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dropshipping from aliexpress to ebay step by step

Published on: February 5 2023 by pipiads

How to Dropship from Aliexpress to eBay with AutoDS (Lazy Method)

Bill Gates once said that I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because a lazy person will always find an easy way to do it. so in this video we're going to look at the laziest way to start drop shipping on ebay. now, dropshipping is a model where we find items on other retail websites like Aliexpress, calm, and we list them up for sale on eBay. then, once they sell, we buy them directly on Aliexpress and ship them directly to our customers, which means we never have to handle the inventory ourselves. now this process can be done fully manually if you want. so that means you are going to go on Aliexpress and go on eBay, see what items are already selling well on eBay that you can buy from Aliexpress, list them up for sale on eBay by copying everything from Aliexpress, pasting it into eBay, doing all that manually. but of course there are now ways to automate that process, make it go much, much faster. so I made a video recently. you might want to check that out. that video shows the current way that I do this drop shipping. its a mix between manual and automatik drop shipping and it really feel like it's the best approach to dropship. you see, if you go fully manual. there are definitely benefits to that method. what you're going to see is that you're going to have more control over the whole process. you're going to see exactly what is going into your store and you exactly check that every item that's going in there is the item that you want in there. but the drawback of doing everything manually is that it takes a lot of time. with an automated approach, the benefits there is that it takes you zero or no time to actually list products and to get the whole process going. now the drawback there is that you don't have as much direct oversight or control. a lot of times, because you know when something's automated, we tend to get a little bit lazy and not pay as much attention to it. now, with the method I show it in that last video, it's kind of a mix between the two and I still think that's the best method for you to use. but I know some of you guys are lazy out there. so in this video I want to show you the lazy way to start drop shipping onto eBay, and the lazy method requires you to just press one button, which is the thumbs up button underneath this video. alright, just kidding guys, but seriously hit that like button. now let's go into my computer so I can show you the lazy way to start drop shipping onto eBay. okay, so this is the software that I used to run my ebay drop shipping business. it's called Auto D s. now this software does a lot of different things to help me run my business. it will help me find products, it will then list them up for sale and it will help me with order fulfillment as well. again, we're trying to do as lazy as possible here. so once you sign up for an auto D s account, get all your settings correctly. then, if you're being lazy, then come over on the Left where it says Auto D s finder. now full disclosure here. this part is not free. you do have to pay a little bit extra to be able to use the auto d s finder. but let me show you how it works. am i? and why? if you're lazy, you might want to take advantage of this. so if I'm gonna choose on the source site here- Aliexpress China -, eBay US. and what this Auto D s finder does is it's going to find items that are already selling well on eBay that you can source from Aliexpress. and you can break it down like: let's say: okay, I won an item that sold at least three times in the past month, or at least five times in the past month, or at least eight times in the past month. now, obviously this one is the most valuable- eight times in the past month- because if it's done that, then you know that that's a really popular item and chances are, if you list it up for sale, you're going to make some awesome sales on it as well. but of course, this one cost a little bit more money. for that reason. now I'm gonna choose- let's choose a couple from the three and let's do maybe three products and we'll choose two that's sold at least five times and the eight times. I'll choose one, and that will cost me a total of eleven credits. now I'll click upload it. wellwhen. now it's going to take me to another screen where I can choose exactly what I want these items to be priced at, so you can put your break-even here, and then you could put in an additional profit percentage. so the break-even percentage: how much you have to mark it up in price just to break even. so if you sold it at just the break-even, you wouldn't make any money but you wouldn't lose any money. but of course you want to make a profit here, so we'll put in an additional profit here. we'll choose our return, our template for the listings, the quantity, so how much of the item you want listed on eBay, I'll do one each and I'll have our handling time. because this is from Aliexpress, which is coming from China, I'll choose a longer shipping time, a little bit longer handling time and a 30-day return policy. if you want to add any tags, you can. so on this tag, I'm going to do finder that way. I know I uploaded these using the Autodesk finder and we'll choose here that is coming from China, because you want to be fully accurate here. you want them to actually know the buyers. that is coming from China, that's it, and I'll click Save products- scheduled products. and once it's done, loading has a few items to go through. so it's gonna do that and now what it's doing is actually just going to list those items into my store for me. so I don't even have to look at them, I don't have to review anything. it will automatikally find those items and upload them to ebay for me and let's kind of take a look at what those items are. so I can actually see these products right here and it's still working right now. but it's pulled in three of them. so first one here. let's take a look at that one, and the way you can kind of look at it is on the left. click on this edit button and you see that it found