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dropshipping-lieferanten deutschland

Published on: June 18 2023 by pipiads

In this video, we will discuss how to find a suitable European supplier for your e-commerce business. While many online shops rely on Asian manufacturers and suppliers, the trend is shifting towards long-term e-commerce growth and sourcing products directly from Europe.

Why do most small e-commerce shops work with Asian suppliers?

1. It is uncomplicated and easy.

2. Asian suppliers offer better prices than European suppliers.

What is changing in 2021?

New regulations state that any product imported from a non-EU country will be subject to import taxes. The import tax will be 19% of the product's value, which means that buyers must pay more for the same products they previously imported without additional fees. Therefore, it is essential to find a European supplier to avoid these taxes.

How to find a European supplier?

1. Use Alibaba or AliExpress to filter European suppliers.

2. Use Google search with English keywords and synonyms.

3. Search for wholesale suppliers on online platforms like Wer liefert was.

4. Use European supplier lists to find suitable suppliers.

Benefits of working with European suppliers:

1. Shorter shipping times.

2. Better quality control.

3. No language barriers.

4. No import taxes.

While finding a suitable European supplier may require some effort, the benefits of working with a European supplier make it worthwhile. It is best to start with Asian suppliers to gain experience and become profitable before transitioning to European suppliers. With the upcoming changes in import regulations, finding a European supplier will become even more critical for e-commerce businesses.

So bekommst du 3 Tage Lieferzeit mit Shopify Dropshipping... 😲

In this video, we will discuss how to set up your own shipping shop to offer fast delivery times of three to five days for your customers. We will explore how this works and what you need to do to achieve it. Additionally, there is a chance to win a coaching call with me by leaving a comment and subscribing to the channel.

Why low shipping times are essential:

Many people use dropshipping to fulfill their orders, which often results in long shipping times of three to five weeks. This is a problem as customers today expect fast delivery times. By switching to e-packet shipping, you can offer delivery times of seven to fourteen days. It is crucial to communicate these shipping times with your customers openly. This way, they can make an informed decision and will appreciate the transparency.

Building a relationship with customers:

However, using Aliexpress to dropship makes it challenging to build a good relationship with your customers. This is because it is difficult to make customers come back for repeat purchases. By contrast, if you can provide a fast and reliable service, customers are more likely to return to your shop.

Using print on demand:

One solution to this problem is to use print on demand. This allows you to customize your products, making them unique to your brand. There are many print on demand services available, which can provide fast delivery times of two to five days. By using this service, you can build a brand and increase customer satisfaction, leading to repeat purchases.

Combining strategies:

You can combine the use of print on demand with Aliexpress to offer a variety of products to your customers. Use Aliexpress to bring customers to your shop and then offer print on demand products to

Dropshipping Anbieter finden

The biggest problem for those who want to start dropshipping or build their own e-commerce business is finding a suitable manufacturer. Today, we will shed some light on this issue and provide you with some providers to ease your mind.

When do you need a supplier?

Many people waste about 80% of their time thinking about where to find products and who can deliver them. At the beginning, it is important to focus on selling and optimizing, rather than finding the perfect supplier. The most successful e-commerce brands and dropshippers have one thing in common - they focus on selling first and then optimize.

Where to start?

The typical journey of a dropshipper begins on AliExpress. It is a platform where you can search for products and find various suppliers who offer dropshipping. You can even filter your search results by country.

Tools to help you find suppliers:

- Sourcing Box and Dropshipping Center are both platforms that serve as a bridge between your online shop and AliExpress. They offer automated features to help you manage your orders and search for products.

- Spocket is a platform that specializes in European and American suppliers. It provides a similar interface to Sourcing Box and Dropshipping Center, but with the added benefit of having products shipped from local warehouses.

- CJ Dropshipping is another platform that offers a wide range of products, similar to AliExpress. It also allows you to source products and customize your packaging and branding.

- Big Buy is a Spanish platform that offers EU dropshipping and short delivery times.

Before you focus on finding a supplier, it is important to start selling and optimizing. AliExpress is a good starting point, and there are various tools to help you manage your orders and find suppliers. Remember, the most important thing is to focus on selling first and then optimize.

Vertrauenswürdige Dropshipping Lieferanten finden für schnelle Lieferzeiten | Shopify 2020

Finding a trustworthy supplier is crucial for any business, especially if you want to improve your delivery times and optimize your job sharing business. In this article, we will provide you with some techniques that we use to find our suppliers, with whom we have been working for over two years, and with whom we have built a very close partnership.

