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dropshipping from wish

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

How To Find Winning Products For Dropshipping Using Wish, Even Find US Suppliers

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Using Wish.com For Shopify Dropshipping Product Research

[Music]. hey everybody, Justin, seen her here. I want to show you a quick video on wish calm and using which calm for product research. it's a pretty awesome site. it's kind of like a social network for products. you could also buy products off of here, but we're probably not going to be using it for that- really just kind of finding ideas and, most importantly, finding sales proof to know which products are popular. so a couple different ways you could use wish calm. first off, you could just use it in a general sense to do some overall product research. you can kind of just go out there and see what's hot. right, this is which calm it's obviously free to use. you just sign up with your Facebook account or just create an account, and what you're going to be able to see right on the first page are just basically latest products, latest deals, and you see the navigation across the top of the screen. this is what we would leverage to kind of take a look at different products just in a general sense, trying to find out what's hot, so we can go into hobbies and you'll notike over here. you see a sales proof and this is what's really important. if you heard me tok about product research ever before you know how important sales prove or social proof is. okay, in this case we're actually seeing sales proof, how many products were bought for each listing here and that's super important, right? that tells us, well, okay, five thousand people bought this product. that has to mean something, right? that means something to us whether the product is right, the, the niche is hot, something. that's great information for us to kind of pull out of here. and obviously that's totally free. we could just scroll through any of these different categories: accessories, while it's fashion, shoes, tops. you can even get some t-shirt ideas over here, gadgets, right, and they'll just literally load into all these different categories showing hot products. and again you could take a look like, let's say, over here, let's say you're in the Christianity niche, 10,000 people bought this twelve dollar bracelet, right here. some shirts, right, different ideas. get some niche ideas. maybe you want to do wild animals or dinosaurs or who knows? right, get a lot of different ideas out here. even look at some home decor, look at gadgets. hobbies is a great one to be in here. so just on the general sense, you can go through and scroll through. there's, you know, literally hundreds of thousands of products in here. all of them have sales proof attached to them and you can go ahead and find some good products to test. now, let's say you're already in a niche, right. let's say you're in a niche for you. let's use the panda Mitch: okay, you're going to come to wish calm and you're simply going to search in panda. okay, and you're going to see, right off the bat, hundreds of thousands of products inside your niche and they're all with sales proof- okay. so right off the bat, if I want to build a panda store and I was looking for products, I would, without any hesitation, I'd be adding this product to my store. okay. first of all, great margin: okay, it's only a dollar. you will probably find it for a little bit more expensive in other places and you have to choose a size. so somewhere between looks like seven and ten dollars, right, for the normal size backpack here. but we see that ten thousand people bought it, right. she's a little keychain. five thousand people body. you see this little phone case. twenty thousand people bought this. okay. a thousand people bought this hat. five thousand people bought this little cell phone accessory- okay, so we're figuring out what people like, right. and even if these individual products don't work. this is still giving us a lot of information about the types of products people buy, even though the the kind of look of the products that people buy, in terms of what people are responding to, because this is great information, right- twenty thousand people who are interested in this product, and you'd actually be able to buy or source this product directly through wish calm. if you see over here, you can go and actually add it to cart and buy it, right? also, a cool thing is to have a save, like a little wish list, so you can start finding all these cool products and just start saving them, right. let's say, you want to do product research for the panda niche, just come in here. oh, this looks cool. okay, I'll save it. this looks cool, I'll save it. this looks cool, I'll save it. right. but you can also buy it directly through wish calm. I typically don't do that. you're almost gonna be able to find every single product on wish calm. you'll find it on Aliexpress calm as well, right? I mean, we might even be able to find it word for word. we can come over here, type in or copy this: panda backpack, Kauai, cute, go to Aliexpress, and we can type it right in. we should probably see the exact same backpack or things that are very similar. so we could scroll through here and, of course, find very similar backpacks. we could do other, different search terms. for the most part, you're going to find products here, you? I think this is the exact product right here. you could find it on on Aliexpress. you could buy it through wish calm and just drop ship it right through your product. so let's do another example. how about we search for guitar table? take a look at what's out here, and again we're seeing social proof. 20,000 people bought this- looking this like a stand or something. ten thousand people bought these picks. ten thousand people bought this little accessory. I forgot what this is and you know you can scroll through here and just take a look at just a huge variety of products that are going to be available to you either through wish calm or through Aliexpress calm. and again, the real amazing part is that you have this sales proof and I want to call attention to a couple products, or a couple. I con zon here. you see this over here. this is the fast shipping icon. so let's open up this little pocket guitar product and you'll see that this is a great time to actually use this place to source products. right. five to seven day delivery- that's awesome, right? obviously you're not going to get that on Aliexpress. so in the times where you see this little icon, it's like they're fast shipping, they're rushed shipping icon. right, it's a little orange, looks like a postal truck right beside this icon. right here. this is where you could actually source from which calm and you're gonna get really fast us-based to shipping. so let me say I've already save this to my watchlist. this is a pretty cool product to test that. only ten dollars plus four dollars shipping with USA based shipping to get it out to your customer pretty quickly. if you're in the guitar niche, this is definitely a product you'd want to test. of course, and this is going to happen for any niche that you research on here. all you need to do is just come up here, put in your niche, search through all these products again. you could source them through wish calm. you could probably also source them through Aliexpress calm. but the real important stuff here is this social and sales proof: finding out which products are actually popular and taking action off of that. so I hope you enjoy which calm and definitely add it to your product research cycle.

