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dropshipping legging exporters

Published on: February 4 2023 by pipiads

See How This Gym Fashion Shopify Store Makes $200K PER MONTH

6.8 million dollars in the last few years with this fitness fashion shopify store, and they've been able to achieve these results because they've been able to find this unique proposition in the market and they've been able to leverage that when they mark it on tiktok, facebook, youtube, to achieve these results. hey guys, welcome to the youtube channel. my name is camille sutton as the ecom king, and in today's video, i'm going to be breaking down and showing you guys exactly how this fitness fashion shopify store has been able to achieve 6.8 million dollars in the last few years by using this psychology tactik and this unique proposition within the fitness fashion niche. i'm also gonna be showing you guys exactly how you can recreate this in your own shopify store so you can crush it in 2022.. this video is also going to show you guys that the fitness niche and the fashion niche are not over saturated and not dead and they're absolutely booming right now. this video is also going to be really motivational for you guys, because there's two young entrepreneurs that started the store and i've been able to achieve over 6.8 million dollars in revenue. so i'm gonna be doing two giveaways in this video. i'm gonna give it away two 30-minute consultation calls and all you need to do to enter that giveaway is we need to hit 2000 likes to activate the giveaway and then you need to leave a comment and i'll be picking the two best comments as soon as we hit 2 000 likes. so let's get into it. the shopify store name is called feed me fight. i mean, i'm not going to be telling you and showing you the website just yet. i want to go through the numbers with you and you can see here the dashboard. from 2016 to 2021, they've been able to achieve just under 8 million dollars in revenue and you can see all the breakdown here of the cost and expenses. and you can see the returning customer rate is at 26, and that is absolutely insane considering how long they've been in business. and if you haven't got a high returning customer rate, then you won't have a long-term business. so that's where you've got to really make sure you've got a high returning customer rate now. if we also take a look at the average order value, you can see it's at 76 now. the average product price is currently roughly around about 30 to 50 dollars, so they've got some great average order value in place. and if we take a look at the online store conversion rate. they've got it just at industry standards and slightly above now industry standards between two and three percent. so over those years they've been able to maintain the industry standard and that's why this store is so successful. so if we take a look at the exchange marketplace listing to take a look at the juicy numbers and all the information about the store, and if you don't know what exchange marketplace is, it's where people come to list their shopify stores, their woocommerce stores, for sale once they're personally done with them. it doesn't mean that they're dead or they're no good anymore. but if you think about it, if you've been running the store for four, five, six years, you might get bored of it and you might want to move on to something else. so why not liquidate the store and give it to somebody else? so if you take a look at how much they're selling the store for, they're selling it for a million dollars and if you consider they sell the store for a million dollars and the profit they've made running the store could easily walk away with around about 1.5 million to 2 million dollars, which is insane. if you take a look at the current store owner for this store, they're called brian e, a massive shout out to you and your business partner. you guys are very inspirational and you've achieved some massive things. so you can see, here it says, two young entrepreneurs started a t-shirt company in a dining room- literally bacon shirts in the oven- seven years ago in the time, with no prior business knowledge or even screen printing experience. we know we've grown this company to over eight million dollars in sales. both of us want to spend time focusing on family and enriching our lives with all the skills and experiences we have gained along the way. this feels like watching your child go after college and both truly excited to see how far the next owners can take this amazing company. so, guys, if that doesn't give you motivation, then i don't know what will. and if this has given you motivation, let me know in the comment section below. so if you take a look at what's involved in running this business, this business can be approached in two ways. if you're looking to run the business hands-on, you will need a few extra sets of hands. merchandising and ordering from suppliers, order fulfillment, social media management- are the three of the largest tiers of business and which will require most direct amount of energy. working with a fulfillment company is another fantastik option that will eliminate a huge chunk of your time and energy and will allow you to focus solely on building the brand to align with your vision. and you can see here: the business was founded five years ago and they are spending approximately 40 hours per week and if you take a look at the traffic and performance, you can see that average revenue is around about a hundred thousand dollars and it's verified by shopify and you can see the average profit margins around about 13 to 14 000 and you can see they're currently sitting on a lot of inventory worth around about 650 000, which could be a slight issue for them, because if it's inventory that's not selling, then that could be a big issue. so let's get the drum rolls going. so i'm gonna be showing you the website right now and, as you guys can see the website, this website is signing jim's fashion ware for women and for men, and you can see it right here and you can see the designs here of a snow print legging. if you scroll down, they've got the men's collection and the women's