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dropshipping gaming products

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

How This GAMING Shopify Store Makes $5 Million+

five million dollars is a lot of money,if you were working a minimum wage job,here in arizona where i live you'd have,to work 454,545 hours in order to get to 5 million,that's basically 51 years in total time,so the only way to really achieve that,is if you skipped sleeping and eating,and,basically just living you would just,literally have to work 24 7. now today,i'm going to be reviewing a shopify,store that has cleared well,over 5 million in fact they clear over a,million dollars,every single month going after gamers,now if you don't know who i am my name,is ari and on this channel i love to,tok about business stuff in general,specifically shopify businesses i'm,personally someone that learns best from,examples,so naturally when i come across really,intriguing shopify stores i'm like damn,i should look more into that and i start,dissecting them so i think this stuff is,not only really valuable but really,interesting whether you're a business,owner or not it really doesn't matter,i'm sure you'll get a lot of value out,of this video so i would really,appreciate it if you would watch until,the end so we can spend as much time as,possible together but without further,ado,let's look at the store now the store in,question today,just kidding but just the store i'm,gonna be reviewing today is called,pc gaming race now from a first,glance you may be looking at the store,and thinking man this looks kind of,weird,and honestly i would agree this kind of,gives me like 2010,vibes when it comes to store design but,the first thing that i want to do,in this video is look at the proof of,their revenue now there's really no way,to truly prove exactly how much revenue,my business is generating unless they go,public in the stok market you know,we're not toking about gamestop here,this is a little more obscure,a little more underground i guess you,could say but truth be told it's not,that underground because as you can see,in the month of december,this store actually drove 1.77,million monthly visitors that is,unbelievable so from all of my shopify,experience and all of the stores that,i've seen from friends and even some of,my subscribers,average ratio from visitors to revenue,is a one,to one that's like the most average,ratio a lot of times it can actually be,a lot better than that but what that,means for those of you that don't really,care about,math too much is that for every visitor,you're receiving about a dollar of,revenue so from 1.77 million visitors,we can assume at the very least a 1.77,million,monthly revenue of course we don't know,how much they're spending on,advertising on inventory we don't know,all the little specifics of their,expenses but all we know for sure,is that they're definitely getting the,bag right now they are not struggling by,any means in driving,visitors and making sales in fact in,november they did 2.27,million monthly visitors which is just,unbelievable especially considering in,my opinion that at,first glance this store looks kind of,ugly ugly maybe isn't the right word but,this just kind of looks like a pdf,it looks like i just downloaded a pdf,with like some like gaming brochures,and that's what i'm looking at but,honestly once you start diving deeper,you really start to see,sort of the community that they've built,in fact they have a community tab,on their website with their discord,channel their blog,and their company history so who is,glorious glorious is a lifestyle gaming,hardware company built by passionate,enthusiasts,on a mission to change the status quo of,an industry that we think,is in dire need of a shake-up we want to,help enthusiasts and professional gamers,ascend,their battle station with the best,quality gear possible,and reasonable prices now that's,basically all you need to know aside,from the fact that they actually got,started,in 2014 which is like seven years ago,six years ago that is extremely fast,growth but it kind of makes sense with,gaming because if we take a look,at the pc gaming trend it has completely,exploded so since 2014,to now it has been exponentially growing,now,i'm no mathematikian but this chart,looks exponential to me,and this story clearly joined the trend,at the perfect time now i do see that,they have a pretty big instagram,following so if we look at their,instagram we can see that this store has,actually harbored a very tight-knit,community in fact a lot of their posts,have like a ridiculous amount of,comments like more comments than i get,and honestly their products look,beautiful so aside from their website,looking a little weird,and a little outdated their whole,community is really really dope they,even have this affiliate program for,people to earn commissions on which is,really dope as well and like i said they,have a discord channel which is so,unusual but it actually fits perfect,with,their demographic and as you can see,they have 16 000 members that's so,amazing and original i feel like no,other brand really does this level of,community building and honestly it's,extremely inspiring for me because my,favorite part of e-commerce and,basically the reason why i make these,videos,is the community building aspect and the,brand design aspect so,i absolutely love interacting with the,community i love toking to y'all in the,comments it's just a blast,and i can see that they are doing the,same thing but with a brand,so that's honestly so dope now i'm,guessing this is probably their best,selling product,as it has over 2 000 reviews and,honestly now