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dropshipping business plan template

Published on: January 1 2023 by pipiads

How to write the ULTIMATE Business Plan | Entrepreneurship 101 | Troyia Monay

when I first started my business in 2020,I started with no business plan I knew a,ton about marketing and content but I,didn't know how to properly plan my,business like sales projections business,purpose operations all other things I,simply use my marketing background and I,hit the ground running but I want you to,be like me the better start your,business on a solid foundation and make,sure you do it with structure and,strategy it's tough to build something,with no guidance instructions and plans,and as an e-commerce coach I see so many,people start their businesses with no,business plan I'll be the first to say,that business plans are not dead however,the traditional business plan in my,opinion is there's so much that goes,into a business plan and it doesn't have,to be as intimidating as people make it,seem once I started implementing on my,business plan in late 2020 I notiked a,huge difference in my day-to-day as a,business owner I was able to be more,productive hit my goals make more money,and all this led to me being able to,quit my job in March 2021. something as,simple as a plan allows your dreams to,come I'm true because it gives you,Direction your business plan is a role,not to success the framework I'll give,you in this video will help you,streamline the entire process so I hope,you're ready to launch grow and scale,your business with a plan so let's jump,into the video Hey Y'all hey Estrella,Monet that's y'all with another video I,am super excited you guys for today's,video this is going to be a good one you,guys know that it is Q4 right now,however q1 is right around the corner,we're watching this right now in Q4 so,this video applies to you guys no matter,what season it is you always need to,make sure you are planning ahead of time,quarter by quarter year by year so in,today's video we are going to be toking,all things business plans you guys I am,super excited about this video I think,planning is one of the number one ways,to guarantee success so I am really,excited for today's video so first,things first y'all know I like to go all,the way back to the basics let's hop all,the way back and let's tok about what a,business plan is why is important why we,needed Troya why are you even toking,about it in this video we're gonna hop,right on into it and then I'll be going,through and sharing y'all a little,surprise that I have for you so let's,get into it,so first things first what is a business,plan so a business plan you guys is a,document where you are going to be,outlining any of the goals objectives,any projections that you want to have as,it relates to your business so this,business plan is completely customized,by you as the business owner by you as,the CEO you need to make sure that you,outline it what are some of the,projections that you want to make this,year what are some of the goals that you,want to go through and meet what are,some of the different objectives that,you want to go through and complete as,well so you want to go through and,outline all of these things business,plans are essential because like I just,told you guys they are literally the,road map to success just like the GPS,gets you from point A to point B so does,your business plan if you follow it and,if it's effective,gotta make sure we go through and say,that so another reason why business,plans are important you guys is because,a lot of banks and a lot of funding,agencies are going to want to see a,business plan before they give you any,type of funding maybe any Capital,um sometimes even loans different things,along those lines and I think it's just,essential to make sure you have a,business plan,um so that way you have something to go,through and follow something to give you,a little bit of direction so you guys,what's the surprise Trail what's what's,going on so if you guys go to go through,and click the link down below inside of,the description I am going to be giving,you guys a free business plan template,it's going to be sent directly to your,email it is a canva outline we'll go,through and probably even put in a,little PDF outline on there too so that,way you guys can go through and use it,so make sure you go through check down,the below inside of the link and you,will get a free template sent directly,to your email and it relates correlates,directly to this video so if you want to,watch this video and fill out your,business plan all at the same time be my,guest so let's go ahead and make this,money in the new year let's make this,money this year let's go ahead and get,it so let's jump into the video y'all,y'all know I can ramble for days so,let's hop into it so section number one,inside of your business plan you guys,this is going to be your executive,summary and also your business plan,overview so in this section we are,basically going to be summarizing,everything else that is inside of our,business plan so we're going to be,having a bunch of different things going,on exception so we're going to be giving,a brief explanation as to what our,company is all about we'll be even,stating our mission statement maybe if,we have any type of slogan or motto,we'll have it there as well we'll be,even going through and outlining any of,the goals projections and objectives,that we have maybe even identifying our,business's identity we'll have that in,this section as well we'll even go,through and outline any of our,businesses offerings products or,Services we want to have that inside of,our executive summary as well you either,want to give a brief explanation as to,who this business is going to be,targeting y'all know I can tok about,target audience for days but you want to,keep it real brief inside of your,executive summary and your business,overview and then lastly you want to,definitely make sure you identify the,problem and the desire that you plan to,meet your target