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dropshipping in africa

Published on: January 29 2023 by pipiads

How To Start Dropshipping Business In Africa

hello guys, my name is samuel dole of dropshippingeatscom. if you're watching this, this is that you want to start a drop shipping business or you are doing drop shipping business. [Music]- welcome. today, i'm going to take you through how to start a dope shipping business in africa from scratch in 2021. yes, i am an african living in nairobi, kenya, and i've been doing dope shipping business for the past 10 plus years. also, just like you, i started as a beginner. i've made mistakes, uh, i've learned my lessons and i will like, uh, you learn from them too, just from watching this vlog. so, for those who don't know about group shipping business, i can- i can- rush you through. wardrobe shipping entails for you to understand what you are getting into. or if you are looking for information related to drop shipping business, then this is your place. so what is the keeping business? drop shipping business simply means selling products that you don't have inventory, or you don't have to have the product in stok for you to sell them. okay, uh, drop shipping requires you to to have an online presence, because products that are being sold are 100 sold, uh, online, so you are required to have a website. let's say, for instance, if this microphone was on aliexpress for 10. you can create a website with this microphone as your main product brand. that store, make the straw look legit and transworthy, sell this microphone for 60 dollars. but when i come to your website and place an order for this microphone for for the 60 dollars that you have indicated on your website, uh, you'll, in return, go to aliexpress and purchase the same mic microphone for ten dollars. the seller on aliexpress will ship this product from china to me as the customer direct, without you handling inventory, without you, without you handling this product, without you even seeing this product. so that is drop shipping for you. so you love you. you'll end up making uh 50 as your profit. is this something that you can do, and have you been thinking of something like this? if you've been thinking of this, then this is the right place to learn the nitty gritties of how to start a shipping business in africa. now our counterparts- uh, let's see- in the united states, uk, canada- are very blessed because uh, drop shipping works well for them based on the infrastructure their government has laid in place, the security, the internet security and cyber related issues, unlike other uh continents like africa, asia, where, whereby we are facing a lot of challenges with drop shipping business when it comes to receiving the payment or integrating the payment gateways on your website, and so today i may, at the end of this video, give you a clue, i'll give you a tip how to go about this. so stay tuned. this is the time where you hit the subscription button, you smash that like button and enable the notification bell so that we grow together as an african drug shipping community. you dig, let's get into it. so, one, there are requirements that you need to have in place before you start out of shipping business, more so while living in africa. so, uh, when i started, i did not care about registering a business name. okay, i do not care about having my legal papers in place, because i knew, just like any other drug ship in the world, people will treat me the same. all these payment other payment gateway will treat me the same. uh, i let her realize that, with us in on this side of the continent, a few of us that have you misused some of these platforms that are making, uh, the majority of us who want to use them genuinely get restriction. so, for instance, in in africa, there are countries that people is blocked completely and they cannot even access the platform. okay so, but you, i know you are a legit person and you want to start the shipping business in africa and you're wondering: how do i start if this, all these payment gateways are not accepting my current uh location or our country? okay so for you. if i knew this will be the the the issue when i started, i would have gone to a company registry. i would have registered my company. let's say, for instance, i have a blog called dropshippingcom. suppose i was to start today as an african, i want us to learn together, so i was to. if i was to start today as an african who wants to do drop shipping business, i would have gone to register that company shipping it dot com. no, no, keeping it. i can call it kenya order shipping it inc. so i have the legal document. suppose paypal starts asking me for upload a company registration, proof of address etc. i would have been in a better position to provide them. so now that you're starting, uh, it is not a must, but it is recommended that at least register that company if you're going to start with paypal or stripe or any other payment gateway, just register company can be a business name, it doesn't have to be a limited, can be a business name because of that company. have those documents in place. have our original id or passport and approval address, proof of address. so if you are in most of these payment gateways they don't accept your box as proof of address. so what you can do, if you're living in an apartment, you can save your addresses. let's say, uh, for instance, look, shipping it plaza, third floor, house number three, name, the street, name, the