that i'm taking a deeper,look into their website even though like,i said it was a little clunky and,it reminded me of a straight up pdf that,i just received as like a utility bill,or something,now i'm actually starting to really like,it it's actually kind of growing on me,like this sort of design,with their landing page here it just,looks super clean now this store like i,said,is hosted on shopify i'm using this,chrome extension called,wobblizer and it kind of shows you,basically,everything about this store one of you,guys showed me this on the live stream,which i thought was really dope but yeah,as you can see they keep it quite,simple they just have like a really,simple sort of,summary of the product right here model,zero a high performance ultra,lightweight wireless mouse with,proprietary bamf,sensor and no lag wireless connectivity,and as you can see you can pick between,the white and the black eighty dollars,is the price of this product,and as you can see their landing page is,actually really dope because they got,this upsell here which allows them to,make extra money from every customer and,they have that at the very top,and then the rest of the landing page is,super clean and as you can see they even,have software for the mouse which is,just dope i mean it just makes the,purchase,seem that much more valuable like,they're adding perceived value through,these little things,and as you can see the reviews just look,amazing there are a few one-star reviews,and let's take a look at those i mean,i'm not trying to hate but let's see,quality control is oh okay so that,doesn't look too good and that actually,kind of makes me curious,so i just went on alibaba and looked up,a wireless gaming mouse and i,literally came across basically the same,exact,mouse that they're selling now i'm not,exactly sure if they were the first ones,to do this and private label it or,anything like that but as you can see,this is like literally the exact same,mouse,i mean it even has the same sort of like,breathing holes or whatever they are,i don't even know but it's very very,similar at the very least and as you can,see they,are getting it for about seven dollars a,piece and selling it for eighty dollars,which is more than,ten times the price that they're,potentially getting it for that's pretty,unbelievable i mean that's a really good,margin and it really shows that this is,a good industry to be in,i mean i'm not trying to hate like a lot,of people may look at that and be

Gaming Shopify Store Review

okay guys this is mark from da Cheney,tried to this video a while ago and it,sucked because I forgot to record on the,mic as well so I got an email from boss,gaming it says I have just finished,watching your job Shiva,basically he's the deadly drop shipping,tutorial for eBay but he has a Shopify,store and he wanted me to review it so,the little information I have is they,appeared for some marketing and he got,one sale right I don't know how much,marketing is paid,boss gaming where if you went hopefully,you're watching this when you get it,respond to me and give me an idea how,much money you spend on marketing so I,can have an idea of context and then I,could give you some more advice but let,me go through your site because so this,is the boss gaming site not this this,one right it's boss gaming dot-org now,let me comment before I comment on the,side design let me comment on the the,niche that you choose dropshipping,electronics especially dropship and,gaming items is usually a challenge,because the customer is selling to is a,more tik savvy customer they'll do a,little more research before buy it so,that's your first challenge you have to,get over you have to become some sort of,authority like why the where they,buy from you right I think a lot of the,misconceptions that people are getting,from a lot of Shopify training is that,you just throw up a decent-looking,Shopify store and you are what,do you call it you drop a decent Shopify,store and then you just do paid,marketing that's just not the game,anymore because the cost of Facebook,marketing is going out right so you have,to figure out innovative ways to get,some sort of respect or brand Authority,in the,a niche but personally I don't like the,niche because of what I said the,customers is selling to a more,tik-savvy they will do a little more,research they buying gaming items,because it's higher quality whatever,right higher quality sound with the,headphones or whatever the case may be,now I'll get into the design in a second,but let me give you some ideas on get,this whole gaming thing one interesting,wait and you could let you could spend,marketing better is maybe reach out to a,couple gamers who do gaming videos on,YouTube and give them something for free,so like shout you out right give them,something free to kind of like sponsor,their whatever the like sponsor a,session oh I don't know a lot about the,gaming industry but I'm just giving you,some ideas of where I would take it if I,were you because you're trying to,establish yourself as a as a boss it,sports gaming right now on the design,it's not as horrible on the surface it,looks okay but the quality of the images,are pretty bad you don't really have a,logo again if you had an an authority on,in the indie in the industry or any,market you would have to worry about,those things but it's not that good if I,I just googled like demon what did I,search for human keyboard seal or,something and other than some of the big,sites like Newegg Best Buy Amazon this,is what came up a Filipino said they,should have them twice on the first page,right if you look at what the electronic,section looks like they have