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Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

I Tried The ECOM KING's Dropshipping Course and this happened

so for the past three months, i've been trying to find my first drop shipping winning product and during this time, i built over 10 different websites in so many different niches and i got a few sales here and there. i was never able to make a profit. you suck. i've watched so many different youtube tutorials and implemented so many different strategies. so far nothing has seemed to work. so i just finished watching the ecom kings nine hour drop shipping course. this is the only video that you need to be watching in 2022 if you want to start a successful shopify drop shipping business period. there's no other video out there. this is gonna be better than any paid course that gurus are selling you from a thousand dollars. so what i'm going to do right now is i'm following the ecom kings course to create branded drop shipping websites. so to find my product, i'm going to be using the strategies from the free course, which are, first, to look on tiktok and search for tiktok made me buy it- amazon finds and all that. the second method was to go to the tiktok creative center, choose conversions and then look through those ads. the third method is to use paid platforms like big stuff to speed up the process. okay. so i found my products. it took me about eight hours total. i ended up finishing it the next day and i found three products for each of the three different research methods. so i ended up going with the 720 degree forces. so right now i'm going to follow the website building portion of the course, build my website and then get back to you. so now my website is finally done. it took me about four days- i'm not going to lie- to go out. usually i take about one, two days to make my website, but i really wanted to put a lot of effort into this one. i followed the ecom kings course as closely as i could. i added some quantity breaks. they get the discounts. they buy three or they buy five. so i'm trying to increase my average order value. i added some lifestyle images. choose between two modes- that was basically a feature. so i just showed the features and the benefits and then i showed how to install it. i took the pictures from aliexpress and then i customized them to look more branded. so i'm trying to make the store look as branded as possible. that's why it took a lot longer. and then you have the before you buy and then have the faqs. here we have the money back guarantee to build trust and make the customer more willing to make a purchase on my store, and then i have the reviews. so right now i'm going to try and get three videos on tiktok to use as ads and i'm going to run five different ad sets at twenty dollars a day until and spend a total of hundred dollars in one day and then after that i'll update you only one sale. so it's been about four days since i ran the ads on the first day the whole day, nothing happened. the ads didn't spend anything. on the next day, like early in the morning, i got about 50 visitors and i got one sale. so at that point my conversion rate was about two percent. so that made me feel like i actually found a winner. so i let the ad run for the whole day and unfortunately i didn't get any more sales after that and by the time i reached 150 visitors the ads had spent about 70 dollars, and usually what i do is i let the ads run completely and not make any changes. but the course gave me some criteria to follow, which was that if ad set had spent more than half the profit i make per sale and the cost per click is above one dollar, i would need to cut that ad set. so i did that and i kept cutting and i kept cutting adsense and i realized that all the ad sets were above one percent cost per click. my cpms were crazy high and, yeah, it wasn't looking good. i went back to tiktok and tried to find different clips and then edited it together to create my own ads which i thought were more like tik-toking because i thought maybe the ads were the problem. so i created the ads and then i run them in a different campaign, hoping to see better cost per clicks. the new campaign spent about 20 more dollars and the cost per clicks were still crazy high and this time i didn't get a single sale to the site. so i feel like the problem is that tik tok is the wrong audience for this product. if they see it on their feed, they're just going to scroll over it because it's not that interesting of a product. it doesn't really have a wow factor and the problem it solves it's not really that crazy. i'm going to try and test one more product and spend another 100, but this time i'll make sure i go on tiktok and check to see how many views that product gets, to see if there's an actual demand on tiktok for that product. i feel like that will work better. [Music]- bad news. so i have ran. so i found a new product. i created a website, made my own ads, started running them and right now they've spent about twenty dollars and i haven't gotten a single ad to cut. so the product is this high frequency therapy wand which kind of shocks your face, basically, and that helps tighten it up. it also gets rid of wrinkles, fine lines and everything. just basically smooths out your face, tightens it up, makes you look nice and young and, honestly, i really thought this product was going to be it, because i'd read some books and watched a whole lot of youtube videos and i realized that what i normally don't do is think of a customer avatar, which is like: think of a specific person, what that person likes, dislikes and everything, and then build a store to target that specific person. so this time i created a store and i niched it down to target only women in their 30s above who are interested in stuff like skincare, toning your skin, tightening your skin, getting rid of fine lines and all those things. i actually tailored my websites to tok, specifically to those people, but surprisingly i've only gotten about six clicks and my cost per click is all above one dollar. everything is above one dollar. right now, i honestly don't know what to do. [Music] you.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

