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dropshipping hungary

Published on: February 2 2023 by pipiads

How to Pay Zero Taxes with an E-Commerce Business

let's cover a topic that not that many people cover here on youtube, and that is e-commerce taxes. as you can see from my shirt- automated e-commerce. i ran a company in e-commerce. we taught over 900 people how to build six-figure and seven-figure shopify and amazon stores, as well as myself having shopify stores that i ran to over 100 000 to multiple six figures, and from that i got into the tax saving business because i wanted to lower taxes for my e-commerce and for my e-commerce consulting business, which was automated e-commerce. so i know a thing or two about lowering e-commerce taxes. there are different scenarios that you need to consider. if you are just a drop shipper, you're selling products, not even touching them. somebody else is sending those products over from china to your customers. that's going to be way easier to lower taxes than if you have a warehouse. then, specifically, if you're selling to countries like the uk or european countries- if you're selling to european countries, things get a little bit trickier depending on where you're selling them, where your warehouses are based. so let's go through different scenarios that you need to do and what i recommend as an e-commerce business owner, as a previous business owner, what i recommend my clients from all over the world and what i recommend you to do for your ecommerce taxes. first up, what i recommend is that you move your company somewhere that has zero tax. don't move it to a place that has some taxes, like five percent, seven percent. when you're dealing with e-commerce, you really want to be as simplified as possible. there are a lot of moving parts. you have a warehouse, you have a partner, you have a supplier, you have people that pack, you have people that ship a lot of moving parts. you're not just selling a service. you're not just selling something online and just forgetting about it. you're actually delivering a product to a person that needs to get to them. they're gonna be refunds as well, so make it as simple as possible on the tax side. so, for example, you can set up a free zone company or a uae company in dubai and you have that and that's a zero tax company. you can get an e-commerce license very easy. takes about 15 days to set up. very simple when it comes to actually getting payments from your customers. let's say you're doing it through shopify or doing it through amazon. what you don't want to do is use stripe and paypal or other payment processors from the ue. typically, yes, you can get an account there. a lot of my clients have stripe connected to the uae but unfortunately some transactions don't go through, specifically from the us and canada. they just don't go through because of ua stripe or uae. paypal amounts get frozen a lot more often than they would from the us and it's just a hassle to deal with it. the transactions fees tend to be a lot higher and also you'll have a harder time actually getting the account. so what you want to do, you want to have that free zone company, that uae company, but you want to have a pass-through as well. so let's say, we start a us llc in the us. you can start in wyoming and arizona, whatever state you choose. just don't choose new york, california or hawaii. they tend to be very aggressive with taxes. choose pretty much anywhere else. you can choose florida or you can choose whichever one you prefer. ideally, you're not a us citizen or a us resident. if you are, then things get a little bit more complicated. we'll tok about that in a second. i've toked a lot about us taxes, the guilty tax, how to reduce taxes. but in this partikular scenario, in e-commerce, as a us citizen, you can pay zero tax. that's the beauty of it. so if you're making money through e-commerce, you can definitely pay zero percent tax while being an american, which is beautiful. now you have the uslc, you get stripe, you get paypal, you get easy paydirect. you get many different payment processors out there that there are