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Published on: February 14 2023 by pipiads

How to Start a Fitness Clothing Line with 0 Building an Apparel Brand

In this article, we will discuss the steps to take to create a successful fitness apparel brand or clothing line with little or no budget. We will also cover how to emulate the success of popular fitness brands like Gym Shark and Alphalete.

1. Getting Started:

- Even with a small budget, it's possible to start a fitness clothing line

- In the last video, we showed how to get started with two tools that require little money

- Advanced techniques like marketing and shipping will be covered in future videos

2. Sourcing:

- Print on demand is a great place to start for those with no budget

- All print on demand stores don't hold inventory and are printed on demand when orders come in

- Printful is a popular print on demand supplier, but many use the same exact blank tees

- If you have a budget, look into customizing your products with different materials and designs

3. Marketing:

- Influencer marketing is a cheap and organic way to market your fitness clothing line

- There are unique methods to market fitness clothing lines, which we will discuss in future videos

Starting a fitness clothing line is possible with little or no budget. Print on demand is a great place to start, and influencer marketing is a cheap way to market your products. With dedication and hard work, it's possible to create a successful fitness apparel brand.


How I Created and Launched My Own Product Line: Lessons Learned from Alchemize Fight Wear

- Maya introduces herself and her business, Alchemize Fight Wear, a women's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu apparel company

- Maya shares her mission to achieve financial freedom and explore all the things she loves in life

- Maya previews the topic of the article: how she created and launched her product line

Step 1: Designing the Product Line

- Maya explains how she worked with graphic and tech pack designers to create her line

- Maya shares her brand ethos, which is focused on female ferocity, power, and strength transformation

- Maya describes how she balanced minimal, hyper-flattering designs with unique, wild pieces

- Maya shows samples of initial designs and how she gave feedback to her designer to create the final products

Step 2: Sampling and Photography

- Maya discusses the sampling process and how she worked with her manufacturer to make changes

- Maya shares photos of the final products on a model and in flat lay images

- Maya explains how she used these images to drum up promotion on social media, including TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook

- Maya previews her plans to create product pages and launch her line

- Maya reflects on her journey of creating and launching her product line and shares lessons learned

- Maya encourages readers to pursue their own passions and dreams, even if they feel like a black box at first

- Maya ends with a call to action for readers to check out Alchemize Fight Wear and support her business.

How to Sell Intimates Online

- Overview of the article and what it will cover

Why Intimates is a Great Niche for Dropshippers

- Table showing top niches for orders on Overlo

- Intimates being the best selling niche on Overlo

- Variety of products in the intimates niche

Top 5 Intimates Products Selling on Overlo

- Shapewear intimates

- Neoprene slimming vest

- Invisible bra

- Corset

- Simple bralettes

Marketing Techniques for Selling Intimates

- Importance of pictures in showcasing products

- Using real-life situations in pictures

- Facebook advertising rules and limitations

- Instagram as a more flexible advertising platform

- Using Instagram influencers to advertise products

- Recap of the importance of the intimates niche for dropshippers

- Tips for successfully marketing intimates products

- Announcement of special intimates giveaway.

The Problem With 99% Of Clothing Brand Startups

Hey, it's Rob from Apparel Success, and if you're a clothing brand owner looking for advice, you're in the right place. In this video, I want to talk to you about the number one problem I see among clothing brands and how to fix it.


The problem is with your brand concept. Many clothing brand owners assume that people will understand the abstract meaning behind their brand, but this is not the case. People need a clear understanding of what your brand is all about, or they'll get confused and leave without buying.

Importance of brand concept:

Your brand concept is the foundation of everything. It's the beginning of your website quality, product quality, and social media presentation. Without a clear brand concept, these things don't matter.

Niching down:

Many clothing brand owners don't want to niche down because they think it excludes people. But in reality, niching down is what brings in amazing results. The riches are in the niches.

