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Published on: December 31 2022 by pipiads

How To Make Money With Shopify Dropshipping Jewelry (In 2022)

hey guys mike bastille here and in this,video we're toking about how to make,money on shopify,drop shipping jewelry and more,importantly how beginners can earn 100,to 700 per day more with that after the,intro,hey guys how's it going mike vasile here,welcome to this video before we actually,remind you that several spots have,opened up for this week's free workshop,where it's the fastest and easiest way,to make money online,sign up for it in the link below so a,couple years back i was really excited,to start like a drop shipping company,but only centered around jewelry it was,really interesting it was like with my,sister,and i just thought oh my god we can make,a bunch of money you know i saw this,website right here pura vida bracelets,that essentially sells these bracelets,right here,for like 12 or 30 dollars and the,craziest thing is you could literally,find the exact same bracelets on,aliexpress,for as little as like one penny so it's,like oh my god this is a huge,opportunity and not only that but just,recently this exact same company just,sold for 130,million dollars right so think about,this right there's huge opportunity in,the fact that okay,here is you know like a simple bracelet,and here's the actual product that you,could get for like literally,dirt cheap now how can you actually,reverse engineer to go ahead and try it,so that's literally what i did,uh we did a bunch of things in the,beginning but one of the things that i,want to share with you is if you did not,think that jewelry was,a lucrative business or you never,thought in a million years that you were,going to sell jewelry online or dropship,i want to encourage you to just watch,this entire video because you will see,exactly just how powerful it will be,with very very little risk to you now,the first step you need to understand is,you need to understand that drop,shipping is just a form of market,research,so for example when i first saw this,exact company right here i did the hard,way okay,you could decide if you want to do the,easy way or the hard way i chose the,hard way,i literally went to um aliexpress a,company in china,that actually gets a bunch of suppliers,and,products that are over there and ships,it over you do you actually go ahead and,sell in the us,i literally bought a bunch of different,variations you know like so many,different variations,and i just like like several thousand,dollars worth and i literally shipped it,to,my place and for the next couple of days,me my sister and her friends who were,all like,like late high school like early college,years we were all just like taking,pictures just trying to sell,these bracelets the problem with that is,not a lot of these bracelets were,actually,what people wanted right and not only,that but we also wasted a bunch of money,on products that we did not know was,actually going to sell,so what i wish i did in the past would,actually just go ahead and create a,shopify store,shopify store is easy because i mean if,you think about this exact website,that is literally valued at 130 million,dollars according to forbes,is also built on shopify right within,literally five minutes you could go,ahead and create a,custom website and just put all your,ecommerce products,instead of me literally getting hundreds,and thousands of dollars worth of,inventory,and jewelry from china i wish i would,have just got like you know the top,you know five or ten right and instead i,would have just taken pictures of that,and just put it on my website and then i,would decide to see if it would sell or,not,if a product would sell i would then go,ahead to china take the customer's money,and then order it from them,and then i would ship them to the,customer directly but if you really,think about it after a couple of weeks,and a couple of months,you'll start to realize that there's,certain variations and certain different,designs that actually do well,more than others at that point that is,when i would actually go ahead,and decide to buy more of that in bulk,and then create like custom packaging,like if i just type in jewelry packaging,i can even just order a bunch of these,like,cool artsy jewelry bags and send them,over and that way when people actually,go ahead and receive it it's only going,to be like an extra,like two cents or like 30 cents or,whatnot,but it's gonna give customers a better,you know feeling when they're actually,going ahead and buying it,so the first step is actually drop,shipping to find out which one of these,are going to be your best sellers,because if you do not you are going to,spend a lot of time and a lot of money,literally wasting it away not knowing,exactly what to do,the second thing i would actually do is,once you get those samples,literally take professional pictures,right you can even use your iphone,iphones are like super amazing nowadays,the thing about aliexpress if you,literally just,dropped it from aliexpress which is like,a bunch of chinese suppliers,this is what everyone else is looking,and they kind of look you know very,cheesy right like what we