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dropshipping from amazon to facebook marketplace

Published on: January 28 2023 by pipiads

Make Money With Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping In 2023 (Step By Step)

this video is all about. dropshipping on the Facebook Marketplace doesn't work. is it even worth trying? we're gonna find out, so let's get started now, guys. in case you're not familiar with the Facebook Marketplace, this is a feature that Facebook provides which allows anyone to sell products online, and we're toking about selling items locally- and that gives people a lot of freedom because they don't necessarily need to sell new products. and that is precisely why the Facebook Marketplace has become the subject of a lot of different memes, and people are saying that most of the products you will buy on the Facebook Marketplace are simply not worth it, because, more often than not, people will try to make some money off of you. but here's the thing: it is a Marketplace regardless. so in today's video, I'm gonna determine whether or not we can make use of it for traffic for our dropshipping business. so let's dive a little bit deeper and try to understand what's going on here. now. remember, anyone is allowed to list a product for sale on the Facebook Marketplace and, for the reason, most of these products are second hand. these are not new items. that's why you are not seeing any, any professional photos. these are just regular pictures taken by regular people like you and me who are trying to make some money online by selling their old stuff. most of the times, that's what's going on here, and so what we need to do is we need to blend in and adapt to the circumstances, but let's just take it one step at a time. the first thing we have to do is find the products we want to sell and, from my experience, a real shortcut is connecting to CG dropshippingcom. this website has put together a lot of the best selling items in the Drop Shipping space, so you don't have to waste your time doing product research on Alibaba and AliExpress looking for suppliers. you can save a lot of time by just connecting to CG Drop Shipping and picking one of these now. if you wanna sell the products on Amazon, this is not a good idea, because the competition for this best sellers is, as you can tell, really, really high. but on the Facebook Marketplace, keeping in mind that you're selling items locally, the competition is close to zero, and that's exactly why I personally think selling products on the Facebook Marketplace is a pretty cool opportunity actually, but that is only if it's done right. you see, traditionally what most people do when they start their dropshipping business is they build an e-commerce store using Shopify or a similar tool and then they list products for sale. they're basically just downloading pictures of a valley Express and reposting them on their own e-commerce store and that's all it is. I mean, it doesn't take a lot more than that to sell products online if your marketing is on point. however, when it comes to the Facebook Marketplace in partikular, uploading professional photos is going to look a little bit fishy. it doesn't fit again. we need to adapt to these circumstances. people are not taking professional pictures here. they are just taking photos with your mobile phones and selling the products. so if you want to blend in, that is precisely what you want to do. once you have found the winner product that you are confident people will buy from you, the next thing you have to do is order one of them yourself. that is a great way of ensuring that the quality of the product is on point, just as promised by the seller, and also it allows you to take some pink pictures, some regular pictures with your mobile phone of that item and upload them on Facebook Marketplace. it sounds counter-intuitive, but professional pictures are not gonna help at all. you need to make sure everything looks organic and there's more to it than that too. I mean, the Facebook Marketplace is a very sort of manual way of selling products. nothing about the Facebook Marketplace is automated. for instance, if I connect you to the website and I wanted to purchase something, it doesn't really matter what. what I would have to do is click on that product and then tok to the seller. there is no way you can place an order as you would do on Amazon. this is not how it works. Facebook basically facilitates selling products, but that's it. they give you the opportunity to list your products for a sale, but the rest of the process, of the sales process, is on you, so you have to fulfill that order yourself. what ends up happening is that if somebody stumbles upon your product and they want to purchase it, they have to send you a message and you have to reply to it. you have to convince that person that you're not just trying to scam them- remember that the physical Marketplace doesn't have the best reputation- and then you have to send that product to their door, and so we need to make some small amends to the standard Drop Shipping model. you see, traditionally the way it works is really streamlined. you set up your online store, list your products on that e-commerce store, and then people find your listings and they purchase the items. they place an order and then everything else is automated. your order gets sent straight over to the supplier, who's got your customers data- I'm toking about their name and their email address and their physical address- so they can actually ship the item straight over to your customers door without you ever handling the physical product yourself, which is a major advantage. you don't have to worry about any storage spaces. everything is fully automated. and that is one of the best parts about the Drop Shipping model: the fact that you don't need to be actively involved too much. all you have to do is make sure the product selection is on point and you are selling high quality products, and also you need to take care of marketing your products the right way so that people can discover them, but that's it other than. and that the Fulfillment is fully delegated. but