audience with there as,well,so like I said your executive summary,and your business um overview is just,basically an overview of the entire,business plan we are just giving it to,them in a brief summary just in case if,we are sending it off to anyone they do,have that brief summary so they don't,have to read through the entire thing,all right you guys so up next is going,to be your products,I think it's essential as a e-commerce,business owner to make sure that there,is an entire section specifically for,your products even if you aren't Ecom I,think it's essential just because our,products are literally one of the bread,and butters of the business our products,essentially are kind of what make up the,business so I think it's important to,have an entire section dedicated towards,your product so you want to go through,in this section you want to outline any,of your products and services tell us,why it even is needed in the market you,want to go through and tell us how these,products compete with other businesses,who may have the same products inside of,their product mixes as well give a brief,explanation in the description of any of,these products and how you plan to serve,them or offer them to your target,audience and then you want to definitely,go through and outline how these,products are priced maybe in,consideration,um or in comparison rather to your,competitor so that is everything that,has to relate to number two which is the,product section all right you guys so,number three is everyone's favorite,section this is every everything having,to do with marketing yes you guessed it,so in this section we want to give a,very detailed explanation as to who we,plan to Target and also what buyer,personas we plan to Target as well who,are we targeting what is our target,audience we want to have that inside of,that section you either want to make,sure that you explain the need your,target audience has for these products,so we want to go through and outline,that too,if there is any type of overall Market,size if you guys know any about the,populations or any um demographics or,anything like that as it rela

How To Write a Business Plan in 10 Simple Steps

business plan template is search,approximately 163,000 times a month I'm,here to tell you to stop searching,because in today's video I'll be showing,you how to make the ultimate business,plan business plans are absolutely,essential for any business why well,because a solid business plan will allow,you to rigorously assess idea of,feasibility research and find insights,on target markets and assess your,competition these are all things that,you need to do in order to make your,business as successful as it can be and,when the time comes,investors will rely heavily on your,business plan to evaluate the,feasibility of your business before,funding it if you haven't already make,sure you're subscribe to the channel as,we release new videos every week that,will help you build your business oh and,stay tuned to the end of this video when,I share a little gift from me to you to,you let's get into it the first part of,every business plan is the executive,summary the executive summaries purpose,is to distill everything in the business,plan into a single page and give a,high-level overview of your business,this is like the the Canadian tuxedo,almost like a blazer over a flannel,shirt admittedly that one page,constraint can make it seem like,squeezing in a lot of information will,be impossible but trust me it's not what,I like to do is break down each section,of the business plan into one or two,sentences to ensure that everything is,succinct and easy to read,here's what your business plans,executive summaries should include your,business concept business goals and,vision product differentiation and,description your target market your,marketing plan your current financial,state projected financial state the ask,so if you're asking for money how much,are you asking for and your team for,more ideas on how to identify your,target market be sure to check out our,last video on how to build a brand in,the right hand corner right up here now,let's move on to a biggie your company,overview this section of your business,plan should include two fundamental,questions who are you and what do you,plan to do answering these questions,provides an introduction to why you're,in business why you're different what,you have going for you and why you'd be,a good investment answer these questions,you want to include these components in,your overview your business structure,for example is your business a sole,proprietorship a general partnership a,limited partnership or is it an,incorporated company this can often be,visualized using an organizational chart,you also want to share the nature of,your business what are you selling now,specify the industry are you in fashion,electronics what does your landscape,currently look like and where could it,be heading you're going to also want to,list your team including key personnel,and their salaries if I was doing this,right now it would just be me but I,would also want to include future plans,for scaling up my company so I can see,here that you've got four years of,working experience as a good boy you,start on Monday or I could just leave it,as me you can also use this section to,highlight background information on your,business or its history get creative and,be authentik in this part this is where,you can really draw people in and have,them invested in how it all started for,you so I thought it might be good to,provide an example here so sit with me,the dog rescue that I volunteered for,and run the store for has been operating,since 2012 and since then we've gone on,to help over 1200 dogs we do not,discriminate based off of breed medical,history or age so every dog has a chance,to find their forever home through our,rescue and that was very important from,the get-go and we also do not have,anyone that's making a salary so it's,entirely volunteer based it's all by the,good graces of our community and,everyone