did is we,literally took some of the,products and we had my sister and her,friends wear we created like lifestyle,pictures we created like a strong brand,around it,well you guys got to understand when,you're dropshipping for you to succeed,especially this year more so than any,year ever you need to create a strong,brand around your product,and that's why you know just like,literally taking a couple of cents,shipping it to you and taking pictures,that are,really high quality you know with like,models or your cousin or your daughter,or your sister or whatever like i use my,sister and her friends because i was a,cheapskate right and i literally just,paid them chipotle that would add so,much to your branding,now the third step that you need to,understand what to do is you get to,figure out how to actually go ahead and,partner with influencers,so if you see this the reason why you,know purevita ended up becoming,so valuable is because they weren't just,like running facebook ads like what most,dropshippers actually go ahead and do,they built a strong community around,influencers that were going ahead and,promoting their,you know bracelets like if you look at,this right here you'll literally see,them get like tik-tok influencers,and instagramers and travel influencers,like all these people,they literally use like models and,instagram influencers and whatnot and,people with audiences,to go ahead and promote these products,for them and they create like a brand,around it where they can literally get a,bunch of,press for free like the fact that you,know pure pura vita has that strong,brand,literally influencers will shout them,out for free just because it looks like,artsy and beautiful and that's one thing,that you also gotta understand with like,jewelry is you know women love sharing,jewelry they love,showing it off they love sharing it on,social media that is free marketing,if you could leverage on that,opportunity it is huge,now the third step on exactly how to do,that is shopify will give you promo,codes,for that you could go ahead and create,and you could give out to certain,influencers so that if,someone purchases through that promo,code you could find out exactly which,influencers are bringing in the most,money,when that is the case you can literally,make a deal with the influence and be,like hey i will literally give you 50,of all the profits for all the sales,that you generate through your special,promo code,now this is actually huge because a lot,of influencers don't actually know how,to make money,like for example i use this example over,and over again i just type in cat tips,right,see i'm like selling cat jewelry right,what i would actually go ahead and do,if i was selling cats jewelry is i would,literally create promo codes in my,shopify account,then i would go over to all these people,that have a bunch of views and very,little subscribers like look at this 2.8,million views

Dropshipping: Halal or Haram? - DR ZAKIR NAIK

first let us understand what is the,meaning of drop shipping,drop shipping means,that a person can have his own website,or own web,own app where,he gives the photographs and the,description of the goods that he wants,to sell but he doesn't own it,so people on the net,can come and pay for it once,a customer pays for the goods which you,have advertised what you do is after,that you buy the product,from the manufacturer,and you ask him to ship it to the,customer,so this is,called drop,drop shopping,and it was there since long but in,pandemic especially in,2020 and 2021 it has,reached to a great extent,online shopping was common now this drop,shopping where a person who makes the,site,he is well versed in attracting the,customers,he gives a better option better,photographs or maybe,a person can have a mobile phone,or a watch and he gives the description,and the customers have a look at it and,the way it is,and,he puts a price for it maybe x plus y,and once the order is given this person,in drop shopping,he doesn't own the product he doesn't,possess it he just has an online website,or an online app whatever it is,once a customer pays money then he goes,to the manufacturer,and he buys it maybe at a better rate,because he gives a bigger order,so,the cost which he gets from the,manufacturer may be x,he may put x plus y,on his,own website the why,is the extra money is taken,and deleting the cost of shipping etc,balances this profit,so once a customer orders it he goes to,the manufacturer he tells to the,manufacturer they say that this is a,customer delivered directly,now this is the conventional method of,drop shipping,of drop shopping sorry,this is the conventional method of,of uh,dropshipping,that,they,give an order on a website the person,who owns the online website doesn't,possess the,goods,doesn't own the goods he gives the,manufacturer doesn't manufacture rightly,this conventional method,of,of uh,dropshipping,it is haram islamically mainly for two,reasons,because,of the hadith of beloved prophet,it's the,incident abu dhabi word number four,hadith number three five zero three in,which,he comes to the prophet and says that,people want to buy goods which i do not,possess,can i go in the market and buy it and,give it to