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Published on: February 8 2023 by pipiads

The "Death" Of Dropshipping

the death of Drop Shipping is approaching. I'm sorry to say this, but if you try Drop Shipping with the traditional methods, you are almost guaranteed to fail. but thankfully there's still hope, because over the last five years I've made millions of dollars in sales and recently I sold one of my stores for a life-changing amount. but I can tell you firsthand that things have changed significantly. in this video I'm going to break down exactly how I did it and what you need to avoid if you want to succeed in this business, and at the end I'm going to tok with someone that scaled from zero to over four hundred thousand dollars in 30 days without using the traditional method. let's begin by explaining this method and why you should avoid it at all costs. back when I started Drop Shipping, there was only one strategy that everyone was praising, and it was called The General Store. this was a store with a variety of products in every industry you could think of. the logic behind this strategy was that you can experiment with all of them until you find one that works, get as many sales as possible and then move on to the next one, and somehow, in my first year of doing this, I was able to sell over 700 000 worth of random products, but it came at a cost- uh, huge cost that almost made me lose everything. the following year, after doing that, my store Came Crashing Down, and the reason is I never built a real business. my entire business was focused on always finding the next winning product. I would sell one, push it as far as it could go and then throw it away, and this experience was painful, but it showed me that this method is simply not sustainable. I can promise you this traditional drop through method is dead and you will fail if you do this. but after building my first business and making all these mistakes, I reworked my entire strategy. in 2020, I started a new Shopify store and in the two years that followed, I built my most successful store to date, selling nearly two million dollars worth of products, and very recently, I was able to sell this business. this changed my life and allowed me to reach a new level of Financial Freedom, and I was even able to take care of my family in ways that I haven't before. selling a company before 25 was always a goal of mine, and I did it without the traditional method. in fact, I would say the method I used is the only logical way for anyone to start a Shopify store going into 2023, so if that's your goal, I want you to listen very closely. the strategy I use to generate these results is called the hybrid method, and there are three stages to executing the hybrid method successfully. these are the exact stages I use to build my own business, which, by the way, I've documented the entire thing on this channel, so make sure to subscribe if you want to follow along. in phase one, you have just one goal: find a profitable product. this process takes time, but it's actually simpler than you think, and I know this because I've helped thousands of people launch their first store with this exact strategy. so listen closely. the first step is to create a hybrid store. this is a branded store focused on one Industry- Home Goods, Fitness, travel, Beauty- something that you're passionate about and can truly understand what the customers are thinking of. the goal of this store is to give you a platform for testing products with ads or organic marketing. once you've chosen an industry, you need to find a product. my advice is to focus entirely on products that have recently gone viral on social media. the reason for this is that they have already been proven to work and you can reverse engineer the entire process, and this is the key to seeing results as a beginner. so you want to go and create a list of at least 10 products that have recently gone viral within your industry, and once you have this, you can start the testing phase. this phase is all about launching simple ads for these products to find the one that has the most potential. in the past, I've had massive success with Facebook ads, but they're making it harder than ever for dropshippers to succeed with this platform. so to do this successfully, I would recommend that you use tiktok ads. this is where all the opportunity is at right now, but to succeed with ads on any platform, you need to implement phase number two. otherwise you're going to end up burning thousands of dollars on ads without generating any results. my secret to seeing success with Drop Shipping has always been the upgrade. you can find products that are already selling extremely well and improve upon them. the best areas of improvement are typically the website, the ad and sometimes even the product itself. that's exactly what I did with all of the successful products that I've ever sold. I was not the first to sell them. in fact, by the time I had found my product, it already had racked up millions of views on social media. so once you find a product like this that's going viral, you have to analyze it for opportunities that you can improve upon, because this is where you're gonna make all of your money. so let me show you an example of a product and exactly how I'd upgraded. so this right here is a product that has been going extremely viral. as you can see, it got 6.4 million views in just a couple of weeks. people in the comments are going crazy for this product. they're tagging their friends, they're super excited and they're ready to buy this thing. you might see this as a saturated product, but I see this as a massive opportunity. here's why, as you can see, they have a really clean ad. it's going viral. people are loving it, but if we take a look at their website, it is absolutely horrendous. the website just looks like a scam. the name, the logo, the title of the product, the images- this whole thing does not give me a single inch of trust. but people are still flooding to this product and buying it by the thousands. you also notike that they're selling this product for only forty dollars. if I