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Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

Easiest Way To Get Started With Dropshipping - Print On Demand | Printful

hey everyone Olia here. so the easiest way to start your own Drop Shipping Store- I get asked this quite a lot in videos and comments and stuff like that. you know, how should I start my own sort of e-commerce store? how can I Source Products? how can I sort of get started? I think Drop Shipping is a good way to start, but it really depends on the products you're covering, because I actually do have a Drop Shipping Store. it's called linksupplycom and on this store I have posters- mainly just posters. I did used to have T-shirts and other things, but it's mainly just posters. anyway, these are posters that I've designed myself. they're royalty free photos that I found elsewhere and I've just put them in posters. and then what I do is I have a third-party company fulfill those posters for me. so I had the website, I'd all the marketing, I'd do all the product imagery, everything, and then I have a Fulfillment company process the order, print the poster and ship it off to the customer- all automatikally for me. I don't have to mess around with any of that, it's all handled for me. I think Drop Shipping for things like posters, t-shirts, hoodies and things like that I think it makes a lot of sense. I don't think it really makes sense to sort of buy those in bulk and have you do it yourself, because it's not something that requires an absolute ton of attention to detail, like maybe some other sort of physical products would. so I think, yeah, when it comes to sort of simple products like this, it makes a lot of sense to drop ship them. what's crazy is that I've had this linksupplycom website store since 2015 and it's still going. it still gets sales here and there. I don't really promote it or anything. it's not really something that I'm sort of really pushing to make money from. it's just something I have sort of running in the background and people seem to buy from it. still, people still still seem to buy the designs that I have on here, even though I haven't updated it in years. I have this website built on WordPress- woocommerce- and then I'm using a printful to manage all the Fulfillment and all the product management, all that sort of stuff and, yeah, printful actually sponsoring this video and it's perfect. I'm so glad they got in touch because I've been using them since 2015 and here they are. they've got in touch and they want to basically sponsor a video and, yeah, they just want me to show you how it works, happening for work, sort of just get more eyeballs in it, because I personally think printful is probably one of the most reliable sort of uh Drop Shipping sort of companies that you can have right now, and it's why I continue to use them. if I could start again, though, I probably actually wouldn't use WordPress or woocommerce. I only use them because they were popular back then, 2015, seven years ago. yeah, nowadays I feel like there are so many other better Services out there, like Shopify and Gum Road, where I feel like this sort of thing makes a lot more sense and is easier to use. hooking up with WordPress- when I was first building this website with the printful, WordPress and woocommerce, yeah, like I mean, I have the knowledge and expertise with WordPress to do it, but for a beginner, yeah it's, it's very, very difficult and I just wouldn't recommend it. so in this video, I wanted to show you how printful Works, what you can hook up with. like I said, I don't think WordPress really makes a lot of sense anymore. there's so many other better Services out there. yeah, show you what they have to offer, show you how it integrates and how it can be quite profitable. so here we have have the printful website, where you can see, create and sell custom products online. so one of the major reasons why I chose printful was because they have fulfillment centers all around the world, so it doesn't matter where your customer has placed the order: it will ship from the closest fulfillment center to them. it does vary, of course, depending on the products that are in stok and what's on offer, but posters and teas and t-shirts and stuff like that- um yeah, they're pretty much in every single fulfillment center, so I don't think most people have issues with those. if we scroll down, we can see some of the products that they have: T-shirts, hoodies, hats, posters. they even have dresses, bags, patches, Footwear. when it comes to how print on demand Drop Shipping works, you connect printful to your eCommerce platform. you have your products on there, customer places their order, printfold them, fulfills that order and then the order ships to the customer. so the main part you've got to do is have the website and have your products. printful does all of the rest. you don't have to worry about the sort of shipping, the product management, all that sort stuff. they do all of that for you, and here we can see all of the platforms that they integrate with Shopify, Etsy, woocommerce, Squarespace, webflow. they literally integrate with everything. they even integrate with Amazon if you want to hook it up there. if we have a look at their actual product selection, we can see here there is just literally a huge array of products on offer. like you can pretty much have anything and everything. printful have grown a lot, because I remember when I started using printful back in 2015, the only things they really offered were were sort of t-shirts and posters and maybe soft cushions and other sort of quite basic things. now their product catalog has expanded so so much and you can pretty much sell every