city, plus. now, uh, put key, put in your postal address like pure box, blah, blah, blah, blah, nairobi, something like that. then have it. you can edit an existing utility bill. or if your country, as the, the postal system, the home address postal system, you can use that because in my country, uh, the utility bill, the bank statement, they come with the postal address. so it is upon me, all those who want to do dropshipping in kenya, to start now editing those address to fit the ones that paypal or other payments get. we need, now that you have the legal documents per se, to start adopt shipping business. they're not a mass, but i'll suggest you have them. you wonder how do i start the dope shipping business? now, one: you need a high converting product, a product that is going to convert into sales. okay, with drop shipping business, it's not about selling what you are passionate about. okay, you are selling what is in what, what is required, what people are looking for. so, when it comes to product selection, uh, you have to take your time to do research, find out selling product, products that people are looking for. these are some factors you should consider when are researching for product. one: ensure that the product solves people's problem, the tougher solution. for instance, if i have acne and i'm looking for a happiness solution, will i come to your website or will i go somewhere? so if you're selling a product that solves my acne situation, i'll definitely come to your site. i'll definitely buy that product. so, a product that solves solution- offer, offer solutions- solves problem. i'm not restricting you from selling any other product. you can even sell luxury products, etc. but it depends with what you want to achieve. if you want quick results, then you shut down your your site in a few months. as well and good, if you want. if, if you're looking for longevity, then look for products that are solving uh problem. uh. number two: the product must have a wow factor. so if i was browsing on facebook. we all browse on facebook, your browser on instagram, and, uh, you are running an advertisement. ask yourself, ask yourself, will? will the advertisement i'm seeing with the ad that you are running will stop me from doing the, uh, the thing that i was doing on social media? will i stop to click? so make sure the product you are selling as as a wow factor- when i see it i'm like, wow, i need to buy this product. i need to click this link to go, uh, to the store that is selling this product. so ensure, if the product itself doesn't have power factor, at least work on your ad, creative work on the image of of that ad, or maybe that when i see it, i can certainly click and go to your website. number three: the product that you're selling must be high in demand, meaning people are looking for that product. se.

🔵 Selling on TAKEALOT in South Africa 2022

selling on tik a lot is probably the best way to start as a beginner. let me tell you why. you don't have to worry about building your online store, marketing your online store and fulfillment and returns and everything that has to do with actually having an online store. like drop shipping, it's the most hardest way to start as a beginner. but with take a lot, all you have to do is package your product, send it to take a lot and they take care of everything. in this video, i'm going to show you what i've been selling, which is the most silliest thing, but i've been making sales and i'm going to show you how i've been selling this, and when i started, it's only been six months selling on take a lot. but let's get into the video and let me tell you more. [Music]. what's good? my name is ba pusha. i am not your financial advisor, but your number one hustler. now, guys, this whole thing of selling on take a lot has been around for more than 20 years. it's just like amazon and you know the united states. people have been selling their products on amazon and some south africans have gone all the way to america- or not all the way, but have shipped all their products to america to sell it on, of course, amazon, but we have our own amazon over here and i. it's funny that we've never known this. let me tell you something: take a look is actually e-commerce store. all the products you see on take a lot are not sold or are not warehoused and sold by take a lot. there's actually people or companies or individuals like myself who send products to take a lot and they fulfill it for them. wow, who knew this so six months ago? funnily enough, let me tell you a story. actually, one of the guys is a subscriber who was a subscriber of mine, and now actually we've gotten into business together. shout out to mr gibbs, if you're watching this: we actually started this whole selling on take a lot thing about six months ago. not even six months ago, yeah, six months ago- selling and making sales, but learning about everything and how everything has been, starting with myself. it's it's been a year and it's been amazing. if i knew what i knew now, i probably as a beginner- right because i was starting with drop shipping as a beginner- i would have started selling on take a lot because i didn't have to learn about. well, if i started then about facebook marketing and google marketing, which is most of the hardest things that you can do as a beginner if you want to sell online as a dropshipper or just selling online. generally, selling online and learning these two things is the number one reason why most people