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dropshipping corona

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Coronavirus VS Dropshipping / How to Do Dropshipping under COVID-19

hi guys, welcome to our channel, I'm daddy. in some previous meetings we've toked about colic overnighting impacted, job training and work job tribals should do to survive paloma impact. we were toking more about adverse effects where the corona virus outbreak in Wuhan, China, and the solutions to minimize the loss just shivers, would suffer due to the low production capacity of suppliers and limited logistiks. now a situation has changed greatly. [Music]. [Applause]. [Music]. here is a website to check the real-time data of Kobe 19. we have posted website on description. let's use the extractor: confirmed cases in each country, the recovered and death, as well as search and chats. we can see from the chat chance of actually stays on the lower right corner. the number of confirmed cases in mainland China flattens out where the number of other locations now is in the rapid growth period, which means the Kobe 19 is already under control in China but fiercely spreads in many other countries. academic be controlled in China. the logistiks capacity has been restored throughout China except for Han City, where is the App Center of colonizing and now is still and lockdown to prevent further spread of the novel coronavirus and about half our factories have been back to novel. the lava factories are gone to resume production in order in the coming two weeks. however, as kobe 19 region, all run world pips, life are affected in different degrees. its subsidiaries. restrictive actions have been taken to control the spread of novel coronavirus. italy has been put and a genetik total lockdown. schools in some affected areas. in the us a suspended classes for two weeks to prevent outbreaks of epidemic and schools. even in the area of sodam infected cases. residents are calling back going out, stay at home to ensure safety. jobs, shady business were not affected a lot unless the virus keeps spreading and stop. or Bruce just rotation charts shaping as a model which makes full use of internet to farm suppliers and get customers. it is a can of e-commerce. the most part example of the coronavirus impact on e-commerce it's us mm spray in China instead of a great head on ecommerce stuff she's on the stream, accelerated the development of Chinese e-commerce. look back through history. let's think what happened to the commercial business into stylus dream under the impact of sus, the city Asian in 2003 were similar. what is happening? traveling people were avoided unless these three: going out, staying home to prevent from being impacted by us. this nation lasted per month, which left a devastating blow to the OP. like modern economy. under this situation, sonic, mercial drawings for emerging, being impacted by the atomic Kingdom. now an online retail giant was seeking online sales but looking for potential customers through Q, which is an instant communication software like Skype and posting messages online forums. Jimdo made a great success in the next year. gene don't cut out all of its online business and focused on online retail. if you are engaged with job shaping, there is no chance that you never heard of Carl Express, which is a part of Alibaba Group. Alibaba also started its online retail business, Taobao, which is one of the most popular commercial sites, during such 2003 and witnessed tremendous growth of online retail business in the past 17 years. you may have heard that someone has made meetings by merely selling antivirus masks at issue, and it's not the only case. must I great demand and a price living as a coronavirus Express a run world. for more information about masks, please watch this video: a partikle masks. there are some other products with huge potential demand suitable for job shaving: hand wash products such as handle sanitizer. Daryl Hannah Senate has brain of home soap dispensers because wash hands frequently as another effective way of fighting the novel coronavirus public shake Arcos, distraction machines and air purifiers. we posted links of a production machine here on the description and you can sauce and other related products on a big job jvcom of chat with your private agent. we're chuck dobson, age of Shaving calm. apart from these products needed for protected from being infected from with norovirus, the demand of online shopping for many daily necessities were in praise because of replenishment delay in offline stores caused by the disruption to supply chains. our video bradford ginger- just a tummy- he failed to search for a backbone- expose a relic ability. and because people are staying at home, less outlet shortened occurs, which makes a procedure mcmahon of online shopping. people waste and more time shopping online apparel, household cleaning products and murder case. we have seen an increase in sales online is indeed an expected moment for a crush on britain us to scale up their business. they ago Facebook announced banning commercial listings and advertisements for medical