type of product you could think of, even towels, like you can have your own design towels. you can have denim jackets, beanies. when we go to home and living, you can even sell gaming pads- uh, bandanas and things like that. there is just so much here. if we look at all of the new products that they've added recently, we can see that they have airport cases, bucket hats- uh. trucker caps, uh. crop tops, wide leg pants, iPhone cases, windbreakers, slides. yeah, there is just a crazy amount of products here. I obviously have stuck with posters on linkspycom, mainly because I just wanted to keep it easy, but with the designs, you can really sort of just go absolutely wild and put your designs on every type of product, and this is actually what a lot of online content creators and celebrities and stuff would actually use. it's not like your favorite celebrity or favorite music artist is going out there and fulfilling all their orders and sort of printing posters and t-shirts and stuff. they usually use a company like printful to manage all their fulfillment for them. so next time you buy a hoodie or a t-shirt or something from your favorite music artist, printful might be the company that's actually handling all of that for them. another huge benefit of using a service like printful is that you really don't need much money to get going at all. it's not like my store, ulxtorecom, where we import products from all over the world and we have to buy it in bulk. so you know, when it comes to like desk mats like this, you know I'm buying like thousand at a time and yeah, these Bowl quarters, a minimum will be like five thousand dollars. so yeah, there's a lot of money there to get involved to start a store like that. but when it comes to drop shipping, yeah, with printful you don't need that much money like. the only time you're going to actually spending money is maybe setting up your website, uh, getting on a plan for something like Shopify, and that is it. that's the only cost you really have. I guess the other cost- that's not monetary- is your own time. you do have to spend time, of course, setting up the products, coming up the product ideas, coming up with product designs, setting up your store, but I feel like that's just a given. you're gonna have to do that regardless. um, so yeah, you really don't need much money to get going with printful. you only pay for the product when the customer has paid for the product. so, for example, when a customer places an order on my store, linksupplycom, they pay me first and then printful automatikally charges me after the c.

See How This Print On Demand Shopify Store Makes $120K PER MONTH

1.2 million dollars in the past 10 months with a basic print-on-demand shopify store. and when i say basic, i literally mean the very basics, and a lot of you guys think print on demand is dead, and this is about to prove you completely wrong. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille steiner and is the ecom king, and in today's video, it's time to prove you guys wrong about print on demand. this is going to show you that print on demand is booming right now and it is probably one of the most underrated drop shipping models right now that people aren't utilizing. and print on demand is a very basic business model to follow, and the key to success with print on demand is crushing this one principle that i'll be showing you today, because i'm going to be showing you the website, i'm going to be showing you the facebook ads, i'm going to show you the store analytiks. i'm going to be showing you absolutely everything that this print on demand store did to achieve these results in the last 10 months. now, if you want to try and replicate the results in today's video- because i'm going to give it you all on a plate- then you need to be paying attention to what i'm saying, and he needs to be taking notes and watch this video a few times over to completely understand what i'm toking about now. i'd also appreciate if you guys could support the channel by liking the video, leaving a comment and also turning post notifications on. now. buckle up, guys, because once you see this print on demand website, you're going to be in for a massive shock. as you guys can see, i'm on the shopify exchange platform and, for those that don't know what this is, this is where you come to list your shopify store for sale if you want to sell your store, and this is a great way to maximize profits on a short-term store like this one. now, as you guys can see, the store name is actually called city tease, which is wwwctsupperialcom, and i'll be showing you all this a little bit later on. and, as you guys can see, the average revenue a month is around about 120 000- 72 000 store visits and around about eighteen thousand dollars in profit, which isn't bad at all. now, if we take a look at the shopify analytiks print screen, you can see here, from the 21st of december until the 9th of august 2021, they've done just shy of 1.2 million, and you can see that the returning customer rate is insane at 6.99 percent. that is very impressive. the online store conversion rate is 3.7, which is above industry standards, and the average order value is strong at 43 dollars, meaning that they're either selling a product of 43 dollars consistently or they're able to upsell people at that price range, which is very, very good, considering the store, which you'll find out a little bit later on. now, if we take a look at the current store owner for this, his name is justin p. a massive shout out to you, man. you've smashed it with this and you can see. i graduated from college with a major in finance. i had a corporate job lined up, but i decided to take the leap into e-commerce world