that's out there willing to put,in money time and effort to help these,dogs a big component of your company,overview will be outlining your,business's vision mission and values I'm,going to do a deep dive into this one,with you to define your values start,thinking about all the people that your,company is accountable to including,owners employees suppliers,customers and investors now I want you,to consider how you'd like to conduct,business with each of them as you make a,list your core values should start to,emerge,for example IKEA lists some of its,values as humbleness and willpower,leadership by example and daring to be,different now,the mission statement your statement,should explain in a convincing manner,and ideally a single sentence why your,business exists for example Shopify's,mission statement is make commerce,better for everyone it's the why behind,everything we do and it's crystal clear,and needs no further explanation next,craft your vision statement what impact,do you envision your business having on,the world when you've achieved your,vision,make sure you phrase that impact using,assertive language for example Nikes,vision statement is bring inspiration,and innovation to every athlete in the,world if you have a body you are an,athlete finally include your business,objectives both short and long-term I,like to keep my goals on track by,ensuring that they are smart meaning,specific measurable attainable realistik,and time-bound now get ready to do some,serious work as the next part of this,plan we'll be diving into market,research for the marketing analysis,section you want to be including an,overview of your potential market an,analysis of your business's position,within that market and an overview of,the competitive landscape I'm not,exaggerating when I say that your market,can make or break your business if you,choose the right market with the right,products one with plenty of customers,who understand and need your product,you'll most likely have a head start on,success when diving into potential,markets you will need to be looking into,as much relevant independent data as,possible to validate your business this,can be a huge task but I find that,breaking it down into two starting,points it then becomes much more,manageable first I seek to identify my,ideal customer profile a customer,profile should be a detailed back,description of your target audience for,example if you're targeting millennial,customers in the US I would first start,by looking at government data about the,size of that group secondly I research,relevant industry trends and,trajectories I like to approach this,section by going to Google Trends and,using keywords as a jumping-off point,and then diving into more granular data,for example say that I wanted to start a,Halloween masks business and I wanted to,know the trends of that industry I would,go to Google Trends type in Halloween,masks and then get granular on the,results page looking at things like,where this industry has peaked outside,of seasonal times I would then dive into,what made a peak and have a look at some,of the search terms and show shifts and,changes in the popularity of the,industry from here I would then dive,into sources such as government,statistiks offices industry associations,academic research and respected news,outlets covering the industry to get a,robust view and understanding of,landscape now when assessing my,business's position in the market I like,to use a SWOT analysis to break things,down using a grid format you want to,start listing out the strengths,weaknesses opportunities and threats to,your business I like using SWOT because,you can clearly see the positive and,negative internal and external factors,that may impact your business visually,now the competitor analysis for this,analysis I like to include a list of a,few companies that I would consider,direct competitors and then I state how,I plan to differentiate my product and,business from theirs,ok now we're into the products and,services section you want to provide,more detailed information here on your,products an


Starting an Online Business (do THIS instead of a business plan template)

wanting to start an online business this,year over the last 12 years i've built,three of my own,profitable businesses one of which the,current one heartbeat and hustle,having generated almost two million,dollars,in revenue over the last few years why,does this matter to you,well i recently decided to start a brand,new project a passion project,where i'm basically creating a brand new,online business,and i want to take you behind the scenes,to show you exactly how i brand,build and grow that online business so,that you can start your online business,this year too,that sounds good to you stik around hey,guys welcome back to my channel,i'm so excited because i'm doing a brand,new,thing check this out,yes i am doing a brand new tuesdays,series so every tuesday at 8 a.m pacific,you can expect to see a brand new video,in here in my channel,where i'm going to share with you all,the behind the scenes of my business i'm,going to focus on a specific topic each,week,that i'm actually doing in the next few,videos i'm actually going to tell you a,little bit more behind the scenes of,building,a brand new business a brand new online,business building a brand,all the things that i'm doing for that,new business so if you're brand new in,your own business you don't have your,own business yet this is going to be,definitely a series to pay attention to,but every so often i'm going to share,with you,what i'm doing in my thriving business,if you will,my business that is already generating,multiple six figures a year and the same,business that has generated,uh nearly two million dollars in sales,there's a lot of things i do a lot of,launches i create new offers,i have different situations going on,with clients and,i want to share with you some things to,help you grow your business to help you,manage your business better,and to help you actually feel like the,ceo that