facemasks. this is a hat upload at. Preakness were planning to make fast money by marketing on antivirus masks and our Preakness from some severe epidemics. areas encountered difficulties because of the lockdown. but no wise. there are some suggestions for you. [Music]: looking for other ad campaigns. for example, set up an email marketing campaign to leverage your business on masks when other job seekers may do the same thing. so it is very important to stand out by specific advertising copy and productive video or images. visit videos Darcy - Joffrey, be calm to make sure, customize the videos or images. [Music]. so other heart products for Cobain 19 that happen. depend a Baptist baked or and other products needed by local customers. part before Marty: make sure they are a mattress for sale. not all the factories are back to normal, so check with the suppliers if they can fulfill your orders. if you are not able to sell products in your area because of the lockdown, change the target area you are going to mud on. for example, if you are in Italy, you can run ads specifically for the US or at other areas where there's no limitation in transportation because you are not handling the products in person. the suppliers can deliver the products to wherever you would like to sell to. but there's one thing you need to pay attention to you. you may face communication difficulties when you choose an area where people don't stay the same language, so it is better to be cautious when you select an area and make sure you know the market will drop. shipping is not just the business of playing a row between suppliers and consumers. during this special period, job savers can do their contribution to those who need daily gifts. they can help consumers get what they want and need. that's all for today's meeting, which like if you get informative information from this video. for more information, please watch our a lovely news about novel coronavirus. subscribe ask if you haven't, so you will not miss any updates. how do you think the cove in nineteen will impact job saving? leave a comment below. thanks so much for watching. see you soon at next meeting. [Music].

What’s next? How to handle Dropshipping After the Coronavirus?

one-by-one. countries are lifting the cover on a virus lockdown and life is slowly getting back to normal. we still have a long way to go, but economies are starting on the path to recovery. today we'll tok about what will happen to drop shipping after the corona virus is over and what is happening right now as countries start to slowly resume normal life. hello, my name is Natalie and you're watching the alla' dropship channel. we specialize in helping aspiring entrepreneurs start their own dropship and business with ease and no monthly payments, and today we're here to help you navigate through this continued time of uncertainty. we're reviewing what to expect in dropshipping after the corona virus. note that the suggestions and for addictions covered in this video are based off of our experience in dropship and and are not meant to be a hundred percent prediction of what is to come. we also believe that understanding buyer psychology is very important for any type of business, so we will touch a bit on this as well. it's been three months since most countries enforced the current in lockdown. right after logged on, we saw two opposite trends. at first, people stopped by and, at all, very, a very financial well-being. lots of people lost their jobs. however, the demand for household goods soon rose considerably as people had to stay home and started to panic about running out of essential items. but soon people got tired of staying home and those who could afford to started buying non-essential stuff to cheer up and pastime. the past few months we've seen a rise in demand for board games and video games, computer equipment, cooking supplies, gardening tools, fitness gear and pretty much anything that could help fight cabin fever. right now this trend is still there, though it keeps changing. according to McKinsey and company, even now most consumers still feel the pull toward a homebody economy. this means that they are still often too purchases online as opposed to going outside. business Giants asked their employees to work from home and many small businesses have also supported this trend. as a result, there is a continued high demand for two product categories and we believe that even as slowdowns left around the world, demand will continue, as the coronavirus has been very and predictable in terms of infection rate. the first product type that is in demand right now makes teen and working at home more comfortable. the second is the items for fun and comfort. people need a sense of security and relaxation and also stop to break them out of boredom. now let's look at our first recommendation on products for dropshipping after the Khurana. buyers offer products for comfort and fun. as more people feel confidence towards the future, online stores can start to offer products geared for comfort, something to celebrate that we managed to live through the first consequences of the outbreak. consider