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Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

The Truth About Dropshipping In 2022..

it's a new year and i don't want to hear none of that new year new me stuff. if you want to see some results this year, you got to put the work in and do things properly. there's more opportunity than ever to get started, but right now you have to do things differently to get the most out of it. so today i'll share with you everything you need to know to succeed with the dropshipping store this year, and i'll be bringing on a friend of mine who has made over 70 000 in one day using a brand new strategy to get his advice on the new year. but first let's tok about the biggest change of the year. dropshipping has been hot for a while now. it's nothing new- i mean, your grandma probably knows about it- which means there are tons of new people getting started every single day, and this isn't really a bad thing. but it means if you want to run a business like this, you've got to be on point. long gone are the days of testing hundreds of products and hoping to hit it big like the lottery. nowadays, the only way to win is by focusing on becoming the best marketer and finding a high quality product that people actually want to use. let's break this down. becoming a good marketer in this game requires four main skills: copywriting, video editing, website design and running ads. everybody that crushes it with dropshipping has each of these skills and is continuously improving them, and most of the time, beginners will try to outsource each step of the process, and this is going to hold you back so much. everybody that i know that's successful with dropshipping has each of these four skills, and the beginners that focus on learning and improving these first typically see much faster results. when i was first starting, i didn't necessarily focus on this. i had some of these skills from the past, but i didn't focus on sharpening them and, as a result, i was randomly testing products, wasting thousands of dollars on ads, and it made it extremely difficult for me to feel like i was making progress when i first started. feeling like i was progressing is when i started putting the work in to learn these skills, especially video editing and copywriting. these are the skills that allowed me to sell my product and really create value in the eyes of the customer, and i see a ton of people that try to outsource all this stuff when they start their business, but i promise you, this is going to hold you back so much because you don't even know what looks good and you're never gonna learn those skills for yourself. so how can you learn them? my favorite method so far has been to find a good example of a store or an ad that is performing well and try your best to replicate it. instead of coming up with an entirely new website template or ad template from scratch, you can just study what's already working and use that to your advantage, but just don't blatantly copy and paste their entire ad word for word. this is going to teach you nothing. look at what they're doing and try to make it your own. rearrange the footage, get new footage, find new angles and selling points about the product. i'm telling you this is the fastest way for you to learn how to market and sell products online, and you can always use youtube for extra help. there are tons of tutorials on how to build stores- i've made them- and videos on how to edit videos on all different types of apps. there's no excuse for you not to go out and learn these skills. when it comes to learning to run the ads, you don't need a complicated strategy at all. the most important thing to focus on is the product and the advertisement itself. if these areas are optimized, then running ads won't be that difficult at all, and, again, you can use youtube to learn the basics on any ad platform you want. when it comes to finding products, i pretty much approach it in the exact same way. the only products i like to sell are ones that are already selling and have lots of good feedback and positive reviews. the golden opportunity is to find these products that are already doing well, that have areas for you to improve, and that is where learning those skills comes into play, because you can use your skill set to improve where somebody else is lacking. let me show you an example. so here we have two stores selling the exact same product. one of them is wildly successful with over 18 million views, and the other one has a thousand views. if you'll notike, they launched these around the same exact time, this one on december 30th and this one on september 24th. so why did this ad completely flop while this ad popped off and did extremely well? if we just play the first couple seconds of these ads, you'll see exactly why this happened. as you can see, this ad starts out. it's really boring. there's not that much going on, the text is kind of ugly, whereas this ad, right when it opens up, you can see a quick benefit: discover stronger hands- in minutes you can see the glove up close, the ads- very high quality, it's easy to read or while sleeping, to wake up fresh. it sells the product much better. because this store focused on their skill set of creating ads, copywriting and selling this product. they were able to compete with everybody and, it looks like, become the top sellers of this product. if we go to their website, you can see that years later they are still selling the same exact, simple product, because they focused on creating an amazing website, creating a high quality product, and they have a ton of great video