tons,thousands items I don't know if how,you're gonna list thousands items but,you need to come across an authority,when you try to go into these niches,when you try to go into these niches,with electronics and more savvy,customers that also increases the amount,of work you have to do you're not,marketing to moms who like dogs right,you know what marketing,Cook's you marketing the people selling,a computer and play games orally,so you kind of setting yourself up a,hard job right if you know a ton about a,ton about gaming and that's why you got,into it yeah but you need to step your,game up your site looks like the,quality of that image is on your, contact page where is it I,remember I saw this when I was looking,through you have a gmail email dude like,come on understand like if you're a,gamer would you buy from a dude with a,gmail email,this isn't eBay like you're trying to,have boss gaming as an authority right,so yeah and this is the thing I've done,a lot of Facebook marketing over the,past six months or so it takes a lot of,views and a lot of interaction to get,sales and that's not a bad thing but you,just need to understand your customer,right like this is not about luck like,if you're a gamer who the like come,on let me see how many the placement are,the items on that bad design the prices,after it is not our bad but again these,are all your items right like this is,just not enough when you come toking,about gaming if you want to branch it in,products that's one thing but anyway,what I need from you to give you more in,depth feed to give more in-depth,feedback it's how much money you spent,on marketing and what result came out it,anyway boss given love you brother I,love all you guys who watch this video,hope you learned from it please,subscribe trying to get to 10,000,subscribers getting a little momentum I,apologize for not posting recently,crying can be just hectik but it's,almost done anyway have a good one guys,later and hopefully I know what to stop,this video

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Aliexpress Dropshipping Is Dead (New 2022 Methods Revealed)

Drop Shipping is changing and it's,changing fast most people have heard,about this business model are well aware,of its biggest Pitfall slow shipping,times and that's why I literally don't,recommend Drop Shipping off AliExpress,in 2022 and in fact if you are still,Drop Shipping off AliExpress it's,greatly limiting your growth well you,already know in today's video I'm going,to be giving you a few Alternatives so,you don't have to be that guy Drop,Shipping with AliExpress in today's,landscape most large e-commerce,businesses try to aim for a two-day,shipping experience which beckons the,question how can drop shippers with 14,to 30 day shipping time compete with,these large e-commerce brands well,that's what most of the people in this,industry have not figured out but what,most people don't know is that there's,levels to drop shipping AliExpress Drop,Shipping is literally only the base of,Drop Shipping so I'm gonna go over,methods that can give you fast shipping,while all your Drop Shipping actually,improve the product quality and help you,grow a profitable brand because at the,end of the day let's face it guys your,product and your business is only ever,going to be as successful as the value,you're giving to your customer so if,right in the beginning you are focusing,on good shipping times then it's going,to greatly increase your chances of,building a real company which I know is,a lot of people's value who's watching,this video so let's go over the levels,to drop shipping level one is Aliexpress,Drop Shipping how level one drop,shippers operate is by shipping products,out directly using the AliExpress,website link or some type of integration,like oberlo now this is the absolute,worst way to drop ship and that's why,there's such a Negative stigma around,Drop Shipping because if you are using,Level One Drop Shipping chances are your,shipping is going to take over 20 days,just to get your customer now the pros,to this map method is it's very quick to,Source A supplier to get that product to,your customer and it literally acquires,zero dollars to start so that's why it's,level one it's the lowest barrier to,entry literally your four-year-old,little brother or your grandma to go off,AliExpress and do this now keep in mind,easy things are not always good usually,in business if something's really easy,it means that there's pitfalls with that,option and in this case I just listed,the cons but I'm gonna be explaining,another good option which is level 2,Drop Shipping this is gonna upgrade your,entire experience faster shipping better,products better customer service with,your supplier and overall position you,to get items delivered with about 10 to,14 day shipping which literally cuts the,AliExpress method in half and then I'll,go over the level three Drop Shipping,method which will help you get products,your customers in two days but let's not,not get ahead of ourselves level 2 Drop,Shipping is personally where I think,most drop shippers should try to stay,unless you're really trying to build,that brand out and you have a unique,product that you really want to invest,that extra Capital into now level two,Drop Shipping is where you're working,with someone called a private agent or,sometimes these could be called private,suppliers there's a few different names,that are coined in this drop shipping,industry their job is to Source the,product for you from different factories,so what they'll do is they'll reach out,to 10 different factories they'll try to,price compare for your product and then,they'll purchase the product keep