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How to Sell on Wish Marketplace 2023: Seller’s Guide to Making Millions on Wish.com 🔶 E-CASH S2•E67

i'm very excited today because i want to speak to you about how to sell on wish marketplace. in today's conversation i'll give you a complete seller's guide to making millions on wish. don't go anywhere. [Music]. welcome back, folks, to another edition of the awesome sort of kiwi show. how are you today? i hope you're all doing fantastik. i'm doing marvelous. if you ever ask me if you are doing as wonderful as i am, go grab a cup of coffee, rt or vodka, let's roll. so today's conversation is pretty interesting. we're going to go through the whole process of selling on which marketplace, how to sell on the platform, how to make money quickly, and i have a great show for you today. if you look at the agenda right now, we have a. i'll give you an overview of wish. then i will show you how to set up an account, how to select lucrative products, how to stand out on the platform, how to grow on wish and, last but not least, how to get paid on wish. let's tok about wish at a glance now, which has more than 750 000 registered merchants nowadays. some experts are even toking about a million registered merchants, and the cool thing here is that the wishcom shopping app has around 600 to 750 million users around the world. you heard that right: 750 million users. that's, that's humongous, that's wonderful. and more than 3 million orders are sold daily, and which allows sellers to sell in 85 countries. uh, and they have about um, the. the company itself generates around three to five billion in revenues on average, and we love the fact that the uh, as of june 2021, which had 40 million downloads in the united states alone. so you, you're looking at growth not only in the states, but also overseas- and the wish marketplace- has managed to raise the funding of over 1.5 billion dollars from numerous venture capital firms. so what am i trying to tell you here? i'm trying to tell you that here is a platform that is growing, a platform that is well managed and a platform that offers gazillions of opportunities for sellers- online sellers, not only in the united states, but also elsewhere, and which actually is one of the few platforms where there are no registration fees, no monthly or annual subscription fees. you have zero product listing fee and the silica, the sales commission, is pretty reasonable: up to 15, which is uh, and that commission is a calculated by combining the order and shipping rates. so you kind of have it there, which is a great place to be and there are a lot of benefits you have. they don't charge any fee, as i just told you. they are the perfect e-commerce platform to reach out to a huge potential customer base of mobile shoppers. that's the key word here: mobile shoppers. so, when you think about amazon, if i were to compare pretty quickly, amazon is available on all platforms, but, which is really really, they have actually niched down on the mobile shoppers and, uh, you know, if you selling wish, you can use the mobile app without creating the one for yourself, which is pretty good, and product targeting functionality on, which is fantastik, all right. remember, though, that a lot of stuff you can do on wish, but you got to go through the step and you have to make sure you comply with the regulations and the the standards that wish has put in place. all right, let's first start. start with uh setting up an account. so there are two things you have to think about here. you need to register as a wish merchant and you need to understand which merchant policies. i'm going to go through each of them. this is so important. so, if you want to register as a wish merchant, you have to go to uh. i will show you on the screen everything here. so you have. you go to merchantwishcom and you go to that registration page. you enter your store name and please try to make it unique. don't try to be generic here, because the whole idea is to differentiate yourself. right? you want to enter your email address and choose the country your shop is based in. you