fail, because they just don't get the crisp or getting it right of how to actually sell on on on on your own store using facebook and google, and it costs a lot of money. i mean, there's a lot of money that goes into facebook and google marketing. you know, with ads and everything else. now with take a lot, you don't have to worry about that. that's the plus one, like the number one reason why i was like man, i need to get on this. number two is that facebook- uh, take a lot- takes care of everything. that means after you ship them your product, they will, you know, they will put it on their website, which is the number one most trusted e-commerce site. that south africans, as south africans, first place, they go before they buy anything if they can't get it on take a lot, they might go on your online store and buy it and take a risk, but they never think they're taking a risk when it comes to tikle out because it's such a big establishment. it's not only a e-commerce store or fulfillment store, but it's it's it's branding and everybody can trust us. like a coca-cola or nike, you know where to complain if you don't get your goods. and it's actually much more cheaper to get started to sell on take a lot. now shout out to one of our guys in the inner circle who made their first sale yesterday. i think he started with little of like 1.5 to actually start selling on take a lot. that is basically having his products on to take a lot of sim to different cape town and joburg dc's- now these terms to actually selling on take a lot. that's why it's very important to get started right now and understand how take a lot actually works. with that being said that, i told you that i'm going to tell you about what we've been selling. this is actually the silly product we have been selling on take a lot. we want to test out if take a lot can sell anything. and guys take a lot can sell anything, from a spoon to a fridge. they can sell anything and it can actually sell because people go there first. so we've been selling these slides. now it's very important to understand that you can't sell anything on take a lot. so if you're going to sell things like with branded names, let me make an example. if you're going to sell a dell laptop, you need to actually have permission and they need to know that, okay, adele, dell laptops, you can stok up and and sell. so let me make an example. if you're gonna sell something like, uh, yeezy, adidas, if we opted to sell for that, they were going to ask us for permission from yeezy and adidas doesn't actually give us permission to actually sell that. only places like um shelf life and all those places have permission to sell those um branded products- right, those branded clothing. but we opted for something that is not branded. so our supplier gives us this um slides for 60 rand and we sell it for 199. now we did see the slides on take a lot for 499 and we decided that let's not be greedy, we're testing it out. let's see if we go for 199 because we're getting them for 60 rank. bear in mind, yes, take a lot does take a fulfillment fee, which is a success fee, for like um 23 rand. so that's a successful fee, and then they will charge you another 45 rand to ship out the product, depending on what product you're actually selling. so if you're selling a fridge, it will be a little bit higher to actually have them to deliver it to your customer. but of course that is what we call um, what's this? uh, a big, uh, you know uh- product. so it's, it's very it's a high tiket product. yes, that's the words that i'm looking: high tiket product. so obviously even the cost will be higher, even your returns will be high. but if you're going for a low tiket product, like the slides, which is uh 199, so if someone is busy shopping and they just want to fill up their cart, uh, they just need another 200 bucks to get free shipping, they would actually buy slides or they were actually looking for slides. and because we have a background of drop shipping, we don't wait for take a lot to uh market our product. because we have that trust badge, we can use our drop shipping and people can. we can go to take a lot and buy because they trust take a lot more than our site. i hope i'm not losing you anywhere here in the comment section. tell me if i'm losing you or you with me. you're selling on take a lot, the reason why you clicked on this video is probably you selling on take a lot, thinking of selling on take a lot and you just want more information. right, let's move on. so we sold this for 199. we know that our competition is selling it for 4.99. that will be beating it. by the way, we're only testing it out to see what other products we are going to be selling. now. there is a lot of products that are not on take a lot, but there is going to come a time when take a lot stops people from registering to sell on take a lot because they have enough supplies. it will come a time they will shut it down because there's a lot of people now going to sell on take a lot, and it's been around for a long, long time. i just don't know why we're only finding out about this because this is the easiest way. now, obviously, we are introducing drop shipping on take a lot and that is going to be very exciting. i'm very excited about that. but with the inner circle, we're just keeping it easy. we know people don't know about google marketing, about facebook marketing, and we don't want to bombard too much information. the reason why people fail in dropshipping: it's too much informat.