it in,their warehouse and they'll do,fulfillment for you now I know this all,sounds amazing especially because the,shipping time gets cut in half now the,only con to this is it does require,order volume so what does that mean,obviously these agents are taking on,some type of liability and risk because,they're purchasing your item from the,the supplier so they have cash invested,into that so a lot of time these,suppliers they'll have to vet you to,make sure number one you're doing,substantial volume or number two you,have a history with them and they know,that you're a large Merchant who can,potentially bring them a lot of business,and another thing with this method is,the product price can drop substantially,now it depends who you work with because,there's middlemen who try to take higher,margins and they're trying to basically,do the same thing that you're doing Drop,Shipping the products now you really,don't want to work with these people who,are Drop Shipping you want to make sure,that they're really in this line of,business and they have their own,Warehouse because if you find these,really legit suppliers then they're,going to be able to negotiate your price,help you get it cheaper now the question,is how can you actually find an agent,let me be honest finding a good Agent,can be a tedious process obviously,there's a lot of trust when you are,working with these people based in China,you don't have a great relation,relationship with them at the start so,you need to know reputable people,because if you're working with the wrong,people in this business it will,literally wipe your company off the face,of this planet so number one you can,generally find decent agents inside,Facebook groups but you're going to want,to make sure you're properly vet them,because everyone and their mother tries,to act like they are an agent inside,these groups so make sure you're vetting,them out properly and usually the really,good ones are spread organically,throughout this network in e-commerce,now unfortunately I can't give out my,agents information because it would be,too many people for them to vet but what,you can do if you need an agent right,now is to click the link down in the,description you can book a call with my,team and if you join our mentorship,program we actually connect you with the,right people to help you with,fulfillment now guys now that you,understand level 2 drop shipping let me,explain level three Drop Shipping this,is the Pinnacle of Drop Shipping this is,where you can compete with the largest,direct to Consumer Brands and really,create amazing customer experience now,in theory this is the best method,because you're going to have two-day,shipping but there definitely is cons to,this method this method is not as,capital friendly in level 2 and level,one you were able to manage fulfillment,without investing upfront Capital,meaning that you didn't have to spend,any money to start getting your order,shipped but this method is a little bit,different method three is where you're,actually finding factories suppliers who,are manufacturing these items and you're,placing a bulk orders now I know what,you're thinking how am I gonna get these,products shipped out it's actually a lot,more simple than you think there's,companies out there called third-party,fulfillment centers where you can get,your items shipped directly to the third,party fulfillment center it's usually a,really easy process and your suppliers,can guide you because they know the,shipping terms and once that product is,at the third party fulfillment Warehouse,there are going to be able to ship your,items and why this is so advantageous is,usually the items able to ship within a,few hours after the customer placing the,order and overall I just think this,gears you to create a real brand now,another thing that's different about,level Drop Shipping than level one and,two is level three you're actually going,to be creating your purchase orders in,level one Drop Shipping you would just,go off AliExpress for the product level,two Drop Shipping this supplier is going,to source that product out for you but,level three Drop Shipping is where you,go on websites like Alibaba and you're,purchasing the items in bulk so the,purchasing process definitely changes,here but why this is still considered,Drop Shipping is because once these,items get in the third party fulfillment,center the process

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🎲 TOP 10 TOYS & GAMES Products For Q4 | Shopify Dropshipping 2020

all right so as most of you already know,now is the absolute best time in the,year to hop on and start drop shipping,and selling online the one of the,hottest categories to selling is,actually,toys and games in this video i'm going,to show you the top 10 toys and games,that you should start drop shipping as,we speak and if you want to see,more winning products for specifically,for q4 i will leave a link to a playlist,over here where i shared my top 30,winning products for q4 that are,performing extremely extremely well,every single year now i do hope that you,actually going to take some action,with the products that i'm sharing with,you now now it's your absolute best,chance to actually succeed on shopify,dropshipping not only because it's,q4 but because of the whole craziness in,the world people are kind of,forced to shop online i do believe that,this year we're going to break a new,record in online sales and that is going,to be significantly higher than last,year so i do really hope that you're,going to take action and take a piece of,this file alright so without further ado,let's dive straight to the products,all right so the little