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Published on: February 14 2023 by pipiads

5 Reasons Why I Love Dropshipping from Home Depot: A Profitable Supplier

Hello, everybody! Today, I want to talk with you about five reasons why I think that Home Depot is an amazing supplier for dropshippers. We are doing this webinar, which is coming on the 26th of September. If you are watching this video after the 26th of September, we will have a link to the recording of the webinar.

1. Comparable Shipping Times with Amazon

The first thing is that Home Depot can compare with Amazon in terms of shipping times. They offer two-day shipping time for thousands of products. This means that as a dropshipper, you can compete with Amazon sellers and provide the same service with the same shipping time, which is amazing for us.

2. High-Quality, Expensive Products

The second thing is the high-quality products that Home Depot offers, especially for expensive products. Working with expensive products can lead to much higher profit margins. Home Depot has thousands of products with prices over $100. We will discuss how to work with these products on the webinar and what to avoid to stay on the safe zone.

3. Price Match Policy

The third thing why I love Home Depot is their price match policy. If the product you purchased drops in price within 60 days, you can ask Home Depot to compare the price, and they will refund you the difference. This is amazing because it means more profit for us.

4. Over 1 Million High-Quality Products

In Home Depot, we have over 1 million high-quality products. This supplier is excellent for us because there is less competition than with other small American suppliers.

5. No Account Locking

The last thing, and maybe the most important, is that Home Depot doesn't close any accounts. Working with Amazon can be challenging because they lock accounts, but Home Depot makes it easy for us to make huge profits with a clear mind, without any head cache or problems.

In summary, Home Depot is an excellent supplier for dropshippers. Their comparable shipping times with Amazon, high-quality, expensive products, price match policy, over 1 million high-quality products, and no account locking make it easy for us to make a profit. See you on the 26th at 2 pm EST for our webinar!

This simple method increased my Homedepot dropshipping stores' profits by over 25%!

Title: How to Increase Your Dropshipping Profits from Home Depot to eBay

Hello everybody! Today, I want to share with you a simple technique that has increased my dropshipping profits from Home Depot to eBay by at least 25% in all of my stores.

Price Match Policy:

As we have discussed in our previous Home Depot videos, one of my favorite things about Home Depot is their price match policy. If the price drops on a product I bought, I can get a refund from Home Depot.

How to Get a Refund:

It's really simple. All you need to do is open a chat with Home Depot, provide them with the order ID and email address used to buy the order, and they will issue you a gift code for the amount you are owed.

Finding Products with Price Drops:

The challenge is how to find the products that have had their prices changed. Today, we have developed a feature just for this, thanks to our customers' feedback. If you go to the orders page and click on the export button, you can download a file of all of your orders.

Filtering Orders:

You can also filter the orders to show only those from the last 60 days, which is the timeframe for the price match policy. Once you have the file, you will see two important things: the buy price and the current buy price.

Chatting with Home Depot:

If the current buy price is lower than the buy price, you can open a chat with Home Depot about that specific order, and they will issue you a gift code for the difference. This technique has increased my profits by more than 25%, and in most cases, even up to 27% or more.

Join Our Webinar:

In our upcoming webinar, we will show you other techniques that will also improve your profits by a lot. We will also show you how to use this technique I just shared with you to improve your sales even more. So, I highly recommend you join us on the 26th at 2 pm EST time.

In conclusion, using Home Depot's price match policy to your advantage can significantly increase your dropshipping profits. Remember to download the file of all your orders, filter for the last 60 days, and open a chat with Home Depot about any price drops. Join our webinar to learn more techniques for increasing your profits. Thank you for watching, and I will personally answer any questions you may have in the comments. Bye-bye!

How I Process My Order At Home Depot For eBay Dropshipping

How to Process an Order from Beginning to End at Home Depot

In this article, we will take a look at the step-by-step process of how to process an order from beginning to end at Home Depot.


1. Check the stock: The first thing to do is to check if the product has enough stock. This is important because orders are usually processed at night and it is necessary to ensure that there is enough stock to complete the order.

2. Buy a gift card: Next, go to the gift cards section and purchase a gift card through Gift Card Granny, which offers bonus points. Filter the Home Depot link by Gift Card Zen and choose a whole number card.

3. Verify the lowest price: Check the price on Price Zombie and obtain the UPC by right-clicking on the page and going to the source. Paste the UPC into the search box on BPC Item DB and scroll down to see if there is a lower price available. Verify the price at Target.

4. Contact Home Depot: Bring up a chat with the Home Depot representative and explain that you have found a lower price at Target. They will match Target's price.

5. Checkout: Once the price is confirmed, checkout using the customer's shipping information and apply the gift card. Click submit order to complete the process.


- The process ensures that the product is in stock and the lowest price is obtained.

- Gift cards can be purchased through Gift Card Granny for bonus points.

- Home Depot matches the price of competitors, resulting in a lower cost.


- The process can be time-consuming.

- The availability of the product may change before the order is completed.