that feature is lost if you're selling items on the Facebook Marketplace. so there are some significant drawbacks that we need to consider, but also there are some significant upsides as well. remember, you are selling products locally, which means that the competition here is close to none. I mean, very few people are using the Facebook Marketplace for Drop Shipping. it is really, really uncommon, especially in your city. the chances of somebody else doing that locally and selling the exact same item are close to zero. so that's the main advantage: you're literally focusing on an untapped source of traffic that you can leverage as much as you want with very little to no investment. and so here's how the process goes in this case: your customers sends you a message, you reply to it, you answer their questions and if they are determined to buy the product, you will have to order it for them from your supplier. now the delivery might actually take a while. if you're Outsourcing your products from CG dropshippingcom and both you and your client are in the United States, then the might have their product in less than six days. that's the best case scenario. if your supplier is in China and your customer is in the United States. let me actually find that. there you have it. it might take up to seven days for them to receive the product, which is not a lot of time, but it might raise some suspicions. remember, your customer doesn't really know you are Drop Shipping. they think you already have the product. it's ready to be sold, it's packed and the one in now. so that is something you would have to really struggle with. the quick fix for that would be purchasing multiple items in advance. if you've been getting some sales and you get some positive feedback from your product listing- meaning that you get a lot of messages- there's a lot of interest in your product. people are buying it. that basically means your product is proven to work to a certain degree, so people are interested. what you may want to do- but this is a little bit of a risk- is purchasing multiple items in advance, and that will allow you to ship the items to your customers. i

Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping - 1 WEEK CHALLENGE

hey guys, welcome back. in this video i'll show you how i dropship on facebook marketplace. so, after i've made a tutorial, i've decided to take on a challenge and do a one week of facebook dropshipping on a brand new account. i'm gonna show you everything a to z, from making no money to making some money, hopefully. so follow along and let's get started. so after watching my tutorial- which, if you haven't seen- uh, there is a link up here probably- you already know how to keep track of your listings and how to keep track of your profits. so with all that, you should be all set up and ready to start making some money. for this challenge, i've decided i'll be listing only the first one or two days. so in day one and day two i'll be just putting up as many listings as possible. i mean i'm not gonna go crazy 24 hour non-stop listing spree because i want to make it realistik. so i'll just dedicate few hours each day to list as many items as i can and give you my commentary, tell you how i choose products and why, and then we're gonna wait for the next four days and we're just gonna wait what kind of sales we receive from putting up these listings. so i hope that's very clear. there is no reason for me to stop listing on day number two, but i just wanted to make this video. this is a brand new account and it will be easier for me to check the progress and you also get an idea of what two days work will get you over the course of one week on facebook marketplace. i think it will be interesting to see the amount of customer service that we're gonna have to do, because that's definitely part of facebook marketplace, because everybody just wants to know if the item is still available or if, uh, where are you located? stuff like that. so that's that. if you have any questions after the fact, don't hesitate to ask. wait, can you hear that? hear that, guys? that sounds like drop shipping to me. okay, i forgot to say a couple of things. so i'll be starting on a brand new account, which i think i've said, but anyway, um, which does have the shipping option. and second thing is i'll be using amazon as a supplier for this project, because anybody from my audience probably has access to amazon. they do a very solid return policy and they offer two-day shipping. at first i wasn't sure if i'm gonna go with amazon versus walmart, but in the end i would settle for amazon, because it's just more easy for beginners, in my opinion. in the name of efficiency, you want to download the extension called z-draw. uh, it is a 10 per month with a free week trial. i do believe they have an affiliate program, so i'll pop my personalized link in the description below and if you want to make me happy, please use it, and i hope you get some benefit as well. it's not just me getting a kickback. so that's it for today. i'm going to start a challenge tomorrow and i'll see you in the morning. all right, guys, it's the following morning, so we're starting the challenge right now. so i'm going to show you on my screen how to get this done. so first you need to install the z drop chrome extension. this is what the website is, and here is the pricing. they do have a seven day trial, and then you only pay 10 per month. so a great deal. i'm gonna leave the link down below so you can just access it straight away. once you have the extension, you go to amazoncom and you make sure that you have the delivery set to to some address in the united states. essentially, you want to find products that have a big arbitrage potential and essentially a good niche for face marketplace drop shipping is furniture. the reason why is because it's really hard to determine why one share cost 150 and another chair cos just 70. so you know any niche where you can where it's kind of hard to guess the price of an item is a good niche for facebook marketplace dropshipping. and let's start straight away with a nightstand. okay, so we're looking for something cheap. this