i'm john crostani and i make over half a million dollars a month with affiliate marketing. but i'm going to show you how to get started if you're a complete beginner, and i'll be going over on my computer right here a step-by-step way for you to go from zero to euro. [Music]. hey, so if you're looking to start affiliate marketing and you are a complete beginner, first of all, i recommend you do check out my introduction series to affiliate marketing, but in this video i'm going to be showing you exactly how to get started. we're going to be doing a couple things here. we're going to be one first part of affiliate marketing is joining an affiliate network, and this is where you find products you can sell or link to and make commissions from, first step. second step is you want to find a product, a specific product, that you can sell on the internet, that you resonate with and that you can make money with. so that's gonna be our second thing. the third thing that we're going to do is we're going to actually go out there and sell it now. if you are a serious action taker, i recommend go through all these steps in this video and actually you can start earning your first commissions right now. if you just take these steps, so let's get on my computer and i'll show you everything step by step so you know what you're getting into. so here i am, and if we google just affiliate networks, for instance, we'll find a bunch of results. we'll find a ton and we'll see. if we just look up the top 10 affiliate networks that aren't amazon, we'll see a ton of affiliate networks. we see clickbank, jvzoo, giddy up share sale or van gate. how do you decide what to join now? first off, two great affiliate networks to join are amazon and my other favorite is clickbank. so amazon is very easy to join, and let me show you how to join amazon's affiliate network. now, if you're on amazon right here, as you see, i'm on amazoncom. okay, we'll scroll down to the bottom of the page and what we see is in the footer. it says: make money with us. okay, right there, and you'll see there's a lot of ways you can make money with amazon: selling private label brands, business, etc. but what we're interested is become an affiliate now. that's what we're going to start with right there. so when we click on this, we'll see profit from our experience. earn up to 10 advertising fees with a trusted e-commerce leader. join now for free. okay, so very easy to join and start selling stuff on amazon. see, it says join, advertise, earn and basically you'll just want to join and one of the things it will ask you for is it will ask you to put in a website. now, do you have a facebook profile? my guess is yes, or if you don't, you can create a facebook profile for free. that's your website. okay, very easy. also, you know, i've heard of some people just putting in random websites that have a lot of visitors in their niche and i guess amazon doesn't check. but keep in mind your youtube channel. you can set up a youtube channel for free. your facebook profile is free and you can set these things up and use them as your website. okay, very easy. now, amazon, you don't make a lot of money for purposes of demonstration. i could, you know, say i'm selling this book, anathem, which is about 20 book. if you earn 10 of that, what are you making? two bucks, you're not going to become a millionaire selling recommending books to people unless you're making more than 10 percent. so the affiliate network that i really like is called clickbank, and you can see clickbank right here. there's a lot of affiliate networks, but clickbank is the most trustworthy and the oldest affiliate network around. it's been around for 21 years. it's based in boise, idaho, and this is the network that i made my first commissions on. many people have made their first commissions on, and it's also been the affiliate network that i currently make most of my money with. now, if we click here- affiliate marketplace- right there, we'll see all of the products that you can sell on a commission only basis. so let's click this search icon right here and see how many products we can find okay. now you'll see there's other over 4 500 products in the marketplace. let's zoom in. so this gives you a lot of options of what do you want to sell? okay. what do you want to sell to make a lot of money with? okay, and you'll see. they tell you how much money you'll make if somebody buys what you're selling as an affiliate. you see 37 if you sell this, 56 if you sell this, 41 if you sell this. there's a lot of money to be made selling these different products. now to find something you resonate with. you kind of want to choose what i recommend. i personally sell business opportunity type products, but what i recommend you do is: let's just get started on amazon. okay, as i said, the way you make big money is with another affiliate network outside of amazon. but let's just get started with amazon for the time being, for demonstration purposes. is that okay? is that okay? okay, cool, sorry, i didn't hear you there for a second. so back to amazon. now i'm going to go to amazoncom and, once again, let's say, i want to start off