you are,and be able to grow it into six figures,or more,with heart and not sleaze which is what,we're all about here,so today's topic uh yeah i want to tell,you all about how,i'm thinking about starting an online,business a brand new online business so,hopefully the whole process,is going to help you too i want to tok,to you about what are the essential,components to have in place in order to,build,and start a new online business,so i'm going to tell you a little bit,about my story in in a bit but i first,want to make sure that,we're clear around what are the,essentials the truth is when you're just,getting started you don't need a fancy,website you don't need any fancy,funnels you don't need a team you don't,really need a lot of money either to,start,a new business and of course it is going,to depend on,the structure of your business and what,exactly the business is,so i have experience building online,based,service-based or information-based,businesses so that means people that are,either,selling coaching consulting agency,services,and courses in information products,digital products passive income,memberships things like that,i have a little bit of experience with,e-commerce but that's from,years ago back when i used to work at an,agency i'm gonna be honest i was very,tempted,to start um to experiment with like,different types of businesses,so i really was kind of wanting to,experiment with starting a drop shipping,business because i had a few clients who,taught others how to do a drop shipping,business and they were crushing it so i,was like oh i kind of want to do that,and then i saw some people doing fba,so i was like oh interesting that's,fulfillment by amazon,like ooh interesting what could i do,here,but i know that it's very possible for,us to,get distracted have lots of shiny,objects everywhere and there are a lot,of,different types of businesses that you,can start but i know from my experience,and what i already have,uh success with it is starting an online,information business or an online,consulting type of business now for me,specifically i do not have time,to add in a whole other business where,i'm going to do coaching consulting,group programs,because i'm already busy with heart,behind hustle and that's where i i'm a,business coach i,mentor other entrepreneurs primarily,coaches and service providers and course,creators to grow and scale their,business i don't have,time to add in a totally random other,business,where i'm spending more time so i knew,intentionally i wanted to create,another business that would be more,passive where i don't necessarily have,to make money from it immediately,i want it to be something that's more of,a passion project something really fun,and something that i can focus on mainly,creating content for because,i just kind of want to tok about other,stuff so i knew that,the overall business i want to create is,a content-based business,and really ideally it's going to be a,digital product,business where i'm going to sell digital,products low-cost the drawer products in,the future so it's going to be very,volume based from that perspective but i,typically recommend for my clients i,typically recommend starting a,service based business because if you,really want to make money quickly,and you have the time available making,money very quickly,is very possible when you sell services,consulting done free services done with,you services potentially coaching as,well,it is the easiest thing to sell it's the,easiest thing to get results for and,therefore it's easier to charge high,tiket when i say high tiket i mean,anywhere from a few hundred bucks a,month to a few thousand,dollars a month up to even 10 000 a,month and you don't need,a large amount of people that are,selling two you just need one or two,clients,to make an extra thousand two thousand,three thousand dollars a month so that's,what i usually recommend for people,but of course like i said i don't have,the time i already have a business,that's,go into doing well and i need to do,what i don't need to i want to create,something else that's kind of a passion,project,that's a digital product based business,so that's my,context so what do you need to have in,place in order to start,an online business there are four things,that you need to keep in mind,we have vision branch strategy,monetization strategy and lead,generation or,audience building strategy pretty simple,but pretty complex at the same time so,i'm not going to get into all of those,in this video,i will tok about them a little bit so,you understand what you need,but a lot of people think that you need,to create a business plan you need to,create all these different,elements and honestly i think it's an,overkill i don't think you need,that many elements unless you're looking,to get funding you know go to a bank for,a loan or whatever,i've never created a business plan,that's a legitimate like,you know however many pages business,plan i never had to do that because,my business is self-funded so i don't,know i'm going to focus on the things,that you need,and write them down that's what you need,to focus on to have,clarity on like what is the business,going to be what does it look like and,then you can just,go forth and make it happen but before,we get into those four,a question you might be having is what,kind of business should i be starting,what is the best idea from all the ideas,that i have because i know you're a very,creative person you're probably like oh,i could tok about this and that and,this and that and,i understand i'm also multi-passionate i,even when i was,identifying what i want to start toking,about again in a separate brand,i also had a lot of ideas because i like,to tok about a lot of things,but to help you identify what your best,focus could potentially be there's a few,questions that you can ask,first ask yourself what are you actually,good at,what are some of the skills that you,have what are you talented at what do,you experience in,second what do people actually care,about and will be willing to pay for,this is really important if people don't