is pretty good. this is pretty good too, so let's try this one out. so this is a bestseller item. you always want to double check the reviews. uh, this product has 4.7 out of 5 reviews, so it's supposedly very good. you can scroll down, read the reviews, you can see what people say and, essentially, if you have the extension downloaded, then you'll see this pop-up. so what you want to do is click on copy to facebook, copy done. it's going to open a new window and then on this page you'll see this pop-up that's going to say paste data. so you're just gonna click that now. in the meantime, you can go back into the listing, scroll down for the reviews and see if there's any photo that is actually better than the main listing photo, because what i like to do is i like to select a picture from the reviews, because most products on facebook marketplace are actually people just selling stuff that they have at home, because i have a lot of success by just selling and listing items with a regular photo as the main photo of the listing, just because it fits well with other listings on facebook marketplace. so what i would usually do- i mean, this photo looks pretty decent to me, so i'll just make the selection, screenshot it and then use this as the main photo for the listing. now this is already loaded up and you want to kind of adjust some things. so usually i would put the available quantity to 10, get rid of the brand name, keep any keywords. now, when it comes to pricing, it's totally up to you. you can start with lower profit margins if you just want to see some sales come through. however, i would normally price this at about 139 or 129 or something like that. you will see that a lot of people will actually message you to negotiate. so if you're willing to do that and you have some breathing space with with your margins, then you can easily just lower the price for them and and sell for cheaper. they're happy because they're getting a deal and you're happy because you still get a lot of profit. all right, so category: so this is two night stands, so we're just going to try to type it in nightstands and you see that nightstands do not have the shipping available. so what you want to do is find some category that does have the shipping available on it and then just say that you know, that's what you're, that that's what you're selling. so we're gonna probably do maybe work tables or antique and collectible tables. this is what i'm to go with because it has the shipping available. now, condition: always new brand is optional. you don't have to fill this out and this looks very ugly, so i'm just going to try to simplify this. also, you want to get rid of any indication or any anything that connects it to any brand. usually what is important is to keep the measurements in, and that's pretty much it. i mean the material, the measurements, just the main key points of what you're selling. what i like to start with is saying something like: ships free, lower 48 states only. all right, product x: you can just use nightstand side tables. i mean, you don't have to use the product tags, but if you want to. you know, it certainly does not hurt- and then we're just going to upload the image that you can reorganize, you can rearrange the images for sure. actually, this looks pretty solid as well. this is the image that we got from the review page, so i'm just going to set it as the main photo. we can hide it from our friends, it's totally up to you. we click next shipping, only use your own and free shipping. and now we're just gonna click next and we're gonna click next once again and then we're just gonna publish it and that's it. a review is done. so this is the process of uploading a listing. i'm just going to repeat this process 100 times and then i'm going to catch up with you again and let's see what happens. so in the first two days i made no sales whatsoever, despite me working about five hours and listing nearly 100 products. now that abruptly change on day three would have made a total of thirteen hundred dollars in sales with only selling five items. the total profit on the first day i received any sales was insane: 310 messages quickly s.

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well, this is a very interesting topic that i love to tok about. so in today's conversation, i want to share with you amazon to facebook marketplace drop shipping. how do you actually do it like a pro? don't go anywhere. you're going to love to this conversation, i guarantee it. [Music]. welcome back folks to another edition of the awesome studio kiwi show. how are you today? i hope you're all doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you ever ask me if you are doing as great as i am, go grab a cup of coffee or tea or vodka and let's roll. [Applause]. in today's conversation, i want to tok to you about drop shipping, specifically amazon to facebook marketplace drop shipping. how do you actually do it like a pro? and we have seven important items that i'm gonna go with you. i'm gonna go through with you right now. and the first thing is: you need to find high margin items on amazon. how do you do that? how do you find high demand products to sell on amazon? there are several categories. first, you have the amazon best best sellers category. this is very important. you can see on the screen. when you go to your amazon, your amazon account. you would see on the left side. you have training, best sellers, new releases. you have movers and shakers, right. those are the categories you want to pay attention to. so first thing is amazon's best sellers. then you want- if you click on that, you will see on the screen here that we have, for instance, amazon will give you the best sellers for that partikular day, in by category. they call it department, so you can see on the screen here. then you want to pay attention to amazon best sellers rank. this is very important. the bsr. it's important. so when you click on on a specific product, you want to pay attention to the dsr, as you can see on the screen here. for example, we have this high definition binoculars for for adults. you can see that the bsr, if you scroll all the