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Published on: January 27 2023 by pipiads

My Etsy Marketing Strategy | How I made $75000 on Etsy selling digital products

with the help of my etsy marketing strategy, i was able to generate 72 000 euro revenue last year, and today i am going to share my etsy marketing strategy with you. maybe you recently started an etsy digital product business, or you have one for a while, but you want to take it to the next level and you don't know what to do about your marketing strategy. i will tok about mine so that you can find some inspiration in it and feel free to use the same tips and tricks that i use in my strategies so that your shop can be successful as well. if we haven't met yet, hi. my name is emma shep from everything digital, and here on this channel i tok about digital products, making money online and business finance. if you would also like to see some behind the scenes secrets, follow me on instagram. and if you are short on digital product ideas, i created a checklist with 64 digital product ideas. you can find the link to that in the description box down below and, without any further ado, let's get into my etsy marketing strategy. when it comes to my marketing strategy, it has two main components. in the first category, we have the things i do to promote my shop within etsy, and in the second part i will tok about all of the things that i do to promote my shop on the internet. so that is not related to etsy. some of these are involuntary and some of them are chosen by me. the best way to show you this is to take you to my computer screen and i will show you the back end of my etsy shop so that you can see what is going on over there. we are looking at the back end of my editable template shop. this one has the higher sales volume and also the higher visitor volume. the first element in my etsy marketing strategy that i want to tok about are etsy on-site ads. let's go to the marketing tab right here and go to etsy ads. as you can see, i run ads in my shop and at the moment we are in the middle of an experiment. until now i only spent 10 a day on advertising and i increased it to 20 to see if it would have a major impact on my shop or not, not to ruin the future video that i will make about this. but it looks like it's working. but i want to run this at least the 10 days. so keep an eye for that video where i show you the results of this experiment. as you can see, at the moment i advertised 333 listings and i spend 20 us dollars a day- usually 10, but we will see if we will lower it to 10 dollars again. i started running etsy ads quite a few years ago. i started with like one dollar a day, then increased it to two, then after a few months i increased it to five and after a few months i ended up at 10 us dollars a day. that was my magic spot. i tried to increase it to 12 or 15 at one point, but it wasn't uh rentable for me, so i lowered it back to 10 and that's how it has been for the last uh two years, i believe. i was hesitant at the beginning to spend money on etsy ads, but after trying it, i was convinced that it's bringing results into my shop. these results are not guaranteed for every niche and for every type of digital product, but in my case, with the editable template, it paid off and it generates a good traffic and, as you can see, i had 33 700 impressions or ad views and out of these people, 1084 clicked on one of my ads. i had 72 orders in the last 30 days and 820 dollars revenue from these ads, and i had to spend 361 dollars to get this revenue. if you saw my april income report, you know that the revenue that i had from my digital product business fell by 2000 euros- about 2050 us dollars. i was not happy about it and i showed you there how ads looked in the month of march and compared to april, they didn't perform as well. so, yes, there are better months and there are some worse months. let's move on to the next element that i use in my etsy marketing strategy, and that would be sales and coupon codes. here in the back end, let's go to the marketing tab and go to sales and discounts, and here you have two options. you can either run a sale or you can create a promo code. i usually run a sale. i have my promo code set from three years ago. i have a basic 10 percent discount. i have a 25 discount as well, but i give that in very rare cases. it has to be a very large order when i give that code to someone. i also activated emails sent to people who abandoned one of my products in their carts. this email sends them automatikally a coupon code for 10 discount and if they choose to purchase, then they can apply the discount to their order. i also have another email option activated, which is the thank you email. here i offer them another 10 discount on their next order. so these systems kind of support each other- with not as many results, i would say, as i want to. as you can see, i started doing the abandoned cart email promotion back in 2018- i think that was when they rolled it out- and since then they sent 7500 emails. out of these, 177 were used and i had 1 500 us dollars in revenue in four years. that is not very good in my opinion, but it is there and i'm glad that these sales came in. as you can see, my 10 welcome back coupon is active for four years now. they are there and they're doing their job when there is a promotion. i don't have any sales scheduled at the moment. i will probably do one in the middle of the summer, around fourth of july, when all of the other shops are doing theirs, but