this wallet that's doing really well on eBay and I think a reason this one is probably doing so well is because there's so many variations, so there's a lot for people to choose from. so what Otto das is doing is pulling in each of the variations for listing. you know this is a listing on Aliexpress for one wallet, but there's different choices. you can get a gray one, a brown one, a black one, this metal box one. it also pulls in the item specifics, which is really important for eBay, and the photos and the description. I'm going a little bit beyond what you need to do. you do not need to click through and look at this like I am. I'm just doing that for this video so you guys can kind of get an idea of what it is that Auto D s is actually doing in the background. what I'm going to do is copy down this title and actually search for it so we can see where they got this from. so this looks like it on Aliexpress, yeah. so this is it right here and you can see right here on Aliexpress. its sold nine hundred and eighty seven times, so this is definitely a popular product on Aliexpress and it's gonna price it. so, for instance, this one is pricing it at $17.60 and you can buy it for twelve dollars and 46 cents, so there's a markup there. enough for you to make a profit. now, if you come back to Auto ds2- the items that is uploading, I'll show you one other thing, because, remember, I mentioned before that there are drawbacks to doing things that are fully automated, and this is one the drawbacks right here. this item right here, as we see, is Christmas bracelet, Saul's Christmas stuff, and right now it's January 15th. so this item definitely sold a lot within the past thirty days because this was selling right before Christmas, but now it's after Christmas, so it's very unlikely that this is going to continue to sell, well, now that it's January 15th when I'm recording this video. so this is not one that I would want listed in my store, but that's one of the drawbacks of doing something like automation. like I said before, you're not gonna have as much oversight into what items are actually being l.

I Started Dropshipping From Aliexpress To eBay - Here’s What Happened

over the weekend, I had a brilliant idea ready. hear me out: Drop Shipping from China. I know I know nobody really done this in the past. I'm gonna be the first one. very original, right? people tok about dropshipping from China to Shopify, but there's not many people toking about drop spring from China into eBay. actually, there are a few, and they say it's possible to do that. but is it really, though? I mean, let's take a look at props of dropshipping from China. okay, let's take a look at the list. so we got long shipping time, poor quality, wait, these are, these are not the pros. let's let's see what's down the line: hard returns, limited customer support. I mean, this doesn't sound too good. this sounds like cons, not a Pros. so what is an actual Pro of dropshipping from China? money. Drop Shipping from China has one big benefit. okay, big margins, big profits. that's where the true value of Drop Shipping from China is, because, let's face it, poor quality, long shipping times, no customer service. that doesn't sound too fun. it actually sounds like a disaster, if you ask me, but I'm not giving up on the idea yet. okay, I decided to do a little bit of research and I asked people in the Facebook group that I created, as well as the private Discord, and I reach out to some dropshippers that I know to see if they ever done this, and it looks like I got an answer that some of you did that and you are supposed to having success. So today we're gonna find out if it's possible to drop ship from AliExpress to eBay and how can we do that. if you watch me for a while, you know that I drop shipped mostly from Big retail websites such as walmartcom, Home Depot, sometimes Amazon. so I've done that in the past and I know it works and it's successful because that's how I make money, that's how I live right now, because that's the main source of income for me. but this whole AliExpress thing, it kind of bothers me because the profit sounds really good on there. I mean, whenever I use big retail websites, the max margins I can get are like 25- 30- that's the max I can get. with AliExpress I can get supposedly 40 to 50 margins, which is insane. that's that's. that's a lot of money, you know. so the first thing I did I try to find if there are other dropshippers that do drops from China into eBay, and I was able to find couple of accounts and even are pretty open about dropshipping from China, because when you see their location it says some city in China and it also mentions that the shipping time is quite long. so it's possible there are people doing it and eBay has nothing against it, because Drop Shipping on eBay is within their terms of services. but are these drop Spurs making money? well, there's an easy way to find out. I use Zig analytiks to spy on these people and see if they are making money and and I can see them having tons of listings but they're not making that many sales against. the long shipping time is not something that people are really into it and people just don't want to wait. the only time I've seen people actually buying products from these dropshippers is when the product is kind of unique, something that you can't really find anywhere else. that's usually when they do get sales. so that's what I'm gonna try to find. I'm gonna try to find product that are kind of unique and ideally I can shorten that shipping time. because there's one cool thing about AliExpress that a lot of people are not toking about. you see, AliExpress actually have warehouses in us too, and you can easily find that. you can simply just filter out products to show you as locations and you can find products that are being located in US. the problem is that a lot of people that use that system kind of abuse it and they lie. I mean, take a look at this. I can click on this listing that says it's shipped from us, but when I actually click on it it says ship from China, and you will find bunch of listings like that over there. so it's kind of making this whole process complicated. so I'm gonna try to