for e-commerce, as well as a us bank account, which you can get fully online. i got a mercury bank account. it took me about 10 days and that was all fully online. with a uslc based in arizona. you have the uslc, you have a mercury bank account. you're receiving payments through stripe, through paypal, through shopify payments, whatever it is. you're receiving money into that us bank account. what you want to do, then, is transfer that out over to the uae bank account so it pays zero percent tax. if you're a non-us citizen, non-us resident, all the money that the us llc makes will also be zero tax, but it's just better to send it over to the uae, so it's truly zero tax. in case the us changes the law or in case they need to report something, you just don't have the money in the us bank account. you have it in the uae bank account and, essentially, you have it as a pass-through. that is how the money flows. that is how the money comes from the customer. it comes to a us llc, then they get, it gets passed to a uae company and it flows very easily. what you can also do if you're dealing with european payments or uk payments. you can also have a uk lp and with that uk lp you can get a bank account through that uklp and then send money over to the ue. the problem is that they're more restrictive laws when it comes to uk lps. you will need to pay vat at a certain point. you might need to pay some taxes after, let's say, 75 or 100 000 pounds that you're making. so i tend to recommend more the uslc run in order to lower your taxes that way. that is how the financials work on it. now let's actually go into the ground and, depending on how your business works, if you're just doing drop shipping, very easy to pay zero tax- you just have your supplier in china. the supplier in china sends over the products to your customers. typically, you won't pay any tax on those products in the places where you're selling them. mainly, if you're not based in the us or you don't have a us company in a partikular state, you're not gonna pay state taxes if we're dealing with european sales. for example, i have a client that deals with netherlands. he sells only to the netherlands. he has a warehouse in the netherlands. he's not a netherlands citizen, not a netherlands resident, but everything is done in the netherlands. you might need to pay vat value out of tax to the netherlands, depending on the amount of money that you make. so you do need to look at all these laws carefully. if you want to look at them carefully with me, you can book a call. with the first thing in the description: we can look at the partikular country that you're selling to, what their vat laws are and exactly what you need to look for. but in europe, specifically and in the uk, you might need to deal with some vat if you are selling to one partikular country a large amount of sales. now let's look at where is your warehouse, where are your employees? let's say that you have a warehouse of a hundred employees that belong to your company in the united states. then we start to have issues because that warehouse might be engaged in trade or business in the united states by irs definition. so, for example, you might have a uae company with a uslc. you're a non-us citizen, or you're a us citizen that lives abroad completely and you're lowering your taxes down to zero, but in reality, that warehouse is making you a lot of money. the products are coming from china over to that warehouse. people pack them, ship them, then they send them over to your customers in the us. the customers send the returns to that warehouse. you're really engaged in trader business in the united states, and this also happens with a lot of amazon sellers. so if you're selling on amazon and you're living somewhere else but you're doing everything through amazon, depending on how your relationship is with amazon, most times you won't be engaged in twitter business in the united states, but you do need to plan this out carefully. so what you might want to do is have two companies in the us: one company that receives money from stripe, from paypal, from shopify, from amazon, and then sen.