wooden man that,can't be beat now this one is by far one,of the coolest products that i've seen,lately on facebook it's very unique it,really looks like a fun game,and overall it looks like a must toy to,have in every single party this product,is being scaled as we speak,right now it already has some decent,results but it's still not,squeezed enough so you still can hop on,and sell this one as well,unfortunately for the pricing we cannot,go too crazy so we're going to price it,around 24.95,our buying price is going to be 6.65 and,we're looking at the total profit of a,little bit over 18 bucks,[Music],the inferible water mat now as you can,see on aliexpress,this supplier has a lot a lot of orders,and there are multiple suppliers that,are selling this product successfully,another great thing that you can see on,this listing that this supplier also,ships from united states so that is,going to be very helpful during this,time of the year you really want to,focus on making your customers happy,deliver your orders and just,scaling this product now overall this,product is kind of educational toy for,babies so our perfect customers are,going to be newborn moms this product,went viral in the past and it's still,selling till this day and the main thing,that i do like about this product is our,target audience,newborn moms newborn parents are,extremely extremely,not only passionate but are willing to,spend a lot of money,in their children and i think that every,normal and loving parent should and this,product is quite cheap so we can make a,good profit on it so selling this,product we're going to sell it for 34.99,our customers is going to be almost 7,bucks and we look at a total profit of,around 28 bucks,[Music],all right so i saw this product multiple,times already on facebook that is really,really booming right now so it means,that people,are selling this product successful,people really interested in this product,the video ad looks extremely engaging,and overall the product looks really fun,as you can see on aliexpress it has,like almost 5 000 orders and that is,only one supplier it has amazing,amazing reviews and overall it has also,like multiple different variations but,i'm going just to focus on the one with,the main things which is what of most of,the competitors actually selling so our,selling price for this product we're,going to sell at around 50 bucks,our buying price is going to be almost,19 and we'll get a great profit of 31,dollars,[Music],here we go,[Music],all right so this product is also one of,the cools that i've seen lately on,facebook it's very unique it's not,something that you can see,all the time it's not only an,entertaining toy it's also educational,toy this product has been selling as we,speak,right now and overall i think it's going,to be very very interesting to test out,this one so selling this product we're,going to sell around 60,our buying price is going to be around,26 bucks and we're looking at a total,profit of almost 34 dollars,all right another cool toy the fire,speeding dragon so the main two reasons,why i do really like this product is,because first it's really,look a unique product has a wow factor,and overall it looks like a really cool,game and the second reason which is my,favorite reason is that this product,really has,profit margins we know that games are,not cheap and this product really has a,high perceived value so we will be able,to mark it up enough and this will be,able to spend more money on facebook ads,and make more profit overall,selling this product we're going to sell,around 45 bucks our cost of goods is,going to be almost 15 dollars and,looking at a great profit of around 30,dollars,[Music],so first i want to start with the,facebook ad that i found for this,product and you can see in the ad copy,that are saying,where was this when i was a kid i,totally totally agree with them i would,really like a product like that when i,was a kid all right so overall this,product is extremely unique it's very,cool product maybe i will even buy one,for myself but this niche inside the,toys and games niche is very popular and,there is,a really known brand that you probably,already know which is nerf,and they sell products similar to that,but i still never saw a rocket,launcher product like this i really,think that this product has a really,good value and it's going to be easy for,us to mark it up for a fair price now,one quick mention before i move on to,the pricing i chose this specific seller,why because,this one was the best that we found and,there are multiple sellers that are,selling like this,mini rocket launcher so make sure that,you actually pick the right size,all right so selling this product we're,going to sell it around 60,our custom goods is going to be around,27 bucks and we're looking at a total,great profit of over 32,dollars guys i'm sorry if i'm a little,bit like this but,the sun is just killing me but anyways,if you do enjoy this video so far make,sure you,punch that like button and if you,haven't already make sure you,subscribe to the channel let's keep,going,[Music],do,[Music],so this product i actually saw last year,performing extremely extremely well and,the reason why i chose this one this,year as well,is first we have a proof of concept that,this product really worked in the last,year and there's no reason why it's not,going to work this year as well and,especially right now that most schools,started teaching on zoom so that can be,also not only a great idea for,giving a gift for a kid that can be also,a good idea to gift,for a teacher so selling this product,we're going to sell around 40,our cost of goods is going to be around,15 