them so the prophet said do,not sell things,which you do not possess,so based on this,saying of the prophet that do not sell,things which you do not possess and,these hadees also the intermediary,manager,so the focus have come,to a conclusion that a muslim who does,not possess the goods he cannot sell it,and the muslim who doesn't own the good,he cannot sell it so the two,requirements for any muslim to sell,any goods,to a customer number one you should own,it and number two you should have issued,a position of it,now in the drop shipping,method which we toked about,conventional method we are breaking both,these rules,the person who's advertising online,he doesn't own the goods,only after he gets the order does he,tell the manufacturer,to deliver it in the dirty position so,these two conditions are violated,therefore islamically the conventional,method of dropshipping is,there are sharia financial consultants,who have come with alternatives how can,you make,this drop shipping halal if you follow a,certain procedure which fulfills the,requirement of the sharia,so what they have come to conclusion,that based on hadith of the prophet,which is quoted by the question also,buhari,number,three hadith number two two four zero,then abbas malala bps with him,he said that when the prophet went to,madina,he came to know that people were buying,dates two or three years in advance they,paid for dates which were delivered two,or three years in advance so the prophet,said,that,anyone who pays money in advance,he should see to it that he pays after,he knows the exact measure,he knows the exact weight,and the exact,time of delivery or the exact period of,delivery the time period,so here the profit put a condition that,if someone is paying in advance full,money he can pay under the condition,that he knows,the measure,of that,good he knows,the weight of that good,the basic description etc and the,details and he knows the date of,delivery exact time period so this is,done,it is called assalam,in the islamic terminology it is,also called either,by a salam,so this is a salam transaction where,if the person,who is selling the good,if he doesn't possess the good or he,doesn't own the good as long as,he,is,giving the exact description of the,goods,whether in terms of measure whether in,terms of weight and exact rate of,delivery then he can take advance,payment from the buyer completely,but here the requirement is that the,payment should be in full it cannot be,part,so what the fukah say the people who,are sharia expert,in islamic finance you cannot give part,payment but part payment it will be debt,and business together so it will be,haram,you cannot have to both merge,the payment should be in full slightly,important one number two is that they,say that it should be a salam,transaction,so in the salaam transaction the person,who owns the online website,he should make it clear he should give,all the details of the product you,should give the photograph of the,product,and you should give the color of the,product the details,the weight is there the quantity the,clarity,the,expiry all the details if he gives,and,also he give the exact date of delivery,then,it becomes a salam transaction,so this,if he does,it and some of the focus say that if you,mention,on your online site that you do not,possess these goods,that means you are making it very clear,you don't possess the good but you give,the photograph of the good and you're,giving the details the color the details,the weight the,measurement all details,as many as possible including the exact,date of delivery then this becomes,accepted,but,now,you are clarifying that you do not own,the goods but,yet there is one factor which is missing,is that you don't possess,and for you to make the transaction you,should see to it that,you,you cannot ask islamically,that once you have mentioned these,details and if you deliver the customer,knows very well,and as long as you fulfill all these,requirements return,so the focus they say,you can then tell the manufacturer,okay you ship,it is told to the customer that i don't,possess it and it's a salam,in assalam it is accepted that you don't,own the goods,you don't possess it but they tell the,manufacturer to,deliver it now some focus say this is,not permitted because the person you are,buying from,you have to take possession before,delivery,so if he delivers it,it will be breaking the contract he's a,manufacturer he's a seller he cannot del,you have to take position before,delivering,so you can buy from manufacture no,problem but if you ask him to ship,directly then it is breaking the islamic,rule of possessing the,artikle now,there is one view of the maliki school,of thought,what they say that is hadith mainly,refers to food stuff because people used,to pay for the dates two or three years,in advance so the malaki school of,thought says this,this requirement of possessing the goods,is only for food stuff not for other,materials but this is a view of a,minority the remaining,three,three schools of thoughts,that is uh,the anaphase the hanafis the shafi and,humbolis they don't agree with this so,this is a minority view,the majority doesn't agree so humbly,school of thought no problem position is,not a must it's not a food stuff you can,ask the manufacturer to deliver directly,it's accepted but the majority disagree,you cannot you have to take possession,so what they say that you can either,have,another salam,with the manufacturer and solve this,problem or what you say that,you ask the courier deliver,the korea company delivered now when in,enormous circumstances,when a courier company is delivering the,goods they are in no contact with the,manufacturer not,not with the person who owns the