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Dropshipping Businessplan Musterdownload (Update 2022)

herzlich zu diesem neuen video heute,geht es um das thema business pläne,brauche ich erst drops über einen,businessplan und wenn ja wo bekomme ich,einen her das kann ich direkt jetzt,beantworten ein muster für ein business,plan den gibt es jetzt in diesem video,beantwortet dass die frage ob durch,einen brauchst nein das tut es nicht wie,das sein kann das klären wir jetzt,bleibt dran,ja dorthin gehört es gibt ein muster für,ein business plan allerdings bin ich,persönlich der meinung du brauchst gar,keinen die kann das sein das ist jetzt,genau die thematik des heutigen thema,denn schauen wir doch mal nüchtern an,natürlich ist es sehr sehr gut wenn du,mit job studien staaten möchtest wenn du,dir vorher einen plan macht eine,businessplan zu machen ist daher sehr,naheliegend und auch grundsätzlich,ratsam dennoch ist das dropshipping ist,zunächst einmal mit einer etwas,geringeren,einstiegshürde verbunden da wir keine,produkte produzieren keine einkaufen,müssten im sinne einer wahren,vorfinanzierung wir benötigen keine,mitarbeiter und natürlich deswegen in,summe ein etwas überschaubares risiko,trotzdem ist ein businessplan etwas,gutes da man sich natürlich dessen,bewusst wird was man für sein business,sein job sharing business eigentlich am,ende des tages benötigt das ist nicht,damit getan dass ich eine landing oder,selbst baue einen webshop über shop für,miete oder seine produkte über ersten,verkaufe den da geht natürlich mehr ich,brauche jemanden der gut koppel leiten,sprich texten kann bin ich das selbst,nicht kann ich brauche jemand der sich,rechtlich sehr gut auskennt ergo einen,anwalt der mann rechts texte schreibt,und im idealfall auch jemand der sich,mit dem datenschutz auskennt also ein,datenschutzbeauftragter wäre ganz nett,und wenn wir schon beim thema sind ein,steuerberater wäre sicherlich auch nicht,so verkehrt um zu wissen wann und wo ich,steuerpflichtig als skipper werde so,viel für das minimiert verkaufe ich aber,wie gesagt vielleicht über einen webshop,dann stellt sich natürlich ganz schnell,die frage wie kommen denen jetzt,besucher in meinem webshop aha ich,brauche online-marketing und brauchen,wir dafür ein werbebudget wenn ja wie,hoch es gibt also fragen über fragen und,auch ein verkauf über marktplätze aller,amazon lösen dieses problem natürlich,nicht in luft auf auch hier müssen wir,uns gegen wie mal sichtbarkeit,verschaffen nach vorne platzieren mit,dem produkt damit es am ende auch,verkauft bekommt ihr seht also schon ob,ich einen ganzen businessplan schreiben,möchte oder mehr über diese grund,thematik generell erst klar werden,möchte das ist erstmal nicht so vor der,gründe die relevant ist allerdings dass,ich mir überhaupt nur diese fragen mache,die ich da noch beantworten mussten die,meisten leute starten ja auch einfach,mal so los weil eben gewisses risiko gar,nicht erst besteht für dann meistens zu,irgendeinem schnellstart und ganz,schnelle ernüchterung ernüchterung weil,man eben nicht so viel verkauft wenn wir,uns gerne geplant hätte er nicht darum,weil man vielleicht die erste abmahnung,kassiert bevor das erste produkt,verkauft wurde oder oder oder,gut wie können wir jetzt helfen brauchen,einen businessplan brauchen wir keinen,zunächst einmal was ist überhaupt ein,businessplan ein businessplan der ist,erst einmal wenn man ihn nüchtern und,rational betrachtet sehr umfangreich 30,40 seiten kein problem ist der standard,kann im einzelfall ein bisschen weniger,sein ein bisschen ja nicht unbedingt,viel mehr und kann auch gerne mal,deutlich länger werden so nehmen wir mal,30 35 seiten nun als durchschnittliche,businessplan länger da sehen wir schon,das ist nichts was wir einfach mal so,zusammen schreiben das ist nämlich auch,genau die crux ruhig der meinung bin,deswegen brauchst du in 90 prozent aller,fälle als jobs über keinen businessplan,im traditionellen sinn sehr wohl,solltest du dir allerdings liege bereit,sagte darüber klar werden was dein,business am ende dich gleich,unterscheidet im hinblick von deinem,sortiment immer wieder höre ich us- das,heißt,alleinstellungsmerkmale das gibt es,nicht im reinen produkt wie tel ich,verkaufe hier nur das was andere auf,verkaufen branding product oder nicht,ist am ende völlig egal ich bin am ende,wie alle anderen mehr ja das ist,natürlich blöd und und sich die,richtigen fragen zu stellen dafür,braucht man am ende einen plan für sein,business allerdings nicht im,traditionellen sinne ein businessplan,mit 30 35 oder mehr seiten umfang so,wenig an business start und ich habe,hier einige schon gestartet das könnt,ihr mir glauben auch aktuell ihr seht,das gleich hier im hintergrund sind,einige logo sexboxen jobs jobs jobs,ethics und und und das heißt bei all,diesen business ist dass verschiedene,gmbhs die wir hier starten gestartet,haben mache ich mir natürlich bevor ich,diese unternehmen gegründet habe sie,gestartet habe gedanken wie funktioniert,das ganze wie profitabel können wir,werden die ist der wettbewerb und was,ist mein us- b also um eine,alleinstellung also werde ich mir über,diese sachen gedanken machen ich,allerdings habe keine zeit 30 seiten,niederzuschreiben oder mehr muss man,natürlich die frage stellen gibt es,einen weg das abzukürzen ja ist er für,jeden empfehlenswert nein funktioniert,die kurze version für dich als drops,über ja wenn wenn wenn was wenn wir,nicht angewiesen sind auf externe,geldgeber externe das kann freunde und,bekannte sein die gerne mal bis zum das,dazu bezuschussen oder auch die familie,dies aber doch mal habt es in der hand,haben möchte man genau nachlesen müssen,und was es da eigentlich geht das kann,traditionell natürlich eine förderbank,sein oder ein privatinvestor business,angel genannt oder am ende halt auch,einfach die klassische hausbank das,heißt wenn du irgendwo extern geld her,bekommen wollen warum er in der regel,einen traditionellen businessplan so,also ob stücke wie schon gesagt das,brauchen