selling stuff that brings joy and relaxation, for example, such products as celestial projectors or string lights, as these help create a peaceful and inviting mood to any room. you can find items with the same ability to elevate mood in your niche. we're looking for something that evokes a feeling well, even if things don't work out in the best way in the world, and right now at least, I can get this awesome thing, and that's exactly what I need right now. however, keep in mind that, because of the pandemic, a lot of people have become unemployed. people may still be hesitant to spend on non-essential items, and many others well, price shop to ensure the bat seal and lowest price, and even those who do have a job are now much more careful about prices than before. we believe people in general will stik to in reserved by an attitude for some time, even after the pandemic is over. that's why we recommend focusing on affordable products with attractive price. since most people are now buying stuff online, e-commerce is on a steeper price than ever before. many online prices have dipped to help buyers shop with greater ease. now it's not the time for high tiket drop shipping. at this time, you can make buyers feel better about their purchases by offering discounts, coupons and promotions. greater savings and value make shoppers even happier. is it a good time for a drop shipping? if you are wondering if it's a good time to start drop shipping after the coronavirus, there unfortunately is no real answer for everyone, but keep in mind that crises of any kind often open opportunities and higher risks bring bigger results. one more thing to consider is the fact that you will need to advertise your website online, and prices for Facebook advertising have dropped considerably since the coronavirus lockdown. so if you want to launch a business but don't have a large budget, now is an ideal time. compared to other e-commerce models, drop shipping requires only a small investment. a Tele dropship starting a website is as low as a hundred and fifty dollars. watch our video here to learn how it all works. another popular concern is advertising. how much do you need to spend to see results? in the description, I will place a link to video where we explain how to plan advertising budgets on all paid channels. if you're a total newbie, make sure to also watch our webinar on Facebook strategy. you will learn how to find the best products and launch profitable campaigns. even if you are an experienced Facebook user. it's a chance to check whether you do everything the right way or learn something new. here's a link to the webinar. I will also place it in the description box below. while many enterpreneurs had to withdraw from the market and others refrain from advertising, right now the competition for Facebook ads is low. so now you've got a unique chance to enter the market. creating a dropshipping store is the first step and promoting it as the second. advertising is an important part of drop shipping business. the current situation with low bids won't last forever. as businesses come back, the prices will rise again. so if you think of starting a drop shipping business with lower expenses, now is the time. what about shipping? drop shipping utilizes suppliers, and most of them are located in China. at allé dropship, we work with Aliexpress, whose suppliers are all based in China. as you may know, right after the corona virus outbreak, manufacturers in China were closed. logistiks and air travel restrictions caused great delay for suppliers. even the fast and cheap a packet shipping method on L Express saw delays for up to 60 days. does this mean that you're going to face the same problems? probably not. in fact, give this one a thought. most complaints have been from people who ordered products in February and March when the lockdown began, and oftentimes shipping time wasn't the issue, it was the product being locked in warehouses because of the quarantine. currently, Chinese factories are back to work, so there should be no more lockup of inventory, but due to high backorder, you may still see long shipping times for your website. we suggest searching for al Express sellers who have warehouses in America and Europe. you can cut your ship and time down by a lot. learn more in our video here. in addition, most Aliexpress sellers have currently removed shipping methods that don't work or are too expensive and slow. instead of a packet, we actually recommend using al Express standard shipping, which can actually ship faster. watch this video to understand why, and remember China is currently fearing a second wave of coronavirus, so be sure to follow the news and keep in contact with your suppliers to be on top of their manufacturing status. what you need now to start and continue drop shipping- drop shipping after the coronavirus will require a more creative approach. you will have to pick products more care and think of customer's needs versus ones. in this video we've shared a few thoughts on this and we hope it's helpful inside for you. we all want to feel financially secure. the coronavirus situation has shown th.