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I Make £1,000,000 A Year Restoring & Reselling Designer Handbags | How To Get Rich

it's designer i make a million pounds a,year,restoring and reselling luxury handbags,and here's how i do it we took last year,over 45 000 pounds in one day classic,chanel from 1996,qatar saudi arabia south of france as,well lots and lots of clients,the most expensive bag that we have ever,worked on was a hundred and forty,thousand pounds in there's birken,today we are heading into our fennec con,session,in newcastle we have a lady booked in,for a consultation,i'm co-founder and ceo of handbag clinic,we,make our money restoring and also,reselling designer handbags,this is one of my favorite this is 1,195 pounds this prada galleria,this bag is 995. hiya,hi so my favorite chanel as you can see,it's got a,really really disgusting yellow colour,what were you looking,to do there's some marks on the back and,it's kind of inspired me i want the bag,to go black,if possible yeah so the colour change,element will be 520 pounds,it will be sent straight to our clinic,and we'll get that work started,over here we have a chanel which is just,having its final touches to it,all of our artisans have different,workstations,there's usually 700 bags booked into our,clinic the services start from 15 pounds,and go all the way up to,700 pounds we can offer a huge range of,restoration services,everything from the kind of very minor,stitch work,up to full exotik hand-painted colour,changes,hi beck hello we have just picked this,up it's,definitely definitely seen somewhere oh,wow,she's gonna go black just work your,magic on this please,i've always very much been obsessed with,handbags,my husband has a business restoring,sofas,and they would get clients asking if the,same could be done to a handbag,and i joined the business to create the,full circular fashion platform that we,have today,i've taken off the top coating so it,gives the dye,something to grab onto now all i need to,do is apply the dye,and build up the layers right now we've,finished the first layer of the black,we're going to go back through it,restore all the inside,and just finish up the fine details,we have 27 and a half thousand followers,on instagram,we've started using instagram to create,some,really nice lifestyle shops on youtube,we created our first video to show what,happened inside of the clinic,it went crazy crazy popular really,really quickly,we have you know way over 100 000,subscribers now to that channel,i am a handbag fanatik it's why i do,what i do,so i do spend an awful lot of money on,handbags,i recently bought a fendi suitcase,hi hi vintage from the 80s,some amazing cocktails to the table,please also i'm a big experience,driven person so holidays is huge for me,when is your next holiday,i've obviously got barley we lie in,there just,drinking rosy in the middle of the day,in the beach clubs,fingers crossed that we get a goal i,just love,being part of sustainable fashion,i feel like the world's caught up to us,i'm just a newcastle girl who's,absolutely grafted to get to where i am,and i also can obviously pick when i go,on holiday as well,you


How I Bring In Up To $55K A Week Selling Vintage Bags | On The Side

Nica Yusay: This one is $429. And then I'll show you guys this,guy.,Last night, we sold $55,000 in sales. Just being able to save,$55,000 in a matter of two minutes, blows my mind. Like I,still don't believe this is real life.,Quick run through. $599...,When my business started making six figures, that's when I was,like, oh, okay, maybe we should rethink this and see if I should,pursue this full time,I'm Nica Yusay, I am a small business owner. And I cater to,vintage designer. Everything has always been very curated based,on my style, and my love for fashion, every bag that I pick,out every single one, if I don't love it, I'm not going to sell,it. Because, one, there's risk involved if I don't sell it,,then I have to keep it. And if I don't love it, I'm not going to,use it. And to at the end of the day, me going on live, me going,on Instagram, on social media, showing these bags if it's not,100% authentik, people are gonna see right through you.,Like I always think that like, oh, maybe my website glitched,,because everything is sold out. But like, you guys are really,just so freaking fast. Is everything sold out?,I came from a single parent household. And so I've pretty,much grown up like thrifting, finding great deals shopping,secondhand. And financially, like I just didn't want to like,ask my mom for things, if I can find it at a thrift store and,then just spend like a few dollars on it. I love vintage,bags. I feel like they