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dropshipping images

Published on: January 3 2023 by pipiads

How To Find High Quality Product Images For FREE [Dropshipping 2018]

isn't this not the coolest setup for,recording videos you've ever seen my,camera goes right there what's going on,guys welcome back to the channel,Jonathan here I hope you like that intro,definitely on the unique side to say the,least but in today's video we are going,to be doing a simple video I'm going to,be providing you guys with three,strategies to get higher quality product,images for your product pages to sell,your drop shipping products I send,products a lot in the last 10 seconds,but this is essential because if you,have blurry images or images that don't,accurately portray the product that,you're trying to sell you are going to,have a very hard time selling that,product so definitely don't skimp on,trying to find the highest quality,images you can because of the reasons I,just stated you gotta be able to show,the product in its best light its best,image and also if they're like so,pixelated that someone can't even,understand what it is or the quality of,the product you'd stand zero chance of,selling it or if you have that funky,Photoshop whatever that aliexpress of,these Chinese manufacturers and,suppliers have you definitely you're out,of luck so without further ado let's hop,right into my computer and I'm gonna,show you these three strategies alright,so we are here inside my computer we are,on Google we are going to quickly move,over to Aliexpress to show you what we,are toking about so we're just gonna,search up a product I know for a fact,that this is a good example which is why,we are going to do inflatable hammocks I,know of it on the random side but I,don't know why I did it plural but we,are here now so you can see there is a,bunch of hammocks for sale by different,drops you are not dropshippers you are,the dropship we're by different,manufacturers and let's just say let's,go to orders because you always want to,sort by orders when trying to find your,products let's just say for instance you,chose like this one for whatever reason,maybe it's the cheapest one or you just,think has the highest quality hammock,all of them even though they're usually,the same but you notike that let's let's,click on this so you notike that when,you import it over there are no images,of the like hammock in use or what the,hammock looks like when it's blown up,all you can see is what it looks like in,these little bags which is nice for,getting a perspective on how small it,can be when it's deflated but people,want to see how big it is when it's,inflated how much of their body it's,gonna cover if it's only you're only,gonna be able to put your head on it and,the rest of your body is gonna be,falling off or if it's so big you're,gonna have to have like a gymnasium to,fit this hammock so we gotta have images,that show what this product looks like,when it's inflated and now this is where,most people would go like well maybe I,can't do this product because I don't,have those images and this is where the,three steps are going to come in so this,one isn't necessarily a high quality,image issue this is we need images to,show how this product works and it's the,same steps for either scenario whether,you need higher quality quality images,or you need different images more,dynamic images or images showing things,that aren't displayed on the,manufacturers page so simply what we can,do is like we saw there are a bunch of,different hammock manufacturers that,look to have either very similar or the,same product so what we can do is we can,go into these different manufacturers,and see if they have any different,images and most of the times like we can,see right here in the first example they,do so we can keep the same manufacturer,because we like them they had the,cheapest price let's say but now what we,can do is we can take the pictures from,this manufacturer and put them onto our,site so that we can accurately portray,our hammock and make it much more likely,that they will our customers will go,through with their purchase so that is,tip number one or strategy number one of,how to find higher quality or different,images is to just go look at another,manufacturer and most of the times for,most products if they have a decent,amount of orders there's going to be a,bunch of manufacturers out there I would,say at least three to five other,manufacturer,on bigger products there could be as,much as 10 I mean I saw a ridiculous,amount for this hammock but now we are,going to move on to the second strategy,and this is one that I like to do,regardless just to see if there are some,really cool images out there is I just,literally type it into Google and this,is something that a lot of people don't,do but it's so simple because,dropshippers will most likely have come,to this product before therefore they,will have images on their sites and you,can find that over on Google so I'll,just head over to the images section and,like we can see we got a bunch of,dynamic images I'm just showing the size,of this hammock and you can see like,right here this was the exact one we are,looking at I believe these ones we also,saw two on Aliexpress so these are,images that we can easily save to our,computer and import them on to our,dropshipping site and use them to create,a more dynamic image experience on our,product page so that is strategy number,two and now moving on to strategy number,three which does not involve the,computer so I'm just going to tell you,right here and that is buying the,product yourself and oh my god everybody,freaks out when they have to buy the,product but it is very helpful and not,necessarily something that I would,recommend doing right at the beginning,because that'll take a long time to get,your store up and running if you have to,wait 2 to 3 weeks for a product to,arrive but if you see that a product is,starting to work it's having some,success but you kind of want to upgrade,the images maybe you want a specific,type of image like your product looks,really good in the sunset or on the,beach and you can't just you can't seem,to find a picture of that you can go,ahead and order it if you see that it's,going to be a profitable long lasting,product and once the product gets there,you can upgrade your site by taking,images yourself and it really isn't,anything fancy if you have any kind of,new phone or relatively new phone it,will take 1080p images that is more than,enough to post on a site and look high,quality so you can just walk out to your,local beach or a place that has a nice,sunset and take a few pictures there you,don't need to be a professional,photographer or anything and if you,really wanted to get in depth with it,you can just go on YouTube and search,how to take cool images or what's the,right lighting or whatever something,along those lines but that is strategy,number three for getting the highest,quality images possible and at that,that's all I got for today's video very,simple very straightforward but very,useful definitely use these strategies,if you find yourself in a situation,where you need higher quality images for,your products because it is very crucial,to keeping a high conversion rate or,getting any conversions at all if you,have a bad quality image good luck,getting purchases because I guarantee,you no one's gonna want it if they can't,tell up what the product is so I hope,you guys enjoyed hope you got some value,in this and if you did make sure to,leave a like favorite and subscribe and,I'll see you guys in tomorrow's video,[Music]