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How I made R500k at 17 Dropshipping! (SOUTH AFRICA)

in this video we're going to tok about how i managed to start drop shipping at such a young age, as well as making some decent money from my stores. i'm also going to share an awesome strategy with you guys, which, if you're struggling with ecommerce and drop shipping, this will really help you out a lot. also, guys, i'm feeling like my background is really bland and boring, so leave a comment and give me some suggestions as to what i should put up behind me. i was thinking some led sounds or something. leave some amazon links and i'll go check them out before we get started with the video. i constantly get asked a lot of questions on my instagram and i do try answer all of them, or as many as i can, but sometimes it is super difficult for me to go through hundreds of messages every single day. so what i've done is i've added a private group that comes with my dropshipping course. this way, you're not alone and you have a group or community of people that can help you out, including myself. so if you're getting started with drop shipping, this is perfect, as you have the support and the answers to any questions that you have. the course is actually only launching next week, but it is currently on pre-sale for 64.. which is 40 off its usual price. so if you're interested to see what the course covers, feel free to check out the link in the description. also, make sure you follow me on instagram. all right, let's tok about drop shipping and e-commerce and how i was able to start a profitable business at such a young age. now i'm not going to be leaking the products that are sold- exactly that's something that i'd saved for my course- but instead i'm just gonna tell you an awesome strategy of which i figured out when i was 17 years old. so this method was the main reason that i was able to make 500 000 at the age of 17 in south africa from e-commerce and selling online. so when i started dropshipping, i was 16 years old and at first it was pretty hard. as you can imagine, i had little to no experience and nowhere near the knowledge that i do today, so obviously made a lot of mistakes in the process. essentially, how it would go is: i'd find a product, i'd start up a store, run some ads, get some sales, but it wouldn't be anything significant for me. i'd make a few hundred dollars and i just end up stopping that store and giving up on them as i wasn't seeing any significant performance or results. anyways, i came to the conclusion that this wasn't working well enough for me and it was quite hard for me to sell these products. so i ended up searching for ways for me to basically perform better, and i started figuring out that one of my main problems was either that the product i was selling was not a good product or it was way too oversaturated. so the way i used to find my products is: i just go onto my usual supplier websites and pages and just scroll through, like for an hour looking for a product, and open like 20 tabs and basically pick one that i thought was the best. so obviously not a great way to do product research and find a product to sell, but anyways, i came up with a new strategy that i still use to this day, and some people may actually look down on it or whatever, but i essentially sell products that are already in super high demand that i see and find on social platforms, and i basically try to catch trends, but i do it in a way that i at least feel that it has purpose. so i personally don't think there's anything wrong with me selling majority of these products, as i found these products that are super saturated and doing really well, at least in the us and the top countries, and are basically repurposed, are supplied and sell it locally. in my home country, that of which, most of the time, the product is not even available here and a lot of people actually do this, and it doesn't really matter where you're staying. as long as it's outside the top saturated countries like america, uk, canada, australia, then it's fairly achievable. so i would find a product being advertised with loads of engagement. uh, i'd then either source it locally and if i couldn't find a supplier for this product, i'd import it in batches of a few hundred and if it did well, i'd order it more and sell more on scale, but then i just make the store and start selling. the best thing was that i could use other successful stores to make adjustments basically to my own, by taking a look at theirs and making the improvements to my own. i do this for advertising as well, but i'd basically just try and make my advertisements and website just at least a little bit different in a way that it was just a tiny bit better than theirs. so the main reason that this method, um, which we call actually single country dropshipping, and i covered extensively in my course- was super successful is because, for example, if i wanted to buy one of these cool products online that are constantly being advertised to me, i first have to deal with the exchange rate, making the product ridiculously expensive to order it from where i am currently, then have to deal with the insanely long shipping times- it usually takes around three to four weeks, which is obviously too long- and then the shipping price is obviously also ridiculously expensive. so now, by repurposing these products locally, eliminate basically every floor in the system for people in my country when they try to order products from overseas, especially drop shipping products. i can now offer the locals the same product that they're seeing advertise overseas for way cheaper, faster shipping and cheaper shipping. so majority of the time, these potential customers are going to buy from my store instead of the overseas one. it just makes more sense. it's more logical to do that, and there are a few other people in my country doing the exact same thing that i am, but the market is so big that it literally doesn't even matter. it doesn't make a difference in saturation, as you can imagine. there's a huge difference in the market when advertising to america compared to south africa. so if you're looking to get started with this, i personally suggest selling in the country that you currently live in, as long as it's not one of the ones that we mentioned previously. and the reason i say this is just because you have a better understanding of the demographics and statistiks of the people living in your country than you do of another country. so i personally just found that that was something that helped me out a little bit and gave me a bit more confidence to sell, if that makes sense, um. so yeah, give that a try. also, if you're just getting into drop shipping, this is by far the best way to start selling. selling internationally is a lot more complicated and complex and obviously harder to get started with. i'd say it does require more skills and experience to get that competitive advantage over others. so rather, stik to selling locally. if you're getting started with drop shipping, i promise you you will find it a lot easier and you will see better results and profits. so that's pretty much it for the video. i just wanted to cover this because i know for a fact it will help a lot of you out there that are struggling with your drop shipping and e-commerce. so, yeah, if you enjoyed the video, please do me a small favor and leave a like on the video and subscribe to the channel, and if you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on instagram. it's also linked down below in the description. once again, thank you so much for watching and i'll see you guys in the next video.