ad content as well, and this is the main thing that i focus on. it is the sole reason why i've been able to sell almost two million dollars worth of products on my brand is because i focus on improving my skills and providing the best experience across the board. once my product started to grow consistently, i improved the product quality, the shipping time, i took a bunch of custom photos and kept making more and more ads content, and now i've had this product running for almost two years and in the process, i feel like i've built a real asset. so for the highest chance of success this year, you have to focus on developing your skills. there is no other way around this and i know if you focus on this, you will make money. but that's not the only thing you should focus on in 2022. there is a golden opportunity that is slept on by so many people: tiktok. tiktok has exploded for e-commerce and there are new products going viral every single day. as a matter of fact, one of my friends- his name is leo- scaled his store past 70 thousand dollars a day with just tiktok ads. so let's give leo a call and see how he did it. so, jordan, how you doing, doing good man. the first thing i'm trying to understand, bro, is like: what is the key? what do you feel like is the key to succeeding with tiktok ads? i think the biggest key for me is definitely thinking like the algorithm. so let's look at tiktok. where is it at? why is it there? it's video optimization. so the creative is the number one key aspect within 100. what does that look like for you? a viral tiktok creative? go on your 4u page, take 10 scrolls and look at a sound that would fit the audience that you're trying to get, like, use the trending sound and that trend overall for your product. exactly okay, got you. what do you think is a successful tiktok product? like you, can have success with any product, but relative to my own, really, all it is is a product that you know anyone from 18 years old or 55 plus can have absolute value in it. so most products will work on tiktok, but you prefer to go for the most broad products that could apply to pretty much anybody, right? so one of the biggest reasons why i found you is because i saw a youtube video of yours where you scaled over seventy thousand dollars in a single day. how'd you do that? yeah, so i had a partner on the store and you know, on my channel i have a lot of strategies that i implement with tiktok. everything i preach is relative to my own success. feel free to check out my boy leo's channel down below. he posts really valuable videos about tiktok. appreciate it, jordan. have a good re.

I PAID EXPERTS On FIVERR To Run My WHOLE Shopify Dropshipping Business

so in today's shopify dropshipping video challenge experiment, i'm gonna be going to a website called fiverrcom to see if i can fully automate one of my brand new shopify dropshipping websites in 2022. to see if i can make a great profit by just sitting back, relaxing and hiring different freelancers. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille sutton as the ecom king, and in today's video, i'm gonna be going to fiverrcom, which is where you hire loads of different freelancers that are expertise in their different industries, to see if i can fully automate all the processes needed in a brand new shopify drop shipping website. that ranges from product research, building a shopify store, making some video ads for my product and running facebook ads by a facebook expert. to see if i can sit back, relax and watch these different freelancers run my dropshipping store. to see if i can make a great profit. so in today's video experiment, i'm gonna be doing a massive giveaway by giving one of you lucky viewers the chance to win this whole drop shipping business that i got made from fiverr and that's gonna contain the cheat sheet of winning products that i got sent. it's going to contain the shopify store that was made. it's also going to contain all the video ads that i got made, and it's also going to contain the ad account and the pixel that i got used to actually run the ads for this store. now this giveaway is worth between 2500 and three thousand dollars, and all you have to do to enter the giveaway is we need to hit 5 000 likes on this video, you need to subscribe to the channel and leave a comment on why you want to want to win this shopify store, and once we've hit 5 000 likes, i'll be picking one lucky winner from the comment section by replying to your comment asking you to prove your instagram account by dming me, and once we've done that, i'll transfer all the assets over to you. so, before we get into the juicy part of this video, i want to go over two quick things. number one: massive thank you to fiverr for sponsoring this video, because they did pay for all of the five gigs that i used in today's video. the one thing i do want to make sure that you guys know is the money that i spent on the facebook ads did come out of my own pocket. so the second thing i want to go over is a quick disclaimer: all of the gigs i've used on fiverr. in today's video experiment, i'm gonna be giving you guys my honest, constructive feedback on each and one of them. so if i say anything, please don't let it offend you. this is just my honest feedback. i'd also appreciate it if everybody that's watching this video shows some respect towards the people that did the gigs for me, and i'd hope that you guys don't send any hate towards these people, because that's not what we're about on this channel. we're all about love and respect. so this is how day one of the shopify dropshipping fiverr challenge would have looked