and have not looked back since. with the help of my brother and a few friends, you can see that he's been able to achieve these results. so for those that are watching this that need a bit of motivation, that is motivation right now. this guy pursue with e-commerce and was able to smash it. now, if we quickly take a look at what's involved with running this business right now, the managing advertising is facebook, google, snapchat, etc. is the main part of running the business product and r? d is also a big part of the business model relies introducing our new products, each quilt, all the production, fulfillment and customer service automated. i also work with an agency that handles email marketing. sms. b2b model is currently being worked on, which is business to business, and you can see that this business was founded 10 months ago and he's saying that it takes approximately 15 hours per week to run the store because of the va's that he's got in place. now, if we take a look at the expenses, you can see he's going for one of the premium shopify plans which helps with the transaction fees and a few of things like employee accounts, and you can see spending around about a thousand dollars a month on employees, which is for va's, and these va's are probably going to create the content. they're probably going to manage his sms and email marketing, like he said, and things like that. now he's gone for the basic domain name, which everybody does, which is around about 19 uh dollars a year, and you can see he's spending around about a thousand dollars a month on email marketing and uh sms and shopify apps. again, depending on your email list, depends on your monthly subscription for the email market and things like that. so that sounds about right. facebook in google and snapchat and tiktok, you can see spending around about eighty thousand dollars a month, which is a lot of money spent on advertising, and you can see he's doing loads of different platforms- facebook, google, snapchat and tiktok. so if you take a look at the sales includes, this is what you're getting when you buy the store. you can see that the physical inventory is not included, and the reason why that is is because it's a print on demand store and he could be using a company like printful printfy- any of those types of companies- to be doing this with. and how this work, guys, for those that don't understand, is you're basically using a company to print on the demand of your volume, so you can come to a website like this. you can create a design. once you create the design, once you get an order for that design, then it will be processed to this company and they'll print depending on how many orders they'll do, and they'll do all the shipping and all this stuff like that and quality checking for you. so let's just break down quickly how much this gentleman's probably made at a young age and who's quite new to e-commerce. so he's currently made around about 120 000 in profit, and then he's also, if he sells the website for 250 000, he can potentially make around about 400 000 in profit. so that is pretty crazy, considering he's only been doing econ for 10 months and he's quite young. so don't ever let anybody tell you that e-commerce and dropshipping or print under man's dead, because this is just another example of it changing a young gentleman's life once again. so let's get the drum rolls rolling, because i'm going to be revealing the store right now and, as you guys can see, it is a basic looking 2017 drop shipping store and this is a print on demand store, of course, and, as you guys can see when i scroll down, it looks so basic. it's the basic debut theme with the very minimal things on it, and let's break this down. how was this able to do over a million dollars in revenue? so let's start off with the brand message and the brand purpose. so it's all called ct's, it's t-shirts designed around cities that we live in and, as you guys can see, the logo shows the skyline and it's got a t-shirt inside of the skyline and it's got ct's written in the middle and that was designed on canva very easily. and if we look at the shipping board as free shipping for orders over fifty dollars, encouraging you to spend over fifty dollars. and then you can see home city collection, so it shows all the different cities and these are all based in italy and they're based in the usa, and i'll be coming over to the reason why that is the purpose. and then you guys can see country collection- italy in the usa- and then they've got our story and then they've got the contact us page and then you can see that here they've got this little image of the new york skyline and they've got ct's find your city summit collection 2021 with this sun emoji. and then you guys can see here they've got the chicago, the dc designs, and you guys can see that these t-shirt designs are insanely basic. it's basically a three word explaining what the city is, and then they've got the skyline inside of the wording, which is quite clever, but v.

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Printful Shopify Print on Demand Dropshipping Tutorial - T-Shirt Business aufbauen mit Printful