way down, you will see the bsr for this partikular product is there. it's in the in the product information data or category. so you have the um, the asyn, you have the customer reviews, you have the best sellers rank in the category. okay, and then you can see also that. uh, so besides the amazon bestsellers, you want to pay attention to hot new releases. this is another category that's very good if you're looking for products to sell on facebook marketplace product that you want to drop ship on facebook marketplace. so you have amazon bestsellers. you have hot new releases- okay, for each product in those categories you want to pay attention to the dsr- very important to sort of uh evaluate the popularity of the products. okay, then we go to movers and shakers. pay attention to that. look on the screen right now. movers and shakers- this is another great category to peek into if you're looking for create products to sell from from amazon to facebook marketplace. and one thing that's important is you need to identify product domain on amazon. okay, so you have high demand product categories on amazon. that includes a home and kitchen, health and personal care, sports and outdoors and beauty. medium domain product categories on amazon. you have tourism, games, pet supplies, home improvements and office supplies. and what about the low demand product categories- industrial and scientific, automotive, arts and crafts and musical instruments? it's very important for you to know exactly what works for you and what was for the niche that you're in. okay, so the bottom line is to find profitable amazon products. think about the profit margin of the product. it must have good profit margin, it must be popular- a lot, a lot of uh reviews- and it also must have a great dsr. it must be small and light so you can save money on shipping and logistiks. and you want to think about cyclicality and seasonality. seasonal demand is very important [Music]. so, after analyzing trains on amazon in terms of popularity for the products that you are interested in, i want you to pay attention to in the second section, to facebook marketplace trends. you need to do a lot of things, because the last thing you want is to sell up, to buy a product that doesn't sell on facebook. right, the product must be. the product might be popular on amazon, but not on facebook. okay, so you want to check competition on facebook marketplace. so when you pick a product, you want to check competition on facebook marketplace. you can see on the screen- here i'm showing you a binoculars for adults. here- you want to study things like the price, the reviews, the product descriptions, the seller, popularity on facebook marketplace. you want to identify whether or not this is an individual or a business. right, if you have an individual, chances are they must be. they might be doing things in in- i would say in- uh, an amateur way, but if you have a business, that's that's well organized, you probably have solid competition. so once you you check the competition on facebook marketplace and you realize there is an opportunity to actually enter that space to. you gotta find drop shippers. okay, so you've got a profitable products in mind, but not sure where to go from here? right, you can go to alibaba, for instance. alibaba is arguably one of the best sites for sourcing reliable uh suppliers. okay, we actually have done a lot of uh reviews on alibaba and allo and other dropshippers. but it's totally it depends on the niche, your aim and your target audience, and there are a lot of ways you can do things to beat the competition on facebook marketplace. okay, you want to look for things like listing optimization- very important, as you can see on the screen here. you want to study things like title, description and text and competitors submission so that you can do better. you want to write better descriptions. you want to write more compelling descriptions. they are important. please spend time crafting your product titles. this is the first thing the customer is going to look for. it's going to look, it's going to see. rather okay, and you can see on the screen here that if you look at, if you go to facebook marketplace, for instance, are you searching for a specific uh, a specific item. the first thing the customer sees is not only the, the picture, but also the title. they see the price also. so those are important elements to pay attention to, and i'm showing you the first facebook marketplace, the first screenshot and the second screenshot. so you want to go to facebook marketplace to see the product, but also you want to go back to alibaba to see the second, the same product. so here we have taken the example of binoculars. one thing you need to pay attention to is that on facebook and um, on alibaba, when you start typing the name of the product, you have suggestions. right, those suggestions are a troll of data for you to know what kind of stuff sells on each platform. again, this is not just peculiar to am it to amazon, facebook or alibaba. you have it with other drop shipping suppliers. i'm just giving you examples here. okay, and one thing i want to see here is that there are actually a vast number of tools available to help you find these keywords, but two highly rated ones are keyword tool and jungle scout, based on our analysis. okay, so you want to write a compelling product description, you want to take advantage of back-end search terms, you want to optimize your product images and you want to advertise with facebook sponsored products if you have the resources to do so. step number three: folks. so, step number one: you want to find high margin items on amazon. step number two: you want to analyze and study facebook marketplace trains. again, we are speaking about amazon to facebook marketplace drop shipping. so in step number three, i want you to automate things, try to automate as much as possible, and there are, there is a constellation of automation tools that you can use to actually bring your business to the next level. okay and uh, so we have actually covered this on another show, so i'm not going to quick, i'm not going to go in details here, but just know that there are some tools that