collection. i'm going to give you guys a heads up. the men's collection, from the research i've done, is performed better than the women's collection, which is absolutely crazy. now, if we scroll down again, you can see they've got these really cool looking gym leggings right now with these crazy designs on them. now, before i give you the full breakdown on the website, i need to show you the about page, because that's what really paints the picture on why this store was so successful. and don't worry, if you're thinking about how you can recreate this in your own shopify store, i'm gonna be showing you how you can do that a little bit later on. now, if we take a look at the about section, you can see here it says: feed me for me is a veteran owned company. upon returning to our civilian lives, we have seen many of our friends about mental health issues and simply wanted to do something about it. now, if you don't know what angry means, it's basically when you get hungry, but it makes you really angry, and that's what i really suffer from. when we decided to coin the term feed me or fight me, we threw it on a t-shirt and it caught on for something that requires a lot of motivation. activewear can be pretty much uninspiring. our hope is to create activewear that inspires without compromising performance. not only does fitness improve the mind, but a portion of it each purchase- goes straight to the northwest battle buddies as a non-profit who provides free, professional, trained service dogs to combat veterans with ptsd. so they've got a beautiful reason why some of their profit is going towards a charity which is very, very powerful. now, for those that don't quite understand what that about section meant and how it's made them so successful, i'm going to simplify it for you. basically, this fitness activeweb brand is making merchandise clothing to represent people that are suffering from mental health issues and they're donating a small amount of profit, i believe, to charity because, if you think about it, people tend to go to the gym to lose weight and a lot o.

👀 What You NEED To Know Before Dropshipping

you know what, despite the several successful dropshipping case studies on this channel, i still occasionally get people leaving comments like drop shipping is dead, if it was ever properly alive to begin with. increasing e packet rate- it literally kills drop shipping. it's too late for this business. most businesses fail. i will never waste my time and money trying to start a business ever again, and if you're smart, you'll do the same thing. hmm, yeah, well, okay, obviously, i strongly disagree with those comments, because here's the thing: a lot of people will say things like drop shipping is dead or it's too late, or businesses don't work, and the reason why they're saying these things is because they are making several assumptions that are all wrong, and so, if you are looking to start a store, it's crucial, then, that you understand what these assumptions are before you start drop shipping so that, unlike these people, your store can be successful, because, no, it is not too late. one people won't buy from you. they'll just buy from amazon instead. but wait, sarah, you ask: why would anyone buy products from me if they can buy products directly from amazon themselves? now, it is absolutely true that if you head on over to amazon, that you will find lots of products that can be purchased directly from aliexpress, sitting on amazon's digital shelf as well. and, of course, if customers were to purchase your products on amazon, they would then get to take advantage of their prime two-day shipping. so how on earth could drop shippers successfully dropship these guitar coffee spoons with two to three week shipping via china's cheapest, fastest shipping option- a packet, when a customer could come and buy them on amazon with two-day shipping? i mean, come on, sarah, just think about it. amazon is only growing. in q3 2019, their product sales were up over 17 from the same time in 2018.. won't amazon steal away all of our sales? no, no, they will not. you see, here's the thing. there is some truth to these comments. amazon is arguably the better deal for usa citizens. it is better for the consumer to purchase the products on amazon. so if they figure out that the product that you are selling them is indeed on amazon for purchase, you can bet that amazon will take that sale away from you. but you know what? we literally don't care. and you know what? drop shippers never have the sorts of people who see a product and decide that they're going to research the absolute best deal, for it were never our customers in the first place. nope, it's the 44 of people that impulsively purchase products online that we are targeting and, of course, as shown by how millennials are even more prone to impulsive purchases, with 80 of them impulsively buying products, the overall percentage of impulse e-commerce purchases for us to target as drop shippers is only growing and growing. you see, successful drop shipping stores are built around that target customer, the type of customer that enjoys impulsively purchasing products. it also means that the successful drop shipping stores are usually built around selling products that spike an emotion in a customer that makes them think: i need to buy this right now. it's why this aliexpress dog caller has made hundreds of thousands of dollars. the advertising dropshippers used spike fear and dog owners pointing out how many dogs dying in car accidents each year from not being seen. that is why, when recently, i saw this comment from this viewer asking why their online store wasn't successful, i pretty much instantly knew that the store would be selling extremely boring products. and lo and behold, i was right. now, of course, this is actually a print on demand store, not a drop shipping store, but the exact same principle applies. why would somebody want to buy this hoodie when they can go to amazon and find cheaper hoodies and shirts with inspirational messages on there, because here is the reality. typing vision in a plain white circle is not exciting. so let's compare this hoodie to this