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dropshipping kayaks

Published on: February 3 2023 by pipiads

Top 10 Niches For High Ticket Dropshipping Products

when it comes to drop shipping, one of the most crucial parts in setting yourself up for success is choosing the right product. the reality is, to build a sustainable business, you need to be providing customers with quality products that provide real value. so in today's video, we're going to be featuring advice from one of the most knowledgeable and successful drop shippers and content creators working. today we're toking to anton crawley from dropship lifestyle, who has been building, growing and selling online stores since 2007.. in 2013, he started dropship lifestyle to share his system of drop shipping high tiket products from domestik suppliers. through his online course and annual retreats, dropship lifestyle has coached over 11 000 students from over 50 different countries on how to build real lifestyle businesses. anton's strategy has some strong core business principles: evergreen products that have consistent demands, high quality high tiket products, building genuine relationships with quality manufacturers and no extra long shipping times. we're really excited to be collaborating with dropship lifestyle, so sit back with a paper and pen and get prepared for some serious value. [Music]. what's up everybody? anton crowley here from dropshiplifestylecom and, really quick, just wanted to thank tyler and everybody at shopify for having me on here today. so, with that being said, i put together a presentation where i'm going to share the top 10 niches for high tiket drop shipping in 2012. so i'm going to pull that up. we're going to jump into it in just a minute, but before i do that, i just want to cover a few bases to make sure we're all on the same page here. so first, with our business model, we focus on selling high tiket products. for us, that means an average order value of 200 or more. so, as we're going through these niches, if you see one and you think, well, there's products in that niche that cost a hundred dollars, that's fine. just know, we wouldn't sell those. we would focus on the products that were 200 or higher. another thing that's really important to note is that we only drop ship for domestik brands. now, i am based in the us- that's where my companies are, so we sell for brands that have inventory in the us. we have members in australia that use suppliers in australia. we have members in the uk that use suppliers in the uk, and so on and so on. another thing that's important to note before we get into this is when i'm giving you these niche ideas, the goal is to build a store around that niche, not to try to find one single product within that niche and try to sell that one product. for example, if there's a niche here that you like, you need to do your research and see how many brands make those products within your country or your geographical region. and let's just say there's 20 different brands that make what you want to sell. well, then your goal should be to get approved to sell for all 20 of those brands, for you to become an authorized retailer for them and for you to list all of those products on your online store. i should also note that, while i'm sharing 10 different niches, these are in no partikular order, so keep that in mind, and one thing i decided to do to hopefully provide more value to you is include some research that we do to help validate these ideas. that way, if you have any of your own ideas and you kind of want to put them through a couple checks to see if they make sense for building a store with in 2021, you can just follow the tools i'm about to show you- they're all free- and validate your ideas for yourself. so, with that being said, let's switch screens. now i'll pull up the presentation and we will get into it. so i'm just as sick as everybody else from hearing this phrase non-stop: the new normal. but the truth is, things have changed when it comes to human behavior and we can leverage some of that information when it comes to selecting products to sell. now. specifically, what has changed over this past year? obviously, there's a huge increase in the amount of people working from home and, in my opinion, it's not changing anytime soon. i think remote work is here to stay. i think it was going to happen anyway. now the time frame for it to happen just accelerated. also, there is a big increase in people that are concerned about their health. they're trying to make wiser decisions in case they're ever forced with a health challenge, to know they're more likely to beat it and come out okay. on the other side also, people have a massive increase in- quote unquote- free time, meaning, instead of the normal commute to work each day, instead of maybe having to stay late or go in early or take business trips. now people are pretty much home and in their local areas and because of that, there are just simply more hours in the day that are free for them to do whatever they please with. now, obviously, there's also a big decrease in travel. i do hope this turns around sometime soon, because i love to travel, but for now, people again are not traveling as often. so what does this all lead to and what do i take as the biggest thing away from this? all well, the upper middle class, which is our target demographic at dropship lifestyle, that is who we prefer to sell to now. they have more disposable income than ever before