do Zig analytiks one more time and see if I can use zek to find products that sell on eBay and I can drop them from China. okay, so let's see what happens. okay, so I use Zig to try to find these products right, and I spent quite a lot of time right now and I even use that Pro feature that costs extra to you know, find me good products and they do find great products. don't get me wrong. these products sell fantastik. they get a lot of sales on AliExpress, but they all ship from China and I just don't want to deal with this. I want to find a us-based warehouse that sells products from AliExpress and I can use this Warehouse to sell on eBay. that's what I want, because it's just there's always something. you know there's either a long shipment time or the page just looks weird like I don't want to drop from random places on from AliExpress, because there's a lot of scams on AliExpress and the customer service sucks, so you don't really have very much Support over there. so I trying to find someone legit, like someone that has been on AliExpress for a long time. they have a top rated ranking and you know they've been selling them for like at least four or five years years, because you can actually see this on AliExpress. it will show you how long someone has been selling on, and it's hard to find something like that. I literally spent like an hour doing this thing and I haven't find a single product. you know like I can find 20 products within that time using Walmart or Home Depot or whatever, but with AliExpress it's just fine to hunt the product. it's just so time consuming, you know. I hope those profit margins are worth it, though, so let's continue with our research. oh, okay, I decided to change my tactik a little bit. I just didn't have too much success that Zeke and Alex was giving me as a, as a suggestions. okay, I was just excited to see what are the best selling products on eBay right now- the 500 best selling products, which also's economics will show you. and I can see all these products on eBay right, I can see what they are, and a lot of them are like tikie items, like headphones, gaming headphones, keyboards- uh, those fake airpods, like that's. those are the number one sellers on eBay. so, lucky enough, there's a lot of products like that on AliExpress. but I'm kind of concerned about this type of products because these are tiky products and they kind of look like a. they are made from poor quality, okay, so that concerns me. but hey, this is an experiment. what can we lose? another eBay account? Maybe, hopefully not now what? I actually notiked that it's easier to find products using AliExpress app on your phone than when you're doing a computer. for some reason, whenever I go on my phone, the filters work just better and it's faster and smoother, you know. so I think I'm gonna do the rest of the product research on my phone, since it's just easier to do that. uh, hopefully we'll find something. all right, I think I found some products- uh, I don't know. I don't know how I feel about them. I feel like I could find way better products doing regular retail Drop Shipping thing using Walmart or something, but hey, let's try it, you know. so before we list these products, there's one more thing that we need to do. I need to set up a special shipping policy on eBay that extends kind of the the day frame. even though I found some products that are us-based, it still takes longer amount of time to ship them than if I would use a retail website as supplier. so we need to set up a special shipping policy on eBay and I'm gonna show you how to do it real quick. all you have to do is go to ebaycom and then go to your settings. next go to business policies, create policy shipping, name it whatever you want. I'm gonna put AliExpress. we're gonna set up standard shipping, you know, for free shipping- and then, when it says handling time, we're gonna put six business days. Okay, the reason being why we're gonna set up so high is because I don't know how much time it's gonna take this AliExpress supplier to fulfill the order. so six business days plus the five busi.

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How to Dropship from AliExpress to eBay in 2023 Step By Step [$1000 Training Revealed]

ladies and gentlemen, in this video, I am going to show you how to drop ship from AliExpress to eBay in 2023, and I am really excited because I put a lot of value in this presentation which I'll share with you. so let's not waste time and let's jump into it right now. people charge thousands of dollars for this kind of information that I'm gonna give you, so I'm gonna give you four free, totally for free. let's move on. and who can benefit from this video? it's beginners and advanced sellers, because I'm going to show you how, you know, you can start Drop Shipping a business from AliExpress to eBay with low investment. so even if you are, you know, a seller on eBay selling secondhand items and and you want to start like Drop Shipping, for example, AliExpress is a great Supply to do so. so stay with me and let's move on. and to inspire you, I have some real drop shippers making profit here with AliExpress, which I'll show you. I'm going to jump right now to Zig analytiks, a competitive research, and I saved a few drop shippers here, and I just want you to notike something interesting. these are drop shippers from all over the world, because I want to show you that it is possible to drop ship from anywhere in the world. I'm just going to cut to the chase, let's jump here. so here in zinc analytiks we can see, for example, that this drop shipper here is from the United Kingdom and then he's focusing on the specific Niche from Harry Potter and he can find related things to Harry Potter in AliExpress. you see the amount of sale earnings the last 30 days: 72 000 with a two thousand percent rate. now let's go to a drop shipper from Morocco. that's right. someone is selling is Drop Shipping using AliExpress from uh, Morocco, right? so AliExpress to eBay from Morocco. and this person right here, it has a really nice sell through rate of 450 percent and you know sale earnings last 30 days: 22 000. and something interesting about the seller: I don't