☀️ How to Start Dropshipping in Europe 2022

hi again, everybody. welcome back to the channel. in this video, i'm going to be teaching you how to find the best suppliers and how to find the fastest delivery times to your customers within europe. now, if you want to drop ship to, say, the united states or to japan, i'm going to do a separate video on that that will be very similar to this. so check back at this channel for how to start drop shipping internationally now. you might already be a drop shipper or you might be brand new to the game, but whichever you are, i'm going to show you exactly how to get started drop shipping within europe. now. this is going to include countries such as the united kingdom, germany, france, sweden, switzerland, norway, finland, the netherlands, belgium and many more. so if i haven't mentioned your country and it's in europe, then stay for this video now. i'm going to show you three methods for this. first will be on aliexpress, as i'm sure you all know and love. the second will be alternative wholesaler websites, and the third will be on sale source, because it is very, very easy to filter your country. okay, i am ready to share my screen with you. let's go right now. i'm going to show you all three methods as quickly as i can, just to show you how easy it is to do so. essentially, i'm just going to help you find products that are within your customers country or the country that you're selling to. so let's say, for example, we have a sock niche and we're looking at socks. so i would go on to aliexpress and search for socks, um, and here i'm going to go to this magic arrow here and just tap, click from um. so here you can see really easily that you can choose a manufacturer from within the united kingdom, spain, france, czech republic, italy, poland, germany, whatever your country is, i am sure that you'll be able to find it here on this list. so let's say, for example, we are in france. we can see all of these manufacturers- sorry, all of these wholesalers are selling from france. so these are quite cute. let's find something that sold a lot. okay, they, they sold almost a thousand of these. so let's take a look. so now what you would do is collect the stok that you want, um, and you would click on france. you'll be able to see how long it will take to deliver to you. so i'm actually in the united kingdom, so let's try a wholesaler from the united kingdom. okay, 2 300 of these have been sold, so that's promising, um. so i can choose the cute little design i want. i can choose the united kingdom um, and then i can see that this will get to my customer within two weeks. so that is one way of doing it. it can vary between about seven days or two weeks and um. it's just much faster than waiting one month for your order to be delivered to your customer. the second way i would do it, so with this you can then just import this to your store. if you have overload, then you can um import it to your store using oberlo. however, if you have sales source, all you would need to do is go to the bottom bar here, analyze the product and then you can import it to overload from here. it's really useful because you would then be able to look at the marketing and copy these tags to your own ad campaign. but i'll show you that a little later on when we look back at salesforce. so that is how you can quickly and easily find fast shipping on aliexpress. the next thing i'm going to do is look at alternative wholesalers within your country. so if you just google wholesaler, so many will come up. you can google wholesaler uk. you can look at um wholesale wholesalers in france, yep, and then you can even look at wholesalers in, say and then, and you can see where they are and what they do. i know this seems really obvious, but not a lot of people think that they can do this. what you would then do is write out an email, and what i'll do is i'll include an email template in here for you that you can, uh, email your wholesaler and then ask them about drop shipping. so your email should look something like this: okay, so you have your email template. you know roughly what you should be putting in there and you'll see, as you're searching for wholesalers, that, um, some of them are specifically designed for drop shipping, and i will show you one of those websites. now they drop ship um across the uk and europe and that is ancient wisdom. okay, so this is ancient wisdom: dropshipping- and they specialize mostly in beauty and well-being. so we can look at their different departments. you can see that's very focused on aromatherapy and tea and candles and all of those soothing things. they also do things like bath bombs and soap um gemstones. so all of that, and if that is something that you're doing for your store, and then i would really recommend ancient wisdom, um. so let's just choose one product. for example, let's look at the tea. tea is a good one because it's obviously very lightweight. i it doesn't. it doesn't cost a lot to send. yeah, it is something that people constantly want, so it would be something that people could buy again and again. um, cool. so one kg of tea, so one kg of this- will cost you 26 pounds and you can set up as the rrp for about 64 pounds 30. so you can see that's a 40 pound markup and you already know that um on the website. and if i was to order it now, let's look at the shipping. so the shipping will cost seven pound fifty. you can divide that up between your customers or you can charge your customer um, so there is a five pound charge, but you can see that there will be a same day dish dispatch before uh 12 pm, and if we go down here, we can see all of the countries that um they operate in uh. and then we can also look at the delivery here. so it says at the busiest times the dispatch can take up to four working days yet, which means that your shipping will always be between one and two weeks, which is so much better than a month, um, and you feel safe because they're in your country and not that much- fingers crossed, can go wrong, but they can't go, they can't get lost at sea and that kind of thing which they could do if they were coming from china. okay, so now we have gone through aliexpress, we have gone through the alternative wholesalers. now i am going to show you how to use filters to drop ship quickly, uh, to your customers. countries on sale source: ah right, so let's take a look so you can see the range of countries we have here. it's insane, uh. so let's mix things up a little and let's go up to belgium so we can see what products are selling in belgium. cool, and then that's along with their store, for example. now, this is a great store to look at because they have 2.2 million people coming to their store each month, um, and they're selling high tiket products. so let's take a look at what they're doing. this is a store, like i said, based in belgium, and you would be able to find a store within your country if you just chose the right filter. yep, so a you can see the kind of price that you can get these products for, and then you can also see how to market the product. here. you can see how many people are looking at these things per month, so you would get a good amount of traffic when running your facebook ads. um, you can see aliexpress suppliers and then you can also go to the store and check out how they're doing and what their other best sellers are. we can see that this is the best seller, but they obviously sell all of these other products and, um, if you're, if this is the theme of your website or if you have a general store, then you could think about selling these products too. do another one. so, say, if i am here in the united kingdom and we could do this, for, like finland or like any other country, rip dreams. these guys also have a lot of traffic every month. so, um, sexy picture going on there. uh, we can look at how these guys are doing, what they're selling and how much they're making per month, as well as how well this product is doing. so they're selling them for 35 dollars. um, you can see the supplier selling them for nine dollars, and from here i can literally just import it with oberlo, or i can then check the product on aliexpre.