and they have more time to fill. so because they're traveling less, because they're commuting less, because they have less expenses from lunches and dinners and drinks after work and new wardrobes for meetings, now they are home, they have extra money again. this is going for the people that kept their jobs. i do totally feel for everybody that didn't. with that being said, though, i am speaking specifically about the people that have the ability to maintain their incomes while working from home. they have more money now, they have more disposable income and they have more time to fill. so, when it comes to how i selected these niches, what i'm looking towards are things that appeal to these people and that have been trending up over this past year, and also- this is key- they are evergreen. so, even when life returns to as normal as it can be. these aren't niches where, all the sudden, your revenue and sales and traffic will nosive and you'll have to think about what your next store will be. that is not how we do business. the goal is to build something that can last for 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, more. that's what you want out of a store, and these niches are things that are evergreen. so, even though now there is an increase in demand, there are things that will last once this whole pandemic is over. so the first niche is pet supplies. now, what do i mean when i say pet supplies? i'm not toking about dog collars, right. i'm not toking about a leash that cost 15. i'm toking about the more expensive products that people are buying. with the increase in how many people are buying pets, i've been trying to get one of these guys, a west highland terrier- since the pandemic started and i've been on multiple waiting lists. because pets- dogs specifically- ownership is at an all-time high because, again, people are home, people are bored, people's kids are bored, they're buying pets. now, not telling you to drop ship dogs, but i'm telling you there is opportunity within the pet supply market for all of these new animal owners. so what i want to do now is switch screens and again show you some of the research that goes in to validating this idea. so you'll see, now i am on trendsgooglecom. it is free and what it does is show you actual interest in keywords over time. so what i'm gonna do here, instead of searching for the specific products within the niche right now, i'm just gonna type in dogs, okay, and then when i do that, you'll see it has united states for me, because that's where i am, and if i change here from past 12 months to past five years, you can see that it is trending up. so again, it's evergreen. it's not going anywhere, but you can see it is at an all-time high this year since the pandemic started. now we want to be more specific, obviously. we want t.


oh, my name is Carrie. I live in Jacksonville, in between Jacksonville and st augustine area, and I'm going to show you how to make some money on the side selling and buying and selling canoes and kayaks. there's a lot of videos about buying, selling stuff and eBay and yard sale all that stuff, but anyway, i buy and sell canoes and kayaks mainly. do have some other things too, but that's what these videos are gonna be about. I've been doing it for 8 years now, and so I lived here in Jacksonville. I had a wife and married 33 years, three kids in college, one moved out, one living at college when liminal. two dogs for two brown dollar- we call her ginger, got her at the pound, and then a black and white boxer, Lucy, and they're 12 and 13, so they're pretty old enough not running around a lot, but you probably see them some and if I see my dad, he had a stroke a couple years ago, moved in with us, and so he goes with me to pick up kayaks, get out of the house and go with me for a ride. so we have a good time together, spending time together and telling some stories about the old days. but I got started doing this back product because you have to. you know like a lot of people need a little extra money. i I went to a financial class at church and they said you need to make some more money or you need to spend less. so I decided I was gonna figure a way to make some more money. and this is it. instead of going to work for Home Depot after working eight hours, worked for the government. you know I decided to do this. I just retired from the government last January, so now I'm doing it a little more time to do it now than I used to use. and you know we know do it after work, Saturday, Sunday and all that. but taxing news is a little niche. I like it. I boats and fishing and stuff, so that helps me like I like working on my brother. you know we're gonna no rusty trailer or something, but I make about 50 to 100 dollars on each type and I buy and sell. you know $50 is good, 72, 5- you know that's pretty good. and hundred, um, you know I'm happy that real active, that never now. then you might get a couple hundred dollars on one guy, you get a good deal. or if you do a lot of work to it in one way together. but there's not that many people doing it's not a whole lot of competition. you know I watched Craigslist all day long, off and on. you know check-in as if it was any new packs that are listed or canoes, just like you would if you were trying to find, sell computers or anything else. cheek check Facebook a lot to what you know, joined up to all the Facebook sites around you for swapping. you know buying and selling and you get a lot off of their. also post them