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Dropshipping From Scratch!! | NEW Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy! (The "Lucky 7 Launch" Method)

Published on: December 7 2022 by MATT RILEY

Dropshipping From Scratch!! | NEW Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy! (The "Lucky 7 Launch" Method)

The above is a brief introduction to Dropshipping From Scratch!! | NEW Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy! (The "Lucky 7 Launch" Method).

Let's move on to the first section of Dropshipping From Scratch!! | NEW Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy! (The "Lucky 7 Launch" Method)!

Dropshipping From Scratch!! | NEW Low Budget Facebook Ads Strategy! (The "Lucky 7 Launch" Method)

hey my name is Matt Riley and today I'm
gonna be showing you my profitable drop
shipping from scratch strategy using my
new lucky 7 launch method which you can
copy today so we want to use our time
and money efficiently if we're going to
be drop shipping from complete scratch
and a lot of trainings out there are
teaching Instagram influencers but I
believe in my experience that this is
the slow and hard method to do now we
want to make money fast we want to make
money easy and we want a proven system
and in my experience the way to do that
is with low budget Facebook ads and I'm
gonna show you how to do that today so
here's why Instagram influencers are
inefficient it's actually pretty time
consuming to do this so I found that I
would have to build up a brand new
Instagram page build the social proof
with the followers and lengths on all my
posts and then I would have to take the
time to find new influencers in my niche
and then I would have to DM them one by
one trying to offer them a deal and on
top of that there's a message limit so
Instagram actually will block us from
messaging people when we've deemed a
certain amount of people per day and so
you know we're kind of capped at that
limit and another huge reason why
Instagram influencers are pretty
inefficient is because the influencers
don't really care about your business
especially if you're brand new and so
imagine you are a brand new Shopify
store and you're trying to reach out to
an influencer well they actually care
more about their following and they
built up a precious Instagram account so
they are more interested in maintaining
that and not really ruining their entire
Instagram account and I completely
understand because a lot of companies
try to reach out to me in order for me
to affiliate their products on my
youtube channel and I simply don't care
about their company I don't care about
you know making money off them because
why it's simply not a good company I
care more about you guys and helping you
towards success and so there's no point
in me pitching their services to you if
it's not going to benefit you at all
okay so
there are some trainings that teach
revenue share which means let's say for
example you were to reach out to an
influencer you don't pay them any money
upfront and any sales that they make
well you're going to split that so let's
say you they make you fifty bucks well
you're probably gonna split that however
you want fifty fifty forty sixty it's up
to you but a lot of influencers actually
don't want to do that I mean nobody
wants to promote a service or a product
from a brand-new company especially if
they're not getting money up front so
it's actually really really hard to do
that and then pretend you know day one
you're reaching out to 4050 influencers
none of them want to do a revenue share
day - none of them want to do a revenue
share so you're actually losing a lot of
time because that time could be spent
towards making money okay and the next
reason is there's a really good chance
that their audience won't care about you
either so let's say you do end up
finding a really good deal and they do
promote your services well what if the
audience doesn't want to buy from your
Shopify store right and it's just really
it's too inconsistent you could get
sales you could there's a really high
chance that you don't get sales and it's
a very very low win rate percentage so
most of the time especially if you're
brand new you're not going to be
profitable with Instagram influencers
it's really not ideal when you're first
starting out a brand new company it is
great if you have a falling or if maybe
you have a little bit of a higher budget
and you have more time to spend towards
reaching out to these influencers or
maybe you already have experience with
Instagram influencers okay so here's my
low budget Facebook Ads strategy it's
pretty easy to set up and you can make
money fast and the smart machine will
increase your chance to find your ideal
customers and here's the thing even if
you don't get sales it's fine because
it's money spent towards potential
future customers once you're profitable
here you can just scale to higher income
here's my lucky seven launch method and
you must follow this exactly step by
step or this will not work at all okay
it's if you miss a step or you don't