was going to sell this product. today, I would make a store within the golf industry and improve upon this, because I know that people want this product and if I made that store, I would be able to sell this product for literally double the price they're selling it, because it's a better shopping experience and it's way more trustworthy. if all this sounds too complicated and you want me to help you do it, I'm here for you. since I sold my business, I've had more people than ever asking for my help, so I spent the last couple of months designing the best program for anyone looking to get started with e-commerce, and today I can confidently say I've got it with the viral Vault. viral all provides you with everything you need to succeed on Shopify. our brand new, custom built platform is the ultimate resource for new store owners. we've been building this out all year and today it's officially ready to launch. every day, you'll receive two hand-picked products that are personally reviewed by me, and each product includes everything you need to launch: video ads, descriptions, competitor data and suppliers ready to go. we've also developed the ultimate beginner friendly crash course taught by me and some of my industry expert friends. with over 10 million dollars in Combined sales, together, we're going to provide you the full blueprint to surpassing ten thousand dollars a month in profit on Shopify from a group of people who have done it time and time again. you're going to learn everything you need to know from building your store, identifying great products, running Facebook and tiktok ads, and even an exclusive strategy on how to profit off of tiktok without spending a dollar on ads. you'll also get access to my private Community with my eCommerce experts who are on standby 24: 7 to answer any of your questions and give you feedback along the whole journey, and every Sunday you get to speak directly with me in our live group sessions where I'm going to review your stores, products, ads and answer any questions you might have. look, I'm on a missio.

I Tried Jordan Welch's Dropshipping Course and this happened (Viral Vault)

bro, listen, that is quite literally the worst story i've ever seen. my first ever profitable day. the next day i got four sales. so it's been over eight months since i started drop shipping and since i started i haven't been able to make any profits. but today that changes. so i've been watching jordan welch for a while now and in some of his videos he promotes his service called viralvar and apparently they give you winning products and everything that you need to sell: the product description, price, video, ad copy, everything. they give you everything. apparently. i've been failing for a while now and i have nothing to lose, so i decided to give it a try. so i went on the website and there were different prices, but the difference between the cheapest one and the next one up didn't really make sense to me, so i bought the cheapest one. so after i paid, the first place i went was the product section and to be honest, i was a bit disappointed. some of the products that were there were the same products that were listed on the viral vaults discord, which is free. so immediately i was feeling a bit ripped off, but but after later going through the site, i realized there was a lot more than i bargained, there was also a whole course on everything you need to start drop shipping, so i put them on 2x speed and i binged everything that same day. you're ready the next day. i started searching through the list of products and i found this knee brace. i knew it wasn't any revolutionary products because knee braces have been around for so many years, but i still decided to test it because i looked at the comments and i saw a whole bunch of people complaining about how the person in the ad was skinny and young. there was clearly a demand for a similar product, but for plus size and older people. so i did some research and i found this wraparound version of that product. jordan did say that you need to take what we provide as the base template right and improve upon it, and i saw a lot of places that i could improve on. jordan recommended using aliexpress to source their products, but i've always used cj drop shipping and i haven't had any issues. so i found a product on cj drop shipping for this price and this is how long it would take to get to the customer and i was going to be selling the products for 29.99, but the next three days i followed the store building portion of the course and built my website. usually i just built one product stores, but jordan recommended building a niche store. this is the product description viralville gave me, and this is what i turned it into, and after doing that, i used pagefly to make it look even nicer. so after i was done, the plan was to try and get jordan to review the page on the weekly live stream, but that didn't happen because apparently he went to disneyland with his family. so i had to wait till the next week. so after that it was time to make the ads. since i was using a different product, i had to make my own ad. so i followed the ad creation portion of the course and made one similar to the ad that they gave, and this is how it turned out. so now it was time to run the ads. you're going to lose money with facebook ads. i'm not the guru that's telling you you're going to get rich without losing a dime. you're going to lose money on facebook ads. so i made a campaign using one of the strategies jordan mentions. i can't give out the exact strategy because it's still a paid course, but it's a simple cbo strategy. so i made a campaign and set it at 100 to run the next day. the next day i woke up and checked my phone and i didn't see any sales. so i was a bit disappointed. but i checked the facebook ads and i realized the stats were actually amazing: 11 cpm, 0.5 dollar cost per click, three percent click-through rate- and, to be honest, this wasn't really a surprise, because jordan mentioned something about facebook being an auction-based platform. so i knew that if i did something different from the competitor and i had a better