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dropshipping ebay product research sheet

Published on: June 19 2023 by pipiads

Introducing the eBay Scraper, an auto sourcer that automatically scrapes products from eBay and finds potential sources for those products at online stores. The most updated version is version 1.3, which works for the US and UK.

How it Works:

- Go to ebay.com or ebay.co.uk and search for products.

- Control the number of items displayed on a page by changing the settings at the bottom of the page.

- Copy the URL of the page and paste it into the system to extract products.

- The system will automatically extract the products from the URL.

- Use Auto Source to find potential sources for the products.

- Set a targeted search for specific suppliers or leave it as a general search.

- Check the accuracy of the matches and verify them manually.

The eBay Scraper is a powerful tool that can save time and effort when searching for products and potential sources. With the ability to control the number of items displayed and the accuracy of matches, users can find the products they need with ease. The Auto Source feature takes it a step further by finding potential sources for those products. Overall, the eBay Scraper is a valuable asset for anyone looking to streamline their product sourcing process.

eBay Dropshipping Product Research, Profit Calculator, and Excel Sheets

Product Research for eBay Dropshipping in 10 Steps

In this video, Mr. Markin shows how to do product research for eBay dropshipping. He breaks it down into ten main steps and demonstrates how to use a calculator and Google sheet to keep track of researched items.


1. Think of a product or category to research

2. Search for the product

3. Filter the results to be dropship-friendly

4. Look for images with stock photos to indicate dropshipping

5. Check recent sales to ensure the product is selling

6. Find the source of the product

7. Use the eBay profit calculator to calculate profitability

8. Consider cash back options for additional profit

9. Keep track of researched items on a Google sheet

10. Use a separate Google sheet for listing products and tracking prices

By following these steps, eBay dropshippers can effectively research and list profitable products. Using the eBay profit calculator and Google sheets can help streamline the process and increase profits.

Facebook Marketplace Product Research (with Automated eBay Product Scraping in Google Sheets)

In this video, the presenter shows how they use a Google sheet to automatically pull data from eBay product data and identify products with the most sales and sellers with the most feedback. They apply this method in product research for Facebook Marketplace dropshipping. The video highlights the benefits of using the Google sheet system and how it makes the process of product research faster and more efficient.

Key Points:

- The typical method taught for dropshipping involves searching for a product on eBay and then sourcing it from a cheaper supplier like Walmart.

- The Google sheet system automates the process of pulling data from eBay product links and creates a table with the relevant information.

- The system can help identify products with the most sales and sellers with the most feedback, allowing for better product research.

- The presenter advises going beyond the first page of search results on eBay and considering dropshipping larger items to avoid non-dropshipping competition.

- Automation can be cost-effective and efficient, and Google Sheets provides a cheap and accessible option for automation.

Create a Dropshipping Product Research Sheet! | Dropshipping Hacks

In this article, we will be discussing how to create a product research sheet for drop shippers and e-commerce store owners. We will be using a Google Sheet to organize our product research, and we will be using different colors and formatting to help us stay organized. The article will include an introduction, bullet points, and a conclusion.

Hello everybody, and welcome back to my channel, the number one place for new drop shippers and e-commerce store owners. In this article, I will be going over exactly how I create my product research sheet. This sheet makes it super easy for me to go and do product research, find competitor links from AliExpress, and create product pages quickly and easily.

Bullet points:

- Start with a blank Google Sheet and change the first row to a different color for easier organization.

- Name the columns to help keep track of the different aspects of the product.

- Use conditional formatting to highlight when a product is ready to be tested or has been tested.

- Include a column for why you are deciding to test a particular product.

- Use columns for store URL, competitor link, and AliExpress link.

- Have a virtual assistant paste the store URL and competitor link when they are done creating the product page.

- Use the AliExpress link for product fulfillment.

- Keep it simple and don't spend too much time on it.