hoodie. what is the difference between the two? well, the difference is that one hoodie is very boring and the other is extremely interesting, unique and unlike anything people are likely to have seen before, which is why this hoodie's facebook advertising campaign made so much money for the successful aliexpress dropshipping store. freaky pet. and, of course, if you're ever wondering, this exact same answer applies to the people that ask the question: why would customers not go directly to aliexpress themselves? well, again, it's because good aliexpress drop shippers sell products that trigger emotions on people and get them to impulsively buy their products, so that they never even think to go check if a product is on aliexpress, because they see and go. that's so amazing. i must buy one now. and, by the way, if you've learned something from this video and you would like to learn even more about starting a successful drop shipping store, then be sure to subscribe and click that little notification bell next to it so that you don't miss out on any of our videos. two, dropshipping is a scam. i just want to quickly address this because these comments are really dumb. you know, you might have notiked that earlier in this video i freely admitted that it would be a fast, superior financial choice for a customer to buy this hoodie on amazon with two day shipping for a fraction of the price compared to what they would pay for it on freaky pet. and so what do people say to that? oh, the customer can get it cheaper, elsewhere, quicker. that makes your store a scam. nope, it does not. number one: if it weren't for your facebook ad, the customer would never have known about that product that they really enjoyed getting in the first place. people really love this hoodie and we're really grateful that it was advertised to them and they bought it. you had to pay for that advertising to do that, which you pass on to the customer. amazon doesn't advertise products. customers have to find them themselves. and number two, as an entrepreneur, you are in no way obligated to offer your product for the lowest price. here are two coffee shops around the corner from my apartment. they are across the road from each other. i walked into coffee shop a and bought my favorite coffee, a long black, for three dollars- and yes, i know that overseas the phrase long black might conjure up some different thoughts, but here in new zealand, and over in australia too, a long black simply refers to pouring an espresso shot over 100 to 120 mls of boiling water to create a stronger version of an americano with creamer. next i went into coffee shop b and again order long black, but this time it cost four dollars- completely different prices for an extremely similar product. and you know what? coffee shop a's three dollar coffee was the best. would you say that coffee shop b is a scam for charging a higher price for a worse version of this coffee? no, you would not. pricing is entirely subjective and is actually determined by the customer, not you. you present the customer with the price and it is up to them to decide if that price is worth it or not. and at the end of the day, if freaky pet are able to create a marketing campaign that gets people to purchase their hoodie for a higher price while being entirely upfront about the shipping times, then they 100 deserve that sale. 3. drop shipping is saturated. perhaps the most bizarre of all the claims is that drop shipping is dead and it's over since. well, it's saturated. and the truth is when i see comments like this, it blows my mind, because this comment literally makes no sense. here is what market saturation literally is. it's when a product has been maximized in a market, in other words, when all of the people who would want that product have bought it already. and here is what drop shipping is. drop shipping is when a customer buys a product that you've listed in your store for a markup price. when they do, you go to the manufacturer and you purchase that one product for the wholesale price and then have the

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How I Found My Best Activewear Manufacturers.

what's good youtube. welcome back to the channel, guys, and welcome back for another vlog, today's video. we have an absolute banger video for you guys. in today's video, the topic we're going to be toking about today is how i personally found my manufacturers for my seven figure online clothing brand, um. you know, for those of you who don't know me, don't know my channel, my name is derek dahl. i'm the founder and ceo of three nails. we're an active work company that is faith-based, so we do 100 um cut and so activewear. without a shadow of a doubt, this is the biggest question i get every single day. um, so hopefully this, this video, can bring you guys value. starting off like, it all goes back to: how bad do you want this? all i had was googling youtube. i had no mentors. i had nobody helping me out during this journey, and that's the one thing. like, if you get nothing out of this video, just get this one thing: understand: you don't need anybody's help. you don't need a mentor. you don't need to buy courses- yeah, those things can help you, but you don't need those things. you have your phone that has google and youtube on it. you can literally find everything on there, anything that you can imagine, for today's video i'm just going to give you just broad tips. maybe i can make another video in the future about like really going in depth in detail, like how to vet like really high quality manufacturers. um, but just for the sake of time and just you know, i don't want to be taking forever to tok about this would be a while, but um, anyways, a great place to start is alibaba. i know it gets a lot of hate, like a ton of hate, because, rightfully so. there's a lot of sketchy manufacturers on there and that's where i started and i, i, i got my first samples from them. everything seemed good. it wasn't great quality, but it's, it was good enough. and then, sooner or later, once we place the bulk order, i remember getting hoodies that weren't even the same fabric. that was the same was from the