know if you have notiked here, but he uses some Spanish titles for his uh listings. it's a good strategy which we can tok about. we have made videos on it as well. there is a channel, YouTube channel, and this is a good strategy. but, as you can see here, he's making money using AliExpress. then you may say, oh, but you know how? are you sure it's AliExpress? let me show you, for example: let's take this item right here from him instead of for 28? right, with one simple click. the item finder is the analytiks. we can look, we find similar or exactly the same products in AliExpress and guess what we found it? we found it in here. look at the profit margins, ladies and gentlemen. look at the profit margins. we're toking about 15, 13, 22 dollars of profit margins and then, once you click here, you can go directly to AliExpress and see the value. all right, but you know that's something I'm going to show you later. this is just to get you inspired. now let's go here, Australia. there's a drop shipper from Australia making twelve thousand dollars earnings in the last 30 days, also selling from AliExpress as a supplier, and, as you can see here, the sell-through rate is 22 percent and you can see that he has 2260 active listings and sold items 514.. but, as you can see, he is making some profit. now I want to go to other places as well in the world. you know, let's go to United States and I want to show you that it's not necessary that you have to make millions and millions and millions of dollars with AliExpress, but you can make some nice money. you can be a great side hustle. I'm sure you were looking for some extra money and, for example, the salary in the United States is also around twelve thousand dollars of sale earnings. now, if we move on, we see sellers, drop shippers from Israel, and I've seen some sellers using AliExpress as supplier Drop Shipping, you know, from Israel, making so much money. and here, um, you scroll down, you also see some strategies of using Spanish titles and and so on, and we also have, you know, people from all over the world. as I mentioned before, we have this drop shipper from Lithuania and he has a 427 active listings and have sold 225 items, making sale earnings of 2 500 dollars. and we know how it is Crisis all over the world, depending where you come from, depending where your nationality is, where you're living, two thousand and five hundred dollars of sale earnings is a lot in some countries. so keep that in mind and I just want to show you again that it is possible to drop ship from anywhere in the world, doesn't matter what country you're from, and you can make money, and using AliExpress is perfect for that, especially for beginners in Drop Shipping. so let's move back to the presentation. cool, so this is the outline that we're going to go through. we're gonna go through. first sign up on eBay and then create an eBay seller account for Drop Shipping. find Reliable supplier on AliExpress, find winning products from AliExpress, list the items, add promotion, maintain healthy score and the last part will be: scale your business. so if you're liking this video, please hit the like button. subscribe to our Channel means a lot to me and to everyone, and again, this is I'm okay, I'm giving all this information for free, so let's go. so to sign up on eBay, you go to ebaycom, then you, you click in a button register and this um page pops up. you know you put your name first, last name, email and password. it's really straightforward. I just highly recommend to stik with really correct uh information. do not lie about yes, just keep your all the information accurate, because you know, if eBay for some reason finds that things that you placed are not real information are real, you will get your um eBay account suspended and that's it. but once you open an eBay account, there's something to tok about here. now, ideally, if you already have an ebay account, use that one, okay, and if you don't, create an eBay account and there's a specific strategy that you have to do here for eBay Drop Shipping account and I'm gonna show you this right here: how to create an eBay seller account for Drop Shipping. this, these are, these are the steps. because, for example, let's say, you open an eBay account and then you, you list so many products right away for Drop Shipping, right, so many prices from AliExpress. what's going to happen? what's going to happen is that you're going to call eBay's algorithms attention and that's not good for you, right- and you most likely will have your account suspended or you have your listings removed and so on. that might be some penalty. so there's a specific strategy for creating an account in eBay, like for Drop Shipping, and you have to be patient, so stik with me. so day one, you register an account on eBay. then in the second day, you'll interact with eBay, search and purchase cheap items, and here you can- um, you know, after you purchase a few items and everything like really cheap, it doesn't. you don't have to go crazy about this, but try to find sellers that can give you positive feedback. okay, so you would start your Drop Shipping Journey already with positive feedback in your store, and that's really cool, right? and also, what I recommend is to add products for your uh into your watch list on eBay. for some reason, eBay algorithm likes that stuff. I don't know these robots, you know crazy anyway. and then you connect your bank account. for example, if you're in the USA, you can use your USB, us, uh say, bank card, bank account connected. if not, you can always connect, use payoneer or revolute. if you want to learn more about that process, specifically about connecting to pyramid and revolute, you can watch the video here- the link is going to be here for you- and dive into it. and then, and day four, you have to list your first product from home. this is really cool because it shows eBay that you are a real person and that you are actually trying to sell things from home. and, to be honest with you, selling second-hand items and selling products from home is the best way to start selling on eBay, because you go through all the process and you learn everything, not in theory, bu.