In conclusion, if you're a clothing brand owner struggling to get sales, take a step back and focus on your brand concept. Get clear on your niche, and work on your messaging to create a strong connection with your audience. And if you need help with designs for your clothing brand, check out Design Crowd for amazing designers from all around the world.

I Tested 9 Dropshipping Products and had 8 WINNERS [Insane Shopify Case Study]

In this article, we will discuss the story of a successful dropshipper who managed to test nine products and had eight winners. We will explore how he overcame problems and managed to make dropshipping a profitable business.

Key Learnings:

- Put everything into one particular bucket

- Think big at any point of time

- Follow the advice of experts

- Learn from mistakes

- Have a positive mindset


The dropshipper is from India and had been working in a nine-to-five job for around 4-5 years. He decided to explore different business models and was fascinated by dropshipping. He tested his first product and lost money, but he realized that the business model worked and started looking for a mentor. He found his mentor and followed their advice, which helped him turn his life around.

Success Story:

The dropshipper tested nine products and had eight winners, which is a remarkable achievement. He created a brand out of his first store and sold around 6-700k from just one product. He has made more than a million dollars in revenue and consistently makes a profit of 10-15k every month. He can now take a two-month vacation without worrying about money.

Key Points:

- The dropshipper had to overcome problems with payment providers and taxes on Facebook.

- He followed the advice of his mentor and learned from his mistakes.

- He created a positive mindset and focused on his goals.

- He tested different products and found winners by focusing on products with good upsell potential.

The story of this successful dropshipper shows that with the right mindset, advice, and effort, anyone can turn their life around and achieve success in dropshipping. By following the key learnings and points outlined in this article, anyone can increase their chances of success in dropshipping.

🎨 How to Design & Print Your Own Custom Rashguard for Under $60!

In this article, we will discuss how to create your own custom rash guard for jiu jitsu players. We will cover the design process and where to find a designer, as well as the printing process. Our inspiration for this custom rash guard will come from UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal and his flashy style.

- Creating a custom rash guard for jiu jitsu players

- Difficulty of creating custom rash guards in the past

- Online options for custom printing

Design Process:

- Finding inspiration from Jorge Masvidal's style

- Searching for patterns and designs

- Using a website like Shutterstock to find copyright-free designs

- Using a designer from Fiverr to create a unique design

- Choosing a designer based on reviews and portfolio

Printing Process:

- Finding a printing service online

- Using the custom design to create the rash guard

- Considering commercial use and purchasing a commercial license

- Creating a custom rash guard can be a fun and unique addition to a jiu jitsu player's gear

- Using inspiration from a fighter like Jorge Masvidal can add a personal touch

- Using online resources like Shutterstock and Fiverr can make the process easy and affordable.

$57,613.99 Dropshipping ONE Product in 4 months

In this video, the speaker discusses their experience with creating a branded Shopify store and building a community around their products. They highlight the benefits of branding and customer orientation, such as higher profit margins and long-term success.

Key Points:

- The speaker started a branded Shopify store after hearing that dropshipping was becoming less profitable.

- They focused on building content and a community around their products to create a strong brand.

- Once they found a successful product, they considered private labeling it to make it into a long-term brand.

- The profit margins on their branded shop are 50-60% due to their strong brand positioning and customer loyalty.

- They use a combination of Instagram influencers and retargeting Facebook ads to drive traffic to their shop.

- The shop's revenue has grown significantly over the past few months, with a 200% increase from the first to the third month and a significant increase in sales in November and December.

- The speaker is proud of their success with this branded shop and believes it has potential to reach over a million dollars in revenue in the future.

The speaker's experience with creating a branded Shopify store highlights the benefits of building a strong brand and focusing on customer orientation. By creating a community around their products and positioning their brand effectively, they were able to achieve high profit margins and long-term success. Their success shows the potential for other entrepreneurs to build successful branded shops and create profitable, sustainable businesses.

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