hey, mein name ist frank. ich bin schockiert und print partner, betreiber dieses print on demand dropshipping business seit mehreren jahren und habe es auch schon hunderten, tausenden oder sogar zehn tausenden leuten beigebracht. davon haben wir sogar schon einige leute, die das ganze halt in full time ebenfalls betreiben und davon komplett leben, finde ich super cool. und jetzt bist du dran. heute will ich dir nämlich zeigen, wie brauchst du ein print on demand dropshipping business mit print voll auf, wie funktioniert das ganze? wie integriert man da die app, wie erstellt man produkte, wie vermarktet man das ganze? ja, wer der klassiker gewesen, kommt auch drin. aber ich will ja auch noch so ein bisschen einblick mehr geben. ich will dir so ein bisschen die firma vorstellen. ich würde ja ein paar videos halt direkt aus der firma zeigen, und dann will ich mit dir auch noch ein bisschen über ein paar andere punkte reden, halt über marketing und zum paar tipps zu print on demand allgemeinen, dass er da schon gleich ganz gut aufgestellt bist. vielleicht hast du schon davon gehört. der magische weg, geld zu verdienen aus dem heimischen wohnzimmer oder entsprechend ja vom strand, wo du mir arbeiten willst, ist bei print on demand in dem sinne nicht vorgeschrieben. und das tollste an diesem business ist, dass es ihr sehr, sehr viel an einer ressource spart ja, die du dir halt nicht kaufen kannst, und zwar nämlich zeit. zeit ist das wichtigste, was ist halt oder was es im leben so gibt. und dass sparst du ziemlich viel mit print on demand, weil da sehr viel für dich gemacht wird und du eigentlich nur einmal diesen store aufsetzen brauchst, um denen dann einfach nur zu monitoren, also ein bisschen zu überwachen, wie der erhalt funktioniert. den kannst du wirklich komplett automatisieren. das ganze würde ich dir her auch zeigen. also lasst uns damit ein bisschen anfang. gucken wir uns aber erstmal die firma an, um die sich hier dreht. uns war nämlich prinz. poldi macht eine ganz tolle sache möglich, und zwar, dass du in einem eigenen online store produkte anbieten kannst. so war es ja nicht nur ein rudi und nicht nur das t shirt, sondern auch ganz andere produkte, von denen du vielleicht noch nicht so richtig gehört hast oder die du dir halt noch nicht so richtig vorstellen kannst. denn die in diesem business geht's halt nicht nur, wie es so heißt, im t shirt business halten t shirts, sondern um ganz andere produkte wie zb hier selbst personalisierung und so. was kannst du damit sogar auch machen. der vorteil bei print on demand ist ganz klar: du benutzt hier produkte, die jeder von uns hat: deine mutter, deine papi, der eine omi, deine freundin, dein freund, der hat zum beispiel, oder die haben sicherlich irgendwo ein t shirt, und das ist halt ein produkt, was jeder hat. irgendwie schneider von allerdings press haben halt nicht um, wo jeder zu hause, und die emotionen halten sich damit auch in grenzen. allerdings kannst du emotionen- das ist nämlich das, wo es im drop shipping ganz wichtig- oder print on demand halt diät. emotionen kannst du auf ein t shirt- in dem sinn wurde auf eine tasse oder auf ein beliebiges produkt halt drauf drucken, um damit halt was zu verbinden. zum beispiel: bei diesem produkt wird hier ein bild umgewandelt in einen jan in wismar simpsons karikatur, und damit wird jetzt ein simpsons fan natürlich deutlich mehr verbinden, weil er sich selber darin sieht und natürlich ein ganz anderes bedürfnis hat, das ding zu kaufen als und ein apfel schneider. genauso sind deswegen diese sprüche: shirts, die man so kennt für jeden finde ich irgendwie komisch, aber genau für die person, zu dies gemacht ist, darf deshalb perfekt. print pool macht das ganz möglich. hier mal ein paar ausschnitte, und zwar von der herstellung, zum beispiel hier von einem t shirt, wie das ganze funktioniert. die haben digitaldrucke rede, mit dem die haltern die t-shirts bedrucken. die werden dann entsprechend auch noch getrocknet, verpackt, werden sie dann fein säuberlich, um sie dann den kunden zu schicken, weil da ist natürlich auch kein bock, jetzt irgendwie zur poststelle zu rennen und das ganze halt selber zu machen. das übernehmen die für dich sogar auch. du kannst die auch sogar schon vor lagern bei print pool das denn wirklich die versandzeit ja ein tag in dem sinne ist. also, wenn sie bis 12 uhr bestellt haben, dann würdest du sogar noch am selben tag halt raus geschickt, und das ist halt eine ziemlich coole sache, wo du halt die versandzeit deutlich drücken kannst, wo du ein riesenvorteil hast. zum normalen print on demand: china dropshipping in dem sinne: und ganz ehrlich, was soll beim t shirt groß passieren? fressen kann, hat nicht über den kopf ziehen, ja, sollte, hat ja in dem sinne. also so gesehen ist es ein business foto- nachts auf jeden fall ruhig schlafen kannst, wenn jetzt irgendein shaker zum beispiel aus china importiert, und die leute trinken davon, kriegen irgend ausschlag, oder der hat irgendwelche weichmacher drin, ohne ce, kennung und gottes willen. also so, mit sowas würde ich gar nicht erst anfangen. deswegen print on demand, deshalb super business, um damit zu starten. du kannst mit prof auch bestimmungen machen, also zum beispiel hier caps, da kann man richtig kohle, käppis halt machen. die werden dann auch mit seinen vorformen hier ein bisschen ja bearbeitet, um es mal so zu sagen würde auch per hand noch mal ein bisschen angepasst, um dann ein wirklich dem kunden richtig cooles produkt zuzuschicken. doch print pool ist jetzt nicht wie merge bei amazon oder sprecher, wo ich halt eine datei hochladen, und dann gibt es die da auf einen marktplatz, sondern print pool hat keinen eigenen marktplatz, sondern ist in dem sinne nur der druck anbieter, der aber natürlich dann viel mehr möglichkeiten hat als diese webseiten, wo du normal deine produkte hochladen kannst. und das ist der vorteil bei print pool, dass du dir in deinen eigenen online store integriert und damit natürlich auch einen wärter schaffst, nämlich deinen eigenen online store. und den dänen baust du auf mit schotti frei und schob ihn frei können. was uns machen hier ein bisschen angucken, ist halt eine seite. print pool baust du halt auf mit shop iv. das hier ist die seite, da kannst du deinen eigenen online shop aufbauen. ich habe mir auch schon ein