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I Started eBay Dropshipping In 2023 [FREE COURSE FOR BEGINNERS]

imagine if you could get paid by copying and pasting images on the internet. and no, i'm not toking about nfts here, i'm toking about actual side hassles that you can start right away. it's actually the easiest side hustles i've done, and i started doing this since 2020, and this side hassle is called ebay dropshipping, and i know what you're thinking. uh, isn't ebay like an old website for all people that look for items on the internet? yeah, you're probably right, but that's because ebay is the oldest online marketplace in the world and it's also the second largest marketplace in the world even now. so what that basically means? there's a lot of people looking for items on their website and all you have to do is just put these items in front of their eyes. but how do you find these items? well, you can start doing something, what i do, which is called retail drop shipping, and retail dropshipping is basically a fancy word for selling stuff that you don't own from very well and established websites such as walmart or amazon on ebay. and here's how this works: i go on amazoncom and look for an item that i think will sell. i find the item. use my magical tool, the mouse, and the right click button on this mouse to save images of that item. i copy the description, i copy the title and then go back to ebay. post this item on ebay with a higher price. ebay will start advertising this product for free on their platform. i wait for sale. when someone purchases item from me on ebay, i go, go back to amazoncom, purchase this item on amazon and, instead of putting my address, i put the address of the guy who purchased this item from me on ebay and, boom, amazon send it directly to the guy. in this video i want to show you, step by steps, how you can start ebay dropping yourself. you will learn how to find the products, how to list them on ebay, how to track your inventory, how to fulfill an order and secrets that will keep your business alive, because you need to be aware of certain things when you do retail dropshipping, because if you're not doing things right, ebill will shut you down and don't worry about it. if you watch this video, you will know exactly what to do. a lot of this knowledge that i'm presenting you in here is from the dropshipping course i took back in a day. that course is still alive. if you want to check it out, the link for it is down below, but, honestly, this video will give you enough information to start ebay dropshipping. hello my friends, my name is patrick and i am ebay and facebook marketplace dropshipper. obviously, today we're gonna tok about ebay dropshipping, but if you wanna learn about facebook marketplace dropshipping, go ahead and check out my videos on my channel. usually the one on the top are the best one, and if you're there, might as well subscribe to my channel because, let's face it, you don't want to miss out on the best dropshipping youtube channel in the world. okay, obviously i'm joking, but i will appreciate it if you subscribe and if you will find this video available, don't forget to like it as well. so, before you even start ebay dropshipping, i want you to be aware of a very important factor. okay, ebay dropshipping policy. you see, if you look their policy, you will see that dropshipping is okay on ebay. i bet that the biggest sellers on ebay are probably big dropshippers. however, if you're doing retail drop shipping, which is something that we do here, you're entering a gray area, and the reason being is very simple. you see, as a retail drop shipper, you're gonna use big suppliers such as amazon, walmart, home depot. these are top three suppliers that usually retail drop shippers use. why? because they're easy. everyone has an amazon account and it's easy to find really hot products over there that you can dropship on ebay. and that's what ebay is not really a fan of, because when you do that, you are basically giving money to the amazon or walmart for these items. that's what ebay doesn't like. but if you watch this video, you will know how to hide any tracks that will show ebay that you're using amazon or walmart as a supplier, and that way you'll be able to run successful ebay dropshipping business. all right, are you excited to get started? first thing you're going to do is you're going to find your first product. as i mentioned earlier, you have three choices of websites. you can find hot products to sell, okay, walmart, amazon and home depot, and i will assume that probably most of the people watching this video have an amazon account. however, there's one thing that you need to understand with amazon. amazon has their own tracking system called tba, so if you're gonna decide to stik with amazon, you will have to convert the tracking numbers that amazon is giving to you, because ebay is not going to accept them. they hate each other. so my suggestion is to start with walmart first, because walmart has a lot of listings. they are very cheap, very easy with returns and they don't use tba tracking numbers. so let me open up my computer and we're gonna find the first product. okay, so i'm on walmartcom right now and to find your first product, you're basically just gonna look for best sellers, anything that has a lot of reviews, a lot of good reviews. that's one of the easiest ways of finding products. okay, i'm not saying it's the best one, but if you're the beginner, that's what you should do. that's how you should start, and later i'm gonna show you how to find products in a different way- a better way, i would say. but if you're a beginner, start with this. okay, i'm on walmart and, as i said, i'm just going to look for something as a lot of good reviews. let's see, i'm going to go to departments and i'm going to go to uh toys, because toys usually sell pretty well. so i'm going to go to toys and i'm just going to go to all toys. i just want to see everything they have all right. so i uh. it gives me a bunch of categories. i see already some items right here. this one might be a good one. it's just on the on the pricey side. let's click on