want to click on create button and your store will be created, and after that you just have to go through the standard process here, right? so you confirm your account by verifying it by email. you need to enter additional information necessary for the storage setup, depending upon your, your situation, your uh, your country. those are different, so you can see on the screen. i'm going to show you three different screenshots here. so the first screenshots again is part of the, the star setup process. and then the second screenshot and then the third screenshot. so those are. those three screenshots are really important. so once you have that, your store application will be submitted successfully. remember that after that, wish will actually review your application and they'll get back to you within three business days about your uh, your, your story. and while you're waiting, you want to get familiar with, uh, the wish merchant policies that i'll be speaking about very soon- and you need to visit the wish app store to explore trusted wish approved public apps that help you with a variety of store operations. i'll speak later on about the wish app store as well. next, you need to identify your story, so you need to click continue next to help us identify your store on the checklist, and you will be directed to the following page. you can see on the screen here: alright, so here you need to select the appropriate option based on your accurate information. again, it's very important to be accurate throughout the application. so if you let's say, uh, if you select partner to identify your story, you'll need to grant permissions to the selected partner to gain access to your wish merchant dashboard data through an authorization process. on the partners side, you may actually look for an option similar to connect your story to complete the authorization process, and so once you have granted the partner access to your wish data, click confirm all right in the next step on your wish store registration flow and you will complete the help us identify your store step. you can see this on the screen now. so that's for the first option. if you select payment provider to identify your story. you will need to either sign in to your existing payment provider account or sign up for a new account on the selected payment uh provider site. so you can see that you know, with giving an example here, if you select, let's say, a payoneer as the payment provider you want, you can click confirm. and if you sign up for a payoneer account for the first time, you'll then need to be redirected to the payoneer site to complete the signup. and so once you complete the sign up on the pioneer site, you'll be redirected back to which and notified the the platform that you have completed the onboarding steps by successfully completing the help us identify your store step. this is very important. so once you have finished setting up your store, everything is fine. you just go to. you would see that uh, on your merchant dashboard homepage, your checklist will be completed. very important. so that's for the registration as a wish merchant. now let's tok about which merchant policies. folks, i cannot overemphasize this. this is really, really important. we've heard a lot of people who actually got banned for life from wish because they did not read, they did not abide by, they did not pay attention to which merchant policies. they are very, very strict with this. so you need to comply with the wish merchant policies, otherwise you would see, which ban your account and all associated stores for good. okay, so, as a merchant in which you are required to follow a few policies- and this is uh- according to which this policies help build and maintain customer trust on the international marketplace. so they can continue. they can actually continue to connect your products to customers worldwide and if you follow this policy, your store can partikipate in various programs offered on wish. so merchants provide wish truthful and accurate information at all times. merchants should ensure orders are delivered to the customer as fast as possible. ok,