for the moment i don't have any sales. the next strategy that i use is cross promotion on images and in the descriptions. if i have a digital product that i created variations of in different colors. i will create a separate image on which i will put all of the color options so that people know that i have more than one option available and if it fits their theme or their taste they can select the colors accordingly. i also create short links. i don't use the big ones, i use a program called bitly to shorten my links and i put those in the description. i would write it like other colors or other sizes available and after that i enlist them and i put the short link after each and every option that they can choose. the next element in my etsy marketing strategy is the etsy plus subscription. if you don't have this, your shop will work just the same. but in case someone comes and visits my shop, the first thing they see is my featured section and here i can include listings or categories. as you can see, i have here in my printable planner shop this featured section. i have my two editable distinct mockup templates and i have a few of my printable planners listed down here. if you wouldn't have the etsy plus subscription, your shop just would unleash all of your designs that you have in your shop. another good strategy would be to put your promo codes here on your banner somewhere, and if people come into your shop and see your banner and you write by five and the get a 20 discount use code and let's say the code is uh, 10 off or something like that. but you can get creative with your shop banner too and put your promo codes for discounts if you would like to do that. now we arrived to the second part of my etsy marketing strategy. this would be the things that i do to promote my etsy shop outside of etsy. some of these are out of my control, like etsy off-site ads. let's go to the finances section and i can show you what i spend on etsy off-site ads, because i was automatikally enrolled in etsy off-site ads because i hit a certain threshold with my sales and so people don't have an option to opt out of these off-site ads. let's select the past three months. in the printable planner shop, in the past three months i spent seven euros on etsy off-site ads in the editable template shop. this amount is about 70 euros each month. regarding etsy off-site ads, i just pulled up from the at sellers handbook the etsy offsite ads section and here you can see that etsy advertises in our name on google, facebook, instagram, pinterest, bing, etsy publishing partner sites- i don't know which are these- and google display network for offsite ads. you only pay when a client buys something you don't pay for clicks you.

Drop Shipping on Etsy - Print on Demand and Accessories - Class 1

Drop Shipping on Etsy.


How to Use Reddit to Make Money From Home | Up to 25k Per Month using Reddit

up to $25,000 per month using reddit. what's going on, guys? inside of this video, I'm gonna show you how to use reddit to make money from home, make money online, without having a website or any special software. now let's get straight into it. if you're watching this video, you probably already knows what ready is and how it works, right. but if you don't, let's just quickly go over it. basically, reddit is a huge online community. it's a huge community that basically toks about everything politiks forwards. what's going on in the media now, inside of this huge community- excuse me, inside of this huge community- we have sub communities called sub reddits. so, as you can see right here, this subreddit right here is about NBA. if i scroll down some more, this one's about pigs and this one's about road news right here, and science right. so these are sub communities inside of the big community ready overall that people can join and start to follow. so if I go ahead and click on one of these sub credits right here, so if I click on this, pick ones right here, as you can see, the community inside of here does the community details. they have over 22 million photographers and 39k are online right now. now you can go ahead and join the community. you can create a post inside of the community. basically, any member of the community can come on here, create a post and add it to the feed. now, inside of the community, there's a ton of rules, as you can see over here, that the community has to follow and obey. now how are we gonna use this to start making some money? well, the first thing we want to do is start finding all the hottest communities are the hottest subreddit to go ahead and do that. just go over to google and type in sub reddits, the top sub reddits, and it's gonna be the first link that pops up ready. let's click on that and inside of here, you can see the top sub reddits by recent activity, by subscribers or by growth in the last 24 hours. so it's literally showing you all the top sub reddits inside of here that are doing hot right now. so if we go back to that, we can go ahead and choose some of these right here. so we'll just choose jokes. jokes is a good one, and which is one more? what shoes we can? memes- memes are always good right now. as you can see, this is the sorbetto of memes. here's the community details of it. and here the post going on. guys, now, every single post is doing pretty hard right now, as you can see, this one has a hundred and eighty-six comments on it. this is a promotional one, I think. so yeah, it doesn't have anything. and this one over here- eighty comments on it, one