sample that i had approved. and i mean this just it just shows you the risk, right, you get the sample, you love it. you say, yeah, that's great, let's, let's buy you know a couple hundred of these or whatever. and then you get a bunch of them that aren't even the same fabric and they're super small, like small, they're like shrunk. uh, it was just a mess, but it's just like. it's just part of business. that's how you learn, uh, it's how you grow, and so there's there's different ways and you guys can look up different videos on it, like how to like really vet people on alibaba. you know, again, long term, long term, i probably wouldn't find a manufacturer like on there. but for the time being of just like starting your brand and getting things going, i i think it's a great place to start. you can find manufacturers in specific countries that you want to work with, which is pretty cool. going from there like for real google again, you can find anything on google. you can research and research in research. you're not going to find it like in the first couple searches. i tell you that like i trust me man, like you're not gonna find it, but when you go down the rabbit hole far enough, i mean, these are people who have researched things for like months on end that finally find things, and it took me two years to find the manufacturer that we're now working with. we have multiple manufacturers that we work with, but we have one. we have one partner that is essentially that does a lot more like does uh, majority of our clothing, but, like our hats, have someone different, bracelets, so many different, and we have, you know, just a couple. or i should say we have multiple manufacturers that do our clothing, but we have one main one that does most of it, and so to find these people, you have to research, i mean, you have to commit yourself to it, and obviously i wasn't searching day and night, like for two years, but like, over the course of time, i put more time and effort into it and i was just like on a mission of like i'm not going to stop until i find a good quality manufacturer, and so i'm really proud of the people that are working with now. um, but um, you know, as far as quality goes, like our quality is is out of this world. i'm really pleased with it. our customers absolutely love the quality that we're able to give them. uh, you know, we've had issues in the past with, like logos peeling, and so we've been able to like, cut those manufacturers off and be able to find new manufacturers that are able to, you know, provide solid, solid, quality materials and be able to, you know, do the logos really well. so, uh, anyways, just to kind of give you guys an example, i'm gonna grab a pair of joggers here. so, if you guys can see these, these are one of our newer react panel joggers and so this is cut and so, like, you can find manufacturers in the united states that just send you a catalog and you don't have any say of how they cut and sell it. like, you just have to pick your colors, how many you want, stamp your logo on it and get it. so for us finding a manufacturer overseas where you have full control, um man, there's just so much to tok about, seriously. there's like tik packs you can go into. uh, it's, it's how you actually design the product and send over tiknical packs so that your manufacturer can literally look at it and see exactly inch for inch, what materials, what you're using. there's so many things we can go through, but i'm not going to get it into in today's video. but just for this example, this is: this is our pair of joggers. we designed this and this is the panel. so you see, like the different stitching here, we got the kingdom logo down here, got the three nose logo up here, two open pockets on the side and we have a kind of like secret hidden pocket on the side here, which is pretty cool. it's just one this side's blank, uh, this holds your phone. so, uh, you know, when you're working out or running, you know your phone will like move around like this, but if it's in here, it's like attached to your hip, uh, so it doesn't move, which is pretty cool. then we have the flat lock zipper pockets in the back here. so like things like this with ykk zippers, which is like the highest quality zipper, so things don't like stik. you can see, hear that. so, yeah, as you can see, things that we do, um, the way that, like, we've grown, is so much different than what we've done when i first started. uh, it's just a process. you know, you just got, you got to start. like the moral of the story of all these videos that i've given you guys is just there's no one way, right way, of doing things. like you just got to start and take action on it and figure it out along the way. you're going to make mistakes, things are going to happen. manufacturers are going to slight you over sometimes, like us, when we order a bunch of hoodies and we get a whole different fabric. or you buy hoodies with a certain color drawstring and they come with a different color drawstring. like things happen. it's just how you react. it's how you continue to move forward in the process and find better manufacturers. you know, don't put all your eggs in one basket. make sure you find multiple manufacturers that you can work with, because if one thing goes wrong with one of them and you have other people to rely on, if you rely only on just one, then it could really put your business at risk. yeah, guys, um, all in all, uh, i think starting in the united states is great option too. some of them can be cheaper, but again, it's not going to really set yourself apart like. you're just going to be like everybody else out there, especially on instagram. like, what sets your, your brand apart? um, and again i'm toking in the context of like apparel brands, you could have different, a different brand out there. apply it however you, you know best see fit. but, um, you have to have a unique factor about you and your brand to set yourself apart, and obviously for us, it's being faith-based. like there is no brand out there like us. you know the the christian clothing brands are more cheesy and made with cheaper fabrics, and you know things have gotten.