all on Craigslist. just just some craziness all that. post them. I just figured most people look they're. you know if they're looking for one place but they they don't have any engines or they don't have any titles so you don't have to worry about you know by one and won't start and have to pay somebody to work on it and you know the titles. you know registering in and written. you know all that in your name and trying to sell it. so that makes a little easier than boats and it's not real time-consuming. a few buy one. it doesn't need any work, just maybe need cleaning up or maybe don't even need it even clean it up. you know, just by Mike you can buy one today and around, raise the price to take pictures, put it on Craigslist- it sells more- and make up our books. and now I've done that before, you know. so he, you know you can do that, but you know if you can work on. of course you can buy them cheaper and do a little work. that helps. but you don't have to store. you don't have to have another room in your house, the store stuff or your garage. you can store them in your yard. so that's also nice, you know. just long as you got a little bit of yard space, you can do it. of course, though, you have to like the hunt, you know, and I guess some- everybody's buying, selling, like, so, looking for that special deal. oh, look at this one. you know I got this great deal on this kayak. you know I got this $3 tie for a 150 bucks. you know so. and then, of course, it's always good when you sell. it's like getting a paycheck. you know, got some money to put in the pocket. of course, you and I enjoy both of that. you know both of the parts of it, like everybody would. and people you meet you meet, you know 99% of people are great people. they're- I mean they're all happy, they're save their money up and they're buying them a new toy and they're, you know, excited over there buying for a grandkid or the kid. and then you know, if you're going to buy one, usually they fight. you're there to get it out of their way and you know, give them some money so they're happy then. so it's the old saying about boat owners, their best days of their life, or when they bought that boat and when they sold fok happy. so that makes it kind of fun and enjoyable. no, to get started, I would say you know you need a couple hundred bucks. or, like me, you know I trade it home. you know, for my first ones- to get me sorry, but you get a couple hundred bucks- you need some cushions for the top of your card or put the kayak or canoe on and some straps, a couple straps to go around in the middle and then ropes on each end. that's why I don't always put four on there, just to make sure. if you got a truck, you know be easier, or if you wanted to, and if you have a trailer, you know that's easy too. but I did it for about man, I did right. seven years without a truck, using my minivan and it's a little harder, but most every time you go to the Bible and somebody that they're gonna help you, you know, unless there's something wrong with them, they can't, you know. do yourself. most time you know that. hope you load it so you don't have to lift a ton of weight. yeah, it's not always that hard. over the years I've made it easy on myself. I just backed up to where I don't know them, just drag them off the back of the boat. I'm back in the truck, I know. so to get yourself started you need to. you know, get on the Facebook and Craigslist or let go or offer off all that. find a good deal good name brands. you know there's about 12 good name brands that you can just research the name brand, see where they're sell for noon you'll. you'll realize the good ones: wilderness and ocean kayak native. you know Nikes and stuff like that and you find one of those a good price. you know and you know everything you buying sells gonna be at somewhat of a risk, but you know you get you one. I probably suggest you don't get one in these. a lot of work the first one and clean it up and and put it right back up for sale, see if you make some money doing it, and then take that money, invest it in a couple more, and that's what I've been doing for eight years, making them. you know pretty good little money on the side and I'm sure you guys can do it too. it's not like learning how to sell antiques, where you gotta know a ton of stuff- about a thousand different items- and it's not that complicated. so I'm gonna be putting out videos showing you how to fix them up, how to do a little fiberglass patch in or fixing, putting seats in canoes or putting rod holders and handles on kayaks and even welding up plastik acts, you know. so I'm gonna be putting out some videos for how to's them- all that stuff- and showing some- hopefully some- interesting, funny videos. me and my dad and I made this video first. I made some other videos about axe and stuff with my dad and so on, and then I said, well, I gotta make an introduction video first. so I'm doing that now. so I'll probably add, maybe add a little bit of some one of the others that I did prior to this to the bottom of this one. that or the next one I do. but hey, thanks a lot. I hope you enjoy and we learned something. okay, some money, a little side hustle and I'll help you out as much as I can. how many times you think we bought, went out and bought a kayak. what mean you? yes, well, I haven't bought one. how many times you think we, uh, no, not a naked lot over the years? yeah, not a lot. 35 me. what do you think? puzzles a thousand. the door for weathe.