hundred and five comments, and this one four hundred and thirty comments. and if we go ahead and click on that, one of these are post right here. we can see what are the hottest comments right now. what are the hottest comments that are usually funny or entertaining to the post right. a lot of times I'm sure, like you, you've done it yourself- people see a video or people see a post on Facebook and they wanted to start looking at the comments right away. you know, a lot of times that's the most entertaining part about the post or the video that they're watching. so a lot of people check the comments out, see what's funny, see what people are saying now, what you can start doing to start making some money with this, start turning this into videos. so if we hop over to this channel over here, this channel is called reddit jar and, as you can see, other doing is taking these posts and these comments and making them into videos and getting thousands of views on them. now, if I go ahead and click on one of these videos, let's give it a try, let's see. we'll click on that one right there now. I didn't pop up, but this channel is actually monetized, meaning that they pass ads on this channel. so this channel is getting thousands of views and just posting ads on the videos, just like any other video on YouTube. I'm sure you've seen ads on videos before. that's exactly what this channel is doing now. I didn't pop up right now, but this channel is running nets. if you go ahead and go check it out and, as you can see, if we go back to their videos, all they're doing is literally getting post from reddit and the comments and turning it into videos, turning more people answered into videos, turning the post and the replies into video. so I'll try to click one more, see if the ad pops up and it didn't again. but as you can see, guys, that's literally what's going on here. other doing is making these videos of what people commented and posted on reddit, as you can see right here, and making money from it on YouTube. as you can see, this is an ad right here. so if somebody clicks on this ad right here, they just made some money for it. now, this channel right here doesn't actually own any of those posts, obviously, don't own any of those comments, obviously, but they're still using it and leveraging them to make some money. if we go ahead and scroll down into the scription of them, as you can see right here, if you pay for, part of the video is yours and you don't want it there, email me and the video will be taken down. so, as you can see, they don't actually own any of these videos. they don't actually, you know, own any of the comments or any of that stuff. they're just leveraging the tools that they have- guys making videos about it, because they know reddit is a hot website, weathers a hot community. there's a ton of people on here and, if you know, if they see you read it somewhere else, like on YouTube, it's likely that they'll go ahead and click on it if they're already a big fan already itself. and so that's something you can start doing to start making money off video. because if we go over to social blade over here and hey guys, real, real quick, if you're enjoying the video so far, then go down and hit that subscribe button. god, you guys can see I post up daily videos showing you how to make some extra money online. so if you guys want to learn how to make some more money from your computer, from home, then hit the subscribe button down below, cuz I post up daily videos, guys. so definitely subscribe down below, show some support guys and, hey, real quick guys, if you guys want, overall, the best way to start making some money online, the best way to make some full-time income online and start building some passive income, that's exactly what I'm doing- and just click that first link inside of my description and I'll send over to you my number one recommended online income stream. so subscribe down below and check that first link out in my description to see the best way to start making some money online. check that video out right there. now back to social blade guys. as you guys can see right here, red a jar, this channel right here is making an estimated monthly earnings of 1,600 up to 25,000 dollars per month. now, these are estimated, but you know they're really not too far off, especially with with the whole ad thing is coming on again. when I clicked on that ad right now that you've seen, clicked on this head right here. they just made some money for that right there, just from me clicking on that. and again, guys, this channel right here is not using any special you know software or any special tools or nothing like that. look, it's a basic comment, basic replies. here's another ad again. so, again, if I click on that one more time, they make some more money. now let me show you, guys, how to really up your game. if we go over to this channel right here- this channel is called cow belly studios- and again, basically doing the exact same thing. guys, all it's doing is taking- let's see if I come over here, all it's doing is taking memes from reddit and turning it into videos. like, because they already know that these post right here are hot, all these posts are hot, people are clicking on them, people are sharing them, they're commenting. so it's an easy way to really start making some money, guys. so if we go back to our cow belly and check this video out right here, guys, look, all they're really doing is turning those memes into videos and this video already.