video dazu aufgenommen, wo ich dir zeige, wie das ganze step by step funktioniert. das ganze geht allerdings zwei stunden. kannst du dir in der video beschreibung merken, dass du das ganze schon mal im tab öffnet und dir danach halt an guckst, wenn du doch keine eigenen online store hat haben soll, ist unten in der video beschreibung- findest du natürlich auch ein 14 tage test, mitgliedschaft link, keine sorge, danach ist nicht irgendein verstecktes abo modell, sondern das ist einfach mal das zu: 14 tage lang shoppen fall testen kannst, und wenn es die halt gefällt, kannst du das ganze weiter betreiben. dann musst du halt da der sohn aber heute holen für diese seite, damit du deinen eigenen onlineshop halt monatlich betreiben kannst. ist für 1 euro oder von dollar. hey, du bist damit auch nicht alleine, weil bei shopping freie siehst du hier schon 1,7 millionen leute haben einen eigenen store halt aufgebaut und über 200 milliarden us dollar damit umgesetzt. keine jenna zum beispiel, die erfolgreichste, ja unternehmerinnen der usa, die hat ihren eigenen online store auch über shop aufgebaut, und so ziemlich fast jeder andere, der also der, der erfolg von den erfolgreichsten stores, die bauern, hat allem mit schotti frei, weil es einfach das beste system dafür ist. gut, jetzt will ich dir die beiden methoden von print firma schnell vorstellen, und zwar einmal haben wir den print on demand direktversand. das bedeutet, dass du mit im eigenen online store und hier print pool halt bei einer bestellung dann diese an print pool weiter leidest, und der schickt dann entsprechend an den kunden. das ist die erste variante, was du machen kannst. die zweite variante ist, dass du die sachen schon vor produzieren lässt. können wir zb hier sieht man dieses uhr housing, da kannst du deine produkte halt einschicken, und dann können die wirklic

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Why I Chose Print On Demand Instead Of Dropshipping Of Shopify

hey, joe, it's folks here- new series on the channel where i'm going to be picking questions that i see inside of the pod ninjas facebook group or here on the youtube channel. today we're going to be answering this question here from rose. she basically asked me if i solely focus on print on demand or if i have ventured into drop shipping as well. so, obviously, print on demand is a business model that utilizes drop shipping. right, when we sell a print-on-demand product, it is something that we never have to touch. our print on demand supplier is going to be sending that to our customers without us ever touching it, which is essentially drop shipping. right, but for the sake of this video, uh, we're going to assume that what she means- and this is honestly what most people mean when they say print on demand or drop shipping- is that when you are doing print on demand, you are creating a, a product like this or like this or like these canvases here, you're putting a design on it, and then, when you're doing drop shipping, you're selling, you know, some sort of a gadget item, right? a kitchen gadget, a tool, pet products, whatever cooking products. you know what i mean? a whole bunch of different items. now i think it's really important here to first and foremost say that i have never drop shipped. i have never created a shopify store and utilized a drop shipped supplier and then sold some sort of product like that. i've only ever done print on demand. but one thing i have done is, before i got into print on demand, i actually had an ebay store. i was i was selling electronic cigarettes, where i was actually ordering them in bulk from chinese suppliers, getting everything shipped to my house, and then i was shipping everything out myself. i was bringing 50 packages on average per day to the post office. i was literally packaging everything up in my house and bringing it to the post office and, honestly, that's a little bit of the reason why i have never ventured in to drop shipping. and you might be wondering, joe, how are you making the connection between you having an ebay store where you sold products that you shipped yourself to drop shipping? and it's really quite simple. i have not drop shipped and i never went into drop shipping at all because i didn't want to deal with chinese suppliers. when i was ordering electronic cigarettes in bulk, i was getting them from china and i didn't want to utilize a service like oberlo or aliexpress, where they were connecting me to a whole bunch of random suppliers that were based in china. rather, i have gone instead with print on demand, mainly because i would rather create my own products than find my own products. meaning, with print on demand, you are choosing a niche, you, you are creating a design and then you're putting it on the product. with drop shipping, you're just going out and looking through products and and potentially selling the same thing that tons of other sellers have already tried to sell. that's why, a lot of times in the drop ship communities, you hear people toking about winning uh products. right, i also tok about winning products with print on demand, but that's a second second thing for a different video. with drop shipping, a lot of people could sell- you know- the same products, right, and then, like i said, with print on demand, you are creating uh, your own product. so that's why, you know, i have primarily uh focused on print on demand, mainly because i wanted to utilize, like a real supplier. with print on demand, you're actually utilizing uh, a company that specializes in the products that they offer, compared to drop shipping, where you're just kind of getting connected to a random supplier. there's likely going to be tons of suppliers that are out there that