view all and see what we have in here. all right, okay, i think i found the winner. i'm gonna go with the bikes. has 159 reviews, three-day shipping, four stars is pretty good and i also know personally that bikes usually do very well. so i'm gonna go with the bikes and let's see. all right, so we got the bike. it costs 98 and, by the way, i have a honey extension, which means honey extension gives you points for purchases on websites like walmart and amazon. i recommend downloading it as well because that's like extra cashback for you. i would earn additional 9.80 if i would buy this item using honey, so you don't want to miss on this extra point, because they really adds up. but let's get back to our item: 98.99. it has a good description, has pictures. i think we can try to sell this. okay, what you need to do? first, you need to find out that there are other dropshippers selling this item. why? because this will tell you if there are actually people looking for this item on ebay. so i'm gonna copy the title right, and i'm gonna go to ebay and paste it, all right. so i just pasted the title into ebay and i see that there are some people that are dropshipping this item. let's check, check this out. this item goes 98 on walmart, right? someone is selling it here for 134, 137, 159. okay, so there are dropshippers here that are selling this item because, uh, they're charging more for this item that's available in walmart, so they're for sure dropshippers. uh, now what i'm gonna do? i'm gonna identify one guy who gets the most sales. why? because that's your main competitor, and this is the person that you're gonna fight with about this listing. how do i find the main competitor? i look at the listing. so let's, let's- let's- take a look at this one, for example, and i look at the recently sold items. so we got two sales that happened within the last week. okay, so this might be your main competitor. let's take a look at another one. all right, so this is the second listing. we got three sales that also happen relatively quickly. it's april 11th right now, so this guy had sal.

How to Dropship from AliExpress to eBay in 2022 [Full Step by Step Guide]

hello everyone. in this video, i will provide a full guide on how to drop ship on ebay using aliexpress as your supplier in 2022.. let's go still ask me if drop shipping from aliexpress to ebay is allowed. let's go to the ebay website together. so here we have a one minute artikle under customer service regarding drop shipping. drop shipping, also known as product sourcing, is when you buy stok from a supplier and work with them to send items directly to your buyers without ever handling them yourself. drop shipping, where you fulfill orders directly from a wholesale supplier, is allowed on ebay. remember that if you use drop shipping, you are still responsible for the safe delivery of the item within the time frame stated in your listing and for the buyers overall satisfaction with their purchase. but why dropship from aliexpress in 2022? while aliexpress offers cheaper products than most places, the profit margin that you can make is huge. most of the sellers on ebay are drop shipping from amazon, walmart and so on. tiknically, ebay doesn't allow sellers to drop ship from the mentioned retailers or any other retailers that are direct competitors of ebay. with aliexpress, you can contact the sellers directly, even contact them outside of the platform. this can make your business skyrocket. so the question is how to find products to dropship from aliexpress to ebay. soon i will show you how to find sellers, find their winning products, validate the product and supplier on aliexpress and show products with good profit that you can find. before that, let me tok quickly about cash flow and management. i want to tell you how you can win a one month subscription for zeke analytiks for free. first, like this video. second, subscribe to our channel and don't forget to ring the notification bell to get notified for new videos we post. and third, share with us your biggest why. why are you doing this business? what are your dream goals that you want to achieve? succeeding on ebay. every week, we give away for free a one month subscription of zeke analytiks. alright, so let's tok about cash flow. there are two options. if you are a us citizen, you can link your bank account directly to ebay. if you are not, you can connect your paypal or payoneer account to ebay. so let's tok about the second option. when a buyer makes a purchase, the money enters processing for 24 hours on ebay. after the 24 hours, the money goes to your cleared balance in ebay and at the end of the day, it will go to your bank account that's connected to your payoneer account. that gives you around 24 to 48 hours till you can use it. however, on new accounts, ebay may hold the funds till the item is showed as delivered or in 21 days. keep this in mind when you want to start selling on ebay. also, my advice is to start with low price items to start building your cash flow. the more you can take it, the better business cash flow you will have. so now let's tok about management in order to save time, and time is one asset you can price, but we all know it's priceless. i use a couple of softwares. first one is zeke analytiks, of course, which i use to find products to sell with a lot of time saving. how much profit can you actually make in 30 days of drop shipping from aliexpress if you play your cards right? well, let's see that together with real examples. i will take three examples of products and i will show you the average profit based on the total revenue. let's do product research from aliexpress using zeke analytiks. so obviously, the first thing you need to do is log in to your zeke analytiks account from here on the left hand side. you're gonna go to quick settings. make sure your shipping location is on china. make sure your supplier settings are on aliexpress- and i am using a break even of 20- and of course, you can change it to whatever you would like. after you have that all filled out, you can go ahead and apply changes. after that, go over to the left hand side again and click on product research. so