Shopify Dropshipping & Coronavirus - THE TRUTH

what's going on everybody, Scott, he'll see with you today. now. I put off making this video for a while because I wanted to monitor the situation and feel like everyone's making the video at the time. so now we have a better idea of how big of an issue that coronavirus actually is. so before I start this video, I want to mention real quick I am having a massive, massive sale on simplified dropshipping 4.0. that's coming April 1st. so on April 1st I'm gonna have a huge sale. so I'll just keep you guys updated as I make more videos and on my Instagram, but be sure to look out for that. but just an update on coronavirus in itself and the effect that has on dropshipping: right now it's hard to say because some suppliers are affected, some aren't. the issue is how you got to know whether or not they're lying. a lot of people have been getting lied to because the supplier is in china taking such a large hit because of this. they're just saying, yeah, we have whatever, and they've done that to me in the past, even when a virus wasn't going on. so that's just something you guys need to be careful about. you got to make sure you really, really, really trust your supplier if you're gonna be willing to scale. I know I toked to Jared with Zen drop. if you guys don't know, Zen drop is actually the Silk Road but it's been rebranded because the name was an issue for investors. but he was saying: there they're basically back to about 7080 percent operation. the issue right now isn't necessarily the fulfillment side- like they can ship. they can ship out of China, that's easy- it's the production side. they can't necessarily, they don't have the full staff as they're used to, to be making all these products. so scaling really hard right now is is a gamble I've. I mean, some of my friends are literally two hundred thousand dollars out of it. literally they they're under two hundred thousand because they can't fulfill any other orders. that can be a major issue. that can [ __ ] a business. but on the other hand, I know some people who are doing fifteen thousand dollars a day shipping, no problem. what it really is gonna come down to- and this is the best advice I can give them on the coronavirus- is you. you have to find that trusted supplier and you got to make sure that the production lines in queue and how much, and you also gotta really make sure that they're stuck, like how much they have in stok is true, it's. this is the guys. it's the most bizarre time in all of history and least my history. I don't really know exactly what's happening anymore, like everything seemed fine a month ago and then just yesterday, Tom gets it. the NBA calls off every game. NHL calls off any- every game and will be canceled- spring training potentially- about the call-up every game. so right now I have a month and a half left in this lease in LA and I'm still deciding whether or not I should pack up, like today, and go back to st Louis. I want you guys let me know in the comments below what you think I should do, like I'm honestly, genuinely curious. so at this point I'm really deciding on whether, like, I should pack up today and go back to st Louis. I don't know. there's a lot of things up in the air. I'm gonna get into more of that. the end of this video. I just want to kind of stik with the first half. that's being dropshipping. my business partner, Walter, has a great point. he says now is one of the best times to dropship, as long as you got your trusted supplier and supply line, as long as you have that, and now is one of the best times- a dropship, because now everyone's going to be inside, everyone's gonna be on their phones, everyone's gonna be on the computers and everybody is just gonna want to be passing the time, especially if [ __ ] starts to go crazy and people started to get quarantined state by state. a lot of people are just going to be inside waiting on packages. the best items are dropship right now are like games. like games you can play inside. health items such as like tea- I'm not sure exactly the health