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How To Make Money On Facebook Marketplace in 2023 (Dropshipping)

I'm going to show you guys how you can still items on the Facebook Marketplace and make money in 2022 and Beyond. so let's get started now. so be entirely truthful: Facebook Marketplace is not necessarily regarded as the most trustworthy place when it comes to purchasing products, and that is because Facebook doesn't necessarily check these product listings. they basically allow anyone to list their products for sale, and that's about it, and that's why we are seeing all of these memes all over the Internet pointing out that this might be a shady place to purchase products from, and I tend to agree. however, that is not a drawback. what we need to understand is that the Facebook Marketplace is still a Marketplace, regardless. not only that, but it's one that gets a lot of organic traffic. to give you guys some terms of comparison, let's see that instead of selling products on Facebook, we are selling them through eBay. right, what you can do is connect to ebaycom, click on the sell button and then create your product listings. you get to set your own price, choose how you get paid and when, and that's about it. but the main drawback of using ebaycom is the competition. you can list your product, but most people will not even find it because there are probably thousands of other sellers who will rank up higher than you because they are sponsoring their listings, because they've got a lot of reviews and the algorithm promotes them a little bit higher. so, all in all, the Facebook Marketplace seems to be a more beginner friendly option when it comes to selling products, and now the fact that Facebook doesn't necessarily check these listings and they don't really have any requirements allows us to have a lot of freedom, which means that if you create a product listing on Facebook, you don't even necessarily need to have that product. you can just create the product listing even if you don't have it. now I'm not saying that so that you can just start scamming people, because that's not how this works, but instead that allows us to implement A Drop Shipping model. you can create a product listing even if you don't have the product in your storage space, even if you haven't already purchased it, and then, when you get an order, you can just order the item from a cheap supplier and have your supplier ship the items to your customers door. that is how so many people out there are implementing the Drop Shipping model, but what most of these sellers do is that they build their own e-commerce stores using Shopify or similar tools, which is gonna cost you quite a bit. you see, if we go over to the pricing section on Shopify, the basic package will cost you about 24 a month, but that doesn't really include a lot. if you really want to take full advantage of the process, you may want to go for the advanced package, which is 300. now, if we dive a little bit deeper, we can understand what kind of products are being sold through the Facebook Marketplace, and there are a bunch of categories ranging from cell phones to electronics, Auto Parts or even jewelry and accessories. so there's no shortage of niches here. however, guys, if you really want this to work, you need your product listing to stand out. you cannot just sell random products, generic ones, and hope to get sales, because that won't happen. so let's do a little bit of research. let's try to understand what kind of items people purchase when it comes to drop shipping, and it seems like health and personal gear are among the most popular ones. then we also have wardrobe items and accessories, kitchen and grocery, home and bedroom, and the list goes on. now here's what most people do. the first thing you have to do when it comes to drop shipping is find a very cheap supplier. most of the times, these will be based in China, and they will literally sell their products for a few dollars each. what we can do is connect to a Marketplace such as AliExpress in Alibaba and start searching. they even have items on sale that you can purchase for just a few cents or so, and here's why I personally think that the Facebook Marketplace is a pretty untapped source of traffic. when it comes to drop shipping, let me show you the following example. let's say that this is our winner. to be honest, it's a pretty cool product. it's a car air freshener, but it's one that looks really great, and I would see why people would purchase this one. it's really easy to use. it definitely has some functionality to it, so it's not just a toy, and we can purchase it for three dollars a piece, so it's very cheap as well. now, if I search for this product on Amazon, let's say here's what happens. or let's even search for it on eBay. I'm gonna paste it right here and hit the enter button. well guys, as you can see, we've got some competition here. there are already top operated Sailors taking advantage of this Drop Shipping product, and just in case you're wondering whether they are doing Drop Shipping or not. well, there is no doubt about it. as you can see, the picture they used is this one right here, so they probably just downloaded it off of AliExpress and reused it, which you are allowed to do. by the way, they've also sponsored their listing to make sure that it shows us the first result when people search for a car air freshener. and you can also see it is coming from China, and so if you had any doubts about it at this point, they should be cleared up. they're just implementing the Drop Shipping model: purchasing the item for a very low price from China and then selling it for a higher price so they can keep a profit. now I can assure you that not a lot of people in your area are selling their product on the Facebook Marketplace. it's a very unique one, so the likelihood of having any competition here whatsoever is very slim. so as soon as you create your product listing, all the people in your area will be able to see it, and if the product is interesting enough, I'm pretty sure they will start reaching out to you. once