like, and for the last 21 days roughly, i have been doing this challenge in real life, and what i'm gonna be doing with you guys now is i'm gonna be showing you exactly what i was doing on each day of the challenge for the last 21 days. so what i did on day one of this challenge is i went to try and find a fiver freelancer that can find me winning drop shipping products, and this is probably the most important part of the process, because if you don't have a good product, then you're probably not gonna sell anything. so, as you guys can see on my computer screen, i'm on five and you can see, i've searched for drop shipping winning products and i did filter the search down by seller details and i made the seller details with top rated seller, level two seller and the actual language, english. now what does this mean? on fiverr, as a freelancer seller, you can range from level one, level two and top rated, and this is based on your reviews and your feedback on what fiverr thinks of your gig. so i only wanted to go for the premium option and actually, to be honest with you, i actually went for the option that fiverr recommended and there's something called fiverr choice and this is the one that fiverr would recommend that you choose and throughout this whole challenge, i went for the fiverr choice. when filtering down by those options. there's loads of different gigs offering to find you winning products. so take a look at this one. i will find you a winning product for your drop shipping or amazon business. they've got 4.9 star reviews and it's based on a thousand people and the gig starting at around about 40 dollars. so if we take a look at the description of this gig, you can see they're saying you're winning product. i will provide a niche product with a high demand on low competition for your amazon or shopify drop shipping business. you might be asking: how can you be sure that he can provide a winning product that can do more than ten thousand dollars a month? reasons: i do my research based on numbers, of statistiks. none of my results. decisions are made by emotion and gut feelings. i do detailed analysis with results that will be well thought out through. my research includes a detailed depth of report- about 20 pages: product choice based on analysis, competitor analysis, industry analysis, determination on market volume, trend forecast, potential revenue, list of substantial supplies and 50 high relevant keywords. now that is some substantial information that they're saying. so you're paying for them to do all of this work. so, to be honest with you, that does sound quite impressive. now, if we look to the right hand side, there's three different packages: basic, standard and premium. so the basic one offers you a product to success, one product worth five thousand dollars a month, and this is all based on data. if you look at the standard package, you're going to be getting one product list up to ten thousand dollars a month. if we go the premium package, you're getting one product worth twenty thousand dollars on. so i'm guessing he knows that the product's making 20 000, so i reckon he's coming up with these numbers because the product is actually generating 20 000 a month in revenue. i don't know how he's working this out. so this is the official gig that i've ordered from fiverr for my product research for my drop shipping store and unfortunately, this isn't the same gig that i showed you before when i showed you the description. this is actually the fiverr choice gig, so this is the one that fiver actually recommends. now, unfortunately, this salad isn't doing this gig anymore, so i wasn't able to show you there a gig page, so i showed you something very similar. but if we take a look at the gig details, you can see i ordered it on the 30th of january and i got delivered it on the second, so it took three to four days. so you can see i went with the small startup package, which was the basic package for 35, and you can see this includes five winning products: facebook video ad competitors, competitors, drop shipping stores and the aliexpress direct supplier. so you can see, when i ordered the package, the seller messaged me saying thanks for your order, i'll get this done as soon as possible. and i put: hello, thanks, i look forward to working with you. and a few days later he did send me the google sheets link to the products. so, as you guys can see on the screen, i've got the google sheets open that he sent me and you can see he's actually given me six products. and the reason why he gave me six products is because one of the products didn't come with a facebook video ad, so he actually gave me an extra product for free, which was quite nice. so these are the different products and he sent me the aliexpress urls, the facebook video ads and the store competitors. so these are the different products that he sent me. the first one was this new four ports fast charger, and the reason why i didn't go for this product was because, look at the actual reviews, these are bad reviews. i do not go for products under 4.5 star reviews because it's too risky. and then the next product:

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I Tried The ECOM KING's Dropshipping Course and this happened