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Reddit Ads Tutorial | How to Create Reddit Ads for Dropshipping (Step by Step)

reddit ads tutorial: how to create reddit ads for drop shipping, step by step. hi there you guys, welcome to another video, and in this video i'll be toking about how you can create ads on reddit and, of course, how you can create, uh, reddit ads for drop shipping. i think those two are different topics- um, how you create reddit ads in the other ways to how to how to promote your drop shipping business. well, there are- i've divided this video into two, so those are ways for you to market or to do online marketing when you are in the drop shipping business. well, if you want to start doing the advertising, like, when you want to pay for it, uh, with payment force, just go to redditcom, reddit, redditnccom advertising, and you'll be able to land on this webpage right here. if you want to start advertising on reddit, just click this button right over here and basically you'll have to pay for, like, um, uh, this one. if you'll have to pay for the brand awareness and reach traffic conversions, video views, app installs- depends on what your objective is, but basically, when you are trying to generate sales on reddit for your drop shipping, all you'll have to do is to, like, create valuable contents and then infiltrate a certain a niche or, yeah, something that your product is deeply connected with. well, honestly speaking, you guys, if you are advertising for a business, for a drop shipping business that has products that are easily available out there, i'm i don't think that reddit is for you. but if you're trying to advertise products that are unique and that cannot be seen elsewhere, if that is the kind of drop shipping that you do, and if you have valuable products that you know appeal to a lot of, um, educated people, like because you know, you guys, already users- 50 of reddit users shows that they are, they are degree holders and, chances are, all the people who uses reddit are aware of gimmicks and stuff like that. so, if you are advertising something that's not really unique or that can easily be bought, like on a store or something, your edit is not going to work for you, you guys. so, yes, one way for you to advertise your drop shipping um business is, of course, create reddit contents and, uh, try to create uh contents that appeal to a certain niche and then try to integrate the product that you're selling in that certain post or in that certain submission and do not sound promotional, you guys. that's important when you are trying to advertise your business on reddit. it's a short-term, organic marketing tool, you guys, that also supports long-term strategies, and using reddit as a promotional tool can help businesses have a steady flow of organic traffic. organic traffic means that, no, you know that that traffic isn't paid. it means that people come into your post naturally. so, uh, one way to do that is, of course, to create a valuable content that appeals to your audience, and the content you post must not sound promotional. one more time, yes, i have to reiterate on that that it shouldn't sound promotional. since the basic purpose of this platform is to provide value to the members, you have to ensure- uh, yeah, you have to ensure- that your content is value laden and full of valuable facts and information, you guys. so that is one way for you to advertise your drop shipping business here on reddit. of course, you should have to be a member first and gain other users trust by submitting valuable contents, and from then on, you can start to promote your drop shipping business after trying to gain trust from a lot of users. now, another way is to use paid promotions. you can do this the smarter way, you guys. so once you click on advertising reddit, you'll be able to land on this page where you can, uh, set up your new campaign, but before you can do that, you'll have to set up your account first. if you haven't created an account here on redditinccom advertising, you just have to set up a few stuff like your company name, your email address, your business number, all the other things that you should, um, let reddit know about your business and how to reach you. now, if you want to expand your business on reddit using paid promotions and ads, you can do that by creating a promoted post right here, and that post will be pinned at the top of the subreddit's front page so that all members can see it without the hassle. now, yes, for this you have to click on the advertisement tab or advert advertise on reddit tab, and that is it's li. it's usually listed on the right hand column of the page, so it can be right here, you guys, and just ensure that you scroll down a bit for you to see it, though, yeah, and from there, from here, you can initiate your promotional campaign. simply give your campaign a title. now, um, what about? let's say um, okay, what about? yeah, a product, no, no, let me say brand awareness, yeah, but um 25 min. let's say i'm selling books or guides about nft- nft- simple guide. now, let me, there it goes. nft- simple guide- how to deal with nfts. let's say i'm selling like a book, or a guide, for that matter. okay, um, [Music]. once you've given your campaign a name, the next step is to choose the subreddits based on your areas of interest or before that, yep, okay, choose your location, your target location, and get started as well, you guys, but first let's try to uh head on the objective. oh and for, by the way, uh, it is essential to understand, you guys, that drop shipping businesses that use reddit paid advertisements will not have to pay for, um, the