with advertising this book nfm, which is a, a book i'm reading right now. it's a really good book and we're gonna search this on, uh, amazon and look it up so we'll see. okay, well, it's nine dollars. okay, nine dollars, right here. so i'm going to click on the book and what you'll see is, when you're accepted for an affiliate network, you see this little bar. it says amazon associates site stripe right here. this is where i'll get my affiliate link. so what i'll do is i'll click, get link text right there and you'll see it says text link created below. now this is my affiliate link which i will use to sell this book. this is the link. people need to click on this link and buy the book and i make money. okay, does that make sense? people click on this link. they buy the book and i make money so we can look at the full link here. i'm not going to go into the full what the full link is, but this carries basically, the link carries information that tells the way affiliate marketing works. is the link contains information that tells amazon that's the person clicked on my link, versus they searched for it online or whatnot, and that link is in right here, the tag, so that this stuff tells them. but we're just going to grab the short link, copy it. now i have my link. i joined an affiliate network, i selected a product and we're going to move on to posting about how we can actually, you know, getting some people to come to my website. okay, so now there are a few ways to get people to come to your link. okay, you will already have access to them now. do you communicate with anybody digitally? my guess is yes. you do. you probably use text messages. that's a way you could get your link out to people. you use email. that's where you can get your link out to people. you use instagram. that's the way you can get your link out to people. do you ever post comments on youtube? that's the way you can get your link out to people. facebook is a way you can get your link out to people. all of these methods are ways you can get your link out to people. now, most of the time, you're probably having very like, just you know, you're toking about random social, male, female, social dynamics in your life. that's cool, but we're toking about making money here, so that's what we'll need to be toking to people about in our emails. now, let's say i'm recommending this book. the first place i could start is through email. i want people to click on my link. i could send an email to a couple of my close friends, let's say you know, or just people i know. you know, i could send one to you know, my friend carlos. i'm not actually gonna type in my friends emails here, just so you don't email all my friends, but i could type in my friends and i could, you know, write something like book recommendation and i could say: you know, i remember you asked me for a sci-fi book recommendation and i'm reading a really good one right now. i absolutely love it. check it out. and i put my link there, see t.

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Affiliate Marketing vs Dropshipping (with Aliexpress) - Which Online Business Method Is Best?

hey guys, in this video we're gonna be toking about which one is better at Philly marketing or drop shipping with Aliexpress. after our last video, where I toked about how we make over $500 a day passively from affiliate marketing with this channel, we had a lot of people ask us which business model is best. so in this video I'm gonna be answering the following questions: one which we said is easiest for beginners to make money with - which method makes the most money? 3: which method is the most passive and truly makes money in your sleep? and, as you're gonna discover, there's no one that's better than the other. they're quite different and they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. so let's jump straight into it. we're gonna start out there by quickly looking at what each of the different business models are and how they make their money. we'll start out with affiliate marketing. in this business model, it is your go to refer customers or clients to another business and if they make a purchase from them, you get a commission. for example, here is an affiliate website that I have highlighted before on this channel: numerologist comm. now I'm gonna go on the record and state that I myself am NOT interested in numerology or anything like that. I have simply chosen to highlight them because they have one of the biggest and most profitable affiliate offers on the Internet. they have several products that they sell on their website. their most popular product is a personalized report based off your name and your date of birth, and it cost $77. well, if you sign up to their affiliate program and refer customer to them, you get a 65 percent commission on that $77 sale price. the way that you refer customers to them is that they give you what is called a hot link, a link with a tracking code embedded in it, and when someone clicks on that link and purchases the report, you get that commission on the sale. so obviously, your goal here is to get as many people as you can to click on the link and then purchase the report. so you might start making youtube videos about it. you might start up a blog about numerology. you might even choose to run paid ads to it, though, as I'm gonna tok about later, that's a little bit more tricky with affiliate marketing. now let's look at how you can make money with aliexpress drop shipping. this is when you set up an online store using a platform like Shopify and you list products for sale in it that are being sold on Alex brisk calm. Aliexpress is a website that lets you buy items individually