so for the past three months, i've been trying to find my first drop shipping winning product and during this time, i built over 10 different websites in so many different niches and i got a few sales here and there. i was never able to make a profit. you suck. i've watched so many different youtube tutorials and implemented so many different strategies. so far nothing has seemed to work. so i just finished watching the ecom kings nine hour drop shipping course. this is the only video that you need to be watching in 2022 if you want to start a successful shopify drop shipping business period. there's no other video out there. this is gonna be better than any paid course that gurus are selling you from a thousand dollars. so what i'm going to do right now is i'm following the ecom kings course to create branded drop shipping websites. so to find my product, i'm going to be using the strategies from the free course, which are, first, to look on tiktok and search for tiktok made me buy it- amazon finds and all that. the second method was to go to the tiktok creative center, choose conversions and then look through those ads. the third method is to use paid platforms like big stuff to speed up the process. okay. so i found my products. it took me about eight hours total. i ended up finishing it the next day and i found three products for each of the three different research methods. so i ended up going with the 720 degree forces. so right now i'm going to follow the website building portion of the course, build my website and then get back to you. so now my website is finally done. it took me about four days- i'm not going to lie- to go out. usually i take about one, two days to make my website, but i really wanted to put a lot of effort into this one. i followed the ecom kings course as closely as i could. i added some quantity breaks. they get the discounts. they buy three or they buy five. so i'm trying to increase my average order value. i added some lifestyle images. choose between two modes- that was basically a feature. so i just showed the features and the benefits and then i showed how to install it. i took the pictures from aliexpress and then i customized them to look more branded. so i'm trying to make the store look as branded as possible. that's why it took a lot longer. and then you have the before you buy and then have the faqs. here we have the money back guarantee to build trust and make the customer more willing to make a purchase on my store, and then i have the reviews. so right now i'm going to try and get three videos on tiktok to use as ads and i'm going to run five different ad sets at twenty dollars a day until and spend a total of hundred dollars in one day and then after that i'll update you only one sale. so it's been about four days since i ran the ads on the first day the whole day, nothing happened. the ads didn't spend anything. on the next day, like early in the morning, i got about 50 visitors and i got one sale. so at that point my conversion rate was about two percent. so that made me feel like i actually found a winner. so i let the ad run for the whole day and unfortunately i didn't get any more sales after that and by the time i reached 150 visitors the ads had spent about 70 dollars, and usually what i do is i let the ads run completely and not make any changes. but the course gave me some criteria to follow, which was that if ad set had spent more than half the profit i make per sale and the cost per click is above one dollar, i would need to cut that ad set. so i did that and i kept cutting and i kept cutting adsense and i realized that all the ad sets were above one percent cost per click. my cpms were crazy high and, yeah, it wasn't looking good. i went back to tiktok and tried to find different clips and then edited it together to create my own ads which i thought were more like tik-toking because i thought maybe the ads were the problem. so i created the ads and then i run them in a different campaign, hoping to see better cost per clicks. the new campaign spent about 20 more dollars and the cost per clicks were still crazy high and this time i didn't get a single sale to the site. so i feel like the problem is that tik tok is the wrong audience for this product. if they see it on their feed, they're just going to scroll over it because it's not that interesting of a product. it doesn't really have a wow factor and the problem it solves it's not really that crazy. i'm going to try and test one more product and spend another 100, but this time i'll make sure i go on tiktok and check to see how many views that product gets, to see if there's an actual demand on tiktok for that product. i feel like that will work better. [Music]- bad news. so i have ran. so i found a new product. i created a website, made my own ads, started running them and right now they've spent about twenty dollars and i haven't gotten a single ad to cut. so the product is this high frequency therapy wand which kind of shocks your face, basically, and that helps tighten it up. it also gets rid of wrinkles, fine lines and everything. just basically smooths out your face, tightens it up, makes you look nice and young and, honestly, i really thought this product was going to be it, because i'd read some books and watched a whole lot of youtube videos and i realized that what i normally don't do is think of a customer avatar, which is like: think of a specific person, what that person likes, dislikes and everything, and then build a store to target that specific person. so this time i created a store and i niched it down to target only women in their 30s above who are interested in stuff like skincare, toning your skin, tightening your skin, getting rid of fine lines and all those things. i actually tailored my websites to tok, specifically to those people, but surprisingly i've only gotten about six clicks and my cost per click is all above one dollar. everything is above one dollar. right now, i honestly don't know what to do. [Music] you.