How To Make Better Product Photos For Your Shopify Dropshipping Store

so when it comes to product photography,or even just photography on your site in,general,it's always something we highly,recommend merchants do and invest in,just because that's what's really going,to make you unique and it's going to,make your brand insight look,overall like more cohesive so that's why,i thought it was a really great,topic to chat about today,hi everyone welcome back to real tok,and thank you so much for joining us,and thank you if you join us in our past,weeks and are coming back we're super,excited to have you here,and we have matt with us again today so,thank you matt for,joining us for today's tok about,product photography which i'm super,excited about,so matt why don't you hop us right into,the topic for today which is product,photography and give us a quick little,intro,absolutely um whether you're someone,who's creative or has an interest in,photography,or somebody who isn't creative but just,wants to find a way to implement product,photography,we'll cover tips that should help anyone,at any skill level,hopefully there will be a little,something for everyone but if you're a,photography wizard please drop your tips,in the chat it's very much appreciated,as we go,so let's just hop into it so the first,thing as,matt had mentioned is the importance of,product photography so i wanted to kind,of start with that initially,just so that way we could kind of get,you all in the right mindset before,actually hopping in and taking those,photos,so um you know maybe my perspective is a,little bit biased when it comes to this,but,i strongly believe that having a really,good design site and branding can,definitely play a crucial role,in creating a trustworthy store for your,customers and making something unique,that your customers feel,comfortable purchasing from especially,with drop shipping where,all of your you know all other competing,merchants are using the same photos you,really,want to try and stand out and,photography is a really really great way,to do that,online um so it's a way like i said to,portray kind of the lifestyle or the,community that you want to create around,your brand,something that gives your customers,something that they can like connect,with that feeling of who your brand is,it can invoke emotions and it really,gives your customers a sense of how they,would feel,having your product so there's some huge,benefits to taking your own,photos or having someone else take your,own photos but making them unique to you,so i mean along with kind of the setting,yourself apart and making yourself,look unique there are some other things,that you'll want to consider as well,that,is important in taking your own,photography so for example like i said,all other drop shippers selling that,same product will be using that same,photo so like a customer goes from one,side to the next to the next,it's all gonna be the same photo and,again it's not gonna make you look,unique and it's gonna make you look like,a drop shipping site because maybe,they've seen that photo before,the next thing is this can happen from,time to time,is suppliers on aliexpress may,for example like i've seen this with,clothing a lot they'll take a photo of a,model wearing this clothing piece and,then the supplier actually just makes,that clothing piece,like a replica and but those photos they,actually don't own those photos,sometimes so,i just would hate for any of you guys to,get stuck with using those photos on,your site and then having any issues,again it doesn't come up often but,i see it specifically with clothing is,sometimes suppliers will just take,photos from other big brands and just,use them and then create a product,that's like a replica product so,again it helps you just alleviate that,possibility of having copyright photos,just in case,but again you can always chat with the,supplier a bit more about that,and lastly is i don't know if some of,you use the,reverse image search tool on google but,in google,you can just plug in an image and see,what other sites or,you know links come up with that exact,same image so it's a way that you know,maybe sneaky customers can see like,oh there's 10 other sites selling this,exact same product which one's selling,it cheaper,maybe i'll go there so just to avoid all,of that um,having your own images because it's,unique to you no one else is going to,have those same things unless somebody,copies you which,maybe is a good thing maybe that means,you're doing really well,um so all in all there are a lot of,benefits to taking your own,product photography um so yeah i mean if,you are interested in learning more,let's go over how to actually get,started on taking those photos,as well as some tools and resources you,can use so matt why don't you give us,the first uh getting started,tip absolutely if you plan on taking,your own photos the,obviously the first thing you're gonna,need to do is order those products um,so that's why it's really good to to,kind of narrow down your niche and not,have a whole bunch of different products,in your store because,if you have to order a product or sorry,if you have to order one of each of,those products,it's going to be a lot of money right so,the other thing that you can do though,is once you have,that item in your hand after you've,taken photos of it,you can do different things so you don't,necessarily have to just,throw it away or anything like that like,you can ship out the product as an order,right,it's still the same product that you're,selling um the other thing that you can,do,is you can reach out to different,influencers and you can give them the,product and have them market your,product and and it's a way of almost,you know in a sense free advertising uh,you have to pay for the product,obviously but you're buying it to take,the photos so,um it's it's kind of like a nice little,work around for that,so there's a couple of different options,that you can do with these products once,you've ordered them,um but the most essential thing is that,you order some of them yourself and take,the pictures yourself,yeah totally so that's just something,always that's great keeping back mine is,don't stress about ordering all these,products um,you know there's some other things you,can still do with them um so it is an,investment that you can kind of shift,around in other ways,and then my next one was it's also a,really great opportunity to get familiar,with,the process of how their shipping works,and how the item will actually look when,it arrives the packaging the quality,so think of it as a really great way to,yes you'll have the item to take photos,of but you can also make sure that the,item is a quality item that you feel,comfortable selling to your customers,so i just wanted to put that out there,as well too,so all right you're uh your next mat,what's the next tip absolutely like like,i said um sending them to influencers is,a great idea like um,if you order the product yourself you,can just send it out to them reach out,to them on instagram or tiktok or,whatever,have them do a video or like a you know,some sort of a post or,their their account will make it go,viral um that's,it's a really good way to uh to get your,reach out there,so that's that's definitely something,that you can do um the the one thing,about product photography is you do need,a camera,and that's usually the first thing that,people think of i gotta buy this,expensive dslr or something like that,but,you really don't you can just take,photos with your smartphone,um a lot of people do it the phones are,the the cameras on smartphones now are,really good,so i think chris has some tips that that,we can go into for for the next part as,well,um okay so the next tip is um before,beginning,to take your own photos one thing i want,you to all think about,is the branding of your site so it's,easy to get the products and be like,cool i'm just going to take all these,photos let's go but,take a moment just to take a step back,and really think

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How to Not Get SUED When Dropshipping (w/ Aliexpress & Shopify)