- The chat with the Home Depot representative may take longer than expected.


- The cost of the product.

- The cost of the gift card.

- Shipping costs.

By following these steps, you can efficiently process an order from beginning to end at Home Depot, ensuring that you get the lowest price and the product is in stock. It may take some time, but it is worth the effort for a lower cost.

Home Depot Tricks and Tips (ebay Dropshipping)

Using HomeDepot.com to Place Orders: Overcoming Quirks

- This article aims to provide tips and tricks for using HomeDepot.com to place orders without encountering common quirks and problems.

Using HomeDepot.com:

- It's important to be aware of dynamic pricing, which means that the price of an item might change depending on your zip code.

- Free shipping is available for orders over $45, so make sure your orders reach that amount.

- To avoid shipping the same item to two different people, orders may need to be broken up.

- Checking out as a guest can help prevent order mistakes.

- When entering multiple shipping addresses, be careful not to use a two-line address for the first address, as it will cause confusion with the rest of the addresses.

- Credit cards may not always work on HomeDepot.com, so using PayPal or gift cards can be more reliable.

- To purchase HomeDepot.com gift cards, simply Google Home Depot gift card and select the email or e-gift card option.

- Reload gift cards with caution, as Home Depot only allows up to $2000 to be reloaded within a 24-hour time period.

- By following these tips, you can successfully navigate HomeDepot.com and place orders without encountering common quirks and problems.

How To Make $5,000 FAST Dropshipping Products On Ebay Using Home Depot!

In this video, Carter talks about Home Depot as a great website for dropshipping products on eBay. He emphasizes the importance of using cashback websites and cashback credit cards to maximize profits in the dropshipping business model. Carter breaks down the profits of two high ticket products from Home Depot, showing how cashback can significantly increase earnings.

Benefits of Dropshipping from Home Depot:

- Margins are likely to be higher than more popular dropshipping sites

- More opportunity for profits

- Can increase competitiveness and sales with cashback earnings

Using Cashback Websites:

- Extremely important in the dropshipping business model

- Can earn up to 8% cashback from Home Depot with certain websites

- Beginners often leave money on the table by not using cashback websites

- Competitive pricing can increase sales and profits

High Ticket Product Example:

- Product costs $449 on Home Depot

- Sold for $619.24 on eBay

- With 8% cashback, earnings increase by $35.92 per unit

- Cashback earnings increase overall profits significantly


- Paula J Lipsky's eBay dropshipping course is highly recommended for those looking to start their own eBay dropshipping business

- Home Depot is a great website for dropshipping products and using cashback websites can significantly increase profits

Using Home Depot for dropshipping products on eBay can be highly profitable, especially when using cashback websites. High ticket products can bring in significant earnings, and with competitive pricing, sales can increase as well. Carter recommends Paula J Lipsky's eBay dropshipping course for those looking to start their own business.

How To Make $100/Day Dropshipping On Ebay from Home Depot | Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners 2022

eBay Drop Shipping: How to Start in 2021 with Home Depot as Your Supplier

- eBay drop shipping is a beginner-friendly way to make money online

- In this video, we'll go through the step-by-step process of starting eBay drop shipping with Home Depot as your supplier

Product Research:

- Home Depot is a great supplier for drop shipping on eBay

- Choose a department to search for products in (e.g. lawn and garden)

- Look for products that are affordable and have a good profit margin

- Check if other eBay sellers are already selling the same product for a higher price

Listing Products:

- Copy and paste the title, description, and photos from Home Depot's website to your eBay listing

- Mark up the price for a profit

- When you make a sale, order the product from Home Depot and have it shipped directly to your customer


- Drop shipping from other retail stores is technically against eBay's terms of service

- This business is not guaranteed to be successful and requires effort and research

- eBay drop shipping with Home Depot as your supplier can be a profitable business for beginners

- Do your research and follow eBay's guidelines to increase your chances of success.

Don't Dropship from Amazon, Walmart, eBay, or Home Depot [Use These Sites Instead]

How to Find Suppliers for Facebook Drop Shipping

Many beginners in Facebook drop shipping rely on the same three retail sites, Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot, but it's not always necessary to use these sites. In fact, it's better to diversify and find other suppliers to carve out a specific niche.

1. Don't rely solely on Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot.

- These sites are great to start with, but it's better to avoid listing all your products on them.

- Over time, you can find other listings and products from other suppliers that nobody else is listing.

2. Find wholesale suppliers and other retail websites.

- Wholesale suppliers and other retail websites offer unique products that other drop shippers may not be using.

- You can find these suppliers through websites like zDrop and by Googling specific products.

3. Use an inventory system if not using zDrop.

- If you're not using zDrop, you'll need an inventory system to keep track of your listings.

There are many suppliers available for Facebook drop shipping, and it's important to diversify and find unique products to stand out from other drop shippers. By using wholesale suppliers and other retail websites, you can carve out a specific niche and create a successful drop shipping business.

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