Finding the Best Supplier:

- Start by browsing through products that interest you and those that relate to your niche.

- Look for suppliers who have been in business for at least three years, with positive feedback of 95% or more.

- Communicate with potential suppliers to build a relationship and see if you both have a similar communication style and understanding.

- Focus on the quality of communication, the processing time, and the shipping method offered by the supplier, rather than just the delivery times.

- Check the reviews and feedback of the supplier to see if they are reliable and efficient.

Additional Tips:

- Browse through the most sold products in your niche to get an idea of what is in demand.

- Look for suppliers who have fewer followers as they may be more willing to work harder to build a relationship.

- Take your time to invest in building a relationship with your supplier as this will help you to develop trust and secure better deals in the long run.

Finding a reliable supplier is key to the success of any business. By taking the time to build a relationship with your supplier, you can ensure that you have a trustworthy partner who can help you improve your delivery times and optimize your job sharing business. Remember to focus on the quality of communication, processing time, and shipping method offered by the supplier, and check their reviews and feedback to ensure their reliability.

Nutze Diese 3 Lieferanten (kennt fast keiner!)

As entrepreneurs, it is our responsibility to integrate natural products or products that not only sell but also have good product quality, are sustainable, and build a brand. In this video, I will be discussing alternatives to using AliExpress for dropshipping and how to maintain consistent quality in product delivery.

Points covered in the article:

1. The problem with using AliExpress for dropshipping and the need for consistent quality.

2. Alternatives to AliExpress - paygate and connecting with European suppliers.

3. The importance of building connections with suppliers for long-term success.

4. The benefits of print on demand and creating unique products tailored to a specific target audience.

5. The call to action to share this video with friends and start a discussion on finding reliable suppliers and building a successful online business.

In conclusion, dropshipping and online businesses require more than just finding cheap products on AliExpress. Building connections with reliable suppliers, creating unique products, and focusing on sustainable and high-quality items are essential for success. By sharing this video and starting a discussion, we can all learn from each other and improve our online businesses.

2 Besten Aliexpress Dropshipping Alternativen (📦3-8 Tage Lieferzeit)

In this video, we will explore two alternatives to AliExpress for Shopify dropshipping, which can help to reduce delivery times and scale your online store. We will compare the product, quality, communication, reliability, and price of each alternative. Additionally, we are holding a giveaway for a consulting call, where we will analyze your online shop, marketing, and provide helpful tips to improve your sales.

Alternatives to AliExpress for Shopify Dropshipping:

1. CJ Dropshipping:

- Offers short delivery times, reliability, quality, and reasonable prices.

- You can select the shipping method and country of delivery.

- The CJ Packet Original shipping method provides an estimated delivery time of 8-15 days.

- Minimum order value must be met.

- You can receive an agent with a certain order quantity for better communication.

2. Service Inbox:

- Offers excellent delivery times, quality, communication, and reliability.

- You can connect your Shopify store to the platform.

- You can select the shipping method and country of delivery.

- The Unexpress shipping method provides an estimated delivery time of 7-14 days.

- You can track your products and view different shipping methods.

Both CJ Dropshipping and Service Inbox offer reliable alternatives to AliExpress for Shopify dropshipping. While CJ Dropshipping offers affordable prices and an agent for better communication, Service Inbox offers excellent delivery times and quality. By using either of these alternatives, you can improve your online store's delivery times and provide better customer satisfaction. Remember to research different shipping methods and prices to find the best option for your business.

Neuer Dropshipping-Lieferant für Deutschland - DROPIVERSE 2022

Are you looking for a way to make money with dropshipping in Germany? Look no further than Robbie Wird, a new dropshipping supplier specifically tailored to the German market. As experienced dropshippers ourselves, we know the challenges of operating in Germany with international and national stores. That's why we've created Robbie Wird, a service optimized for the German market with low product and shipping costs, quick delivery times, and EU-certified products.

Why Choose Robbie Wird:

- German-focused products with optimized costs and shipping times

- EU-certified products for customer safety

- Quick delivery times of 1-2 days

- White label service for seamless customer experience

- No upfront costs or subscription fees

How to Get Started:

If you're interested in partnering with us, simply click start for free on our website and we'll send you further information. We're committed to making dropshipping in Germany successful and profitable for all our partners. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on our YouTube channel.

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