Hey, guys.,So today, I'm gonna tok about how to protect yourself from being sued when dropshipping.,This wasn't a question I was planning to answer but we've recently had a flood of comments,and emails from people asking those questions so I knew I had to address it.,So here are the questions that I'm gonna be answering in this video.,One, will you be sued if you use AliExpress product images that suppliers have publicly,posted?,Two, how can you stop yourself from being sued for using copyright images?,Three, can you sell products from AliExpress that have trademarks on them?,So to find out the answers for these and how to stop yourself from being sued, keep watching,this video.,One, will you be sued if you use AliExpress product images?,I'm gonna preface this with the fact that I am not a lawyer but my answer to this is,no, no, no, no, no, no.,I'm gonna be honest.,I find this question quite surprising because it's quite common knowledge that China is,the country of piracy and knock-offs, yet people ask me this question all the time.,Piracy and knock-offs are rampant in China.,Pirated movies, games, and music are sold very publicly on the streets, even though,it's tiknically illegal, which is why I guess I'm a little bit surprised that people are,concerned that Chinese suppliers are gonna pursue you in court for using their product,images.,But I also understand because the thought of getting sued is scary so it makes sense,that you would want to double check.,I can tell you now, I am 99.9% certain that not only would a supplier not pursue you in,court but that they would view you using their images as a smart thing.,You see, in China, they have a very different cultural attitude towards piracy.,It's because in the West, we strongly value the rights of the individual.,In China, they do not.,And in China, the idea that just one person should financially benefit from something,that can be so easily and cheaply copied and distributed to the masses is crazy.,And I want to be clear, I am neither agreeing or disagreeing with these ideas.,I'm just explaining how things are different in China.,So when an AliExpress manufacturer posts photos of the products they are selling on their,listing, they won't have the same reaction as we would have in the West because those,images are so easy to be copied and reused.,Instead, they'll be happy that you're using them to sell more of their products because,,of course, it makes them more money.,And consider this, take the self-stir mug as an example.,If we head over to AliExpress, guess what we will find?,We'll find that the manufacturers are stealing images from each other.,The same images are used by different manufacturers to promote their own version of this product.,And more importantly, all of these suppliers are just manufacturing their own copy of this,mug.,Who even knows who was the original manufacturer and creator of the mug?,And the same goes for the images, who knows who was the first manufacturer to take the,common stok images for this mug?,It's impossible to know.,If the original creator in China was going to be suing anyone, they would be suing the,manufacturing companies that are reusing them that are based in China, not some random person,who lives halfway around the world.,But the fact is is that they're not going to even sue their local manufacturing companies,because their cultural attitudes towards intellectual property are entirely different to ours.,So no, I don't think you need to be worried that you're going to get sued for reusing,their images on your store but I am not a legal expert, I need to state that.,If you're still worried, my recommendation to you would be to simply message the supplier,and ask them if they are okay with you reusing their images.,I've never met a supplier that would say no but it's always nice to get their confirmation.,Two, how can I avoid being sued for copyright images?,In China, they may not care if you reuse images that originated there but