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What the experts won’t tell you about NICHE SELECTION - SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING

sup guys Stronach spall here was reading some artikles- reluctantly, about dropshipping and some tips, some mistakes that people made. some of the generic artikles that get published bye bye, Shopify, digest or barillo, some of these ecommerce companies they'd like to put out, turn out content, and a lot of these- I'd say over half of the content that I read was complete garbage. the one that stood out to me the most today, actually just a few minutes ago, that inspired this video, was about niche and product selection. okay, and everybody at least, in the Artikles that I was reading, they keep saying that you need to pick a niche and a product that you're passionate about, and the fact is that business goes against that like 100%, just just the rule of business. right, you're not conducting business for yourself, you're doing it for a consumer. okay, I understand the mentality of thinking like: oh, if you use a pat, a niche that you're passionate about, then you'll, you'll know more about it, you'll understand the customer better. but we live in an age of literally infinite access to information. there's absolutely no reason why you can't take ten minutes out of your day to Google a product that you know nothing about and know enough about it in those 10 minutes to sell it to somebody. if you can't do that, then you're not cut out for marketing, okay, so, so don't pick a niche that you're passionate about. don't pick a product that you're passionate about. take something that people want to buy, okay. and the way that you learned that is through through testing, testing hundreds, if not thousands, of products, through the methods that I teach, and that's how you learn what people react to, what type of creatives you should be using, what type of products are able to go viral very quickly. again, it's if you're going into business to sell something that you're passionate about, I promise you you're not going to be successful. at least I'd say maybe 1% of the people that go into business for passion reasons and end up being successful in business. they might be very good at, you know, creating that product or selling that product even, but they they're not going into it for the right reasons. they're not providing a service to the consumer, and that's what it's all about is. capitalism is all about the consumer. it has nothing to do with the provider. okay, you are not. I see, time and time again, people that go into businesses like teaching martial arts. right, there's a lot of really great martial arts instructors in the world that are horrible businessmen. there's a lot of great writers, photographers, artists that are really passionate, really talented at what they do, but they're not good at business, okay. so you need- just you need- to get away from that passion mindset, really turn your focus into finding products that people are going to purchase and it has nothing to do with what you give a about. so that's it for today. that's John X Paul's subscribe. like the video? find me in the EECOM Titan's Facebook group.

Day In The Life Of A Shopify Dropshipping Expert

[Music]. okay, perfect, yeah, go ahead and i'll share your screen so i can, uh, take a look at um, exactly what's going on, so i can help you with that. hey, yo, what's going on? it's leon here. today i'm going to be showing you a day in the life of an entrepreneur: shopify, dropshipping. you're going to get to see exactly what i do on a daily basis, usually through monday, you know, to friday, um, because obviously during the week there isn't much you could really do um. so i'm just gonna be showing what a typical date looks like for me. so sit tight and enjoy. make sure you guys go ahead and slap a like on this video, like your mama. slap you subscribe if you're new here, and turn on post notifications by clicking the bell. make sure you select all so you do not miss an upload from me. all right, so first thing is: first is i wake up, i mean obviously, and then i say my praise and you don't have to do this part. i mean, if you're a demon, you're a demon. you understand what i'm saying. and then i proceed to making my bed, because i just have ocd and i like having my place clean 24- 7, except when i'm, you know, um, throwing a party or something, but look how clean that looks. i like having a clean space. and then i obviously brushed my teeth because it asked out, did i say it? i know some of y'all have me brushing your teeth, but that's tough. you gotta brush your teeth. and then, as you can see, i'm wiping down my sink because i do have ocd. and look at my place: completely clean. that's just me. now i'm not gonna lie to you. i don't sit there and go cook up some food and eat or any of that when i wake up, just because, like, i'm not gonna eat when i'm not hungry and, um, just because it's not something i do- and this is a day in the life of what i actually do- i'm not gonna cook some food or any of that just for this video. you know what i'm saying. that's tough. when i'm hungry, i'm actually gonna, you know, either order something to eat. so right now i'm not really in the mood to go in there and, you know, check my emails and do whatever else i need to do. like you know my one-on-one mentoring, by the way, if you want that, click the link in the description box down below if you want me to be your mentor, but i'm not really in the mood to. you know, go in there and take care of my emails. you know, check in with my va's and everything, and you know check in with my clients that i work with one-on-one. so what i'm actually gonna do is i'm gonna go down to you know um one of the amenities in my building and i'm gonna, you know, get some work done there. so i will see you guys when i'm there. [Music] and, as you can see, i am currently on a skype call with one of my uh mentoring clients, one, uh some of the people that i work with one on one [Music]. okay, perfect, yeah, go ahead and i'll share your screen so i can uh take a look at um exactly what's going on so i can help you with that. so, as you can see, we go