number of clicks that they get on their posts. instead, you have to pay for impressions right here. so, video views, or where's that impression cost per view, this one, brand awareness and reach. once you click this, uh, you'll have to pay for cost per thousand impressions. so now let's go ahead and click that. next is to choose to, of course, choose your funding instrument. you're gonna pay for with credit card- there is no other options that i see here, only for credit card. and next is: add the details of your ad right here, you can put in ad group name. you can add in audience, audience type, reddit audience or pixel retargeting and can expand audience automatikally by taking some of these stuff right here. uh, it depends on what your product is related with- and communities- search for communities as well- that you can enter your advertising or your advertisement and your locations and, of course, device type you can exclude as well. you can exclude locations and you can exclude device type as well. and, of course, the most important part of creating an ad is choose the best time to post, you guys. so, just like other social media channels- this is facebook, twitter and linkedin- reddit also has the best time to post content, or be it ads or a subreddit or something. just try to look at the- yeah, look at researchers surveys on what time of day or what day of the week do you usually do? people usually use reddit. that way, you can generate a lot more traffic on your post. so, yes, that's it, you guys. that's how you create an ad on reddit and how you can promote your drop shipping, drop shipping business on reddit. let me know what you think down in the comments below and feel free to comment if i missed anything out. so that's it for this video. see you again in the next video. peace out.

How ONE Digital Product Made Me $700+/day

i don't mean to be a critik, but i'm skeptikal. i do not understand why anyone would buy a pdf checklist or even a simple template. it may just be me, but i would like to see a real world example, not what could be done, but what has been done, an actual product that was sold and for how much it was sold. [Music]. hey howdy, hey y'all, what is up? welcome back to my channel if you're new here. what is up? my name is jessica stansberry and i am pumped that you are here. so recently here on this channel, i've toked a lot about digital products and i've really been excited to share with you the possibilities that are out there with things like digital products. and listen, i totally understand any kind of skeptikism when somebody says they can make ten thousand dollars a month or a thousand dollars a day or a hundred dollars a day doing something that is not something you've ever done before. i was watching a video the other day and the person was toking about how one of the most popular nfts in the world is this nft called the board ape yacht club and i was so confused and even when i looked into it i was like there is no world where people are going to be paying thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars for a digital membership to a yacht club. i was so confused as to why somebody would want a digital monkey and like what that even means, and i'm still confused. to be honest, i i really need somebody to come on this channel and explain in like elementary terms nfts and blockchain and all the things to me. but that video was actually a video about how to make money in web 3.0, in this new world of blockchain and nfts, and because it is not something i'm super well versed in or have done before, i watched the whole thing and i was like this doesn't even make sense. i don't even understand. so when i'm toking about digital products and selling digital products and making a hundred dollars a day or a thousand dollars a day or whatever, i can totally understand if you have not done this before- that it seems unrealistik or like something you can't do or like something that only certain people can do. so, based off a suggestion from that comment and from george who left that comment- and, by the way, that comment was not rude at all, he was very much so just curious about who would pay for this- i wanted to take you inside of one of my most successful digital products and show you literal numbers behind the scenes, but you need to know a few things first. 99 of the sales of this digital product came from videos here on youtube that were going viral about this thing. okay, and, to be honest, i never really pushed the purchase of this thing on my audience at all. it was more just new people who were discovering this video and coming through and purchasing. all right, and because this thing, this digital product, really wasn't aligned with the mission of my business and where the business is as a whole, i didn't continue selling it, i didn't continue pushing it and we've actually since, like completely gotten rid of it because it doesn't align with my goals. so the numbers you're going to see are going to be from three different places. in one month, in january of 2020, which was right after i released this product into the world and right when my videos were going viral about it. okay, and i sold this partikular digital product on my website in a bundle, so i was able to increase the cost of each sale as well as possibly upgrade them to other things. i sold this in my online store, which is just on my website where i sold one off versions of this thing, and i also sold it on etsy. now, i did not even remotely even promote etsy, like that was not something i was worried about at all, and the video itself sent people to my website, but i did have a banner on the