100k Dropshipping in South Africa One month FAILED!! This is why? #dropshippingsouthafrica

so a couple of months ago. well, two months ago, I started 100K challenge to see if I can make 100K Drop Shipping for only a month. so I had 30 days and I challenged myself to make 100K- uh on my store, using an ecwid store and not a Shopify store. a lot has happened. I am going to explain this in this video and shout out to the Hustler's Corner: welcome to pushy gang. I love you guys so much. thank you for the love for the past month. it means so much. now let's get into it. if you haven't watched the video, go watch the video up there where I was introducing the challenge. a lot has happened ever since. um, a lot, a lot, a lot. the first thing: first, I was in the hospital for about a week. um, I can't get into details. I'm still traumatized of exactly what happened and, of course, I had to jump back on, but I had back to back master classes that I had to actually host. after that, it was just me trying to get back to the business and there was a lot of things that we had to do with my team and I had to make sure that my business was running, because that is my bread and butter and that is selling on takealot and, of course, Drop Shipping and some e-commerce businesses that I have. so I had to take care of that and I went back to my Drop Shipping challenge. with the Drop Shipping challenge using ecwid, I'm gonna go to the PC and I'm gonna show you exactly what I made and, on top of that, what website I used and, of course, the final one that people just don't tell you about: they tell you how to build a store. by the way, if you don't know how to build a store in Edward, watch this video over here. after this video, of course, but ecwid is much more cheaper than using Shopify. Shopify, I will charge you every single month and you will be very frustrated if you're a beginner and you haven't made money, but Shopify is actually taking money out of your account. it could, is actually beginner friendly and you can. you can just go to the link below and use that one or just type in awkward and follow the steps of that video and we'll show you how to build a store less than three hours or an hour 30 minutes, it depends how experienced you are, but it's really drag and drop and it's very easy. and if you have 10 products. it's free and, of course, with airport, what you have is company Dot site, not like Shopify. it says Shopify. so everybody knows Shopify uh is uh Drop Shipping or an e-commerce, a type of build up. so if you use liquid uh and you don't have to buy domain companysite, it's not that well known. now let's get into it. let's get into the PC and I'm going to show you exactly what I did. this, guys, I don't want to lie. it took me two months to actually do. I am using something that is called organic traffic for this store. I didn't use any ads whatsoever. I do know how to run tiktok ads. yes, it is available in South Africa. it's a bit complex. we'll get into it a little later on, but I want to show you exactly how to run organic traffic from tiktok. let me tell you something: tiktok is the best, best platform to use to generate traffic to go to your e-commerce store. it is free right now and I don't know how long that is gonna last. I've spoken too much. let's get into my PC and let me show you what I've been doing. all right, guys, uh, so this is basically the revenue. this is revenue, it's not profit. so in profit. you're looking about 56k, uh, or 42k uh. so let me just refresh it for the non-believers. you know people just um, yeah, some people would say this screenshotted, although they can hear my voice, but yeah, that's basically what, uh. on Echo, remember, echoid is like the busy, like the nicer store that you can have because of, basically, it allows you to um run your e-commerce store, your dropshipping store. although it doesn't have that much Integrations, it is actually one of the best tools that you can start off with. you can use Shopify. no one is stopping you from using Shopify, but you know