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Branded Dropshipping: How It Works And How To Make Money With It In 2022 (Step By Step)

so you want to start a successful branded drop shipping business on Shopify? that's amazing. you're in the right place. in this video, I'm gonna tok about exactly what branded drop shipping is, how it works, why it's the best strategy if you want to start a successful Shopify store and e-commerce online business today, and how you can actually go and start making sales, start making profit within literally like weeks of watching this video, and have a fully functional, fully profitable store within a few months. now in this video, I'm gonna give you the exact steps. so all the way from step one, all the way to having a fully functional and profitable store that is making about a hundred thousand dollars in sales per year, and I'm also going to give you the steps to scale that to a million per year in sales. now I know you might be thinking, whoa, like 100k per year in sales, that's a lot of money. you know why do you think that I can do that? or even a million? like don't even tok about a million. you know, probably, if you're watching this, you've been looking at starting a successful online business for a little while now. you've been on YouTube, you've been looking at videos. you're probably overwhelmed the amount of content on there, just like I was when I was first starting out. but the truth is is that in e-commerce- and I've been at this for three years in the e-commerce game- in e-commerce, 100k in sales is an industry standard throughout. a hundred K per year in sales. that's like you know. that's like normal. you know if it's below that there's something wrong. so that's why it's fully possible and realistik for you. if you actually started today with your journey, it's actually hit 100k in sales. now, in this video, I'm gonna also go past that and I'm going to show you how to hit a hundred can sales and also scale to a million per year in sales and beyond that with every single step along the way. now there's a lot of confusion about why bring the drop shipping. like you know, what are the differences between regular drop shipping, brand and drop shipping, and what is this strategy? now, this is the strategy that all of the most successful brands- not only e-commerce prints, but all the most successful brands that have ever existed- have used. if you go down the streets of Walmart and you go, let's say, to the sports, an outdoor section, you're gonna see a brand called Coleman right, and you'll see that Coleman only specializes in selling outdoor equipment, so they sell camping stuff, stoves, tents, things like that. now, if you go to you know, let's say, the clothing section, you'll also see that there are clothes, but they're all under one brand. now Coleman won't go and start selling. you know fashion clothing. you're not gonna go and start selling. you know beauty products. they're strictly focused on camping and so that is exactly what branded dropshipping is. so regular billing in e-commerce store. but now you're actually building a brand. that is the future. that is exactly you know what the future Commerce is gonna look like. if you're right here on the waves of this- and you're you know watching this video- you're thinking of starting successful online business. right now is the best time to do that and this is the best strategy for you. it's actually position yourself to succeed now and in the future. now, before I personally got into Shopify and e-commerce, I always wanted to start a Shopify business. I already had a successful Amazon FBA business, which is something totally different. we're not going to tok about that. I tok about that on my channel a lot, but it's just another online business that you can start. but I wanted to start Shopify but I saw many problems with it, especially the way that people online weren't teaching it. and the main problems that I saw were: number one: the shipping time was extremely long. so if you were to go and dropship something- which means you would go- you would set up a store online. you should get a shop by subscription. you would find a product and you would use an app called uber Lowe which simply takes a product from Aliexpress and copy and pastes it on your store on Shopify, and Aliexpress is basically like the number one Chinese website of manufacturers where you can go and buy individual units of products from China, and so you would go you news over: lo, you've copy paste the product. you wouldn't order any inventory, and when a customer actually goes and buys your product, that's when you go and purchase the product from your supplier- automatikally does it through overload and then your supplier would directly ship it out to your customer. however, using a service called a packet, it would take like two to three weeks to get to get the product to your customer, and that's just way too long in today's world when you can just Amazon Prime something in two days. people are used to that and if you're gonna go and follow that outdated dropshipping model, you're just gonna get a ton of complaints. that's exactly what I experienced when I first started out like that. another big problem that I saw was coming from Amazon, where we have two private label our products, which basically means create a brand. right, so you'd like actually create your own logo and you'd put the logo on your products and you would actually create like a name for your product line. on Shopify, people were just copying and pasting cheap Chinese products and putting it on their store, and so I quickly saw that that was a problem, and so I had to fix that as well, and so that's why I told my stuff: you know what I'm gonna get into Shopify? I better come up with a brand new strategy. that's exactly what branded drop shipping is and has become. so here's a short explanation of brain the drop shipping. you create a Shopify store that sells a valuable product to people in a specific niche and you build a worldwide brand out of that, slowly expanding