directly from manufacturers. they're based in China, so their prices are super cheap. so what you do is you take an item on Aliexpress and you list it in your store and put a huge markup on the price. you then run paid ads to your store, with Facebook ads usually being the best, as they are low-cost yet highly targeted, and then, when customers come to your store and purchase the items in it, you then go to Aliexpress and purchase the item that the customer bought and get it shipped directly to them, while keeping the difference in profit. this process is called drop shipping. as you can see, both of these business models are extremely different and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. so take a look at how each of them work and think about which one looks the most fun and interesting to you and which one would play off your strengths more. which method is the easiest for beginners to make money? as I've said before on this channel, one of the challenging aspects to starting an online store is that nobody knows who you are. when you advertise your store to someone on Facebook, you are asking them to come on in and buy an item from you despite not knowing who you are, despite the fact that you have built up no trust or credibility with them. and here is the advantage for affiliate marketing for beginners: your merchant has most likely already done this part for you and has built up a lot of trust and credibility. take numerologist calm. they have invested an amazing domain name, they have an enormous Facebook page with hundreds of thousands of followers, they have huge amounts of free content on their site and they even have invested tens of thousands of dollars into creating quizzes like their life path calculator. when you've seen the customer to numerologist com, you have the benefit of the brand and the trust that they have built, which will make converting sales easier. on the other hand, with affiliate marketing, running paid traffic can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you're trying to direct that traffic directly at your offer. and that's pretty important to keep in mind because, as we've discussed on this channel, while free traffic is great to have, it is slow and you also need to learn extra skills like search engine optimization. thus, pay traffic is usually the fastest and easiest way for beginners to start making money online. now consider this: when your drop shipping, you have huge margins to work with, so you can make a lot of profit per sale. take this little dreamcatcher necklace: here on Aliexpress, you can purchase it for a dollar and two cents. when you add the cost of fast a packet shipping, which is two dollars and thirteen cents, the total that you will pay the dropship this item is three dollars and fifteen cents. well, necklaces like this can sell for ten dollars easy. so that gives you an almost seventy percent margin to work with when spending money on ads. on the other hand, while numerologist does admittedly have a very high commission rate of sixty five percent, the vast vast majority of online products and offers do not have commission rates that high. usually, the upper limit is fifty percent. that means, in that you've got a much smaller margin to work with when you're running paid ads to your affiliate offers. plus, if an affiliate offer is a partikularly high converting one, then it's going to become saturated very quickly with affiliates trying to run paid ads for it. so if you choose affiliate marketing and you get the bonus of the fact that your affiliate merchant has gone ahead of, built up brand awareness and Trust, which will make it easier to get higher conversions, but with drug shipping, you have the advantage that you have bigger margins to spend on paid ads and, plus, it's likely that your niche is less saturated. to which method makes the most money. now, both methods can make huge amounts of money, and when I say huge amounts of money, I mean millions of dollars every year. something to keep in mind, though, is that while, yes, with affiliate marketing you can earn super high commissions, you are ultimately giving your customers to your affiliate partner, which, in this industry, will refer to as the merchant. here's what I mean. let's say that you're going into the numerology or New Age nation, you plan to sell items in it, and you've got two options to pick from. option one: create a website that recommends numerologist comms reports. option to create an Aliexpress drop shipping store that sells released items and accessories. well, here's the thing: if you chose option one, then you will make fast commissions, at the price, though, of giving up your customers information to your merchant partner, and you know what they will do. they will use that information, like their email, to market to them again and again and again. to show you what I mean, I went ahead and purchased a personalized report from numerologist com. within a week of buying, I had received multiple emails from them. like many other affiliate merchants, they don't just plan on making money from one of sales. they turn their customers into loyal followers and repeat buyers. as an affiliate, then, you are constantly on the treadmill of making one-off sales, because the moment that you send your customer to an affiliate partner is the moment that you lose them. but if you had chosen option two and built a dropshipping store, then this wouldn't happen to you. why? well, it's because when someone comes into your store and buys this necklace from you,

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Simple Dropshipping Side Hustle - Start With $0 - (Free Course) No Ads / No Shopify / No Website!