here you can see, the shipping location is on china, and i'm actually interested in seeing the most sales date range in the last seven days. so in the top, in the search bar, you're gonna go ahead and type in any product that you're searching for. for this example, let's search for cases for iphone. at this point we're not looking at the statistiks. we do see it generated sales, but we're actually going to go down to the product list and use some of the filters so you can actually filter by drop shippers only. so here you can see a few drop shippers that generated sales in the last seven days. so here your goal is to find someone that actually generated a lot of sales, but also you have to take into consideration the price. you want to look for a higher price. this way, you know you will be getting a profit. so now, from this point. you can go ahead and click on the title- open it up on ebay. or you can go ahead and click on the aliexpress icon over on the right hand side and zeke analytiks actually finds the same or similar products that are already on aliexpress. so now your goal here is to scroll through and find a product that is the same or similar to the product that's being sold on ebay. here you have a product that's ultra thin, slim case, sold 14 times. so just by clicking on the title you can go ahead and open it up in a new tab. it will open up aliexpress for you. and another thing that we want to do is actually scan this seller as well with the scan seller icon. this way, we can see all of the products that this partikular seller has on ebay, and maybe we can take some of the other products that he's selling as well. okay, so now, when we open it on ebay, you can see the listing. here you can see the number of sold items. you can actually scroll through the pictures see the product itself. now let's jump over to aliexpress to see the product that zeke analytiks found for us. so you can see that the product here on aliexpress has a 0.3 thickness or thinness and we can actually use this product, because the person that's selling this partikular product on ebay did not write the thickness or thinness of the product in the title, and i honestly don't think that some buyers would mind if it's 0.2 or 0.3 and the most important thing is making a profit, and with this partikular product here on aliexpress, you can see that you can make a profit. so, now that we found the product on aliexpress, let's actually look at the actual listing here on ebay- the price, the item specifics- and see what we can change when it comes to our listing and how we can actually make it better in order to boost views. and then, when you scroll through, you can see some of the photos as well. so this looks just like a basic listing. it could be better. this seller, even though it is a basic listing, managed to sell a lot of these items and, looking at the seller information, this partikular seller only has a 31 as their feedback rating and you can see that account was open in november 2020 and by looking at this information, you can see that this is a new seller on ebay. now let's go back to our supplier and calculate the profit that we could be making. so now, looking at this partikular product that we found, we can see a lot of the colors are actually missing. so what we're going to do is scroll down to the bottom and find very similar products and open them up as well, and here we can actually find the same exact item that the seller on ebay is selling. so here's uh, selecting the latest iphone and the colors. you can see that the most expensive product here is two dollars and 11 cents, but take into consideration, if you were to select the color black, you can see that it's actually available for every single iphone variation. another thing you can do to gather more information on a partikular item or color is jump back into the item that we were looking at on ebay and actually select the sold items, the number of sold items. so this way you can see what colors are actually being sold the most. so here you can see clear, clear navy blue, clear purple, clear cl.

Aliexpress To Ebay Dropshipping Tutorial (2022)

aliexpress to ebay drop shipping tutorial. hi guys, welcome back to another video, and in this video i'm going to be telling you how you can drop ships during many items from aliexpress over onto ebay or from ebay to aliexpress, whatever it works. so it's really simple. so let's get started. so, first things first, i'm on aliexpress, over here, and over here what you're going to need to do is you're going to search for a product that you want and remember, the product that you want to sell should have a decent amount of views, should have a decent amount of reviews, so that we know that the seller who is actually, you know, shipping the product, is a good and trusted seller and that people won't get scammed so that we can rely on his- you know- credibility. so we have to make sure that he sells his product really, really well, no scams or anything like that- and we also have to make sure that the product that we are actually trying to, you know, sell are also really popular. let's get down into it. so one of the most popular things, in my opinion, would be women's clothes, or women's fashion, or, you know, because of jewelry and stuff like that, because women- and you know, and girls and women. they tend to do a lot of online shopping and because of that it really works well, and ebay and aliexpress are one of the top markets out there. so it's really good that we, you know, head first into the women's category over here. so we come over here into women's shop fashion over here. i'm gonna click over here, try to see over here. all right, so we have a bunch of different clothes over here, so what we can do is maybe you can find a certain type of clothing that is really popular and that is also, you know, selling quite a bit. so over here, we have best matches. we don't want best message, we want orders, so most orders, right, and we would also want free shipping as well, and up to four star. so these are some of the criteria that we want and these are the ones that we are left with, so, which means that these are really, really