wir in aller regel aber gar,keine großen kapitalaufwendungen in der,praxis genügen roundabout um die 3000,euro um mit drop studien erfolgreich zu,werden ich weiß schon mal zu sagen das,geht viel weniger will ich gar nicht weg,diskutieren ist kann nur nach meiner,erfahrung sind eher 16 jahre ist das,durchaus realistisch dass man mit ein,paar tausender ab 3.000 auf wird,realistisch starten kann wenn man das,ganze fundament beraten und nicht nur,daran denkt dass man für 30 euro job in,die landschaft setzt wo am ende hinten,und vorne vielleicht ansonsten keinerlei,prozessautomatisierung keinerlei,marketing keinerlei rechtliche style htc,getan wurde geschweige denn von der,produkt lizensierung für meinen,datenfeed für produkte die jemals jobs,über verkaufe ich kaufe dich die,produkte ich muss sie nicht auf lager,legen ich brauche kein personal was ist,das schickt oder ein pakt oder was auch,immer muss mir aber dennoch natürlich,die produktlizenzen sichern gibt,teilweise kostenfrei teilweise nicht so,zurück zum business plan das muss man,niederschreiben das tue ich bei meinen,unternehmen genauso ich schreibe also,nieder was sich wie wowi machen muss ich,wettbewerb ich sehe welche chancen ich,sehe was ich wann wie erreichen möchte,welchen cashflow und so weiter was wird,also unbedingt machen sollte wenn man,mit einem business startet doch auch job,super ist es einen businessplan in,abgespeckter version zu schreiben man,nennt das ganze eine one pager jetzt ist,es nicht so dass man das durchaus auf,eine seite bringt in der praxis wären,zwei bis drei seiten aber selbst drei,seiten ist natürlich deutlich entspannen,da wie 30 also von dem her eine gute,nummer diese kurzversion das sind patch,decks im abgewandelten sinne bringen,also die kernelemente von deinem,geplanten business oder von deinem,bestehende bis es auf den punkt da steht,im grunde das gleiche drin wie dann im,ausführlichen dem großen dem gesamten,diesen plan wenn man so will ja was,steht da drin also wer bin ich und wer,ist vielleicht mein mitgründer mein team,da schreibt man auf wann wurde das,gegründet

How to Build a Drop shipping 3 Statement Financial Model For Startup

[Music],hello in this video I'm gonna walk you,through the financial model exam,template I will show you the main inputs,the core outputs reports and charts so,let's get started,[Music],the dashboard tab you may see the core,inputs and core charts and financials,which are based on these assumptions so,let's start from launch date let's,pretend that your business will start,from the March 20 then you can set up,from pub Monza's which means that there,is some adoption rate curve for your,business if you input for example for,this means that in first months they,will have 25% then 50% then 75% and in,the month number four and going forward,to have 100% of your capacity then under,core input section you can input total,available market in terms of leads by,years let's pretend the first,geographies 200 thousands and each next,year it will grow for 50 thousands then,you can input your target market share,for example it's 20 percent and it will,grow for 2% gr,so your target market leads is a,multiplication of total available,available market and target market share,which is 20 thousands multiply it by 20,percent which is 40 thousands then you,may see the traffic buy leads which,impacted by your launch date and your,ramp up for example if you will start,from January and jump up malthus's 1,months saw your traffic by years is,exact your target market the low you may,see the assumptions related to the,customers and purchases which is,conversion rate leads to new customers,let's pretend at 5% and he'll grow for,1% per year 6 7 8 9 then you can input,some percentage of your repeated,customers if your customer stands to do,repeated sales for example it's 1,percent 2 percent 3 4 and 5 by years,then you can input counter purchases per,month repeated customer let's pretend to,three changes per month by years and,below you may find counter purchases by,years as a total also on the seasonality,tab here we input your sales seasonality,assumptions example engineer you have 25,percent which means that you will,multiply by 100 to 25 percent your,average yearly sales amount the same way,you can input negative value for example,if minus 10 means that 90 percent in,February will be your multiplicator for,average monthly sale across the year you,may also zero out and you will not have,any seasonality for your sales,on the product step you may input the,main information about your products you,can change the name of your product,category category 1 category 2 etc and,to me see the sales mix which you can,change there is also conditional,formatting for example if in 2020 you'll,set up Sub Zero on for example 80%,this means that product E which is 100%,minus sum of four percentages for,Pentacles one two four and two is you,will see this negative amount this means,that you input something wrong if,everything is correct and the total,amount of four categories example like,this it's less than 100 percent that the,sale will be calculated correctly and,you will see it in grey color below you,may see the total price per one to chase,by categories in dollar amounts and Cox,as a percentage of your revenue the,dashboard tab after you immediately set,up your core inputs your seasonality,assumption and your products assumption,you will see the revenue breakdown by,categories and you already can see your,revenue on profitability tab and,operation caffeine and also revenue on,the core financials section,[Music],the first part of reporting section,consists of income statement cash flow,balance sheet and the summary tab let's,start from income statement so on the,income statement you may find total,revenue broken down by products,broken down by products gross margin,variable expenses salaries and wages,fix-it expenses EB GE depreciation and,amortization a bit interest expense net,profit before tax tax expense and as a,summary net profit after tax on the cash,flow statement you can