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Dropshipping @live.com: Streamline Your Online Business

Published on: June 4 2023 by pipiads

In this article, we will discuss the process of finding a profitable product for dropshipping and how to validate it before running ads. We will also explore the importance of customer reviews and how they affect your Facebook ad score.

Product Research:

- Use ad spy tools like Drop Point and AliShark to find viral products with high engagement on social media platforms.

- Look for products with a wow factor, which means they provide a significant difference in the customer's current situation and end result after using the product.

- Validate the product by using a Google sheet to ask yourself specific questions and determine if it can be profitable.

- Check customer reviews on Amazon and Aliexpress to ensure the product is of good quality.

- Look for products that have not yet saturated the market with their ads and try to create better videos or ads to stand out.

Importance of Customer Reviews:

- Positive customer reviews lead to higher ad scores on Facebook and cheaper ad costs.

- Negative reviews can lead to chargebacks, refunds, and a decrease in your ad score.

- Use customer reviews to improve your marketing by analyzing what customers like about the product and what emotional response it leaves.

Finding a profitable product for dropshipping requires patience and research. By using ad spy tools, validating the product, and checking customer reviews, you can ensure your product is of good quality and has the potential to go viral. Additionally, customer reviews play a significant role in improving your ad score and advertising costs.


Hey there, foreignfamily! How is everyone doing today? Let me know if you can see me and hear me clearly, and we'll get straight into the stream. We'll be discussing Black Friday and Cyber Monday today, and we'll be live for about an hour and 45 minutes.

Using Canva for Graphics:

One important aspect of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is creating eye-catching graphics for your product pages, ads, and thumbnails. Canva is a great tool for this, and you can get a free trial by visiting The Ecom King Deals website. Simply search for Black Friday on Canva and you'll find plenty of templates to choose from. Make sure to incorporate Black Friday messaging and imagery into your designs for maximum impact.

Using InVideo for Videos:

Videos are also a powerful way to promote your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. InVideo is a great tool for editing videos, and you can find Black Friday templates by searching for Black Friday on the site. Incorporate these templates into your Facebook and TikTok ads to increase engagement and conversions.

Looking at Competitor Ads:

It's important to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing during this time of year. Use the TikTok Ad Library to search for Black Friday ads in your country, and see how other businesses are promoting their deals. Incorporate similar messaging and imagery into your own ads for a greater chance of success.

By using Canva and InVideo for graphics and videos, and keeping an eye on your competitors, you'll be well on your way to a successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Remember to incorporate Black Friday messaging into all aspects of your marketing, and make sure your deals are visible and easy to find on your website. Good luck, and happy selling!


In this live stream, the host provides an introduction and interacts with the audience, encouraging them to smash the like button and share where they are tuning in from. The purpose of the live stream is to give a preview of the new free course that will be released on January 1st. The course covers product research, supplier selection, website building, app setup, Facebook, Google, Tick Tock, and Pinterest ads, as well as Tick Tock organic strategies. The course is shorter than the previous one as some sections, such as VA hiring and copywriting, are covered in the old course. Shopify store analytics are shown as motivation for the audience. The host emphasizes the value of learning from experts in their field and promises that the course will be completely free on YouTube. The winners of a giveaway are announced, and the host interacts with the audience and answers questions about the course. Overall, the live stream is informative, engaging, and encourages participation from the audience.


In this article, we will be discussing Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Drop Shipping. We will take a look at the main dashboard of an account and go over some important details, such as total sales, unshipped orders, cancellation risks, and product details.

Main Points:

- The total sale from reports and business reports can be checked on the main dashboard.

- The last 26 days sale from both FBA and fbm can be viewed.

- Unshipped orders can be managed and will be automatically handled after two weeks.

- Cancellation risks should be avoided, as they can affect account health and lead to suspension.

- Different brands and products can be sold on Amazon through Seller Central.

- Order details, including the customer's address and phone number, can be viewed and printed if necessary.

- Requesting reviews from customers can help improve account health.