regulations on dropshipping tea or any aroma. it's like over that Romo therapy stuff will probably come back into play for sure. so just look out for the health products and the boredom products, because those two are gonna be the biggest. do not let this stop you from drop shipping at all. just allow this to be a learning lesson in the best way to find trusted suppliers, because you do not want to get burned. you do not want to get burned by me. from the looks of it, China's kind of pretty much contained it there. numbers are really not going up really at all. they're they're kind of just like lingering at that eighty thousand mark and apparently they're getting ready to declare the end of the war on coronavirus. it's just gonna be interesting to see how it affects the rest of the world now that it's been out of the box. so back to my personal life again. I moved out here. probably wasn't the best idea, but everything's a learning experience and everything I've learned out here is priceless compared to the money I've spent. now it's coming to the time- where is this the time? I go back to st Louis. let this all blow over, because, guys, the summer out here is gonna be unlike any, a summer that LA's ever had. they just said: who knows how long this containments going to last long? who knows if they're going to close the airport? who knows how long they're gonna keep it so that functions of 250 people or less are gonna be restricted. nobody really knows anything, and I'm just computing in my mind whether I want to take that gamble of spending even more money to stay out here when i have that apartment back in st Louis and I'm only paying about 900 a month for since I moved out of my other one. so what I could do is take an ax note at a gang Jones. this mindset is: I collected this as a great opportunity to go back, hunker down and stack the [ __ ] up like I'm toking big stack time. I'm used to spending, guys. I've been out here, I'm not gonna lie. I've been spending around nine to ten thousand dollars on like, consist, like that's just the things that I need. nine to ten thousand a month. what is wrong with me right now? that's why I'm making this video, coming up saying my worst financial advice, like I'm selling my car, I'm still waiting on the title. I'm selling my car because there's an insane opportunity to invest in the stok market like this. I don't know if you guys remember. I don't know if you guys remember, but this, this video a year ago, I posted on my Instagram three days before I bought my i8. I go: hey guys, I think I'm not gonna buy that i8, I'm just gonna keep that money. I'm gonna keep stacking. and then here in the next couple years, there's gonna be a recession and then that's when I'm gonna become a millionaire by investing all my money. well, I didn't listen to my own advice cuz I went and bought that car and now is the time to invest. I still have the title for a long list of reasons, but I'm gonna be getting that soon. so what? my plan is to definitely sell this, regardless of where I am, and potentially I honestly might even Drive back to st Louis tomorrow, the next day, because the word is they're gonna be closing these airports any second, and the second they close the airports they're most likely going to close the border or people are gonna panic and the traffic's is going to be unbelievable to get out of. so I'm not too worried about them. like my own livelihood, I understand that the coronavirus only affects old people. I understand all that, but what a lot of people who don't understand that is that viruses mutate. there's already a second-stringer coronavirus, and guess what? and now, according to the news this morning, it can last in the air for three hours, when the old version couldn't do that. so that doesn't mean so that means that any time it could change again and then it could only affect- like they could really affect- the younger people. anyway, guys, I'm gonna ask you what I should do. what do you think? should I stay in LA? should I go back to st Louis? what should I do? I want you to leave tha.