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Drop Shipping from Wish! What to expect..

fellow dropshippers, professor bill d s, professor comm. in today's video I'm going to go over sourcing, from which, which is a international Hong Kong Chinese website that you can buy anything for your drop shipping store, from clothes to parks to whatever you want. so what I did was I went ahead and I bought a few items to open so you can see exactly what your customers receive, how its packaged and what it actually looks like. I get the question all the time on what is the best place to source your items from, and I only source from places like Home Depot or Walmart, reliable sources that you know that the quality is going to be good and if you have a problem you can send it back. when you buy from wish, you can't send it back. you're stuck with what it is. so we're gonna do a live opening and we're going to see exactly what's in in these packages. so it looks good started. so, as you can see, here is the labeling that's on it. as you its from the Chinese manufacturer. on the back it shows it's from Hong Kong Post, so it is clearly a international Hong Kong or Chinese Idol. let's open it and let's see what we got. in the first. these look like something for cakes. so if you sell baking stuff- this is a pastry bag and we have little items to make different shapes and stuff- this is actually not too bad. looks to be in pretty good quality and it's probably a pretty safe thing to to sell. so if you sell any kind of baking, accessories are good. this looks to be a pretty good order, not too bad. but, as you can see, that's the only thing that came in the back. so so there is no invoice, there is nothing in the bag but the item itself. so if you're okay with your customer receiving a Chinese post, then we're in good shape. so let's take a look at another one. here's kind of the same thing. it has the Hong Kong from 2. the same thing, but in pink, for this one is blue, this one is pink. what's the beam? pretty good quality. it's a nice Silla silicone rubber type material, not too bad. this is. this is a. this is a drill piece that I purchased, and again it just comes in just a really chintzy bag. and again it has the Hong Kong Chinese writing on it. and again this took about. this took about three, three and a half weeks to it received products. it's just a bendable. put it in the end of the drill. you put, you know, whatever socket or whatever screw, screwdriver piece you want to put on the end and you can get around corners. I'm twisting it now. as I'm bending in it, it seems to twist pretty well. so if you sell any kind of tools, then this might be a pretty decent item to sell. now again on whoosh comm. you can do standard shipping or you can do an expedited shipping and the expedited shipping you'll get in three or four days. but you're going to pay for this item. that was probably six dollars for expedited shipping, so that's gonna add to the cost of the item. so just be careful when you're doing that. and I think when I had it shipped by snail mail it was like a dollar - so it really wasn't all that bad and actually I think that this was a free item. that's another thing on wish that you can do is you can buy all kinds of free gadgets. you just got to pay for the shipping. if you don't mind waiting a week or two or three or four, then this is a good deal. if your drop shipping, it's not going to be a good deal because you're not gonna make any money. let's go on into the next package. I think I know what these are and again, here's the. here's the label in on it it has it's clearly from China Post. so this is what your customer will receive. if you're gonna dropship now, if you're gonna buy these items, they just sell in your store yourself and ship them yourself, then you just have to find the right. yeah, so these are. these are glasses, cleaners, it all kinds a different glass for your sunglasses for. so what's let's? let's try it out. let's see how this item arcs. Wow, works really well. okay, so these are little sunglass or regular glass cleaners. it works pretty well. I don't see any smudges. so again, this was a free item and I think I paid $2 for shipping for these. so, not bad, keep one in your car, keep one in each in each room of the house- pretty handy. and finally, again, here is the labeling on it. you can see it's china. not sure what this is? so this is more cake decorating items. I don't know if they're supposed to be bit like that. I don't know if it's from the packaging or not, but this is, this is something that you have to be careful of, because these are dented. they are not supposed to be looking like this here. I'll take it out of a package so, as you can see it big time. so this is. this is the problem that you're going to get if your drop shipping, because you never know how the item is going to arrive at your customers house and you will definitely get a phone call. are not a phone call, you'll definitely get a message from the customer and, of course, only one is dented. but they're gonna say they're all dented. that's the, you know, that's. that's the kind of people that we deal with on a daily basis. it looks like all the rest of them are in pretty good shape. it was just the top one that was dented. but just just know that sometimes all of these are dented. unless that's supposed to be that way, I think it is okay. so it looks like just the top one is denta, okay. so these are items that you know I personally bought. I wanted to check out the quality of the items. I want it to you know, see firsthand exactly, first of all, how long it would take if I went regular mail- and the quality of the product itself. now, these are little knick-knack gadgets, so they're not going to be very expensive items that you're probably gonna want to dropship. but at least we know now, if you do the regular mail, how long it takes. you know you could find some really nice items on there that's that you can get for free, that you can ship for six or seven dollars, and it might be worth it. but you're gonna have to do a lot of searching and a lot of looking on which comm to find out what those products are. but they do exist. hope you learned a little something in this video. this was a kind of an eye and eye opener for me. I myself am NOT going to drop ship from wish calm. everybody has a different business model. mine is just not this one. I want immediate gratification for my customers and this is just way too long and we just don't know the quality of the product when you receive it. please visit w-w-w, the listing service. it is a subscription, so for a low fee each month we will put three to five hundred items into your store. our highly trained team of virtual assistants. they're very, very good. they will optimize the title, they will clean up the description of phone numbers, email addresses, websites and they will insert them in your store each and every month. for more information, please visit the website. until then, I'll see you on the next video.

How To Dropshipping on Wish | Start Sell On wish | Wish For Merchants| Beginners Guide |Dropshipping

[Music] uh [Music], [Music], [Music]. welcome to my [Music] suspension by m foreign. did click this link to finish setting up your profile. click run [Music] um um uh support tikets, performance notifications, fbw. then amazon can write the nominees fbas uh early um email address, youtube channel. thank you,