hey guys, it's Marcus here. I've been making money online for over 23 years. in that time, I've done over eight figures with Drop Shipping, affiliate marketing, my own websites, my own products- pretty much anything under the sun- and recently I've been seeing tons and tons of videos pop up all about how to make money with Drop Shipping starting from nothing, and since I've been doing this business most of my life, I'm able to spot some things that may or may not work, some stuff that's a straight up scam and things that are gonna cost you lots of money and Lead You Down the wrong direction. so in this video, I'm going to show you exactly how to make money with Drop Shipping without paying to run ads, without having to pay or set up some fancy Shopify store and with zero money to start. this is a full, step-by-step tutorial that you can follow along with and start making money pretty much right away. now I gotta tell you, when I was doing research for this video, I actually went out there and transcribed a ton of other people's videos about Drop Shipping so that I could figure out what these other guys are toking about, what products they're telling you to sell, how many of them are leading you in the wrong direction. some good things I learned and my foolproof way to make money: Drop Shipping. now, in order to make this work, I need you to do two things. number one: put your wallet and your money away. that's right. there's nothing to buy Here. number two: smash the like button if you're ready to learn exactly how to start Drop Shipping from nothing and build an actual business. now. the first thing we need to tok about is the difference between Drop Shipping and importing. a lot of different videos out there and a lot of different people are going to tell you to go to AliExpress, find a product, set up a Shopify and boom, you're ready to go. however, that's not always as easy as it might seem. if I'm gonna take this little two dollar product and expect to sell it, the problem with using AliExpress or any of these different sites is the fact that this product is going to be sourced from China and other countries, which means that two dollar product that you might sell for ten or fifteen dollars is gonna take weeks and weeks to get to the customer, if it ever shows up more about that in just a minute, which means that, no matter what you're on the line, you're risking your money hoping and praying that this thing sells and actually arrives to the customer before they get irritated and request a refund. and while AliExpress can be a good place to do Drop Shipping and importing and stuff like that, we need to pay close attention to the minimum order amounts and also how long it's going to take to end up in the customer's hand. and in my opinion, AliExpress is best for importing lots and lots of product and selling it yourself from your garage or a storefront or something like that, and that would fall under the importing category. so if you're looking to start Drop Shipping, starting with zero dollars, my recommendation and what I did when I first started years ago, is to find a good usa-based product based based Drop Shipping Company. wait a minute, what does that even mean? well, instead of going to AliExpress and looking for something like car mount or whatever, we're actually going to go to Google and we're going to type in something like gas scooter Drop Shipping and what we're going to do is look for places like scooter wholesalers, Atomic scooter wholesale Forum, extreme scooters, Blaze scooter and more, and when we look at sites like this, we can see that they have a Drop Shipping dealer program. what that means is, as a wholesaler or drop shipper, you can actually get this 600 scooter for like 400 bucks- a net profit to you of two hundred dollars or more. and the reason I like these companies is that many of them take Paypal, which means the customer can place an order on my website with their major credit card. using PayPal, I can PayPal my portion- the 399- to the scooter company. they then ship the scooter to the customer and I pocket the difference. and, yes, this is something I've actually been doing for a long time and using a company that's in the same general area as most of my customers. this is going to ensure a fast shipping time and lots of happy customers. and that brings us to the biggest problem in Drop Shipping: what product are you going to pick to sell? now it seems like everyone, and their brother is an expert on products. so what I did it is: I figured: let's look at the data, forget about what everyone's saying and let's look at what actually works and what has no competition and what you can use to actually turn a profit. so what I did is I took over 183 different products that the other Drop Shipping gurus are teaching us to sell, and I wanted to take a look at what the data tells us about each product we could see. here we have something generic like sandals and you have the difficulty number. now this number is from 0 to 100: 100 meaning pretty much impossible. zero meaning pretty easy. 63 meaning yeah, it's going to be pretty difficult, especially if you're new, and something like sandals is not a super high profit margin unless you're doing like some fancy sandals, which again, that's going to be kind of limited and we're going to tok to you about that in a minute. next we have stuff like Nerf guns. with over 271 000 searches a month now this one can be pretty good. however, the action, actual Nerf gun, the brand is a trademark and it might not actually drop ship for regular people like you and me. that's not to say we can't go for like off Brands and things like that. we also have rugs, backpacks, water bottles and, as we can see, most of these are way too competitive for the new person to actually get some traffic and turn a profit. we can see dog beds, baby monitors, follow clava, Sunset, lamp, wall clock, tank tops and while these do have a lot of searches, a lot of these are way too competitive. but wait. what about this one that has a competition of six and over 9 000 searches a month? well, again, this one's kind of limited and when we're dealing with fleece leggings you're gonna have to deal with different sizes and different materials and all kinds of things like that and the profit margin again is pretty low. as you can see here, most of these are retailing for like eight to thirty dollars and you're going to be competing with Amazon, Target and other big companies. another guy said to go for Croc charms, which retail for like three dollars for a hundred, which again that's pretty limited and the profit margin is way too low. think the scooter example where we're making like 200 or more per sale. we got portable air conditioner, webcams, automatik hair curler- this one actually might work- smiley face slippers- again pretty inexpensive but it could work. electric scissors, sand sculptures, digital micrometers, content creator kit- now this one I can sink my teeth into. you'll find out why in just a minute. busy book demating comb, skin tag removal- that's dealing in the health Niche. I'd stay away from that. air duster, lint remover. but now we're getting below a thousand searches a month, which means it's going to be pretty difficult to make some sales. so if most of the things on this list are either too competitive, too low of a profit margin or too limited, then how are we going to find a good product? well, here's what I like to do. a: I want to pick something with a good profit margin, either thirty dollars or thirty percent, that's right. I don't want to have to deal with a hundred customers just to make 500 bucks. I'd rather just deal with two or three customers, because at the end of the day it's an easier sale and I'm still making the same amount of money. number B: I want something with lots of uses, variations or questions dealing with something like leggings or mom jeans or water bottles. there's not a lot of uses or different things like that. you wear leggings and that's pretty much the end of it. you wear mom jeans, that's pretty much the end of it. there's no.