your product line. essentially, instead of just going and dropship random stuff that you find online, you know, instead of just going and creating stores or you're constantly testing product and you're constantly just trying to find new gimmicky things to sell, you're creating a brand around one specific product that you find to actually give people enough value where they're able and willing to pay great money for it. you know, say $30, $40, $50 at least for the product, and then it's also something that you can go and expand with a product line. so why brand the drop shipping? this is a very good question. you can start making profit within a week to a few weeks after watching this video. that's not an exaggeration. you know, with drop shipping you don't have to wait for any products actually get to your house or to get into a fulfillment warehouse. you know you don't have to wait for any of that. you also don't have to place any bulk orders. you take zero risk upfront because you don't have to order a bunch of product. so it's not like you have to go and spend thousands of dollars to order something and then you don't know if that thing is going to sell and if you're gonna just be left with a thousand units in your garage just lying there, and you know all that money is invested and gone. so that's another reason why you should do branded drop shipping now. all you need also is just a computer and an internet connection, so no matter where you're from the United States, from Canada, from Russia, from Germany, from Africa. as long as you have a computer and an internet connection, you can start this business and it's fully possible that you can go and make great passive income with it now. another reason is you don't do any of the shipping. you never even see the products. so once you have your store up and running and you're making sales, then the customer pays you first. so when you make a sale on your store, the customers you know they pay you the money, and so you get the money in your bank account or on your PayPal or whichever payment provider you're using, and then you pay your supplier. you send a list of your orders to your suppl.

How to Blind Dropship from Aliexpress (hide the supplier + hide the price!)

Hey guys, In this video I'm gonna teach you how to blindly dropship from AliExpress, and you may have notiked that I'm in a bit of a different location. I'm actually filming this from New York. For those of you that don't know, blind dropshipping is the phrase used to describe when a dropshipper ships an item without adding any form of identification or marketing in the package so that the customer doesn't know where it came from. You see, a common concern that a lot of people discuss on our YouTube videos is that they are concerned that the AliExpress supplier will leave a form of marketing in the package identifying that it was them that was selling the item and not you. People will then see this and get upset with you reselling an item cheaper to them. Here is a comment someone left on one of our recent videos, basically voicing this concern. So, of course, the solution to this is that you need to get the supplier to not include any marketing materials in the package identifying that it was them, ie, you need to get them to blindly dropship. So in this video, I'm gonna do two things: Firstly, I'm gonna teach you how to get a supplier to blindly dropship an item for you and secondly, I'm gonna show you what it looks like for the customer when they receive an item that has been blindly dropshipped. To do that, I'm gonna order a bunch of items from AliExpress using the quick method that I'm gonna be teaching you at the start of this video. To do this, I'm gonna be doing an AliExpress unboxing or unpackaging video so that you can exactly see what the customer receives when they order an item from you. So let's jump straight into it. All right, let me switch over to my computer screen and show you just how easy it is to get your items blindly dropshipped from AliExpress. Getting your items blindly dropshipped is super simple. All you have to do is go to the checkout page in AliExpress. There you can leave a message for your supplier. Simply ask them to not include an invoice or marketing material with the package and ask them to please blindly dropship the item. Super duper simple. You see, the sellers on AliExpress are used to working with dropshippers so they understand our needs and know how to ship packages out for us. You see, AliExpress suppliers love working with dropshippers because they know that we can do a huge amount of volume for them. so don't be afraid that they won't understand your request, And this is another good reason why it's important to pick a supplier that has a good feedback score, and this is something that I discuss in depth in my video "The Six Tips to Dropshipping on AliExpress", and I will have a link to that video in the description below. Basically, you want to be looking for suppliers that have a feedback score between 2,000 to 2 million. If you pick a supplier that has a feedback score above 2,000, then you know that they are experienced, established and are almost certainly working or have worked with dropshippers. And if you pick a supplier that has a feedback score of less than two million, then you know that they're not doing insane amounts of volume and so they're gonna be more attentive to the messages that people leave on their orders. And if you wanna be doubly safe, then you can message the supplier in advance and ask them directly if they do blind dropshipping. And suppliers in this feedback range are the sweet spot, because you know that they are reliable enough to reply, but not too busy to reply. All right. So now that we have gone through how to blindly dropship, I'm gonna switch over and do an AliExpress unboxing so that you can see what the customer receives when they order a package. Okay, I have here a package that I have ordered from AliExpress, and I ordered it using ePacket shipping. Well, as you can see, on the front there is absolutely no advertising