Creating a product research sheet is a simple and effective way to stay organized when testing products as a drop shipper or e-commerce store owner. By using a Google Sheet and different colors and formatting, you can easily keep track of your product research and make the process quicker and more efficient. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and let me know in the comments if you found this article helpful!

How To Do Product Research On eBay In 2023 | eBay Product Hunting Tutorial, eBay Dropshipping Course

Hello guys, welcome back to our eBay Drop Shipping course. In our previous videos, we discussed the Amazon criteria, including the four points of ship from, keeper, online seller add on, and product review. In this video, we will discuss the eBay criteria, specifically product research.

1. Buy It Now option:

The first criteria to check is the Buy It Now option, which means the customer pays a fixed price for the product. This is important for Drop Shipping because we want to know exactly how much the customer will pay, and there is no bidding system involved.

2. New products:

As a Drop Shipper, we only work with new products, so we need to make sure the product we choose is new.

3. US only:

For now, we are only working inside the US, so we need to choose the US-only option.

4. Sold item:

This option needs to be unchecked because it automatically selects itself. We need to uncheck it to see the available products.

5. White background:

If the product has a white background, there is a high chance it is a Drop Shipping product.

To summarize, when researching products for eBay Drop Shipping, we need to check the Buy It Now option, make sure the product is new, choose US only, and uncheck the sold item option. Additionally, products with a white background have a high chance of being Drop Shipped. Remember to write down the criteria in a register for easy reference. If you encounter any problems, join the Facebook group Trainers by Muhammad Sakim for assistance.

Finding Products to Dropship on eBay (AutoSourcer Google Sheet 1.4)

In this video, the speaker explains the process of finding products for eBay Drop Shipping using a Google sheet system. The first step is to conduct a category search, which can be general or specific. The second type of search is a brand-only search, which is useful for getting in contact with a specific supplier. The most specific search is on brand and category combined. The product reverse search process has five steps: searching eBay for products, scraping the product data, finding potential supplier sources, getting the actual prices of the products from the supplier, and determining the potential profit. The speaker then demonstrates how to use the Google sheet system to automate the process of finding potential supplier sources. The sheet has settings for targeted search, max sources, and minimum match accuracy. The speaker selects a max source of 10 and a minimum match accuracy of 50%. The Google sheet takes some time to auto-source products, but it helps to find matches between the eBay product titles and the URLs of the potential supplier sources.

10,000$ Product Research on eBay in 2020 | Step by Step Guide |

Competitive research is an essential aspect of running an eBay dropshipping business. By utilizing this method, you can find winning products in 2020. This article is not only for those looking to open their eBay dropshipping business but also for those who already have an existing store. You can take it as recommendations or inspiration to improve your store.

Steps to Finding Winning Products:

1. Search for Different Keywords on eBay:

- Type in the keywords of the products you want to sell.

- Scroll through the search results and skip those that appear to be selling the product for themselves.

2. Click on a Product Listing from a Dropshipper:

- Look for listings from dropshippers in countries like Australia or the United Kingdom.

- Check the seller's feedback rating and sales history.

- Click on the listing to see how many times the item has been sold.

- Check the last day of sale to ensure consistency.

- Look at the price and compare it to other listings.

- Check if the same product is available on Amazon or Alibaba.

3. Check Amazon and Alibaba:

- Look for the same product on these websites.

- Ensure that the pictures and colors of the product match.

- Compare the prices and choose the supplier with the best price and quality.

- Import the product to your store or dropship it.

4. Use Sales Analytics Tools:

- Use eBay's sales analytics tool to see how much revenue a category makes.

- Check the number of items sold and the success rate.

- Look for sellers with a high success rate and sales consistency.

- Check their selling history to find winning products.

- Use the information to improve your store and rank higher in search results.

By following these steps, you can find winning products for your eBay dropshipping business in 2020. Remember to focus on finding high-quality suppliers with good prices and consistency in sales. Use sales analytics tools to improve your store and rank higher in search results. Don't forget to adjust your pricing strategy based on customer demand and feedback. With the right approach, you can achieve success in your eBay dropshipping business.

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