster than doing it manually, which takes about four to five minutes, maybe three minutes if you're really fast at it. in addition, we've always used software to help us reprice our items. so imagine you list that item from Walmart onto eBay and now the price on Walmart changes or the item goes out of stok on Walmart. well, what are you going to do? if you're doing it manually, you have to check all the stok on Walmart, you have to check all the prices on Walmart and if there's any changes, you have to make those changes on eBay. imagine that doing that for like ten items in your store- not a big deal maybe, but if you get five hundred items you wouldn't be able to check them every single day. but this software does all that for you automatikally. we've also used software to help us fulfill orders. so once an item sells on eBay, we get the buyers address to ship it to and we have software that will quickly copy that from eBay over to our suppliers website. let's say that's Walmart. it cuts the processing time. [Music]. so if you're running a fully manual store, if you're running a manual store, you can't use any of that software. by definition, you couldn't use any of that software. and that makes no sense, because there is great software out there that does work, that allows you to successfully dropship on eBay and still automates these processes for you, so you should be using software. you just have to make sure you're using the correct software. see, there's definitely been a change on eBay in terms of the best tactiks to use to be successful, and part of that change includes using different software. but this is where people are getting confused with this buzzword manual drop shipping, because people are using the term manual drop shipping to reflect these new strategies and changes, when really they're the same strategies with just different software and slightly different tactiks. I've toked about this on my youtube channel over the past few months. a couple months ago, I updated my courses with these latest tactiks. they're not new strategies, they're just new tactiks and different software, and that's it now. still, some people are using this phrase manual dropshipping. you'll hear it a lot on youtube from other people and I've toked to these people. I know them and I know that they are still using software to some degree, but, like I said, they're using the correct software. now I know what some of you guys are gonna say: that this is just semantiks and that when we use the phrase manual dropshipping, everyone knows what we're toking about. everyone knows that we're not toking about a fully manual store, but really we're toking about using this different software and even though I'm pointing out that some of you guys are gonna argue this and I'm going to present my counter-argument to it- I know some people are still going to leave this in the comments section underneath this video- but here's my take on it, because I get to tok to a lot of dropshippers every day. I get a lot of questions from people and I see a lot of people who are getting confused by this buzz word. people are asking me: Paul, when are you going to change your course and add manual dropshipping into it? I have to explain to people that one- what everyone else calls manual dropshipping- ivory had in my core for months now- and to what people call manual dropshipping- is not truly manual. it is still automated. if you're using again the correct software to use, and if you're wondering what I do call it, if I don't call it manual dropshipping, well, I just call it drop shipping because, like I said, it's the same strategy just with different tactiks and different software. and this is the same thing you'll see in any business- and we've seen this with eBay dropshipping over the years- where something changes, but that doesn't change the entire strategy. it just changes the tactiks that we use to achieve that strategy and it might change the software that we use to achieve the goals that we have set with those strategies. look, I know that this buzzword has caught on and this video probably won't change that. people are still going to use the term manual dropshipping, but I just kind of wanted to go on this rant to kind of explain why I think it's a bit of a misnomer to use it, because it's not fully accurate and I think it is confusing the people, because dropshipping can still be automated if you do it correctly. and if you want to hear how I run my ebay drop shipping business, I will be hosting a free webinar soon that will be linked up down below, so go ahead and click on that link to see when the next webinar is going to be. I'm going to host a few of them, so check that out for all the latest strategies that I toked about in this video- the correct ways to do a bay drop shipping. if you guys like this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up. if you loved it, make sure to subscribe. thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

How To Use Ebay As a Supplier While Shopify Dropshipping