My $4997 Shopify Dropshipping Course (Your's Free)(Literally)

so you were obviously interested in e-commerce and Drop Shipping and you can see this is a seven hour YouTube video and I created a thousand dollar Drop Shipping course that I'm giving you absolutely free. now this is not part of the course. this is filmed right before. my name is Ryan Maya. I have a multiple seven figure e-commerce brand called Beyond braid. it's a braided fishing line company and basically in this course, I'm gonna start you off from A to Z and e-commerce and Drop Shipping and walk you through exactly how I started my business and how you can start your own Drop Shipping business. now this is a very long YouTube video. I don't expect you to watch it in one sitting. if you do, congratulations. definitely grab a pen and paper and take notes on everything you're seeing, because if you just watch it, don't actually write anything down, you're not going to learn anything. so, again, I'm going to walk you through Drop Shipping: how to get started in Drop Shipping, how to build your online store, how to find products, how to run Facebook ads, and then eventually I'll scale it into a multiple seven figure brand, like I have. so I'm very glad that you clicked on this video and you're ready to change your life with e-commerce and Drop Shipping because it's changed my life. so hop into the course, good luck. if you guys have any questions- my emails below- feel free to shoot me some questions. I'm happy to help. good luck, what is up, how are you, and welcome to the course now. this is actually the last video that I filmed for this entire course, so I might repeat myself in future videos, but I just want to give you an intro of to who I am, what you're going to learn in this course and how you're gonna freaking crush it with e-commerce and change your life and make a whole bunch of money. for those of you don't know, my name is Ryan Maya and I've done millions of dollars selling products online, and that's exactly what I'm here to teach you. so I founded a company called Beyond braid. it's a braided fishing line company and- just a quick little back story, this business started as a Drop Shipping business way back when, four or five years ago. we've now transitioned it into a real brand, a real business that has inventory here in the United States. I have have eight or nine team members- employees that work for Beyond braid, and this year we'll do two, two million plus. so that is what I'm here to teach you how to do is find a product, scale a product, run ads for that product, grow the business, grow to other sales channels and build a brand that's going to produce money and profits every single month. eventually, you can exit that brand for a huge score at the end. so that's what's possible about e-commerce. in today's world, e-commerce is the way to go. like the shorts company, Chubbies just got acquired for a stupid amount, like a couple hundred million dollars or something like that, but they started as an e-commerce business, just a small little e-commerce business selling shorts. so literally that is what's possible when starting an e-commerce business. so in this course, you're going to learn how to find a product, how to run ads for that product, how to put that product on social media, how to go viral with that product, how to find winning products, how to build a real brand, how to sell on other sales channels like walmartcom, eBay, Amazon. get your stuff into retail stores, possibly. I'm gonna basically break down my entire business in and out, show you exactly what I'm doing, what's working today, and give you the tips, tricks and tools that I'm using exactly for you to implement in your business now, for the sake of this business. uh, we're gonna build a Shopify store together. we're going to build a business together, just as an example. but again, I'm going to show you exactly what's working in my business so you have all the goodies and all the data to use for your business so you can make a bunch of money. so My ultimate goal is just to help people sell products online. ever since I started selling products online- way back when I got hooked because it's a way to generate money while you sleep, like my store runs 24, 7, 7 days a week, ads are always running, sales are always coming in and money is always coming into the bank account. now I can't stage this. uh, it's the day before Thanksgiving at the time I'm filming this and let's just refresh this. it's two o'clock in the afternoon and I'm gonna refresh my phone. this is my Shopify app and you can see if my phone wants to focus. we've done 4 351 dollars in sales today and it's only two o'clock. so that is the power of e-commerce is: you can make so much money by doing little effort. again, I'm filming this course right now, but my business is still running and in e-commerce there's margins between 10, 15, 20, even up to 30, 40 percent. so let's just take a conservative number and say that today I will make 20 profit. let's just take a conservative number and say I'll make 20 profit today on that 4 300.. that is 870 dollars of profit by two o'clock as I'm filming a course teaching e-commerce, so you can see why I have such a passion for e-commerce and what I want to teach you