and we're looking at a total profit,of over,24 bucks,[Music],all right the wooden spelling toy now,obviously we already know that,educational toys are always performing,good,especially right now and the main reason,why i chose this product is because i,actually saw a really,really good comment on a facebook ad,from last year and that is a really good,sign about the product means that the,product is also high quality and people,are,actually valuing this product all right,selling this product we're going to sell,around 35 bucks,our cost of goods is around 11 and we're,looking at a good profit of over,23 dollars,all right this one as well i can say,where was this product when i was a kid,so overall remote control cars and toys,are performing really good every single,year and this one is extremely cool and,actually has a good perceived value this,product was scaled a little bit around,when all the epidemic started and kids,were like kind of bored,at their home but now it's even better,time to introduce this product because,it's q4 baby and people,need to buy toys so overall this product,we're going to sell around 40 bucks our,cost of goods

10+ Shopify Dropshipping Products To Sell For Q4

one of my good friends recently asked me,if i knew any products that he could,start a drop shipping business around,he's starting an ecom store and he wants,to start it out with drop shipping so in,today's video i'm going to be speed,running some tiktok live product,research here with the tool that i love,to use called minia i think this is one,of the best ways to find trending,products out there that you could start,selling as well and it's also great,education because then you can see what,kind of tiktoks are actually popping,off so let's get right into it the first,one we're gonna watch is this one right,here thanks to plug i was able to get,this new iphone for less than full price,there are always tons of certified,pre-owned devices thanks to plug quality,checked and packaged by their in-house,team so i know i'm getting a,top-of-the-line phone for the absolute,best okay so this is not really a normal,store this is a shopify store though but,it's more of a tik reselling store,interesting i've never seen something,like this wait that this is really,interesting i've never seen something,like this and it's popping off i'll,probably review this closely in a,different video but this is a really,good ad do you see what they're doing,here they're toking about the benefits,they're toking about some of the,features of their service but let's,proceed here innovative earplugs for,swimmers,very very quick ad okay so this is a,very interesting product it's just,a product that allows you to swim,without getting your ears plugged that's,actually pretty smart especially for,people that are avid swimmers this ad,right here is so simple right but it has,almost a million views pretty awesome we,decided not to partner with apple even,though it would be an incredible,experience they would make our product,too expensive for everyone,whoa that's such a good ad oh my god so,this is actually a solid product i've,seen this before this is a popular drop,shipping product and this brand,obviously just took it to the next level,you can see but really what's genius,about this is the marketing so somebody,asked them a question about how they,should partner with apple maybe it was a,random comment maybe it was manufactured,to look like it was a random comment and,then they made a tiktok about it very,smart really good stuff right here this,has four million views okay so i,actually have to,get rid of the music here,but as you see,this is just a fairy choker very,interesting product clearly it's getting,a ton of demand oh my gosh so look at,these prices that's insane and these are,sold,so this isn't quite you know a drop,shipping store but it's still very,interesting she's selling these handmade,bags that's incredible these designs are,so cool so very original designs very,cool stuff that's the thing guys,sometimes you don't really need to sell,the most innovative product in the world,you just have to show people something,new that they haven't really seen before,it could be a variation of a product,like a handbag damn we actually saw this,one last time and now it has 6 million,views this is a pretty good product,right here,it's just like a eyebrow,trimming kit,kind of like a grooming kit,[Music],just thins them out,etc so this is still a great product and,as you can see it's basically just a,beauty store they're using the sun's,theme on shopify which is a great,shopify theme you guys should definitely,try it out it's free which is pretty,crazy,do you want,[Music],i one i don't really know what it does,but this has a million views,not really sure what that does,but apparently this is just a general,story wow okay so as you can see this,person is just mass testing products on,just a general store which is not a bad,idea honestly if you just want to keep,things lean i'm not really sure what,this product does but clearly it's,popping off wow this has 30 million,views let's see,ouch,okay yeah well it's just a little gun so,i guess just a simple piercing gun can,blow up on tiktok so yeah i mean i,would have never known that but they're,selling them for very cheap a lot of,these products are super affordable and,that's probably how they're making it,work on tiktok now of course there's,probably going to be some shipping costs,but very interesting stuff a lot of,general stores on tiktok nowadays you,can tell a lot of people are starting to,spam test products for q4 so a fast,fashion pad,versus the pad that they're selling so,this is for women