will connect you to products, but it's a little bit more official when you're using a print-on-demand supplier. and then, secondly, i wanted to be able to create my own designs on my products within whatever niches that i want, without having to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of different potential drop shipping products that i could potentially sell. but that's just me. let me know down in the comments what you're doing, if you've done both, if you've only done one but not the other, or why. and, like i said, this is going to be a little bit of a new series here on the channel where i'll just be answering random questions. so if you guys want to drop one here on this video, you can. i'll also be pulling them from the pod ninjas facebook group, so if you're not a member there, make sure to join. there's a link down in the description and i'll see you guys in the next one.

Shopify Dropshipping or Print on Demand... Which is better?

one of the questions i get all the time is l should i do drop shipping or should i do print on demand? so in this video, i'm going to tok about the pros and cons of each so you can decide which one's best for you. so, of course, with any business structure, there are pros and cons, and that's going to be the same for drop shipping and print on demand. so i wanted to create this video to go over both the pros and cons for each of them so that you have a lot more information when you're trying to decide what is best for your business structure. so let's go ahead and start first with drop shipping. so one of the big pros: so let's start first with the pros, then we'll do the cons. one of the big pros for drop shipping is the fact that you don't need inventory on hand. you're not having to buy a huge bulk amount of something and then have it in your garage, where you're hoping to sell things, and not have a garage full of products, and you're not wasting money with drop shipping. as soon as someone actually purchases it, you are then ordering it online from whoever you are drop shipping it from, and they are sending it to your customer for you, so you're not having to worry: is this the right product? am i wasting money? you're able to actually just go ahead and purchase things as soon as they are ordered and you aren't just sitting on a ton of inventory. another pro that's kind of related to that is that you're then able to really test out your products. you can try different products and see which product is the best for your ideal customer and try, you know, 20 different products at the same time, running ads to find your winner product. this makes it really helpful because you're not again having to purchase a large amount of inventory and guess which ones are going to perform best. this way you're able to really test first and then, if you want to, you can then buy more of that later to cut down on cost. also, with drop shipping, there are a lot of different products to choose from and it can be really helpful to hop on a trend very quickly. so i think we all probably remember the fidget spinners. it kind of was like an overnight just sensation and you could easily get these products and start selling them on your store. it happens like that with a lot of different trends. maybe you find the product first and you start the trend or you're jumping on a trend that's already starting to take off. since you're not having to purchase all the inventory and wait and you're able to do it a lot quicker, you're able to jump on these trends and hopefully capitalize on some of that initial hype. the last pro that i see with drop shipping is that you don't have to do any of the order fulfillment yourself. again, you don't have the products at your house or in your garage that you're then shipping out. someone else is doing all the order fulfillment for you, so that they are actually packaging it up and sending it off to your customer, which saves you a lot of time. so you can spend that time actually finding other products, advertising, building a brand on social media. there are so many other things that you have to do as a solo entrepreneur and this actually frees up a lot of time so that you can do that. so that's definitely a huge pro as well, but it does relate to a con, so let's go into the cons now for drop shipping. so, yes, you don't have to do the order fulfillment, but a con is is that you don't have the ability to do some quality control and make sure that the products are looking great, as well as everything is looking great sending out to your customer. so, because you don't have your hands on the product, you're not able to make sure that everything is matching your quality standards and you're a little bit more removed from that process, which can mean higher returns and more customer support if there's an issue. one way around this is: i always recommend ordering samples of the product a so you can take some photos with them, but also that you can double check the quality and see exactly how it's going to arrive to your customers, so that there are no surprises and you will know a little bit more of what you're looking for and what your customers are going to be receiving. another con is that there are typically longer ship times. now you can definitely find a drop shipper in the states or in north america so that it can make your shipping time a little bit faster, but if you're shipping anywhere international from like china, it's definitely going to be, you know, one to two weeks shipping time, or even more, and a lot of times. especially with amazon prime of free two-day shipping, people are really starting to expect to have their orders sent to them that week, so you can actually get a lot more of your customer