again, you don't necessarily have to purchase it from the get-go once people start reaching out to you asking about the product. that's when you can purchase the item, and so the logistiks of the Facebook Marketplace are going to be a little bit confusing. when it comes to eBay, for instance, things are a little bit easier. you're gonna list your product, somebody will place an order, so eBay will make sure they actually pay for it, and that's when you can ask the supplier to ship the item to your customers door. when it comes to the Facebook Marketplace, it's a more Hands-On approach, meaning that people will reach out to you by sending you a message and there is no guarantee that they will actually pay for the item, which is quite the drawback. that is the biggest inconvenience when it comes to using this Marketplace, but other than that, it's a pretty easy way of generating some traffic with very little cost. but, guys, there's a little bit more to it than that. Facebook is not necessarily renowned as the most trustworthy Marketplace, and that's why you need to build as much credibility as possible. you see, the way this works is really simple. as soon as somebody sees your product listing if they want to purchase the product, they will reach out to you, but they will most likely check your profile as well, just to make sure that you're a trustworthy person. now, instead of them seeing your personal pictures or your random posts that you've been putting on Facebook for a few years now, what you can do is build another page, a whole new one from scratch, where you're just posting content that is relevant to the product you're selling. here's an example. this is not a Facebook page, it's an Instagram one, but you can literally model the same exact strategy. they're also doing Drop Shipping. they are probably purchasing this product for a very low price from China and then reselling it online through their eCommerce store. they've been posting a lot of content. in fact, they've posted over 293 different videos so far, and some of them have gone absolutely viral. this one right he.

How To MAKE MONEY Dropshipping Amazon Products on Facebook Marketplace | STEP BY STEP

what's up, rainmaker? i'm so excited because today we have a special guest, travis, who's going to teach us all about marketplace multiplication. okay, we're calling this the marketplace multiplier training. it's all about facebook marketplace and how you can actually drop ship items from amazon to customers on facebook. this is one of those opportunities that people are totally overlooking. they're like, oh, facebook marketplace, i've heard of it, but he's going to show you a new way to think about facebook marketplace and how to leverage this platform to make income online, starting today. so, if that sounds good, stik around for this video. we're gonna go super in depth and show you exactly how. [Music]. hey, what's up guys? uh, this is the rainmaker family youtube channel. this is where me, my wife, our son, kaizen- we share some family adventures. we also tok about creating alternative sources of income for your family and after this training- i just got off the training- people are just so fired up inside our remaker community. this is an hour and a half call. we went really in depth on this topic, but in this youtube video, we're going to give you the high level top tips where you can take action on those today and actually start generating income right now through facebook marketplace. but first can we just admire this impressive scratch that i got from kaizen. he is so strong already and you gotta watch those fingernails because they are lethal. if you missed my past video all about facebook marketplace and selling stuff around the house, i definitely recommend starting with that because it is kind of a beginner training on facebook marketplace. but we do give some high level tips on how to increase your conversions, and that means the rate of people who see your items versus the people who buy them. so if you have a higher conversion, that means more people are going to buy your stuff. so you can apply those same tips to this video. so definitely check out that video. i'll put a little card in the upper right hand corner and so click on that and check out that video as well. our guest trainer today is travis, and he's helped hundreds of people do this process of learning to make money through facebook marketplace specifically. travis is young, at only 24 years old, but he's been through a lot. he's actually grown successful e-commerce businesses. he's actually gone down to the pits and had twenty dollars to his name, so he's seen the highs and lows and he's held on to his why throughout it all, which has kept him motivated. now he's fired up and on a mission to help people just like you who want to create income from home using the internet. the method we're about to show does take some time. when travis had about twenty dollars to his name, he spent four hours per day getting this thing rolling, but he made five thousand dollars in his first week. that's not saying you have to put four hours a day into this. we actually had people live on the call- the call was about an hour and a half long- who actually made money by the end of the call. so if you have 30 minutes to an hour a day to put towards this, you can start generating some cash quick without further ado. let's hop into it all right, you guys. well, i'm so excited to introduce to you today a special guest trainer who's come into our group just for this purpose: to train you guys on how to make money on facebook marketplace. give a warm rainmaker welcome to our guest today, travis. travis, are you there? oh, yeah, i'm here. what's up? brain makers- awesome. travis and i met through another online mastermind- uh, you guys know pedro 100x. that's where travis and i met and we've been kind of going back and forth on messenger for a while. so i've been seeing the results that he's been getting for, uh, his students and i was like travis, you've got to come in our group and teach us how to do this. so, um, he graceful, gracefully, agreed to come in here and just drop some wisdom for