In conclusion, Amazon Seller Central and Amazon Drop Shipping can be lucrative ventures for those who know how to navigate them. It is important to keep track of unshipped orders and avoid cancellation risks, while also providing excellent customer service and requesting reviews from satisfied customers. With these tips and tricks in mind, anyone can succeed in the world of Amazon selling.

FREE Product Research - Shopify Dropshipping LIVE Q&A + Giveaway

In this article, we will be discussing how to find winning products through product research and validation methods using free tools. We will cover the importance of understanding trends before they happen, and how to take advantage of these trends to find products that generate six-figure sales.

1. Understanding Trends:

The first step in finding winning products is understanding trends before they happen. By using tools like Google Trends, we can identify when people are searching for specific products, allowing us to capitalize on these trends.

- For example, we can see that holidays like Labor Day, Halloween, and Valentine's Day have predictable search trends each year, giving us an idea of when to start selling related products.

2. Finding Products:

Once we understand the trends, we can start looking for products that match those trends. We can use search terms like Valentine's Day gifts or Valentine's Day rose bear to find products that are currently popular and likely to generate sales.

- Products like the rose bear have a proven track record of generating six-figure sales during Valentine's Day, making them a great option for sellers looking to take advantage of this trend.

3. Product Research and Validation:

When considering potential products, it's important to conduct research and validation to ensure that they are viable options for selling. This can include analyzing competitors, checking for trademarks or patents, and testing the product to ensure its quality.

- By conducting thorough research and validation, we can identify products with the potential to generate significant sales, and avoid wasting time and resources on products that are unlikely to succeed.

By understanding trends and using free tools for product research and validation, sellers can find winning products that generate six-figure sales. It's important to take advantage of predictable trends like holidays, and to thoroughly research and validate potential products before investing time and resources into them. With these strategies in mind, sellers can increase their chances of success and find profitable products to sell.

Dropshipping Live Q&A With THE ECOM KING | $2000 WORTH OF GIVEAWAYS

So guys, if you're just joining the livestream, can you please let me know in the live chat if you can hear me and if you can see me clearly? And then, if we can, then I'll progress into the livestream. So somebody put yo my driller, somebody put hi there, somebody put the king emojis.

Today, we're going to be discussing various questions related to dropshipping and e-commerce. We'll also be doing some giveaways worth around $2000.

1. How much money do you need to start dropshipping?

- You need around $1000 to $1500 to start dropshipping.

2. What are your thoughts on sales funnel?

- Sales funnel works really well on high ticket products or products that you're trying to upsell.

3. What is an acceptable shipping time in your opinion?

- Anything over 15 days is not very acceptable.

4. Can you recommend implementing an API and how to implement it?

- I do recommend implementing an API if you can afford it. Check out my video explaining the software you need and the prerequisites for it.

5. Is it still viable to make money with dropshipping this year?

- Of course, dropshipping will always make money, but the industry will just evolve. Follow the ethical side of dropshipping and don't follow the get rich quick side.

6. How do you know if your

How To Run FACEBOOK ADS for Shopify Dropshipping - LIVE Q&A + Giveaway

In this article, we will be discussing how to run successful Facebook ads. We will cover topics such as understanding metrics, setting up columns, and reading data. We will also provide a KPI calculator and tips for creative testing, scaling, and avoiding common mistakes.

Understanding Metrics:

To run successful Facebook ads, it is essential to understand your metrics. This includes your break-even point, profitability, and data analysis. A KPI calculator can help you calculate your break-even point and understand your metrics better.

Setting up Columns:

Setting up your columns is crucial to analyzing your data accurately. You should focus on reach, frequency, impressions, quality ranking, engagement ranking, conversion rate ranking, cost per click, click-through rate, cost per unique link click, add to cart, checkouts initiated, purchase, and amount spent.

Reading Data:

Once you have set up your columns, it is essential to understand how to read your data. You should know how to read your first, second, third, fourth, and fifth purchases, break-even cost per unique link click, and return on ad spend.

Running successful Facebook ads requires a deep understanding of metrics, setting up columns, and reading data. By using a KPI calculator, creative testing, and avoiding common mistakes, you can achieve success with Facebook ads.

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