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Fishing Entrepreneur - How We Built 3 Fishing Businesses that Make $$

that isn't nothing: mango, blueberry, banana, chia seeds, a lot of spinach holt juice- yep, oh, I like that. we're gonna start naming our juices Cheers. oh, we did. I don't know where y'all are at right now. if y'all are anywhere on the East Coast, there is a tropical storm going on right now, so you guys, it's gonna be raining for the next six straight days. sunday is gonna be the first nice day, so hopefully for Memorial Day looks like pristine conditions out on the water and, finally, sunny skies. we have a lot of things that we haven't really shared with y'all that we are going to in the future that we feel like we're leaving on the table. Christy and I, we own multiple businesses- threes that are related to fishing, and this video, this kind of vlog. today we wanted to take y'all through what those businesses are, how we make our money, how we pursue our dreams, and this, please, please, in no way is anything like Christy and I like bragging about who we are, what we've accomplished, anything like that. it's just you guys ask us a lot about. wow, you guys are living the dream and all you guys get to do is fish, but we really want to spin very hard. yes, it's been a grind, but we want to share with you guys how to make that- whatever it is dream that you guys have, how to make that happen and what you guys need to put into it and what's going on behind the scenes. it's just kind of showing you all a little bit more about, like, who Christy and I are, what we do and how we make our dreams a reality. and again, this is nothing like us trying to brag about things that we've accomplished or anything that we do, because y'all it's been very, very, very hard. literally there's been like legit, real blood, sweat and tears that Christina have put into this. but we really wanted to just make this vlog and actually these vlogs in the future to update y'all on our businesses and how we're going, because they all relate to fishing and our goals and fishing I relate a lot to accomplishing your goals in life, whether it's fitness or fishing or anything. it takes persistence, it takes just stik-to-it-ness and all that other stuff. so I'm gonna get off of my pedestal and we just want to just show you all what we do, what we're about and how we make pretty much what we do. Phung, jump with us in our form, akiza. oh, they're right here. here we go. we need to put these fly rats to you sometime soon and I gotta clean up this garage. all right, you guys come along for the ride. we're about to head on out to do some errands. bring you guys along for the ride and showing y'all what we do. all right, here we go. it's raining. don't want to get the camera wet, oh my gasps. okay, so, Kirsty and I, we have three, pretty much four, businesses that we do. again, it has not been easy to, kind of like, create the lifestyle that we've created. and it still isn't easy. and I'm telling you guys, right now, I'm actually on the way to the bank right now to pick up if I can back out in this place. um, I'm on the way to the bank right now to pick up some chicks for the payroll protection plan or the payroll protection PPP, whatever it is- that the government has instituted to keep some of our businesses afloat. and you guys, we would be lying to y'all if, like, obviously we're not scared and there's a lot of uncertainties and things like that going on right now. but, um, that's just it. y'all like if Christy and I literally started from like nothing. so when Christine, I started this YouTube channel. well, first of all, I want to just tok about a big passion of mine is entrepreneurship and ever since I was really like in high school and college- I've always owned businesses. and just a quick story is, when I grad, I went to college in Florida and that's when I really got into saltwater fishing. I grew up on a lake, bass fishing pretty much like every day from my childhood and I was actually kind of like a semi-pro wakeboarder. so that song went to college in Florida, went to business school, and the wakeboarding industry took a dive during the recession in 2010, ish. and. but when I graduated college, I started a business with my little brother and what we did is we took waste cooking oil from local restaurants and we made it into biodiesel and we actually started a limo business. and this was before uber came out. so our business like skyrocketed and it was really fun. it was a great experience, but it was really tough, really challenging, because I was like 23 years old. for like five or six years, my little brother and I shout out to my little brother, Joey- we grew and developed this limo business, so that kind of created my foundation for entrepreneurship. then Kristi and I meet so I was able to actually sell that business and that allowed me to kind of take some time to focus on what was gonna be the next thing, the next business that I would do. so about a year later I actually started one of the businesses that I currently own right now, which I don't think y'all really know about, but it's like a indoor digital screen business where I go into these really popular businesses and I have these TV screens and they stream still images of like internal messaging to that business and it's a great, great business model and I've owned it for three years. my business covers from like Williamsburg to Virginia Beach and I just expanded down to the Outer