in the West, it,is an entirely different story.,I've had multiple friends that have been sued for making this mistake.,I had one friend that got sent a bill for $10,000 for accidentally using copyright images.,Interestingly enough, the lawsuit didn't actually go through because it was for one of my friends,that was based here in New Zealand and here in New Zealand, the laws surrounding copyright,damages are very different.,Here, to claim damages of $10,000, you need to actually show that you lost $10,000 by,someone illegally using your images.,My friend was not making any money off the images.,It wasn't a commercial website.,When they realized that he was broke and had no money, they just dropped the lawsuit and,he took the images done.,And no, they hadn't sent him a takedown notike.,It's a common misconception that you can skirt the law and just take down the images when,you get sent a notike.,No, they don't have to send you that.,They are perfectly within their rights to just immediately sue you.,But it was a good reminder that small websites that aren't even making any money yet can,still be sued for copyright infringement.,If my friend had been living in the USA, then that lawsuit would have gone very differently.,He got very lucky.,So don't think that because you don't have a super successful site yet that you're not,going to get sued.,You still need to make sure that you're following copyright laws.,An easy way to stop yourself from being sued for copyright is to use images that you're,allowed to use and an easy way to find them is with Google Images.,On Google Images, click Settings and then click Advanced Search.,Type in what you want to search for and then just scroll down to usage rights and select,free to use, share or modify, even commercially.,You'll be surprised at how many images you find that you're allowed to use.,Three, can I sell AliExpress products that have trademarks?,I'm gonna preface this again with the fact that I'm not a lawyer but no, no, no, no,,no.,You cannot sell items that are trademarked.,I know that I've probably confused some of my viewers because of the video I created,,"How to Dropship from AliExpress.",In that video, I highlight a store from a friend of mine called World of Harry.,It is a WooCommerce dropshipping store that dropships Harry Potter items from AliExpress.,Now the reason why I highlighted the store wasn't because I recommend dropshipping trademarked,Harry Potter items like he is doing.,It's because that website has a ton of SEO done to it and it's getting lots of organic,,free traffic from Google.,I was using it as a case study for how you can optimize your own stores for the Google,search engine.,In that video, I say two things.,Firstly, I say that that store is very well optimized for Google but secondly, I also,state that I do not recommend selling trademarked products.,Dropshipping trademarked products is a risky business because it's highly illegal.,I'll tell you now, I have a friend that told me a story about how his dropshipping business,almost ended in disaster when he first started it.,He was dropshipping products from China that were counterfeit and illegal but he was naive.,He assumed that because the manufacturers were selling hundreds to thousands of these,every week that it must have been legit and that they had every right to do so.,Well, he discovered that that was not the case one day when the Feds came knocking at,his door.,So he opened it and found that it was the Feds who had come to tok to him about how,he was illegally selling counterfeit items.,Now, like my friend earlier, he also got lucky and managed to avoid any serious legal action,or jail time but it could have so easily gone the other way.,So do not sell anything that is branded with a trademark.,You might think that because the self-stir mug with Harry Potter on it is selling 200,units a week that the manufacturer must have the right to do so but they don't so don't,sell it.,Instead, sell this gen