like 30- 45 minutes and then we're gonna do some q a afterwards. but our goal is to give you guys actionable things that you can just like go do right now. i'm super excited to be doing this. the question is, what is drop shipping? some of you may have no idea what it is, so i actually just downloaded it, this simple um photo from google, and pretty much what you do is imagine this right here. right, what i'm hovering over this is facebook marketplace and what you're doing is you're, uh, for an example, what i showed my students is how to make money leveraging amazon and facebook together. so what i show them to do is how to identify certain products, to copy their images, um, their, their title and their description, part of their description- and you list it on facebook marketplace and then customers hit you up and they say, hey, can i buy this? and then there's a whole method. i teach my students that they use to get the customer to send them the money. and then you go and you purchase this product and you keep the rest. some of you better take note of this because i might not say it again at the end, but one of the hottest niches was wall art. okay, now walmart made me thousands and thousands of dollars, okay, and, for instance, i would go to amazon. there would be this wall art for 40 bucks and i'd sell it all day long for 80 dollars. so the customer would send me money and and boom, i would go ahead and list it. it's very simple. don't over complicate it. what i love about what travis is toking about is this kind of reframes. the drop shipping conversation: i've never really recommended drop shipping in the past because a lot of times people are drop shipping stuff from overseas. there's long shipping times, there's customer service issues, there's a lot of headache and very low margins. but because you're working with one of the most trusted e-commerce platforms out there- amazon- and another giant online, facebook, it's a marriage made in heaven. being an amazon seller myself, i would be stoked if people took my products and helped me market them for free, and this is what you get paid to do. basically, you take people's products on amazon and you just help them get more sales by putting it on a different platform- facebook marketplace- and with new integrations and updates to facebook you can collect payment digitally through facebook's pay feature and you can sell the same item to multiple customers at a profit. then you manually place the order on amazon and you ship it directly to the customer, making sure to market as a gift so the prices aren't shown. in the next part of the training, travis pulls up his phone and actually lists a product live so you can just follow along and do it with him. but before he does check out some of the testimonials of people who've done this in just the last month, i'm just going to show you guys some photos. so this is how simple this is. hey, i'm at 600 profit in a week so far. you ignited a fire under me with the five-day training. so this right here is another one of my students. he's at 8 900 in profit for the month and he did just a thousand sixty eight dollars profit in two days, he said worked about four hours today and yesterday combined, mostly processing orders, answering messages. here are my results for those two days. this guy total profit for august going into q4 full steam ahead. this guy right here does it part time. he's about to fire his boss. he did three thousand one hundred and seventy two dollars profit using the same strategy and i'm gonna show you exactly how to list it. you guys could actually take your phones out and list this together. so this is how simple this is. on listing items, okay, you're literally going to come here. you never want to copy the brand name, but what you're going to do is i'll copy this title, just like this, on my phone. okay, i'll hit copy and then i'm gonna take a picture. now. one funny story is my brother forgot to crop it on one photo and a lady still wanted to buy it and i mean, we have so many like. the question is, what if it arrives in an amazon packaging? me personally, i've never out of t.

I Tried Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace for One Week (Does it Work?)!

i tried drop shipping on facebook marketplace for one week. there were some lows- nothing's going exactly according to plan here some highs. this actually works and i'll be showing you all of it in this video, plus how much money i made after just one week. if you're here then you've probably heard about drop shipping before and if you follow my channel then you've probably seen some of my videos about drop shipping on ebay or amazon. but for the past six months the number one most requested video i've been getting from my viewers is one all about drop shipping on facebook marketplace. and because i love you guys, want to make you happy, here's that video, day one. now, getting started with facebook drop shipping seemed easy enough. i'd use facebook marketplace in the past when i sold some old junk when i was moving, and i had a ton of experience drop shipping on ebay and amazon. so combine the two- how hard could this really be? but i wasn't sure how scalable facebook drop shipping would be. but you know what i felt like i had nothing to lose. i already had a facebook account and since i already had a facebook account, i also had access to facebook marketplace. so i started to poke around on facebook marketplace to kind of get an idea of how it worked, and i also wanted to see what people were actually buying, because in the past the stuff i sold on facebook was just old junk i didn't want anymore. but what i'm more interested in now is what people actually want to buy. once i felt a little bit more familiar with facebook marketplace, i decided to just get right into it and start listing up some items. now i wasn't really sure what to sell at first, so the first items i listed up were just some items that i had already sold on ebay and amazon, and honestly, some of the other items were just amazon's best sellers, which you can find right on amazoncom and wouldn't you know it? less than one hour later i made my first sale