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Covid Surge In China | Experts Predict A Million Cases In 90 Days | World News

I don't know. [Music] foreign. I think the problem is that China is facing a very, very horrible burn through crisis, and by burn through, I mean by mass infection because of lack of of containment of the virus. [Music] foreign. [Music] foreign. [Music]. [Music]. you know it's a combination. first of all, China is under vaccinated. yeah, like people have two shots but you don't have a booster shot, and the booster shot they use are using the old booster shots, not the new, a B5, New Generation booster shots that we use in the United States. um, and furthermore, you know, I think the other issue is just, China is, uh, is, the only country left in the world that has huge virgin population of uninfected people. [Music]. it really worries me that if China does not Emit and come um, come out and with the truth how badly the situation is going, it's only going to get worse. [Music] foreign. [Music].

The Coronavirus & Dropshipping - Now What? (Opportunity)

what's up guys? it's Paul. it's been a while since I made a video. obviously, a lots happens and I hope, before even start with this video, I hope that all of you guys are safe and and listening and staying indoors and being very productive during this time. now, the point of this video is not really to explain the updates of coronavirus to chop five jobs bring ecommerce. I think that a lot of other videos have already explained those very well, so we're just gonna touch on those updates for about like 30 seconds. just a very brief update. the majority of this videos are gonna focus on what you should be doing during the Simon, how you should be thinking during this time, because a lot of people are not approaching this situation as best as they can, so we're gonna address that in this video. let's briefly mention the coronavirus updates on Shopify. jobs being ecommerce in general, a packets still very heavily delayed you an Express or shipping lines is the way to go: 10 to 15 days, 7 to 15 days. there might be some delays and you can expect shipping prices to increase about 10 to 20 percent. I don't think that's a huge concern. you can just reflect. you can just up your prices, you know, accordingly so in terms of consumer confidence and consumer behavior and buyer psychology. they're not going to be purchasing things that ordinarily might be purchased, but when new problems arise, new solutions arise. so you have to look at this problem and think: how can I be innovative and how can I be creative and how can I listen to what is the opportunity right now? you know, the very obvious example of this would be like a mask or something, but obviously you can't sell masks on facebook and etc. a lot of its bands, but that's an example all right. so what else? you can't sell masks, but what else could? you might sell and think outside of the box. you know, people are more bored, people are more concerned with their health, people are more indoors, people are more closer with their pets. now, physical fitness, relaxation, meditation, reading, video games. a lot of people are on their phones. they are not working, and I'm not saying that they're celebrating. I'm not saying that everybody's going on a buying frenzy right now, but there are specific items that are higher in demand right now and you can actually manufacture that demand. you can create that demand with, you know, storytelling, with marketing, with, with having an angle of a certain product there's. you have to be career in this sense, so you need to adapt a little bit. so that's more in terms of the e-commerce side. let's tok about more in terms of the mindset, or how, how you should approach this situation, of this tough time. tough times creates tough people. if you're an entrepreneur- which I'm assuming you for watching this video- you have a degree of conscientiousness. right now is the true test of conscientiousness, and what I mean by that is: right now you have something that is mostly non accessible and very rare in normal life situations, which is time and flexibility of what to focus on right. so, if you have a normal 95 job, if you're in college, if you have, you know, your normal social circles, dating, other responsibilities, whatever, partying, whatever- you don't really have that right now. so you have so much solitude, which is honestly a very valuable asset that most people do not ever experience. most people never experience long periods of solitude right, and this long period of solitude which you are probably going to experience is literally, you can come out of the situation a new person, a new identity changed. being in my beginning in 2016- it was one of my biggest assets. you know I'm you know I'm a freshman in college, bunch of things pulling my attention: parties, girls, studying classmates, friends- I have all these things pulling my attention and at the same time, I had a burning desire to, to create something, to build a business, to do something, and that's part of conscientiousness. but all these things were pulling my attention. so I realized this and I know I that I had to make sacrifices, so I literally just abandon all that. that way I can have as much time to myself as possible, in other words, as much solitude. I had all the time to myself and it was, it was pure, it was clean, focused, to allow myself to think about what I truly want and allow myself to just just boom, just go towards it. that solitude allows for immense, like crystal clear focus, like a laser beam focus, and that is something that you rarely experience. if you have a nine-to-five job, like I said, all these things pull your attention. you have a lot more time to yourself now. so my main point is I want to stress, right now is the time to be bored. solitude really allows you to to address your problems, to address your desires, to address your, your, your floating subconscious mind and kind of pull some ideas in this subconscious mind and then actually act upon it. so I really want to stress again: you know I see so much on social media. people are bored. right now, it's not the time to be bored. okay, you do not have time to be bored, you want to. and if you are bored or if you're not finding yourself being productive, even though you're very conscientious, it's because it dopamine. so I'll probably make another video on how I manage my dopamine urges and how I prioritize my life that way. I'm not tempted to fall into these cheap dopamine things like Instagram or, you know, video games, things like that, and one of the biggest factors for not actually reaching success or reaching a goal or something is is dopamine and focus. so you really have to actively try to manage your dopamine sources. you have to want to get dopamine from the Shopify sales, from that sound that's kinging sound. you want that to be your dopamine source instead of Instagram DM notification, for example. like I said, I'll make another view on that, but I just want to make a quick video on how you should be thinking about this situation. you know, if you think you can't, then you can't, but if you think you can, you can. so I want to conclude by again stating that right now you have time and a lot of room for what to focus on, which is mostly inaccessible in normal times. tough times build tough people. so if you guys like this video, hit the like button, hit the subscribe button. if you yet haven't, and if you have any questions, just comment them down below and I have a couple links in the description. if you're interested in mentorship, that is opening very soon so you can sign up and I'll see you guys in the next video. thanks for watching.