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How do I get professional photography for my dropshipping store?

Hey, it’s David with Oberlo, and it’s question time!,This week we’re answer the question: “How do I get professional-looking photos for my,dropshipping store?”,This is a great question, because your product photos are vital to your success in dropshipping.,Why?,Well, as a dropshipper, you will always be competing with other businesses selling the,exact same products as you.,And having unique professional photos of your products is one of the best ways to differentiate,your brand.,Okay, but how do you get high quality photos for your store?,Well, there are three main methods.,Find existing photos online and edit them, Have a professional service take them for,you, or…,Take new product photos yourself.,Here at Oberlo, we recommend that you order a product for yourself, and take your own,photos.,The added benefit to this is that you can check the product’s quality and test it,out for yourself.,But, let’s take a quick look at each of the three options.,First, you can find the photos of your products online, and then edit them for your store.,If you’re using Oberlo with Shopify, it’s extremely easy to add the existing product,images to your store.,You can then download these images to edit them.,Or, use Shopify’s built-in image editor.,This lets you crop or resize the image, change the lighting, add text, and more.,Now, you might be thinking, “That’s great David, but how can I remove the watermarks?”,Firstly, we wouldn’t recommend that you do.,If an image is watermarked, it’s almost certainly copyrighted.,In which case, you don’t have the right to use the image at all.,But, if you reach out and get permission to use the image first, there are ways that you,can remove the watermark.,You could use professional editing software like Photoshop.,Or, you can download a program like TheInPaint.com which makes it relatively easy to do.,This program is $19.99.,Or, you could visit a site like Fiverr, or Upwork to find an photo editor to do it for,you.,Lastly, you might also want to change the image so it has a plain white background.,Again, you can do this with a tool like Photoshop, or a free online alternative like BeFunky.com.,There are links to all of these resources below in the description.,Now, if you’d prefer to create unique images, you could choose…,Option 2: Send your products to a professional photography service.,A quick Google search will present many of these services.,Including Productphoto.com.,This service makes professional product photography a breeze.,You simply ship them your product, and they take the pictures, and edit them.,Plus, you don’t pay anything until you’ve approved your new product photos.,If you order over 31 photos, the cost is $15 dollars a photo.,Alternatively, you could visit experts.shopify.com/photographers to find a service to help you.,But, if you don’t have the budget for a professional service, or you just want to,test out the products yourself, you could go with...,Option 3: Take Your Own Photos This is the option we recommend.,It’s a great way to create images unique to your specific brand.,Simply order one of your products, and then get to work!,There are a few big benefits here: First off, it forces you to order your products, which,gives you a chance to interact with suppliers, to evaluate the packaging, and to gauge shipping,times.,Your own photos are also nice because nobody else has them.,This makes your website, your product pages and your advertisements stand out from the,crowd.,And if you’ve seen some of the default product photos out there, you know that you don’t,necessarily want to be part of the crowd.,Finally, having your own product photos will prevent people from identifying your suppliers.,As you may know, Google Images has a feature that lets you upload photos, and then Google,will tell you where the photos came from.,So someone could very easily reverse engineer where you are getting your products.,Using your own photos gives you that extra bit of secrecy and prevents your competition,from scoping out your suppliers.,If you’re ready to try your hand at being a shutterbug, the Oberlo blog has TONS of,content about how to create compelling product photos – we’ve dropped some links in the,comments below.,And, if you have a question about dropshipping, let us know in the comments below!,We check the comments every day, and would love to answer your question in our next video.,Thanks for watching, and if you’d like to see more videos like this, be sure to hit,the subscribe button, and turn on the notification bell.,See you next time!