Beginner Advice I Wish I Knew When Starting My Shopify Dropshipping Store

I'm going to tok about the things I wish I knew before starting my Shopify Drop Shipping Journey. it's been a long four years of highs and lows and after generating multiple seven figures along with losing tens of thousands of dollars, I could say I learned a thing or two. now, whether you guys are complete beginners stepping into the Drop Shipping Ecommerce space, or if you're already running an online business, these tips can be useful to you. what is good? my name is Andy, I'm 23 years old and I've been Drop Shipping for the past four years. I've transitioned multiple Drop Shipping Source into Brands and I've been working on a ton of videos to help you guys Excel on your online stores. now, one of the most important things I wish I knew when I was first starting out is that product is King. product is probably the most important aspect of this business model, but I see time and time again, people making the same mistakes that hurt them immediately from the second they start, and that's completely fine. the game is about making mistakes and learning from them, but many people get discouraged and just end up quitting, and that's exactly what I don't want you to do. a common mistake is when people take into account their personal interest when looking to sell a product or create a brand. this is definitely something you do not want to be doing, for the sole reason that things that you may like won't always sell. well. you'd be so surprised at the things that do in fact sell and, funny enough, half the products I've sold I'd never consider buying. but with that being said, I believe that in any business, you do not need to reinvent the wheel to be successful. so picking a product that has a perfect median of not too much saturation but, at the same time, has been proven to sell by competitor, is a good first step into the Drop Shipping business model. so since there's so many things to account for, it's easy to get caught up on all these different aspects of the model that you shouldn't be too worried about until you're well established, and when I say that, I mean certain things should have more of a priority than others, such as making money. once you have the capital, you'll be able to reinvest later, and I'm going to brief over that. right now. I see this happen a lot, but from the get-go, people think that they need to buy products in bulk for faster shipping, custom packaging, graphic designer, famous influencers- that all cost an initial investment. take a step back and realize that in this case, all you're doing is spending money, when the whole goal is to make it. so, since making money is the priority, your shift in focus should be picking out the best possible product, testing various marketing angles, increasing your conversion rate- things that are all going to help you make more money. and we are so fortunate that, with this business model, you really don't need to invest any money on Advertising, because it's tiktok and Instagram reels. you don't even need to buy the products until the customer pays for it on your website. the only monetary investment is your domain. that's like 10 bucks on GoDaddy and Shopify, which is 29 a month, but I do have a discount where you can get it for one dollar per month, and if you want that link, I'll put in the description below. another key point I want to cover is that once you get to a certain point of business experience, you'll learn that you can't do everything within your business if you plan to grow exponentially. a lot of business owners don't want to hire people to run portions of their business, because they think that no one can run the store better than themselves, so in these cases, the person outworks themselves and the amount of productivity and growth start to stagnate and slowly decline. on my brand, nearly all the people I hire are more skilled than me, with more experience than that specific task. this allows me to focus on the conceptual stuff that will help my brand grow, while the tedious tasks are taken care of by my team. so eliminate the tasks that take a ton of time, like email support, GM support, Photoshop, graphic design, and Outsource it to someone that specializes in that area to maximize your productivity. trust me, the last thing you want to do is sit around for hours manually fulfilling orders and responding to customer emails. it's just not a good use of your time, and your time is valuable. but honestly, to be fair, when I first started, I had that I can do everything myself mentality, and for a period of time I wasn't able to grow for that exact reason. it wasn't until I saw a YouTube video that basically stated that in order to scale your business, you need to Outsource your team with virtual assistants. so I went to Fiverr and upwork hired a few. vas paid them five dollars an hour for very good quality work, which, by the way, is good standard salary in countries like Pakistan, India, Philippines, while at the same time allowing me to focus on the more managerial tasks. this brings me to my next point, which is doing as much research as you can, knowledge and being wise about who you learn from. I think this is more important than ever due to all the content floating around the internet. I'm not saying that all of it's bad, but instead you should make sure that the people you are absorbing your information from are qualified e-commerce store owners. YouTube is going to be your best friend and, compared to when I started, the amount of tutorials and device has 10x. just bear in mind that the tikniques and strategies that work, say, two, three years ago might not be applicable in today's day, as the buyer experience is constantly evolving. so, whether that be videos you watch, books, courses, maybe a mentor, you need to ensure that the quality of content you are consuming is up to date and from a reliable source. the very last thing I want to touch on is some advice on people you associate yourself with. whether you like it or not, you are a byproduct of the people you hang out with, so if you're always hanging out with losers, you're going to be a loser, and if you're hanging out with people that are ambitious and motivate you, you're gonna have that same type of mindset. one thing that I try to do as soon as I started to take things very seriously was completely eliminating the people that were negative and that I didn't gain any value from, and rather absorb as much value from those that were doing better than me or I looked up to. I stopped hanging out with my frappros because their main priority was drinking and partying and whatnot, and I started to hang out with people within my entrepreneurship Club to try and absorb as much valuable information as I could. my advice is to try and network with as many people as you can that are like-minded. you can find them at University clubs, cafes, Instagram, whatever that may be. try to build these connections to keep you motivated and on the right path. as you know, your network is your net worth. make sure to have a vision in mind of where you want to be and the motive that will keep you going when things get hard, because likely they will get hard, but that builds experiencing character. alright, so those are some of the important things I wish I knew when I was taking my first steps into Shopify: Drop Shipping. I hope you guys were able to get something valuable from this video. I'll catch you in the next one. peace [Music].