good. so over here, as you can see, this, uh, this shirt or whatever it is, it has sold over 7000 times and has a good amount of reviews and is also pretty cheap as well. that means that we can sell it online as well. same goes with this code, same goes with this long sleeve t-shirt and stuff like that. so now what we can do is to actually, you know, sell these types of clothes. let's go ahead and open this up, actually. so, over here, these are all the images. so what we can do, you know, is maybe we can go ahead and copy these images and also the name as well. so looks pretty cool. so what we can do is we can go ahead and save image. okay, the image can't be saved, alright, so over here we have the images. what we can do is we can go ahead and, you know, save the images, save the images, but these images are in a different format, so we can't actually save them. so what we'll do is we'll just open up our snipping tool and we'll just, you know, cut the image over here. boom, there we go. then we just simply save as, and, you know, we save the image. we'll just say: shirt over here. same goes with this image as well, or with a better lighting. i would say, okay, this one has a better lighting, okay, so this would look good. so let's go ahead and actually snipe this one as well. open this up, new snip, save as. shirt two, just basic stuff. all right, we just need to. you know, get some of these shirts, all right, so we'll get this one as well. i think it looks good. again, open up the snipping tool- new- and then we'll just simply cut this shirt. we'll save the image. save as third three, i would call it. boom. there we go. now that that's done, maybe we can actually get some more stuff like this one as well, but for now, we are good to go. so now what we can do is over here we also have some measurement and stuff like that, but we are now good to go. so what we can do is we can go ahead and, you know, copy this title, maybe like that, and then on aliexpress and then on ebay, what we can do is we can register ourselves as a seller, right, so we want to sell. you can create an account, uh, but it's a pretty long process, so i'm just simply gonna not go ahead and do that actually, or maybe i already have created an account, so let me just go ahead and see. so let me just go ahead and sign in actually, all right, so now i'm inside, i'm logged in, we are good to go. so let's go ahead and click on sell and sell this item. if you click on sell, we are basically, you know, gonna go ahead and upload that. so if you still don't know what we're trying to do here, let me just explain it to you. so what we're gonna do is we're gonna sell our item. you know, we're gonna put all of the details of this item on ebay right on our profile, and then whenever someone places an order on ebay, they'll basically give us all of their shipping details, all of their addresses and stuff like that. we'll take that information and we'll put that information over here. we can ship it to their own country, you know, any country we want over here. as you can see, we have a bunch of different options. and then we just simply, you know, place the order and boom, we are good to go. and then we'll notify them that their order has been placed and that the order should arrive in a one or two day. and if they chose to pay express delivery, we can even charge them for that. and then we can put that extra fee that we got from them and we can put it over here and boom, there we go. so that's pretty much it. that's what we're trying to do here, and we can do this for a lot of different products. we don't have to do this for just this product. we could do this for this coat, this shirt. we can do this for this, these cargo pants, or these jackets, or these, this you know one business shirt, or whatever. we can do it for every anything we want. we can do it for a lot of other products. we don't have to. you know just targets. you know, women's clothing and stuff like that doesn't really matter. that's what we're trying to do here. so now that you know what we're trying to do, let's go ahead and continue. so, all right, so let me just go ahead and sign in actually. so over here, let me just uh, tell us what they're selling. so we just have to enter in the product name over here that we copied. all right, we're gonna go with it. start with this title: streetwear, knitted tees. i didn't copy the entire, the entire prop. you know name, so i'm just simply gonna go ahead. okay, i can't make. it's too long. so, uh, automatikally updated: women, cotton, hollow, cut out sexy t-shirt, bandage, backless, long sleeve top, and we'll just all right. there we go. that looks much better. stand out with the bold title and search. this is gonna cost you like an extra dollar. you know two dollars and subtitle is gonna be anything you want. over here you can add it to different categories. this one belongs in the top ones, so we're going to put them in the top category and then over here we add in the upc and conditions over here and then we add in the photos. so let me just add in the photos over here, so the main photo should be this one. then we can add another photo, another photo, we can add this one, and for the third one we'll add this one. so now it's loading the images and once that's done we are good to go. we can enter in the size we can enter in. you know we can enter in the regular size, you know. let me just copy that so it is fits true to size. take your normal size, so we'll. let me just go into the size info over here. so i really don't know. so over here it basically says that, but we still don't know. okay, so in inches it's this like this. so over here i would say let's go with medium, yeah, let's go with that. and then we have the type: no, it's not a t-shirt, it's a top. so we'll just say it's a top and then we can add the color. we can add like black. boom, there we go, department for women, and over here we'll just say, yeah, neckline is it's. basically i would say, let me just take a look over here. actually, okay, i would say that that's a crew neck right, or a high neck. so we'll just say it's a high neck. yeah, sleeves types are full sleeves, but