yo, what's up? everybody it's trevor here and welcome back to another video. in today's video, i'm gonna be showing you, guys, how to use ebay as your own shopify drop shipping supplier over aliexpress. now i'm gonna jump onto the computer and share some reasons why you should switch over to ebay and stop using aliexpress. period. i'm going to give you some pointers and how to source ebay suppliers, uh products, and how to hand pick them so you don't run into any problem. so let's jump on the computer and show you from there. all right, guys, we're now on the computer. i'm going to show you a few reasons why you should be definitely using ebay over aliexpress. and the first reason- and is probably one the biggest reason- why you should switch over to ebay is going to be shipping times. now, if you go onto ebaycom website and you look for any items- so let's go ahead and look up something like led light strips, for example, um. so if you search this up, you can see that these items, if you um, we can open it into a new tab- you can see that they have free standard shipping and the estimated time is right around six to around five to seven days, um, and that is pretty good shipping compared to aliexpress, which, if you find something similar like this led strip, that if you have it shipped from china with a- let's say, us- plug, it's gonna take all the way till october 21st and that's literally a month away from when i'm recording this. so from aliexpress, compared to ebay, you're going to get much improved shipping times compared to shipping from china. another big reason why you should definitely use ebay over aliexpress is going to be the return policies in returns. now, when you're running a shopify store, you are bound to get returns. returns on each platform is is a bit different. so on ebay, the returns are very, very easy. so the returns, you have free returns. you can see right here free 30-day returns and what that means is when the item arrives to your customer, the customer has 30 days to make a complaint and they want to return the item, and 30 days is pretty typical across most platforms. you know amazon has 90 days, but ebay, with 30 days, is very typical for any other e-commerce store. so 30 days is very, very good. we look at what aliexpress has: um, it usually doesn't say on the actual listing. so basically i did a search that most items are going to have 15 day return policy, which is enough for most people. however, some people wait all the way to the 30 day mark or till the like 25, 26 day mark to return item. and if your source your item for aliexpress, you're definitely not going to get the return option once you pass the 15 day. now you could argue that you could have a 15 day return on your store, but having a 30 day return and having the flexibility for the customer um is definitely better. so that's another reason to use ebay is because of the returns in the length of the returns. so sometimes ebay listings have 60 day or even 90 day returns, but most typically to get higher ranked on ebay search algorithm, you're gonna need at least a 30-day return, which is pretty typical across most listings anyways. now the next part is why, when you're doing returns, you're going to have a lot better customer service. so when you're doing returns, you know if you log, go to your ebay and go to purchase history, there's a one click button to return the item. you can put in the reason and then either you will have to pay for the return shipping label if it's buyer's remorse, but if the item is broken then you're gonna get a label pre ready for you to send the customer, and sometimes it also goes to a automated system where the- the seller, has to approve the return first. then you get the label. so either way, it's still much better than aliexpress, where aliexpress, when you have an order inside of my orders and you start a return, the aliexpress agent, sometimes the- even if it's the product's fault, we'll try to find as many excuses as possible to have you keep the item and keep a portion of the money. so a lot of times aliexpress doesn't even want you to return the items, even though they have free 15-day returns in their policy. so that's another major, major advantage of using ebay. so those are the four biggest reasons why you should definitely use ebay now over aliexpress. all right, now i'm going to show you how you can find a good ebay supplier. now. there are a few criteria that i personally use to find good ebay suppliers to source from. so, for this example, we search so led light strip. you're going to see a bunch of listings up, and the very first thing i do when looking for a supplier for the specific item is to go to the filters on the left, and essentially, you want to have these filters. you want to have condition as new because you don't want any used items and there are people that sell open box, refurbished, used or for parts for not working items. and when you're drop shipping, you definitely want to sell new items and this is pretty obvious, but i do want to point it out there. next offer is: we want to do buy it now offers. this will delete listings that have auctions where we can bid on them. we don't want any listings that have auctions because, simply, we need to just purchase at one specific price and not have to bid for items. next up if we scroll down, is item location: item location for sourcing for us suppliers. we definitely want us only now. there are also other options, such as north america, worldwide or default or wherever you are, you always want to make sure, if you're shipping to us and canada, to use us only because you're going to have the fastest shipping possible when you're choosing us only. so those are the filters that i would personally use. now there are other filters like free returns, returns accepted, um, and deals and savings and stuff like that. however, for the most part, i don't use them because almost all listings do have free returns and returns accepted. but on ebay, even if the seller does not accept returns, tiknically they will still have to refund you if the item is broken. so either way, um, i just don't leave any of these filters on. now you're able to look through these listings and find a listing that you can source from. so i can see this one right here, like this, and you can see. the very first thing to look for is seller information. when you see the cell right