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Dropshipping Integration on Bandzoogle

Published on: June 3 2023 by pipiads

Foreign Music: Building Your Band's Website with Banzoogle

- In today's digital age, having a website for your band is crucial

- Banzoogle is a platform that allows you to easily create and customize your own website

- In this article, we'll go through the basics of building your band's website with Banzoogle

Main Control Panel:

- Access the main control panel after setting up your free trial

- Edit Content: Add/remove pages and customize content

- Selling Tools: eCommerce features such as transaction history, gift cards, and download codes

- Integrations: Manage shipping and fulfillment with Easy Post and Printful

- Mailing List: View and send mailouts to your email subscribers

- Reports: See site traffic data and set up Google Analytics

- Music Community: Interact with other musicians and get feedback on your tracks

- Help Tab: Contact support and access helpful articles

- Notifications: See updates and activity on your site

- Profile Icon: Manage billing, upgrade/downgrade your plan, and add domain names

Customizing Your Pages:

- Edit Content tab allows you to add custom content to your pages

- Pages button displays all pages on your website

- Add a new page, reorder pages, or delete pages

- Features: Different types of content you can add to your page, including text, images, video, stores, calendar dates, crowdfunding tools, and social media integrations

- Edit Header: Customize your header image and toggle between static photo or video

- Preview desktop and mobile versions of your site

- Edit Columns: Select your column layout and choose between 1, 2, or 3 columns for a section

- Move Sections: Move a section on a page or to another page

- Edit Section: Customize the section's style, background and font colors, and add a background image

- Edit Theme: Customize your theme and control colors, fonts, header image height, and more

- Banzoogle allows you to easily create and customize your band's website

- Customize your pages with different features and sections

- Edit your header and theme to make your website unique

- Contact support if you need any help or have questions

Bandzoogle vs Squarespace for musicians

Comparing Bandzoogle and Squarespace for building band websites

In this article, we will be comparing two popular website builders for musicians - Bandzoogle and Squarespace. We will be looking at various categories and rating them on a scale of one to ten based on ease of use, templates, customizability, features, integrations, pricing, gut factor, and additional tools.


Ease of use:

Bandzoogle is generally easy to use but the menu structure and workflow can be a bit confusing, making it feel clunky. We rate it a 7.


Bandzoogle has eliminated most of the old templates and added a lot of new ones. The new designs are very neat and optimized for mobile, and we rate it a 9.


Bandzoogle does offer some options to change the layout, adjust colors, and add fonts, but it's not a huge room. We rate it a 7.


Bandzoogle offers a great variety of features such as selling tickets, merchandise, and music, organizing events, and having a blog and mailing list feature. However, they lack in-depth detail, especially when it comes to things like GDPR compliance. We rate it a 7.


Bandzoogle offers integrations with common tools, but we did not find anything that stood out. We rate it a 6.


The pricing model is skewed towards the highest tier plan, and it can get expensive. We rate it a 5.

Gut factor:

Bandzoogle lacks the depth needed to support its pricing and may not be suitable for serious businesses. We rate it a 6.

Additional tools:

Bandzoogle lacks GDPR readiness, which is important for the European market. However, we like the reporting feature, which is supported by the variety of tools to draw data from. We rate it a 4.

Total rating: 6.4


Ease of use:

Squarespace is well-structured and offers a lot of options, making it easy to use but can get confusing for beginners. We rate it an 8.


Squarespace has beautiful templates that are optimized for mobile. We rate it a 10.


Squarespace offers a lot of customizability, but you can't push every pixel to where you want it to be. We rate it a 9.


Squarespace offers a lot of features, but they are dependent on the pricing. We rate it a 7.


Squarespace has a ton of integrations, including native integrations with popular tools like MailChimp and Google Drive. We rate it an 8.


Squarespace can get pricey, especially with the e-commerce plans, but you get a lot for your money. We rate it a 7.

Gut factor:

Squarespace is the most popular choice and offers a lot of great tools, including gdpr support. We rate it a 9.

Additional tools:

Squarespace has a lot of additional tools, including a logo designer and gdpr support. We rate it an 8.

Total rating: 8.3

Squarespace is the winner in this contest, but Bandzoogle has a place for starters and people on a tight budget. However, Bandzoogle needs to work on their gdpr compliance tools. Squarespace is scalable and reduces maintenance time, but it's still nice to know that you can change more things if needed.

Bandzoogle Review: Honest Pros And Cons For Musicians

Is Banzoogle a Good Option for Musicians to Create Websites?

As a popular website builder for musicians, Banzoogle has its pros and cons. In this article, we'll take an unbiased look at the platform and compare it to other website builders.