complete it in full then you're gonna be
more likely to fail okay and your story
your online store your Shopify store
must be the type that I will tok about
in just a second your product must pass
all the steps and this one is really
crucial because everybody misses this
and I can guarantee that 95% of people
will actually miss this step and your
video must not be saturated people tok
about product saturation we're going to
try to advertise a saturated product
well then your video must not also be
strive saturated as well and you cannot
use this Facebook ad strategy without
the above ok so if you try this on your
existing stores it's not gonna work at
all running Facebook ads without an
optimized product an optimized video and
an optimized store it's it's kind of
like trying to drive a beaten-down car
so if you're struggling with Facebook
ads if you're struggling to scale this
is exactly what's happening you're
trying to drive this car right here in
the picture and so for a car to properly
operate there's a lot of different
pieces there's the wheels there's the
engine there's the framework itself and
then there's obviously the driver ok
it's the same thing with dropshipping
you need all different aspects including
the product store video and then the
Facebook ad strategy to make this work
ok now let's tok about the store now
there's a lot of trainings about one
product stores and I'm not saying that
they don't work but I want you to
imagine this let's say you open up a one
product store and it took you about two
hours to build that store ok now what
are you gonna do next you're going to
spend maybe a hundred dollars on
advertising on Facebook and then all of
it is suddenly lost ok so what do you do
you're you're sad right because you lost
all that money okay now what well you
have two options one you can keep going
and you can waste you know in the next
few weeks and your valuable time which
could be spent towards making money
somewhere else and then you could spend
even more money past $100 $200 $300 how
long is it gonna have much money is it
gonna take $500 and still you know maybe
you're gonna be profitable but maybe
you're not and so here we're really
it will be profitable okay or the second
option is you could just start the whole
thing over again build another brand new
store from scratch and spend more money
on advertising and just to pray to see
if it'll work how much you're gonna
spend $100 $200 $300
I mean you so lovingly took the time to
build that store now you know you are
you gonna just let it go to waste
well what if I could show you a way to
eliminate both options to where you're
not praying at all and you don't have to
build a store and to build a brand new
business and start from scratch every
single time okay well this is the best
method a branded general store and a lot
of you know that I like evergreen niche
stores and this councils one because
this is a store that can last forever
the basic overview of this strategy is
we're going to be able to cut losses
early on products instead of trying to
spend more and more on them this
eliminates you praying that your product
will suddenly be profitable and it's not
really necessary to even look branded at
all but it is always good to look better
than the competition and it's good to
look trustworthy now if you don't
believe me on this general story let's
actually take a look at the top
dropshipping stores for the week okay so
I'm here in drop point and I'm gonna
sort by most shared SHOP NOW videos and
seen in this in this week and we're
gonna see the top drop shipping ads and
so let's take a look at this so let's
look at this one so this one is hmm a
general store for the best drop shipping
ad this week let's look at this one well
what do you know another general store
okay let's look at this one and then
let's look at this one another general
store hmm and another general store hmm
I see I see a trend here I see a trend
here let's click on all these there we
go another general store
another general store and there we go
another general store and well what do
you know well this one there is you
can't even really click on the store
this is some special landing pages page
so as you can see here the top the best
of the best drop shipping ads in the
best of the best drop shipping stores
this week are all using General Stores
okay now let's tok about the product
because we're on a low budget our
product is required to pass all of the
following checkpoints if you have a
higher budget then you have more wiggle
room to make mistakes here but every
single little piece needs to be
double-checked triple-checked because we
want to make sure that we're using our
money efficiently so everyone knows I
toked about high demand and low supply
and a lot of my other videos well here's
a question that I would ask myself
before advertising so if I'm looking at
a product I want to make sure that it
has convincing evidence that the product
has a high sales volume today the
reasoning behind this is let's say you
wanted a thousand orders a thousand