website that was like: hey, if you want a bundle of these things- and you know you want a bunch of other things included- head over here, and that's where i sold the bulk of the items. okay, before we go back in time and look at this digital product, that did really well for me- and i can truly prove to you, i made 800 or more from this digital product every single day for several months- right, but before we do that, you need to know that i've also had other products that have done just as well, other digital products that have done really well too. the reason i'm not using those as an example is because this one skyrocketed- and i have a really good month to look at this. also because this was not something i actively promoted and it, more so, came from a viral youtube video, whereas other digital products that i've had in the past came from massive promotion, maybe even running facebook ads or whatever, and this one's a bit more like clean and something we can look at without any external things playing into it. okay, all right, so go back with me to january of 2020 and we're going to look at a product that i actually released almost an entire year before, and that was a digital planner, and by digital planner i mean a planner that lives in your ipad or tablet, that kind of replicates or looks like a physical planner, and i had released my first one of these and done my first video about this a year before january of 2020.. so i had actually done this in january of 2019 or december of 2018.. and those videos had done well and i had definitely sold some digital planners up until that point, but in january of 2020, i revamped the entire digital product. like i said, i sold it in three different places and i redid all of the videos and, you know, made sure that i was releasing videos at a time when people care about planners, which is the beginning of the year, and this was, in its most true form, a digital product. it was an interactive pdf that people downloaded and put into goodnotes or some kind of note-taking app on their ipad or tablet, and what they could do is, on etsy or my website, they could purchase just the planner. so if they wanted, like a 2020 digital planner in this certain color scheme or with this certain cover photo or with these certain insides, they could purchase that. these were around 17 a piece and they could just purchase this one thing, download it and use it. okay, that was on etsy and my own website, but, being the digital marketer that i am, i was like: okay, so how can i increase the cu the cart value? how can i increase the money that people spend with me and increase the dollar amount that they need to pay to get access to this thing? what i did was, in addition to being able to buy them on etsy and my own website, i also released something i called the digital planning starter pack. the digital planning starter pack was essentially a dated planner and an undated planner of the same design, but a design that you could not get on either etsy or my own site. it had stikers that went with it and multiple inserts or worksheets, which are very common in the digital planner world, and because these one-off products on etsy or my own website were 17, this one, we increased the price of to 27 because they were getting two planners. they were getting trainings on how to do things that i wasn't giving away with the other planners, and worksheets and inserts okay. so they were getting a ton more value for 10 more bucks. and that is what i promoted. on all of these new videos and even in the shop page of my own website there was a banner at the top that was like: you want more bang for your buck, buy these things. so that kind of sets the scene of what was going on with this digital product. right, we had standalone planners and etsy and my own site and then we had a sales funnel that was essentially built up with a bigger package that cost more money, that people could get more value, but it was the same thing. it was the same product. essentially they were all digital products and in that funnel they could also upgrade throughout the funnel for other things, so other trainings, a workshop, whatever. but i will say that those upgrades did not convert well at all. most people just wanted the digital planning starter pack like

I Tried Drop Servicing With No Money For 1 Week (REAL RESULTS)

i tried drop servicing for one week and here's what happened. what's drop servicing and how is it different from drop shipping? drop servicing is building a website where you're going to sell a service and then outsourcing that service using freelance websites like fiverrcom. so in this video, i'm going to show you how i sewed a service where i made people's youtube intros, and i did this because when someone purchased on my website, i then paid someone on fiverr to actually create that intro. that's a great idea. starting the drop service in business is like being cupid: you just put two people together. i'm also going to show you how much i made doing this. being a youtuber is one of the most highly desired jobs these days because of how much you can make from it if you're just consistent and how remote is. so i know there's a market for it. so, first thing, first i went ahead and found someone who's going to do all the work, all right, so we're just gonna go on fiverrcom and then we're literally gonna search youtube intro. okay, now what it's gonna do is it's literally going to show you who's out here pushing pete. it's going to show you who's out here actually getting a lot of sales. you can see, this person has over 1 000 reviews. i will produce custom intro and outros or logos for your youtube animation. 