হাঙ্গেরিতে কিভাবে ব্যবসা শুরু করবেন ?

hello everyone, welcome back to yet another video. my name is hungry. business opportunities- requested video which partikular uh uh, opportunity, business, business [Music] hundred thousand years say investment is um foreign, foreign [Music] foreign. and John freelancer, suppose a magnum photographer, software developer, freelancing courtesy, freelancing foreign [Music], foreign, courtesy [Music] foreign.


Dropshipping Taxes in Europe The Truth!

this video. i want to tok about taxes in europe. it's a topic that nobody wants to tok about. i'm probably the only one who toks about that. i already started to tok about it back in the days and people want to give me so much money because, like, tax lawyers are saying one thing, people in the community are saying a different thing and nobody really knows what to do about it. and i tell you honestly, like tax lawyers will always tell you something different. they will always tell you that the most politikally correct thing that is possible, and i can give you an explanation why that is so. if you got a tax lawyer who is based in europe, he has to follow certain regulations. if he does not, and he cannot subscribe that right. like if you get the tax lawyer and he tells you something, he's basically liable for his advice, so you're able to sue him if it does is not correct. that's why a lot of lawyers are very careful and only the really good lawyers that you need to pay like a lot of money for they will give you, like the, the biggest insights, because those are the ones who can take the risk, because obviously you pay them more money and therefore they do more research, they have a bigger team and they find those like little hacks, the niches. we in my team we already found those niches through the hacks. we paid tons of money for different lawyers, we know how this works and i can tell you how the drop shipping thing in europe looks like currently. so, um, if we are toking about taxes, we need to differentiate between three taxes. you have to company taxes, you have the vat taxes and then you have the taxes for distribution. so dividend taxes- um, you pay also sales taxes. you pay employee taxes for your employees, but i guess the most, the two most important ones, is the company capital profit tax and the vat. obviously, depending where you live, you can also reduce the dividend tax. so in this video i want to focus, like in general, about taxes in europe: how to compare to the rest of the world, how you can go around it, how you can minimize that, and i give you some actually insights: how the scene is looking right now and what top drop shippers are doing. so don't skip forward right like, listen to everything what i say in the video, because everything is important. so let's start with the income tax: the income tax or capital tax for your company. it's basically depending on the region where you live. if you live in germany it's 30. if you live somewhere rest of europe it's between nine percent till thirty percent. uh, hungary has the lowest one with nine percent, and then you have france that has 25 percent, the uk has 20, and so on and so on. this one you can reduce if you have a bunch of losses on the other hand. so every time you go out for dinner you can charge it at business expense. if you do a trip somewhere, you can also charge it as business expense. you know, when you had, like a trip to dubai and even though you just went there with with your girlfriend, or you just went there for fun, you know, to smoke some hookah in the desert, then you can basically charge that as a business expense. like it's pretty common in every county, it's pretty similar everywhere in europe and you shouldn't focus too much on that. i would say, like, just get all the builds and then afterwards give it to a bookkeeper and you will type in everything for you. and then, depending on the region, maybe you will have after toks, maybe your text advice will tell you some things you can not put as losses, depending on the jurisdiction, and then you don't do that. but in general it's really easy. you don't have to think much about it. if you want to minimize that, you just collect all the builds, you save them somehow. maybe get like a cabinet where you have like the builds per year per company. you