ad and a better website, i would get better stats. so i checked the rest of the analytiks and i realized something: i had two add to carts, one checkout and one sale. so i checked the shopify dashboard to see if it was just a fluke, and it wasn't. i actually got my first sale on the first day of running facebook. so i went on cj drop shipping to place the order and after a few minutes i got the tracking number and i fulfilled the order. so the ad stop spending at 12 noon because apparently facebook doesn't allow new ad accounts to spend more than fifty dollars. so i ended that day with a thirty dollar loss. i also lowered the budget on facebook to fifty dollars, so it spends throughout the day instead of just half the day. the next day, just as i was about to go to bed, i got another sale, so again a 30 loss. the next day i got one sale at seven in the morning, one sale for two items at 10 in the morning and a third sale at 8 pm. this is my first ever profitable day since i started drop shipping and i felt like this could be a winner. but there were a few issues. first of all, some of the sales didn't track on facebook, so i couldn't really tell which ad sets got the sale. also, i knew i was probably going to have to refund the customers because this product was not the same as the one i shipped to them. i couldn't find the exact one on cj dropshipping, aliexpress, alibaba, anywhere. so until that was sorted out, i had to pause the campaign and make a new product page with the right products. but in the meantime i decided to test the exact same product that was on viral vault. so i used their description to make the product page and i used the same viral vote ad and set it to run the next day. the next day the new product also had great analytiks, so i was expecting at least one sale in the middle of the day. i hadn't gotten any sales, so i checked. i realized that i will use the wrong link so the customers were going to the wrong product page. so i fixed that and at 5 pm i got a sale for two items and on 9 pm i got another sale for 2 items. since it cost 26 on cj drop shipping, i ended that day with a 50 profit a day. i also spent hours looking for content for the wraparound brace and i made a new product page and add around that and i set it to run the next day. the next day i got four sales- three from the viral volts brace and one from the wraparound brace- and it looked like facebook removed my 50 limits cause that day it spent a hundred dollars. the viral vault brace campaign ended in a profit of ten dollars, but the hinged brace ended in a lot. so i decided to turn it off even though it could have done well. but i wanted to focus on one product at the time and at this point there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that drop shipping still works and i can make it work. it's been over eight months since i started and i have never had a single profitable date, let alone three in a row. it's very hard to believe something can work when you're on the other side of it and you've never seen any success. but now i'm more hyped than i've ever been. [Music]. that being said, the next day the ad account got banned, so the ad stopped running. luckily, facebook gave me the option to speak on the phone with an ad rep. i tried to record the call but it didn't work out. but i asked him about the bands and he basically told me i need to change the headline because it could be interpreted in so many ways. but if your ad account is banned, you can't even make those changes in the first place. so i appealed the ban, but they rejected it and permanently banned the ad account. so for the next few days i watched videos on facebook ad account bans and basically removed every possible way that could trigger the ban. i even removed all the testimonials and the reviews, because apparently facebook can tell when the reviews aren't authentik. so after all that, i made a new ad account and a new campaign and started running the ads. again. i got banned again, but this time it was a mistake, so i got it back. i also managed to join the viral voter live strea.

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The Truth About Dropshipping In 2022..

it's a new year and i don't want to hear none of that new year new me stuff. if you want to see some results this year, you got to put the work in and do things properly. there's more opportunity than ever to get started, but right now you have to do things differently to get the most out of it. so today i'll share with you everything you need to know to succeed with the dropshipping store this year, and i'll be bringing on a friend of mine who has made over 70 000 in one day using a brand new strategy to get his advice on the new year. but first let's tok about the biggest change of the year. dropshipping has been hot for a while now. it's nothing new- i mean, your grandma probably knows about it- which means there are tons of new people getting started every single day, and this isn't really a bad thing. but it means if you want to run a business like this, you've got to be on point. long gone are the days of testing hundreds of products and hoping to hit it big like the lottery. nowadays, the only way to win is by focusing on becoming the best marketer and finding a high quality product that people actually want to use. let's break this down. becoming a good marketer in this game requires four main skills: copywriting, video editing, website design and running ads. everybody that crushes it with dropshipping has each of these skills and is continuously improving them, and most of the time, beginners will try to outsource each step of the process, and this is going to hold you back so much. everybody that i know that's successful with dropshipping has each of these four skills, and the beginners that focus on learning and improving these first typically see much faster results. when i was first starting, i didn't necessarily focus on this. i had some of these skills from the past, but i didn't focus on sharpening them and, as a result, i was randomly testing products, wasting thousands of dollars on ads, and it made it extremely difficult