Pros of Banzoogle:

- All-in-one solution for website building

- Easy to use and beginner-friendly

- Designed specifically for musicians

Cons of Banzoogle:

- Limited features and add-ons

- Not as customizable as other website builders

- Higher pricing for more advanced features

Why Choose WordPress:

- Open source and highly customizable

- More options for features and add-ons

- Most websites on the internet use WordPress

- Better for marketing and conversion optimization

How to Build a Customizable Website:

- Choose a hosting website like HostGator

- Use WordPress as the content management system

- Choose a customizable theme like OptimizePress

- Add plugins like Gravity Forms and OptinMonster for more features

While Banzoogle may be a good option for basic website building, serious musicians should consider using WordPress for more customization and marketing options. Consider using a hosting website like HostGator and a customizable theme like OptimizePress to build a website that fits your needs.

Building Your Own Website with Bandzoogle

In this article, we discuss the importance of building a website for DJs and musicians, and provide tips for creating a successful site. We introduce the website builder, Banzoogle, and demonstrate how to use it to create a website in under 15 minutes. We also highlight the five essential elements that should be included on a DJ's website: a bio, high-quality photos, musical samples, links to social media, and a way to get in touch. We emphasize the importance of having control over your content and the benefits of embedding social media feeds into your site. We end the article by previewing what will be covered in part two of this series.

How to sell music online with Bandzoogle

In this article, we will discuss how to upload and sell music on your band's website. We will go over the necessary steps to set up a payment system, add music features, and sell your albums and singles.

Connecting Payment Accounts:

To sell your music on your website, you will need to connect a Stripe or PayPal business account in your selling tools tab. This will allow for direct deposits of sales made through your website. Additionally, all sales made through your site are commission-free, meaning you keep all profits.

Adding Music Features:

To add music to your website, click on the edit content tab and select the page you want to add music to. Then, click on the add feature button and choose from the music header options. The album feature is for full albums with artwork, the tracklist feature allows for playlists, and the single feature is for individual tracks. The smart links feature allows for redirecting visitors to external platforms to buy or stream your music.

Creating an Album:

To add an album, select the album feature, and add the album name, release year, artwork, and description. You can also set a price for digital downloads, a markdown sale price, and allow or disallow sharing links.

Adding Tracks:

To add tracks, upload them one by one or bulk upload multiple tracks. You can set prices for individual tracks, bundle them with the album for a different price, and turn on or off sharing links.

Selling music on your band's website is easy with BanziGal. By connecting payment accounts and adding music features, you can sell your albums and singles directly to fans. Remember to set prices, allow sharing links, and contact support with any questions.

New: Sell print-on-demand merch through your website with Printful

Selling Custom Merchandise Made Easy with Printful

Are you a musician looking to sell custom merchandise to your fans but find the process too daunting? Well, look no further than Printful, a print on demand company that can fulfill all your merch needs.

Benefits of using Printful:

- Hassle-free selling directly to your fans from your website

- No upfront costs or inventory to manage

- Choose from over 200 items to customize and sell

- Orders fulfilled and shipped directly to your fans

- Integration with Banzoogle for easy setup and management

How to get started:

- Set up a Printful account and locate your API key

- Add the Printful integration to your Banzoogle store

- Sync your Printful products to your store

- Add your Printful products to your store alongside any other items

- Edit your Printful products as needed through your Banzoogle store or directly through Printful

With Printful, selling custom merchandise to your fans has never been easier. Whether you're selling t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, or something a little different, Printful has you covered. And with the integration with Banzoogle, managing your merch sales has never been more seamless. So what are you waiting for? Start selling your custom merch today!

Bandzoogle | How to Build a Stunning Band Website & Store in Minutes

Hey guys, it's Cameron with Banzoogle and today we'll be covering how to sell music, merch, and other items on your band's website.

Steps to Sell Music on Your Website:

1. Connect your Stripe account or PayPal business account.

2. Go to the edit content tab and select the page where you want to add your music.

3. Use the add feature button to add a music feature to the page.

4. Select the album display style or tracklist style or music player.

5. Enter the album's details and upload the album artwork.

6. Set the album's price and enable downloads.

7. Choose from several pricing options like free, paid with a fixed price, or paid with fans.

8. Use the pre-orders field to set up a pre-order and release date of your digital album.

9. Enter the album's UPC code and upload any bonus files.

10. Add tracks to the album by uploading your song in wave mp3 or flack format.

11. Fill in the track's details like the track name, notes, lyrics, and ISRC code.

12. Customize download and sale options per track.

13. Use the ID3 tag options to select how you'd like to generate the ID3 tags.

14. Set preview clips and sharing options.

15. Save the track and repeat the process for any remaining tracks in the album.

Selling music on your website can be easy and profitable with the right tools and steps. With Banzoogle, you can easily add music features to your website and start selling your music and merchandise. So go ahead and start selling your music today!

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