save them everything there. if it's not digital, if it's digital, you have like one folder where you save everything and then also set up like a accounting software where you can put all the information directly inside. so the question now comes like: oh, can i open up another company where, like the inc, the capital tax is lower? so can i set up a company in dubai and hong kong where the capital tax is basically zero to go around that. and here's the thing about europe: in europe you have this rule called cfc rule, which stands for controlled foreign cooperation, and there's basically rules about that. if you have like a offshore company somewhere else and you physically live in a country in europe that has those cfc roads, you can look them up, just type in cfc rules and then your country, and then you'll get likely clear understanding what it is. you basically have to follow them and what they usually mean is like if you have, like, an offshore company, there's no employees, there's no need that the company is somewhere offshore, like there's really no physical need. you know like a physical need would be, for example, that you register a company somewhere and this company actually sells in this country and you can only get certain payment processors if you are registering a company there. so, for example, if you sell in africa, most likely it will be accepted because you need to register company there. and also, usually there are rules that says: okay, the company has to pay a certain amount of profit tax and if it does in this jurisdiction it's not considered an offshored jurisdiction and therefore your tax authority will probably not say anything against you. but most likely you just want to register somewhere, like in hong kong. they shout: you know you can have a uk llp, us llc, and it's also like a viable option. pay zero percent, but you, if you still love your new country, there's little to go around it. the best thing that you can do in this case is either you get out of the country that you're in and get into a country that has no cfc rules, or you just travel without, like you, dear ricketts, and you just travel um the whole time. you don't spend more than six months in any country. or you set up actually a company with substance in another country. you set up a manager there, you hire some employees there, you do all the contracts there, you set up the bank account there and so and so on. it sounds really easy, but it's more more difficult, to be honest, to do the setup. i believe the easiest setup is actually to just leave the country, because there's some many better jurisdictions where you can do business and grow. like every big person that i know, they don't live anymore in like their home country. it's maybe only not true for us citizens, because they are basically taxed on their citizenship, so it doesn't matter where they look. they can live in dubai, they can live in bahamas. they still have to pay the same taxes. for them it's like no question. all the business stays in the us. they travel just for fun, but in europe we are not so far. so, like all the big drop showers, they are living outside of europe or in some jurisdictions in europe that are okay with that. so switzerland is a good option. you pay less tax on everything, you have no cfc roads. then cyprus also doesn't has any cfc roads. you see a bunch of dropshippers living there. then ukraine was a viable option, yet cfc rose but the government wasn't looking too much on foreigners. malta is a good option. so, yeah, to sum it up again like it depends on jurisdiction how much capital profit tax you pay and you just have to look up how much the, how much it is per country, and you have to look up also the cfc roads in your country and then based on that, you can do the decision where to do that. the other question that remains is about the vat. so there are certain rules in europe that says if you have to, if you're reaching a certain threshold in europe, then you have to pay vat in this country. for example, in the case of germany, it's around 100 000 euros that you have to reach in revenue in total. right, it's not just for a month, it's not for one year, it's like in total. so, or it was a per year, i'm not sure. but basically if you reach that, which is actually quite easy to r.