orders on your product you're gonna make
a good amount of income okay so you see
that this product had five thousand
orders somewhere else well we know that
this product isn't going to be sold on
just one single store there's gonna be a
lot of sellers for that product but your
job is just to take a slice of the pie
now a lot of people will dislike this
method of the Amazon bestsellers but I
have found several winners from Amazon
bestsellers and also my students have
found winners from Amazon bestsellers
and the reason why this works so well is
because of high demand and low supply we
know there's a huge demand for the
product somewhere else on another
platform but when we tok about low
supply there might not be many
advertisers on Facebook for the products
yet and so there's other ways you can
get convincing evidence of high sales
volume if you see it viral social media
posts on Facebook
tik-tok or Instagram I would just check
the comments and see if people are
saying you know I need this or I bought
this or maybe they're tagging a bunch of
people and then Aliexpress just like I
toked about and you can even look at
Alibaba bus to see the orders or if you
trust any suppliers they can probably
give you some insight and information on
what the best products are selling right
now now you must make sure that you
answer this question before you start
advertising and so now let's move on to
the next question are there video clips
that you can use that's different and
possibly better than the ones your
competitors are using and I toked about
video saturation on top of product
saturation a little bit earlier and
directly copying a video example
actly that's what a lot of people do
well that's the worst way to invest your
money and if I were to start a brand-new
company and I was copying exactly my
competitors video and then investing my
own money into that then I know that's
not the best way to invest my money okay
so you know there's other ways you can
do it you can film it it yourself you
can source and edit the clips on your
own which is what I like to do but if
you don't want to go through the trouble
of that and then you can get someone
else to do that for you and you can
outsource it and my recommendation is
viral EECOM ads click on the link in the
description then you're gonna have
somebody actually create the video ads
for you I toked a little bit about this
earlier if you see that a product has a
ton of sales on another platform like
Amazon like eBay or even other EECOM
stores but there's very very few sellers
on Facebook or Instagram then this might
be your opportunity this part isn't a
question I'm actually telling you that
you need to make your sale price for
extra cost of goods sold now so 3x is
probably okay but shipping prices are
increasing by the day so we want to make
sure that we're offsetting that and we
can actually make a profit after
advertising if you can't do this then
you want to charge shipping okay or what
you want to do is you want to push
people to buy two units three units four
units as much as possible here's a
little tip just do all the above now
because we're pricing our products
pretty high we want to ignore Amazon
just ignore other dropshippers pricing
because you're gonna be tempted to want
to low your price and then when you
actually go to advertise you're not
going to be profitable okay you want to
make sure that you're marketing yourself
as the premium version of your product
and if you're gonna do this make sure
that your images and your product title
reflect that should everything should be
pretty clean okay now it's time for the
Facebook Ads strategy so here is where
my lucky 7 launch method comes into play
okay so we're gonna have seven products
to test we're gonna have seven an sets
each and we're gonna do a seven dollar a
day ad set budget okay you're going to
do one product per campaign now you do
not need to be running all of these
products all at once so you can do it
one at a time now I recommend that you
change your pixel if you're going to be
doing this strategy because you don't
want to have the same pixel with all
these different niches or what you can
do is you can
the track if I app and you have multiple
pixels but if you don't want to pay for
the app just change the pixel per niche
because when you're first starting out
you don't need to worry about this and
then when you get your first winner
anyway you're just gonna be scaling on
that pixel and then trying to upsell
related products in that niche anyway so
why seven products well seven products
will actually give you reasonable data
to compare with each other and we're
gonna realize oh this product is selling
better than this one
this one has better stats and what a lot
of people do especially with one product
stores is they're going to fall in love
with the product
now I had someone that I knew who
started one product store because that's
just the way that she was trained and
when you calculate everything with the
sales and the cost of goods sold I think
she lost about two thousand dollars and