have more character. They're really unique,at the end of the day, very good quality because they're 20,,almost 30 year old bags. So I was like telling my fiancee oh,my gosh, like I love finding secondhand bags. I'm finding,like so many. I'm obviously leaving them at the stores. I'm,like, even if I see a good deal, I can't buy all of them. Because,financially I wouldn't be able to afford rent. He kind of gave,me this idea like oh, well, why don't you like start buying them,and then selling it and then just make like a little bit of,money so that you can keep it going.,Putting a lot of money on the line is extremely scary to me.,And I think it also comes from like, you know, I came from a,single parent household. We were kind of financially insecure.,So I'll show you guys up close. She was she's got goldtone,hardware, beautiful caviar condition is an excellent,,excellent condition. I'm going to show you guys up close.,This is not a stable job in any way. Like if you don't even sell,one bag you made $0 this week, at the time, like yes, I worked,in a corporate role. But I still had student loans. I still had,rent and we had bills to pay for. I think it was really when,I entered TikTok that it kind of blew up. I had one video that,went viral and thankfully it was about like my small business,really like showing like the business side of like selling,designer bags. And it ended up getting like 2.8 million views.,It's not like I amassed a huge following. I think I've gained,like maybe probably like 10,000 followers from that one video.,That's a lot.,Did anyone on tiktok get a bag?,I tested it out. And they ended up selling like so quickly. And,it was because I was kind of like telling my followers, hey,,I'm going to be dropping these bags. And I'm not going to pre,sell them like they're just going to be live at seven. So if,you can make it and it's kind of your lucky day, but if you can't,then stay tuned for the next one.,Okay, it's 7pm so all the bags should have dropped.,I think that kind of just changed everything. I was making,five figures at my corporate job. And then when my business,started making six figures, that's when I was like, oh,,okay, maybe we should rethink this and see if I should pursue,this full time.,I love it. This reminds me of a bag that I actually have it's,the double sided one that we sold with the large logo.,You'd think it would be like easier once you start working,full time as opposed to like having two jobs but no, I'm like,so strict on myself. And I feel like that's also a good thing,because if I wasn't like super dedicated I don't think that,this business would be where it is today. The beginning of the,week is Monday's, so Mondays are when I kind of look at my,inventory and I have an idea of how many bags I want to sell. So,typically right now, I'm trying to sell between 20 to 30. That's,been my goal. And I'm very strategic with what kind of bags,every drop to because I kind of want there to be a variety. So,once we've got that figured out, then I'll meet with my,photographer, and we'll have our photo shoot.,Oh my god, so cute.,Photographer: Let's do another one but with a twist.,Nica Yusay: Tuesdays are when you know, it's more like,prepping the listings, like typing up the descriptions of,every single bag and then uploading the images onto my,website on Shopify. And then Wednesday whoa, I will wake up,early and then we'll get all the listings to make sure like,everything's good to go. Once I'm done with that. It's all,marketing at this point up until I have to go to the event at,six. We'll go on the live and then at 7pm exactly all the bags,will drop. And then it's kind of their opportunity to snag,something if they see it if they want it.,So she has a beautiful like burnt orange like very vibrant,almost neon like orange.,Okay, Alex, you got the Louis Vuitton Montsouris MM Backpack!,Jessica got the Fendi Zucca Baguette! That is everything.,This is so crazy.,Thursday's are sourcing days. So sourcing days are when I'm like,working with my vendor. I'm basically like working with her,and looking at the bags and looking at what we think is,going to be really great pieces that we can sell for the next,week.,This can fit what your Airpods?,And then on top of that going to like thrift stores around me.,It's also my favorite day because I get to just see and,feel all the really great bags.,I've actually hired my mom and my sister to help me pack orders,I was thinking like if I was to hire my mom and my sister for,example and have them ship out my orders I would gain a full,day and what does that full day look like? A full day could mean,I can add an additional five maybe even 10 bags to my,inventory for the next drop. So it's kind of like holding myself,to it that if you hire someone you have to do something in,exchange. This did not come overnight. You put in a lot of,like hours and you make so many sacrifices. I'm just really,happy like reflecting on it. I'm just so proud of like how much,this is grown.,I would love to get to a place where in like five years I can,say I have a whole team helping me out I have a warehouse I,have, you know, an actual brand that's outside of my house. That,is the end goal for sure.