How to Start Dropshipping in Estonia - THE RIGHT WAY!

[Music]. many people dream of a profitable business that serves customers all over the world. if you are one of them, this information is exactly what you need. drop shipping is the business that provides equal opportunities to everyone. it doesn't matter whether you are an islander or a resident of a busy metropolis. if you want to secure a better future for yourself and your family, you can easily set up an online business that will bring you money at any point of the globe. you don't need to manufacture products or to buy them from someone in advance and stok them, paying all related expenses. all you need is stable internet access and an online store. starting here, your business journey begins. let's see how drop shipping business model works in simple 6 steps. step 1: find an online supplier who has the products you want to sell. step 2: show the suppliers products with marked up prices on your website and advertise them. step 3: receive direct payment from the customers who buy from your website. step 4: redirect the orders to your suppliers and pay them their original price. keep the profits to yourself. step 5: do nothing. the supplier will ship the order directly to your clients. step 6: repeat: find more products and suppliers, if you like, and enjoy greater earnings. as an estonia resident, you have lots of benefits that let you start this business smoothly and quickly. easy internet access and growing smartphone usage let you stay in touch with your suppliers and customers 24: 7 and guarantee a brilliant business performance. globally trusted payment gateways, such as paypal, 2 checkout and mondido are available in estonia, which is why you can safely receive and manage your well-earned profits. multikultural environment lets you learn more about the life and issues of various ethnic groups and tailor your offers to various customer segments. so there is nothing that would stop you from launching a money-making business that breaks geographic boundaries and lets you run your venture on a global scale. how would you like the idea of selling products to customers widely spread across the world and staying in the comfort of your own home? [Music]. if you're residing in estonia, it doesn't mean that you must target your business on this country only. yes, estonia is more than just your homeland. it's a rapidly developing european country with high income economy and one of the most digitally advanced infrastructures. however, why limit yourself with a narrow customer segment if you can easily contact any client from any point on the globe? dropshipping business model lets you deal with buyers across the world, whether it be a student from the netherlands or a housewife from the usa or a citizen of any other developed country. there, the infrastructure is perfectly optimized for e-commerce, so you can enjoy both easy business management and a healthy profit level. launch your online store with ali dropship and become a 100 owner of a profitable business. ali dropship is the world's number one drop shipping business platform that provides you the wordpress plugin and customized store creation service at very affordable price. create your own drop shipping store with the most powerful plugin for wordpress, or let the alidropship team create a store for you. alidropship's unique solutions are creating a wave of buzz with dropshippers just like you. whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned expert with a multi-million dollar turnover, alidropship has the exact solution you're looking for. when you invest in alidropship plugin, you can easily build your own professional aliexpress drop shipping store. the plugin offers all the features you'll need to build your own highly profitable business. the best thing about alidropship is, unlike other dropshipping platform. ally dropship lets you enjoy the 100 ownership. whether you build it yourself or have ali dropship build it for you, you will have full ownership of your drop shipping empire. you keep all the profits and have complete control over your store. an alley dropship doesn't limit you on the number of products you can have or the monthly sales you can get. even if you have tens of thousands of products and millions of orders, you pay no extra fees. an alidropship has a wide range of high quality services to help you succeed through every phase of growth. ally dropship offers free personal support for every solution you order, so you'll always have them as your secret weapon. are you ready to start your drop shipping business today? the link is in the description below. go to the description, click the link and start your drop shipping journey today.