in depth. i mean you can't see, because i blurted out, but we go in depth um. when we're doing one-on-one mentoring, we tok about things that i do not tok about on youtube or whatever, and you know, just very in-depth stuff, and then, when i'm feeling like switching my scenery, i just come out and, you know, get some work done over here as well. you know, i- and this is where i'm messaging my va's- and just get another work done. so, yeah, that's pretty much it with, like my work day. i spent about 30 minutes going over my emails and, you know, just going over my ads in the morning and i spent about 30 minutes doing that. and then i had two clients that i'm currently mentoring one-on-one that i, you know, got on a call with free, probably like 30 minutes each. so that took about an hour of my time. you know we went over strategies and everything of what we're gonna be doing. you know we toked about advertising platforms that i do not tok about on my youtube channel at all. so if you want me to mentor you one-on-one, if you want me to become your mentor, click the link in the description box down below right now. that's pretty much it. i probably worked for about an hour and 30 minutes today, so now i'm just gonna lounge around and see what happens with the rest of my day. i mean it is wednesday, so not much gonna happen. i can't really all right. so, as you can see, i'm all dressed up and ready to go. you know i'm saying downstairs to my pool area just because i mean i got nothing else to do, but, as you can see, that's active right now. you know, for those of you who think the sales notification sound throughout this video is fake, back to the video: ate some food. and now he's gonna go relax. it's wednesday, so there isn't much to really do, so i'm literally just gonna go ahead and relax. and you know what, guys? that's exactly what it's about. you know? that's what all of this is about. like, it's all about having control of your life. it's all about being free. it's all about literally just taking control, man, and that's why you got to do it. if this is something, if you're watching this video right now, do it be consistent, because that's all i did. i learned the business, you know, self-taught, i learned by myself and i literally was consistent and patient. you have to be consistent and you have to be patient and you have to learn. okay, once you learn, if you're consistent and patient, there's literally no reason why you shouldn't make it. drop shipping isn't dead. okay, you can drop ship with a regular product page from china and still make it work. so i don't want to hear your excuses. okay, if you're one of those people that definitely need, you know, a mentor and someone to hold your head and tell you what to do. i can help you with that. whatever it is, just make it work. okay, seriously, because look at this, i'm literally about to go float in the pool and just chill for the rest of the day. like i said, it's wednesday, so there isn't much thought to do. so, yeah, i'll see you guys downstairs get it done. be consistent. you got this [Music], so there we have it, guys, a day in the life of a multi-seven-figure entrepreneur, e-commerce, shopify, drop shipping expert, and uh, yeah, guys, as you can see, i do as i please because there's much to do, so hope you guys got some motivation from this. if you like this type of videos, i can definitely do more, like you know, on the weekends when i'm doing something crazy or whatnot. if you want to see those type of videos, just let me know in the comments down below. but, guys, slap a like on this video. if you got motivated even for a second while watching this video, it lets me know that. you know you're ready to crush it and you're not about you, then what i'm saying? that's tough, but anyways, guys, take action, be consistent, take control of your whole life. and now, if you want me to be your mentor, to mentor you one-on-one, click the link in description box down below. but anyways, guys, i'll see you next video. make sure you guys go ahead and slap a like on this video, like your mama. slap you subscribe if you're new here and turn on post notifications by clicking the bell. make sure you select all so you do not miss an upload from me.

Advanced Dropshipping Techniques to Scale your Shopify Store

this video is only for a specific part of the drop shipping community, the people who actually take action and really already tested products. okay, if you've never tested a product, click away. you don't need this video right now. this is pure entertainment for you. you don't need this, however, if you already have tested products and it doesn't really quite work as well as you wish. and if you find winning products, they just die down quickly and you cannot make it consistent, or you're not even able to find winning products even though you're testing. this video is for you and i want you to pay close attention to everything i'm gonna say here. okay, trust me, i've been there for the first almost year of me doing drop shipping. i was not successful. okay, took me almost a full year, like 10 months or so- until i started to really see success, and it was literally 10 months of me testing and testing, and testing and testing and nothing seemed to work, and i just had to do like two changes which instantly got me to like 77k instead of one single month, and we just scaled that store to almost like half a million dollars in the first five, six months. okay, first of all, if you're actually testing things and drop shipping. that's really really good. okay, most drop shippers don't even get to that stage. if you're really testing a bunch of products but nothing is working, that's good. okay, that's way better than you not testing anything and obviously also not having results. however, you need to understand that it's not the right way to go to just keep pushing and pushing and testing more and more and more and more without fixing the root problems you actually have in your business, and i guarantee you you have a bunch of problems, because i've worked with tons of people like this which actually like, tested things and it didn't work, and it's just constantly the same mistakes. and that's what