How To Edit Product Photos To Boost Sales (Shopify Dropshipping)

having the right product photos for your,drop shipping website is very very,important and can actually be the reason,why people visit your website but don't,buy anything so i'm going to show you,how to edit drop shipping product photos,using just your iphone as a beginner,you're probably going to find the,products to drop ship on aliexpress and,you're probably just going to use the,images that you know they provide right,well the problem with that is that the,images on 99 of aliexpress suppliers are,just completely random and all to,like one background is like in a,bathroom and the other background is,like randomly at the park like it,doesn't make sense it doesn't match so,when people go on your website and they,see that it literally just looks like,you stole that from the internet so,they'll be like oh this website is not,real i ain't gonna spend my money here,so let me show you how you can take just,your iphone and turn those aliexpress,photos into professional product images,for your dropshipping business okay so,for this to work your iphone must be,updated to ios 16 and above okay so,let's say you found your product and you,know what you're gonna be selling and,everything you've done that on your,computer you're just gonna obviously,open the link to the aliexpress supplier,on your phone and then what you're gonna,do is obviously just hold on them and,then save the photos to your phone and,then once you do that you're gonna go on,google as well and just type in white,background as you see that i typed in,here and then just find one that you,like to use preferably squared up you,know um as far as the dimension goes so,let's say it's that one right here,you're just gonna save that as well and,then you're gonna download this app on,the bottom left called fonto and the,crazy thing is that this whole process,is gonna take literally like five,minutes if not less so you're then just,gonna open up fonto and at the bottom,you're gonna see the camera icon you're,gonna click that and then you're gonna,click photo albums because that's where,you save the image right and then you're,just going to go ahead and click the,white image that you saved right there,and then you're just going to click done,and then once you do that as you can see,the image i chose is already squared out,and it's a good size but if you didn't,you can click three lines right there,click where it says square crop and then,obviously you can do um the four by four,dimensions so that way it's squared and,perfect for you know websites okay okay,so once you've uploaded the white,background and obviously if your,background for your website is black,then you want to use a black background,if your website is great you want to use,a great background if it's pink use a,pink background so your website could,just look seamless and clean so once you,have your background you're then going,to go to your photos right and then,remember this image that we saved this,one and this one right here we're then,going to do something really cool that,you can only do with ios 16 and above,and this is literally going to change,everything for you with your drop,shipping website because now you can,have such a clean website right so what,you're going to do is you're simply,going to hold the image right you see,that white line going around it and then,you're going to let go and then you see,the white line going around it this is,the beautiful thing with apple products,man this is just insane you're just,simply gonna click copy right and then,once you copy this before i show you,what happens after you hit copy if you,don't know i'm giving away ten thousand,dollars to ten lucky subscribers if my,channel could hit 100 000 subscribers by,december so if you haven't subscribed go,ahead and hit that subscribe button,right now so after you hit copy you're,then going to go ahead and send someone,a text message right like an imessage or,whatever and they're just going to hold,it and then paste right there and then,when you send that to you that person is,you can see it's you know cut out right,so what you're then gonna do is now that,it's sent you're then gonna save that,one that you just sent to your iphone,again right and then you're just simply,gonna go back to fonto right here and,then you're going to click the three um,dashes on the bottom left click add,image and then you're going to click the,image that you just saved right there,and as you can see the background is cut,and then you can simply click on the,image click size and then make it,whatever size you want i want to make it,too big because then the resolution is,just doing too much i like to make it,small enough to where you can see the,image and then now that you have the,image on a white background or whatever,background color you choose that matches,your website all the other product,images must be the same background color,okay it must all look consistent so,you're gonna do the same thing for all,the other colors of the product audio,the variants and whatnot and then on the,bottom right you're gonna click the,arrow right there and then you're just,simply gonna go ahead and email it to,yourself so that way you can open it up,on your computer and then add it to your,shopify website okay but you need to,have unique products to sell if you want,this to actually boost your sales watch,this video to see a very unique way i,used to find women products watch it now,peace

How To COPY Pictures & Earn Money For FREE By Selling Them - LEGALLY (Remake/Remaster)

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