in my opinion she actually lost way more
than that because she spent like three
months trying to scale this when she
could have been using those three months
to find another product and make her way
more money now I was pretty surprised
when she told me this and I told her my
strategy hey I cut products early but
she ended up not listening to me and
then a couple months later she's in the
hole and lost another $6,000 trying to
force a product and that's why we want
to have the experience especially when
we're starting from scratch especially
as a brand new beginner to have the
experience of selling multiple different
products and then maybe later when
you're a little bit more experienced
then that's when you want to niche down
then that's when you maybe want to do a
one product store even but if you're
starting from complete scratch I highly
highly recommend that you have the
experience selling multiple different
products okay so why seven ad sets well
seven ad sets it allows us to try just
enough different audiences now I
personally don't really like testing
more than seven ten is probably the
threshold because what happens is when
we test more it's gonna mislead us to
make irrational decisions and in order
for this method to work and in order for
us to be profitable we're looking for a
high wind percentage ratio with our ad
sets all right so if we launch seven
we're gonna want four of those seven ad
sets to have sales and because the win
percentage ratio is so high this product
is going to be very promising and this
is going to be easy to scale if we have
two or three out of the seven that are
winning and then the other ones are duds
it could be a winner it could
but usually these ones are going to be
really hard to scale and if you think
scaling is hard it's probably because of
the lower winning percentage ratio with
ad sets now if you have zero ad sets
that are working and or one out of seven
that's usually not good but the problem
here is that if people launched 20 ad
sets and then we see two out of the
twenty odd sets profitable a lot of
people will say oh wow this one was
profitable I really want to keep going
and so they get that high they get a
sale and they're like I want more sales
I want more sales but sales doesn't
matter we need profit we need profit so
even though you might have a high rose
on one or two ad sets in reality the
overall row is what you spend out of all
of your campaigns all of your ad sets is
what matters so with a low ad set win
rate percentage it's going to be hard to
scale that product okay you can launch
more than seven if you really really
want to but just watch out for your
overall rose here's the Facebook ad
strategy overview first you're gonna
calculate your break-even cost per
purchase so if you don't know how to do
that if you're selling your product for
29.99 your cost of goods sold is $6.99
you pay that for your supplier then
you're gonna be left over at $23 okay
we're gonna divide that by two because
that's gonna be important for the next
step so if your ad set spends $11.50
which is half your breakeven cost per
purchase and you don't get an add to
cart then you're just going to turn off
that ad set okay if you don't get any
sales after spending your breakeven cost
per purchase which is at $23 in this
example then you're gonna cut it now
you've probably seen me have different
thresholds for my CBO strategy but
that's different because we're gonna be
looking at ad set spent here on my CBO
strategies you're gonna be looking at
the campaign spend level so it's
completely completely different okay so
let me show you how to set this up I'm
gonna show you how to set this up in a
brand new ad account but first make sure
you smash the like button and then
subscribe with the notification bell
that way you can see my secrets when
they're first launched and it actually
helps with channel growth if you watch
the videos as soon as they're launched
and then comment down below anything you
want because I respond to most of the
comments so here in ads manager we're
click on this green button create and
then we're going to name the campaign
just name it your product so let's just
say we're actually we have a dog Tory
for example and that's our product our
campaign objective is conversions and
the reason why is because it's proven
that this is the most profitable
objective we're gonna turn off the
campaign budget optimization and then
we're gonna click Save the draft here at
the bottom right then we're gonna click
on this untitled ad set to make the ad
set settings now I don't have a pixel
here and if you already have a pixel
then just select purchase purchase is
the most profitable and it's been proven
to be the most profitable okay you can
create a pixel and then once you do that
don't worry if there's no fires on your
pixel just choose purchase okay
then you're going to scroll down here
your daily budget is gonna be $7 now I
usually don't mess with the start dates
but because we're on a tight budget then
we're gonna go and launch it for 12 a.m.