and their menstrual,cycles,and i guess it's supposed to absorb 20,tampons worth of blood that's a lot,let's see what the product is so nyx.com,i've never seen this before whoa so,really interesting brand this isn't drop,shipping but there's still a lot of,inspiration that you could get from,something like this wow they're driving,a lot of traffic okay so we'll keep that,one in the notes for a future video how,to wash your hands with the peach pig,jelly soaps i started making jelly soaps,for kids and then i found that adults,are the ones buying it for themselves,and hey i'm here for it wait that's,pretty cool pick a pet give your pig a,name my toddler named him george spank,his butt do whatever you got to do rinse,them off and then just wash your hands,this is a good idea for kids especially,after you know the pandemic people are,very much interested in washing their,hands,this makes it fun as you can see here,again this is the sense theme on shopify,a free theme by the way the logo is,really bad this store could definitely,use some help but wow there's the jelly,soap so this is all like handmade stuff,i guess and this lady is probably doing,really really well this has four million,views,whoa,so it's just a sponge,man sometimes some of the most boring,products just pop off i'm not really,sure why but these magic sponges i guess,are getting a lot of hype on tiktok,this is a pretty clean landing page,extremely simple as you see it looks,like another general store they don't,really give you any options here to do,anything else so you can clearly see,that the most important thing is the,marketing give me a new strata pen click,because my teacher stole mine,we're giving everyone a free strata pin,if their comment has zero likes in 30,minutes but they must like share and,follow,that was a pretty good ad 5 million,views for this stratopen so it's just a,pen it's nothing too crazy here but it's,just a lot of fun for people it's like a,good fidget toy this is perfect for tik,tok it's popping off people are really,loving this whoa this is a very quick ad,but it has 4 million views it just has a,scary spooky music that i can't really,share but very interesting product i,mean i've never seen this before but,this store is selling it again this is,the sense theme on shopify a free theme,it's crazy how many tiktok stores are,using this theme this seems to be,another general store guys so wow this,is a common trend okay so this has,almost a million views and it's just,this pen that you can also turn into one,of those geometric shape thingies i,forgot what they're called oh and it,also has a ruler okay so it's just like,a multi-purpose pen,and it's going off another general store,guys this is so crazy people are testing,so many products right now this is it,right here looks pretty good well there,you have it guys i guess the moral of,this story is start testing projects on,tik tac because a lot of people are,doing it and a lot of people are finding,a lot of success right now which means,people are buying this stuff so just get,started remember don't overthink too,much and just take action and once you,legitimize your brand and up to where,you're doing 30 40 50k a month you can,hit your boy up at a cami and we'll help,you scale it further but that's about it,see you guys in the next video peace

I Tried Dropshipping With $100 (Realistic Results)

the past few years i've managed to make,over seven figures drop shipping but,then i thought to myself what if i lost,it all all the money all the knowledge,all the connections and i would have to,start all over again with only 100,to my name well lucky for you guys in,this video i'm gonna go over exactly,what i would do if i were to just start,with 100,and potentially just maybe cut myself a,lambo at the end of this video so i am,starting with 100 to my name but wait,there's more there are a few guidelines,set in place some terms and conditions,perhaps that will make this challenge a,little bit harder rule number one is i,can't use my past connections old,influencers past suppliers that have,given me winning products and just,overall anything that i know of that can,help influence this challenge to make it,easier for me rule number two is i have,to start a brand new shopify store,meaning i also have to start with a,brand new product that i've never tested,before just so that it's fair and it's,as if i started from complete scratch,rule number three is i can't use my,personal brand to gain anything out of,this challenge meaning shout it out on,my instagram or just do anything to,influence it in that sort of way and,last but not least as you guys already,know is i only have a set budget of 100,so now that you guys understand the,rules let's let the games begin so the,first step in the process is to actually,find a winning product now since we only,do have a budget of 100,i'm gonna be going the tiktok organic,route meaning posting content on tik,tok and hope one of them blow up so,that we can get a lot of visitors to our,site for virtually free now personally,if you're on a budget i think this is,the best method because you don't have,to spend any money on advertising and in,the case that a tiktok does blow up,you can get a lot of sales so the way,i'm actually gonna find a winning,product is scroll through my tiktok,feed for a while here i'm gonna sit here,chill scroll and since my tiktok feed,is optimized to finding winning products,since i just like a bunch of drop,shipping ads and drop shipping pages we,might come across something that may be,interesting so i'm gonna go ahead and do,that now and get back to you guys once i,think i found something pretty,interesting