for me to feel like i was making progress when i first started. feeling like i was progressing is when i started putting the work in to learn these skills, especially video editing and copywriting. these are the skills that allowed me to sell my product and really create value in the eyes of the customer, and i see a ton of people that try to outsource all this stuff when they start their business, but i promise you, this is going to hold you back so much because you don't even know what looks good and you're never gonna learn those skills for yourself. so how can you learn them? my favorite method so far has been to find a good example of a store or an ad that is performing well and try your best to replicate it. instead of coming up with an entirely new website template or ad template from scratch, you can just study what's already working and use that to your advantage, but just don't blatantly copy and paste their entire ad word for word. this is going to teach you nothing. look at what they're doing and try to make it your own. rearrange the footage, get new footage, find new angles and selling points about the product. i'm telling you this is the fastest way for you to learn how to market and sell products online, and you can always use youtube for extra help. there are tons of tutorials on how to build stores- i've made them- and videos on how to edit videos on all different types of apps. there's no excuse for you not to go out and learn these skills. when it comes to learning to run the ads, you don't need a complicated strategy at all. the most important thing to focus on is the product and the advertisement itself. if these areas are optimized, then running ads won't be that difficult at all, and, again, you can use youtube to learn the basics on any ad platform you want. when it comes to finding products, i pretty much approach it in the exact same way. the only products i like to sell are ones that are already selling and have lots of good feedback and positive reviews. the golden opportunity is to find these products that are already doing well, that have areas for you to improve, and that is where learning those skills comes into play, because you can use your skill set to improve where somebody else is lacking. let me show you an example. so here we have two stores selling the exact same product. one of them is wildly successful with over 18 million views, and the other one has a thousand views. if you'll notike, they launched these around the same exact time, this one on december 30th and this one on september 24th. so why did this ad completely flop while this ad popped off and did extremely well? if we just play the first couple seconds of these ads, you'll see exactly why this happened. as you can see, this ad starts out. it's really boring. there's not that much going on, the text is kind of ugly, whereas this ad, right when it opens up, you can see a quick benefit: discover stronger hands- in minutes you can see the glove up close, the ads- very high quality, it's easy to read or while sleeping, to wake up fresh. it sells the product much better. because this store focused on their skill set of creating ads, copywriting and selling this product. they were able to compete with everybody and, it looks like, become the top sellers of this product. if we go to their website, you can see that years later they are still selling the same exact, simple product, because they focused on creating an amazing website, creating a high quality product, and they have a ton of great video ad content as well, and this is the main thing that i focus on. it is the sole reason why i've been able to sell almost two million dollars worth of products on my brand is because i focus on improving my skills and providing the best experience across the board. once my product started to grow consistently, i improved the product quality, the shipping time, i took a bunch of custom photos and kept making more and more ads content, and now i've had this product running for almost two years and in the process, i feel like i've built a real asset. so for the highest chance of success this year, you have to focus on developing your skills. there is no other way around this and i know if you focus on this, you will make money. but that's not the only thing you should focus on in 2022. there is a golden opportunity that is slept on by so many people: tiktok. tiktok has exploded for e-commerce and there are new products going viral every single day. as a matter of fact, one of my friends- his name is leo- scaled his store past 70 thousand dollars a day with just tiktok ads. so let's give leo a call and see how he did it. so, jordan, how you doing, doing good man. the first thing i'm trying to understand, bro, is like: what is the key? what do you feel like is the key to succeeding with tiktok ads? i think the biggest key for me is definitely thinking like the algorithm. so let's look at tiktok. where is it at? why is it there? it's video optimization. so the creative is the number one key aspect within 100. what does that look like for you? a viral tiktok creative? go on your 4u page, take 10 scrolls and look at a sound that would fit the audience that you're trying to get, like, use the trending sound and that trend overall for your product. exactly okay, got you. what do you think is a successful tiktok product? like you, can have success with any product, but relative to my own, really, all it is is a product that you know anyone from 18 years old or 55 plus can have absolute value in it. so most products will work on tiktok, but you prefer to go for the most broad products that could apply to pretty much anybody, right? so one of the biggest reasons why i found you is because i saw a youtube video of yours where you scaled over seventy thousand dollars in a single day. how'd you do that? yeah, so i had a partner on the store and you know, on my channel i have a lot of strategies that i implement with tiktok. everything i preach is relative to my own success. feel free to check out my boy leo's channel down below. he posts really valuable videos about tiktok. appreciate it, jordan. have a good re.