i exactly want to address in this video. okay, the number one thing you need to do is stop refreshing your shopify dashboard 25 times a day. all right, that's not productive. you cannot. you cannot go to facebook, check your ads. go to shopify, check your dashboard and refresh and go to that and look at this and feel super productive, because it's not stop doing that. you're not allowed to check your dashboard or facebook ads more than twice a day. the second thing is only focus on things which actually will make an impact. okay, i've seen a lot of people who test things which, even if they would work, are not going to be a game changer. for example, if you have a store which is okay and a product and adds what you think are great and you start just to split test the product, it's not going to help you. the main problem you basically have is you cannot identify what your problems are. you just don't know what the reason is why things don't work for you. is it the ads? it is it the product? is the store? and you start split testing things which are probably not the root of all the issues. okay, if you constantly change products and just test everything again and again, again with other products, maybe you just have an issue with your ads, or maybe even something crazier. you're just shadow band on facebook. you're doing everything right. however, your facebook account is blocked, and it's not blocked in a way where you cannot advertise, but it's blocked in a way where facebook is holding you back from success. that's a real thing. shadow bands are actually happening right now, and if you're testing a bunch of things and nothing works, maybe you just have to switch your ad account. however, you have no idea. okay, and here it's very crucial to just have this eye to analyze data, to understand what's going on and why things work and why things don't work. and when you actually do start seeing success and you see that the product is working, then the thing you're probably doing is you stop testing everything. you instantly stop testing your product. you just look at the one product you actually saw working and you try to scale that. you don't test new creatives- probably you don't do and expect it to work better. okay, it dies down. you're left at nothing again and you're wondering why that happened. the reason is delayed impact. if you're getting done today, you're not gonna see the results today. you're gonna see the results in a few months. and if you don't do things today, you're also not going to see bad things happening today. you're only going to see that a few months down the line. and when you have this winning product and everything is going great, you're feeling very productive by you just looking at the shopify dashboard refreshing 25 times a day and and that's it. okay, you don't do anything. however, you feel very productive because you're making money. basically, what you do is you just take time off. you you have a holiday which lasts as long as you're winning product and then when you start to see the decline, then you actually start worrying about what to test next and what to do. but it's then too late, because then you're gonna again have this couple of months of delay, like if you start testing today, again you're not gonna find a winning product on day one. it's gonna take you a few months until you're scaled up again, and that means that you're going to have a few months which are going to be a downtime, and you don't want to have it. you just want to have consistency. trust me, if you're at like 1k per day for a month, that's nothing, that doesn't mean anything. okay, you shouldn't be proud of that. if you made 30k in a month in revenue, which is maybe like 6 to 10k in profit, what are you going to do with that? you cannot lift from that for a year, right? so you need to make that every month and you're not going to do that every month if you're not going to keep pushing. so it's very important to understand this delayed impact and also understand that you're not productive just because you're making money. that's very, very important, very important. you need to think long term and not just on a day by day basis. also, one thing which is just crucial is: please know your numbers. just do profit tracking every single day and really understand how much money you're spending, how much money you're making, how all the fees are, how old your refund rates are. just calculate all of this in, because i did this mistake that i didn't do it and i lost hundreds of thousands of dollars. i just i was spending so much money unprofitably without me even knowing. okay, there was a time where i was spending five thousand dollars per day on facebook ads and it was not profitable. okay, just think about that. you're not profitable and spending five thousand dollars a day, that's like losing hundreds of dollars every single day. i didn't even notike. so the big learning here is: please do profit tracking. that's so important. besides the profit tracking part, you need to structure your day in a way where you only do things which make you money. is refreshing your shopify dashboard making you money, yes or no? no, don't do it. is testing new products making you money? yes, is testing you creative making you money? yes, is it gonna make you money to diversify your facebook accounts? not directly, however. that's a second priority. okay, i cannot sleep at night if i only have one facebook account and one product running, so i understand that it can go down and that's kind of urgent. okay, you just need to focus on urgent things, which is optimizing every dollar you're spending, meaning that if you're spending like 500 a day and you may make 1.5 k, you're losing money, because you were in reality losing money if you didn't optimize all the upsells, all the back end, all the ads and everything, because you could spend those 500 and make two or three thousand dollars with the same ad spend just because you optimized everything. okay, so literally, if you just optimize your average order value and get like three dollars out of every customer or more, like on average, your profit probably is instantly gonna like be 50 up, because you need to understand ev.