How Will Corona Virus Affect Your Dropshipping Store? - with Stallon Zayya

alright, guys, welcome back to another video now. in this video I'm going to be going over the current uh virus and how that actually impacts an affects dropshipping. now on screen I've actually got two artikles that go through and show the impact of the corona virus on dropshipping and how that affects the packages that you ship. so now the first artikle is going to be from CJ dropshipping- calm. now you can see that. the first line here it mentions that many companies and factories may have to put off a starting date of novel operation from the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday due to the accelerating screen at the Wuhan coronavirus. so now most of these suppliers that actually do ship their packages in China, they have been put on hold until the 10th of February. I'm pretty sure that goes across the board. so most suppliers do ship on the 10th. I do know some suppliers that ship on the 5th or the 8th. that's what I've been told. but for the majority and for the 99% of suppliers they actually start operations again on the 10th of February. in that time it was crucial to have excellent customer service so that your customers don't worry about whether the packages are and so they don't go through and charge back or follow dispute on PayPal. so make sure that you have excellent customer service. so now, if I scroll down to this section here, what impact does the coronavirus bring? it actually explains why there is a delay with the packages being shipped. starting at 10 o'clock on January 23, Wuhan, central Chinese city and surrounding cities have announced the suspension of urban bus, subway, ferry and long-distance transportation and temporarily close airports and train stations, highways and other exit corridors to prevent the spread of the new chrono virus that will haunt. so you can see that most of the transportation waves I've actually been closed. so that is why there's a delay in your package being shipped. influenced by this and the continuous spread of the warranty virus, transportations all around the country are shut down partially or completely, which causes almost all workers and employees in these factories to be delayed. so that is why your package actually cannot be delivered, because there is regulations imposed by the government actually stating that these companies and factories cannot ship anything out. so now, if I keep on scrolling down this artikle, it mentions: how does the car influence dropshipping? so reason number one: factories not be able to produce products at the expected date, as there's no much. supplies of dropshipping businesses are from China caused by the new Wuhan coronavirus, the majority of workers would not be able to come back to supplies factories to start producing. the previous holiday plan allows workers to stay at home until February. according to the current situation, the return date of workers may be delayed, and that delayed date that I've heard is actually the 10th of February. now that date it may actually be extended, who knows. that depends on how bad the virus is actually going to get. but at the member time the current start date for most warehouses is going to be on the 10th of February now. reason number 2: products cannot be transported by logistik companies, which is probably the biggest reason as to why your package actually can be delivered. only medical staff can be normally transported. in such a situation that logistiks staff are on holiday and city's transportation is blocked, without logistik companies, parcels are not able to be shipped out to their destination, even if the suppliers in warehouses have the product in stok. so there's just nothing that the supplies can do at this moment of time. the best thing you can do now is just push through, because the 10th is actually coming up very soon. so the best you can do here is actually push through. make sure you have good customer service and also scale down your ads. now, if I scroll down, the next topic which I'm gonna be spending more on, the next artikle is going to be: is there a real risk that the parcels coming from China will cause the transmission of the corona virus? now, that's pretty much impossible and that cannot happen. but in its artikle dimensions, postal parcels can be contaminated if there's direct contact and friction between a sick person and the parcel or contaminated with spray or secretions from an infected person. but the key thing here is the virus cannot live under external conditions, outside of living objects for more than a few hours at best, before it is destroyed. so it is impossible for the packages that you are shipping to actually carry the corona virus. now let's say that the person who was shipping your package does in fact have the virus and they have contaminated the package. that virus will actually not live from the time of this ship to the time it gets customer. so you guys will be 100% safe. so therefore, parcels will not pose a threat to the recipients because they will take weeks and in our case, months to arrive. so, guys, you do not have to stress about your packages that you are shipping to actually contain the corona virus. if you have customers that are actually worried about this and who do think that the virus can be contained the packages that they receive, what you can do is go ahead and send them the next artikle that I'm going to show you guys right now. so now the next artikle is: can I get the current of virus from a package delivered from China? now this is probably going to be the best artikle. they can censor your customers if they are worried about the virus being inside the package. so if I scroll down just a little bit, you can see that the US health officials said on Monday that there is no evidence to support the transmission of the new crown of virus through imported goods. so again, you don't have to worry about absolutely anything. in general, because of the poor survivability of this kind of viruses or services, there is likely very, very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures. even in the worst case scenario, safe sneezing person package of 7 or $2 used Apple iPhone 11 bought on Amazon is ships your home by air via United Post Parcel Service or FedEx isn't dangerous because their shipping times are generally going to be longer than Amazon's, there's really no need to worry at all. now, if I scroll down just a little bit more, it says it typically takes at least three days for a package to get from China to California, according to UPS and FedEx. so the virus wouldn't be able to survive long enough to get you sick. for us, when it comes to shipping with a packet, the packages like generally take between 8 to 20 days, so that is almost five times the amount. so it's literally impossible for the person to get sick. and yeah, guys, so these are the two artikles that I wanted to show you guys regarding the corona virus and how that impacts job shipping. now again, guys, if your customers actually worry about this- and I would go ahead and send a Miss artikle- so I hope you guys enjoyed this quick video. I just wanted to make a quick video on how the corona virus actually impacts drop shipping. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. if you did, please leave a like on the video, subscribe and I'll see you guys next time.