find cash flow,from operating expenses the slope from,the racing expenses and cash flow from,financing expenses broken down by its,subcategories on the cash flow indirect,we find more collapses view of cash loan,statement also reckon down by operating,activities investment activities and,financing activities and as a total you,may see the net increase in cash or cash,movement on the balance sheet you may,find current assets non current assets,current liabilities long-term or,non-current liabilities and your equity,the summary of statements you may find,on the summary tab here you may see the,income statement broken down by years by,main categories and to the right to may,see the totality our breakdown by masses,for example I can select 20 21 and we,will see all the P&L line items broken,down by manses below you may see the,charts with presentation of mine KP is,related to the income statement the same,idea for the balance sheet you may see,more important KPIs on the charts and on,the planet whose breakdown and the same,idea for the cash flow statement,[Music],on the top of financial chart step you,may see the revenue breakdown broken,down by products and this information is,presented for the two years by manses,and for the five years by Muncie's below,you may see the chart for the cash,balance operating cash flow broken down,by a cash inflow and cash outflow,breakdown of EBT which is revenue Cox,topics and the result in VG you may see,as yellow line and also a bit also,broken down by manses for two years and,for the five years on the operational,charts you may see the sales mix which,is count of salt units by products and,productivity charts just average revenue,per day average topics per day working,down by two years and five years by,masses also here you may see the for,force productivity which is revenue per,employee and of experiment,[Music],on the benchmarks kpi's will find your,mind industry-specific keep eyes which,are changeable for your industry for,your country for example gross machine,industry benchmark 60% for your country,let me see this change it on this chart,industry gross margin is orange and blue,this is gross machine calculated based,on model in the same way you may change,profit margin 20% and we see it on the,chart below for the two first years you,may find that your profit margin is less,then industry benchmark and starting,from year 2022 we have bigger mouth than,industry benchmark also you have wages,as a percentage of revenue average,weekly revenue and average weekly net,profit which marks,[Music],on the top revenue tab you may see the,breakdown of your revenue by products,and also by years whose absolute values,and percentage breakdown the same,information you may see on the charts,below here you may see the percentage,breakdown and absolute values breakdown,below you may see the revenue depth and,multi-run grape chart you can select the,year and based on this year you will see,the information revenue by products as,absolute values and percentage revenue,breakdown on the pie chart on the,revenue bridge you may find the main,revenue drivers of growth you may select,the first year and you may serve the,last year and between these years you,will see the waterfall chart and you may,see which are the main drivers of your,revenue grows which specific products,grows faster and which specific products,grows slower,[Music],on the top expenses tab you may find the,breakdown of top for expenses categories,and all other expenses collapse it into,other category can we see the breakdown,of absolute values broken down by years,with the total below and also to the,right to me see the percentage breakdown,of these expenses the same information,we see on the charts below should we,find the percentage breakdown and the,absolute values breakdown and a couple,of charts below,when we find expenses depth and monthly,run rate for selected year,you're able to change this year and when,we see the absolute values and,percentage breakdown on the pie chart,and the expenses breach you may find the,main drivers of expe

Write A Business Plan In 10 Mins (+ FREE Template)

let me let you know the secret,every business needs a plan let me,repeat every business needs a plan you,need to set your intentions you need to,start with a purpose and you need to,have an end goal in mind when you're,starting out your business there is,absolutely no chance of owning a,successful business without this believe,me hey everyone and welcome back to my,channel my name is graham dia for those,of you who are new here i make videos,about freelancing affiliate marketing,and earning a passive income online if,that sounds like something you'd be,interested in go ahead and hit that,subscribe button now in today's video,i'm going to be giving you the,successful business blueprint for,whatever business venture it is that you,decide that you want to go with right,now everything's super easy for you i've,actually gone and created a template,which you can go ahead and grab down in,the description we need to do is fill it,out basically it's already pre-made for,you with all of the topics that we're,gonna be covering today this template is,gonna set you and your business up for,success so please make sure you like and,subscribe leave a comment if you can,just to boost me in the algorithm so i,can reach more people like you so yeah,go ahead and grab that it's the first,link down in my description and without,further ado let's jump right into this,video the first thing that you need to,think about is what you bring into the,table what is it that you're,contributing to the world what problem,are you solving what need are you,fulfilling for your potential customers,this is where you really sit down and,you kind of get to know your brand as,well you see what makes you special and,what makes you stand out to your,competitors maybe it's your backstory,maybe you're ethically sourced maybe,it's a women's only organization,whatever it is go ahead and just put,together some of the main selling points,of your