indicating what supplier I purchased it from or that I purchased it from AliExpress at all. It just looks like a general address label, And if you look on the back, you'll see that there is absolutely no advertising on it at all. So now I am going to open this so that you can see that inside, there is absolutely no advertising material Inside. this is what we see. Now I'm gonna open this up as well. Tada, We have a self-stir mug and, as you can see, there was absolutely no advertising material in it at all. so you have no idea where it came from, And if you are a long-time subscriber of Wholesale Ted, you will probably recognize this mug. All right, I have another package from AliExpress and, as you can see, there is no advertising material on the package at all. If we go around the back, you will see there is only an address label And, again, it does not give the buyer any information about where they could go to purchase this. Okay, so let's open this up and see what's inside. So when I open up the package, this what we see: Once again, no advertising material on it at all. Now let's open it up, Tada, And this is what we have inside. If you are a long-time subscriber of Wholesale Ted, you will probably also recognize this. This here is a travel mug that looks like a camera lens and again, there is no packaging inside which would indicate where it was from. So this here is another package from AliExpress. As you can see, there is no information on the front of it or advertising that would indicate where it is from, so the customer would not be able to go there directly themselves. If we switch it over, you will also see that there is absolutely no advertising on the back either. So let's open it up inside and see what we find. So I've opened it up and this is what I have inside. As you can see, there is no advertising on the item at all, and if we flip it over, there is no advertising there either, so the customer would have no idea where it came from. And just to double check, inside the package, there is absolutely nothing as well. Here is another package from AliExpress. As you can see, there is no advertising on the front at all, and if we switch it over to the back, you will see that there is absolutely no advertising on it at all. So the customer would have no idea where to go and buy it from. Let's open it up inside and see if there is any advertising inside. So I have opened it up and it is a key keyring and on the package there is no advertising. and if we switch it over, there is once again no advertising. And if we want to double check inside the package there is no advertising either. So again, the customer would have no idea where you got this from. It has been dropshipped blindly, All right. so I hope that you appreciated that AliEpress unboxing video and that you can see that a seemingly complicated problem has a very simple fix. And the thing is, I've notiked that there a lot of people that get held back by stuff like this. There are a lot of people who have left messages that they haven't started with this business because they've been afraid that their customers were going to receive marketing or invoices and then discover where they truly got the item from. But a little bit of research reveals that this is actually a really easy problem to overcome, and that's the funny thing If you encounter a roadblock like this, don't stop. Instead, try to find a solution, and it's almost certainly going to be simpler than you thought. Thanks for watching this video. If you liked it, I'd appreciate it if you gave it a thumbs up and subscribed to us here at Wholesale Ted for more great videos about making money selling online. And if you would like to get started in dropshipping but you don't know how, then you should be sure to download our free eBook "How to Make $10,000 a Month Online From Dropshipping". You'll find a link on how to download this incredible, life-changing eBook in the video description below.

How To: Starting Your Own Clothing Line [suppliers, samples, inventory, marketing & more]!

outlines the shape of your peach. so many clothes to try on. i'm pretty sure everyone that follows me is sick to death of it, but i don't care what is up. you guys. welcome back to my channel, the place that you can come to learn everything you need to know about building a business within the health and fitness industry. my name is beverly and i am launching a clothing line this thursday, which is in a couple days, so i thought it was a perfect time to make a video to kind of explain the process of launching this clothing line, or some advice for you if you are looking to launch your own, and what to look out for. to be completely transparent with you, the way i launch my clothing line is very different from how many other people launch theirs. i actually had sarah reach out to me. she runs this company called so, so you. it's like an intermediary between the factories and an influencer or the client. so what she does is because so, so you has contacts with all these suppliers. they run as the go-between between the influencer or the client and the warehouses. so i launched my first collection with sarah last year and it was a really, really fun experience. there's a lot of work. every month i had a new set of samples coming out to me and we learned a lot in that time. so i know that a lot of people don't really have that same opportunity to work with an agency because there are other costs involved- and i'll tok about that- versus doing it directly yourself. it doesn't even have to be clothing. i got a lot of experience launching products for the sweat nation website, so like resistance band, booty bands, sliders, things like that- all a very similar process. so i mentioned working with someone like sarah was so so you. i only actually take 20 percent of all the money that comes in. so if i make ten thousand dollars in sales on this launch, i'll only get two thousand dollars of that. but i find that there's pros and cons with that, because the pros are sarah and the so-so you team take care of everything. they