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How I Found A $10k/Day Shopify Product In 5 Minutes!

what's up, guys? it's your boy, jordan, back with another ecommerce video, and in this video, i'm going to be showing you exactly how i found a 10 000 a day product on my shopify store, and we're even going to be going out and finding one together, live. in under five minutes, i'm going to go over the simple criteria that i look for in a winning product. i'm going to share the exact strategy that i use to find these products and how i go out there and validate the products to make sure that they have potential. if you're trying to start your own online business and you want to see more content like this, give me a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button down below and, without further ado, let's get started with the video now. before we get started, i just want to show you some results that i'm generating using this exact same strategy. so you can see that it is the 12th of january and i have already generated over 94 dollars in sales with my online store, found this product using the exact strategy we're going to be going over in this video, and i'll do a quick refresh for you as well, so you can see that this is 100 legit before we find a product together live. i just real quick want to tok about the four criterias that i look for in any winning product. every single successful product that i've seen in my journey has these, and you cannot have a winning product without having all four of these, so make sure you listen very closely. the first criteria is: look for products that are already selling well on amazon or on other dropshipping stores. the logic behind this is very simple. we don't have to reinvent the wheel. we want to look for trends that are already happening in the market and figure out how to add our own unique twist on them so we can capitalize off of what is already working. the second thing that i look for in any winning product is the opportunity to mark up the product for three times the cost that we get it from our supplier. this makes running facebook ads so much easier, because it gives you a healthy margin to spend a good amount to acquire a customer. every single winning product that i've ever sold has had a 3x markup, and if you're trying to sell something with less, it is extremely difficult, so make sure that you can sell it for at least 3x the total cost of goods plus shipping. the next thing you should always be looking for is room for improvement on that existing competition. this is just simple business 101. let's say you wanted to start a burger restaurant in your neighborhood, but there was already somebody selling the same exact food. the only way that you would be able to make a business out of this is if you improved on the service that they were providing, the quality of food that they were providing or perhaps the ambiance inside of the restaurant itself. it's no different with an online store. if somebody else is already selling a product at scale, you need to think about how you can do a better job marketing that product, how you can make a better website, or maybe just find a product that's a little different than the one they're selling, so you can capitalize off of that trend. and the last thing you want to look for is find products that improve the quality of your customer's life. it's so much easier to get somebody to spend money on a product if they can see a clear benefit of purchasing that item. so make sure, when you're picking products, you find things that clearly have a benefit in the eyes of the customer, and it's going to be so much easier to sell those products. that's the four criterias i look for: make sure it's already selling well, make sure you can mark up the price at least 3x, make sure that there is some room for improvement or a unique angle that you can take, and also make sure that the product improves the customer's life in some type of way. all right, so now let's hop onto the computer and let me show you exactly how we can find one of these products, and let's try to find one together and see how fast we can do it. alright, so there's a ton of ways to go out there and find these winning products. this is not the only method, but this is the exact method that i use to find my winning product, so we're gonna go through that now. if you're looking for more methods to find winning products, like if this one isn't working for you, for example, i'll link one of my other videos down below where i share a few other methods that you can use. but you guys should start out on amazon, as i believe that this is one of the best tools to find winning products on. so you want to go to amazon, you want to go to the top left and you want to click on best sellers. when you're on the best sellers tab. you want to click on this right here, the movers and shakers tab, if you're not familiar with this. it's basically just showing the products that have grown the most in the last 24 hours, so you can find products and trends that are on the rise. now. there's a couple categories in here that i like more than others, and i'm gonna share those with you. now, every category that i'm about to share with you, i found a winning product in. so the first one is baby, the next one is beauty and personal care. the next one is health and household. there's a lot of really good products there. you have home and kitchen as well, and for the last one, we have electronics. now, a lot of these products have potential, like pet supplies, sports and outdoors tools, but those categories are just my favorite. so for today, we're gonna pick a random one. i say we'll go with health and household and we're just gonna scroll and look for something that fits on our criteria, so something that's selling well, something that improves the life of the customer, and i'm gonna look for something a little more expensive as well, so we can mark up the price. so, obviously, like we can't dropship garbage bags and uh, what do you call this? mouthwash and wipes, like we can't do anything with that, but we're looking for a