what I'm saying. when it comes to liquid, liquid is kinda, not kinda is the best. when it comes to beginner Drop Shipping, uh, or just having an e-commerce store, I would really say this is not a drop shipping store but an e-commerce store. we still have 44 orders that are still not paid but still need to be shipped, but yeah, that's how much we've made so far. um, now I'm gonna give you guys what you've been waiting for, um, I'm gonna give you exactly how I did this right? so if you want to know again how to build your online store, um, you can be basically go to the video over there. I've linked it, even comments in the description I've linked, of how to build your online store. I'm not going to get into it. it's very simple, right? so let's get into the very serious one: marketing. guys. let me tell you something: tiktok, marketing, and I'm gonna, I'm not gonna stay. I'm gonna show you exactly how we did this, or how I did this, to be specific. look, there's only about 10 videos, guys. no lie. see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten- okay, I'm lying- uh- 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19.. so there's only 19 videos, but look at this, this one, this video here, this video is the one that brought traffic to our store. let me just meet this, let me just mute this, okay, so look at the comments. I want, uh, what's the price? everything? this is already a link that basically takes that we can just copy and put it in all our adverts, but this hit us on 1.2 million views. 1.2 million views and ever since, all of our views are crazy. all right, let me go to my screen over here. I want to show you guys better, so it's called I'm. I'm giving you guys our sights. this is where we make this money and the reason why we chose to do uh, sneakers December. everybody wants sneakers. I'm going to tell you the supplier, uh, so these, some of them are replicas, some of them are Originals. we get them from Atterbury in uh, Pretoria, or the factory house or Outsourcing it from some of the guys that we work with right um, there's also woodmead, um, and we also get some of the sneakers. so if a person orders something like this, they must know it's a replica, because it hasn't dropped in South Africa yet. so we let them know what the price? uh, uh, what's this? 100 and 175k views for 173k views. uh, the smallest views we'll get is about 4 000 views. guys, that's not my, that's the only videos that I've put on this site. you know, I'm saying uh, shout out to you, to my Gibbs- he's actually the guy behind all the design and everything else- but these, only these videos. but this right here. you see, we've got a website over there. uh, obviously we had to change it, tocoza, because this site is already making money. so when we started making money, we could change it from company uh to those sites. so if you hit on this link over here, it takes you straight to our thing, but the one that works is email and what's up. what's up works very well. I took out my WhatsApp uh number out of this because it was getting like crazy. so if you link your WhatsApp, you're gonna get a shitload of orders. so, basically, this is what we've been doing. like I said, this one brought us a lot of foreign, foreign, basically some of the videos we put in. I'm gonna put in more videos, but this is like giving a lot of traffic, like a shitload of traffic guys. uh, Black Friday, like we're going to spam big this one here. the airflows also do very well. okay, I don't want to go into deep and confuse you guys, but two things remembered: right and tiktok, organic traffic. anyone can build this. this was built in two months, literally two months, right? uh, we opened this account last year, but it like we started doing only the videos now and it's few videos, but it's bringing traffic. that's how? what do you call organic traffic? we had to run ads. that's a different video. thank you so much for watching. don't forget to subscribe and be part of the family.

How to Start Dropshipping in South Africa - THE RIGHT WAY!