and honestly, i could not believe how fast that happened. honestly, i can't believe how fast that happened. i made my first sale after just one hour. this actually works. facebook drop shipping does work. let's see how much i can scale this up. so, if you couldn't tell, i was pretty excited at this point. so i hopped back on my computer, bought the item from amazon, shipped it to my customer on facebook and i was done for a total profit of eight bucks- not too bad. i spent the rest of the day listing more items. i did get some more orders, so i fulfilled those orders. so i ended the day with a total profit of 26. day two: good morning everyone. so this is day number two of my drop shipping on facebook challenge. this morning we parked over here on this beach in titusville, florida, because late tonight there's going to be a rocket launch. so i'm just going to sit here all day listing items, hopefully fulfilling some orders, and then tonight we'll watch the rocket launch. i already checked my phone, so we have a couple of orders, so let's jump on the computer and see what it's all about. i started out by fulfilling the orders that had come through overnight and was pretty happy to see that they were all still in stok on amazon and walmart. i then spent the rest of the day just adding products onto facebook and i really concentrated on items that i had already been selling on ebay and amazon, because those were the ones that were selling the fastest for me on facebook. all right, guys, it's 4: 30 pm on my second day and i've been sitting here listing items all day long. i've been getting some sales throughout the day, maybe like once every hour, every two hours. but in the last 20 or 30 minutes, like holy moly, i've been getting a ton of sales, like just five or six, like right after another. a lot of people send me messages asking about items as well. so i'm definitely feeling a little bit overwhelmed, definitely feeling really excited as well. i'm doing this all by myself at this point, so i definitely have to get to work to get all these orders fulfilled and kind of put this to rest for the night so i can go watch that rocket [Music] launch day three. on day three i was so blown away by the rocket launch the night before that i didn't record any videos. but i pulled another 12 hour day just listing products, fulfilling orders, and ended the day with a total profit of 94 to date. day four: what's up guys? it's the fourth day. it's actually saturday morning, around seven am. i'm already up on my laptop doing work because i got a bunch of orders last night. it's kind of the reality when you're starting your own business even got to work on the weekends, but that's the best time to hustle. it gives you the most amount of time, especially if working a nine to five job. so let's get these orders done. [Music]. so that is a wrap for day number four. total profit for facebook drop shipping so far is over 250. i think it's 263 and it would have been more than that. but i did sell some items that were out of stok from my supplier, so i had to find them somewhere else and order them at a loss, so i actually lost some money on some sales. but overall we're up by a lot, because yesterday we were at less than a hundred dollars profit. now we're over 200 profit. so we're definitely scaling things in the right direction right now, and the crazy part is that about one third of my listings are actually selling, which is a huge chunk of them, and i think a big reason for that is because i'm really focusing on, as soon as i sell an item, listing up a bunch of similar items to that one, so that it's just kind of full of these items that i know people are interested in, and that's that's been working really, really well for me. now, one big struggle i had today was just how overwhelmed i started to feel with all the orders coming in and just being able to keep up with that while still adding products into the store as well. so tomorrow i really need to focus. i really need to find a way to automate this some more, whether that's using some software or hiring a virtual assistant- because i'm not gonna be able to do this sustainably- i don't think and run my other businesses- unless i find a way to automate this. so that's gonna be my focus for tomorrow. hopefully that works and yeah, that's a wrap for tonight, day five: when i woke up on day five i was really excited to find a way to set up my facebook drop shipping automation and i spent the whole day setting up the software connecting it to facebook. but on the very last step i ran into a big issue. all right, so nothing's going exactly according to plan here. so first, the automation: to set it up, it was a lot harder than i thought it would be. i did manage to get it despite all the moving parts. it did take me a full day to do it. but i'm not even sure if it's going to work because there's one final step that facebook has to approve and they say it could take up to a week for that to happen. so maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. i don't even know yet. what i do know is that it wastes an entire day setting it up. that was the day i could have been listing more products and since doing that, i've definitely notiked that my sales slowed down. i think you constantly have to be adding products into your store, especially this time of year. i'm doing this right before christmas and a lot of the more popular items are now selling out, so i think that that factored into it a lot as well. i'm not sure what the exact numbers are, so i'll just put them at the bottom of the screen what they are right now. but my focus right now i'm going to put the automation on the back burner while i wait for facebook to approve me, and i'm instead going to just double down on listing more products and really put the focus in that, because i know that works and i can always set up the automation later. so i'm trying to keep this. seven days of drop shipping: i did kind of lose out on an entire day for the automation, but i still have a couple of days left, so i definitely want to make the best of it. day six and day seven: over the next few days, nothing really new happened. i just