Banks. so I've done that business for three years. Christie and I- we got married three years ago and that's as soon as we got married. we always wanted to do this fishing YouTube channel, so we just kind of started it as a hobby and that has also grown into to other businesses which- yep yeah whenever other businesses really kind of, I guess, formed out of our passion for fishing and our YouTube channel. so we actually started kind of working with other small businesses or just local businesses in the area who we're looking for like a new way to market themselves, and so what we do is we basically kind of come in and we film for the companies and we start a YouTube channel for them. so basically we kind of manage and market themselves through their own YouTube channel, so that's kind of like their platform for marketing. that's right. so the other business, like christy is saying, is we took our skills that we learned through video editing, making YouTube videos and learning like the algorithm of YouTube and how YouTube works, and we realized that you know, there's a lot of businesses out there who might be in our industry. like, we work with some voting industry companies in our area, we work with auto dealerships, things like that, and so we actually do just about anything that's right. so Kristi and I, we actually create and manage YouTube accounts as well, and that's how we've also been able to kind of like everything that we've done is related to our fishing endeavors and our fishing business, because the other source of income that we have is our YouTube channel, the YouTube business. managing YouTube accounts for other businesses kind of to our left, because it works great for Christy and I doing one fish, two fish. christy is amazing at video editing. she's great at working at camera. so Christy and I have like kind of created this plan ever since we met. we wanted to pursue fishing, but we also wanted to. you know, if there's an opportunity to have other businesses off of fishing that are related- whether it's directly related to fishing or it's, you know, indirectly related, as in, like, say, the YouTube business- then those are things that Christy and I have always wanted to do because, you know, like a lot of successful people, they own multiple businesses and have multiple streams of income. so, anyways, that's where Christy and I are at right now- and not saying everything's perfect right now, but that's kind of where we are at right now. as much as I thought it would be cool to own my own business, I just didn't really have the, I guess, the skill sets to really figure out how to own my own business until I met Jeff, and so I feel like that's why we work so well together as a team, because he's really taught me so mu.

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Lesson 4: Best Dropshipping Products for High-Ticket Drop Shipping - Free Drop Shipping Mini-Course

hey guys, driver here with e-commerce paradise, welcome back to the ultimate guide to drop shipping. this is video number four, picking products to dropship. so this video is all about choosing your niche. the last video, where we were toking about finding the best drop shipping suppliers, there's more about market research, finding your competitors, finding your suppliers and getting niche ideas. this is all about going through those and actually choosing a specific one you want to choose, and this will make or break your business. so take this slowly and go through it all the way. don't skimp on this part of the process, okay. so, with that said, I think it's really important that you consider number one, that you don't choose your niche based on your passions, that you actually choose it based on profitability, and this all goes in line with your research that you've done. so you should have done a lot of research to find out which products are expensive, which products are in line in the right price range and which products match all the other criteria that I gave you the last video. and it's important to note that, even though there might be tons of competition, that a niche definitely is profitable if there are competitors, right. so don't feel like, because there's too many competitors that you won't be able to compete. in fact, I show you in the drop shipping masterclass and in this dropshipping mini course how you are able to compete with your competitors, even if they're really big online stores, and the number one thing is building a niche specific site. right, and that's what I teach in the drops of a master class: how to build niche specific stores. so, with that being said, let's get into how you're going to be able to set yourself apart when you choose your niche. ok, so you might have some ideas. you might have narrowed it down to like 5 or 10 different niches and at this point, you really want to be sure that you're going to be able to set yourself apart. so here's some a few suggestions on ways you can look forward, as you build your business, to be setting yourself apart. number one is to actually create your own product. creating your own product is a great idea. you can do it now or you can do it later. it depends on your capital of abilities. so, if you have money to invest, like a few thousand dollars, consider actually doing research beyond just retailers, but looking at what are the best selling products in your niche- alright, and then actually going to Alibaba, comm and researching what the cost is to get that a similar product directly