product that i know i can find on aliexpress, like we have this water floss teeth cleaner. i don't necessarily like this product that much. it's not very unique. um, what is this one here? this one actually looks pretty cool. this is a scale and on the scale it actually connects to your app so you can see, like, how you're doing with your fitness goals. this is something that i would even buy myself and you know, funny enough, it's january, right, it's a new year, and everybody's trying to get their fitness on, everybody's trying to change their, their bodies going into the new year. new year, new me. you know what i mean. so i think that this product could actually be pretty sick. let's go through the rest of the process and see if it checks off the other boxes. so obviously they're selling it for 20 bucks now. we're not going to be selling this for 20 bucks on our store. we could definitely get away with selling this for more. the first thing i like to do when validating a product is going to google trends. so you want to go to google trends here and you want to type in this type of product that you're looking at. so, um, we would probably want to call this, yeah, a smart scale. i think that would do very well. so we'll go ahead and put that in the search bar and look at that. guys, you can see that this thing is at its highest right now. it's at 99.. if we go scale in general, let's see what a scale is looking like. it's still pretty good. it's around 75, it's around 80, uh, every single, every single month, and that's all year long. so that's a great sign. and then if we go to gym- you know it's january- you can see that that, as well, is doing just fine in this time. but the main term that we're looking at is smart scale, and you can see that is at a hundred. so this product is actually looking really good. let's go to aliexpress and see what we can find for this product and maybe think about how we can mark this up. so let's go ahead and search smart scale. we're gonna go ahead and get rid of these pop-ups, sort by orders and see what comes up. so this one actually looks quite nice. ri.

$1,200 to $4 Million - My Story

in 2020, i started a brand new online business that did two million dollars in its first year and, over the course of the last four years, done a little over four million dollars through drop shipping and e-commerce, and today i'm going to be breaking down exactly how i did it and tell you exactly how i would do it today if i had to restart from scratch, and to give you guys the best context possible, i want to jump in and illustrate my entire story, how i started this journey at 18 years old, with 1200 to my name. so the story starts around high school. i was making some very interesting decisions, having a little bit too much fun on the weekends and bringing that fun into the weekdays. if you understand what i'm saying, was it a really confused stage in my life, but i knew that there was something that i wanted to strive for and at this time during high school. i worked a lot of jobs over the years, but currently i was doing door-to-door sales, setting up appointments for a solar company. i was really following um tai lopez and everything he would do very closely. i was on his snapchat story, watching his youtube videos of book recommendations and all that stuff. so, as i'm doing my door-to-door, i'd be listening to audio books that he recommended and i was really like reading every single day and taking life very seriously and trying to transition from the current place i was in. a door-to-door sales job was awful, but i kept doing it until i was going into college, and going to college was a huge eye-opener for me in realizing that the traditional path is just something that i really cannot handle. i think a traditional job was very hard for me. i used to work at red robin and i would literally have panic attacks in the back room on weekends, bussing tables- absolutely horrible. and school was even worse for me. honestly, my main problem stemmed from someone else being in control of my life and me having to do things that i just truly don't care about. but on the flip side, when i do care about what i'm doing and i am interested in what i'm learning, i excel very hard and, knowing this, i decided to drop out of college, quit my door-to-door sales job, also because it was winter and i was not gonna go knock doors in the utah snow, and i decided to purchase tai lopez's social media marketing agency course, and that's what really got everything started for me and, i'm sure a lot of people can resonate with that if they were following him during that time here in my garage, just bought this, uh. so i quit my job at twelve hundred dollars in the bank, spent a thousand of it on tai lopez's course, started reading every single day and started up my social media marketing agency, which did horrible. the first client i landed was giants jewelry- i think that's how you say it. it's a south jordan jewelry company and i basically was going door-to-door to different businesses and asking if they do facebook ads or if they're interested in running social media ads. landed him as a client. i did some photography for him, took some cool pictures, did some social media posts that i made on canva, tried to run some hats, but ultimately did- you're not that good- got no results for this guy maybe made a couple hundred bucks and i decided to quit my social media marketing agency pretty early. the main reason for that was, even though i was running my own business, i was still at mercy of the person that i'm running. advertisements for. the service based industry just was not for me. so i had to find something different and during this time i'm really starting to learn about e-commerce, drop shipping and amazon fba. so i purchased my next course, which was tanner j fox, not the scooter different guy that had a course on amazon selling and how to run a huge amazon store. so i started up my next business, which was the bounty beer bottle cooler, and here's a fun little video of me trying to market that. i know you all crack and open a cold one with the boys. make