or worthy of selling,demon this is the reality sitting there,there's some on the radio back and,forth just had a heart attack and i,heard the little one,who's climate change,so you have 300 so a lot of people think,so a lot of people think that i'm faking,these videos but i'm going to show you,guys once,i don't know,i think i may have just found a product,that may be worthwhile testing okay so,pretty much what this is is a speaker,and you guys can pretty much see you,connect your phone to this bluetooth,metal thing and once you place that,object on any surface like something,metal or glass it pretty much amplifies,the sound so i'm gonna go ahead and,follow this page and you guys can pretty,much see that they're posting videos,consistently honestly and it looks like,they're getting consistent likes and,comments on every single video that they,post so let's go ahead and check out,their store and it looks like it's a,general store that they turned into a,one product store from the name of it,they're selling it for forty dollars and,they have some pretty nice images here,some gifs and description the size,overall really nice and they have some,reviews so this might be a potential,product and i'm actually really excited,to test this product out the views are,outrageous and they post really,consistently and it looks like it's not,too old so you guys can see their first,video was on the 19th which is insane so,this is a product that could potentially,get us our lambo okay so right away i,went ahead and searched the product on,amazon hoping i could find it it was the,fourth option and went ahead and,purchased it for 38 and then i also went,on aliexpress to see how much i could,source this product for which came to be,around 21 and i could always get this,lower once i start getting more orders,but since we're selling it for 40,dollars and we're getting it for 21 we,have a profit margin of 19. so out of,our 100 budget we spent 38 of that to,order the product which leaves us with a,total of 62 left to spend but anyway now,that we have to wait for the product to,arrive i'm going to go ahead and use,this time to actually create the store,for this product porta speaker a speaker,that is portable and you could pretty,much stik anywhere and amplify the,noise well hey i think we got ourselves,a brand name porta speaker sounds pretty,nice and pretty easy to remember now,since we are on a budget of 100 i'm,gonna be going ahead and making the logo,myself i'm gonna be using a 30 day,shopify free trial which if you guys,want to do the same you can use the link,below so we're pretty much not gonna,have to pay for shopify for the first 30,days so i'm gonna get to work create the,store and then hopefully we get the,amazon product so that we can start,filming some content posting the tik,toks and just start driving traffic to,the store to see if anyone would,actually buy from this store but anyway,let's go ahead and start the store build,okay so our dropify shoplifting store is,finally complete and now it's time to,review it ladies and gentlemen i present,to you,porta speaker.us,what,okay so here is the product page where,pretty much all of our customers are,going to be redirected to you guys can,see we have a few images right here so,you can just scroll through we have the,name of the product with a few reviews,under it and you can see we have free,shipping and 50 off right under the,price and then going into the,description we have a headline with a,description under it along with a few,gifs i'm going to be changing these gifs,once i actually get the product and i'm,going to pretty much record custom gifs,so that they're a little more,personalized and people who come to our,site get a more personalized experience,but for now i just have these temporary,gifs that i have just as a placeholder,we have another headline and description,another gif another headline description,and a gif and then we have a faq section,for customers who have any questions or,doubts about the product and you can see,how this works it's pretty much a drop,down menu scrolling down into the,reviews we have all these reviews,reviews are very important and you could,pretty much just take these from the,supplier that you're sourcing the,product from because it's pretty much,the same exact product and that,concludes our presentation for the porta,speaker website so we found the winning,product we have our site built out now,the last step is actually to get the,product and create a tiktok page for,it and then just start posting loads of,custom content for the products that we,can potentially get on the for you page,of different potential customers that,will potentially be the holder of the,one and only porta speaker,[Music],okay so the product has finally arrived,from bezos's hands into my possession,and now we're gonna go ahead and unbox,this right in front of you guys so let's,go ahead and see what we got,i present to you the porta speaker,wow it honestly looks pretty solid,okay so i'm gonna go ahead and set this,up and see what we can actually do with,this thing and if it actually even works,as expected all right so i just set it,up so i'm gonna go ahead and play some,non-copyrighted music so that susan,doesn't cut my paycheck for the month,but i'm gonna go ahead and show you guys,how this works it's honestly pretty cool,all right so i have my music ready to go,i'm gonna move my mic actually so you,guys can pretty much hear everything,that's happening and i'm gonna go ahead,and click play without this on the table,and watch what happens once i actually,put it on the table,[Music],that actually works believe it or not,we're actually almost pr