guys. so again, this course has many, many sections. it's going to teach you the ins and outs of the e-commerce business, how to scale it into a real brand and make a boatload of cash so quick. and introduction. I'm sorry if I'm going to repeat myself because this is the last video I filmed of the entire course. probably gonna repeat myself a bunch of times in the next videos, but I hope you guys enjoy. I know you're gonna crush it. if you have any questions throughout the entire course, let me know. I'm here to help you as your coach, your teacher, to build a successful business for you, your friends, your family and get you to the next level in your life. so, without further Ado, I'll see you in the next section. now what I want to go over next is: uh, what's possible when you become successful in e-commerce and it's not if you're going to be successful, it's when we're going to be confident that you're going to go out and make a bunch of money with the strategies I'm going to show you. so just to outline my journey quickly, right? so I started this business in college, all Drop Shipping. my freshman year failed, sophomore year failed. junior year, when I learned marketing and started turning around, and that's when the business took off. I remember I was 20 years old and the biggest month I had was- I think it was about 50 something thousand dollars in sales, but I made eleven thousand dollars in profit as a college student. my other friends were working for eight, ten dollars an hour working the basketball games and I was sitting there on my laptop making eleven thousand dollars in one month, like that's serious, serious money. that was profit in my pocket. uh, to carry things forward, the business ended up doing, I believe, a couple hundred thousand dollars in sales for the year and ended up profiting sixty thousand dollars. my junior year of college- which was amazing- continued on. the senior year, had another phenomenal year, made some profit again. I graduated college and then I got a job. right, I got a job working for Grant Cardone. you guys may or may not know who that is pretty big business influencer- but I started working in his real estate division and I said: you know what I want to get out of Drop Shipping? I want to start my career in real estate. right, I didn't really know what I was doing. a couple months into my job with Grant Cardone, I actually sold the business. I sold the Drop Shipping business uh, for fifty thousand dollars on Flippa- uh, flip as a business exchange where you could actually sell your online businesses. so I sold my business. fifty thousand dollars- Hard Cash Money wired to the bank account. long story short, I try to help the the people I sold it to, and they were an older couple not really good with computers or tikier marketing. what ended up happening is I negotiated 51 of the business back back for no capital. I kept the money and then I had

I Tried Biaheza $294 Dropshipping Course, Crazy results

this is bierhezer, a 20 year old dropshipping millionaire, and this is his 294 dropshipping course. that toks about well how to dropship. i'm going to watch every single video in pierre has's dropshipping course, try to dropship using his strategy and see if i can be profitable following all the strategies that are detailed in the course, or if this is going to be a complete flaw. you're literally about to watch what a 17 year old kid, with about 150, can do drop shipping. am i going to be successful? who knows? but subscribe to the channel and let's get straight into this video. this would not be the first time that i've bought a dropshipping course, but considering the last time i did that, i lost thousands of dollars. i basically vowed to never buy another course again. okay, so yeah, the last time i bought a course, i mean, i lost thousands of dollars. so i will not lie. buying another drop shipping course is gonna be a pretty difficult thing and i don't wanna actually do it. i bought the call, so now that i bought the course, i was now going to binge watch every single video in it, make notes and basically formulate a drop shipping strategy on how to drop ship. according to beer has a drop shipping course. okay, so day one is me watching this course and i will say that after watching this course, it is a pretty good course so far. i am enjoying and i am learning a bunch of things that i have never heard him tok about on youtube. i'll probably see all you guys for day two, where we actually try to test and implement a bunch of his strategy. now, currently day two of this whole challenge. i basically finished watching every single video and i continued to make notes on everything that i learned. but basically the way that he structures his course is similar to the way that he structures his youtube whenever he's toking about dropshipping and that he has the four pillars of drop shipping, and those four pillars of drop shipping are going to be product website, ad copy and marketing. so, like his youtube, he toks about these sections of dropshipping. but i will say that in his course he goes in a little bit more in depth into every single thing that you're learning and he has some info on tik-tok that he never really has ever toked about on his youtube channel before. but