support inquiries and some annoyed customers if they're having to wait two weeks to receive your product. so just be prepared for that. also, kind of how i mentioned with the trends is that there's just a lot more competition with drop shipping. so you may find a great product that you like and that is working for your ads, and then someone can instantly start selling that product as well but undercut you on the price and it's kind of sometimes a race to the bottom on pricing, which you really don't want to do. so it can be hard with more competition. while, yes, you can hop on a trend more quickly, there is going to be a little bit more competition for that because you're not making it a unique product that just your store has. and lastly, in terms of a con for drop shipping, i would definitely say is profit margin. so you're having a little bit lower of a profit margin because you're not buying things in bulk amounts. yes, it's nice to not be sitting on a huge inventory going: oh my gosh, i hope this sells. however, because you're buying things one off as soon as the orders come in, there is less of a profit margin for you and that kind of stinks. but again, you are also doing some trade-offs of not having to spend all the time in order fulfillment. so you really need to make sure that it makes sense for you and maybe you can increase what you're charging the customer for the product if the quality is there and you feel like you can sell that item at that price to increase your profit margin just a little bit more. okay, so that was a lot about drop shipping, so let's switch now to print on demand. so a pro for print on demand is similar to drop shipping and the fact that you don't have to order in bulk. they're not going to be sitting on all of these products and you are still going to be actually ordering the product from your print on demand supplier as soon as the customer actually purchases it on your site. so again, because of that, you're able to test things a little bit more, which is a huge pro as well. you can create different designs and different even niches or customers that you're targeting and test out and see which works best, which product type it works best. if you know, maybe this is a great design for a mug, but it doesn't sell so well on a t-shirt. you're able to really test and play around with that and again without ordering a bunch of items in bulk. also, a big pro with print on demand is that you are able to create a brand. you're able to create your own unique designs and your own branding so that it's really unique to you. so you're not having to worry about competition because you have created it specifically and no one can take that away from you. so you're able to really hone in on your ideal customer even more and make sure that you're making products specifically for them. so hopefully, it actually is easier for you to sell online. okay, so now let's go into some cons of print on demand. so, yes, you can make your own unique designs. however, that takes time. so whether you are doing it yourself or you are hiring out a designer on fiverr or another platform, it's gonna take some time to create custom designs. so it is going to- while you can still, you know, create things quickly, it is going to take a little bit more time than, say, drop.

Shopify Dropshipping Vs. Print On Demand

if you're just getting started into the e-commerce game, you might be considering shopify, drop shipping or print on demand, and you might be wondering which is better for you when this video? i'm gonna break that down for you. what's up, guys, and welcome back to the channel. if you're new here and we don't know each other, welcome. i'm glad you're here. my name's carrie. i'm the founder of shirt school and i created this channel to bring you the best strategy, secrets and hacks to grow your ecommerce apparel or print-on-demand business. before we jump into the content today, i want to ask you, if you enjoyed this video, consider subscribing to the channel. we've been growing like crazy lately. it's been awesome just to be able to create more content and see that people are actually enjoying it. so i want you to watch this video and, if you enjoy it, like it, leave me a quick comment, just tell me what you thought and then subscribe to the channel. we would really really appreciate. it helps us continue to grow and help more people. all right, so i want to give you some of the pros and cons of both shopify drop shipping and shopify print on demand. which is better? and hopefully i can help you make that decision today. now, if you know anything about me, yes, i'm a little bit biased towards print on demand. i'm a little bit biased towards t-shirts and apparel. but i do want to let you know that i have done the shopify drop shipping thing a few times. i've tried it a few times more early on in my journey before i really got into print on demand and t-shirts, and i had some success with it. i never sold like millions of dollars in drop shipping, but i have put it through its paces. i have sold numerous products and i have made a few thousand sales with drop shipping. so i do have some experience and i kind of know a little bit about it and so i've done some more research. i really want to break this down for you and hopefully help you see which is better to start this off. i kind of give you a definition. if you're not clear on what drop shipping is and what print on demand is, let's start with drop shipping. the whole idea of drop shipping is that you can sell items and not have to have inventory. you don't have to ship them yourself. you don't have to buy inventory and tie up a lot of money into ordering the products up front. you know, traditionally you