Dropshipping bags

oh my go I just got all the Tyler's here,in the master steamer so I just want to,show you what the quality we have,received from the factories,oh yeah the same with the picture Tammy,this will be magnetik so we can just,fold out in this way because we're,worried maybe this cannot pass the air,shipping security check,so what happened for it to at least you,have the magic magnetik bamboo,backhoe inside so this is better or at,least more different or shipping we want,to have all the goods shipped very,smoothly one by one without any checking,or any stuff from a custom so that's why,we are going to pack it in this way but,there will be no damage to the back so,no worries and it is the little fold I,will just eyeball back to protect it so,so please let me know is this okay we're,not


hey youtube,it's your girl cherishy beauty llc and,i'm back with another video and welcome,back to my channel,y'all i'm sorry it's been so long i've,been super busy um,the pandemic is still going on but i've,been back to work,so i'm back in the salon and i'm back,teaching at the school,and of course i'm running my business so,of course in this video,today we're gonna be toking about how i,started my handbag business,and how it's been very lucrative and how,you can start yours,as well so if you're interested in,seeing that,stay tuned all right so just a,disclaimer,for anyone that doesn't agree,with um quote unquote,replica or designer inspired,items you know this video is not for you,i don't want to offend anyone,and also there's no way form that i'm,trying to,pass any bags off as,authentik um items of any,sort so just just a little the,disclaimer out there,um i'm not trying to be um,a cell a sale person to try to push off,um designer inspired or replica handbags,onto people,um and trying to you know charge them,extremely,expensive amount of money or anything,like that,so i just wanted to get that out there,before i go into into,how um this handbag business came about,so um i know you guys seen in my,previous video,that um during the pandemic it got,really hard you know the salons were,closed,both of my jobs were closed down so i,had to figure out,how i could make some money and how i,could make it fast,um you guys know i already have my,makeup line and my lash line and,all of that you know and all that was,doing good but,um that's not supplementing my income,at the moment to quit both of my jobs,so in that moment i had but basically,both of my jobs were,you know were over so it just so,happened,i had a few um replica handbags that i,had got when i went to new york,i'm all about balling on a budget beauty,on a budget,um and i said well let me see if i can,sell these handbags,i'm toking like a little bit of money,um,and also no one knows this but i also,had,draw for ubereats in the meantime in,between time i'm not ashamed of it,you know you sometimes you have to do,what you got to do you know so i drove,for ubereats and i was just over it,because i'm so used to being a full-time,entrepreneur i'm so,you know doing hair and you know and all,that so i said you know what i got to,figure out how to make some money,um and i don't want to drive ubereats,anymore so i just happened to just so,happen to have like two handbags,in my closet that i've only wore like,once or twice i typically don't wear my,stuff once or twice,and so i just put it on facebook put it,on facebook,within minutes and all these,notifications start coming in hey can i,buy that bed can i buy this bag can i,buy that bag,so i end up selling them met up with the,person at a safe place if you're selling,any merchandise,online please meet up with them in a,safe place because you don't want nobody,to be trying to scam you,do anything you know or if you can go,with someone,that would be the best uh choice so,anyways,so the bag sold and so then i said when,i started looking through my closet more,i found like uh you know um there's a,belt some sandals and stuff i said well,i guess i can sell some of this as well,so i sold them so fast so i said hmm,i may be going to something here yeah,the makeup line is doing good but you,know i mean lashes and lipstiks are,like 10 and 15 dollars,versus you know i live in dallas texas,you know rent is a little expensive,and so i said you know i may be onto,something here so,if you are interested in um selling,designer inspired or replica