sure you use the bounty beer bottle cooler. all right, send you a link. go purchase and review [ __ ]. i guess that was me at 18 years old. i don't know who that guy was, but we started selling those on amazon. we had some friends give us some reviews and we got our listing to the front page of amazon. we type in beer bottle cooler, which was huge, and we did 9000 in our first month in revenue. this was with my friend damon, but ultimately summer was ending and we had a seasonal product, so i was scared to purchase more inventory, knowing that winter was coming and our sales would hit a huge decline. i spent another month or two searching for another product but ultimately not interested in drop shipping thanks to my good friend hayden bulls [Music]. so i ditched my amazon fba business and started dropshipping women's boho rings. it was super random and was a huge failure, but then i created my second store, which was my first big success. so if we back it up a little bit, during this entire time of dropping out of college and right after high school, i was running a twitter fashion page called city underscore streetwear and during this time- this is when streetwear was getting huge right, when yeezy was popping off, virgil abloh with off-white and everyone just kind of fell in love with streetwear- i grew my twitter page to around 40 000 followers and it was really cool. i made a bunch of friends with all the other people that ran fashion pages and we created what's called a tweet deck, which basically gave us access to everyone's account. so if i made a new post, i would get all their accounts to retweet my posts, and when they had a new post, they would use my account to retweet it as well. so we all had a huge following. the total tweetdeck probably had like 1.2 million followers read through like 16 accounts and people started hitting me up for promotion of their product. so how that would work is: someone would pay me basically 20 bucks and i would retweet their post my account and all the accounts that are in the tweet deck. since we had such a large following on twitter in like 2016, 2017, there were some pretty big celebrities that would actually pay us to utilize this following. we had asap 12. he pay us. i also worked with ian connor a little bit, which was super crazy. basically, what happened is i saw that these people were getting a huge amount of interaction and views from our tweet deck and this is the time i was starting to drop ship. so i ditched my boho ring store and created a men's fashion store. utilizing the free marketing from our huge following. i was able to hit thousand dollar days pretty quickly. the store name was simple selections. the overall branding idea was: hey, if you don't know fashion, here's some simple selections of what's in right now, and i scoured aliexpress for products that were similar to what i was already posting on my twitter page. on cyber monday, i made my first 1 000 day and everything took off from here. if you fast forward a couple months, twitter was kind of starting to die out and instagram was really, really popping off, so i then started a men's fashion page on instagram. this page was called urbane home, which is, i believe, italian for urban men, and i really started posting a lot of like classy outfits, a lot of tattoos, and this is kind of when we went from streetwear to the more grungy style fashion. that was also a little classy, i don't know. i really liked this stage of fashion. so i opened up an instagram account and things really took off. i reached out to a bunch of other fashion pages that had huge followings and i would pay them to post images that i found and they would tag me and just basically give me a page shout out, and i grew my following to 180 000 in under a year and, of course, the entire time i was drop shipping them products, just like i was doing from twitter. this is when things went really crazy. i was starting to hit three and four thousand dollar days and in december 2018, i hit an 80 000 a month. around this time, some celebrities are starting to take notike of my fashion p.

I Tried Dropshipping For One Week! (From Scratch)

over the last three years, i've made millions in sales from dropshipping products on shopify. but what would happen if i had to start all over again with just 250 and try to build a profitable store from scratch in just a couple of days? well, it's time to find out. the rules of this challenge are simple. i have four days to turn 250 into a profitable shopify store. i have to start this from scratch. i can't use any of the products or stores that i've used in the past. if the store fails and is not profitable, i'm going to be giving away 500 to somebody watching this video, but if the store is profitable, i'm gonna give the store away to one of my subscribers to help you kickstart your ecommerce journey in 2022.. but first i need a product, so let's go find one. [Music]. i think i found the perfect product. the product is this custom photo necklace and honestly, i think this product is gonna go crazy. here's why we're on the holiday season right now and most people are mainly shopping for gifts for their friends and family, and this product is a perfect gift and the supplier looks to be really good. they have a lot of positive feedback. the product quality itself looks really nice. lastly, the product has already been validated. you can see this store has launched the product with the most simple basic advertisement and run up a ton of likes, comments and shares, which usually translates to sales. and the most important thing that i look for with any product that i'm considering to sell is room for improvement. now, this simple ad worked for them, but i know for a fact we can do something better. this ad copy is not the greatest. the photo is literally the default photo from aliexpress, and their website itself works, but it's not the best i've ever seen. so we have a great product with a trustworthy supplier that's already been validated and has room for improvement. it's time to put the work in. after about 30 minutes of trying to come up with