from China- and what are they, what are the liabilities involved as well- and then, if you can consider that as an investment, then and you think it's worthwhile, then you can actually import that product to a fulfillment warehouse in the United States and so it either on Amazon or Shopify or eBay and then you can, you know, ship it, Trek, have it shipped directly to your customer from the fulfillment warehouse, so you'll still be doing drop shipping. that's a great way to set yourself apart. create a brand name and have other online Rito's. I should sell your product later on. you can start that way or, like I said, you can just do the internet stuff as an online retailer and grow into that later on when you feel comfortable and have the capital ability to do that. but number two, getting access to exclusive distribution or some sort of sort of exclusive pricing is a great way to set yourself apart, because obviously, that way, you're going to be able to compete better in the marketplace and have more profits, right, so that you can grow your business more. that's very difficult to obtain, however, so you're gonna have to come up with a really great sales plan for the distributor and actually follow through on that, show them some real numbers in order to get them to want to commit to that right, and if they need marketing- that they need help with marketing and you can do that for them and you actually come through and you get some really good sales numbers for them- then you should ask for exclusive pricing or exclusive distribution. you can turn a supplier that likes to approve anybody into a supplier that only approves select retailers by telling them that you'll do more to sell their products if they give you exclusive pricing. exclusive distribution- all right. next one is to actually sell at a lower price. so obviously with Matt pricing, which means minimum advertised price policies, which we work with as a online retailer in the e-commerce paradise academy. the thing about that is that you can't sell below that price but you can't offer discounts, limited time expiring coupon codes- and I highly recommend doing that. so the way you do that is: you can set a coupon code on your whole site or you can set a coupon code on specific products and people use that and checkout and they get a lower price than what they would have had to pay it somewhere else right, and that kind of a thing is awesome to do because it will win you customers need to be careful that you're not signed giving away too much of your profits, but that you give away just enough to keep that customer. so a good way to do that, of course, is look at the competitors to see what they're doing in the marketplace. next one to add value to your business to be to set yourself apart. you know in your niche that you choose is to add value in non pricing terms. so think about free gifts you'll be able to give away, or digital products that you'll be able to give away along with that physical product that they buy from you. so that kind of stuff is really important to understand because you'll be able to actually gain a lot more customers using those methods. another great way is actually adding value via content. so if you have a niche that has a lot of you know questions, common questions and stuff like that, you can make blog posts- the blog post based on how-to keywords in your niche, and that kind of stuff will really help you sell products in the long run. there's even apps and Shopify that I cover in the course that you are able to put guides and how to blog posts within or product pages and that way people will read them and trust you more and be willing more to buy from you as opposed to competitor. that doesn't teach them all right, and then always think about getting high quality product images. is it a product that you're gonna be able to go and see in person and take really good, high-quality images of? if the suppliers in the US, then chances are you can, you know, somehow get to their warehouse and they'll have demo products available in their warehouse or they'll be at a trade show somewhere you can go in person, take high quality images of their products. you'll be able to set yourself, you know, apart from the competition a lot better that way. so make sure it's something you'll be able to do that with, alright. and then the next one is a product that has a lot of components and customization features and it is confusing. all these types of products are difficult to sell online, so the competition will be less and it also gives you a ability to set yourself apart from the competition if you're able to easily distinguish between the different components and parts and options available and if you can create your site into a somewhat of a comparison website with lots of content about how you can make that decision better, then they're more likely to make that purchasing decision with you all. right then, any product that has a tiknical setup or installation, basically you can offer services to do that for them. so there's things like White Glove delivery services, and those are in the hundreds of dollars, and so anything that's in the hundreds of dollars you'll be keeping, you know, 20% margin on usually, so that can equal out to a great boost in your revenue right there. so any product that has that kind of tiknical setup for installation or is much bigger than that kind of a product is great to sell online, okay. so as far as the content goes, let's tok ab.