here, you can see his name. the perfect part. the very first thing that i look for is his feedback. how many feedback does he have? i don't like to go any lower than 1000 because they might be very new to ebay now. another way to check is if you just right click and open in a new tab, right where his ratings are, you can see his feedback profile and this video feedback profile shows exactly all his feedback that he's getting. you can see that he's been a member on ebay since 2004, which is amazing because he has a lot of experience, and you can see inside his feedback ratings he has. in the last year, he has gotten 236 000 positive feedbacks and only eight negatives, which is an amazing rate, and it's also showing us a hundred percent feedback because of very this very, very low negative um feedback score. so you can also see all his feedbacks read through it. but the main part is if his percentage is over 95, then you don't need to worry about the shipping and all the negative feedback that um he's getting. if it's lower than 95 um, then i would not source and you do want to double check and see what other people are writing inside negative feedback. are they selling broken parts or is shipping taking way too long? then promise or something else like that. so this would be a perfect supplier to use, having amazing feedback and a lot of feedback score, and i would definitely source this. but there is one problem with this listing. you can see right here where it says eight available. you want to look at listings and find listings that say either more than 10 available or limited quantity available. this disk filter or this criteria that you want to look through, is to prevent items that you

eBay Dropshipping Suppliers Websites Inventory Checking App

hi guys, neil waterhouse, if you drop shipping, it's obviously very important to make sure your suppliers have stok. you don't want to sell an item on ebay or amazon and then find out your supplier's got no stok available. in this week's video i want to show you the five steps to set up scarcity manager so that it checks your suppliers website and if your supplier runs out of stok of one or more of your items, scarcity manager will automatikally make your ebay listing show, xero, available. scarcity manager, by the way, is currently running beta tests for amazon as well, and that will be available very shortly. so let's launch straight into it. step one, if you don't already have an account with scarcity manager, is to obviously open up. scarcity manager offers a 30-day free trial so you can test it out for free for 30 days. to open an account, click on the register button and then enter your details. after you enter your details, scarcity manager will then automatikally retrieve your ebay and amazon listings. let's say that one of your listings is this boat winch. now do a search in scarcity manager for that listing. to do that, just type a keyword or keyword phrase into the search box in scarcity manager. so in this case, let's do a search for, say, by winch, and then enter the url from your suppliers website. now, to find the url from your suppliers website, just go to your supplier's website and search for the item. now, when you find that item, in this case the boat winch, you'll see the url at the top of your browser: i ie, www, dot your supplier forward, slash, vote, winch. now copy that url and then go back to scarcity manager and paste the url as per the screenshot. now to make inventory checking work in scarcity manager, you need to do five things. first of all, you need to add the url, as i just showed you. next, click on the enable supply inventory checking check box. next, add a sku. now for most suppliers, this skew number can be anything at all. you can literally put mickey mouse if you like, but for a few suppliers, like dropship zone as example, you must put the sku number that shows on their website or on dropship zones website. if you're not sure if your supplier requires a sku, just send them an email and then let me get you one business day. next, tell scarcity manager how many of that item you would like ebay or amazon to show at any one time, keeping this number low, like, say, one available, increases scarcity. however, always check the sales history of your listings or your competitors listings to see how many of that item previous buyers have purchased on average. if buyers continually purchase, say three pieces at a time, set this to three. if buyers normally always purchase, only say one at a time, then set it to one. make sure- though it's critikal- that you have the out of stok function in ebay enabled. if you don't have it enabled, when you sell your last one, your listing will end and you'll lose all that social proof. i you know 10 sold, 20, 100 sold or whatever. now i won't go into how to set up the outer stok function. this video is. i've done that before, but if you miss it, i'll put a link on the screen and below to that free video. next, click on enable scarcity manager and then lastly save, and bingo. now skate city manager will automatikally continually check your supplies website to make sure this item is in stok. if your supplier runs out of stok, scarcity manage will automatikally make your ebay and amazon listings go to xero available. that's all for this week. i hope this video helped you with how to automate the process of checking your drop shipping suppliers, websites inventory. please scroll down and leave me a comment below. while you're there, make sure you hit the subscribe button. it's the no fluff channel that teaches how anyone can make a full-time living from their home using ebay and amazon. until next week, stay safe. list more, sell more. this is neil waterhouse, you.