would have to have a product manufactured somewhere in the world and you'd have to order those by the hundreds or by the thousands, keep them in your warehouse or in your office and actually ship them yourself. drop shipping has completely revolutionized the way that we do business on the internet because you don't have to do that anymore. you can work with a product supplier, sometimes in china or in the us, and they will ship all the items for you. they will carry the inventory and you only have to pay when you make a sale. drop shipping is really a pretty crazy business model. now, with print on demand, it's actually kind of the same. print on demand is another way of doing drop shipping. it's the same principle: that you don't have to hold inventory and that you can use a supplier to print and ship your orders for you. the difference with print on demand is it's mainly focused on custom printed merchandise- things like t-shirts and hoodies, but then also mugs and tumblers and backpacks and tote bags- all kinds of different stuff that you can do with print on demand. and print on demand has, uh, some advantages of its own, and shopify- or shopify drop shipping- has some advantages as well. so i'm going to start off by toking about shopify drop shipping and i want to tok about some of the pros of it and then also some of the cons. obviously, the biggest pro of both of these styles of selling- with shopify print on main and drop shipping the biggest pro- is that you don't have to carry that inventory. so that's really a tie either way. right, there's no advantage really that either one has in that category because both require pretty much no money to get started. in fact, shopify drop shipping might be just a tiny bit better because you don't have to pay to have the designs made or you don't have to design yourself in photoshop. you can actually just find a product and go sell it. but one of the pros of drop shipping- and this comes with a little bit of a caveat- is that you can have potentially higher profit margins. now when you think about a t-shirt, you know a t-shirt, you're going to have a set cost for it with print on demand and you can kind of only charge so much for a t-shirt, right? people kind of know what t-shirts cost. with shopify drop shipping, when you go out and find a product from a drop shipper, you can kind of price it at wherever you want, depending on what the product is. now it really depends on the style of drop shipping that you're using. if you're doing something that's lower, lower cost and, um, you know, maybe more like a, like a fishing item, or you know something that's small and doesn't cost a lot, you might be doing something like free plus shipping, which is a classic drop shipping strategy. in those cases margin is going to be pretty low. but there are instances where you can do higher tiket drop shipping. you can do certain products where you can get 60, 70, maybe 75 percent or more margins with drop shipping. so it really depends on the product and the style, the marketing strategy that you want to use. but potentially one of the advantages that shopify drop shipping could have over print on demand is you could jack up the prices. you could have higher margins. the next kind of pro of shopify drop shipping really over print on demand- i kind of mentioned it earlier- is that there's no designs required. so that means you can have super quick execution and you can. it'll cost a little bit less to get started and you can test tons of products with no risk. again, one of kind of the classic drop shipping strategies is to go out with facebook ads and test- sometimes 50, 60 or 100 products at a time, different products- to find a winner and then go scale up that winner, make thousands and thousands of dollars in sales, and although you can do the same thing with print on demand, you can absolutely use that strategy. shopify drop shipping makes it a little bit faster and a little bit easier because there's no designs required. you don't have to know photoshop, you don't have to have t-shirt designs done or whatever. you can really just go execute, go start testing products really really quickly. okay, let's tok about some of the cons of the shopify drop shipping now. the biggest con by far, which is a massive one, is the super long shipping times. now let me explain there. in in today's world- you know, 2021, 2022- there are multiple different countries that you can do drop shipping with and there are a lot of us suppliers now for drop shipping. there are different shopify apps and different suppliers that you can find where you can drop ship items from the us. now, that has its pros and cons, but the classic way of drop shipping is to drop ship products from china. a lot of people use aliexpress or alibaba to drop ship the products from china. the reason people drop ship from china is mainly because it's really really cheap. it doesn't cost much. but the huge con of doing that is that sometimes you're going to wait six, eight weeks or more- like it takes a long, long time- and, believe it or not, there's still millions of drop shippers here in today's day and age, 21, 2021, into 2022, that are still mainly drop shipping from china because that's going to give you those better margins and their customers are waiting a ton of time. and this is just a huge con. in the world that we live in, with amazon, prime and same-day shipping and this kind of stuff, that long tripping time can really really hurt your business, cause a lot of returns, cause a lot of headaches. it's just a pain in the butt. now, on the other side, which is a con and maybe a pro, is that you can drop ship a lot of items from us suppliers now, which is really cool. but the big