items,whichever way you want to,say it um you need to go on instagram,you can hashtag um,replica items hashtag,um designer um handbags or you can even,go on facebook,they have girls that sell um vendors i'm,not,i'm all against the vendor thing but if,you're if you want to buy a vendor,that's up to you totally up to you but,um i did my own research,with finding um with finding handbag,vendors,one you're gonna make sure they have a,website you know so you don't get,scammed,number one make sure they don't make,sure they have a website,number two make sure they have fast,shipping,you don't want to be ordering handbags,and you have all this stuff on back,order,and you're waiting you're waiting in,your way please make sure,that you have a fast shipper have,someone that's that's going to be able,to communicate with you through the,whole process,you know and also having the app what's,app,let me show you what that looks like,um the app what's,app it's,this this green i don't want to be,showing you all my information mama t,but um this green um emblem this is how,you will be able to communicate,with your vendors they'll be able to,send you pictures,so you can actually see exactly what,you're getting don't just buy something,and just be like oh well,you know they said they're gonna trip to,me on fridays or whatever,and so make sure you have that whatsapp,so they can you can communicate with,them whether they're in,north north east asia us,whatever you know you want to be able to,see the type of stuff that you're,getting,so for my handbag business because i,didn't want to be,all over the place because i have my,lashes my lipstik my glasses,all my hair beauty and my beauty stuff,so what i do,for my handbag so which i'm going to,show you one of my um handbags,and so my handbags are very quality,like i said disclaimer i'm not,trying to sell um,knock off handbags and charge these,people extremely good,extremely high prices um but the,quality that i have are is really good,quality,um and like i said if anyone's against,uh designer inspired or replica items,please,stop watching this video but i,understand that you want to,that women are out here that want to,look good that don't want to spend,thousands and thousands of dollars on,items so that's where i come in,so here's uh one of my handbags,um i don't want to say the name because,i'm not trying to,you know push this off to anyone like,it's,authentik and now the thing is with,authentik if you want authentik you,might want to go to the store,so you know um and when you're selling,these handbags you know i always say,this is a designer inspired this is a,replica or,you know a dupe or a clone handbag,because people will come at you and be,like is this real you're trying to sell,me this fake bag,no we're not trying to sell trying to,push off of,fake items as real items so anyway so,this is one of,one of my bags and you see we have a,tag here,the inside of it very,good quality,and most of my and most of my,cc i'm gonna say cc most of my cc,handbags,and these handbags have a card,you know so these bags are very good,quality,and also they come with the dust bag,so so i wasn't going to be all over the,place,what i did was so for instance well i,don't have,i really don't have a lot of bags on me,right now because they sell so fast so i,have like two bags on me and the other,bag,um doesn't match so what i did was,so whenever i sell my handbags i'll i,will include,a pair of uh my lashes,or i would include a matching one of my,lipstiks which i have both of these let,me go ahead and do some self promoting,so i have both of these lipstiks on,right now and also,these um this gloss to create this,popping lip so um,so yes so um,like i said when you get your handbags,you still want to be able to,um have a quality bag because you know,you are going to be,charging kind of not pricey pricey,but you are going to they're going to be,you know um,a pretty a good penny for these handbags,and so you still want the quality to be,a1 you don't want no,you know ratchet um handbags you know,you want,at least some good quality handbags and,like i said most women,know especially about the price i mean,if you look thinking about,you know gucci louie and all those,bags or whatever you're gonna be looking,at thousands and thousands of dollars,for those handbags so typically for,these bags they're in the hundreds,so um if you're in