[Music]. many people dream of a profitable business that serves customers all over the world. if you are one of them, this information is exactly what you need. dropshipping is the business that provides equal opportunities to everyone. it doesn't matter whether you are an islander or a resident of a busy metropolis. if you want to secure a better future for yourself and your family, you can easily set up an online business that will bring you money at any point of the globe. you don't need to manufacture products or to buy them from someone in advance and stok them, paying all related expenses. all you need is stable internet access and an online store. starting here, your business journey begins. let's see how drop shipping business model works in simple six steps. step one: find an online supplier who has the products you want to sell. step two: show the suppliers products with marked up prices on your website and advertise them. step 3: receive direct payment from the customers who buy from your website. step 4: redirect the orders to your suppliers and pay them their original price. keep the profits to yourself. step 5: do nothing. the supplier will ship the order directly to your clients. step 6: repeat: find more products and suppliers, if you like, and enjoy greater earnings, dream of being financially independent and live a full life. if you live in south africa, you're in for a treat. you can launch your drop shipping business and start living out your dreams. south africa is a large and growing economy, with a population of 57.7 million people and a gdp exceeding 370 billion dollars. south african e-commerce market is evolving at a great pace. that makes this country a perfect marketplace for online entrepreneurs. on top of that, south africa has all the necessary conditions to easily start and run the drop shipping business. stable internet connection to stay in touch and control your business 24: 7.. globally trusted payment gateways like paypal and 2 checkout to receive payments from around the globe and grow your profit. good social and cultural environment that lets you easily learn whatever you need about the locals and find your customers. so if you want to start a risk-free, highly profitable business with great prospects for growth, drop shipping is the exact thing you've been looking for. south africa is a great market to sell your products, but if you start your drop shipping business in south africa, you can easily go beyond borders. you're not limited only to south africa. the whole world is your marketplace. this business model allows you to find customers in almost every country on the globe. you can sell your products to teenagers from taiwan, german housewives or other consumer groups across the world. when starting the drop shipping business, you're not tied down to a certain country or location. you can sell your products around the globe and enjoy your profit going up while being wherever you want and doing whatever you like. start it now and make your dreams come true. launch your online store with alidropship and become a 100 owner of a profitable business. alidropship is the world's number one drop shipping business platform that provides you the wordpress plugin and customized store creation service at very affordable price. create your own drop shipping store with the most powerful plug-in for wordpress, or let the alidropship team create a store for you. alidropship's unique solutions are creating a wave of buzz with drop shippers just like you. whether you're a total newbie or a seasoned expert with a multi-million dollar turnover, alidropship has the exact solution you're looking for. when you invest in alidropship plugin, you can easily build your own professional aliexpress drop shipping store. the plug-in offers all the features you'll need to build your own highly profitable business. the best thing about ally dropship is, unlike other drop shipping platform. alidropship lets you enjoy the 100 ownership, whether you build it yourself or have ally dropship build it for you. you will have full ownership of your drop shipping empire. you keep all the profits and have complete control over your store. an ally dropship doesn't limit you on the number of products you can have or the monthly sales you can get. even if you have tens of thousands of products and millions of orders, you pay no extra fees. an alidropship has a wide range of high-quality services to help you succeed through every phase of growth. alidropship offers free personal support for every solution you order, so you'll always have them as your secret weapon. are you ready to start your drop shipping business today? the link is in the description below. go to the description, click the link and start your drop shipping journey today. you.


hello guys. welcome back to me toking about the one and only thing on love money. in today's video, i want to share with you how you can start dropshipping in south africa and make money. but before we dive right in, please don't forget to hit the like button for the youtube algorithm. time is money and i don't want to waste yours, so let's get started. if you are someone who's into making money, like me, you probably have come across drop shipping in your search for legit ways of making money online, and maybe you've also seen how other people are making a lot of money from this business model, especially people in the us, canada, uk, etc. drop shipping is not a country specific business. anyone can do it, but people from countries like south africa are usually discouraged by the inability to find suppliers. let's start with the basics. what is drop shipping? drop shipping is basically an order fulfillment method of selling, where a store doesn't keep or buy the product itself. instead, the seller purchases inventory as needed from a third party, or rather known as a supplier or manufacturer. you may be wondering: how does drop shipping work? you set up an online store and serve as a middleman between a buyer and a supplier. the nice thing about this business model: you don't need crazy capital to start because you are not buying the inventory. unlike someone who's running a physical store, they have to buy hundreds of products prior in hopes that someone will come and buy in 2020, when the pandemic hits. a lot of people who are doing business the traditional way- like buying stok before and then saying to their customers- lost a lot of money when