50- that's a little bit too expensive for me. i want to find something that's a little cheaper but still has at least 4.9 star. you know reviews and has a bit of review. so that way i can you know they're a trustworthy person and they actually do a good job, before i then go ahead and sell the service to people who are, you know, interested in getting a youtube intro done. okay, so, as you can see here, this person has 4.9 stars and 305 reviews and it starts at 10. okay, that's good. this person has 4.9 stars, 42 reviews and starts at five dollars. okay now, this person has 4.9 stars, but 235 reviews, starting at five dollars. this is better than this one up here with just 42 reviews. so what we're gonna do is click on here and then see what they got to offer. so it takes about three day delivery. if you want the premium packages, thirty dollars. so they have three different packages, usually on fiverr. okay. now, the reason why i chose this is because when we make our product page, we're also gonna have different packages and we're gonna literally list everything here that they have going on for the five dollar package. list everything here for the you know twenty dollar package and list everything here for a premium package. okay, we're gonna put all that on our website as well. after i found someone, the next thing i did was then build a website or landing page using shopify. if you're interested in shopify dropshipping and how to make money online, check out my course. it comes with a pre-built shopify website and i'll send you winning products every single week, all for just 39, one time. payment link in the description box or pin comment down below. once your landing page or website is done, the next thing to do is create your ad. since i'm selling a service where i create people's youtube intros, it was only smart for me to use a video ad. now there are plenty of ways to advertise your drop service and product, both organically and with paid ads. i own a youtube channel where i post youtube tips, and it's a faceless channel where i pretty much just pay someone on fiverr to create these videos for me with voiceover. they also write the script and literally do everything. i just pay them and upload the videos. now i've been doing this for a little over a year managed to gain over 50 000 subscribers. so i chose this product on purpose, knowing that it will serve my current audience. if you want me to make a video where i show you how to start a faceless youtube channel in a profitable niche, leave a comment down below. it's one of the easiest ways to make money online. so after i got that done, i didn't send it to my fiverr guy, who creates my faceless youtube channel videos, and i hadn't put it somewhere within the first three minutes. now i'm not gonna show you my channel because it's still in the growing face and i don't want you guys copying my niche and everything right now. maybe when i hit like 500k subs and i've established a real loyal fan base on that channel, then i can openly tok about it. okay, so i posted the video on my drop service and product in it on my other channel and then, mom, you guys have all been waiting for how much did i make and why did my accent all of a sudden turn english? now let me start off by saying this: if you want to start drop servicing with no money and get sales organically, please do understand that you have to spend months, if not over a year building a social media presence, whether it's on youtube, like i've done, or tiktok, instagram, facebook, whatever it is. you have to spend time growing that before you then start selling products. okay, so on the first day of the video been up, here's how much we made. and i know what you're thinking like: oh my god, zero dollars and all that. but honestly, i mean it's quite expected, because in the first, you know 24 hours of your video being uploaded. it doesn't like really get too much juice, especially when your channel is not, like you know, hundreds of thousands of subscribers and everything. but no excuse, let's keep going. i did make money, okay. on the following day, we did 78, as you can see right here. so it's already getting better. 106 people came on the website. that's not bad at all with free traffic of that channel size, okay. on the third day, on the 20th, we did 78 as well, about the same amount of, you know, online visits as the day prior, and you know that's quite normal. the video is still, you know, going at the same pace, getting about the same views daily. and then on the 21st, let's see what we do here. we did 233 on the 21st. now that's insane, literally just sitting down and posting one video of a service that you're not gonna have to spend any time actually doing. you just take the customer's information and give it to those other people. you understand what i'm saying. this is not bad at all. on the fifth day, on the 22nd, we did zero dollars. now, okay, stuff like this happens all the time, especially when you're running free traffic. even sometimes in the beginning of running paid ads, stuff like this happens all the time. on the sixth day it did 145. so for the last seven days we did 534 dollars in sales with free organic traffic by disconnecting people that need something to people that actually make that thing. should i do this with paid ads? because i feel like if i got these type of results with organic traffic, i feel like i can blow up with paid ads. let me know in the comments down below: get same-day shipping for your dropshipping business. watch this video to see how you can get same-day, one-day shipping for your drop-down business. now click it. see you next video. peace [Music].