business these are your strong,points going into detail for this part,really helps you actually understand,your brand and solidify the meaning,behind it because it's super important,to have a mission statement you have to,have a solid message behind whatever,your brand is whatever it is that you're,doing so from here we'll establish who,our target audience is who is it that,will be benefiting from your product or,service now i've gone and dedicated a,whole page to this because what i like,to do is i like to go into real detail,and create a whole avatar it's basically,where you're going to be creating a,super detailed image of who your buyer,is now you're going to be going into,their age what country they're based in,their likes their dislikes their hobbies,where else they might shop you really,want to be able to just pick every,single detail so this is where you can,actually go out and do your own research,basically just go and see what types of,people are into your niche what types of,people are into your brand being able to,create a detailed avatar will give you a,very clear image of who it is that,you're going to be marketing to and it's,going to help you with the actual,marketing process now where do you find,your target audience this is where you,have to think about where exactly you're,going to be finding your target audience,or avatar since we're in the age of,tiknology it's more than likely that,your target audience is going to be,online but where exactly are they on,twitter are they on tiktok instagram,facebook with me for example i'm a video,based creator so i know that my target,audience would be on teachable on,youtube they would also probably be on,tiktok since that's video based as,well how are you gonna be actually,getting your product to your target,audience now is it a physical product,are you into drop shipping are you,actually going to make it yourself from,home and ship it are you going to keep,it in a warehouse and ship it from there,with drop shipping do you have a vendor,in the middle where they send it,directly and you just make the profits,of it are you going to be using your,face to market will you be putting a,face behind the brand obviously that,builds a connection between you and,potential buyers what colors are you,going to be using for your branding this,might look like a super minor step but,it makes a huge difference there's,actually a psychology behind colors for,example red and yellow are associated,with food green and blue are associated,with business pink and purple is,associated with like beauty and stuff,think about the aesthetik and just like,the color schemes and everything of your,brand there is no detail that can be,left out in this the point of this step,is to get your product or service in,front of the right people at the right,time in the right way what you're going,to need to start this business up what,are the costs what's the equipment that,you're going to be using when i was,about 15 i started up a deep business,depop is basically just like an etsy on,ebay where i would buy branded thrifted,clothes and i would resell them on my,depop for much higher price and that was,how i'll just keep money flowing at the,age of 15 that was my first ever,business now the reason why i'm telling,you this is because at the time because,i was young i had no idea about startup,costs i didn't calculate the cost of,shipping the business cards the nice,packaging that i was putting together i,didn't calculate any of this and looking,back that was really cutting into my,profit margin i had no idea how much all,these extra costs were actually cutting,into my profit margin so i ended up,making a lot less money than i should,have my point here is to calculate what,you'll need beforehand so you can see,what needs to be tweaked or what corners,need to be cut in order to make sure,that you're not hurting your pockets,when you're first fighting out your,business,take note of these upfront costs but,also keep in mind about the reoccurring,cost if you're going to be based online,most likely you're going to be doing,email marketing maybe you're on shopify,those are monthly costs those are,monthly programs that you have to pay,for make sure that you add all of these,things up take care of your finances you,might not be good at maths just like me,i absolutely hated maths in school but,you have to be able to add up these,costs so you can see how it cuts into,your profit margin so over time you're,able to make these little adjustments to,make sure that you have the most profit,more than likely you're going to be,working with other people in your,business whether you like it or not,there's going to be vendors there's,going to be people that you're going to,be outsourcing work from look me,personally i went into business thinking,you know what i can do everything by,myself because i'm so fussy no one,understands the way that i like my,things done and i'm sure a lot of you,can relate to that but the problem with,that is you will get burnt out very very,very quickly i promise you having people,there as a part of your team that are,doing the parts that you might not,necessarily enjoy that you might find,boring or that you're not that skilled,in having those people there makes your,life 10 times easier and it's honestly,an incredible asset to have a good team,so yeah whether you're outsourcing work,whether you have a business partner,vendor whatever it is how are you going,to make sure that they are keeping your,business phone as well are you going to,have backups me for example i have an,incredible editor but i also have,backups because say if he falls ill if,he's busy at the time whatever it may be,i know that i have backup options my,business is going to continue flowing,whether he's there or not and for the,last part set your goals this is where,you're going to be figuring out what,you're going to be doing on a day-to-day,basis on a monthly basis on a yearly,basis not only will this make things a,lot more structured and organized but,it's going to