the next day and that's going to be the
most efficient way to spend your budget
now I know a lot of people that actually
do 12 a.m. but some people do something
like 4 a.m. so you can do that and that
will spend the budget efficiently as
well there's no right or wrong answer
here okay ignore the custom audiences
you're gonna go to locations now
normally I would do worldwide okay so in
this training if this if we're not in
quarantine then you're gonna do
worldwide and you're gonna exclude the
countries however because we're in
quarantine right now and then it's tough
to ship to a lot of countries it's
pretty safe to just go to the United
States and that's it that's fine now
we're gonna do the ages leave it as is
unless your products otherwise if your
product is for the other generation and
it's obvious then you can do 45 and up
it's up to you gender same thing should
be obvious if not leave it at all
languages you can put English here the
detailed targeting exactly what the
product is so just search for dog toy if
it's a dog toy and if it's there then
use it if not then you can use the
suggestions or you can do something like
dog and then look at all of these other
interests and honestly I've found a lot
of my most profitable ad sets just
by hitting the suggestions okay then
you're gonna uncheck this reach people
beyond your detailed targeting so we're
gonna scroll down here now I used to do
auto placements and actually still do
and a lot of my campaigns but for this
specific strategy and today's training
we're gonna be doing manual placements
and for all devices we're gonna click on
this we're gonna uncheck desktop so
we're gonna be only targeting mobile
we're gonna come down here we're gonna
uncheck the feeds but then we're going
to select Facebook newsfeed and
Instagram feed and we're gonna only be
targeting these two placements okay
uncheck everything else stories is a hit
or miss so trying not to waste too much
budget in the beginning you can do auto
placements later as you're scaling and
see if stories is going to be profitable
and or the automatik placements or any
of these other placements like audience
Network but for now just target the
feeds okay and then you're gonna leave
this alone only connected to Wi-Fi you
can actually check this on because
you're gonna be targeting people who are
only connected to Wi-Fi that means
they're gonna be maybe sit and study and
they're gonna be more likely to possibly
make a purchase okay but I've a be
tested this in the past and I don't
really see that much of a difference
okay so leave this as is seven days
click leave that as is I've tested these
before and they're all pretty pretty
similar I've actually seen more results
with seven days click and then obviously
you're gonna upload your video to your
at okay then you're gonna come in here
you're gonna duplicate this six times
and then you're gonna hit duplicate and
then you're only going to change the
interest okay so let's go into this one
all right you're gonna click here and
you're gonna leave all the settings as
is but you're just going to hit the
suggestions and you're gonna use a
different interests okay anything that's
closely the related to your product
should be fine the more closely related
it is to your actual product the better
it's probably going to do maybe not all
the time but it's more likely to do that
okay you're gonna come in here change
this hit suggestions go like this okay
once you're done changing all of your ad
sets you can come in here select all of
them hit this gear icon and then I
already have this set but you
add additional formatting and you can
add parameters whatever you want but if
you actually add the interest parameter
then you're going to be able to rename
all your ad sets based on what interest
it is as I did here then when you're
done you're gonna publish that and then
you're good to go and that's your first
product okay that's product number one
so maybe you're going to do product
number one today and then to three days
from now you're going to do product
number two and then you're gonna get a
little bit faster at this method so then
the next day from that you're gonna do
product number three and then product
four and then product five then product
six now and then product seven now if
you find a winner and before that then
you don't probably don't need to do all
seven okay but it is a good idea to test
all seven that way you can see the
different stats for all of them and then
you can see okay this one has the most
amount of sales the method that I showed
you today is pretty beginner it's kind
of like a Charmander or the starter pack
because we're starting from scratch but
if you're looking to scale a little bit
higher and you want the Charizard
version and you want to know my best
methods that's when you're gonna want to
click the link in the description to
join my private training now here are
some more results with my training
program and here's an update on a Vishal
I posted the three thousand dollar day
and then shortly after he showed me his
four thousand two hundred and seventy
one dollar day and so here's Robbie he's
another one of my students he's scaling
to three thousand dollar days profitably
this is another one of my students he
actually hit forty four thousand dollars
in one single day and if you want to see
this a little bit more zoomed in he had
almost a nine percent conversion rate
due to a lot of the Shopify store
optimization tricks that I teach in my
course so if you want to know what those
tricks are and a bunch of my other
strategies and secrets again click the
link in the description to join my
private training program I will be
raising the price soon because there's a
lot of students jumping in I'm really
excited that the student success rate is
pretty high and they're also getting
pretty high results so the price of the
program is fairly fairly cheap because a
lot of students have already covered the
cost of that plus way way more and
they're just going to be making way way
more for the rest of their life it's
just a one-time payment you can check
out the pricing again in the link in the

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