take care of, like i said, all the sample creations going back and forth with the warehouse. they actually handle all the deliveries, all the fees associated with that. they handle packaging everything up. any customer service issues that might come up- hopefully there are none, but they would handle that. all that i do is i come up with the product ideas, um, the designs, and i go back and forth on the samples and the fabrics that i want to use and then i market it. i promote it through instagram or through my newsletter, however i want to market it. the other the cons to that is obviously i only get 20, but i don't really see it as a con because i am so busy with so many other projects and other things that i'm working on that launching a clothing line or having a clothing line is just something that's like a nice thing for me to add on to my services. if i were to run a clothing line and launch an actual product line that was like my full business, that would take so much extra time because just going back and forth with factories and suppliers and the warehouses it would take so much time. so for me to just take this like smaller cut and not have to worry about any of the other stuff is is really great. to be honest, by the way, i'm drinking wine because it's 5- 30.. if you're looking to do this all on your own, you want to bootstrap it, you want to start from ground zero. i definitely have some tips and takeaways that you can do for your own clothing line. so the first thing would be to find a supplier or find a factory that can make your clothing and you can use, like alibaba. you can literally just google, like manufacturers in china or manufacturers in canada, hong kong, wherever- and start looking for those suppliers. it's very similar how we did it with the sweat nation product line. we reached out to several, several different suppliers and each one really wants your business like. they will send you emails, they will follow up, they, they want to work with you and so sometimes they send out a catalog. sometimes you'll send them images and be like: do you have something like this? and they'll send you back photos. when you are ordering your products, there is always going to be an moq and the moq is your minimum order quantity. some items might be a hundred, some might be a thousand. it really depends, like what it is. for example, when i was selling, when we were selling booty bands- certain booty bands in a certain color, the minimum order quantity was a thousand, but for something a little bit bigger, like a sweater, it might only be 100 or 150.. so really find out when you're going back and forth with those suppliers, what their minimum order quantity is, and you'll also find that the higher number you order, the cheaper it is. so maybe a sweater: if you order 100, it's like 20 bucks per, or if you order a thousand, it's gonna be like 15.. so depending on what your budget is, you can kind of decide how many you want to order. something else to think about is your samples. so anytime a factory will ship out a sample, they will charge you for that sample and they would charge you for shipping. so make sure, before you ask for any samples, to get a quote for everything. you can get quotes from all these different suppliers to re, because they might look like they all sell the same thing, but they're all going to be slightly different because they're all different factories. so make sure that, like when you're asking for these samples, you're getting a quote from them to make sure how much it's going to cost, how much the shipping will be. and really, being on top of that, what we did when we launched my clothing line in the first year, there were so many things going back and forth. i wanted to use a different fabric for my leggings. um, the leggings were too long. i wanted a different strap for the sports bra and what ended up happening was sarah sent me like five sets of clothing. it was so expensive to continue to send these items. there was import fees, all this stuff. so what we did for the second round, for the items that i'm wearing now- is we did. she sent me a big package of different fabrics. i chose which fabrics i wanted for different items. we toked about different patterns. so, like, the camo pattern was actually screen printed onto a white fabric. once we decided all the fabrics we were going to use, what they did was they took all the designs that i had come up with and they put them into a little 3d modeling system. so it had all of my measurements. they put the designs onto the 3d modeling thing and then they had those fabrics as well. so it was really cool and actually gave me a really good idea of how everything would fit and how everything would look. so, instead of going back and forth getting new samples and spending all that money and having all this extra clothing that i was never gonna wear because they were samples that didn't fit, we did it all on the 3d model and then, once everything was completely perfected, she sent out those samples. i made my last minute changes so, for example, i had this sports bra. the sports bra kind of like came, the straps went like this and i wanted them to go like that. so we just made all those final changes, redid them on the 3d model, sent them back and everything was literally perfect. if you're planning to work with a factory, you should find out if they do offer 3d modeling or if they have anything of that tiknology, because it's really going to save you some money and time. after we we received all the samples, or after i received all like the final products, i set up a photo shoot. so last year what i did was i set up two separate photo shoots. i had an in studio photo shoot for like all the ecom photos and then i had a gym photo shoot. it was good and i'm glad i did it. it was just super, super time consuming. each shoot took about like four hours, and that doesn't even include the edits, the pics. this year, what we did instead was i had a very specific look and feel for what i wanted for the shoot. i wanted it to be kind of like minim.