people stopped buying or when people weren't going to town as much. let's say you want to sell a product- maybe a water bottle- that makes water super cold in summer and hot in winter- basically a two in one bottle. this kind of product or such a product is a special product that you can't really find in any shop that you walk into. so, as a dropshipper, you can sell this product online. you can put pictures of this product as well as a video showing this product. the nice thing is, you don't even have to take pictures yourself or create a video for this product. you can get the pictures, as well as the promotional video, from the supplier for free. when someone places an order on your website, they will pay the price you have set, not the suppliers price. then you will take your profit and then send the order to the supplier. the supply will package the products and ship it directly to the customer. the supplier will never know how much you edit as your cards or profits. they're just going to be happy that you are bringing them customers, which is what they want. but where will you find products to sell? you can drop ship, even from within south africa, but if you want to be able to add your own profit or your own cards without making the product price insanely expensive, you'll have to drop ship directly from china, because products are way cheaper. then drop shipping is starting to peek off in south africa and people are making money from this, but of course they won't share the details because they don't want competition, understandably. maybe you also know someone who's selling products and when you ask them, they just say they get them from china, without getting into details, and somehow they're able to deliver to their customers every second week or multiple times a month. and you probably think, wow, they must be rich if they are able to ship products from china. but no, they are most likely doing dropshipping and they are just a middleman. that's why you never see any inventory or stok. why should you start dropshipping in south africa. firstly, the unemployment rate is high. dropshipping can be a way of making money and even if you do have a job, having one job or one source of income is not enough. secondly, the startup capital is low compared to other businesses. you don't have to save like thousands of friends before you can start. thirdly, the risk is also low because the customer gets to pay first and then you pay the supplier. some people who have tried dropshipping and failed were probably using aliexpress and the problem with aliexpress: they take forever to deliver. they can take 30 days to 60 days just to deliver one product, and no one wants to wait for that long. another reason why you should start drop shipping in south africa. the competition is low compared to countries like uk, us, canada, where drop shipping has been booming for years. in south africa, the market is still big. now that you have an idea what drop shipping is, what if you are interested, how can you start drop shipping in south africa? the first thing you should do is to decide which website you are going to use to start your store. this is important because some websites ask for a membership fee and some require you to have a coding skill, which is something you probably don't want to go through. if you are not into coding or you don't know how to code, some sites give you a free trial, like shopify. but doing product research can take time. you don't want to waste your 14 days. once you have chosen the website, the next step is to find the product. you can find products on amazon, aliexpress, tik-tok. see what's trending on the internet and take a chance, or you can even read this blog post by goshit pro. i'll link it down below. let's quickly have a look at this detailed post about product hunting. these are some of the steps you can take to find the right product. number one: find a product that can solve a problem. you don't wanna sell something that people are not gonna buy, because then what's the point? you want to make profit, and the only way you can make profit is if people buy. number two: try a niche you are interested in. are you interested in setting clothes, jewelry, kitchen stuff, guide days, etc. you have to find a niche and specialize. number three: make good use of your professional skills. this is also important. use your skills to describe the product. if you're into fashion and maybe you want to sell those puff jackets now that it's almost winter. describe the products in such a way that when the customer sees the description, they just want to buy the product. number four: find a profitable hobby. you want to run a business and not be able to make money. number five: catch up with trending products. when you're doing dropshipping, it's important to stay up to date, especially in your niche. all through tik tok. find what's trending and sell that product. the nice thing about drop shipping: you don't have to sell one product forever. you can change every month or you can change with trends. number six: hunt for high tikets products. you want to be able to get more profits from few others. and lastly, see customer inside. go through aliexpress, amazon and other sites, even if you're not going to order from those sites. just find that similar product you want to sell. go through comments, see if people like that partikular product. but if you have found a product, what's next? the next thing is to find a supplier in china. you can use goshi pro dropshipping, which is a trusted sourcing and fulfillment agent that is based in china and has been in business for five years. they find suppliers for you and even test the products on your behalf if you want to be sure about the quality of your products before sending it to the customer. what i like about gaussian pro: they have no minimum order quantity. this means even if you get one order a day or one order per week, they will still process the order. they process orders within 48 hours and the shipping is only 6 to 12 days, unlike aliexpress, where your customer has to wait 30 days or 45 days and even 60 days. if you want to get started with drop shipping, caution pro is definitely the agent you should check out. when i call them, i asked for a discount code because i really believe that this business model is going to change lives, so you can use no support 10 down below. if you are not from south africa, don't worry, i'm goi.