basically, when it comes to pillow one, i've already picked a product and i've opted to go with this product right here the sunset lamp. why did i decide to go for this product? i'd already bought the product and had been doing some dropshipping with this product on tiktok and it pretty much almost fits perfectly into beer his nine step product checklist for picking a product. i pretty much finished everything when it comes to the product selection. now i have to move on into pillar two, which is building the website. so i basically followed the module. beer has a hat for building a website. he also dropped some pretty nice nuggets that i'd never heard him tok about, but i was able to build a pretty basic and cool website with some nice features, based on exactly the store that he was building in the courses. so basically, the website is done. didn't take that long to make- i mean, i literally just said it for like an hour 30 and i followed everything that beer has said in his course and boom, we are done. now it's time to move on to pillar three, which is gonna be the ad copy. when it came to ad copy, beer has suggested many things that i don't know if i can or can't say because it is a paid call. one of the things suggested was going to be outsourcing. when it came to your ad card, trying to ensure the success of the product. i won't be saying which agents were referred to in the course, but i decided to go and use the agent's drop because, even though i might be filming some of the content myself, i also wanted experts on it that will film great content so that i can keep editing those clips and different variations. basically, i just went into dropbiz, i pressed videos for tik-tok. then there were a ton of different videos that i could download. i literally searched for the product that i wanted, press download file for the video, and i was now ready to just go and post that stuff on tik tok. i mean, i literally had access to all of these products and videos for like 15. link to this website will be in the description if you guys need it. yeah, i literally just paid 15 for this, like one website called drop bits, to just go ahead and create all of my videos for me. but now it's time to move on into the last pillar of drop shipping, which is also arguably the hardest pillar of drop shipping, and that is going to be marketing. now, when it came to marketing, there were two sections that beer hasn't toked about. it was title: organic and tik-tok paid ad. there were also some other sections like facebook that were also seen in his last course, but both of the modules on the laptop were pretty good. so i'm gonna go ahead and try to do both tik-tok paid and tik-tok organic, as beer hazard suggests doing both of them to maximize the amount of sales that you get. well, as for the marketing section, i'm literally simply going to post a video that i have from dropbiz and then i'm going to hope that the algorithm picks them up. we get a ton of views and we can get a couple of decent organic sales. but as for the tiktok and the paid tiktok ads, well, i'm going to do exactly what beer has is saying i should do. i'm going to follow his strategy to the t and i'm going to go with about a 150 to 200 budget, and the reason is because i want this to be a little bit realistik for a lot of people who are trying out drop shipping. so i literally spent about an hour editing the video and posting out tiktoks throughout the day for organic weed. then i literally followed beer hazard step by step in doing paid tik-tok ads and, after following beard's paid ad strategy for seven days. these were our results. okay. so after selling this product- which i think was the first problem, considering how saturated this product is- i mean we were trying to sell it for like twenty dollars and now people already selling it for like four dollars on tiktok- i mean, under every single one of my tiktoks there was like at least like two to five comments telling people that they could literally buy this product for like four dollars off of another website. so definitely saturated. but after marketing this product, which we were able to market it pretty uniquely, we were able to get a couple hundred thousand views after like five or six videos, and on top of that we spent about two hundred dollars doing tik-tok paid ads. so all in all we spent about 200 on this challenge, minus in the cost of the course. we were able to get 200, which is not 200 in profit but instead 200 in revenue, and with the cost of everything being around 10 dollars, i would say that's about a hundred dollars in pure profit, and that's only in our first like seven days. so i think if i carry the store on for like the next month, i could definitely come closer to 300 or 400 in profit with just the store. so would i suggest that you go ahead and buy this exam course? well, it depends. if you're a guy who's making a decent chunk of change from shopify- i'm toking about hundreds of thousands of dollars- then i definitely wouldn't even come close to this course because you're not gonna really get all the things that you need. but if you are someone who's trying to make their first 1 000 online, then i definitely suggest buying the course with all that said, don't forget to like, subscribe, peace.