a name, i think i've got a good one. the name that we're gonna roll with is eternalized. shout out to ubereats for getting me through this late night sesh, but i think this name perfectly represents the brand. you're taking a family member or a memory and eternalizing it. so the game plan is to build a store that's all around custom memorabilia based products to eternalize your loved ones. let's see what i come up with, but first i gotta eat this food. so right now it is about one in the morning and your boy is feeling it. so tomorrow the goal is to go through and optimize everything, set up my product page and launch my first ads. i would love to do all this tonight, but i'm tired and i'm ready to clock out it's time. i've spent all day working on this store, perfecting each and every little thing, and i finally feel like it's ready to go, so let's take a look. i finished up the homepage last night, so it didn't really need that much work. i pretty much spent the majority of my time today working on this product page and making sure the whole custom photo functionality thing was working. as you can see, i took the time to find the best quality images and even photoshop our logo into some of them. this just increases the perceived value and makes your website look much more trustworthy. i kept the photos really simple, just mainly trying to show the level of detail that these necklaces actually have. for the title, i kept it as basic as possible, and then i used an app to set up these custom variants so people can upload their own photos and put a name for the necklace. the product is self-explanatory, so we didn't need some super long description. i just wanted to keep it straight and to the point, so i went for the angle of keep your loved ones close to your heart. i put a picture here showing the before and after, and then i toked about what we offer- the benefits of ordering from us, and every order comes with a gift box, but i decided to frame it as a free gift box just to increase the value in the eyes of the customer. i put some basic order instructions and then i added some reviews from aliexpress directly onto the website, and obviously i had to spend like an hour today setting up all these pages. so we have a contact us page, an faq page, track your order page, everything that you need to legally run your business. it's all good to go. for every app that i used on this store, i tried to make sure they all had a free trial, so the only thing i've spent money on so far is the domain, and it cost me 25, so now i only have a 225 budget to work with for the ads, but i think we can do something with that. so now i'm gonna go through and set up some facebook ads and i'll show you the finished product. when it's all done. the ads are officially live, so let's take a look. so i went with a very simple structure of just running one campaign with a hundred dollar daily budget. inside of this campaign, i have five different ad sets targeting a couple different angles, and i'm only targeting the us right now because that's where the majority of christmas shopping happens. for the ad creative, i put three different variations. the only thing that's different between these three ads is the actual photos. so you can see in the first one we have a middle aged kid and the second one we have grandma right here, and in the third one we have the original photo. that worked well for the competitor. so the goal of this campaign is to see which audience and which creative people like the most, hopefully get some sales, and then we can cut off the ones that aren't performing and put the rest of our budget into the top performing audience and create it. and if none of this ends up working, i'm gonna have to make a huge pivot. but for now, let's, let's spend some money and see the results. i folded a folder that folded, i folded, i folded, unfolded. i'm down bad. it's been a couple hours since the ad started spending and i've pretty much been checking it non-stop and the results are not that good. i've had about 51 visitors come to the website with no add to carts and no sales whatsoever. cost per click on facebook was way too high as well, so i think i need to go back to the drawing board, but for now i just decided to come outside enjoy some of the miami vibes and get back to it tonight. it's like no matter how long i've been doing this or how many projects i've started. starting something new is always a super big challenge and extremely stressful. so if you're starting a new business and you're going through that, just know that it's totally normal and part of the process. we got this. it's another late night. right now it's about 1am on the second day. let me show you where i'm at. yesterday, in total, i spent 37 on facebook ads. i decided to trim the budget down from 100 to 50 because none of these ad sets were really performing that well. as you can see, the cpms are relatively high and the cost per link clicks were pretty insane. i killed the two worst performing ad sets and now have these three left. honestly, i don't feel that optimistik about this campaign anymore, because i realized i made a few crucial mistakes. the first mistake was only targeting the us. this made sense when i said it earlier, but every brand is spending as much money as they can on this market, so it's super expensive to advertise here. i think the second mistake i made is putting too many different ads inside of each ad set. this is something that i always do, but i'm not used to being on such a tight budget, so what's happening is that it's not able to really spend as much as i need on each of these to get a fair test. and the last mistake that i think i made is doing photo ads. now i notiked the top competitor was running a photo out, so that's what made me want to use that. but pretty much the majority of all my success with shopify has come from video ads. thankfully, this product was uploaded to my software viral vault about a month ago and there was a ready to go video ad already inside of there. so i set up this campaign to fix these problems. as you can see, i shifted from targeting t.