The Best Countries To Target | Shopify Dropshipping 2022

what's going on, guys? welcome back to another video. so in this one i'm going to show you why the united states of america might not be the best place to drop ship to as a beginner. it's completely understandable. most of the people i tok to just assume that the us is the best place to sell to and they go on to youtube, they start learning about drop shipping and naturally you're gonna start learning from some of the bigger channels and most of those people are based in america. so everything they're toking about- when it comes to the prices of products, the sales screenshots, whatever it might be- it's always in us dollars. um, even some of the bigger kind of uk based guys as well- everything they tok and shows in dollars too. so it's understandable for people to think or just assume that you should be drop shipping in america, whereas in this video i'm going to prove to you why that may not always be the case. so in this video i've got an oberlo dropshipping case study to show you which has some really interesting information in, so make sure you stay tuned for that. and i'm also going to show you some important, some other important information which you need to consider, which will definitely help you in your drop shipping journey. so, that being said, thanks for tuning in and let's jump straight into it. okay, so let's start the video off with this drop shipping case study from oblo. if you're not quite sure who oberlo are, they basically create the link between shopify and aliexpress, so all of the orders that essentially go through oberlo are drop shipping orders. so this is the case study. there's a lot to go through. i'm not gonna bore you with the whole thing, i'm just going to highlight the key pieces of information. so one of our oblong merchants, who is also a us dropshipper, agreed to share his google analytiks stats with us for this case study on dropshipping in the usa. all of his products come from china and are drop shipped using oberlo. so oberlo, to my knowledge, they only create a link between shopify and aliexpress, no other platform, so this is purely aliexpress suppliers and products. the store offers standard delivery options, so 14 day delivery to the usa, 30 plus days delivery to other countries via china post. so there's no bias here. if anything, there's a bias towards america. however, even with that bias, what we'll see in a second- that america doesn't necessarily convert at the highest, his website is in english and has never been translated into other languages. the website support is also offered in english only, and the majority of the traffic comes from facebook advertising. so basically, this guy's set up, if i had to guess, is probably the same setup in to what the majority of people watching this video are looking into. so, top countries by conversion rate: the chart below represents the statistiks of 2.5 million visitors to his site and only includes countries with 100 plus orders. so it's a pretty decent test. there's a lot of information and data to make a conclusion from. so, for example, he hasn't just had 10 visitors to one from one partikular country and then assumed that the case is 2.5 million visitors, which is a pretty decent average, pretty decent mean um to find a conclusion from. so if we have a look at the table, the results might be quite surprising. but people from denmark actually converted at the highest, at 4.67 percent. then we have australia and norway island and finland. so in those top five countries, three out of the five don't actually have english as, kind of like, their main language, which might be quite surprising to some of you. us here at seventh place, and then uk just scraping a top ten place with 2.71. what's also very, very interesting is, if we have a look at the average order values for this shopify store and we take a look at this table with the top 20, america- the usa doesn't even make it into the top 20 for average order value and the uk only just scrapes a top 20 finish with an average order value of 42 dollars. so what this could mean is that america doesn't convert very highly and then, even when they do, they don't actually spend as much money as other countries. so what i've done to try and kind of put this into more illustrative purposes to make it easier to understand- i've made a list of all these countries based on that case study, i've given them the conversion rate taken from the case study, and then i've also added two other things which i've sourced myself. so number one is an english proficiency score. this is taken from efcom, so a reputable source, as you can see, kind of categorizes each country with either a very high, high, moderate, low or very low english speaking proficiency. this will become clear why this is important later on. and i've also given each country an average cpm, and this is actually a facebook cpm and i've taken this from statistacom, which is, of course, another um reference source, and it's actually accurate, up-to-date information too. so this release date was actually november 2021. so what can we learn from this table, then? what i've done is i've highlighted the top six converting countries in green. and one thing to note here: that doesn't include the uk and it doesn't include the us either. so if we actually scroll to the bottom, where i have those two countries, we can see the uk and us. so 2.71 conversion rate for the uk, a three percent conversion rate for the us. now, the reason why this is doubly interesting, or even more so interesting, is because, if we take a look at the average cpm for these countries, the average cpm- so what a cpm is- is basically how much you have to spend on facebook for a thousand people to see your ad. so, if we take the us as an example, you will have to spend 35 dollars for a thousand people to see your ad. now, obviously, this is going to vary depending on what niche you're selling to, but overall, on average, according to statista, is in and around 35 and for the uk, is in and around 20, and the reason why this is so interesting, then, is if we take a comparison of the us versus the top performing country. in that case study of denmark, we can see that denmark actually has a very high english proficiency, which means the majority of people who are going to see our ad in denmark understand english, they speak english and they're comfortable browsing an english website. but what's even more interesting about target in denmark is the cost per 1000 impressions. the cpm is less than half that of america, so america at 35 and denmark at 14.. essentially, what this means is so essentially what this means is that for every ten dollars you spend in america, you can spend less than half of that in denmark and still reach the same amount of people. and even when you do reach that amount of people, more of them are going to convert by tags in denmark. now, obviously this is generalizing things. it's going to depend on what your product is, etc. etc. but for every 100 people that visit your store from the us, on average, three percent of those are going to convert, whereas in denmark you're going to get 4.67. so essentially, to summarize what it means is: it's cheaper to advertise in denmark and a higher percentage of those people will actually convert as well. so my final message for this video then, before you go, is: next time you're testing or analyzing the results of your facebook ads, if you haven't quite seen the results that you hoped for, or perhaps you're looking to launch some campaigns and start testing your very first products, don't just consider the us, consider the uk and also consider some of these countries which you can see highlighted in green. now, something else to leave you with before you go is when you're heading into your ad manager and setting up your ad set. so let's say, we want to run a campaign to denmark and we want to make sure that we are essentially focusing on search locations. we want to make sure that we are indeed showing our ad to people who understand english. it's very simple to do just below all of these different targeting criter.