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dropshipping giocattoli

Published on: February 6 2023 by pipiads

good morning everybody. Welcome to daily refinement. this is our Wednesday Master, my call. we do this Monday through Friday, but specifically on Wednesdays we do it live on YouTube. um, so I'm pretty excited today because I think I have a really good tip to help you guys um list more consistently. so, um, I'm currently taking some toddler training for Natalie. she is um 21 months old now, so she's going to be two in a couple months and she's the class I'm taking is like Little People, Big feelings, or something like that. and, um, I'm re, I'm going through the course and it is exactly like dealing with resellers who are listing 10 or less items, because, as I feel like there's a lot of chaos, there's a lot of meltdowns, there's a lot of temper tantrums, um, and so, getting to that next level, um, in the course, it gave me a really good idea, okay. so, um, the first two things are babies and newborns, and toddlers benefit a lot from consistency and predictability. so, as an example, this is the best example and the best relation to resellers ever. okay, because, um, what happens is when you're a baby, you don't know- um, sorry, I'm just loading this into the patreon- you don't know what causes things, okay, so, for example, when you cry, you don't know what the result is going to be like. is your mom gonna come or not? you don't know. so what happens is parents can send their kids mixed signals and it makes kids blow up and cry and melt down, like one time the kid cries in, the parent comes and the second time they cry and a different parent comes. they just don't know. so this is exactly what happens to resellers: something happens they don't expect and it throws them off for the whole day. they cry, they go about, they go on Facebook and complain. I can't believe eBay did this, I did that and I was expecting this and it didn't happen. and they melt down. exactly like how Natalie acts. when she acts, first asks for something, she asks for milk and there's two, there's more milk than she thought in the cup. her world has been destroyed. So like um. now, after reading this or watching this course, I was like, holy crap, this is exactly what YouTube and the Facebook groups are like. like the normal Facebook groups, people um basically melt down and Chaos ensues whenever there's some changes. so okay, here's the key. everyone needs consistency and predictability. that's how you sleep. train a baby or a toddler right, go to bed at the same time, wake up at the same time- same routine. before the first time I took the course, it was called taking care of babies. I didn't realize that I don't have any adult training. I'm like, wow, this baby, my, my, Natalie, has more training than I do. she goes to bed at the same time, eats similar meals, training the. the daycare that we go to has math built into the day, like even for toddlers. they're like: oh, this is one banana, this is two bananas. like it's built into the day. but for us, do we have accounting built into the day. it's like: Beth, it's 10 o'clock time to learn some accounting. oh, 11 o'clock, it's time to go outside in the sun get some air. okay, it's 12 o'clock, time for lunch. if you don't eat lunch, it'll be cranky in the afternoon. there's no adult training, right? so, uh, when I was looking at the Tantrums that people throw, it's because they get into survival mode- okay, something happens and that they don't expect, they freak out and they think they're not going to get love or sales or they're gonna die. and then they, they act all crazy when in reality it's like that it's not eBay out to get you. there's like you're still going to be loved. it's just like the fundamentals part, the consistency and predictability. you need to create that so that you don't have a chaos. you don't have chaos and and meltdowns and and you know, and putting people in time out or reprimanding yourself doesn't do anything. so this is the key, this is the secret right here. you need consistency and predictability, but then this is the part that we need to do as adults, because we're not two years old anymore. you need flexibility, okay. so, even though my day is rigid and I have all these things that I'm supposed to do, then it's not. um, doesn't go as planned ever. like. sometimes this car goes a little bit longer, starts a little bit earlier, sometimes somebody has a question, um, and there's this saying that sounds so silly, but I think that it applies to us. which is mad isn't bad, okay. so when your kids throwing a tantrum, it's not bad. they just don't understand resellers. when you are mad or frustrated, it's because you don't understand. if you understood what causes sales to go up and down, what causes traffic, how you find items, how you build relationships, will never be mad, you'll never be frustrated, because you know things take time. you understand that there's a lot of competition. you understand how to make yours stand out. so I just I couldn't believe. this toddler course was like the secret to me, unlocking how to get people past 10 sales a day. and then, if you want to be elite, it's just more consistency, more predictability and more flexibility, because when you run a bigger operation there's way more things that can go wrong. so you have to be flexible and ready when it doesn't work. when you go to the flea market and this week they're closed or your employee doesn't show up, or you have to attend to a family member this, this week or this month or this year, you have to put your goals on hold because you're taking care of somebody else. so as you get older, you have to do it. but I think that the toddler training is actually more relevant than the newborn training, because the newborn training- there there are people who just cry no matter what, but most people like are like toddlers. they they walk around when something is not as expected, then they throw their tantrum. so, um, I was just thinking about I get, you know, I get these emails. I called eBay and I can't believe they responded to me this way and I'm thinking I can like when people are like, oh, I can't believe you're suspended on eBay I. it doesn't surprise me because, like I already know, when you, when you're growing that fast and you don't have, um, the proper receipts and you're not covering all your bases, and it's unexpected, it's a red flag. so it doesn't surprise me. it also. it also wouldn't surprise me if I get my account back. it might surprise other people, but for me not really, because I didn't do anything illegal. they owe it for the most part. I think most people I know that have been suspended have been reinstated, even people who sell counterfeit Goods, which is not what I did. so anyway, I just feel like this training is really good and I like the concept of the reason why people get frustrated and mad is they don't have enough knowledge. that's the real key to why a toddler has big feelings. they don't understand right and um. so one more thought on this and then we'll move on to people's questions, which is: toddlers don't calm down until they feel emotionally and physically safe. Okay, so I'm really tall compared to my baby, so she's like most comfortable for me with me if I'm like laying on the ground or sitting on the floor because I'm not as big. so I was thinking maybe there's a lot of people who are intimidated by reselling because you look at people selling hundreds or thousands of items a week or a day and then you shrink down and you get paralyzed and can't do it. but we're- we're adults now, and so you can find places that are more emotionally and physically safe, like maybe this group, come in here, present your idea, um, we're making sure that we don't. like when I started, people were, um, pretty mean, but I think that that's improved over time. like I remember being in Amazon groups and, uh, people like Jack were like yo, if you can't figure out how to do a listing, you should just kill yourself because, like, you're never gonna make it as an Amazon Seller. if you can't even make a listing, like if we have to help you do this, you will not make it. you should just quit now. but that's not really how this works. the more knowledge you get, the e.