Dropshipping Product Research For Google Ads

i've found six different products that have helped me generate over one million dollars using google ads. the thing about google ads is they require a completely different set of product criteria compared to, let's say, facebook or tik tok. you need to do a specific type of research to find those type of products. i do have a couple different product research tricks up my sleeve and i'm really excited to share them with you now. ideally, to do product research, you would be located in the country where you plan on selling those products on google shopping. but if you're not in that country, like i am, i primarily sell to the us, but i don't live there. i use an app called nordvpn and this allows me to make my location the united states. i typically do los angeles. we're also going to need a chrome extension called keywords everywhere. what we want to do is we want to start off by searching for general product groups. we want to see that it has a good amount of search volume and that's demonstrated right here due to the keywords everywhere tool. the next thing that we would do is we would take that product group and we would go down here and we would look at anything that's coming up as a related keyword to that product group. so when we come down here, you're going to see we have google folders, we have folders for chromebook, and then we also have a couple down here too. so let's say, we look at something like this, a shirt folder. now we're going down the product rabbit hole where we can actually see some random products like a shirt folder. that's something i never would have thought of on my own, but if we look over here, it does have a reasonable amount of search volume every single month. the cost per click is relatively low, and then if we come over here, you're also going to be able to see the trends for this search term. so if there's a product that's getting consistent volume like this, that's a great sign for google products- then we can continue down the rabbit hole and go down here and look at what else we got under shirt folder. now there might be nothing, or there might be some complimentary keywords, which this is a really great sign too, because if you decide to progress forwards with that product, a complimentary keyword like t-shirt folder would give you another keyword that you can add into your product title when running that product on your google shopping ads. so let's see what ends up happening when we look for something super broad like hair care. hair care as a general search term is going to be way too broad and that would be really hard to target with our product because we're just going to get absolutely destroyed by all the other competition. but when we come through here we can see kind of like a sub category of hair care, which is hair care for wavy hair, hair care for curly hair. so something like that would be awesome. let's go ahead and click in that and let's see what we got going on now, even though this doesn't have a massive amount of search volume, that doesn't matter, because this may not be the core keyword for that product, but it definitely has very, very consistent demand, which is super good to see down here. you're gonna see we also have some other complementary keywords that could be added into our product title, like best hair care for curly hair. now, another way that you can use keywords everywhere is by actually searching up different types of activities. we would just go ahead and put in skateboarding, and of course it has a bunch of demand, which is awesome. and then, if we come down here, this one was really interesting: skateboarding anime, like what the heck does that even mean? it just kind of gives you an idea of how far down the rabbit hole you can go. there are no limits to this product research. you just keep going until you find something that has high search demand and also something that you think would stand out and be very unique. so the next tool that we're going to be using it's called merchant words. now, this one's specifically meant for products on amazon. we're going to be able to get a lot of data to do with products that are performing well there, but that crosses over to google products very seamlessly. so, using a similar tiknique over here on merchant words, we're going to look up product categories. so as we come down here, you're going to see we have so many different product ideas. so as we come through here, there's a couple different things that we want to look at when we're looking at different product ideas. of course, first we want to see that they have good search volume, but the second thing that we want to look for is: does it have a lot of results? so already, after a couple minutes of scrolling here, i already found something that's pretty interesting, and that's this right here it's a six cube storage organizer. but then, as i continued down, i also found this one which was a nine cube storage organizer. this is really cool because we got a lot of search volume here. and we got a lot of search volume here, low competition, and then down here we also have low competition. why this is cool is because it's super easy to just create a product pack of six cubes and then also do an upsell potential of, let's say, nine cubes. so when it comes to the nine cube organizer and we put it over here in google, we see that we have 3 600 monthly search views and a 50 average cost per click. but then, when we go ahead and we put in the six cube storage organizer, we now have 880 monthly search volume and 48 cost per click. so you can see it's two different search terms for essentially the exact same product with the potential for upselling, which means that we have a combined search volume of somewhere around 4 000 per month. now, with this product research method, as we go through, you're going to see that there's a massive amount of search volume for certain terms. but what we need to do now is we need to go through and verify that there actually is demand over on google as well. so let's say we take this product right here- a pet food storage container- on amazon it has 61 600 search volume. but then when we come over here to google to verify this product, it shows that it only has 6 600 search volume per month. so when it comes to verification of this keyword right here, i would say this still aligns quite well. we've got a good amount of search volume on amazon and then over here on google, we still have a decent amount of search volume over here. so with a couple cool tools in your belt now to find winning google products, a very important thing that you need to know how to do is identify winning product criteria. so when we look at this search term right here- portable washing machine- it's showing that there's a massive amount of demand and search volume for this product and a very low amount of competition. now when we take that same keyword over to google- so with that inputted now, we're going to be able to see that there's a massive amount of search volume for it on google- there's a relatively low cost per click, which is another thing that we're looking for, and then after that, the thing that we want to look at is the competition. so when we come down here, these are going to be the main competition for this product and, as you can see, this is something that's a little bit concerning. we have very, very high competition when it comes to brand recognition. so we have walmart, we have home depot, but a pattern that i'm definitely notiking here is a lot of these portable washing machines are actually very highly priced. so this one's a little bit lower- it's about 69, but the rest of these are all around like 300. so to find maybe a different product alternative that's not quite that high in price but still has high demand, what we would do is we would go back here and we take that search term right there, because it has such a high amount of volume and such a low amount of competition on amazon. i want to see what the best selling one is on amazon. maybe it's going to be different. so when we come over here,


Hello everyone, I am very excited to introduce the Itiwit X500 inflatable kayak, Designed for experienced paddlers who want to go on a trip for one or more days. It is certified to navigate up to two miles from the coast and beyond with specific and mandatory equipment. The kayak has five independent chambers. This allows it to return safely to the shore in case of a problem with a chamber. Three valves are located in the rear of the kayak and give shape and rigidity to the bottom of the kayak. On the outside, two other valves are located to inflate the arches and add rigidity. To navigate comfortably for one or more days, the kayak is equipped with a double density foam seat and two adjustable footrests. When kayaking for one or more days, the weather conditions may change. That's why this kayak is a sit-in kayak equipped with a large coaming onto which a skirt can be attached. In case of rough seas or capsizing, the large coaming allows you to get back into your kayak easily. This neoprene skirt protects against rain and water entry and keeps the heat inside the kayak. At the back of the kayak you will find a storage compartment which is not waterproof and which allows you to store waterproof bags up to 70 litres in volume. It can be easily closed via this roll top. If you're going to be away for several days, you'll need plenty of storage space. In the front you'll find an elastik band for quick access and also loops that allow you to attach a waterproof backpack. In case of water entry, don't forget to bring your bilge pump. that will allow you to easily evacuate the water. It is mandatory in some countries. This inflatable kayak has a unique, patented architecture. With a V-shaped bow at the back and front of the kayak, it has a better glide, good speed and keeps its course. In the middle. the shape is flattened to give it very good stability when stopped or at low speed and thus make it more accessible to experienced kayakers, but also to sporty beginners, To navigate beyond 300 meters. you will find lifelines on each side of the kayak that will allow you to hang on to the kayak, to attach the safety equipment and also to turn the kayak easily. To inflate the kayak, you need to use one of these high pressure pumps. The kayak inflates in less than three minutes. When you go on an adventure, don't forget your spare paddle. the rear flap allows you to attach it very securely. Thanks to its Drop Stitch construction, this inflatable kayak is extremely rigid. Its gliding characteristiks are equivalent to those of a classic rigid kayak. This rigid inflatable kayak fits in a backpack. the whole thing is 18 kilos. To maximize carrying comfort, this bag is equipped with shoulder straps and a waist belt, as well as four adjustment points. This bag has been designed so that you can slide the pump inside and put your paddle on the side. The Itiwit X500 kayak is also available in a two-seater with exactly the same features as the one-seater. However, it is about 5.5 meters long and weighs 26 kilos with its trolley bag. This bag has wheels that allow you to move more easily. It also has multiple handles that allow you to roll it or carry it more comfortably to put in a boot. On one side, it has sewn bands that attach each section of the two paddles easily, and on the other side, two elastiks and Velcro so that you can attach the pump securely and easily.